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Interesting Facts About One Of The Most Talked Celebrities Today: Zendaya

When you’re this talented and charismatic, becoming an incredibly successful singer and actor comes easy. With that said, it’s no surprise that Zendaya has been considered one of the most talked-about stars in Hollywood for a long time. The singer’s real name, however, might surprise you!

Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman is the daughter of an African-American father and a German-Scottish mother. Her first name is a blend of a Shona term that means “to give thanks” and the word “zen,” which her father adores, meaning “relaxed and mindful.” Here are some intriguing facts about Zendaya that most music and movie fans are probably unaware of.

Dancing With the Stars

Zendaya is well-known for her acting and singing abilities, but did you know she can also dance? Although her love of dancing began long before she competed in Dancing With the Stars, Zendaya was the show’s youngest contestant.

With tangos, hip hop tunes, and even a Viennese Waltz inspired by Zendaya’s grandmother, her talents captivated the crowd at the tender age of 16. In that season of the show, she progressed to one of the final rounds. Zendaya fans were incensed by her loss.

First Love

Zendaya’s true passion is acting. Zendaya began performing when she was only six years old! She became interested in acting as a result of her mother’s career in the theater. She spent most of her early acting days on stage.

Zendaya has appeared in several plays. As a child, she performed in various roles at the California Shakespeare Theater. We’re also pretty confident that Zendaya nailed her acting debut in a school production for Black History Month.

Young and Promising

As the public began to recognize her as a serious actress, she began taking on more adult roles. Then, her role in HBO’s dark thriller Euphoria catapulted her to new heights and exposed her to all-new audiences.


Throughout her career, Zendaya has won a number of honors and has been nominated for many more. But winning the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series Award was one of Zendaya’s most memorable achievements. Her performance in the HBO series Euphoria earned her the award in 2020. 

Disney Kid

Some of you may also recognize her from her time on the Disney Channel, where she starred in the dance-themed Shake It Up sitcom before going on to star in her own spy show, K.C. Undercover. Her stint at Disney undoubtedly equipped her with the skills she needed to flourish in the film industry.

In the Disney Channel sitcom Shake It Up, she played Rocky Blue, seen here in the picture above. She also appeared in the 2012 Disney Frenemies, and the Disney Channel Movie Zapped as Zoey Stevens.

Rewrite the Stars

Zendaya might be heard bragging about her duet with Zac Efron, which was featured on the soundtrack of the film The Greatest Showman. Unsurprisingly, the song went multi-platinum all over the world.

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The song is a duet between Phillip Carlyle, a wealthy white playwright played by Zac Efron, and Anne Wheeler, a poor black trapeze artist and acrobat, played by Zendaya. In the song, Philip pursues Anne in an attempt to persuade her that they may “rewrite the stars.” 

Girl Boss

K.C. Undercover, created by Corinne Marshall, was an American comedy television series that ran on Disney Channel starting from January 18, 2015, through February 2, 2018. K.C., played by Zendaya, was a high school student by day and an undercover spy by night.

But being the show’s leading lady wasn’t enough—she also wanted to have a bigger impact on her character. Zendaya is said to have had a large influence on both her character’s name and her personality. We can believe it!

Her Own Barbie Figure

Few people can claim to have an official Barbie doll made in their image. Zendaya Coleman, on the other hand, had her wish granted on that one. Following an inappropriate joke made by Giuliana Rancic regarding Zendaya’s dreadlocks, Mattel released a Zendaya-themed Barbie.


Mattel wanted to recreate Zendaya’s identical look from the Oscars red carpet, the same look that made her a celebrity, and as you can see, there’s a strong resemblance. Zendaya isn’t the only woman of color who wants Mattel to give women of color representation, but we can hope.

Adult Roles

Zendaya was one of those celebrities who grew up in the spotlight, having begun her acting career as a child. While we enjoyed her Disney characters, we adore her more mature characters. Zendaya, like a good wine, improves with age.


Her appearances in The Greatest Showman and the controversial teen drama Euphoria followed soon after. But Zendaya made her film debut in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Zendaya’s appearance in Homecoming heralded a new era for Spider-Man’s leading ladies. 

Thrice a Spider-Girl

Zendaya played Michelle Jones-Watson, also known as MJ—Spider-man’s first and last love interest—in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Zendaya has played MJ in not one, not two, but three Spider-Man films! Go get ‘em, tiger!


After her 2017 appearance in Homecoming, she reprised her role in Spider-Man: Far from Home and Spider-Man: No Way Home. Zendaya’s portrayal of MJ in all three films received rave reviews from fans, and we couldn’t agree more.

Jack of All Trades

Zendaya is a strong and fearless young lady who uses her ability and voice to express herself and the ideals of her generation. In the last two years, Zendaya has secured ambassadorial work with Bulgari and Lancôme, as well as designing a Tommy Hilfiger collection.

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She’s worked as a spokeswoman for a number of brands, including CoverGirl, Bulgari, Material Girl, Valentino, and others. She even launched her own footwear and clothing line. So, what can we say? She’s one talented woman!

A Visionary

Zendaya was committed to her personal mission to change the way people think about fashion. She makes a point to create gender-neutral garments that flatter all body types. Critics praised her runway displays, which featured various models of various ages, hues, and sizes during the New York and Paris Fashion Weeks.

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At the fourth CNMI Green Carpet Fashion Awards, Zendaya was named the 2020 Visionary Award winner. This coveted award honors fashion trailblazers who share a commitment to the industry’s sustainability, equality, and diversity.

A Kind Philanthropist

Zendaya has a big heart, evidenced by her years of philanthropic work. Since the age of 18, the actress has consistently donated to charity. She teamed up with Convoy of Hope when she turned 20 to host a fundraising campaign for the organization’s Empowerment for Women initiative.

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Zendaya accompanied the UNAIDS Foundation to Africa in 2015, where she helped children whose parents had died due to AIDS. Zendaya also became UNICEF’s trick-or-treat spokesperson, encouraging children to donate to the organization.

A Proud Feminist

Zendaya speaks openly about women’s rights and proudly declares herself a feminist. It’s always wonderful to see public figures raise issues that many attempt to cover up in today’s world, especially concerning the gender pay gap, which predominantly affects poorer women in all societies around the globe.

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The former Disney Channel star isn’t afraid to admit that she’s a feminist. She participated in the Women’s March on Washington in 2017, a large demonstration against the anti-feminist rhetoric of former US President Donald Trump. We hope to see her fight for women’s rights in the future.

A Social Activist

Zendaya has always been seen using her platform to speak out on issues that are important to her and her fans. She frequently uses her social media platforms to highlight significant social issues such as discrimination, bullying, and body shaming.

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Zendaya is a strong supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, and she even took part in a social media protest over it. Whether it’s speaking out in interviews or raising awareness on Instagram, she clearly feels compelled to voice her concerns about the state of the world.

Vegetarian By Choice

When it comes to her eating habits, Zendaya is an avowed vegetarian. But don’t be fooled: this does not mean that she is a huge fan of vegetables. On the contrary, Zendaya emphasized that her vegetarian diet was solely motivated by ideological considerations.

It’s easy to imagine that Zendaya became a vegetarian to raise awareness about animal abuse. She currently follows a plant-based diet and has stated that she does not miss meat. However, there is one thing she misses from her childhood: her mother’s “amazing turkey burgers.”

Jacob Elordi Relationship

When rumors of Jacob Elordi dating his co-star Zendaya first arose, fans went crazy. When a photo of them kissing in New York City surfaced in February 2020, they tried to play the friendship card. Jacob and Zendaya’s clandestine romance ended in 2020.

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The couple’s relationship was never formally confirmed. They began as “close friends,” but when the production of their show Euphoria was completed, it “turned romantic.” Neither party has made a statement about the breakup or given a reason for it.

Trevor Jackson Romance

Trevor and Zendaya first ignited dating rumors in 2013 when the Disney Channel alum participated in a music video for his song Like We Grown. Zendaya played his love interest in the video, and the scene obviously had fans wondering if there was more going on behind the limelight.

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Years later, in an interview with Vogue, Zendaya revealed details about her covert relationship from 2012 to 2016. Despite the fact that she didn’t actually name her “first love,” the timeline with Trevor points the way.

Romantically Involved with Odell Beckham

Zendaya was briefly linked to NFL player Odell Beckham Jr in 2016 after the two were sighted on the sidelines of a New York Knicks game together, sparking relationship speculations. Zendaya, on the other hand, claimed that their seats happened to be next to each other.

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But the allegations started even before their NBA sideline encounter, with reports that Beckham and Zendaya spent a lot of time together at a Grammy after-party. Zendaya’s father, on the other hand, denied any contact between the football player and his daughter. 

Tom Holland Relationship

When it comes to Zendaya’s relationship with Tom Holland, it’s difficult not to get all corny. During their time as co-stars in the Spider-Man films, the two grew close and, for a while, were truly platonic. When they were seen kissing in a car in 2021, Zendaya and Tom could no longer hide their feelings for one another, and speculations about them were proven correct.

Zendaya was irritated by the relationship’s forced appearance in the limelight, to say the least. However, both Tom Holland and Zendaya shared photos of each other on Instagram shortly after, so it couldn’t have been that bad.

An Athletic Background

Despite Zendaya’s slim and gentle appearance, she has a strong athletic background. She was a member of her school’s basketball and athletics team before discovering her passion for acting. She even ran track and played soccer before telling her parents she didn’t want to participate in sports anymore.


She could have been a female Michael Jordan in an alternate timeline. Well, for now, we’ll have to settle for watching her watch sports in Spider-Man: Homecoming. We still choose to believe that her slim figure was due to her diet.

She Came From A Simple Family

It’s tempting to imagine that someone as wealthy and accomplished as Zendaya had it easy growing up or that she was born with these qualities. On the contrary, Zendaya said that she was not raised in a wealthy family and that her upbringing allows her to be so grateful for her current financial situation.

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Zendaya has been striving and making money since she was a small child. Prior to becoming an actress, Zendaya worked as a model and dancer. It’s refreshing to hear a wealthy person say that they’re grateful for their big break.

A Daddy’s Girl

Zendaya’s amazing success, besides her limitless talent, stems from the advice she receives from her parents. Her parents are extremely important to her. Zendaya and her father are close friends, and he also serves as her manager.

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Zendaya’s Instagram page features Ajamu daily, along with some sweet captions. Zendaya adores and thanks her parents for helping her achieve success, and she takes it personally when people criticize them.

Passion For Acting

Her mother used to work at the California Shakespeare Theater as the house manager, which got her in with some early stage-acting training. At the Theater in Orinda, Stoermer sells tickets and manages upkeep. Zendaya became interested in acting because of this.


Stoermer was a teacher in Oakland, California, and a key influence on Zendaya. She assisted her mother with everything from ticket sales to ushering patrons to their seats, and the theatrical productions sparked her interest in performing.

A Unique Talent

Zendaya’s hidden ability could be to blame for her ice cream “obsession.” Zendaya demonstrates her secret skill of eating ice cream with her teeth in an episode of Secret Talent Theatre. Zendaya chomps into her ice cream tooth-first, thanks to her lack of tooth sensitivity.

Before you start wincing at the thought of a cold dessert biting at Zendaya’s teeth, know that it “doesn’t hurt.” The 22-year-old actress was born without dental sensitivity, so she can eat cold foods without getting the usual shivers.

Her Skin Care Routine

Zendaya has over 44 million Instagram followers and has established herself as a major figure in the world of beauty and fashion. How about this as an example—her uncanny ability to master the no-makeup look.

Her method is brilliant because it is fully clean and beauty-approved. The ex-Disney star discloses the key to her beautiful, dewy skin in a recent tweet—it just has five ingredients, as it turns out: vitamin E oil, African black soap, tea tree oil, and rose water with witch hazel.

Endearing nicknames

Because Zendaya is so sweet and lovable, it’s only natural that she has several nicknames from her friends and family. Because of her middle name, her parents sometimes call her “Maree,” although most of her friends call her “Daya.”

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Her friends also refer to her as “Big Head” on occasion, which sounds a little rude, but we know she has a fantastic sense of humor and wouldn’t be upset. Z, or Zz, is another nickname derived from the initial letter of her given name.

No Date Policy

Dating is extremely difficult for anyone, and Zendaya may have been fortunate to have begun it later in life. She wasn’t permitted to date until she was 16 years old, according to the former Disney star. Many kids would have been upset and frustrated by her parents’ tight approach, but it didn’t bother Zendaya in the least.

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Zendaya is known for keeping her personal life private, but she has been linked to a few leading men over the years, including costar Jacob Elordi and Odell Beckham Jr., And of course, Peter Parker himself, Tom Holland.

An Overwhelming Family

The Euphoria performer came from a large Californian family, which she shared with the world in a post from December 1, 2016. She shared with her fans a photo of her family, including her father and siblings. Everyone was there, except for her mother.


She has five siblings: three sisters and two brothers from her father’s side before he met Zendaya’s mother. Katianna, Annabella, and Kaylee are Zendaya’s sisters, while Austin and Julien are her brothers. This could explain why Zendaya is such a dedicated team player.

Coolest Young Aunt

Zendaya was destined to be an aunt at some point, coming from a big family of six sisters and brothers. But here’s the kicker: Zendaya was already an aunt when she was born, so she didn’t have to wait.


How? Because her siblings are all considerably older than she is. Anyway, we’re confident she slid into the role of the cool aunt with ease and is an incredible role model for her nieces and nephews! How could she refuse?

Bad Breakups

Zendaya went through at least one difficult breakup. We know because she mentioned it more than once, even if she didn’t name the person. This proves that being a wealthy, famous, gorgeous, and successful woman does not make you immune to heartbreak.

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Zendaya gave some advice on how to get over your ex, and it couldn’t have been more spot-on. Rather than lamenting what might have been, the actress encourages her fans to stay optimistic, try new things, and simply enjoy life.

The Best Kisser

Some folks seem to be blessed with all the good fortune in the world! Zendaya is not just attractive, but she is also apparently a fantastic kisser, as Zac Efron can attest. Zac claimed that his on-screen kiss with Zendaya in The Greatest Showman was his best kiss ever!


We’re not sure if he meant “greatest on-screen kiss” or “best kiss” in general. To be honest, either option is an enormous compliment considering how many kisses Zac must have had by now, on or off-screen.

An Authentic Californian

When they did their first audition for a role in Los Angeles, many, if not all, prominent actors found themselves traveling to the state of California. Zendaya, on the other hand, has a different story! The singer-actress was born in Oakland, California, and has remained a lifelong resident of the Golden State.


Her mansion in Northridge, California, is a testament to her accomplishments. When she needs to unwind, she appears to have no better place to go than her Mediterranean-style mansion in a Los Angeles suburb. What luxury!

Blessed With Height

In a world full of misleading camera angles and high heels, it’s not always easy to discern someone’s height from their movies or stills. Zendaya stands at the height of 5’10”! That’s 1.78 cm if you’re using the metric system. It’s quite impressive. Her Spider-Man co-star and current beau, Tom Holland, stands 173cm tall.


During a recent appearance at a SiriusXM Town Hall event advertising the recently released movie Spider-Man: No Way Home, the pair discussed their two-inch height discrepancy. We think it’s time to end the stigma against men dating taller women, so we love to see this.


In February 2013, Zendaya competed in Dancing With the Stars season 16, proving once and for all that she still has the moves. She was the show’s youngest contestant until Willow Shields broke the record in season 20 at the age of 14.


Zendaya wowed the juries with a Contemporary dance at the season debut. She donned a yellow floral pattern skirt with a tight violet bodice. The judges were astounded by her interpretation of the dance. Zendaya and her partner Chmerkovskiy came in second place.

The Voice Actress

With Zendaya’s surprise casting in Space Jam: A New Legacy as Lola Bunny, the buzz surrounding the next film has only grown. Zendaya’s involvement also means she’ll be working with co-star LeBron James for the second time.

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Of course, the animated movie Smallfoot was their debut collaboration. Mecheee was voiced by Zendaya, and Gwangi was voiced by James, both of whom were main characters in the film. We bet Zendaya’s portrayal of Lola Bunny will be cherished in film history.

Early Student Life

Zendaya used to be extremely shy, which may come as a shock to some. Zendaya was so shy that her parents attended seminars for parents of shy children. She even had to repeat kindergarten twice. Poor thing!


It wasn’t because she wasn’t smart enough; it was because of her severe shyness, which caused her to fall behind the other kids socially. It’s all fine now—Zendaya ultimately made it to first grade despite repeatedly failing kindergarten, and she’s obviously made significant progress since then.

She Was A Victim of Bullying, Too

It’s difficult to imagine someone trying to hurt such a wonderful person as Zendaya, yet that’s what some students did back in her school days. Even though she was self-assured, she had to deal with a considerable amount of bullying.


She described a fifth-grade event in which she failed to stand up for a classmate who was also being bullied. She makes it a point to combat bullying now that she is an adult with a lot of power. We think that having role models like Zendaya is crucial to stamping out bullying.

She Loves Harry Potter

Zendayal, according to the information supplied to InStyle, watches a Harry Potter film every day. Zendaya justifies this unusual activity by saying it’s simply her method of unwinding and relaxing. That is extremely enchanting, in our opinion.

Now we’re curious as to which of the Harry Potter films she prefers. Perhaps she watches the entire franchise over the course of a week. Maybe she keeps watching the same Harry Potter film over and over. We’d need a crystal ball to find out.

An Oprah Fan

Zendaya confessed in an interview with Glamour magazine that her biggest role model is Oprah Winfrey, the iconic talk show host, and media figure. Zendaya gushed over Oprah, praising her great achievement in the face of adversity and her capacity to achieve pretty much everything she set her mind to.

Oprah is one of the world’s most awesome individuals, according to Zendaya. Her charitable endeavors held great meaning for her as an altruistic person. She also expressed her admiration for Oprah’s down-to-earth demeanor. That is something we admire, too.

A Responsible Adult

Even as an adult, Zendaya is aware that a large number of children—some incredibly young—follow her work. That’s why she took to Twitter to warn people about her latest role, stating that her hit show Euphoria deals with a lot of challenging and sophisticated material.

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Zendaya advised her fans to watch the show only if they were old enough and that some subjects in the show might be triggering to some. Zendaya, thanks for looking out for everyone. We’re so proud of you.