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Best ‘You Had One Job’ Moments

Sometimes employees have just one task to do, yet still manage to mess it up. In fact, they may gunk it up so bad it’s even hard to believe they didn’t understand what they were doing! Revenge, perhaps. Or maybe it’s a practical joke on the boss?

Sadly, no — sometimes people fail so miserably that it needs its own honor on the internet. And when the culprit is not you, it can be pretty amusing to laugh at! Everyone makes mistakes, but not these mistakes.

Go Big Or Go Home

Well, well. Just another dedicated cheerleader doing her campus job, rallying for pilots and astronauts as they fly over the field. Or is she?

With uniforms to encourage conformity, this girl is at least an individual doing her thing. But what is it? It’s not clear if it happens all the time, but planes do those upside-down loop-de-loops all the time in cartoons. Maybe life imitates art? Maybe that OG is stronger than a simple GO! Why be like everyone else?

Outside In

It’s hard enough waking up in the morning and stumbling to the coffee pot without this nonsense. And then there’s the choice: Hold it politely, or do you just guzzle it like a commoner? 

If anyone is about to get past the aesthetics, this might be a winning design! Unlikely, sure. But the bigger question at play here is really about caffeine. Just how much coffee space does this mistake take away? At least five percent, but that’s no small thing for an insomniac. Perhaps this product is intended for casual sippers, if those exist!

Tattoo Trainwreck

There are many elements that go into a world-class tattoo. Skin artists spend years refining their script and illustration skills, but they must have test subjects along the way. Who is the lucky customer today?

First of all, the artist’s name is way off base. Was this an attempt to avoid copyright issues? But even worse, the catchphrase is all wrong! The grammar is appalling, and what’s going on with that font? So many questions, but maybe one thing is certain: It is your life, sir! And now, it’s also your tattoo.

Tight security

With terror threatening the earth and crazy people with guns running around, it’s good to know that this office building has the security under control. Or does it?

Yes, this secure door does announce it is an entrance for employees only. As it should, in any modern workplace. It seems secure enough to hold back terrorists and thieves. That is, until they simply glance left — and uh oh, back to square one! Door dude, you had one simple job.

‘Cause This Is Africa

Ah, yes. The diverse and mysterious continent of Asia. China, Vietnam, Thailand — they all have their own special attraction. This shirt really captures the beauty, too!

Wait a minute, something isn’t quite right. Anyone who knows anything about the continents knows this isn’t Asia at all! Africa, people. Get it right! They may both start with A, but there are a lot of differences from there. How could this elementary error have occurred in the factory with so many eyes on the product? Clearly, this t-shirt was made in Chian!

Bottom To Top

Ta Da! Right before your eyes, we will saw this lady in half and put her back together again. All we need is a little glue and the directions. Any takers?

Hips to the left, head to the right. All separated with a clean break. Something seems a little off, here, but we can’t quite put our finger on it. Is it the order on the mural? Maybe the guy who put up the sign could help out. Let’s wait until he sobers up, shall we?

Keep reading for the worst design errors of all time to answer: Why, oh why?

Street Painters Revenge

This road crew was definitely being passive aggressive here when this motorist ignored the “no parking” cones. But was it right to unleash this road rage?

It’s a pretty safe bet to say the line painter was in a different kind of line after this. The unemployment line! But after a few laughs and a viral photo, maybe it was all worth it. The car was boring, anyway! Yellow has a way of brightening things up, in case the owner asks.

Scare All Your Friends

Why, it’s a tarantula transformed into a cockroach. So many questions, really. Has the nuclear accident been contained? Does it really scurry? If one steps on it, does it crunch?

Totally gross, to be sure. Animal Planet used to be a reputable learning channel, but now it’s not clear. There’s no way this can be a learning tool, but maybe that’s for the best. Kids love pranks, and this is well suited for a range of tricks and traps. Hopefully, nowhere nearby!

Size Does Matter

New, bigger sized bags should generally follow only one rule. They should be bigger than the old ones, duh! Sadly, the chips look smaller. 

Maybe small is the new large? Maybe lying is the new truth? This is madness, and society should have none of it! After a few chips, of course. But afterwards, a stern letter is in order! Selling air is not an honest product, and it never will be. Chip lovers of the world, unite!

What’s In A Name?

The world has seen many famous villains. From Billy the Kid to Hannibal Lecter, the terror never ends. However, none are as devious as Firstname Lastname!

Yes, it is he himself. The evildoer seems to have accosted Insert Profession Here. And all of this made the news, on channel Your Local News Station. Firstname Lastname must have had a rough childhood in school, but not as bad as his cousins Lastname First and Firstname Last. Someone stop the madness, please!

Bring Your Draws to Work Day

Will Reeve is a Good Morning America correspondent. He merely wanted to work from home during the pandemic, like many in the business. As it turns out, there is a bit of a professional learning curve!

ABC News

Joining anchors Michael Strahan and Amy Robach on video, the camera panned out a bit farther than he expected. And America had a very, very good morning. The news of the day? Will Reeve wears boxer briefs. Responding on Twitter, he claimed: “They’re shorts I promise.” But are they, GMA? Will Reeve, everyone knows you had one work-from-home job!

The Condiment Game

This turns everything you thought you knew about condiments inside out. What if you’ve been wrong this whole time, and mayonnaise is mustard while mustard is mayonnaise?

What would that make ketchup? There are so many saucy questions here, and society needs answers. Some may claim the only thing wrong is the sticker, but that seems too simple. Perhaps the lunch lady just enjoys surprises, and wants to share? If so, she needs to acknowledged that this is going to involve more than a few ruined sandwiches. Warning issued, be prepared!

Chrissy Teigen’s Special Hello

Chrissy may be a top model married to John Legend himself, but she still has problems like other human beings. At the American Music Awards, she tried to wear a Yousef Akbar dress with super high slits. So glam!

Allen Berezovsky

Suddenly, the unthinkable happened. The outfit was all held together by fancy safety pins— and the right angle exposed a little too much Teigen. She addressed the incident on Instagram: “Apologies to anyone harmed mentally or physically by my hooha.” Yousef Akbar, you had one job!

Another Chian

Welcome back to Chian, a population of at least two. Behold, a pair of plastic sunglasses, sourced from far, far away. In fact, no one has boldly explored this land at all!

The growing market of other products made in Chian is pretty impressive. Still, this mysterious location doesn’t produce as much as China. Perhaps the competition is heating up! Who will win? Only time will tell. It’s a dog eat dog world out there, and trade wars are serious business!

Withering Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon sure found a cheesy disaster when she shared her baked Brie recipe with Insta fans. Allegedly, she is known for the dish in her circles! That day, her ingredients had other ideas.

Reese Witherspoon / Instagram

When the Legally Blonde star winner went to take a peek in the oven, she made a très terrible discovery. Instead of holding together as a mound of crispy-on-the-outside goo, she discovered a leak. Reese explained:“That one time I failed miserably at making my famous Baked Brie…Instead I made it explode.” Stinky cheese, you had one job!

Trading Places

Eddie Murphy was the star of the hit film, Trading Places. A decent comedy experience, no doubt. But what’s going on here? It looks like the producers of 48 Hours decided to carry on the tradition!

It’s unclear what Nick Nolte did to deserve this erroneous billing, but the Blue Ray cover is out. Some may wonder if this is just a fake bootleg bin abroad. Could be China, could be Brooklyn! Hard to say the source, but pirates should watch out. Nick’s got a gun, and he’s not hiding it!

Michael Keaton’s Mishap

Actor Michael Keaton arrived on stage ready to present at The 74th Golden Globe Awards. That tux and glasses combo was oh-so-chic, and it certainly seemed like he’s been there before. No big deal!


But then, the shocking moment: Though reading off a teleprompter, Michael mistakenly presented the award for the movie “Hidden Fences.” The problem? No such movie exists! He apologized to the cast of Hidden Figures, but the broadcast was complete. Fans wonder: Prescription glasses mishap?

You Can Take The Stairs, Or The Stairs

Whoever invented stairs really improved on the concept of slopes. With so many helpful little steps, it’s hard to imagine how they could be ruined. But, today is the day!

“If you can take the stairs, we recommend that you take the stairs. If you cannot take the stairs, we recommend that you take the stairs”? What’s even more disturbing, it looks as though the “handicapped stairs” ends in a brick wall at the top. It’s time to jail the architect, for sure. Someone look him up!

Imagine Hell on Earth

John Lennon’s 60’s poetry was appropriated recently by celebrities of every stripe and creed. During the pandemic, it seems they all decided it was time for a new, inspirational cover of “Imagine”. But was it, really?

YouTube / CBS News

From Gal Gadot to Natalie Portman, cringe after cringe shot tortured the nation. Will Ferrell and Zoë Kravitz joined Sarah Silverman for further lyrics. And America, perhaps even the world, hated every minute of it. Celebrities, entertainment is your only job! Mashup rating: Zero stars.

Joke’s On You

Everyone loves a good collage. Some people go to college. This girl, though? It’s not clear which activity she is actually endorsing here! A close look reveals one potentially very big, totally uneducated mistake.

It’s discrediting, really. Hopefully, a kind soul will let this girl know what’s going on. At least the gym shirt pile will get restocked when she finds out! Now, the timeless ego battle between large universities and small colleges continues. Whoever spells it right, wins the fight.

A Bag Of Those…

Here, we have onions completely mislabeled. But as you can see, the content of these bags are obviously a bit starchier. What could it be?

With the orange nets, they do look a bit like onions. But that’s only for the visually challenged! It’s corn. Just big ole bags of corn, ready for buttering at a BBQ this weekend. As far as mix ups go, this one is fairly versatile. Creamed corn, popcorn, endless cobs — buyers will survive this one, undoubtedly.

Challenge Accepted

There is more than one issue here, starting with the sick psycho that would mix Skittles and M&Ms. Some might call this sacrilege. And they would be right!

No, this cannot be allowed. If ever two candies were forbidden from mingling, it is these two. Plus, think about the skill level it would take to get any of the candy from this machine in the first place. All in all, on every level, a fail of epic proportions! Next machine, please.

It’s A Confused Sign

Yes, many are are trying to be more politically correct these days. Some would argue there is no reason a baby has to conform to gender norms. Was this sign really intended to make that statement, though?

According to this product, a boy can be anything he wants these days. Yes, even a pretty princess! But more than likely, the workers in Chian have no idea what that’s all about. Just another factory error, from this mysterious land. So many typos, so little correction. When will this war of words end?

If The Shoe Doesn’t Fit

Most people do run into car trouble occasionally. It’s merely the cost of doing business, out on the mean streets. But most people also know not to drive in heels during a flood!

One lady decided to venture forth, all on her own. Sitting water can be totally toxic and contaminated, people! For the high maintenance among us, breaking out the galoshes can be glam in the right situation. Believe it or not, getting stuck is more common getting struck by lightening. It’s going to happen!

What Tarts?

Time for a quiz. What do you get for the person who has everything? Poop Tarts, of course! Pop Tarts are so common, who needs more of them?

While it is almost guaranteed no one has these, it is also equally likely that no one really wants them either. And that’s a shame! Warmed up and crispy in the toaster, room temperature and chewy — there’s really no wrong way to do poop tarts. As long as they are not chocolate, no real harm will be done by an extra O.

Raised The Bar

Valentine’s Day is all about hidden meanings. Why not include a mysterious clue right in the holiday chocolate? A little wordplay, maybe?

Yes, this candy bar seems to convey kisses and hugs. But the reality is totally different. It really promotes hugs and kisses! Everyone knows communication is key to a lasting relationship. Hopefully this little breakdown doesn’t lead to any lover’s quarrels on the most romantic day of the year! Pro tip: Focus on the flavors, not the favors.

Fan Down

We’re not entirely sure if the fan hit the door and broke, or if some genius thought removing the blade would make this functional.

Either way, we don’t want to be in the room when this is turned on.

First Name: Name, Last Name: Name

This poor guy was so excited to go home and see his interview on TV.  This was his fifteen minutes of fame!  This could be his big break, the moment he is discovered by a major film executive and whisked away to a life of celebrity fortune!

He will be easy to track down; how many people named “Name Here Name Here” can there possibly be in this city?

Too Close To Dispense

There is more than one way to save money on soap while complying with those pesky Health Department rules.

Still, someone with a great imagination and tiny, tiny little hands can take as much soap as they want. Take that, management.

Slip Of The Tongue

When you are a world-famous entertainer, you can be forgiven for some things. Everyone makes mistakes! But still, what if you mess up a contest winner’s name in front of the world?

Shutterstock / Facebook @Ariadna Gutierrez

It may sound like it couldn’t happen, but seeing is believing. The public was horrified by Steve Harvey, who did just that while trying to follow instructions from a producer. Four minutes after announcing the wrong winner, he had to come back out and correct himself. Yikes Steve, how embarrassing!

Quitting (Said Like Charlie Sheen)

You, too, can achieve great things if you would just give up on your education and quit school.  Smoking and diplomas are not in your future.

For the record, this was an anti-smoking campaign plastered on the back of a school bus, but this fail was too hilarious to pass up.

Framing Issues

Back to the Health Department hand washing regulations.  Here we see a sign that clearly states that all employees must wash their hands before returning to work.

This company takes this warning so seriously, they framed it and placed it under glass for safe keeping.

What we’re a little unclear about, however, is how the blind employees read the sign under the glass.  We hope that hand washing is instinctive for all employees, whether they can read this sign or not.

9-1-1, Grammar Police Please

Those who cannot read a simple Facebook post misusing “their, they’re and there” should just look away before it’s too late. Warning, warning!

Is this top prize or number 3 in the game? It’s truly unclear, and that’s no way to end a contest. This is what happens when first graders design your medals as a money saver. The organizers should be embarrassed, but maybe no one noticed this error before they gave out the medals. A bigger question remains: Who came in 2st?

The Effects Of Brain Freeze

Cherry flavored or green apple?  32 ounces of your favorite flavor, but here’s a twist: we’ve secretly switched them around. You’ll never be able to figure this out, loyal customers!

Take your chances, if you dare, or just mix it, like the rest of us.

Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow

The same folks who brought you the Great Slushee Mix-up now brings you the Crayon Capades.  We have secretly replaced yellow crayons with other colors;

can you tell which ones are which?  Nah, we actually just ran out of other color labels and had extra yellow ones laying around.  Many, many yellow ones.

Satan Clause Is Coming To Town

Satan Claus is Santa’s little-known brother.  He doesn’t live in the North Pole, he lives somewhere… a little more southern.

Whoever did this is awesome, and the fact that no one bothered to fix it makes it even funnier.  Bah humbug!

To Enter Or Not To Enter?

It’s hard to choose the appropriate response here. Enter, and be labeled rebellious, or not enter, and be labeled rebellious. Tough times, for sure. What’s the right move, really?

For added fun, why not pull the door instead of pushing it? Maybe this is all too much. Some might even suggest the best choice is to get back in the car and go home. One more try: Do not enter, or enter? Push or pull? This is torture, mind torture!

This Isn’t Lord Of The Rings

“Trees Don’t Move” sounds like a great kid’s book or a cool trendy song title, but this sign reminds us that trees are stationary objects, like rocks.


If we lived in Middle Earth (The Hobbit), the trees would move however they pleased but here, on regular old earth, trees stay put even when hit by an inattentive skier.

Fill In The Blank

Hi, Welcome to Target!  My name is Blank.  Perhaps you’ve heard of my cousins, Name Here and Firstname Lastname?

This is the first, and probably last, corporate event this Target worker was responsible for.

The High School Outcasts

We aren’t sure what transgression you would have to commit to earn these lockers.  We’re still trying to wrap our minds around why they are like this.

What if these two lockers are the only ones that are right, and the rest are incorrectly placed?  Whoa, mind bending!

Be Square

Admittedly, geometry was never our strong point, either.  Still, we’re pretty sure we could tell the difference between round and square.

Round is the one with three sides, right?

Gender Equal

“When you open the shop tomorrow morning just put up the new posters of the man and woman. It’s easy, you’ll know what to do.” NOT.

There are some things in life that one does not need to practice or learn how to do. Like matching swimsuits on a man and woman’s body. It’s elementary, really.

Liquid Vs. Bar

Soap is soap, no matter what.  Again, this is a great way to keep the Health Department happy while keeping your bean counters satisfied.  This is, however, a little at odds with the Health Department regulation to wash your hands before returning to work.

There should be a sign above this, “In case of Germs, Break Glass.”

Does Anyone Sell Used?

We all want the best value for our money, and we will do anything to get it.  Well, almost anything.  Even the best coupon clippers and dollar store fanatics may have a problem with buying used toilet paper. 

Wait, only $.25 each for used?   We’re in!

Facing The Wall

You automatically assume this light was placed poorly because it is facing a wall.  Truth is, this light isn’t for human drivers, it is for the spiders and ants on the wall.

Without rules and laws, the insect colony would fall into anarchy.  Thank you to whoever designed this light, just for them.

George, George, George Of The Jungle….

Wanted:  Playground Designer.  Must have whimsical creative ideas, a sadistic side, and despise children.  Extra consideration is given to designers who were obsessed with George of the Jungle in childhood.

Maybe the tree wasn’t there when the slide was installed!

Need Us To Tell Time?

Here, we have a half-finished clock.  Why isn’t it completely finished?  We ran out of time.

Admittedly, this clock is majorly disorienting for those who can tell time with an analog timepiece, so we can’t even imagine how confusing this would be to the digital generation.

Cat Fail

Cats are far too busy napping, ignoring humans, and plotting to take over the world to be bothered with anything as mundane as catching a mouse.

Jesus Cat

Sometimes eating the perfect cat food can be a spiritual experience for our feline friends. We’re not sure if this cat is supposed to be hugging its humans or having a religious experience, but because it’s a cat, we lean more towards the religious experience desiring human contact.

If this was a deliberate billboard placement, we love it.  If it was accidental, we love it even more.

Afterlife Fun

Try being dead, they said.  It’ll be a blast, they said.  Sorry, I’m just not finding this whole death thing to be as much fun as they promised.

The Double Roll

If you ever wonder what a toilet paper roll from a horror movie would look like, here it is.  Notice it screaming in terror; it will become even more unraveled as the movie goes on.

We can’t imagine what horrible factory spawns these terrifying tubes of toilet tissue; truly terrible!

We Won’t…

This truck company has made its slogan words we can all live by. In fact, just the other day, we couldn’t, so we didn’t.  Thank you, random trucking company, for giving us all validation, and the affirmation we truly need to just give up.

This should be the plot story for a new children’s book: The Little Engine Who Thought He Couldn’t, So He Didn’t.

Spiraling Out Of Control

So, we can clearly see what was supposed to be happening here when these stairs were built.  What we can’t clearly see is why what was supposed to happen, didn’t.

We sincerely hope the owners of those apartments realize they are opening their doors to…absolutely nothing. Interesting side note, the stairs also seem to be blocking the windows of the apartments, making them all sad, dark, little places of despair.

A Great Seat

When you buy tickets from the scalper in the parking lot on the day of the event, you can’t complain if your view is slightly obstructed.

If you look closer, you can see the section is also fenced off. We are thinking this is a time out area for misbehaving fans.

It’s What’s For Breakfast

Pop-tarts are the essential breakfast treat, full of crusty goodness and chewy deliciousness.

This is their distant cousin, as seen in dollar stores the world over along with Corporal Crunch cereal and Rutz crackers.

Half Pepperoni

Sure, maybe you thought you would get a pizza with pepperoni on the entire pie, but what did you really expect?  This pizza is for sale, half off.

The box warned you; mozzarella and pepperoni. It never promised they would both be on the same side of the pie.

Great Value

The reason these spoons are so affordable is that the manufacturers used less plastic in them than normal spoons.

This is sheer genius. If you think this is smart, though, you should see their specially designed soup knives.

Pumpkin Identity Crisis

Orange pumpkins? Is this that dress dilemma that was making its rounds on social media all over again? It may be the light, but I think these pumpkins look blue. Others say they look orange.

Still others say they don’t care what color they are, because they are only a dollar each.

It All Starts With Chicken?

It all starts with chicken. Unless, of course, it all starts with ground beef. Sometimes it starts with salmon; it’s never entirely clear what starts it all, or what “it” is that requires a meat product to start anyway.

Christmas Time!

Ho Ho Ho, it’s time for Santa to light the menorah.  This is the ultimate Christmas decoration for the Jewish family who has everything.  Who knew the star at the top of the Christmas tree should actually be a Star of David?

Kudos to this manufacturer who is bringing peace and harmony to all this holiday season, whether they want it or not.

The Hot Dog Challenge

It’s not enough that these buns were incorrectly wrapped, but take a look behind them and you’ll see it’s an entire display full of buns gone crazy.

Your decision is whether to buy these and put hotdogs on them or move on to a different store.

The Disrespectful Times

It’s already heartbreaking enough to read that many kittens were found dead in a freezer, but the imagination runs wild when you pair it with the other story on the page with the man grilling some unknown meat.

Monroe may be a nice town, but we are sure not stopping there for dinner.

The “Breed” Of People Who Had One Job

You know the saying:  A brid in hand is worth two in the bush.  In this case, a brid in hand is discounted quite a bit.  One thing we know for certain, whoever printed these mugs was a real brid-brain.

This store was also famous for its discounted sale of Kat mugs last month, and Hors mugs a year ago. They aren’t certain what they want to do with all of their Dogue mugs they currently have stashed in the back of the storeroom.

Make Chian Great Again

Ah, the mythical county of Chian.  For the record, even products made in China must get labels printed from somewhere. Chances are, the labels are made in the S.U.A.

What is more alarming is that the manufacturer felt the need to warn teenagers not to swallow these.  Apparently, teens in Chian are a bit lacking in common sense. The word is out!

Banana Socks

Banana socks are all the rage, especially if you don’t know what a banana looks like. We can’t trust anyone anymore; how do we know these are socks and not gloves?  We are completely confused now.

Tomatoes Tomatoes

Ok, so when life gives you canned peaches, you make peach cobbler.  Unfortunately, this won’t help your spaghetti sauce very much right now, unless you want to try something really wild, crazy, and extremely nausea-inducing over your pasta.

Wegman’s claims it’s food you can feel good about, maybe because everyone loves a surprise.

Disabled To Spell

This is to mark a handicapped parking spot…or is it?  Spelled backwards, this word is “Belbasid,” which is probably a secret code word for the “Society of Folks who Failed Spelling in Skool.”

A Little Sympathy

Thank goodness that old biddy is gone, huh?  She was a pain in the butt.  We thought she’d never leave.  Time to celebrate, the countdown is over!

Product Placement

Oh, my.  Here, we have a slogan promising real and tasty, with pictures of adorable babies on packages of wipes.  We can only assume that the babies are tasty, but don’t forget to add baby powder when cooking so they rise.

Some babies are made for sensitive stomachs, while others are naturally clean. A little something for everyone here.  It could be that we made a mistake and the wipes are the real and tasty things here, but we just aren’t sure.

They Deliver

This sign is meant to be read from inside, meaning the person reading it is at the restaurant.  In other words, dear customer, the person who is delivering this food to you is actually you.

Enjoy your new job of delivering your own food to yourself and come back again soon. Don’t forget to tip yourself well.

Sugar-Free Sugar

We’re not nutritionists by any means, but we’re pretty sure this isn’t how sugar-free items work, especially when the sugar-free item is… sugar.  Does this mean this is just an empty bag?

What Happened To Those Tangerines?

We’re not sure how anyone could have mistaken these ears of corn for tangerines.  Or are they onions?   Bananas?  No matter what they are, we may have a little problem packing these healthy treats into a lunch bag for the kids. Hope these are easy to peel, at least.

Superhero Lighter

This lighter can be used to light all sorts of flammable things, like tobacco and whatever the person was smoking that designed this lighter.

Spiderman couldn’t really put his name on the lighter because he doesn’t condone smoking, so Superman gets the blame. Just don’t light any kryptonite and we’ll all get out of this alive.

It’s Wet Until It’s Not

We suspect this person was a weather forecaster in another life, with his prediction of “it may rain, or it may not” spilling into his current life.  He may also be a philosopher with deep, hidden meanings behind this sign.  Is it wet?  What does wet mean?

What if being wet is someone else’s being dry?  And more to the point, who can we get to lean against the wall to see if it is, in fact, wet?

Trouble Pouring

First, they get us with easy open cans with tabs that pull off leaving the can sealed tight. Then, we get easy open bags that guarantee to explode your potato chips all over the floor.

Let’s not forget the easy open ibuprofen bottles and of course, the easy open salad dressings. This one really takes the prize though. They aren’t even pretending to try at Rubicon any more. Damn you, backwards container!

Same Film, Different Actor

Time has not been good for Hollywood celebrity, Billy Dee Williams.  He doesn’t even look like the same person anymore.  Sometimes, living the high life really takes its toll on an actor.  In fact, it looks like he’s been through some pretty serious Star Wars.

Where Customers Go To… Shop!

This is where ghosts go to get ghost supplies, like wine and spirits. We have to wonder what they really do sell in there, though.

Is it coffins and tombstones? We’re dying to know. Get it? ‘Die’… ‘dying’… ha! We’re so funny it kills us.

Upside Down

What’s more fun than pranking the blind? Pranking the blind on a busy street corner.  We hope that if someone needs this button, they can figure it out safely or that they were champion Frogger players in their teens.

Only One May Open

Who built this, a blind man? Wellhis skills are on full display. We’re not sure we are satisfied with this remodeling job, to be blunt.

Hopefully, this homeowner never needs to open more than one drawer or cabinet at the same time, and has everything they need at the front of the drawer. Yikes!

No Privacy Here

Obviously, the designer of the kitchen drawers and the upside-down toilet seat has extended his professional career to doorknob installation.

At this point, you have to wonder why anyone would even bother with the doorknob to begin with.We’re pretty sure locking it wouldn’t accomplish the desired effect, and maybe string and bubblegum would be more effective. Good luck, everybody.

Shut the do… oh!

You can close the door, or you can support your building with a pole. You can’t do both. Welcome to another installment of the popular “Ollege for Architectural Design and Planning,” advanced edition.

We have to wonder which was there first, the door or the pole? And was there any time in which someone said “hey, would it work?”

Telling Your Right From Your Left

Seriously, this is far too complicated for the average person to think about.  Is it my left, or your left?  Is the entire remote full of lies, and the volume up button mutes the sound?

Who needs this kind of obstacle when you are just trying to watch Dancing with the Stars?

Fortune Or Reality?

If you’re too lazy to break your fortune cookie, this chef doesn’t even bother stuffing the fortune into the treat. We suspect he works part-time at McDonald’s putting cheese on filet-o-fish sandwiches as seen a little earlier on this gallery.

The irony is that the fortune itself claims the job is “well done.” We wonder if the fortune inside the cookie is a pink slip for the fortune cookie stuffer?

Inches Away

Oh, so very very close, Mr. Interior Designer. Was this your plan the whole time? It’s so bad for OCD people.. to see something that should work – not working.

On the bright side, the rubber door stopper will remain in pristine condition for a long, long time.

Oh Does It?

This is a commentary on the state of common sense in our world.  In what world would a bin full of peanuts not contain peanuts?  Sure, if you’re allergic to peanuts this could be dangerous, but hopefully, you may spot the secret, hidden danger in this bin.

Zipper Trouble

The person who designed this outfit was given the task of putting together an outfit which was both functional and stylish for this beer promotion. However, they didn’t quite think through the position of the zipper.

There’s a reason zips should be invisible near the front area.

Basket Racket

Introducing the newest Olympic sport, racks-et-ball. Judging from the size of the equipment, this is the sport of leprechauns and fairy folk the world over.

The guy in the factory had one job: attach the correct sign to the corresponding see-through bag. But maybe there were too many bags in the factory where they make toys for every country in the world. Just a little mix-up!

Where the F is the F?

We all understand when errors happen with inscriptions on cakes and shirts, but how does one explain this error on the airline company name?

That’s a first. It only costs thousands of dollars to paint a plane, so no big deal. Just kidding, someone is going to lose their job! It’s PACIFIC, you silly paint man.

Made In China?

“I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the….” wait, what? Ah, the little-understood American state of China.  It’s a small state, for sure, and not many people know about it.  China is proud to display the American flag on its products!

On the other hand, maybe it’s the box that is made in China, while the product is made in the USA?  Or the other way around? Darn you China for turning everything we thought we knew completely upside down.

Urinals For Women

There is not a woman alive who can’t admit they have tried to use a urinal before out of sheer desperation.  There is not a woman alive who doesn’t also have to admit the experiment resulted in wet shoes.

Knowing this, why are there urinals in the ladies’ room? Is this a sick joke?

We’re not sure what is more alarming; placing these urinals in the female bathroom or placing the wrong sign so females stumble into the men’s room by accident.

His Or Her Toilet?

Frankly, we don’t know which sign to believe. The possibility of wandering into the wrong room is terrifying to most of us, isn’t it?

Our vote is to get back into the car and drive to the next filling station. It sounds safer, and we don’t want to embarrass ourselves or others!

Planning Ahead

What in the world is going on with this signage? It’s supposed to remind us about precision, but the letters certainly don’t inspire accuracy!

Maybe one can look at it differently though. This mistake makes people notice the sign even more, so maybe it serves a better purpose this way!

Useless Window

How we love to open our windows, and enjoy the fresh air and crisp, clean views of the countryside around us. Windows can be our escape, the fuel for our daydreams.

Or, not.  Sometimes they are holes surrounded by concrete.  On the bright side, this setup makes the chore of window cleaning obsolete.

Can It Make Sense?

Toilets are a pretty simple design, right? It’s generally accepted that the seat must go under the lid. It had to take major effort to get this backwards. And we don’t want to know about cleaning this thing if used as is!

Once we get this straightened out, we can move on to the important question of which way the toilet paper roll should face. Our vote: forward.

Swing By This Swing

This is the second playground designed by our sadistic creator who hates kids.  On the bright side, the odds of your child falling out of this swing are pretty slim.  Of course, the odds of your child getting on the swing, to begin with, are pretty slim as well.

We don’t like to foretell the future here, but we have to predict many tears of frustration from this setup.  Well played, designer, well played.


Well, there really isn’t that much of a difference between an ostrich and a dog; one buries its head and the other buries its bone.  Other than that, can you tell the difference?  Well, other than the feathers, the beak, and the fact that the bird has two legs while Fido has four.

Here’s hoping these two-legged feathered dogs are housebroken.   To make it somewhat more confusing, the ostriches look more like extinct dino-bird than modern birds.

You Shall Not Pass

If you thought taking the stairs was a healthy alternative to escalators, you were half right. We aren’t sure what this designer had against stairs, or against people who want to go up and down. Or down and up.

And truthfully, we are more afraid to see what they have done to the elevators. Time to call the municipality! There’s no way this is up to any code on earth.

Bun Left Unturned

This is beyond irritating, even if you don’t have OCD. Admit it, you would cut this plastic open just to flip this bun over. It is an annoyance that only the bravest of souls could truly tolerate.

How this got past quality control is a mystery, unless it was done by a rebellious factory worker just to drive us all mad.

Got Milk?

What is Life, really?  Life is all about living the way you want to, whether its putting berries in your cinnamon cereal, or pouring the milk under the bowl instead of on the cereal.

This is, to be fair, a fantastic way for those who are lactose intolerant to enjoy a nice bowl of cereal in the morning.  We wonder, though, if Quaker has secret ties to paper towel manufacturers.

Don’t Pay, Or Do Pay

Why pay $9.95 for these goggles, when you can pay $9.95 for them?  For a limited time only, pay regular price on these high-quality Speedo swim goggles!  Act now, or you may miss the sale and pay regular price for them tomorrow.

Yellow Watermelon

We’d like to say it’s easy to mix up watermelon and corn. We’d like to say it, but honestly, we can’t. The only thing they have in common is that they are both summer picnic foods.

Hopefully, no color-blind individuals fell for this accidental mislabeling. But on anther note, this is a pretty good price for either watermelon or corn.

What Kind Of Disability Is That?

We won’t make the obvious statement that this parking spot is for people with their heads up…side down.  This looks far less like a handicapped parking spot marker and more like an Egyptian hieroglyph that, loosely translated, reads “You’re fired.”

Snacks That Will Make You Cry

The term snacks can mean lots of different things to people, and this is a perfectly healthy snack.  It’s also a great way to keep coworkers far away from you after lunch.

Thankfully, garlic wasn’t added to this variety of snacks or vampires would be completely out of luck.

It’s The End Of The Road

In big cities all around the globe, concessions are made for bike lanes so all can ride in peaceful harmony.  All, that is, except in this city.

Bike riders are permitted to go here, and only here.  They may not take the bike across the bridge, it is expressly forbidden by the trolls who live under it.

Still in the Commonwealth

Oh, Canada, we stand on guard for… the United Kingdom.  Time for two lessons.  The first, Canada is not part of the UK. The second, flip-flops are not now, nor ever will be a fashion statement.

To be fair, maybe the flip-flops are making the statement that Canadians love the Brits, hedging their bets just in case Queen Elizabeth II decides that maybe she likes moose and Canadian bacon after all.


None shall pass. None at all. Not even you. Hey. Where are you going? How did you get past this impenetrable roadblock? Get back here and pay the toll!

We’re not really sure if this is a gate to keep people in, or to keep people out. But at this point, it doesn’t really matter.


This sign is less of an instruction and more of a prediction.  If you take the closed left lane, you will be involved in an accident.  Sheer genius, and the sign maker works as a fortune teller at the circus on weekends.

That’s A Funny Bunny

Some bunny made a booboo.  We don’t think it’s ferret all to call these critters rabbits.  All of this to weasel a sale out of a customer? Ok, just to be clear, these aren’t rabbits, they are ferrets.  You’re welcome.

Forgot Something?

Ah, the elusive top-secret recipe for an avocado wrap.  Let’s see, tomato, peppers, lettuce, cheese.  Yup, that should cover it!  Why do I feel like I’m missing something here?


It’s pretty common knowledge that men in a restroom setting will go out of their way to ignore each other.  This forced bromance set up has guys just a little too close for comfort.

What’s even more uncomfortable is that these appear to be the only two urinals in this bathroom. We’ll just wait outside.

Joint Balcony

You have to pay a little extra for the convenience of having your own balcony.  Ok, for the convenience of sharing your balcony with your neighbor.

Ok, for the convenience of climbing out your window to enjoy your balcony with your neighbor.  On second thought, we’ll just save the extra money and live on the ground floor.

The Annual

Every year for the past 23, this group gets together to celebrate all things grammatically incorrect.  If you think this shirt is cool, you should see what they did for their 22st design.

Ring Pop Or Lollypop?

These may not seem like ring pops on closer inspection, but they actually are.  These are a short-lived “do it yourself” lollipop craft that encouraged kids to make their own rings from the stems of tootsie roll pops.

Ok, not really.  Somebody here just doesn’t know their tasty wearable candy treats.

The Makeover

We think our bathroom is far too attractive, can you help us? Certainly, we can wreck any bathroom in just one day. Free financing and a full, satisfaction guaranteed warranty with all purchases.

Call us for our wide range of add-ons, such as the addition of mold and cracked tiles, free with any job.

Extra Hours

First, there was 7-11 with its promise that it would be open from 7am until 11pm, but this really takes the cake.  Not only will this store be open every day of the week, it will also be open on two additional days that it made up specifically for the occasion.

Actually, it would be pretty cool to work the normal five days but spice it up with a four-day weekend every week. Could that be that be what they are offering here?

Midfield To The Left

Where is the center of anything, really? Is being truly centered just a figment of our imagination? Can anyone ever truly be centered?

Where is the center of the universe? One thing is certain, the people who chalked these lines into this field didn’t know the answers to these questions, either.

The High Five Light

This is a hotel loading zone, and everybody from valets to bell hops have their hands out for a tip, including this street sign.  This street is apparently only for people who know the 700 block of SW Broadway like the back of their hand.

“Add Title Here”

As a cake designer, you can be given some odd, impossible to decipher directions. This, however, was probably not one of those times.

We can only hope that for the next Olympic games, the producers don’t take this same shortcut.

Chocolatey Mistake

If white cows give plain milk and brown cows give chocolate milk, we can make a few assumptions about the color of the cow giving us this orange milk.

We can’t quite make out what the farmer’s pledge is, but we believe it’s probably to pick no cow before it’s ripe.

The Soft Drink War

“Psst, this is Pepsi.  I have infiltrated and am preparing to make contact with our source.  Stand by for a full report. If something happens to me, tell my wife Sierra Mist that I love her.”

Coke Dressed As Fanta

Coke has always been sneaky, even when he was young.  Here we see him trying to crash a Fanta party without an invitation.  We’re not sure which would be more disappointing; tearing this open to find coke or tearing open a coke wrapper to find Fanta.

Choose A Side

Ah, our favorite beverage, Atnaf.  Carbonated goodness in every sip.  The biggest flaw we see in this can of Atnaf is that somehow the drink volume and the phrase at the top are upside down!

Maybe this is a local idea. It doesn’t matter, because it seems ike a good idea. We should try it here.

Higher Education

Too cool for Shcool.  Is this the level of education we can expect for our kids going to school in this neighborhood, or is it a thinly veiled warning for kids to stay in Shcool so they don’t have mishaps like this one?

Where Did You Go To “Colege”?

This is genius. Place a jar intended for tips to fund college, and misspell the word “college” to convince everyone that you need more school.

Great tips will certainly start rolling in, like “Don’t quit your day job” and “Please, don’t go to medical school.” It’s okay, though. All donations are welcome!

Got Milk? Actually Yes

Earlier, we saw sugar-free sugar.  The next logical step is obviously these non-dairy creamers that contain milk.   We’re not farmers so we don’t know much about dairy free cows, but we’re pretty sure it doesn’t work this way.

Where Do We Apply?

All our lives in school, we waited for this.  It’s too late for our hopes and dreams, but we can live through our kids.  This sign really reminds us of the classic movie, Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  Is it wrong that we are hoping for a work-free sleep zone next?

Some Hot Beans

Porn is so mainstream now, it’s accepted everywhere.  Here, we have porn advertised right alongside some beans, so you can snack while you watch.  Gives a new meaning to the term, “spicy dinner.” Who knew meals could be so exciting?


We have a dream, where dry erase boards are not priced differently because of the color of their foam.  Seriously, this may be accidental but it’s still a little awkward.

Drowning? That’s Funny

Okay, to the untrained eye this looks like an underlined “LOL,” but look again and you’ll see it’s supposed to convey a person with his arms over his head, drowning gracefully in softly flowing waves.

Or, this could be instructions:  see a person drowning, laugh at them, then call 911. Your choice, really.

“Long Yellow Things”

Apparently, in Ecuador, the things we call bananas are known as “long yellow things.”  This store may have prices you can trust, but we’re pretty sure the produce department employees are a little shady.

Cream Of The Crop

When you are eating a tartlet, you must understand tartlet lingo.  Tartlet means tiny.  Like, very tiny.  Miniscule, in fact.  Enjoy your tiny serving of fruit filling.


Halt, none shall pass this point without the magic phrase or the mystical golden key. I am the Guardian of the…hey, wait.

Where are you going? How did you get past this gate? Darn it, Fred, did you forget to hang the sign on the other side of this gate?

Winter Is Just A Few Steps Away

This is a community service announcement.  Frostbite is real.  We do not recommend wearing flip flops in the snow.

That said, we all know that one guy who wears these all year round, usually with shorts.


The rarely mentioned dophinasaurus has been extinct for several hundred thousand years, but we see it here in its native habitat of plastic packaging.

Hint: If this puzzle looks like a dolphin when you are done assembling it, you’ve probably done something wrong.


Mom always warned you; if you make that face, it will freeze that way.  Here is proof that she wasn’t “lion” to you. By the way – staring at the Moon for 5 minutes will end with the same result.

You may not have heard of Crimba, Simba’s cross-eyed lost cousin, but he stuck with Simba through thick and thin long before Simba was cast in the movie.

Say What?

No matter how we break this advertisement down, it makes no sense.  Carpet your whole what, exactly? Or, carpet your only whole what?  Inquiring minds want to know, because $99 is a steal.  We think.

The Perfect Gift

Nothing captures a mother’s love like Domestos total blast toilet gel.  We recommend this in a gift set with a scrub brush and broom.

In honor of her special day, get the floral scent and save money you would have spent on a bouquet of fresh flowers. This gift will keep on giving, flush after flush.

Talk About Insensitive

If you don’t think a chihuahua bidding your loved one “Adios” while wearing a sombrero is in good taste, then you definitely don’t want to look at the card under it that is wishing your dearly departed loved one a happy birthday.

Either way, we may just pass on the sympathy card and send flowers instead.

Inside Out Taco

There are those who think Taco Bell tacos taste like cardboard.  For these folks, we are proud to introduce the wrapper taco, which really is…well, cardboard.

Hey, kudos to Taco Bell for keeping its customers on their feet; many of us would have just bitten without looking.  This is the new taco version of do-it-yourself, and we think it’s a pretty good idea.

Underwear Equality

Why should kids be forced into clothing that is gender specific?  Here, we have frilly undies for those boys who are in touch with their feminine sides.

Why should girls be the only ones to wear cute undies?  The girl’s underwear section features camo and superhero undies, so fair is fair.

You Missed A Spot

This production line supervisor was out sick on the day that ice cream dipping 101 was covered in Cone School.    The heartache of unwrapping this cone would be completely forgotten if the inside had a chocolate covering as well.

All would be forgiven, random upside-down dipping person.

No Worries, Mate

No Worries, this boat is covered by insurance.  We think.  Perhaps a better name for this vessel might have been The Titanic II;  then the owner would get his money back when the blockbuster movie about his sinking boat is made.

Jack, I’ll never forget you! Eh, no worries, Rose.

Watch Your Step And Weight

Oh, sneaky sneaky sneaky.  Without one, would we truly need the other?  Here we have perpetual company security; those who crave pizza will always want to lose weight, and those on a diet will always want to cheat.

This is definitely a scenario where the winner is…no one.  We don’t believe in conspiracy theories as a rule, but this one definitely makes us wonder.

The Outcast Bench

You can look, but you can’t touch.  Ok, you can touch, but you definitely can’t sit. Putting this perfectly good bench behind the fence is more than a little mean, guys.

To be fair, though, if we were tired enough, we’d find a way to lay on that bench no matter how tall the fence.

It’s My Party And I’ll Fail If I Want To

Happy Irbthday, Rfank!  We olve you!  One thing is for sure, this person was very surprised by his birthday banner. Like, very very surprised.

For his present, Frank got a dictionary to keep his head together when surrounded by his non-spelling friends. These folks had good intentions; now let’s cut the irbthday acke!


We aren’t sure who is more offended at this, Fido the dog or Fluffy the cat. Actually, our wallets are more offended than either of them; who spends $25 for a picture frame anymore?

And is it 50% of $25, or is the $25 already half off?  Newsflash, guys. We can tell the difference between a dog and the horse pictured in the frame. Really.

Red Hot Chilly Paper

Red Hot Chili Peppers are a punk rock band of some fame.  Red, hot, chilly paper is not. Red Hot Chili Peppers sing great songs and feature a guy named Flea. Red, hot, chilly paper gives you paper cuts.

Red Hot Chili Peppers know that they are, in fact, red hot.  Red, hot, chilly paper seems to be a bit confused.

Double Agent

Theresa will forever be remembered by her classmates as a fun, bubbly quarterback who ran track and field and excelled in both her shop and home economics classes.

She wasn’t a believer in make- up and kept her hair quite short all through her senior year.  She was the president of the Glee Club, and the prom King and Queen simultaneously.

Ice Ice Baby

First, let’s visit a few things we didn’t know.  We didn’t know McDonald’s had McPopcorn, and we certainly didn’t know you could get ice by the bag at the fast food restaurant.

Now, let’s move on to things that McDonald’s doesn’t know.  Popcorn will not cool a beverage, and if you try to pop ice in a popcorn maker, you will end up with a puddle of salty water.

The Eiffel Tower

This phone cover is for those who spend too much time on their phones, and not enough time in the real world.  Yes, we love Europe, but that is where we draw the line on this picture.

The Eiffel tower and London share the same continent, but that is it.  We suspect another product that was made in Chian here.

Black Strawberries

Ah, the rare black strawberry.  These are indigenous to supermarkets who package fruit in the dark.  It’s hard to judge if the person buying the strawberries is going to be disappointed because these are grapes.

Or the person buying the grapes is disappointed because the package claimed they were strawberries. Either way, someone who works in produce has a lot of explaining to do.


Until that very moment, George had always considered himself to be a Koala.  Now, he finds himself stuck in an identity crisis. To be fair, Koala bears probably enjoy Chinese food, too.  Still, this little fellow looks kind of confused to find himself up on this sign.

The restaurant has three options: change the bear, change the name, or change the fare to Australian Chinese.  We don’t see a garden, either, but we’ll just leave that alone for now.

Didn’t Follow Directions

Sure, it’s all fun and games to switch switches until someone electrocutes himself; who’s laughing then?  In this alternate reality, the center is left, the left is center and the right…well, the right is where it belongs.

Don’t try to figure it out; just turn them all off or turn them all on.  Oh, unless the prankster also messed around with the “up is on” reality we all trust as truth.

Lemonade Juice From Limes?

Lemons and limes are similar in that they are citrus fruits.  Other than that, they are different in everything from color to color, and especially in color.   Anyone with a first-grade education knows that a lemon is yellow.

That said, we have to hope that the juices inside these plastic fruit containers are exactly what they should be, or our whole world will be turned inside out.


These pajamas aren’t quite as scary as the sign promises.  Princess Sophia and Mario are actually pretty nice, and Batman is a superhero, so we call foul on the sign promising our children nightmares.

The most frightening thing we can see here is that the price of these pajamas is probably pretty scary since they are all licensed characters.


This lady is head over heels for…well, whatever this is that is being advertised. Perhaps she is from Australia, the land of head-down-under your feet?

If the ad is for a phone, we hope this isn’t an indicator of the pictures it takes.

The Man And His Pool

Inground pools are for sissies. Why just have a pool when you can float your entire house? Nothing like waking up in the AM and rolling out of bed for a nice swim in your basement. Or kitchen. Or the living room.

Besides, having a filled pool can be dangerous for neighborhood children or pets.  It’s much safer to flood your house, your yard, and the yards of all of your neighbors.

Go Straight Home Line

Obviously, this is one line painter that is in touch with his artistic side. See how the curve gently arches away from the middle, indicating that we as humans should be free to let go of the straight and narrow, to take a chance on life.

Or, the painter was drunk. Either way, there is some serious explaining to be done here.

“Ollege” Of Architecture

Here, we have the Ollege of Very Poor Architects Who Don’t Plan Very Well at All. You can see the “C” tucked carefully to the side of the sign, much like the “C” the student who designed this got on his report card.

The final project for one lucky student would be to fix this sign and bring the “C” back into college where it belongs.

Diabetes Menu

Who said there is no truth in advertising? While McDonald’s is not exactly for the health conscious, we’re pretty sure the corporation wouldn’t appreciate this unfortunate billboard placement.

At least the diabetes is countered by free wi-fi, possibly to look up the symptoms of diabetes.

McDonald’s Hiring

We bet this McDonald’s chain got a lot of resumes after they posted this sign! Not sure if writing ‘smiling feces’ is the best way to attract people or customers to come in or apply for the job.

Hidden Messages

Subliminal messages from coffee shops, or deliberate sabotage from within?  The world may never know, but suddenly we want a Dunkin Donuts coffee instead of Starbucks.  The mermaid is embarrassed to have her likeness on this van right now.

Choose A Superhero

Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Ironman, what’s the difference, really?  Is this a subtle insult to Superman, or a boost for Batman’s self-esteem.

Batman really never had powers of his own, did he? Put a cape on him, though, and call him Superbat. There’s a hero we can all get behind.

Can You Hear Me?

If you need privacy, simply ask all bystanders to step into this booth while you make your call. Of course, this picture obviously depicts a time gone by when phones were attached to walls, or the outside of booths, with wires.

We wonder where Superman would go if he needed to change here?

The Cheesy Goodness

Doritos has a serious rivalry with Chester, but it’s plain to see the cool cheetah is winning this battle.

If someone isn’t paying attention, they would not only grab the wrong snack, they would likely set their unsuspecting mouths on fire. Chester is a merciless cheetah.

Sideways, Button Down

The salespeople in this store have had enough. The mannequins never appreciate all of their hard work, so why bother? Stapling a shirt to the torso here is probably easier than buttoning all of those buttons. We sincerely hope this doesn’t become a trend, though.

We Only Have Coke

This is a fantastic price for a twelve pack of Pepsi. We should take advantage of the sale and pick up several packages. Joke’s on you, though; we are a Coke only store. This is how much you would have saved, had we carried Pepsi.

Yoga Style

Even when doing yoga at the office it should be done with style. Get your sports clothes on and start hitting that chair and floor. By the way, you should demand an office shower.

If you don’t have one.. well… I’ll feel sorry for your colleagues. It’s all fun and games until the boss walks in.

Cheers To The Bride And Oops!

When it’s time to pop some champagne before the wedding as a signal of the bride’s last moments as an unmarried woman, the bridesmaids toast to the wife-to-be. One person pours the drinks for the rest of the group.

It sounds like a simple job, but this person got it spectacularly wrong. So much for the bridal outfits for the photoshoot.

You Shouldn’t Mix

This is a hidden message; when you have a baby, you need to have enough beer and wine to get you through until the teen years.

There is another wall for everything you need for teens, featuring whiskey and tequila.

It’s Not Even A Spork

Imagine how surprised customers were to discover that they can, at last, eat soup with a fork!

The only problem is that they can’t seem to stab their steak with these flawed utensils.

No Green!

People who work in front of the camera already know what they’re allowed to wear. Mainly the weather people who are almost always standing in front of a blank green screen watching a monitor across the set.

They should already know what they can wear. I mean they know that this color makes you fat, that color makes you thin, and green color makes you invisible. Basic TV.

Happy, Happy Rhino

We love when our kid’s clothing is as educational as it is fun.  This is decidedly not either one. Parents, make sure you are always ready to teach the right thing after your clothes lie to your children.

We would tell this onesie designer where he made his mistake, but really, where’s the point?

Half Pepperoni

Sure, maybe you thought you would get a pizza with pepperoni on the entire pie, but what did you really expect?  This pizza is for sale, half off. 

The box warned you; mozzarella and pepperoni.  It never promised they would both be on the same side of the pie.

Woof News

Someone thought it was ‘bring your dog to work’ day. But that’s on Monday. Today is Thursday and that means “someone get a hold of this dog day”.

In any case, bring your dog to work day applies to employees in marketing and management only, not to employees on the set.

Do Not Stack

These warehouse workers are clearly rebels without a cause.  How dare these boxes tell them what to do? Who do these cardboard boxes think they are?!

What’s next, guys, cutting tags off pillows?  These people must be stopped. And the sooner, the better. Round ’em up, and stack ’em up.

Happy Birthday Ryan

Here we have another victim of the cake decorator who takes things much too literally.  This time, the victim is poor, innocent Ryan who probably can’t even read the alphabet yet.

Look at Big Bird and Elmo; they are both looking at “CK-543C” with a mixture of pity and confusion, much like Ryan’s mother probably is.

Everyone Say Cheese

We don’t see a problem with this. A filet-o-fish sandwich comes with cheese, right? But is it cheese on the side? Because that’s what we’re seeing here.

You know the customer would be complaining if they forgot the cheese, too.  There’s just no making some people happy! I wonder what would happen if this customer would have asked for sauce on the side.

One of These Things Is Not Like The Other…

We didn’t relish pointing this out, but sometimes condiments can just be cruel.  This one’s life is turned upside down, and it can ruin my OCD perfect world.

Don’t worry, we aren’t going to make this worse by including commentary about how relish needs to “ketchup” or the fact that mayo isn’t included because when the pic was taken, it was dressing.

Cooking School?

It’s back to school time, and you never know when you might need a nice, sharp knife.  These come in handy for cutting your mystery meat in the cafeteria.

Or cutting out snowflakes in arts and crafts, or finally having a reason to keep your lunch money instead of giving it to the school bully.

Mind The Curb

Drivers with handicapped stickers tend to get the best parking spaces in the lot.  Unless, of course, you are trying to park in this particular lot. It’s unclear if this is a spot for handicapped individuals to just hang out, or to keep wheelchair-bound individuals prisoner for some unknown reason.

Either way, as far as handicapped parking spaces go, this is one very uniquely epic fail.


Mia Khalifa did have one pretty public mishap since she started covering sports, though. It seems her previous beauty investment literally collided with a hockey puck during a recent game. Or rather, it collided with her! And squarely in the boob.

Considering the velocity of professional hockey shots, this was no laughing matter. It actually required her to undergo breast surgery for a ruptured implant!

The rubber puck was estimated to have been flying at around 80 miles per hour when it smacked her, but she has tried to laugh it off just a little. Mia kept the puck as a trauma souvenir! Mia explained on Instagram:

“I got hit in the boob with a puck during the game, and I’m 80% sure it ruptured an implant. But the good news is, I got a game-used puck from a Capitals Stanley cup playoff game. Worth it.”