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“How Did That Get In There?” A Cross-Section Of X-traordinary X-Rays Found Online

The invention of the X-ray was one of the most important advances in the 19th century. The discovery was attributed to Wilhelm Röntgen in 1895. The X-ray machine is a technology that produces images from inside the body by passing an amount of non-lethal radiation through the body. Before the X-ray, doctors had to cut people open to see all the junk inside!

X-rays are used to diagnose a very wide range of conditions, including cancer or broken bones. Although medical professionals are trained to read the X-ray image, sometimes there are unexpected, quirky, or even downright bizarre results.

Keep reading and witness some of the weirdest cross-sections of the human body ever printed—brought to you by science! 

SpongeBob SquarePants Went Diving Too Far

It isn’t clear how he managed to do it, but Mr. Squarepants’ latest adventure looks as though it is taking place inside the abdominal area of a child. The spongy fry cook, whose expertise seems to be getting into trouble in his hometown of Bikini Bottom, is still able to smile even while being digested with stomach acid.

The Independent

This trip to the hospital might’ve been a grand adventure for SpongeBob, but probably not as much of a thrill for the parents who had to drive their sick kid out to A&E. That’s why reading choking hazard warnings is advisable to all of those that have little ones in their care.   

Vampires Or Just Multiple Hyperdontia?

Vampires and werewolves live rent-free in our collective imaginations. We love to think of supernatural humans roaming among us. Every now and then we encounter people that make us look back twice. Multiple hyperdontia is a condition in which, instead of having the usual 32 teeth, an excessive amount of teeth grow in the mouth.

© u/dolladolla_bill_yall / reddit

In the case of this X-ray, the patient has three extra sets! Generally, it is more common to find patients with the opposite condition, known as hypodontia, in which people grow up with fewer teeth than average—but it’s still a very rare condition. 

Peppa Pig’s First X-Ray

As a parent, you tend to encounter difficult and unimaginable situations. When it comes to serious medical issues, it isn’t easy to remain calm, nor is it easy to keep kids calm either. That’s why toys are useful allies during hospitalization. In this scenario, a very scared child needed that little extra support during their scan.

© CynicalSlacker / imgur

Well, it gives us great joy to announce that Peppa won’t be breaking any bones soon, as she hasn’t got any—only what looks to be a big metallic head and soft limbs. Could this be the first record of our dear piggo friend’s insides? 

Some MRIs Are Better Off Never Seeing The Light Of Day

MRIs are different from X-rays because of the method and machinery used, but the results still tend to be just as hilarious. If you have ever had your head scanned you probably just received the results from your doctor, and they do this for a reason—MRI results look nightmarish!

© u/the_midwatcher / reddit

This is no man-eating ghost or menacing alien time traveler attempting to change the course of human history—nope, it’s just your friend Greg’s head. This scan looks as though it were a still image taken from a horror film; the crazed expression, gobbly eyes, and greenish floating brain make this image terrifying. 

Two Bones Too Many

What makes humanity so wonderful is that we are able to embrace our differences and live together in harmony—at least that’s what we aim to do. Every now and then, we notice traits or physical features in others that we don’t have ourselves. Sometimes we encounter traits that we’ve never encountered before.

© RoguePineapple / imgur

Take this foot, for example, the owner of this foot probably thought it was just a rarity that he had two fingernails on one of his toes, but in reality, he had a whole extra bone at the tip of his toe, as if the end of his toe were splitting in two. Wow! 

Twinning Winning

Thanks to wonderful advances in medicine, getting a case of conjoined twins is extremely rare. Conjoined twins will probably always show up occasionally, but thanks to early amniocentesis and other early diagnosis tests, it’s possible to separate them before birth.

© Mae M. Bookmiller / Wikimedia Commons

In these types of cases, X-rays are a vital tool for doctors to get an idea of whether it is safe or even possible to separate the twins. These will also help to isolate areas where surgery is necessary or will take place, as well as the levels of risk involved. 

Would We Call This An X-Bomb?

X-rays are a fascinating invention. They have served medical practitioners for over one hundred years, and are still a thing of wonder if you think about it. But it was almost inevitable that one of those pesky photobombers that seem to always ruin your holiday pictures finally got caught in a scan.

© henrywarmheart / imgur

If he’s not picking his nose behind you in front of the Eiffel Tower or sullying the view with a bad tan at the beach in Miami, this photobomber is in… your lungs? Whoever was willing to risk getting a free dose of radiation must really take their photobombing game seriously. 

Hair Clip, Not Hair Chip

Toys and candy always come with massive “Choking Hazard” disclaimers, but household items rarely do. The Parents’ Handbook should probably include a page that stipulates that small objects should be kept away from children—but in the rare case that kids get hold of small objects, beware!

© u/hnainaney / reddit

This hair clip was probably lying around on the living room floor when this little girl decided it would be a delicious snack. Her parents must have been terribly worried when they found out she had already swallowed it whole. The X-ray will be a good reminder that not everything lying around in the ground is edible. 

How Many Bones?

For the most part, medical technology is meant to serve humans. But many advances in modern medicine also serve other sectors, such as veterinary services. In this case, the picture below is not an x-ray of a person after gobbling too many chicken wings without removing the bones—it’s the image of a pregnant cat.

© ApplyBurnHeal / imgur

This X-ray shows that this cat will be the mother of many cute kittens. It’s very interesting to see how the bones are formed and the way they all accommodate each other to fit perfectly in their momma’s womb. How fascinating! 

Double Think That Stiletto

High heels have been around for a long time. The first recorded high heels came from Iran, around the 10th century. Only the best cavalry and horsemen were given the honor of wearing them. Nowadays, heels are mostly used by women, for those who prefer a classy and stylized look.

© u/jsherman256 / reddit

But there are risks to wearing sky-high heels—not only from the inevitable ankle twists due to unstable footing but the long-term orthopedic consequences. The shape of the heel forces the foot into unnatural positions, and all the weight of the body is put on the frontal part of the metatarsals. Caution should always come first when choosing footwear. 

Inside The Egg

The only thing cooler than a human X-ray is an animal X-ray. With such interesting anatomies, we can learn so much about their different qualities and abilities by getting an image cross-section. This egg belongs to a condor, the largest bird in the western hemisphere of the world—and an endangered species.

USFWS Pacific Southwest Region

Massive efforts are being made to bring back the condor population to a stable number. Currently, there are only about 100 condors in the wild and around 300 in zoos. Thanks to a repopulation project in California, their numbers have been brought up after being officially considered extinct in the wild. 

Under The Horse’s Hoof

Horses have been bound to us for thousands of years. They have almost been a part of the human family for centuries. The first evidence of domesticated horses used for transport dates back to 5,500 years ago in the region of Kazakhstan.

© TheGodofBadgers / imgur

Even though dogs have always been “man’s best friend,” horses have to be a close second. These elegant animals have fascinated humans for as long as we’ve known them. In this picture, it is possible to appreciate the healthy hoof of a horse, which is basically the equivalent of a massive toenail. 

If You Like It, Don’t Put A Ring In It

When planning the perfect wedding proposal it is fair game to take risks to make a good impression, but how far would you be willing to take it? In this case, a man in New Mexico went for a rather romantic setting—a wholesome diner—where he decided to pop the question by putting an engagement ring inside her drink.

List 25

Unfortunately, it didn’t go quite as planned, and the bride-to-be chugged her beverage a little too hard. After a rush to the emergency room and getting an X-ray, they found the ring on its way to her stomach. We hope the answer was yes, and whether it was while the ring was inside her or on her finger, it’s still a fabulous—if not embarrassing—engagement story.

Getting Better Reception Isn’t Easy

There are very strict rules inside prisons about using cell phones. The way smartphones have become mini-computers makes these devices treasured objects among inmates. In most prisons, there are phone booths to make calls to the outside world—but that just isn’t the same as owning your own.

List 25

In this case, an inmate chose an unlikely hiding spot for his device. But he got a little too cautious while hiding it, which caused an unimaginable level of discomfort. The police and doctors must have been baffled when they found out this man had been keeping a device between his legs the whole time.  

The Turtle Eggs Clutch

From before recorded history, the fascinating anatomy of turtles has baffled humans from all around the globe. They’re deemed holy creatures in some cultures and good luck omens in others. It is no wonder scientists are in constant research of all of the variants and species of these animals.

© lyonnessse / imgur

For research purposes, this turtle was brought to the vet and an X-ray was performed before it had the chance to lay its eggs. It’s common practice for turtles to come back to the same beach they were born when it’s their time to lay their own eggs.

Ghostly Goldfish

Goldfish are amongst the most common pets in the world. They are easy to take care of and fascinating to watch. You don’t need to walk them or play with them, so it’s great for an owner who wants an unfussy, quiet companion.

John Smith

That being said, goldfish are prone to catching diseases, so it’s important to keep the tank clean and fresh with a good filter and feed them healthy food. Some tell-tale signs of a diseased goldfish include bruised-looking eyes, open sores, and unusual behavior. From this scan, we can see that the little fellow is healthy and well. 

Röntgen’s First X-Ray

There are records of X-ray experiments that date as early as 1785, but it wasn’t until German scientist Wilhelm Röntgen pushed the technology forward in 1895 that we got the technology that now saves thousands of lives around the globe. As well as increasing our knowledge of our own bodies it has been used in other areas, such as security and astronomy.

© Wilhelm Röntgen / Wikimedia Commons

The first record of an X-ray used as it is today is of Röntgen’s wife’s hand. Even though it doesn’t look exactly like the scans we have nowadays, it’s the first image of a body’s insides taken without an autopsy. The lump on the second finger isn’t a tumor, it’s a wedding ring! 

Be Careful Of Eating too many Snowflakes

Children under the age of 5 are prone to putting things in their mouths that probably aren’t mouth-safe. Kids at this age don’t know how to differentiate what food is and isn’t, so curiosity can sometimes be dangerous.

© catlowman / imgur

This kid was probably having some wintery fun listening to holiday songs and watching the Charlie Brown Christmas special—because he didn’t want to go without tasting a snowflake. Unfortunately, what the kid found was a tree ornament and not something made of real snow. In cases like this, doctors tend to let the swallowed item go through the digestive system without intervention. With supervision, it usually comes out fine.

An Unidentifiable Animal

The fascinating world of nature leaves us constantly scratching our heads. Humans never stop being curious about their surroundings, as well as of the other beings who we share the planet with. That’s why biology and zoology are so important. Now make your best guess: based on this X-ray, what animal are you looking at?

© u/Wideskream / reddit

Although mammals seem to have very similar insides, this isn’t a dog or a cat. It’s not a mouse, but a very close relative. If you guessed a rat, then you are correct! The insides of this rat are clearly laid out. The only problem with X-rays is that it’s difficult to make out the scale of the animal without all the squishy parts. 

A Snake’s Fascinating Digestive Tract

Out of all animals in the world, snakes are amongst the creepiest. Keeping calm while this creature is slithering around is incredibly difficult. But that makes them even more fascinating. They don’t seem like they belong to this planet, yet we share it with more than 3,000 types of them.

Whenever children are taught about snakes, one of the first questions is “how do they poop?” Snakes have a very long digestive tract. At the end of their bodies, just before the tail, they have a small orifice from which they expel their feces. As we can see from the X-ray above, this one had a nice little mouse for lunch. 

Not The Key To Success

Choking hazard warnings—when we usually talk about them, there’s usually a special emphasis put on the safety of children. But it seems like someone should add these warnings to everyday objects for adults, as some people seem overly keen on chugging everyday objects.

© u/biirdmaan / reddit

This person probably realized a bit too late that the safest place to keep a house key is probably not inside his mouth. As we can observe in the X-ray, he decided to get this checked when it was too late, and by the looks of things, almost ready to come out from the other side of his body. 

The Music In Me

When people say that the music is inside them, they’re usually deploying a metaphor, but in this case, the saying turns into something visibly uncomfortable. Apparently, one vintage music lover just couldn’t abide saying farewell to their tape and decided to… eat it?

From the 60s until the late 90s there was no such thing as streaming. People had to buy their favorite tunes in the form of cassettes. They eventually were replaced by CDs, and now discs have been replaced by digital mediums. The music on this cassette will only come out through surgery or via a special and deeply uncomfortable kind of “streaming.”   

Bows + Arrows +Adults + Unaware Children = Disaster

Bows are rather rare nowadays. Unless you are walking by an archery range, you shouldn’t have to worry about the flying arrows. In this case, there was no warning, and this unaware and highly unlucky child got struck in the eye.

List 25

However, the arrow narrowly missed the important nerves and so the boy survived the accident with minimal repercussions. Credit to their doctors who were able to remove the object through delicate and precise surgery. 

Snake’s Delight

If you thought telling a child what to eat was tough, try doing the same for a snake! This pet reptile was so hungry that it attempted to swallow an electric blanket whole. After a rushed trip to the vet’s emergency room, they had to perform a small surgery, because the digestion process had already begun.

List 25

The snake’s owner revealed that the 12-foot-long snake would live, but that he would be more careful with leaving edible objects lying around—no matter how inedible the objects seemed to a human. 

Keep Sharp Objects Away From Curious Puppies

Puppies and toddlers basically require the same precautions—they are both curious and don’t know what is right, wrong, safe, or dangerous. In an ideal world, parents and pet owners would be able to monitor and guide their loved ones on a moment-to-moment basis, but as adults who need to work, do chores and run errands, sometimes dangerous objects are able to slip by.

List 25

This is an X-ray of an unfortunate mishap. A five-month-old St. Bernard puppy swallowed a serrated knife. Although the pup was already around 70 pounds, the youngling didn’t realize it wasn’t very nutritious until it was already down his throat. With some surgery and attentive aftercare, the pup survived, and, hopefully, he learned a lesson too. 

Kidney Stones, Or Boulders

Kidney stones are extremely painful. These buildups inside the body can cause an extraordinary amount of pain. Once the stone has reached a certain size, it can make getting regular tasks done feel impossible. It’s impossible to imagine how this person was able to withstand this level of pain.

Doctors in Hungary were baffled when they found this 7-inch kidney stone inside a patient. With it being the size of an ostrich egg, we’re sure this tough cookie had a very high pain threshold. If you ever happen to feel striking pains below the ribs, make sure to have it checked before it can grow into the size of a ball. 

Kermit Was Hungry

Amongst other easy-to-care-for pets, frogs are the closest to fish. For example, they don’t need a large tank to live in and they don’t require much attention. Another upside is that you can build up an amazing terrarium that will surely glow up any home living space.

Kermit loved his terrarium so much he started to munch on it. Unfortunately, this made him sick and he had to go under the knife. Although he survived, his terrarium had to be remodeled before he returned. If you happen to own frogs, make sure to feed them well so they don’t start eyeing the decorative elements you’ve placed in their home.

Not-So-Great Duo

Tom and Jerry, Sylvester and Tweety, Cat and Dog—all epic rivalries between housepets that never seem to end. Although the ones we mentioned are all works of fiction, these rivalries are common in real life—except they tend to have rather tragic consequences. Take this X-ray, for example.

This pet boa felt absolute victory and was stuffed to the brim when it was taken to the vet for an X-ray. For some reason, his owners were upset. It hadn’t done anything too bad… or had it? The boa managed to snag the pet parrot and swallow it whole. Hopefully, this was a lesson for the owners to not leave their boa unattended at any time. 

Some Pebble Love

Love is a sacred act, we should cherish it wherever we find it. No one should be a victim in a relationship. Sometimes it is difficult to tell what acts are done for love and which ones are done as the result of manipulation or gaslighting. It can be difficult to tell which one is which.

List 25

This woman in China ate around 20 cobblestones during a fight with her husband. She was in serious pain after the pebbles made it to her stomach. She was rushed to the hospital, where doctors had to perform surgery. Although she survived, we hope this can serve as a warning for couples everywhere to never put each other at such risk.

Don’t Do This

This woman made a few bad decisions that landed her in the emergency room. We don’t blame her—we, too, would be horrified if the same thing happened to us. How did this start? She realized a cockroach had crawled down her throat.

List 25

We’re not sure how she missed it walking down her throat, but after it was too late to pull it out with her fingers, she tried to remove it using a fork. This landed her in the surgery room. The cockroach, to her disgrace, had already been digested. At least she got some protein out of it!

Magnetic Snacks

Harley Lents, an 8-year-old from the United States, thought that the shiny and colorful objects stuck on her fridge were so beautiful that they must also be equally as tasty. Unfortunately, she ate too many and they gave her a very bad stomach ache.

List 25

The doctors couldn’t find a reason for the discomfort so they decided to perform an X-ray scan. To her mother’s surprise, her child had eaten over twenty small magnets. We’re guessing the fridge was left undecorated for the rest of this kid’s childhood. 

Charged—In More Ways Than One

As we’ve seen, it’s common to find the weirdest X-ray scans coming out of prisons. The reason is that many of these objects are forbidden and family and friends aren’t allowed to bring many items as gifts. The prison system relies heavily on keeping inmates as far from potentially dangerous objects as possible.

List 25

This X-ray is no exception. Inside this prisoner’s stomach and rectum were some batteries and bedsprings. It’s as though he was “charged” with a sentence and tried to “spring” out. This doesn’t seem like the wisest idea, but we still hope this person made it out alright. 

Gym Ray

Humans are amazing. Though our physical capabilities are limited compared to other animals, we have the perseverance to mold ourselves into incredible shapes. Whenever we think we’ve mastered a skill, there’s always someone better. This is most evident in the world of sports.


This is an X-ray of a contortionist doing an incredible backbend. It’s now possible to see how his backbone is almost touching the top of his head. The athlete claimed that their secret lies in the neck—with the power of the X-ray machine, we can verify that they were right!