40 Funny and Weird Selfie Backgrounds - too cool 2 be true

40 Funny and Weird Selfie Backgrounds

Selfies have been popular for a while now. Most young people of this generation have at least a hundred selfies hiding on their camera roll—and some of them may even have unintentionally comedic gold hiding in the background. Because of profilicity, people will do whatever it takes to be selfie-ready or to be instagrammable for a few likes or shares.

However, things don’t always go to plan. This list contains examples of selfies that definitively show that things don’t always go to plan. It’s a lesson that reminds us why it’s important to check the area around our beautiful faces before clicking upload on our social media platform of choice. Enjoy! 

Eyes On The Ball

It’s a common occurrence to see people taking pictures when they go to a game. It’s proof that you were there when the action happened—you can send it to your sports fan friend or family member who’s been dying to watch the game live. This girl had everything lined up for a perfect selfie—the lighting, the smile…

Source: Pinterest

…But she didn’t realize how close to the action she was. Just when this lovely lady pushed the capture button phone, the action came straight to her. We’re just hoping this is a joke that one of her friends played on her and not the incoming ball bat by one of the pro players. This image is a great reminder to be grateful for whatever you have now. You never know what might hit you!

Supernatural Carpet

Buying a new carpet for your home can be challenging. There are so many colors and designs to choose from, plus you have to think of the budget as well. Good to know that this lady was able to find the perfect carpet for her home. Of course, one of the first things that you might do after the fact is taking a selfie to share the moment.

Source: Buzzfuse

It looks like she left the face swap feature on, and her phone miraculously detected a face on her new flooring. This is especially creepy, as apps like Snapchat have filters that can detect faces to do fun things like swapping them around in real-time. Why did the app detect another face in her background? Is there a spirit hanging out under the floorboards?

Dazed And Confused

A Ke$ha-themed party is not as easy to prepare for as you think. Ke$ha is known to have a wild look, especially in her music videos. This dad took a shot after dressing up to look like Ke$ha for a birthday party. Since he was looking awesome, he took a selfie with his daughter.

Source: Imgur/ronisneat

However, it seems that she wasn’t as impressed as we are. She looks puzzled and confused about her dad’s costume. She was probably secretly hoping that he wasn’t planning to include her in his selfie. But hey, sometimes, that’s just how your dad shows that he loves you.

Horsing Around

Our phones and their cameras are getting smarter over time. There’s no need to know how to calibrate your device for a shot—they just know how to do it. However, they may be smart, but they’re not perfect. It’s still better to use human judgment from time to time, just like here.

Source: Reddit

This young man didn’t double-check the focus on his camera before snapping his picture. The result? Horse booty. Maybe he just didn’t catch it from behind those shades. He’d better fix this one before he finds his reputation tailing behind. 

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

In the fairytale Snow White, the Witch Queen always puts one question to the mirror: “Am I the most beautiful of them all?” In the end, her obsession with the mirror led to her downfall. After all, mirrors are sometimes referred to as “killjoys,” or KJ for short.

Source: Pinterest

This young lady seems to have it all—beautiful make-up, great hair, and an attractive smile. She decided to take a selfie, but unfortunately, she decided to do it while doing her business on the toilet, as we can see thanks to the mirror. This is a reminder to always check your surroundings first before taking a picture or posting it online.

Daddy, Daughter, And Dog

Taking pictures of your little ones is a nice feeling as a parent. Documenting their growth, their milestones, or just making silly memories with them can all be fulfilling. It’s not always easy to get one, though, as kids can be notoriously squirmy in front of the camera.

Source: Reddit/vinnyty

At first glance, you might think that this is just a normal photo of a dad and daughter. But when you look closer, you’ll notice that the dog is doing its own business. It looks kind of like the dog is doing its business on the baby’s head. This is somehow adorable and gross at the same time!

Split Second Reaction

The fear of spiders, arachnophobia, is a pretty common phobia. Whether it’s their hairy legs, the way they crawl, or the way they make their web, some people can’t just look at them. Unbeknownst to these two girls, this little spider decided to join their selfie.

Source: Pinterest

They were just having fun taking pictures of themselves when suddenly, the girl holding the camera captured her friend in a panic over a little spider. Maybe the spider was weighing up whether he should make her the next spider girl? We may never know. 

A Glimpse Of A Future

Sometimes, we take selfies just to have fun. Other times we do it to show we were there while important was happening in the background, just like this man who seems to have found his future look-alike standing right behind him.

Source: Twitter/OsmarSi99788392

There are many similarities—body build, facial features, and even their yellow-colored shirts. It seems that this man is taking a look into his own future. He could also just be his father, but whatever the case is, this is a cute encounter.

Lies, Eyes, and Alibis

Posting selfies on social media as an update to what’s happening in your life is not new. People share whatever they’re doing—their breakfast, their workout, their work, a quote from their book, or even just a traffic update from the ground. However, just be careful—some netizens out there have eagle eyes.

Source: Imgur

This man was looking for pity from a certain someone when he sent a selfie complaining about the traffic. What he probably didn’t expect was for someone to look a little closer. You can see a wide-open road ahead of him through his sunglasses. We wonder what his nefarious reasons were… or maybe he was just late and wanted to make up an excuse.

Cat Climbing Frame 

Pet owners know first hand that our furry friends always want to be involved in everything that we do—work, hobbies, and even selfies! We can’t blame them, though, because, of course, they are curious creatures, and they’re also part of our family.

Source: Pinterest

This lady decided she wanted to take a mirror selfie when suddenly her kitty, one on the sink and the other, on the top of her head, wanted to get in the picture. She might look confused about the invasion, but deep inside, we know she was glad to be able to capture the moment.

A Royal Snap

Who is the ultimate celebrity? When normal people want to take a selfie with famous people, they eventually post it on their social media. It’s must be even more thrilling when you get a selfie with the Queen of the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II.

Source: Pinterest

This young man stuck his neck out to get a selfie with the Queen. Although we don’t know much about the Royal protocols on this one, this is probably the last time that this young man will ever have a selfie with her. Whatever the case, we are sure he has a photo that he will treasure forever.

Feel The Rush

This picture is a good reminder of when we should or should not take a selfie. Running for your life from a bull is probably not a good time. The selfie game probably shouldn’t include putting your life on the line, but maybe this guy just wanted to feel the rush.

Source: Imgur/dejan1111

Taking part in the bull run while wearing a red scarf is also not a great idea on top of trying to angle a photo with your horned pursuer, but then again, who knows? Maybe it’s worth the risk. We just hope this guy survived the race.

Lean A Little More To The Left

Tourists like to get creative with their holiday snaps, taking pictures on iconic spots with some twists. This is not one of those examples. Tourists can’t leave without taking a photo that looks like they’re pushing the Washington Monument. Tourists like to create these illusions to make the photo more interesting.

Source: Pinterest

He wanted to wow his friends with the illusion that he was able to lift the monument with his fingers. Unfortunately, that’s not the end result. The photographer and the tourist had some miscommunication, that’s for sure. Oh well, maybe he can try again with the Eiffel Tower or the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Can Selfies Save The Day?

Selfies are part of some people’s daily routines. Some people are so conditioned to take selfies they do so at the most inappropriate moments. Have you ever thought that a selfie can somehow save your life? Maybe one might be proof enough that you’re still alive.

Source: Reddit/gabe_tash

Being one of the survivors of a crashed airplane, one of the last things that you might think to do is take a selfie, but this guy must just be built differently. We have one question, though—how did he manage to get his cellphone out for a snap? We just hope he was saved soon after.

Selfie Buddy

At some point in our lives, there’s always one person present on our selfies, and we often call them “Selfie Buddies.” It’s nice to have one, isn’t it? You can experiment with the face swap or use filters that can cater to two people in pictures. That being said, having a shark as your selfie buddy? That’s amazing.

Source: Pinterest

The question is, is this shark trained? Or was it just a matter of good timing? It seems that the shark, with his big toothy smile, is happy to be in the picture. Whatever the case, we just hope that he was able to get back to the shore—alive. 

Not So Sleeping Beauty

If you’re in a relationship, your partner might occasionally pull a prank on you while you’re sleeping, such as taking a photo of you, even when you look unattractive. This lady thought that she could post a photo taken by her “bae,” however, when you look closely, it’s definitely not her bae playing tricks.

Source: Imgur

Again, it’s safe to say that checking everything in the photo before posting is a good idea. As you can see, there’s a large mirror in the background that gives the game away. We don’t want to assume, but was this just her plan all along?

Plated Up

Who doesn’t love a good food selfie? Especially if you want to flaunt your seat at an expensive restaurant. This lady chose to take a good selfie on her mouthwatering food, but it looks like she took so long formulating her expression that the juices of her food all ran off her plate.

Source: Imgur

Her food looks scrumptious, but it looks like she wasn’t really thinking too much about eating at the time, but she was probably thinking about the reaction online. We just hope that it didn’t go through her dress because that would have totally ruined the dinner. 

Give Me Some Space!

Besides taking pictures of us when we’re sleeping, our partners love to tease us with pictures when we’re not ready for one—resulting in unattractive shots but proof that we’re in a relationship. This is what this fellow wanted to covey—a clingy girlfriend giving him unwanted attention.

Source: Imgur

Unfortunately, that’s not quite how the story went. It turns out that he was just the one taking the picture and posting it on his social media. As you can see, his reflection is present on the car window. Better luck next time, buddy!

A For Creativity

At some point, selfie sticks became as famous as any other household object. They help you to take your selfie with much less effort. You can use a selfie stick if you want your followers to see the background or to get everyone in if you’re with a group of people. Whatever the case, not everybody can afford a selfie stick.

Source: Imgur/malaricns

These guys obviously had the creative juices flowing, probably from their mop heads. The picture seems to be taken with the use of a selfie stick, but it was actually their friend who took it. We love their effort and creativity. We approve!

The Beast With Two Backs

This woman seems to be in a good mood. She went outside to grab a selfie with her dogs. With her makeup and dress, she’s ready to get under the sun to have her pictures taken. However, the dogs who were with her thought otherwise.

Source: Reddit/momo_mauck

This was probably not what she expected; she just wanted to have a cute selfie with the dogs to send to her parents. That’s clearly not what happened. On the upside, it probably made people laugh when she posted it on her timeline.


We paused all the travel during the pandemic, and we all felt stuck in the same place. Because of this, people had to get creative when it came to their #TravelGoals on social media. Look at this guy who managed to get a great picture from abroad.

Source: Reddit/I_am_here

This young man decided to take his vacation near the Burj Al Arab hotel, a famous Dubai landmark and tourist spot. Using his TV screen monitor, he downloaded a photo of the Dubai landmark, and from an angle, it seems that he is having a great time there. 

Amazing Results

We all know that getting fit takes a lot of work. You have to keep up with a diet and come up with a routine that will shred the excess calories. This fitness fanatic just wanted to show the world her perfect abs, thinking that it could be an inspiration to her followers. However, she ended up showing something else in the background.

Source: SNAP Viral

We just assume that she got a new puppy recently and is still in the process of training it. There are training pads all over the floor with evidence of recent usage. Just be careful when you post something—remember to check the background, too.

To Shoot A Selfie

Taking a selfie with a new purchase can be fun, whether that’s showing off a new gadget, letting your followers know about an important novel in your life or just even a new pair of shoes. However, some things just aren’t meant to be shared. For example, some people want to show off deadly weapons like this one.

Source: Reddit/SmallCubes

This guy is determined to show his gun to his followers—even pointing it directly at the camera. We don’t know what he’s implying: is it to let his friends know that he’s a boss? Or worse, is he implying that he isn’t afraid to die? We just hope that it wasn’t loaded. Taking a selfie with a gun or any dangerous object is not worth the risk.

She Cleans Up… Not So Good

When taking a mirror selfie, remember that it’s not always your face or your outfit of the day that will be the subject of discussion. It’s your surroundings as well. It is smart to know that your eagle-eyed followers (or even bashers) would do anything to say something to you and your photos.

Source: Twitter/og_pocahontas

This lady has an impressive and elegant look. However, the perspective changes when looking at her background. You can see the clothes, makeup, and even food are just scattered on the ground. For sure, her viewers shifted from her gorgeous dress to her bedraggled background. 

Not All Places Are Selfie-Friendly

Technology is totally crazy. You can take a selfie pretty much anywhere: at a bull run, lost at sea, from the business end of a gun. But taking a selfie while you are doing your business in the bathroom is just embarrassing.

Source: Imgur/iamhusband

Maybe this guy just liked the look of the lighting and thought he looked handsome. While this is a great opportunity to show the world how good-looking you are, it was also a good opportunity for his keen-sighted social media friends to see that he was doing his business while selfie-ing. Remember: Not all places are selfie-friendly.

Peeping Tom

Imagine this: you are just happily going on a shopping trip with a friend when you find weird and cool glasses. You ask your friend to take a picture. But then, while viewing your photos at the hotel later, you noticed something odd about the mirror. This is what happened to this girl.

Source: Imgur/Founf_my_username

On closer inspection, you can see that some creepy guy is looking at more than her cool shades. Uh, guys. My eyes are up here, behind these goofy sunglasses. We may not know if he was doing it intentionally, but the mirror tells all. 

Don’t Get It Backwards

This woman is proudly showing off her favorite team’s shirt, and we can see how happy it makes her. It looks like she even customized the shirt to put her name on it. There’s just something off about the reflection.

Source: Pinterest

We’re not sure if she noticed what the mirror did or not. Remember: mirrors can be our best friends, but they can also be our greatest selfie enemies. On the bright side, at least we can still see her favorite team’s colors. 

A Risky Move

Animals are often a big part of people’s lives. Dogs, cats, and even hamsters are chosen as pets; others like exotic and dangerous animals like tigers, crocodiles, and even snakes. This guy nailed it, taking a selfie with his cobra.

Source: Imgur

Upon spotting such a beautiful creature, maybe this man saw a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Or maybe he was just helping the snake take a picture because he doesn’t have any arms. We are glad that the snake was in the mood to take a selfie either way. If not, this could have ended poorly.

Dad Bomb

Parents will all agree that the teenage years are the hardest to deal with. Rebellion, discovering themselves, keeping secrets, and exploring dangerous experiences are all aspects that make dealing with teenage kids challenging. That being said, it’s nice to have supportive parents like this cool dad in the picture.

Source: Reddit/trevortf

This teenager was trying to get a cute selfie when suddenly, her dad came in to photobomb. We thought that this was the cutest photobomb ever, and we hope his daughter found it funny as well. We stan cool dads 4lyf, as the kids say. 

Work With What You Have

Ladies who love taking selfies will go to any length to get their selfies. These ladies, we assume, are in an event where they would like to take a selfie. Of course, they’ll always do their best to document their presence at any prestigious event.

Source: Reddit/Paddy2

Yes, we understand that they want to have a picture taken together, but perhaps they should have used a selfie stick, or just stretched out their arms, or better yet, had someone else take their picture. But using your foot? That’s just weird. On the other hand, we are impressed with her foot skills, though, especially in pointing the camera the right way. 

Counter Move

Mirror selfies are the best, especially the long ones. Of course, using a good mirror can help emphasize your beautiful looks, especially in the right light. However, it is worth remembering that even the smallest imperfection or bend in your mirror can warp your appearance.

Source: Pinterest

This girl thought that her bathroom mirror would be perfect for a mirror selfie. We can’t blame her; it accentuates her slender body well. Sadly, she didn’t catch the small mirror on the counter, which ruins it all. Well, it didn’t ruin it completely.

Grandma Knows Best

Gym enthusiasts love to document their progress. A before and after picture inspires them to push themselves even more, and they can also inspire others. Of course, in this day and age, it’s easy to share your progress online.

Source: Splitpics.uk

The problem with mirror selfies is that they can only show specific parts of your body. You can’t show off everything while you’re using your hand to hold the phone. The best thing to do is ask someone to take a picture for you. This guy asked his grandmother to help, which is equally funny and sweet. 

Extraordinary Photobomber

This beautiful gal is ready for a night out. She dressed up so well that she just had to take a mirror selfie. We assume that she was just concentrating on herself while taking the picture without looking at the background. If she had, she would have been in for a shock.

Source: Reddit

Her dog wanted to be in the picture. As a result, she was pushed out of the limelight. What’s funny is that the dog seems to be surprised while showing off her belly as well. You can’t unsee this extraordinary photobomber. 

No Foolin’

Here’s another example of when your own sunglasses can betray you. This sassy lass took a selfie with an expensive-looking pair of sunglasses and a coffee, along with a pout and a caption to complete the package.

Source: SNAP Viral

It’s important to check everything before uploading a picture to Instagram. Netizens have good eyes and will find you out if you’re not careful. What’s weird is that this lass captioned “traffic,” but when you look closely at the reflection in her sunglasses, there’s nothing on the road.

Team Photo

Finding your people can be nice. There’s nothing like sharing a happy moment with others. When you are part of a team, expect a lot of group photos. Whether you have your first win or the team just feels like having a nostalgic moment, a groufie is a must!

Source: Reddit/SupersonicMonkey

As you look into this photo, you will see how cheerful they are and how badly they want to take a photo with each other. Unfortunately, the team found out too late that there was a member who wasn’t ready to take a picture. It looks like he was still washing his hair at that moment.

Climbing Up In The World

Getting creative with your selfie can go a long way. Your face might become famous, and you can trend, which is like having 15 minutes of fame but about a hundred times shorter. This young woman seems excited to have found a new way of taking mirror selfies.

Source: Pinterest

Creativity plus wit plus tenacity is the key to success. And by “success,” we mean trending. In this case, she figured out that it’s possible to look like she’s climbing the door by hiding her other foot. She’s like a magician. How amazing.

Bitten Off More Than She Can Chew

Animals can be great characters in photos and videos, especially when they are in silly moods. But let’s not forget that they are also mean and rude at times! This woman in the picture was having a great time on her vacation before this happened.

Source: Pinterest

She decided that it would be a wonderful opportunity to take a selfie with one of the creatures in the zoo. However, things didn’t go according to plan. It’s not safe to get too close to animals. Maybe next time, she’ll keep her distance. Fences are there for a reason!

Get Out Of Here, Babe!

Comfortable couples will sometimes take photos in the most candid of ways. Oftentimes, they are cute, adorable, and even funny! They like to show their friends how satisfied they are in the relationship. It’s only cute if your significant other actually exists.

Source: Reddit/UnsetJelly

If you choose to lie just because you want people to talk about you, or make your ex-boyfriend jealous, kindly check yourself. Either way, this lady must have felt embarrassed about her selfie once people called her out on it. 

Public Spaces Are For Everyone

Taking a selfie in a public place is always hit-or-miss. This couple is trying to take a selfie in what seems to be a place of fun with other people. But the results probably weren’t what they were expecting.

Source: Reddit/JustShiney

We obviously can’t control what’s happening in our surroundings. The dog and its owner are having a great time playing together and didn’t even notice the couple taking a picture. The dog’s pose sure is funny. The couple laughed when they saw this for sure.

Serious Side Selfie

Have you ever tried taking a selfie in a public place without trying to be discreet about it? You’d be too embarrassed to do it, right? Yet, for this man, taking a selfie in a public vehicle is something he looks proud to do.

Source: Imgur

On a busy subway, this man is happy to take his selfie all by himself. He was not even embarrassed by it all. You can even see how he stretched his hand to capture a serious side-selfie. Not going to lie; he did a great job here!