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These Photobombers Couldn’t Resist Stealing the Spotlight

We’ve all been victim to a clever photobomb at some point in our selfie-taking careers. A few of us have not learned our lesson, hence history keeps on repeating itself. When people are putting all their effort into creating the perfect pose, they will barely check the background of their photograph. Regardless of how well an image may be taken, everything is wasted if an individual steals the show in the background. 

While numerous people don’t photobomb intentionally, some live for the opportunity! From superstars and presidents photobombing each other to creatures creating havoc in the background, these pictures feature the most comical photobombs we’ve ever seen. Here are some of the most entertaining photobombers who demonstrate they are experts in their trade.

You Had One Job

When it’s an ideal opportunity to take that pre-prom picture, the photographer has just one job: to take a decent photograph that can be recollected and appreciated until the end of time. There is no requirement for extravagant angles and filters – just pick a nice backdrop and snap a good photo.

This person’s father totally missed the memo and neglected to master perhaps the most effortless undertaking of his life – taking his child’s photograph without horrifying everyone in the background. Tragically, the mirror was poorly situated, so they will consistently be reminded that he was in his underwear when he sent his child off to prom. 

The Best Angle

When visiting a popular attraction, people love taking that usual tourist photograph. While these change as indicated by the spot one is visiting, a large part of the idea often revolves around creating the illusion that an individual is interacting with a gigantic landmark. This is achieved through angles and perspective.

This lady asked her travel partner to get the best angle, as she endeavored to give a high five to the landmark they were visiting. Much to her dismay, the person behind her was doing the very same thing (and numerous others behind the scenes). However, his angle caused it to appear as though he was grabbing her behind.

Thank You, Grandma!

Another photograph in which the picture taker had only one job to do, and that’s to avoid appearing in the background of the photo. This person thought the time had come to show off his muscle gains after a great deal of time and work was put into developing his physique.

He asked his sweet old grandmother to snap the picture, but she failed to remember that she has a reflection, so she makes a cute cameo in the shot. We think this adds an adorable twist to the photo. 

Thanks, Dad

Here’s another prom photograph that was completely spoiled, but this time, the father did it intentionally. Many fathers intentionally attempted to pull off a dad joke on prom night, and this father is the master of them all.

When his daughter was getting her picture taken before her date showed up for the special evening, the father tried to show off his elegance while shirtless behind the scenes. To make it even better, he didn’t advise her until she returned from prom and went through the photographs. 

A Total Fail 

Taking a family picture isn’t always easy, particularly when it’s a group of many people. When there are youngsters and teens included, it’s significantly harder to get everybody posing simultaneously. During this family’s excursion to the most amazing beach with sparkling turquoise water, they asked a passer-by to snap a picture of them together.

They neglected to see that someone on a kneeboard was riding quite close to them, so they ended up with a family photograph captured at the second that the person wiped out. 

A Creepy Stalker

There are numerous prominent things in this image, but the creepy girl in the background definitely draws the most attention. The guy’s face suggests that he might know something is going on. His partner, however, is totally uninformed of what’s happening and is honestly posing for what she thinks will be an adorable photo to post on her social media account.

Both her partner and a stranger in the store chose to show their bizarre side in the brief moment that the photograph was taken.

Doggo’s Hilarious Moment

While those lovable videos of dogs meeting the new baby in the family are the cutest thing ever, some dogs are not so excited about sharing the love with a new child.

We’re not sure if the dog is doing its business in protest of the new arrival, or if it was just an unfortunate accident, but it sure ruined this pregnant woman’s photograph. As she was happily posing while gently touching her belly, the canine chose to relieve itself in the background.

Smelling Each Other

Dogs have their own special way of meeting different canines and learning about each other. When this dog owner chose to take a charming photograph of his little guy at the seashore, he also captured precisely the same moment that all the canines in the background were smelling one another.

When dogs smell each other’s behinds, they don’t find it the least bit gross. They couldn’t care less, but this dog owner now has to deal with an image of his dog complete with three random canines smelling each other in a row.

The Unbothered Guy

So you’re getting hitched. You likely need photographs to reminisce about the big event. Presumably, you want plenty of pics with your friends and family in front of a grand background. This couple had all of this plus a little bit more. This unbothered fellow decided to take photobombing from the background to the foreground.

This gentleman had not a care in the world as he photobombed this otherwise adorable photograph! Let’s face it, he projects major ‘carefree’ vibes. Indeed, it appears he cares only about one thing: having an epic lineless tan. 

The Wedding Prank

Wedding and birthday pranks are always amusing. They are significant moments for people, and this means they are usually genuine, heartfelt, and brimming with perfectly presented photographs. Instead of allowing his pals to take one more soppy photograph at their wedding, this best man chose to add some zest to the image.

He got in the background and lay there on his stomach, recreating the old planking craze that blazed through the internet several years ago. A long time from now, this couple will take a look at this photograph and enjoy a hearty chuckle.

Someone’s Got a Stomach Bug

You must be truly devoted to your group if you reach the point of feeling sick but you still stand up when a picture needs to be taken. This child must have been feeling pretty wiped out leading up to this moment, but he still stood up and joined his team.

Tragically, it seems like the stomach bug wasn’t going to be kept in for any longer. The poor kid reached a point where he couldn’t take it. That brought about the most noteworthy group photograph ever. Poor kid! We bet his friends, coaches, and even his family won’t ever let him forget that moment.

The Odd Observer

It’s difficult to look at this photograph without having our attention immediately snapped up by the man in the background! While it would seem that an important gathering is happening in Congress, it is hard to imagine that old Moneybags in the background are taking the event seriously.

This image was taken during the Equifax Senate hearing, and this person’s quiet rebellion was quite possibly the most recollected moment from the day. Anyone who wants to snag themselves 15 minutes of fame should take note!

Chaos in the Background

Golf is one of those truly quiet games that (generally) rich people use as a method of unwinding from the difficulties of everyday life. Yet, as per this image, the golf course can sometimes be anything but relaxing. Indeed, relaxation is probably the last thing on the minds of the golfers in that cart!

Evidently, the folks in the golf cart had an excessive amount to drink and neglected to drive safely. When this person asked his golf buddy to snap a photograph of his stance, he caught chaos in the background.

Paris and the Kangaroos

This iconic image of Paris Hilton and the kangaroos went viral after the first occasion it was shared, and there’s an awesome explanation for this virality. Paris had no clue about what was happening behind the scenes when she posed close to a kangaroo during a visit to Australia.

However, while the image was being taken, two kangaroos chose to do something risque in the background. Obviously, the kangaroos weren’t impressed by Paris at all. Instead, they just did what their hearts desired. 

The Best Photobomb

These lovely ballerinas had no clue that their group photograph was going to be photobombed by one of the craziest photobombers we’ve ever seen.

As the young ladies modeled for the image, most likely after a show, a shirtless man showed up from out of nowhere and participated in the image. Perhaps he was also in the show. There are plenty of male ballet dancers, after all! 

Chilling with a Beer

While a man was being handled by security guards, another guy in the background was simply chilling with his beer, watching the chaos unfold. Interestingly, the person who is being coercively removed in the scene sort of resembles Sylvester Stallone. However, we’re almost certain that a top-notch entertainer like Stallone would never allow something like this to happen to him. 


Note that regardless of how much disarray is going on in somebody’s life, there will always be somebody who will simply enjoy the moment while drinking alcohol.

Who’s the Happiest of Them All?

There is something mysteriously fulfilling about this photograph. It is more than just a beautifully random photobomb. We can’t stop wondering how in the world nobody saw this lady chomping away on chips behind the scenes?

While a group of lovely ladies is delightfully posing for their prom photograph, a girl in the background is eating a pack of chips way too eagerly. Assuming this wasn’t posed, it very well may be a standout contender for best photobomb ever.

Just a Dad and His Kid

When you play with youngsters, particularly while lifting them on your shoulders or tossing them into the air, it’s important to remember the power of gravity. While this fellow was posing for a picture of himself, the guy and the child in the background totally captured everyone’s attention.

It would appear that that child is going to fall or get tossed a great distance. There’s nothing left but to trust that everybody was okay and that the dad never lost hold of his kid. 

It’s a Wonderful Day

While striking a pose for her folks at the zoo, this girl had no clue that she was going to have one of her most unforgettable photographs ever. It’s not clear whether the individual who snapped the picture saw what was happening in the background. However, we wouldn’t be surprised if the choice to snap a picture at that instant was inspired by a desire to capture what was going on with the giraffes.

At some point, when she grows up, this girl will have a brilliant photograph to help her to remember the wonderful day she had at the zoo with her folks. 

Creating an Illusion

Growing up with pets is one of the best things that can happen to a child. It’s lovely growing up with a furry friend, particularly when they feel like their greatest purpose is to look after you.

This parent was snapping a picture of her charming child’s tummy-time when their feline thought he ought to make an appearance in the image. Rather than posing close to the child, the feline snuck around behind the scenes, creating the illusion that the child has a tail. What a clever cat! 

No Running, Please

If there is one standard that the crowd of a baseball game ought to comprehend, it’s that running hysterically onto the field is never a good idea. The likelihood of being handled by security is ridiculously high.

When this team won the World Series, a fan ran into the field with the desire to celebrate with them. Instead, he was pinned to the floor in the background of a photograph of the team rejoicing.

An Important Update

This image surprised the internet, and the reason for it is quite hilarious. Notable Palestinian activist, Mustafa Barghouti, was filmed on live TV during a news update with himself playing in the background while he spoke to the audience. In other words, he photobombed himself!

From what we gather about the doctor, legislator, and activist, he is presumably saying something vital and worth tuning in to, so we’re all for his clever self-photobomb.

The Modern Truck in GoT

For a phenomenal series that is so fastidiously delivered, Game Of Thrones has regularly sent the internet crazy with its product placements and photobombs. This image of a truck in the background of a scene of GoT became popular when it was posted by a fan.

Oh no! The fan ensured that everybody got the chance to see the white truck, stressing that even the most-watched show on the planet isn’t perfect. 

Hi, Amy Schumer!

It’s such a lot of fun when we see that superstars are human too. They commit errors, they become hopelessly enamored, they frequently humiliate themselves, and obviously, they photobomb whenever an opportunity arises.

It isn’t clear if Amy really wanted to photobomb this image, but she sure made this man’s day when he recognized that Amy was chilling right behind him. This image was taken when Amy showed up as an extra on the show Judge Judy. 

‘Chewbacca’ Steals The Show

At first glance, it looks like Chewbacca has snuck in and photobombed this cute photo of friends out to dinner. However, when you take a closer look, that’s actually the back of a lady’s head!

This bunch of friends didn’t understand how valuable the background was until they posted it on social media. People rushed to bring up that the lady’s haircut was either a splendid piece of accidental craftsmanship, or she really intended to look like Chewbacca from behind. 


Where’s Waldo? This family was out for a birthday celebration, and like any birthday, they took a few pictures so they could recall the exceptional day. As the birthday boy snapped a photo with his sibling, he had no clue that his image was going to become famous online.

When he shared it via social media, people began playing “Where’s Waldo?” The moment he recognized that a person dressed precisely like Waldo had slipped into the background of his birthday image, he could not quit giggling.

Throwing Tantrums

There are countless points to this comical picture, but the one that succeeds them all is the young lady behind the scenes that was snapped in a fit of rage. She may be crying since she doesn’t want to leave, or perhaps the ostriches are getting excessively close. In any case, she isn’t making the best memories. Of course, there’s a second photo bomber in this picture.

The ostrich in the image is having a great time devouring that food. However, in the rearview mirror, a furious llama can be seen preparing to make some kind of move. It seems to be a day for tantrums! 

Mr. You-Know-Who

We don’t know whether this is Voldemort going undercover in the muggle world or a muggle dressed up as Lord Voldemort. Alternatively, it could just be bad lighting and an unflattering angle.

What we can be sure of is that these young ladies are in for a surprise when they understand that “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named” was sitting right behind them the whole time. Regardless of whether these young ladies taking the selfie are Harry Potter fans, this image will be one to treasure for quite a while. 

Strategic Marketing

There are a few things in this image that can be featured. First, it seems like we are taking a gander at an image of Will Smith’s doppelganger. The guy in the green cap looks so much like him!

Yet, far better is the person with the genius shirt in the background that says “Weights Before Dates.” We wonder whether this guy really is that committed to pumping iron.

A Thirsty Kitty

This is not the ideal pre-prom photograph, even if the cat didn’t photobomb it. Though the mirror selfie is fine, it’s always a good idea to crop out the toilet. In any case, when this person felt that he had found the ideal spot for a quick pic, his feline chose to show him that he wasn’t right.

What is more worrying here is that it seems like the feline is going to drink water from the latrine, which isn’t healthy! This person should top off his feline’s water bowl next time. That way, he can avoid another sad but adorable photobomb from the cat!

Disney Princesses

Alright, whoever these people are, they look totally bomb in their lovely gowns! Whatever occasion this is, the three people posing for the image are probably the best dressed there. In any case, nothing beats a real Disney Princess like the person who captured everyone’s attention by showing up in the background.

The Princess is by all accounts emerging from the latrine, heading off on her next mission. Pay attention to the restroom sign, though, and you may discover why the situation was so interesting to people who saw it on social media. 

Incredible Photobomb Skills

This boy deserves credit for some truly marvelous photobomb abilities. As this group of ladies snapped a photo to post on their social media accounts, they had no clue somebody would make the image much more exceptional.

What is especially intriguing about this is that definitely nobody else in the background even saw that the young ladies were striking a pose. Everybody except this person, who chose the ideal second to share his comedic skills with the world.

The Reality of Parenting

There is a wide range of situations that could explain what’s going on in this image. While this baseball player is engrossed in the game, he has no clue that turmoil is going on behind the scenes. A dad is hanging his child upside down while other nearby children keep an eye on the proceedings.

The child may have dropped something important on the field, and his dad is assisting him with retrieving it. Whatever’s going on, it is certainly distracting people from the game!

Don’t Make a Sound

This family was on an exciting trip to what we’re speculating is Mount Rushmore, when the ideal opportunity for a family photograph came up. It’s uncanny how the child looks precisely like the dad, and the little girl has her mom’s face.

However, another family can be seen in the background, and they don’t appear to be having such a good day. One of the children is grabbing her sibling’s neck in a manner that reminds us of what Homer Simpson always does to Bart. 

First Day of School

The first day of school is a significant day for children, but a considerably more significant and happy one for parents. Obviously, it is a much-anticipated day, particularly after extended vacations during which parents run out of activities and ideas to keep the kids entertained.

When this parent snapped the first day of school photographs, they had no clue that their dogs would consider that to be a significant moment themselves. 

Spooky McDonald

These teens were out on the town when they asked the server at a fast-food restaurant to snap a picture of them together. Much to their dismay, a spooky rendition of Ronald McDonald was passing by in the background and would choose to lend his elegance to the image.

What we’re wondering is this: how in the world did this clown know the specific second to photobomb, and how did he know that a gathering of youngsters was having their photograph taken inside the store? This is genuinely creepy. 

Making His Point

Dogs will do nearly anything to be noticed by their people, and this canine is plainly no special case. As these two pals began taking a few sleepover selfies, the dog felt somewhat disregarded. So, he found a way to make his presence known.

Instead of pitching a fit, he decided he’d simply photobomb their selfies. Next time, maybe they’ll give him attention rather than just taking photographs of themselves. He splendidly poses with his rear end directly behind their heads. That’s one way to make a message clear!

The Party’s Not Over

This amusing photograph completely negates the claim expressed in the title of this news report. As this person is attempting to put an end to the day, guaranteeing that the party is over, a bunch of people haphazardly get together behind the scenes to demonstrate that the news was phony.

They were obviously celebrating during Christmas, bouncing around, and presumably shouting in this news reporter’s ear. There is even a stranger’s hand infiltrating the space between the journalist and the camera, adding to the turbulent circumstance he ended up in. 

Perfectly Captured

We’ve all seen those photos that might look planned but happened completely by accident. Insane angles, lighting, and other random factors can make it look like something wild is happening when the reality is far more mundane. All things considered, it seems like this child and whoever snapped the photo have a splendid future in front of them. The child appears to be gripping the head of a person strolling down the beach.

The baby is extremely focused on holding the person’s head with his goliath’s hand, but we question whether he realized that he was making such a masterful work of art.