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The Wildest Things You Will Only See In Texas

Love it or hate it, Texas is one unique state. This is partly due to its size and partly due to its population. As the second-largest and second most populated state in the United States, Texas has plenty of room and plenty of people to make it a wild and weird place. 

Also known as the Lone Star State, it ranges from the dense urban sprawl of Houston to the winding river canyons of the Big Bend National Park. In between those two, you’re bound to find horses at drive-throughs, very specific laws at bars, Tex-Mex delicacies, and much more. Scroll through to see our collection of photos that showcase the wild and hilarious parts of Texas.

Drive-Thru, Or Ride-Thru?

Many of us have secretly wished that we lived in the good old days of horse riding rather than the days of car driving. Sure, those days are long gone for most of us. However, if you live in Texas, then they aren’t entirely gone. 

Apparently, many residents of the Lone Star State prefer to ride horses to the drive-through. This eco-friendly method of transportation is lighter on the environment than the fossil-fuel method. Also, it seems a lot more fun.

Have Her Back By Midnight…Or Else

As anyone who has been to the prom knows, it’s nerve-wracking for a high school guy to ask a girl out in front of her father. Once that goes smoothly (and it doesn’t always), then he has to drive over and pick her up for the prom.

That adds more tension. This girl’s dad made sure to add some more fear in the heart of his daughter’s date by warning him that she better be home by midnight. Also, by holding a shotgun while making that warning. Best photobomb ever.

Good Eats

One day, Jim Bob found his neighbor’s old filing cabinet in the trash. It was at that moment that he knew the true meaning of ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’.

The treasure he made was pure culinary genius. He transformed a filing cabinet into a grill with multiple layers. As you can see from the picture above, the bottom is for the firewood. The smoke rises to heat the potatoes on the next shelf and the chicken on the shelf above.

Fine Dining

There is no denying this is pretty gross but try withholding judgments and admire the creative thinking.

When this Texas resident wanted to have dinner while watching the Dallas Cowboy football game, he had to find a way to have his meal without shifting focus from the screen for a second…it seems he found his solution in the bathroom…

King Of The Road

These lifted trucks are the kings of the road in Texas. As kings, they aren’t too concerned with abiding by traditional parking laws. Park with one wheel on another wheel? Sure, why not.

These all-mighty jeeps and trucks are much higher than your average sedan – and much more intimidating. Regular drivers seeing them on the highway might want to give them some extra space. There’s no telling when they might make for a dangerous drive. Either that or make for an inconvenient parking spot.

Love Is In The Air

Texans love to show love on their wedding days. One of the most Texan displays of love we’ve seen in a while can be seen in the picture below. Have a look.

You’ve got the lovebirds in the corner – the groom in a cowboy suit and hat and the bride in a long white dress. Behind are family and friends dressed in the same way. The entire photo is set on a ranch somewhere. All that’s missing is a barbeque and some horses.

Just Another Trip To The Outhouse

Although most Texan homes have indoor plumbing and plenty of other amenities (ACs, big-screen TVs, and comfy couches), there are still a few rural homes with outhouses. When you have to go, you have to go outside – don’t forget the toilet paper!

It can be a pain to remember to stock up each time you got to go, so it makes sense to head down to Costco and purchase a giant roll. We just hope this roll is meant to last a year rather than a single visit.

Redneck Calamari

People in Texas like to keep things sweet, simple, and full of self-deprecating humor. This especially applies to their food. If you need any examples, just take a look at their version of ‘redneck calamari’.

Sure, it may not come from the sea (or anywhere close to the sea for that matter), but it can make you feel fancy at a backyard barbeque. Sprinkle some ketchup or hot sauce on those bad boys and you’ve got yourself some unique seafood.

Keep Your Chin Up

We all know the dangers of drinking and driving. However, the dangers of drinking and having your mugshot taken are less known. The Texan man below knows those dangers firsthand. Through media coverage, we get to know them secondhand.

As you might imagine, the guy above drank a tad too much, and it led to some legal trouble. The cops brought him into the station to snap a mugshot. Unfortunately, that was too difficult for him, so one officer had to hold his head up during the process.

Not Your Average Grocery Store

Texas is known to have grown some amazing agricultural products, however, what they have in their ability to produce they lack in their ability to spell. That is made abundantly clear by looking at the roadside sign below.

Houston, we have a problem. Unfortunately, when this guy wanted to sell his beloved produce, he couldn’t spell out the vegetable names correctly. Although we applaud him for trying their best, we also suggest calling up a friend or using spell check next time.

All-American Nachos

As we saw from the “redneck calamari” above, people in Texas are known for their inventiveness in the kitchen. They can take any common meal or snack and spruce it up into a decadent meal. Take the bag of Fritos below.

Instead of being happy with a boring bag of chips, Texans like to add ground beef and grated cheese to the mix. It’s their unique Tex-Mex style version of nachos. We suggest adding some jalapenos and hot sauce to give it an added kick.

A Real Toothache

If there is one word to sum up the people of the Lone Star State, then it is efficient. Take the guy below who was dying to eat his corn on the cob while also making it to the Nascar race.

Instead of slowly turning the corn with his hands, he decided to automate the process. He grabbed a power tool from the shed, stuck it through the corn, and pressed the button to let it turn. Although ingenious, it’s also dangerous for the teeth.

Shotgun Wedding

As we saw from the ranch photo above, some wedding photos are very Texan. We think the photo below gave the one above a run for its money. Shortly after saying ‘I Do,’ the groom hopped up on a cow and the bride climbed some steps nearby.

Although it might seem strange to some, the newlyweds look to be having a fun time out in the countryside. Sure, it might not be the most traditional wedding photo, but it fits right in Texas.

A New Marketing Strategy

“Know your customer” is a common saying in the world of marketing and business. If you don’t know your customer, then you don’t know how to make them feel welcomed and sell them what they need. The restaurant owner below clearly knows his clientele.

True, it was most likely an electrical malfunction, but that doesn’t mean it’s fitting. Texans have a decent sense of humor, so most would probably chuckle over it. Luckily, a clever passerby noticed the funny sign and snapped a photo.

Family Reunion

Family Reunion

We all know how special family reunions can be. They’re full of relatives you haven’t seen in years, more food and drinks than you can possibly consume, and, if you’re in Texas, the family mud pit.

As you can see from the photo above, after the feasting and chatting, it’s time for the annual belly flop into the giant pool of mud. It looks like the guy above is about to win the best belly flop contest – and splash every else around him.

Jail Sale

The guy who wrote the sign below got a three-year prison sentence. So, he decided to sell all he could to save up some cash – in other words, a yard sale. Sorry, jail sale.

Clever marketing and we hope he was able to get a sizable chunk of change to buy some jail necessities. Sure, he could have done a few Craigslist or eBay postings, but there’s something a bit more friendly about a handmade sign. This one was outside Austin.

The Blushing Bride

A lot of women dream about and make plans for their wedding at an early age. They like to think about what dress they’ll wear, what shoes they’ll wear, and what the reception hall will look like.

Girls in Texas are exactly the same, but their vision of the perfect wedding is somewhat different from others (to say the least). As you can see from the photoshoot above, Texan women want their partners to know they can work a chainsaw.

The Color That Matches Everything

Trucks, as the cliche goes, are required if you want to be a true Texan. Part of it is a cultural thing, and part of it is the rugged landscape. Either way, when the woman below went to the shop to pick out a new dress, she made sure that it matched her beloved truck.

While some may find the style a little strange, camo is a big deal in Texas. You can see it everywhere from hunting gear to trucks to dresses.

The Camouflage Couple

This couple is rolling up to their prom in true Southern fashion. It may not be a classic style, but it certainly is making a statement. He decided to go with a classic camouflage-colored tuxedo while his girlfriend decided on a matching camouflage dress.

Although they had a fabulous night out, their friends were barely able to find them because their clothes blended into the surroundings so well. Unfortunately, this cost them the coveted title of Prom King and Prom Queen.

All In One

Northern folks may find this sign odd, but in Texas, it is totally run-of-the-mill. In case you’re unfamiliar, Shiner Bock is a dark lager beer from Shiner, Texas. Instead of having a cold beer and an ice cream separately, this craft shop mixed them together. 

The result is the perfect cold meal for a hot day – and boy does Texas have hot days. Rather than shuffling between the corner store and ice cream store, you only have to visit one place to get all you need.

An Upgrade For The Elements

This guy may just be a genius. He decided to conserve energy by rolling around in style by using this heavy-duty motorized wheelchair. Rather than the run-of-the-mill chair, he opted for the “ready for war” chair.

This bad boy is military-grade material. It has no problem climbing over sand dunes or bumps in the road. Sure, it doesn’t go the fastest, but there’s no terrain it can’t master. The smooth grass of the golf course shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Be Back In Five

Now when you go to lock up your bicycle at the bike rack, you expect to find, you know, bicycles. Well, in Texas things are a bit different. You’ll definitely find a few bicycles but they may be interspersed with a baby cow or two.

What’s even crazier is that the only person who found this site strange at all was the photographer who was from out of town visiting relatives. Everyone else thought it was a perfectly acceptable way to get into town.

Supersized Portion

The saying “everything’s bigger in Texas” refers to everything from football stadiums to bars to ranches to, well, food. Portion sizes are not what you might be used to. A plate for one is enough to feed a family somewhere else. 

Just take one look at this absolutely giant cinnamon bun. Where do you even begin chomping away on that enormous treat? We would suggest using a knife and fork, but it’s also possible to take a bite and hope for the best.

Dern Tootin’

This guy who owned a Texas diner was sick and tired of tourists coming through and asking if they served breakfast. He solved the problem in a true Texan way – by putting up a huge billboard on the highway to make it very clear.

Sure, some folks complained that the sign was a bit too big and abrasive. However, the sign also helped put the diner on the map by boosting sales significantly. We just hope they serve more than bowls of Corn Flakes.

The Ultimate Texas Accessory

Cowboy hats are THE accessory if you live in Texas. Residents of the Lone Star State are known to wear them anywhere from weddings (as we saw above) to football games to, well, the bathroom.

This (very Texan) bathroom logo has the woman sporting a cowgirl hat and a token spur on her foot. Don’t dare go in if you’re hatless or spurless – or at least learn to bow your head in shame and accept that you’re not (yet) a true Texan.

Hold Your Horses

Many of us are used to signs saying ‘no pets allowed’ when we go to the playground, park, or stadium. However, the definition of “pets” expands a lot when you cross over into Texas. Just take a look at the sign below. 

If you were thinking of bringing your horses to the baseball game, then you’re out of luck. No horses allowed! Not only are horses not allowed, but no livestock in general – keep your cows, pigs, and goats at home.

Clouds Of Spirit

As you probably realized by now, there are many traditions in Texas that make little to no sense to out-of-staters. The one below is a prime example of an odd little Texan tradition. Rather than dressing up, they showed off shiny mixes of teddy bears and glitter. 

These girls look like an arts and craft project. Spools of tinsel, glitter, and ribbons drape from their wreath-like creations. Regardless of how odd the costumes seem, their smiles show that they’re having a good time.

Life’s A Rodeo

In most parts of the United States, bull riding means riding mechanical bulls at bars or town fairs. However, in many cities and towns of Texas, it means exactly what it says – riding bulls. Rodeos are massively popular in the Lone Star State.

Although the days of cowboys throwing lassos over cattle in the open plains are over for most people, the tradition of bull riding is still alive and well. In fact, ever since 1997, it has been the state sport of Texas.

Milking It Dry

Texas is a place that puts a lot of emphasis on its cattle. They share the street, roads, and (occasionally) stadiums with the people of Texas. So, it should come as no surprise that a few cows have made it through the car wash.

In many ways, it’s perfect for them. A high-powered hose can get rid of the dust and grime. Afterward, you can turn that hose to the truck to give it a nice cleaning. With your cattle and truck all fresh, you can drive back to the ranch.

Twiggy The Weedman

Texas has things but snow is not one of them. The Lone Star State rarely gets the stuff. For many people, this is fine. However, many of the young ones long for the chance to make snowmen, throw snowballs, and get the occasional white Christmas.

So, they make do with what they have. Rather than piling up three big balls of snow to make a snowman, they gather together some tumbleweeds. It looks like they spray-painted on some buttons and an eye to bringing this tumbleweed man to life.

Bullseye View

One thing you have to admire the Texans for is their overwhelming pride in their state. This can be seen in Texan shirts, Texan flags, Texan BBQ, and, well, Texan-style houses. If you need an example, then take a look below. 

It’s one thing to have the biggest house on the block, but it’s quite another to have that big house shaped like the state of Texas. Both the owners and the builders have a lot to be proud of in crafting this true Texan mansion.

Dancing On Thin Ice

Cowboy culture reigns supreme in Texas. Alongside cowboy hats, bull riding, and a tough demeanor, that also means some rules for the bar. The bar owner below thought of one very specific rule that’s about as Texan as you can get. 

Assuming that a majority of your patrons are going to wear cowboy boots and spurs, this bar wanted to limit the damage by banning “dancing on tables with spurs.” No word on whether sandals or spurless boots are fine.

Texas Trot In

As we saw from the Baskin Robbins picture above, Texans have their own unique understanding of “drive-through.” Alongside four-wheeled cars, it also includes four-legged animals. It’s more accurately called a “trot through,” or in the case above, a “trot in.”

Although most food establishments (outside of Texas) would refuse animals on their property, Texan fast-food joints don’t worry about nitpicky rules like that. Ride on up, saddle your horse to a pole, and go in for a delicious breakfast.

Catch The Police Cruiser

A regular police car would never handle life in Texas where you may be chasing down monster trucks on the highway or boats on the river. So, instead of a simple sedan, the Texas Highway Patrol has a fleet of fast boats.

Although Texas is often thought of as the land of deserts, there are quite a few rivers in the Lone Star State as well. Alongside the Rio Grande, there are the Nueces, Pecos, San Antonio, and Guadalupe rivers.

Texas Nut Job

Texans care about size. The size of their cars, the size of their hair, and the size of their houses. So, when this guy decided to grow the world’s biggest pecan, that ambition was right at home in Seguin, Texas.

At nearly 5 feet long and 2.5 feet wide, it’s not a pecan any single person is going to eat anytime soon. Instead, it’s a roadside attraction that brings in a lot of tourists. No word on how the grower feels about the whole thing.

Party Free Zone

The clever sign below manages to ban parties without explicitly banning parties. Instead, the sign maker decided to ban everything associated with a fun party – pinatas, confetti, eggs, and alcohol. It’s one of those plausible deniability moves. “Sure, you can have a party, you just can’t bring anything that makes a party fun.”

It only means you have to get crafty in what you bring. It seems non-alcoholic beer and fireworks are still allowed. That should be enough to get people dancing along.

Bed And Breakfast

As we saw from above, “everything’s bigger in Texas.” That extends to the dining and motel industry. Alongside being called “The Big Texan,” the place below also offers a big discount if you can do one measly thing.

Alright, it’s not “measly” – it’s incredibly difficult. As the sign says if you’re able to chomp down a full 72 oz. steak, then you get the meal for free. To put that in context, the average restaurant steak is about 14 oz.

Efficiency At Its Finest

There’s something special about cooking food over an open fire. People love roasting marshmallows while camping or roasting meat at a backyard gathering. Part of the charm is lingering by the fire as your food slowly cooks. However, some people don’t have that kind of patience.

The guy in the photo above needed multiple hot dogs fast. Instead of sticking each dog on a separate stick, he decided to innovate. He grabbed a rake and stuck a dozen or so dogs on the end to speed up the cooking time.

Beat The Heat

The heatwaves in Texas are no laughing matter. In 1994, the city of Monahans recorded a 120 F day! Although that’s rare, it regularly breaks 100 F in Laredo and other places. Due to that, people have to find ways to cope with the heat.

The guys above found a very clever (and cool) plan. Instead of letting the truck bed sit there doing nothing, they threw a tarp down, filled it up with water, and enjoyed a homemade swimming pool.

Everything Is Bigger

If there are two things that Texas is known for, that’s a love for the big and a love for the country. Those two loves are perfectly expressed in the photo below. A woman in mud boots and a bikini sits on top of a massively raised monster truck with a giant American flag in the background.

What could be more Texan? Oddly enough, however, the woman was from the east coast and only came to visit some relatives. Looks like she already fits in in Texas.