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Where Were People Traveling To In 2021?

As we approach the end of a challenging year, the world is beginning to slowly but surely open up. The COVID-19 pandemic is under control in many parts of the world, and people are keen to explore the world and open up new horizons once again. if you are in the same frame of mind, you might wish to get traveling again either before the end of the year or into 2022. Where, though, are the most popular places in the world to travel to?

What countries seen a big travel boom in 2021?


A nation seeing a huge boon from the post-COVID tourism rush is Mexico. This nation has an unfair reputation for violence, but there are many gorgeous parts of Mexico which are made friendly for tourism and visitors. You can easily find a place to stay in one of the many tourist-built cities, making sure you can enjoy a more sanitised experience than the caricatures of this country portray.

A truly special place to visit, with an incredible culture and history that is well worth exploring for any visitor.

New Zealand

Having gained a lot of positive press for their handling of the pandemic, New Zealand is a growing tourist hotspot. Many people see the calm, controlled, and confident way of life that exists here and decide they want a little bit of that for themselves.

That is why so many people choose to come to New Zealand. They see the opportunity top spend time in a spectacular nation that is filled with great cities, hiking tours, and natural landscapes to visit.


A nation that is seeing a huge boost in tourism is Kenya. Many people are keen to visit Africa, and Kenya is easily among the most popular tourist destinations on the continent.

Kenya offers a great way for people to spend time in the wilderness and to get away from big city life. Those who are keen for a big city experience, though, still have major cities such as Nairobi to go and visit if they so choose.

Costa Rica

If you fancy escaping from the hustle and bustle of modern life, then Costa Rica is a popular place to visit for sure. Costa Rica offers a calm, relaxing country built on the back of a gorgeous paradise. The water and the weather can be quite simply breath-taking, and the country takes COVID cases very seriously so there are protocols in place to hopefully minimize the risk of any incidents taking place while you are visiting.