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40 Bizarre Objects Found Lurking Deep in the Wilderness

In wooded areas far from the borders of any small-town or city, time stands still. The booming sound of civilization, with its humming highways, churning industries, and choking streets, fails to stir the stillness of this place. 

Here, strange curiosities have been discovered by wanderers and explorers alike which baffle all who lay their eyes on them: a red telephone booth linked to the world, not by wires, but by a network of sprouts and tendrils; a playground slide half-buried by a wasteland of green and grime, the forgotten article of a child’s dream left behind upon a sudden awakening; strange monuments to unknown eyes, weird and lurid. Read on all this and more.

A Ghosthouse

Reports place this house’s location in a forest somewhere in Russia. An abandoned castle in the woods masked from wandering eyes by an eerie mist and towering trees. Who might have resided in this oddly located mansion? 

Image courtesy of 13×37/Reddit

Unexplained figures may well manifest behind these moldy windows at midnight, lit by dim candlelight within. The silence here is deafening, where the slightest of sounds could be the whisper between ghosts.

Dark Pit

This dark, seemingly endless pit must have unlocked its original discoverer’s claustrophobic fears in an instant. Yet, no one knows about this mysterious maw, nor does anyone know what might lie at the bottom. Would you be brave enough to explore its depth?

Image courtesy of dlwrr/Reddit

It doesn’t look to be reinforced as a mine would be, and yet its angular walls suggest that it was dug out with human hands. Further down could be branches or tunnels leading to passageways. Gnomes could be lurking from deep within, protecting a motherload of gold.

Winnie’s Home

Imagine the joy of stumbling upon such a wonderful find, carefully opening the red miniature door with pinched fingers only to find Pooh bear and all his friends playing around. How we all wish they were as real and true as the warmth and wisdom their stories imparted on us as children.

Image courtesy of Ed_Tivrusky_IV/Reddit

Whoever built this little gem out in the forest was an inventive soul. Far from trying to scare the wits out of hikers, their intention must have been to put a twinkle in the eye of all those who remember Pooh’s adventures.

Stockpile of Carrots

A stockpile of this staple vegetable was reportedly found by an imgur user who was walking their dog at the time. How bizarre it must have been to stumble on this unexplainable pile in the middle of nowhere.

Image courtesy of cavkie/Imgur

Their dog sniffs around and finds nothing worthy to report back. No “What’s up, Doc?” crack from Bugs Bunny this time. So unless a friendly giant misplaced their lunch, we have no explanation for this one.

Mysterious Tree Growth

Unlike the garden-variety cloud formations, mold growths, or scorch marks that make it as superstitious sensations these days, this one has us stumped. The way that this mysterious tree has grown makes it appear as though a horned forest spirit is trying to will its way into the physical plane.

Image courtesy of Glit-toris/Reddit

This many-limbed monster looks as though it is about to whack the next hiker it sees with a tree trunk just for passing by its sacred space. Maybe it’s guarding something?

Red Phone Box

This phone booth’s red color has now faded into autumnal orange after many years of disuse, mirroring the life stage of the leaves on the forest trees. Who knows how this telephone box found its way in such a far-flung place.

Image courtesy of DavidGreenComic/Reddit

The cables are gone. Its link to the world is a network of overgrown roots, but none point back to the direction of any city. Perhaps this is not a phone box, but some kind of disguised vessel left behind by some advanced alien being? Or maybe that’s just a bogus theory.

Lost and Found Dog Tags

This man found the lost dog tags of a former soldier, who was later discovered to have died in 2010. Knowing how much they must have meant to someone, he took the pains of reaching out to the soldier’s family.

Image courtesy of nicoleeolie/Reddit

What a treasure it must have been to the soldier’s family. These two rusty pieces of metal were once worn around the neck of someone they loved.

Buried Medieval Sword

If not for the hilt jutting out of the ground, this knightly blade would never have been discovered hundreds of years after it was buried. An ancient warrior must have thrust his weapon onto the ground, and for some reason just left it there, forgotten.

Image courtesy of CodeNameScythey/Reddit

While examining its engravings, perhaps our modern-day discoverer imagines it to have belonged to a warrior connected with the royalty of his time. Perhaps the sword was a gift from the highborn to the warrior for his exploits in war.

Stairway to Heaven

This stone staircase looks as if it used to be a part of a structure that no longer exists. Where did the rest of the building go? It’s odd to see no trace of walls or floor, considering that the steps look pretty much intact. Why build something in the middle of nowhere that leads to nowhere?

Image courtesy of ethan_kahn/Reddit

No other clues were found in the area that could shed light on such a structure, which fires up the imagination to wild heights. The answer is hidden by the forest forever.

Heaps of Crockery

This Redditor could not believe his eyes. He stood for a moment, gawking at a mountain of white plates and dishware sitting out in the middle of nowhere.

Image courtesy of Awesome_Clips/Reddit

There must be a million of them, seemingly dumped there from the sky, standing more than twenty feet high. It’d take him days to count them if he tried.

Jurassic Period

Coming across a large boulder isn’t an unusual sight in the wild. But after seeing this one, mossy and cut in a particular way by water and wind, you might look twice, or even spend a day in awe.

Image courtesy of tkvp/Reddit

It seems to glare with a primordial menace. It sends us back almost two hundred million years ago when dinosaurs roamed the earth. The rocks disguised as craggy teeth aren’t so convincing, but they’re a nice touch.

Quick Buck

On the ground, in a place hardly visited by people, a filthy pair of jeans was discovered, turned inside out. Someone must have decided to just drop his pants and cut loose on a hot summer day. Or maybe something more sinister happened.

Image courtesy of rolopumps/Reddit

Most mysterious are the dirty dollar bills strewn on top of the jeans. What possible reason could anyone have had to leave them there in such a way? Apparently, 43 dollars were left in total. Our imaginations are running wild.

A Forest in a Bottle

The areas of the world untouched by civilization are decreasing each year. The hand of modernity reaches into every untouched part of the world eventually. Somewhere in the recent past, a hiker is out there enjoying a quiet moment in a forest until he stumbles upon this bottle.

Image courtesy of Ancylid/Reddit

Life finds a way to flourish, even from inside a discarded plastic bottle. Inside is a tiny forest teeming with life, a small-scale version of the wilderness. Maybe someday tiny villages with miniature people in them will emerge with cattle and fire, and the green there too will all disappear.

Pet Monument

This tree is bound with pet collars. The cutout of a winged pup looks out to the sky, presumably to doggie heaven, where all good dogs go.

Image courtesy of chicknlittle/Pinterest

Those who pass by this monument must have to let out a sigh before they move on in memory of their own lost puppy pals and furry friends.

Overgrown With Moss

It’s just a boot overgrown with moss, but to the hiker who found it out in the wild, it is the stuff of fairy tales. Imagine having roots for feet and tangled branches for shoelaces.

Image courtesy of Neolism/Reddit

There was no sign of the elves that could have worked on this beautiful artifact. Only rain, misty mornings, and the passage of time could have turned this leather boot green.

Mare’s Nest

On his way to Wisconsin, a traveler is struck during his walk through the woods by a startling object. He doubts anybody has seen something like this before. He has no idea what it is or why such a weird object exists. The design and craftsmanship resemble something out of a fantasy story or a dream.

Image courtesy of jaysokk/Reddit

Could it be a modern-day Pandora’s box? Opening it could lead to a host of problems. But wait, the container appears to have already been opened before his arrival.

Omen Doll

It’s nice to be able to clear your head with fresh air surrounded by the sounds of nature. All your troubles and fears can melt away in such a place. These sentiments can be quickly cut away upon the discovery of a decapitated doll’s head on the path.

Image courtesy of myxomatosist/Reddit

Its brow is fractured, and its ears are chewed off. Its discoverer must have flinched as they gazed into its soulless eyes. It’s as dead as can be. An object of ill omen, to be sure.

Sepulchers for Whom?

Four tombs were found in these woods. Gravesites are usually for the benefit of the living so that they may grieve for their loved ones. But civilization can’t be seen for miles from this spot.

Image Courtesy of Reddit

No personal messages or scriptures were etched on their sides. Some adventurer approached the site cautiously, wrapped in eerie silence, wondering if somewhere out there was watching.

Stuffed Animal Sacrifice

No child could have reached up high enough to impale this stuffed toy. It’s a funny sight, but the weirdness of such a discovery can’t be denied. Why go to so much effort for such a cute and innocent childhood friend?

Image courtesy of Ashotofjd/Imgur

It looks like the fattest and cutest witch in history, condemned to be impaled as was the ancient practice against witchcraft, then burned at the stake. Maybe someone took it down after this picture and stitched up the poor little cow.

Space Orbiter

An unsuspecting jogger chanced upon the wreck of a spaceship camouflaged with rust and moss. Finally, they must have thought: finally, someone is going to take me off of this crazy planet.

Image courtesy of Alexander Markin/Geg

This wreck turned out to be the remains of an orbiter part of the now-defunct Russian Buran program. Despite its ruinous state, the sight still sparks a childhood dream long forgotten.


This ghastly sight is bound to rattle any wandering hiker. It must be a manifestation of an illicit voodoo practice that is done only at midnight and on certain dates of the year. It’s used to cast wicked spells at the beseeching of its conjurers.

Image courtesy of Lynn Maxwell/Pinterest

It could also be the remains of a dragon or wyvern, one which met its grizzly fate at the hands of a triumphant warrior. Either way, it certainly has an air of magic to it.

Unidentified Apparatus

Here’s another mind-boggling find. Some sort of machine probes the depths of the earth for who knows what. Whatever it produces, its inventor saved it in plastic jugs.

Image courtesy of simon_C/Reddit

This abandoned apparatus was found somewhere in the woods of Iowa. Our guess is that it has something to do with feeding deer, or maybe it’s where the world gets all of its blue paint from.

Mythical Creatures

Speaking of blue paint, this group of friends has decided to abandon their former lives in an attempt to bond with the forest as a new mythical tribe. Or so that’s what we imagine.

Image Courtesy of slappedham.com

One of them might have been an accountant, office clerk, sales agent, or even a physician, who’s deliberately turned into a smurf for a day or two, just for fun. We hope they enjoyed it while it lasted.


A concrete slab was found partially covered by dirt vegetation in the woods. Other than being a tripping risk, this stone looks like just any other. Upon closer inspection, however, a message in a foreign tongue can be made out.

Image courtesy of 666simp/Reddit

This concrete material could have been a gravestone or at least something that possesses personal value to someone. We can only wonder what the text says.

A Dreamer’s Bicycle

The sight of a bicycle with a desktop model of a globe attached to its back makes us wonder about its owner. Where could they have been going with such a prize? How could it have been abandoned this way?

Image courtesy of umiz/Imgur

Unlike some discoveries made while alone in the woods, this one is at least whimsical. A touch of innocent youthfulness. Something that might leave a smile on the faces of wanderers as they wander on.

Pennies for Good Luck

Time moves slowly in the woods. The forest is an idle mind and we are but stray thoughts that flow through it. Other than taking transportation to get there, experiencing nature is free, but it certainly pays to get out there once in a while.

Image courtesy of TexasJoey/Reddit

A local, bored one day, must have thought it amusing to stick pennies into the side of a wooden log. Perhaps he was sending a message to passersby: good luck on your travels.

Huge Treasure Chest

It’s hard to tell what you might find while walking in the forest. This hiker from Wales found an unusual item that clearly didn’t belong in its surroundings.

Image courtesy of xDfhjdssgbvff/Reddit

From the looks of it, it could be a large toolbox with pliers, screwdrivers, and whatnot inside. Never lose hope of finding treasure someday, dear reader. But why was it hidden so far out in the woods like that?

Metal Huts

These curious metal structures were found in the forest looking like gunner canopies during a time of war. A closer look revealed paintings. We figure that people must be living in these structures, off-the-grid style. We hope whoever took this picture just let them be.

Image courtesy of huntercope/ifish.net

Dead animals were also found close to the structures. Possibly their inhabitants’ prey. Apparently, the catch looked quite fresh. That’s just how you have to do it without access to Uber Eats.

T-Rex Scare

The sight of a T-Rex probably scared the living daylights out of this unsuspecting hiker. Camouflaged among the trees as it is, the dinosaur looks quite detailed. It’s certainly life-size, with its angry eyes and seemingly razor-sharp teeth.

Image courtesy of Elberta Dinosaurs, Bamahenge, Lady in the Lake/Facebook

Instead of panicking about finding herself in the Jurassic Age, this hiker caught her breath and took a picture. She said there were other structures like this further into the woods, too.

Tree of Footgear

A young couple decided to make walking a part of their daily exercise routine. To keep the activity varied, they visited various spots, including forests off the beaten track. One day, they came across this:

Image courtesy of 2oldguyswalking/WordPress

A tree that somebody puzzlingly decorated with various types of footwear, from multi-colored slippers to sneakers and sandals, all tacked on the tree for no apparent reason. Nature can be baffling at times.

Ridiculous Find

This bandy-legged cowboy was created out of an oddly shaped tree in the forest. We can’t tell if it’s the product of imaginative teenagers or out-of-their-mind art students who had one too many supplies left over after an exhibit. The toilet is an odd touch.

Image courtesy of h3xxya/Reddit

Either way, they succeeded in attracting public attention, but the message they left was confusing and bizarre. We don’t know what they originally aimed to accomplish, other than ruining a scenic spot.

Unnatural Tree Growth

This could have been a hoisting system that forest workers used to lift up logs, a makeshift pulley, abandoned once operations were completed.

Image courtesy of Thymeseeker/Reddit

With time, this unnaturally attached log will be a part of the tree that lifts it. It looks odd, but nature has its way of healing over the damage left behind by humanity.


What may have started as an effort to instill fear now draws laughs instead. The taker of this photograph must have been at least as confused as we are.

Image courtesy of mikejclark/Reddit

This two-legged dog bound to the tree in what seems to be an entry point to a forest park looks funny rather than scary. We just hope whoever was under the mask is OK.

Elmo’s Tree

Whoever put the effort in to decorate this tree with numerous Elmo stuffed toys must have had quite the falling out with the popular kid’s TV show character. It looks like Elmo wants to be everywhere and do everything all at once.

Image courtesy of Television/Reddit

Hikers who passed this tree might confess to hearing the red character’s falsetto voice ringing in their ears, reminding them to always be kind to everybody. You’re doing it right now, aren’t you?

Living Structure

Backpackers in Czechia had to get a closer look at this maze of trees. Examining its crisscrossing planks, they searched for a way to gain access to what lay inside its web of branches.

Image courtesy of killedbyboneshark/Reddit

It turned out to be a building method that causes minimal disturbance to the environment, incorporating nature with human engineering.

Burial Ground

A trekker came across this burial site, or rather, an ex-burial site. Who knows where its original occupant got to. Probably a misty town or village right on the edge of civilization.

Image courtesy of Tafsern/Reddit

We hope the hiker didn’t fall into the hole in shock. It’s a reminder that everything in life is temporary. Anyone who witnesses death should learn to appreciate life.

Freezer in the Bushes

Someone left a freezer outside in the wilderness. You know what that means. Either it’s broken, or it contains unsettling remains. We’ve seen too many horror movies to risk it.

Image courtesy of CapnSparky/Imgur

People need not dispose of their utilities this way. There are repair or recycling services everywhere, and they’re fairly easy to look up on the internet. Don’t spoil our peaceful walks by dumping your fridge into it. Human remains inside or otherwise.

To Whom This May Concern

This letter, written in Farsi, turned up in an unlikely part of the woods. Maybe the mailman got lost trying to deliver it and took a shortcut through the trees. Or maybe the letter was addressed to no one in particular, to the universe, to the earth or the sky—what a pretty thought.

Image courtesy of claygraffix/Reddit

It wishes people well, physically and mentally, and prays for more blessings to come for everyone now and in the future. It is a letter that could have been sent to any place in this world, but we just hope that it wasn’t a parting letter to the world.

Occult Practices

This might as well be taken from the scene of a horror movie where, days prior, people were reported on the radio as missing. A few meters from this mysterious shrine, a sinister smell hovers in the air like a thick curtain.

Image courtesy of panerapartyinmypants/Reddit

This was found by a man walking alone in the woods with his dog. He didn’t know what to make of it, but his legs seemed to know the next best place to go: back home.

Déjà Vu

You might have seen this slide somewhere, but where, you just can’t say. The real question is, how did a slide like this get all the way out into the wild?

Image courtesy of instagr.am/Pinterest

This could have been in your grandparents’ backyard. Or in a school playground. Imagine cheerily slipping down a slide, only to find yourself transported to a creepy woodland clearing like this one.