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Blast From The Past: Fascinating Vintage Celebrity Wedding Photos from the 70s and 80s

The red carpet may be an elegant affair, but so too are celebrity weddings. Wedding traditions might vary between cultures, religions, and countries, but they have similar goals. When it comes to getting hitched, there’s no bigger spotlight than the one shone on a celebrity wedding. From royal nuptials to Hollywood duos exchanging vows, these glamorous affairs always garner a lot of attention. 

However, there are some celebrity weddings that are bizarre, questionable, and confusing. These power couples will do anything it takes to keep the spotlight on them. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Now sit back, relax, and get your popcorn or cold beverage as we unveil some of the most fascinating celebrity wedding pics from the 70s and 80s. Don’t forget to take notes of their unique love stories, and of course, the fashion statements they made on the big day. 

Mick Jagger and Bianca Perez-Mora Macias (1971)

When two different worlds meet, get ready for a wild ride. Mick Jagger, frontman of The Rolling Stones, is known as an enigma, a showstopper, and a rebel. Jagger has made a name for himself, but at the same time, made some scandalous mistakes.

So, when he started dating Nicaraguan-born Bianca Perez-Mora Macias, who had earned a full scholarship to the Paris Institute of Political Studies, it raised a lot of eyebrows. However, the marriage went well, lasting seven years. They had one child named Jade.

Julio Iglesias and Isabel Preysler (1971)

Another legend in the music industry found the love of his life unexpectedly when he crossed paths with a Spanish-Filipina socialite. Julio Iglesias’ milestones during his career can never be duplicated. He has won multiple awards, including Grammys and Billboard Music Awards. 

After a year of dating, the two tied the knot at Aman Canal Grande Venice in Italy. To this day, it is still considered one of the biggest and most expensive weddings to ever be held there. The couple has three children – Chabeli, Julio Jr., and Enrique. Enrique is also a famous singer who has won multiple awards.

Aretha Franklin and Glynn Turman (1978)

Aretha Louise Franklin, Detroit’s finest, is one of the most decorated artists in the history of modern music. She also became the first female performer to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. While her first marriage wasn’t as successful as her career, she did seem happy for a while with actor Glynn Turman.

Sadly, when Turman moved from Michigan to California, their flame started to die down. A long-distance relationship wasn’t meant for them, so they ended their marriage after six years.

Alana Hamilton and Rod Stewart (1979)

Sir Roderick Edward Stewart is a British rock and pop icon who was a trailblazer in his own right. With his signature raspy but melodic voice, he was able to capture a lot of hearts, and one of them belonged to Alana Hamilton. Alana was a model turned actor who later became a producer.

Although both of them were considered big names already, they tied the knot in a simple yet sophisticated wedding at L’Ermitage in Los Angeles. They have two beautiful daughters, but their marriage only lasted five years. 

Tatum O’Neal and John McEnroe (1986)

This was an odd pairing, to say the least, and the media was never shy about pointing this out. When the Golden Child, Tatum O’Neal, married loud-mouthed tennis superstar John McEnroe, everybody knew it would be a disaster. Tatum’s personality is the direct opposite of John’s. However, as they say, love moves in mysterious ways, and sure enough, romance blossomed.

In 1986, McEnroe Married O’Neal at St. Dominic’s Church in upstate New York. It was a star-studded union that included both sports icons and stars from the film industry. As expected, their union didn’t last long, and the fallout damaged both of their reputations.

 Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach (1981)

The first member of The Beatles on our list is the enigmatic drummer, Ringo Starr. He might not be as popular as John Lennon or Paul McCartney, but he is still recognized as one of history’s best drummers of all time. When Ringo met former Bond girl Barbara Bach on the set of the movie The Caveman, he knew she was the one.

Unlike many other A-list couples, Ringo and Barbara are still happily together today. This is a rarity in the celebrity world. Kudos to the loved-up couple.

Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh (1989)

Romances in film and television often lead to real-life love matches between the actors involved. When Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson played lovers on-screen, their chemistry was second to none. It didn’t take long for them to tie the knot, cementing their reputation as the darlings of British Cinema during the 90s.

Sadly, this super sweet pair didn’t last long as allegations of Branagh’s infidelity took over the tabloids. So, who was her secret woman? It was none other than Helena Bonham Carter.

Madonna and Sean Penn (1985)

We almost forgot that these two iconic figures were once married. Sean Penn, an actor who has done it all in the business, crossed paths with the up-and-coming singer in the 80s. It seemed like a strange pairing to many fans, but the spark in their eyes tells a different story.

They had such a strong connection that they were able to block out the noise from people trying to criticize their marriage. Sadly, it still ended. At first, it seemed their split was due to jealousy and abuse. However, after a few years, Madonna changed her tune, stating that there was no abuse. 

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick (1988)

Let’s give a moment of praise to this couple. After 33 years of marriage, they’ve had no public disagreements or dramas. Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick’s marriage is truly special. How did they manage to survive the scrutiny, the spotlight, and all things thrown at them?

If you think being a celebrity couple is easy, think again. Only 15% of celebrity couples last for 10 years. Kevin and Kyra have done that three times over, and that’s not an easy feat to accomplish. 

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis (1987)

It was indeed a field day for magazines, publications, and journalists when Bruce Willis married Demi Moore in 1987. With a star-studded guest list and Little Richard (R.I.P) officiating their marriage, it was like a happy ending from one of the Disney movies.

Their love blossomed throughout the years, resulting in three children. Although their marriage ended after 13 years, they are still great friends and co-parents to their kids. 

Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith (1976 & 1989)

When Melanie Griffth first saw Don Johnson, she fell madly in love with him. At that time, she was only 14 years old and Johnson was already 22. After four years of holding off, they finally tied the knot after she turned 18. Sadly, after six months, the couple split. 

Their first break-up was not the end of their relationship as they tried to rekindle what they had when they married a second time in 1989. Despite trying to fix their union for seven years, they eventually call it quits. They are great co-parents to their daughter Dakota Johnson.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono (1969)

Arguably the greatest member of the iconic rock band The Beatles, John Lennon’s marriage had to make it onto our list, even though it was slightly earlier than the 70s. The late great singer-songwriter was described as enigmatic, outspoken, and wildly talented. When he met Yoko Ono at a London Art Gallery workshop, everything seemed to go south.

It is no secret that Yono is blamed as one of the pivotal reasons why the band broke up. However, the couple stood together and tied the knot in 1969. Sadly, Lennon was assassinated by a fan in 1980.

Cher and Gregg Allman (1975)

After a highly publicized divorce from her former partner, Cher was able to find love and comfort in the frontman of the band, The Allman Brothers. However, in true Hollywood fashion, Gregg Allman and Cher separated after just seven days. Eventually, they got back together when Cher discovered that she was pregnant.

The couple divorced in 1979, and Cher went on to become the “Goddess of Pop.” Allman, on the other hand, tried to resurrect his career and his band, but he was never successful in doing so.

Renata Blauel and Elton John (1984)

Elton John, one of the best-selling music artists of all time, was once married to sound engineer Renata Blauel. Although their marriage lasted for four years, during that period, Blauel and some of his friends knew it was destined to end sooner rather than later.

After two years of being divorced, Lennon finally came out of the closet. Various publications tried to reach out to Blauel for her reaction, but she stayed out of the spotlight. Lennon then married Canadian Filmmaker David Furnish in 2005.

Wayne Gretzky and Janet Jones (1988)

Here’s an incredible illustration of the union of Hollywood and sports. Pro NHL hockey player Wayne Gretzky married actress Janet Jones in 1988. Gretzky sits up there with Mohammad Ali in the selective class of the best professional athletes ever, while Jones is a successful American actress. When they tied the knot, the Canadian Media dubbed it as their version of “Royal Wedding.”

After 33 years of marriage, this couple is still going strong. Gretzky didn’t just flourish in his sport but also in his personal life. Congrats, to Janet Jones and the Great Gretzky. 

Mike Tyson and Robin Givens (1988)

Yet another odd pairing on our list is the union between Mike Tyson and Robin Givens. During this time, Tyson was making a name for himself by demolishing and disposing of his opponents in the ring. He then became a world champion which elevated his stature in sports to such heights that he became a global celebrity.

Tyson married Robin Givens who was a model and an actress. From the start, their relationship was as rocky as the mountains in Colorado, and they weren’t shy about getting involved in scandalous publicity stunts. Tyson claimed that he caught Givens cheating on him with Brad Pitt. Robin denied the affair, but she and Brad Pitt did date briefly. 

Samuel L. Jackson and LaTanya Richardson (1980)

For some reason, we feel deep appreciation and respect every time we see a picture of Samuel L. Jackson. A true master of his art form, a badass, and a versatile actor, Jackson has been married for five decades to the ageless, LaTanya Richardson.

Richardson and Jackson first met when they were in college. The two got along easily and this is probably the main reason why they are still married to this day. 

Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden (1973)

When a politician and an actress get married, it often leads to disaster. Let’s face it, their worlds are far too different. However, this was not the case with the love story between famed actress Jane Fronda and political activist Tom Hayden. 

They proved to everybody that anything is possible with love. Although they still ended with a divorce, they withstood the Hollywood curse by staying strong for 17 years. 

Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman (1982)

Another legend on our list is the funny man and outstanding actor, Danny DeVito. As mentioned before, ten years of marriage in Hollywood is considered an eternity. However, DeVito and his wife, Rhea Perlman, proved all the doubters wrong.

Their married life might not be as perfect as the one Wayne Gretzky and Janet Jones seem to enjoy. Indeed, DeVito and Perlman have admitted to having their fair share of misunderstandings, but after 30 years, they are still together. At 76, DeVito is still going strong, with no sign of him stopping soon. 

Carrie Fisher and Paul Simon (1983)

Carrie Fisher, or Princess Leia from Star Wars, was once married to the one half of music duo Simon and Garfunkel, Paul Simon. After a year of marriage, they called it quits but continued dating on and off for ten more years.

In her memoir, she stated that her substance abuse and mental issues were two of the major factors behind their divorce. Luckily, despite those issues, they remained good friends. Sadly, Fisher passed away in 2016.

Robert Kardashian and Kris Jenner (1978)

Before the rise to fame of the Kardashian sisters and all the scandalous noise surrounding the family, Kristen Mary Houghton had a simple life with her first husband, Robert Kardashian. The up-and-coming lawyer was the renowned defense attorney of O.J Simpson and was steadily amassing a fortune.

They had four children during their marriage – Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Robert Jr. All of them are self-made millionaires thanks to their reality TV show. Robert Kardashian Senior passed away in 2003 due to esophageal cancer. 

Olivia Newton-John and Matt Lattanzi (1984)

One of the most shocking weddings in the ’80s came when Olivia Newton-John tied the knot with Matt Lattanzi who was 11 years younger than her. While Newton-John was considered a rising star, Lattanzi was struggling with his career.

Like many celebrities, their relationship ended. However, they did last 11 years. They had a daughter named Chloe Rose. Apparently, differences of opinion on spirituality and other interests led to their divorce. They’ve remained friends.

Karen Carpenter and Thomas Burris (1980)

What can we say about the legendary Karen Carpenter? She was praised for her three-octave contralto vocal range and was graceful playing the drums. Initially, getting married was not in her plans at all. Then she met the charming real estate agent, Thomas Burris.

Carpenter loved Burris so deeply and described him as the perfect man. Due to failing mental illness, however, Carpenter filed for divorce. Unfortunately, she died in 1983, and we haven’t had any update about Burris since then.

Tommy Lee and Heather Locklear (1986)

Here’s another odd pairing – television sweetheart, Heather Locklear, married the rockstar drummer of Motley Crue, Tommy Lee in 1986. Their marriage lasted longer than expected. Even their friends were surprised. 

The couple didn’t have any children, and they eventually separated. Tommy Lee married Baywatch star Pamela Anderson while Locklear married guitarist and songwriter of the band Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora.

Michael Douglas and Diandra Luker (1977)

Is it just us, or does Michael Douglas seem to have a way with women younger his age? Before marrying Catherine Zeta-Jones, he was once married to an intern named Diandra Luker. Douglas was 32 at the time, while Luker was only 19 when they tied the knot.

The divorce was so costly it ended in a $45 million settlement. Today, Douglas is still married to Zeta-Jones, and it seems certain that he won’t let her go.

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton (1975)

Having had seven marriages, American actress Elizabeth Taylor must have felt like she would never find “the one.” She called herself the “Queen of falling in love,” and we completely understand why. 

Her first marriage with actor Richard Burton lasted about ten years. They tried to make it work a second time after their divorce, but it didn’t go as planned. Taylor admitted during one of her interviews that she was still in love with Burton, but sad to say, in 1984, he passed away.

Jeff Bridges and Susan Geston (1977)

Talk about fairy tale endings. They should make a movie out of this as Jeff Bridges and Susan Geston’s story is one for the ages. In the 70s, Jeff Bridges was already a household name. Like Karen Carpenter, Bridges didn’t embrace the idea of getting married. Not until he met North Dakota native, Susan Geston.

Geston was hired as a maid for the film set of Rancho Deluxe. Bridges was captivated by her beauty, and he never looked back. He asked Geston to marry him, and after three decades, their relationship is still as strong as ever.

Bruce Jenner and Linda Thompson (1981)

Long before she became Caitlyn Marie Jenner, Bruce Jenner was married to Linda Thompson. The Olympic gold medalist married Thompson, and the ceremony was dubbed The Wedding of the Year. For those who aren’t familiar, Thompson was also linked to the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley.

The two separated after five years of marriage due to irreconcilable differences. Thompson continued her career, and Bruce Jenner went on to find fame with the Kardashian clan and then transitioned to become Caitlyn Marie Jenner. 

Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley (1985)

As the inspiration for the song “Uptown Girl,” Billy Joel loved Christie Brinkley deeply. It was reported that Billy Joel spotted Brinkley and made an immediate move by playing the piano just for her. Joel was able to get her attention, and from that point on, they started dating. 

Eventually, they tied the knot in 1985. The keyboard man described it as a surreal moment, and he said he was overwhelmed when they got married. Due to his demanding profession and rockstar lifestyle, their union ended after nine years.

Eric Clapton and Pattie Boyd (1979)

You can tell a man is in love if he’s poured their heart into a song. That is the story behind the union of Eric Clapton and famed model, Pattie Boyd. Clapton revealed that the songs “Layla” and “Wonderful Tonight” were inspired by Boyd. It was not the first time Boyd married a rockstar. She was once married to George Harrison of The Beatles.

Due to substance abuse and infidelity, the couple separated in 1989. Clapton went on to become the only three-time inductee to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Boyd later married Rod Weston.

Dorothy Hamill and Dean Paul Martin (1982)

Another Olympic gold medalist, Dorothy Hamil had a short-lived marriage with Dean Paul Martin. Her performance during the Olympics captured a lot of hearts, and her killer smile stole Dean Paul Martin’s heart away. 

Due to irreconcilable differences, and Martin not having enough to make ends meet, the couple ended their relationship after two years. Hamill also had past traumas to deal with, and this only added to the pressure.

David Bowie and Angelina Barnett (1970)

The flamboyant David Robert Jones, better known as Davide Bowie, married Angelina Barnett, and though their union was unusual, it was quite beautiful. It is fully documented that Barnett helped create Bowie’s iconic persona. However, their marriage was so strange that everyone was confused at the Bromley registration.

After a decade, they finally decided to split. However, they remained great friends, and to this day, fans are filled with gratitude for Barnett’s contributions to the evolution of the music icon.

Carly Simon and James Taylor (1972)

Arguably the biggest power couple in the music industry during the 70s, Carly Simon and James Taylor had it all. Both talented and well-respected musicians, they single-handedly dominated the charts. They were made for each other, and their creativity and artistry were once described as magical.

As beautiful and as successful as they were, they couldn’t hold it together forever. The pair divorced after 11 years. Taylor went on to become a six-time Grammy Award winner. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2000.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles (1981)

Dubbed the Wedding of The Century, the union between Princess Diana and Prince Charles appeared to be a match made in heaven. The highly-publicized wedding made the history books. Whether they were from the UK or not, everybody was glued to their TV screens for the wedding.

Even the royal wedding wasn’t able to succeed against the test of time as numerous reports swirled regarding Prince Charles having an affair with another woman. After a year, Princess Diana died in a tragic and controversial car accident.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver (1986)

One of the biggest power couples of the late 80s, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver made the headlines. Sadly, they soon started making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Arnold was caught cheating with their housemaid just a few years into their marriage. 

Oddly enough, Maria didn’t leave him straight away. Of course, we’ll never really know what went on behind the scenes, but what we do know is that they didn’t even file for divorce until 2011. Then it took a further six years for the divorce to be finalized. 

Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd (1982)

Lisa Vanderpump was a promising actress when she met the love of her life, Ken Todd, a wealthy businessman. Little is known about Todd, but just by looking at him, you can tell he has a wholesome background. 

The couple didn’t waste time, tying the knot in 1982. To this day, they are still going strong. Vanderpump also landed a reality show named after her which is called Vanderpump Rules.

Lorna Luft and Jake Hooker (1977)

When Jake Hooker – one of the co-writers of the song “I Love Rock & Roll” – married Lorna Luft, a lot were suspicious about it. For those who aren’t familiar, Luft is the daughter of prominent actress Judy Garland and is also Liza Minnelli’s half-sister.

Although people were doubtful about Hooker at first, he did pay his dues. However, his rockstar career didn’t blend well with marriage. The couple decided to split up in 1994, and Hooker went on to have a stable career as producer and manager in Los Angeles.

Rachel Ward and Bryan Brown (1983)

While quite a few of the relationships on this list ended in a scandalous or nasty divorce, here we have a wholesome illustration of a Hollywood marriage that withstood the test of time. Beloved actors Rachel Ward and Bryan Brown showed the world that long-lasting love is possible, even in the celebrity world.

When the two met on the set of The Thorn Birds, they instantly clicked. After two weeks, they had already tied the knot. To the surprise of everyone, this quick-fire romance lasted. Indeed, they are still married today. Talk about love at first sight! They should make a movie out of this.

Suzi Quatro and Len Tuckey (1976)

We understand if these two names don’t ring a bell. Despite starting her career in the US, Suzi Quatro gained most of her fame in the UK and Australia. She was a pioneer for women who wanted to venture into Rock and Roll culture.

Quatro tied the knot with her lead guitarist, Len Tuckey, in 1976. They had two kids – Laura and Richard. The reason behind their split is still a mystery, but according to close acquaintances, they remained friends after their divorce.