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Uber Horror Stories You Don’t Want to Read But Will

Driving for Uber is typically uneventful. Fortunately, most drivers don’t encounter wild and crazy passengers very often, though drivers who spend enough time behind the wheel will undoubtedly witness some memorable events. While they may give the driver some exciting stories to tell, we’re not sure if that compensates for the damage or pain they may cause.

In fact, some encounters can occasionally jeopardize a driver’s physical and emotional well-being. Very rarely does a driver walk away from them with some amusing stories. These experiences are usually associated with some level of pain for the driver.

Read on to find out how one passenger turned so many people’s lives upside down!

Our story begins

Bree, a young Uber driver from Florida, had a fairly mundane life. She worked multiple jobs, was in a long-term relationship, and was looking toward the future with eager eyes. Everything was going according to plan until one encounter with an Uber passenger changed her life forever.


In an instant, the odds were stacked against her. While Bree initially felt as if the world was playing tricks on her, she would soon come to realize that she found herself at the right place and at the right time.

Beggars can’t be choosers

Bree spent most of her days with her partner and at her new Uber job. She wasn’t thrilled with her new gig, but she needed the money to pay her bills. And as the saying goes, beggars can’t be choosers.


Bree knew that her Uber job wasn’t permanent and that she would have to consider looking for a more stable source of income eventually. For now, she just needed to make enough money so she can start planning for her future.

Busy days

Bree’s days were busy. She worked many jobs and was constantly occupied with chores and errands. She barely had time to herself. But no matter how hectic her schedule became, she always made time for her partner.


Bree and her partner had been seeing each other for years. No matter how hectic their lives were, they always made it a point to spend some quality time together. It was something that Bree looked forward to, especially after a long day at work.

A perfect match

Bree met her partner through a mutual friend, and it was love at first sight. They seemed like a perfect match – they got along quite well and enjoyed each other’s company. It didn’t take long before the two started dating.


Bree was head over heels in love. She didn’t have enough time to spend with her boyfriend as they both prioritized their respective jobs, but the moments they did have together were magical. Bree was ecstatic that she had finally found the right guy for her.

A long way from home

Bree and her boyfriend lived a long distance from their families. This meant that they could only depend on one another for support. They were not just partners, but also family to each other. This arrangement took some time to get used to, but it was something that Bree eventually learned to deal with.


One day, Bree’s partner approached her with awful news. What he was about to say would set the tone for the rest of Bree’s life. It was the beginning of her biggest nightmare coming true.

Family emergency

Bree’s partner sat her down and told her that his mother was ill and had to be brought to the hospital. Not being there for your loved ones is one thing, but not being there for them when they need you the most is quite another.


Bree was devastated. Bree’s partner and his mother were close, and the news of her illness came as a tremendous shock to him. Bree could see the grief in his eyes. She wanted to help, but she didn’t know how.

Things were moving so quickly

Bree’s partner told her that he needed to go see his mother as soon as possible because these may be her final days and he wanted to be by her side. Everything was moving so quickly that he was worried he might be too late.


What more could Bree possibly do? Her partner was going through one of the toughest challenges of his life, and she wanted him to feel that he had her full support.

Putting things on hold

Bree had big plans for the future. She had hoped that she and her partner could finally take their relationship to the next level and settle down, but she understood that she would have to put that on hold given the circumstances.


Almost immediately, Bree’s partner sprang into action. He booked himself a one-way ticket to New York to see his mother, still unsure when he’d be able to return. Bree, however, assured her partner that he can take as much time as he needs.

Everything was about to change

Bree and her partner soon parted ways. She figured that he would probably drive himself to the airport. For now, she thought it would be best to drive the Uber car for a few hours. She had no idea that more surprises were coming her way.


Not long after Bree and her partner said their goodbyes, Bree drove to the airport to pick up someone who had booked a ride. She picked up the passenger – a woman in her twenties – not knowing that the woman would change her life forever.

Small talk

The two began conversing as they drove to the address that the passenger provided. The woman revealed that she was in town to visit her boyfriend, whom she hadn’t seen for quite some time.


Bree could tell how excited the woman was to see her boyfriend, and she couldn’t help but feel happy for her. It warmed her heart to see true love in action! It’s these simple joys in life that can really make or break a person’s day.

A funny coincidence

Bree realized that she was missing her partner more and more as her passenger continued to talk about hers. However, It wasn’t long before they arrived at the passenger’s destination, and Bree was completely taken aback by what she saw.


Bree noticed that they were at the same apartment complex that her boyfriend lived in. Bree thought that it was a funny coincidence, but thought nothing of it. It was probably just one of those coincidences that happen from time to time.

So many questions

The passenger didn’t know the specific building that her boyfriend lived in, so they waited for him to text her the building number. As they slowly drove past the buildings, Bree began to feel uneasy.


Bree had so many questions running through her head. What were the odds that her passenger’s partner and her partner both lived in the same building? How much of a coincidence could this whole scenario possibly be? Was one of her worst nightmares about to come true?

The clincher

Bree had been in the same building just less than two hours ago. She felt her stomach drop, and her hands started to get sweaty. What she saw next, however, was the clincher. As she walked along the parking lot outside the building, she saw her partner’s car.


With just one look, she knew it was his. She didn’t even need to look at the license plate or check inside. She just knew. At this point, more questions began to form in her head.

The start of a new chapter

Bree took her time. She couldn’t just drop off her passenger and go about the rest of her day with all of these unanswered questions. The fact that his car was still there probably meant nothing, or so she hoped.


Bree watched as her passenger made her way toward the building’s entrance, knowing deep down that she was about to witness the beginning of a new chapter in her life. Bree was completely unprepared for this moment, but she had no choice but to face it head-on.

The same car

Just as the woman was beginning to fade from Bree’s view, she turned around and made her way to Bree’s boyfriend’s car instead. The woman then pointed out to Bree that this was her boyfriend’s car. This revelation proved too much for Bree to handle.


Bree’s worst fears had been confirmed, yet she clung to a sliver of hope, trying to tell herself that this wasn’t happening. There must be some sort of mistake. How could this woman know for sure that this car was that of her boyfriend?

Searching for answers

The woman told Bree that her boyfriend was on his way to see her and that he requested that she wait by his car. She wasn’t sure where the entrance to the apartment was and what the building number was, so she asked her boyfriend to pick her up instead.


Bree still had so many questions running through her mind. Was her boyfriend telling the truth about his mother? Was she genuinely unwell, or was he just covering up his double life? She knew the answers deep down, but she needed to see them for herself.

The revelation

Bree watched her boyfriend as he walked down the stairs with a huge grin on his face, eager to see his girlfriend. He had no idea what was in store for him on the opposite side of the parking lot.


Bree recalled the conversation she had with the woman in her car. As it turns out, the person that this woman was missing was the same person that she was missing as well. In an instant, Bree’s world had completely shattered.

At a loss for words

When Bree’s boyfriend saw her, he froze. He noticed her looking at him, and he instantly recognized the disappointment and pain in her eyes. She glanced at him, heartbroken. He betrayed her trust. He was being deceptive. He lied about his mother’s condition to cover up the fact that he had been living a double life.


Bree didn’t know what to do next. What should she say to him? She was at a loss for words. She just stood there, trying to figure out what her next move was going to be.

The jig is up

Bree’s boyfriend turned around and began rushing up the stairs, hoping to avoid facing her. But the jig was up. He had been caught. Bree didn’t have time to waste. If this was the end of their years-long relationship, she wanted to do it on her own terms.


She followed him to his apartment. When she finally caught up to him, she completely lost it. She grew aggressive, screaming and cursing at him. After what had just happened, who could blame her for behaving this way?

The confrontation

One would think that Bree’s boyfriend would have been more apologetic considering what he had done, but instead, he too became aggressive. He screamed as he repeatedly tried to push her away from him, which made her feel even worse.


Suddenly, Bree felt someone wrapping their arm around her. While she thought that someone had come to help her, she quickly realized that she was now being accosted not only by her boyfriend but also by his lover, the passenger.

A quick confidence boost

The catfight went on until Bree finally managed to break free and escape to her car. If her boyfriend and his lover thought that this was the end of the story, they were mistaken. Bree was bruised and in a state of shock, but she wasn’t going to let things slide that easily.A quick confidence boost


Bree sat in her car speechless as she tried to process everything that had just happened. She felt lost and confused – that is, until she noticed something in her car that gave her a quick confidence boost.

Bree’s revenge

Amidst the commotion at the apartment, the woman left behind one crucial item in Bree’s car: her suitcase, which contained all her personal belongings. Upon realizing this, Bree couldn’t help but smile.


Bree figured that the woman had no intention of trying to get her luggage bag, and Bree had no intention of returning to the apartment, so she decided to keep the luggage. She wanted to teach her boyfriend and his lover a lesson, and she wanted revenge.

Bree’s story goes viral

Bree posted about her experience on Twitter in a series of tweets detailing what had happened. Her Twitter thread quickly went viral, receiving over 6,000 likes and 35,000 retweets in just a few hours. It remains one of the most infamous betrayal stories on Twitter to this day.


Bree received plenty of encouragement and support from people who saw her tweets. She also quickly realized that she was better off without her cheating boyfriend. If he cheated once, he will very certainly cheat again.

Lost luggage

Though she was ready to move on with her life, Bree still had another problem to deal with. Uber policy requires all drivers to return misplaced items to their rightful owners, but Bree was unable to do so.


While she would have gladly done so under different circumstances, her last passenger was no ordinary passenger. Bree’s boyfriend’s lover, meanwhile, was not at all pleased that her luggage hadn’t been returned. She reported it to the police in hopes that she could still get it back.

Facing the consequences of her actions

As if Bree’s life wasn’t already exciting enough, she now had a legal matter to deal with. Fortunately, she was able to escape prosecution. However, Bree still had to deal with the consequences of her actions in different ways.


Bree’s boyfriend’s lover also reported her actions to Uber, who then quickly booted her off the platform after a thorough investigation. First, she lost her boyfriend, and now she had lost one of her main sources of income, all due to the same person.

Not ready to move on

Bree was ready to move on, but her now ex-boyfriend still wasn’t. He would call and text her repeatedly, which made putting all of this behind her much more difficult.


He would talk about the possibility of her giving him another chance and them getting back together, seemingly oblivious to the gravity of what he had done to her and the pain it had caused. However, Bree was strong, and she wasn’t going to allow herself to give in that easily.

The motive

However, there was more to it than simply wanting to rekindle their romance. Bree wasn’t as gullible as her ex had thought. She knew that he had a motive, and that was to get his new girlfriend’s luggage back.


Unfortunately for him, Bree wasn’t going to fall for him or his antics. When he realized this, he then resorted to begging her outright for the suitcase. Still, Bree’s answer was NO. She was not going to allow him to manipulate her again.

Bree’s response

Bree took to Twitter once again and tweeted a cryptic response directed at her ex. This was her best option for retaliation. She had no intention of crying or complaining.


She was simply going to show the entire world what a disgusting and disloyal man he is through her tweets. She hoped that doing so would finally get her ex to stop bothering her so she can finally live the rest of her life in peace.

The next chapter

Breakups are never easy, and trying to move on despite the pain is even harder. Fortunately, Bree had the support and admiration of not just her Twitter followers, but also the people around her.


While Bree appears to have finally moved on to the next phase of her life, we can’t help but wonder: whatever happened to the missing suitcase? We don’t have a clear answer, and as with so many things in life, it’s probably better if we don’t.

The most horrifying Uber experience ever

New Year’s eve of 2015. An Alberta resident and four of his friends were about to leave a wedding and so decided to take an Uber home. Though Uber is currently considered illegal in Edmonton, this fact did not stop these friends to enjoy their rides. The surge pricing, which Uber reminded them will affect their fare, did not bother them at all.

That was until they saw the actual result of their poor decision: Uber charged them a whopping $1,114.75. This costly ride home was later settled between Uber and the passenger. Uber offered the passenger $500.

What to do when Uber has your house keys

This story will give you nightmares. Reporter Kristin Leahy accidentally left her house keys in an Uber vehicle after she used the ride-sharing app to take her to the airport. Leahy contacted the driver right away and was advised that the keys were already in Uber’s headquarters.

Leahy contacted Uber and, after a few weeks, was advised that the keys are indeed with them. They asked for Leahy’s address so they could send the keys to her. Fast forward a month later. Her keys are still not with her and Uber claims since Leahy didn’t pick up her keys at their headquarters, the keys are no longer with Uber. Plus, an Uber driver broke into her home after she was dropped off at the airport.

Customers are always right even when they’re rude

A passenger got an Uber from a train station in Chatsworth, California. The passenger asked that the Uber driver take him to Beverly Hills. Ten minutes en route to the destination, the driver heard the passenger call his hotel and curse the guy he was talking to. The passenger eventually canceled his hotel reservation while cursing the hotel clerk.

The passenger then asked to be taken to Ventura Boulevard. The passenger called a different hotel and talked to a different hotel clerk but spewed the same curses on the phone. Later on, the passenger asked to be taken back to the train station he was picked up from.  All the driver got for the entire journey was $9 and a ton load of F!@#$ ringing in his ears.

What Uber drivers do to unconscious male passengers

Uber drivers have confessed that they prefer rowdy passengers to unconscious ones. Drivers revealed that the worst situation they ever experienced was when a bar owner decides to call an Uber driver for their passed-out patron. The bar owner then chucks their male patron in the backseat.

The driver has no choice but to ask the unresponsive passenger where their destination is or, if no answer is provided, call 911 and take him to the police.

Uber driver gets wise advice from a passenger

The horror of being stalked was experienced by this Uber driver who picked up a man from a bar in the middle of the day. En route to their destination, which was a casino a few streets away, they were suddenly followed by a car that was constantly beeping at the Uber vehicle. The driver became worried as the car was tailing them. The passenger casually brushed off the incident saying, “That might be my wife, don’t worry she’ll stop following soon.” The entire ride was 20 minutes of being tailgated and beeped at.

Upon arriving at the destination, the man literally jumped out the vehicle while the tailgating car almost hit him. The passenger’s advice to the driver before exiting was, “Don’t ever get married.”

Hell hath no fury like an Uber driver scorned

The Daily Beast writer Olivia Nuzzi was already in an Uber car when its driver casually revealed that he took close-range pictures of her one hour before her calling for a ride. Clearly creeped out by the driver’s remarks, Olivia immediately reported the incident to Uber. Uber later did the appropriate thing – the driver was fired. Upon being fired, the driver did an inappropriate thing, he harassed Olivia and her employer. How did the driver know where she worked?

Apparently, the information can be easily accessed using Uber’s app. The real horror is the fact that Uber insists it keeps its customers’ data private – but they actually don’t.

Passengers are liars too

An Uber driver recalls the worst passenger he ever got. According to the driver, he picked up a young teen late at night in Salt Lake City, Utah. He then safely dropped off the kid at his appropriate destination. However, the driver was surprised to see Uber issue him a warning.

He also received a threat from Uber that if ever he did the same thing again, his record would be deactivated. It turns out, the teen sent Uber a false report and was trying to get the fare refunded by claiming that the driver committed road rage and was speeding. The driver showed Uber the trip record which states his average speed was 21mph. No refund occurred.

Uber driver causes a lethal fireball

A 35-year-old man died when an Uber driven by a 60-year-old male rammed into the 35-year-old man’s car thereby causing an explosion. The incident happened at a gas station in North Seattle. The 35-year-old was in his Honda Accord when he was hit by the Uber driver’s Nissan Xterra SUV.

Upon impact, the Honda veered into a tree and split in half while the victim was still trapped inside. Witnesses claim that the SUV was speeding when it hit the Honda. The Uber driver and its 40-year-old passenger were rushed to the hospital with minor injuries.

Uber driver holds an iPhone hostage

Yes, you read that right. An Uber driver kept an iPhone that a passenger accidentally left in his car. The driver held the phone hostage until the passenger forked up $500. As a response, Uber immediately deactivated the driver’s account until the driver returned the phone.

Though the passenger was willing to meet the driver and even made plans to retrieve the phone, the driver never showed up. The real horror was that Uber did not reimburse the passenger for the trouble.

Uber driver will never forget this passenger’s animalistic grunt

It was past two in the morning when an Uber driver picked up a white and wasted 40-something male passenger. They were en route to the assigned destination when the passenger asked the driver to pull over into the Kroger Shopping Center. The driver dutifully did as he was told. The passenger then left his wallet in the car and got out.

The passenger started to pee in the parking lot. Later on, the driver saw the passenger drop his pants. After which, the passenger squatted and grinned satisfyingly while letting out an orgasmic and relieved grunt never before heard from any human. As it turns out, the passenger defecated. Shocked, the driver threw the wallet out the window and drove on.

It is not illegal to burp inside an Uber car

Seth Bender accidentally burped inside an Uber while being driven by Hamsah Abu Shariah in Washington D.C. Seth did the polite thing and excused himself. But Hamsah took the passenger’s burping to an issue beyond manners and etiquette. 

Hamsah started a rant that involved America and gay people. He also assaulted Bender when he got out of the vehicle. The driver also spits on and slapped the passenger’s face. Uber appropriately dismissed Hamsah.

Uber driver gets arrested for a crime his passengers committed

An Uber driver was innocently going about his day to pick up two passengers. Unknown to him, the passengers had just robbed a bowling alley. When the driver was pulling up to the pick-up point, the passengers were about to use the car as a getaway vehicle when the cops arrived. The passengers immediately ran away.

The driver was left to defend himself as the cops pulled their guns out and ordered the driver to step away from his vehicle. The driver was also put in handcuffs.

Uber driver VS passenger

As if Uber didn’t have enough enemies, this Uber driver decided to make a few new ones on his own. A video posted online showed a brawl break out between an Uber driver and a passenger on London’s Queenstown Road. The men were swinging at each other as cars apathetically passed by. One was even seen holding a weapon that resembled a wrench.

A woman was seen trying to break up the fight unsuccessfully. The police later learned that it was the Uber driver who reported being assaulted by the passenger.

Uber likes its drivers in DUI-mode

Police had to step in when they were called to control an incident that involved a man in a Florida shopping mall who was aggressive and was attempting to ram someone else’s car. The driver was Alvaro Gutierrez, an Uber driver who claimed he was at the mall to pick up passengers. When the police tested his sobriety, he failed. He also could not present any insurance.

Policemen were also baffled at how a man could drive for Uber despite being charged four times. Uber, while pretending to care, similarly scratched its head and shrugged its shoulders.

Domestic drama inside an Uber vehicle

An Uber driver received a request to pick up a couple from a restaurant. When the driver arrived, both were arguing. During the journey, the man punched the woman in the face. When they reached the destination, the man took out a knife and threatened the woman and the driver. The driver told the man to take this issue outside the car.

The couple got out of the car. The driver proceeded to go to the Sheriff’separtment to relate what happened. He also showed the video of the incident thanks to the camera inside the vehicle. The video and information provided by the Uber driver eventually lead to the man’s arrest.

Passenger harassed by Uber driver

It all started okay. A passenger, after a rough night, decided to take an Uber home. The passenger was upset, crying, and may have been letting off some steam as she was ditched by her roommate for a guy. The driver volunteered to make her feel better by saying nice things all through the ride. Everything was fine until the passenger arrived at her destination.

The driver proceeded to get out of the car and expressed his desire to enter the passenger’s apartment. The passenger appropriately said “no” while quickly shutting the door of her apartment.

Two Uncle Sams sharing a kiss in the backseat shocked this Uber driver

An Uber driver shares his experience of picking up a man and woman dressed as Uncle Sams – complete with latex facial features and high-end costumes. While en route to their destination, the Uncle Sams got into a fight with one accusing the other of flirting with someone else. If this wasn’t weird enough, the two Uncle Sams tried to rope in the driver to take sides.

Things got traumatizing when the Uncle Sams decided to kiss and make up. They literally kissed each other and had a make-out session, tongue and all, at the backseat of the car.

A driver tells a customer “You deserve cancer”

One fine day, cancer patient Alexandra Craigle had a scheduled radiation appointment in New York. She called an Uber ride to take her to her treatment. But a minute after ordering her Uber, she had to cancel it. The Uber driver, who was apparently triggered by Craigle’s rejection, called her three times. He also left threatening voicemail messages.

Unsatisfied, he also texted her continuously and even said she deserved to have cancer. Uber’s way of saying “sorry” for hiring a demented driver was to give Craigle a $30 credit. It is currently not known if the said driver has been dismissed.

An Uber driver took advantage of an intoxicated woman

A female passenger who rode an Uber, but was too drunk to tell the driver where her specific address, was, got more than what she expected from the driver who picked her up. The Uber driver, sensing a sick opportunity, decided to take the intoxicated passenger to the Panorama motel.

The passenger, who woke up the next morning soberer than she was last night, was apparently fondled by the Uber driver. Uber appropriately responded by dismissing the driver.

Uber driver gets a groper and a puker

A female driver shared her experience with a drunken man who attempted to grope her while the man’s wife and two friends were also present in the car. The man also threw up four times before the appointed drop-off point. Uber took the incident very seriously that they charged the man $200. His actual fare was $50. The $150 was the cleaning fee.

For the groping, the driver charged it to her experience and swore she’d rather take in drunk college kids than a drunk old man.

Woman abducted by an Uber driver

A rider from Los Angeles called Uber to take her home. When the car arrived, the rider got in. Little did the rider know that she was about to have an unforgettable ride. The Uber driver took the passenger twenty miles out of her route and into an empty parking lot. The driver then locked the doors of the car despite the rider’s attempts and protestations.

The entire abduction lasted for two hours. The driver eventually returned the passenger to her destination when she kicked and screamed enough to create a fuss. The real horror was that Uber only partially refunded her. Uber also apologized for the driver’s “inefficient route”