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The Unbelievable Life Of The Extraordinary Hunk Enrique Iglesias

Iglesias is a name synonymous with heartthrobs, as it appears that good looks run deep in this Spanish family. But, if you’ve never had the pleasure of learning about Enrique Iglesias and his extraordinary life, you’re in for a wild ride. Enrique Iglesias isn’t just a pretty face—this hunk just oozes true charisma. Fans can’t get enough of the hot songster, and this is the story of his rise to fame.

Discover his origin story and fall in love with this sultry Spanish sensation. How did he become the multitalented superstar that he is now? Dive deeper to learn more—like how Enrique Iglesias came to be known as the King of Latin Pop. From zero to hero, witness a blazing star rise to glory. 

He Inherited His Good Looks

Where did Enrique’s celebrity story truly begin? As it turns out, musical talent runs in the family. There’s little doubt as to where Enrique got his good looks from. Meet his father, Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler. We know—that name’s quite a mouthful, but bear with us.

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It was on May 8th, 1975, when the world was blessed with a handsome young tike named Enrique in Madrid, Spain. He was born to Julio Iglesias and Isabel Preysler, two proud parents. A glance at the pair reveals the origins of his stunning good looks.

It Runs In The Family

They say that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and in this case, it’s true. Julio, Enrique’s father, is regarded as one of Spain’s most successful singers. Isabel Preysler, his mother, was a well-known socialite and journalist. Talent and charm—what a combination!

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This family might be definitive proof that greatness is inherited—the rest of us may as well just give up—we don’t stand a chance! Enrique, the youngest of three children, always made it a point to always be the center of attention. Among his siblings, Enrique stood out the most. 

A Star Is Born

One of his best-kept secrets is that Enrique started his musical career from humble beginnings. How humble? Let’s just say that his first performance was a school production of “Hello, Dolly!” and from that moment on, “a star was born.”

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The music bug bit him early, a gift which he took after his father. The aspiring singer began creating songs and singing them with pals in Miami eateries after his family relocated to the United States. Iglesias didn’t want his father, who had sold over 300 million albums, to know anything about it, so he kept it hidden for years.

He Loved His Nanny

It was a sad time when Enrique’s parents divorced. He had to stay with his father in Miami in the US. But with senior Iglesias forever on tour due to his musical career, the young master was left with his nanny, Elvira Olivares, more often than not.

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His Nanny loved him like her own son. She loved him so much that she even gave him the $1,800 that he needed to record a demo. He wanted to keep his musical career secret from his father, but Olivares was more than accommodating. 

Mr. Martinez

The young Enrique wanted to prove that his value was not just tethered to his father’s name. To avoid drawing attention to himself as the son of Julio Iglesias, Enrique Iglesias used the alias, Enrique Martinez. Unfortunately, Mr. Martinez was not immediately a popular hit.

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Things took a turn after being directed to Fonovisa Records, a tiny independent label with a strong Mexican influence. After hearing the demo and seeing the gorgeous Enrique, the CEO signed a $1 million record contract. It’s not just luck—it’s pure talent!

His Heart Is In The Right Place

Only true fans of Enrique Iglesias know this about the balladeer. His smash hit, Heartbeat, might contain a deeper meaning that few truly understand. A fact about Iglesias is that he was born with a rare syndrome called situs inversus, which means “opposite.”

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This hottie’s heart is on the opposite side of his body. All of his organs are exactly the same as everybody else’s, except they’re mirrored! It’s a rare condition, affecting 1 in every 10,000 people worldwide. Even if its position in his body is reversed, his heart is still in the right place. 

Mr. Iglesias Goes To College

This hot hunk isn’t just easy on the eyes—He also has a good head on his shoulders. Before devoting his life to music, Iglesias studied business administration at the University of Miami. It’s always good to have a plan B just in case your music career doesn’t quite fall into place.

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This scholastic effort, however, did not go as planned— the soon-to-be worldwide phenomenon dropped out in his second year to focus his talents on creating a music empire. School just wasn’t meant to be. We’re glad, though, since this only worked out for Enrique in the long run.

Record-breaking Debut

Enrique went all out with his debut album, and his fans backed him up with full support. This resulted in him topping the Latin charts, getting a Grammy Award nomination for best Latin pop album, and attaining platinum status in sales in the United States, selling well over five million copies. Not bad for a debut.

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The balladeer’s debut album cemented his place among the world’s greats and helped him become a household figure in the 1990s and early 2000s. His dad must be very proud of his son’s accomplishment—and to think, Enrique did not want help from his father. 

Catching The Attention Of Will

Enrique Iglesias might not be the one who started Latin Fever worldwide but boy did he fuel the flame. Ricky Martin and Jenifer Lopez may have paved the way, but Iglesias hit the ground running when he entered the worldwide English-language market and certainly gave it a jolt.

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When you gain this amount of fame from music, it’s not long until the stars take notice. Enrique, Iglesias’ fourth studio album, released in 1999, really marked the start of his worldwide career. Will Smith thought the track “Bailamos” slapped so much that he used it in his film, Wild Wild West.

Enrique’s Critics

When one gains this much fame, one cannot avoid the ire of critics. One critic, Howard Stern, chastised the singer for his inability to perform live. However, Iglesias later played a song live at his concert with only a guitar to prove Stern wrong.

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The singer gave it all in his live performance and proved them all wrong. Stern had no choice but to admit that Enrique could sing. However, it was later revealed that Iglesias was forced to lip-sync during a botched Super Bowl performance.

From Zero To Hero

People born in the ’90s will surely recognize his famous hit single Hero. Many couples during this decade made this their own personal love theme, and single ladies swooned to Enrique when he serenaded them on the television. On its release, Enrique Iglesias’ much-loved smash single reached heroic heights.

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This single sold eight million copies alone. We loved Enrique’s ultra-tender passionate affectation on this track. This single may have been the Spanish troubadour’s real turning point, garnering him fans worldwide. You can be our hero any day, Enrique. 

The Power Couple Enrique and Anna

Millions of hearts across the world shattered when news broke about Enrique having found a girlfriend. Enrique and renowned tennis player, Anna Kournikova, met during the filming of his song video Escape in 2001. To be honest, they didn’t even appear to be acting throughout their fairly heated routine.

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The two were instantly smitten with one other. They proclaimed their long-term romance in 2002. Although the two were famous all over the world—Anna being a world-famous tennis player— they tried to keep things private. But the media could not get enough of this pair. 

Secret Twins

The media would try to get anything they could out about the couple’s love lives, but they just couldn’t get anything. Their very private lives left fans wondering: do they live in Splitsville now, are they married, or are they still dating?


For the longest time, the two managed to keep their private lives out of the limelight. In 2017, the world was astonished to learn that the happy couple had twins together. Only relatives and a few close friends were aware that the tennis star and Latin pop king were parents.

Wounds That Left Him Scared

It wasn’t always smooth sailing for Enrique. Time heals all wounds, but sometimes, it leaves us with scars. These scars can lead to an interesting anecdote years later. When Enrique was a little boy, he got himself into a lot of trouble—he had been in hot water, literally.

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Iglesias would tell the story about the scar on his inner thigh, located on a discrete part of his body, thankfully. He recalls being sent to the hospital after being accidentally placed in a bathtub filled with boiling water. This was back in the days when gas boilers were still in use and water would come out searing. 

The Rumor Mill

Iglesias and Kournikova defy the expectations many hold on what it means to be a celebrity. Perhaps staying out of the limelight allowed them to nurture their relationship without the stress and hassle of the celebrity rumor mill, which often churns at the expense of their mental health.

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While there have been speculations over the years, it seems that all the rumors were put to print in order to sell magazines. While we can’t say whether they have ups or downs, Enrique seems like a stand-up partner. The two had their third child together at the beginning of 2020.

Puppy Papa

Enrique is also a dog parent. How much more lovable can Mr. Iglesias be? He has previously stated that his dogs are his most prized possessions and that he dislikes being absent from them for lengthy periods.


And no matter how busy the international pop star is, he still has time for his furry babies. Iglesias manages to find time for his prized canines. These picture-perfect pups have even appeared on the Spanish actor’s Instagram and Twitter accounts from time to time.

Money Troubles

The pop star has been no stranger to money problems, but not in the way you might expect. In 2018, the Grammy-winning Latin pop singer alleged that Universal Music Group owed him money from his streaming royalties. The reported debt was in the millions of dollars. This is no small allegation.

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There were also “unjustifiable deductions” and “extra costs,” according to the lawsuit. This type of behavior is typical of the music industry, which is often at odds with the artists that make their higher-ups a fortune. We hope you get what you deserve, Enrique.

No Contract Needed

Despite being together and having kids together, Enrique and Anna are unmarried. Enrique appears to be underwhelmed by the prospect of marriage. He even said that he did not think that marriage makes much of a difference. When you’re a celebrity with money, you don’t really need to think about marriage, visas, or green cards.

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Anna expressed similar feelings to her partner in 2012, saying that marriage was not an essential component of her relationship. We’re not sure if this is good news for some or if they will take this as bad news. On the one hand, he is not married—but on the other hand, he seems to be committed for life. 

Nobody Is Perfect

If a person truly loves someone, then they should be able to accept them, warts and all. In an interview with the Guardian, Enrique admitted that chewing his toenails was his most unpleasant habit. Okay, that’s a little weird—but that does make him quite a flexible guy.

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His most embarrassing admission, he said in the same interview, was passing gas in a movie theater on a first date. This interview got more real the longer it went on. Passing gas when you’re in a relationship is acceptable after so long, but we are not so sure about doing this on the first date. 

Drone Of Doom

During a live performance, anything can happen. From costume fails to sound technical mishaps, artists have to expect the unexpected. During a live performance in Mexico, Enrique reached up to hold a drone as if he were petting a harmless kitten.

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Unfortunately, his hand was damaged by the quadcopter blades. The brave—though embarrassed—musician went back on stage after a brief consultation with a physician, singing his heart out with a lengthy bandage trailing after him.

Bleeding Heart

This is what separates professionals from amateurs. If an accident as serious as this happened to anyone else, they would probably freak out—but not Enrique. After the drone mishap left him with a damaged hand, he instinctively painted a heart shape on his t-shirt and continued his show.

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He saw this as an opportunity to partner with the “Save the Children Foundation,” selling replicas of the stained shirt from that fateful performance. “My heart goes out to all the kids around the world who have had to reconstruct their lives from the ground up because of humanitarian disasters,” he was quoted as saying.

We Will Miss The Beauty Mark

Enrique and his mole were together all throughout his career and during his success, but sadly there came a time when he and the mole had to part ways. The pop hero’s signature mole was surgically removed after his doctor advised against keeping it.

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Even though the treatment took only five minutes, the world’s most famous mole will live on in our hearts forever. It is better safe than sorry when it comes to health issues. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Besides, it doesn’t hurt his looks one bit. 

Every Fan’s Dream

Fans would line up for a chance to spend time—even a second—with their idol at their concert. From the sea of women, this particular fan must have had all the planets lined up for her to steal a smooch from the famous singer. We’re all very jealous.

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What began as a harmless selfie request rapidly deteriorated into an impromptu snog. When the photos surfaced, we’re sure his long-term girlfriend, Anna Kournikova, was not pleased—but hopefully, she knew this was just for the show. 

Mr. Iglesias’s Acting Career

The music industry often crosses paths with the movie industry. It was inevitable that our Spanish songster would appear in a film to show off his acting chops. In 2003, the red-hot crooner stepped away from the microphone to show off his acting skills on the big screen.

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In Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Enrique Iglesias starred alongside Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, and Johnny Depp—but it wasn’t his first acting role. In 1995, the baby-faced Enrique played a renegade hitman in the neo-western Desperado. Both films were received warmly by his fans.

Pitbull’s Main Man

Sometimes friendship blooms even between the most unlikely of people. The odd friendship between the smooth pop diva and Pitbull, the American rapper, goes beyond commerce. The pair have collaborated together on songs like Messin’ Around and I Like It.

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This pair has a deep respect for one another and their respective crafts. They have acknowledged that they are excellent friends and spend as much time as possible with each other in their hometown of Miami. According to Iglesias, they share a level of honesty that is necessary for creating great music.

Taking A Break

Everyone needs a rest from time to time. In 2004, Enrique fell off the radar, but the handsome star was not totally inactive. Except for some media conjecture about his intense affair with tennis star Kournikova, he faded from view.

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But his silence was not for nothing—he needed a break to get a fresh new perspective for his new album, entitled “Insomniac.” The album was released in 2007. No one was anticipating such a dark and edgy departure from his regular style.

Live In Damascus

When Enrique performed his scorching Latin pop for 10,000 enthusiastic fans in 2007, he became the first western singer to perform in Syria in three decades. Iglesias is no stranger to places of severe tension. Iglesias visited Bali shortly after the 2002 terrorist attacks.

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The Syrian audience welcomed him with open arms. He considers the Syrian audience one of the greatest he has ever performed for. The celebrity hopes that other musicians would play in Syria after witnessing the uniting benefits of music.

Too Hot To Handle

Enrique has a way with the ladies. The seductive singer isn’t afraid to show off his good looks. Sri Lankan followers got a little too hot under the collar during his “Sex and Love” tour, which landed him in hot water. A few of his female fans thought it was a good idea to strip down during his show.

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The country is known to have conservative values, so it’s understandable that this angered Sri Lanka’s president. The enraged leader called it uncivilized behavior and demanded that the event’s organizers be penalized.

We Almost Lost A Great Song

It is hard to imagine that a song as good as Bailando almost didn’t see the light of day! After co-writing the song with Descemer Bueno, the singer was undecided about recording it. It’s a good thing that he changed his mind.

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Some things are just meant to be—and the song is too good to keep to itself. Beuno modified it and released it as his own song online, but when Enrique heard it, he knew he should put his out as well. It’s a good thing he did—the album went platinum four times in the US.

Their Voices Could Melt Hearts

Iglesias’ album Could I Have This Kiss Forever was released in 1999. It included Whitney Houston—another legendary singer. The fans were grateful that they had the chance to hear their idol’s voices harmonize. Those two can make any tune work.

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Despite the original long-distance recording session, the heated music video would later validate the two’s connection. It was not enough that they made beautiful music together—the pair looked good on screen too. That’s what we call “star power.”

His Latin Mansion

Where else would a king rest during his leisure time than a castle? The King of Latin Pop has made enough dollars to live comfortably with his queen, tennis super-babe Anna, in their multi-million dollar house, which is a 7,622 square foot Moroccan-style Miami Mansion.

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Villa Jasmine, as it is fondly known, has seven bedrooms, a long marble driveway, a huge mosaic-tiled fountain, and a spa! The Miami house is valued at $18.5 million. A Grammy Award-winning superstar shouldn’t disappoint when it comes to their real estate. It seems that Enrique lives in a luxurious casa. 

TV Spots

In an episode of Two and a Half Men, the Spanish pop singer attempted to steal Charlie’s girlfriend. Instead of playing the superstar that he is in real life, he portrayed Fernando, a handsome but modest handyman. This is one handyman we would like to come to our house.


The producers were right to cast the sultry singer. Not only does he fight for Charlie’s girlfriend’s affection, but Berta, Charlie’s maid, also has a thing for the doe-eyed Mr. Fix-it. Charlie, a bitter old guy, had no choice but to terminate the attractive handyman’s contract.

Enrique Has It All

It seems that when God showered the world with talent and good looks, Mr. Iglesias had wide enough arms to catch most of it. The Latin singing superstar even had an Off-Broadway production! “Four Guys Named Jose And Una Mujer Named Maria” is the name of the show.

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The dynamic stage production had appealing tunes and a whirlwind narrative of love and grief that paid respect to the evolution of Latin music through the decades. It is about time that broadway embraced Latin music, and we can’t think of a better man for the job. 

His Name Is Gael

Enrique graced another funny sitcom with his Latin charm. In an episode of the American comedy How I Met Your Mother, he appeared as Gael, Robin’s Argentinian rebound. One of the jokes in the show was that Robin seems to have trouble pronouncing his name.


Every guy worries that his ex-girlfriend will rekindle their relationship with someone like Gael, an attractive surfer, and masseuse. We sympathized with the main character, Ted. He just couldn’t catch a break. We liked seeing Enrique, as Gael, serenade the bunch, despite Ted’s agonizing.

The Scent Of A Real Man

One way to determine if a celebrity has made it or not yet is if he or she has a perfume made for them. True Star Men is the brainchild of Enrique Iglesias and Tommy Hilfiger. True Star Woman is headlined by the irrepressible Beyoncé—so Iglesias was in excellent company.

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There is a first time for everything, and he seemed to enjoy working on his scent. The amount of work that goes into producing a scent astonished the Latin megastar. Iglesias likened the experience to making an album. True Star is inspired by his seductive but laid-back approach.

The Superbowl Show Stopper

Usually, commercials are just a nuisance—they just interrupt what we’re watching. But this one is different. They certainly had a big budget for their commercial because it was star-studded and executed masterfully. We wanted more of it.

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In one of the most spectacular Super Bowl advertisements of all time, the handsome Enrique joined forces with Pink, Britney Spears, and Beyoncé. The divas three portrayed smoking hot gladiators in a colosseum, in a parody of the iconic Gladiator film, while Enrique plays a nasty Pepsi-sipping emperor.

Enrique Has A Huge Heart

It’s not enough that this hunk is good-looking—he’s also captured the hearts of his fans because he is just such a good guy. After he and his fans contributed $350,000 to the Save The Children Foundation, the hit-making Latin musician was dubbed “Changemaker.” His heart appears to be as enormous as his hits.

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These funds will be used to support education in Peru, El Salvador, and Guatemala. “I have the finest fans on the globe,” Iglesias reportedly said. It certainly was a group effort, but if not for Enrique using his platform, the call for donations would not have reached such a large crowd. 

Mary, The Sweetest Baby Girl

The singer and tennis player welcomed his youngest, Mary, also known as “Masha,” into the world in 2020. Masha is a lovely nickname that pays homage to her mother’s Russian background. Little Mary was welcomed into an already hectic family with two other twin siblings and two dogs, Enrique said.


While the pair have kept their personal lives secret, they have published intimate images of hers on Instagram, referring to her as “Sunshine.” The kid looks like she won the gene pool lottery with both parents blessed with good looks and talent. 

Dynamic Duo

The names “Iglesias” and “Lopez” are some of the most famous names in Latin Pop. It was just a matter of time before these huge stars toured together. While the two heavy-hitting pop artists were killing it on stage, they were feuding behind the scenes about a sensitive subject: marriage.

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Lopez, who has been married three times, was reportedly trying to persuade Iglesias to put a ring on the finger of his long-term girlfriend, Kournikova. “Jennifer and I have some differences of opinion when it comes down to it,” Iglesias reportedly said.

Music Was His Escape

Being the good-natured man that he is, Enrique had more plans for charity work. He and Linkin Park founded the non-profit organization “Music for Relief” in 2004 to aid those whose lives have been shattered by natural calamities.

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According to Iglesias, he had Haitian acquaintances in Miami who lost family members in the earthquake in Haiti. The “Download to Donate” project, which raises money for the Haitian community, made previously unheard tracks by the Latin megastar available. What an upstanding man! More reasons to love this heartthrob.