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40 Hilarious Text Messages Between Landlords and Tenants

At some point in our lives, most of us have experienced the life of a tenant. Living under lease before we can afford to purchase our own place, we have a variety of choices, depending on our requirements and budget. In the process of choosing an apartment, one thing we don’t have much control over is our property manager.

It’s essential to remain in great standing with your property manager, but it’s not always easy. A few landowners are just there to ensure everything in the house or unit works appropriately, while others can be a serious irritation. They say that the ideal landlord or property manager is the one you never hear from, and after reading these befuddling message exchanges, we can’t help but concur. 

Making Things Less Awkward

It’s very simple to send a text message to the wrong person when we’re preoccupied or in a hurry, and it’s a justifiable human slip-up. Sending a text to the wrong individual consistently causes an awkward vibe at the best of times, but it’s far more cringeworthy when the individual in question is your landowner, and the message was intended for your sweetheart. 

Thankfully, his property manager discovered a method of making things less embarrassing by prompting him about his rent. Of course, we’re sure this was the last thing on Keith’s mind!

Having a Super Time

This time, it wasn’t the occupant who sent an awkward message, but the landlady who sent the wrong text to her tenant. It’s easy to forget that your boss or landlord is an individual with a rich and interesting life. However, this tenant got a confronting reminder. 

After seeing this text, Audrey wouldn’t have the option to think her landlady is just a boring old woman. She was cool about it and sent another message to address the circumstance and clear the confusion. This Joan appears to be a sweet woman and Audrey ought to be grateful for that. 

Too Much Honesty

As this landlord was showing the place to new probable tenants, he was amazed to discover stains on the carpet. When he messaged to get some information about it, his tenant’s answer was seriously astounding. 

The tenant thought he was alluding to another sort of stain altogether – the type they ordinarily discover utilizing a blacklight in crime scenes on Law and Order. At times, it’s smarter to simply say “indeed, sir,” and not give any additional data. 

A Shower of Requests

Alex isn’t a relaxed landlord – he’s the type you hear a lot from. Fortunately for Mat, it appears as though he’s a patient person, and it would surely require a great deal of tolerance to manage such a barrage of strangeness from his landlord. 

He was eager to assist and do what his property owner demanded, and all things considered, he’s the one living in the house, so it’s to his advantage to ensure the stairs are perfect and clear from snow. If only Alex would take this into consideration before sending spies over to check on poor Mat. 

The Potter Family

After reading the Harry Potter books (or watching the movies), we’ve all fantasized about getting a letter from Hogwarts telling us we’ve been admitted to the school of witchcraft and wizardry. We’ve all envisioned being part of Harry Potter’s magical world and having magical powers. 

Of course, the part about living under a flight of stairs has never been part of that dream. While the vast majority accept the Dark Lord is the villain in the series, we think the genuine villains are the Dursleys – Harry’s Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon, and Cousin Dudley – who treat him so abominably.

Shocking Theft

We realize that most landlords don’t actually think often about their tenants’ wellbeing. Rather, they care about their month-to-month income, which is totally fine. However, it appears to us that calculating the cents and emphasizing a shortfall of $0.46 is taking things a bit too far. 

Does this landlord really think the tenant is attempting to operate a slow-motion heist, netting a few cents a month? That is over the top. Additionally, why set the rent at 1,440.46? If you’re so worried, why not make it $1,440 or $1,441 and be done with it? Confusing.

Creepy Message

When a landlord informs his tenants that he would set up a time for the installment of a new microwave in the apartment, that’s great news. Here’s the part when things got weird. For reasons we don’t want to contemplate, he let his female tenants know he’d stolen a picture of them from the fridge. 

As though it wasn’t unpleasant enough that he was taking a gander at the photograph on the fridge, he actually stole a picture he liked. We suggest they begin searching for a new apartment.


This tenant seems to have a lot of complaints about the place, and the landlord needs to get on the same page about what’s going on. The most confusing part about this conversation is that the landlord seemed to confuse an outlet with an outside porch!

It seems he doesn’t have a clue about what’s going on in his property. Has he at any point been there? You’d figure the appropriate response would be to put the tenants at ease and solve the problems right away, so his attitude is baffling. 

A Tale of Hot Water

Patrick couldn’t resist the opportunity to share this absurd exchange on social media, and we can’t blame him. When he advised his landlord there was no heated water in the place, the latter’s reaction should’ve been, “I’ll send somebody to fix it right away.” Instead, he answered, “would you be able to send some photographs?” 

Patrick was most likely as confused as we are. How would you send photos of the absence of hot water? How would you impart something to that effect in a photograph? 

An Exception

One of the downsides of renting an apartment is that the property managers often don’t permit pets. A few landowners are apprehensive that pets may scratch the floors and ruin their property, so they’re unwilling to consider applicants with pets, even if they’re well-behaved. 

This individual needed to bring his beloved feline with him, yet the lease plainly expressed no pets were permitted in the place. He figured that if the landlord saw this polite cat, he may make an exemption, and fortunately for him, he was correct! 

Increasing the Lease

Some lease agreements stipulate that the landlord can increase the rent if more individuals move into the property. However, this property manager is taking things too far. Can’t a woman live all alone and have her sweetheart stay the night from time to time?

Also, imagine a scenario in which her friends or family members were coming over for a weekend stay? Would he charge her additional rent for that? As long as she keeps the place fit as a fiddle and pays her rent on time, he shouldn’t be interfering so much in her life.

Tenant vs Landlord

There is by all accounts a misunderstanding between the property manager and his tenant. The latter believes it’s the former’s responsibility to clean the carport, while the property manager thinks the opposite is true. The tenants are the ones occupying the place, yet in most cases, the landlord should deal with the house and its upkeep. 

Landlords can be difficult to manage sometimes, yet per this text message, tenants can likewise be a piece of work, particularly when they feel entitled and think the property manager is there to serve their every need and impulse. 

Not Funny

Being buddy-buddy with your landlord is okay, yet calling them “baby” is simply odd and disparaging. We need our property managers to approach us with deference, and we should treat them in a similar way. 

It appears as though that is not the only thing they don’t agree about. The tenant was attempting to make a joke, however, Bruce clearly doesn’t think it’s amusing. 

This One Takes the Cake

Did the landlord just say the kitchen isn’t a place to cook? What did they expect when they leased this house – that the tenants would just request take out all the time? Why install a full kitchen if you don’t intend for it to ever be used? 

What’s with this kitchen, in any case? This message comes out ahead of the pack as the most peculiar messages sent by landlords. We’re curious to see whether any of the upcoming messages can take the title. 

The Suspicious Landlord

Landlords can be critical when picking tenants. Now and again, they’re hesitant to rent their property to individuals who they fear won’t approach it with deference. No one wants a tenant who throws too many parties, upsets the neighbors, and trashes the place. It seems like Dennis may be one of those excessively dubious landlords. 

When he saw four vehicles parked in front of the apartment, Dennis presumed his tenant must have a party going on. However, Dylan clarified that there was nothing to worry about. We love the way he slipped in the fact that he was having poker night the following evening. Here’s hoping Dennis wasn’t uptight about it. 

The Other Side of the Coin

While the majority of us understand what it means to live under a lease, very few of us understand what it’s like on the opposite side of the coin; that is, being a landlord. Fortunately for us, this individual is here to make things more clear. 

We’re struggling to feel sorry for the landlords out there. We can see the value of the work they do for their tenants, yet we don’t see the value in this superfluous comparison.

Vacuuming in the Wee Hours

Managing an irritating neighbor is significantly harder than managing an irritating landlord, and when your landowner and your neighbor are both uptight, it can be a nightmare situation. 

This poor person had an early start the next day but couldn’t rest because of the commotion emerging from the neighbor’s apartment. For reasons unknown, the neighbor thought it was smart to vacuum in the wee hours of the morning. 

Two Types of People

There are two kinds of individuals on the planet: the ones who discover a tune they like and play it on repeat until they can’t bear hearing it and those who are simply happy to add a good tune to their playlist and move in with their lives. 

This individual grumbled to his neighbor about playing the same horrible song over and over for hours. Indeed, they weren’t just playing it but blasting it on the speakers. Few people want to hear the same song on repeat indefinitely, but this poor guy just happens to live next to one of the few people who do. 

Weird Flex, but Okay

It seems like one would require a doctorate to sort out this text. We know texting isn’t for everybody, but this is simply befuddling. Is the landlord so insecure that they need to mention their education multiple times in every message? 

First of all, what do his scholarly accomplishments have to do with the wi-fi? Second, how is it a brag to reveal that you’ve failed to complete your master’s? We hope this poor tenant was able to find a new apartment with more reliable wi-fi and a less insecure landlord. 

No Sympathy

The connection between a landlord and their tenant is focused on the latter’s capacity to pay the rent. That’s all there is to it. When the tenant cannot pay, there is an instant problem. 

During tumultuous times (like a pandemic), we anticipate that our landlords should be willing to offer a little thought and compassion. We just anticipate that they should imagine our perspective briefly and be somewhat more permissive with regards to paying the lease on schedule. Is that too much to ask? 

Just What?

When we get a one-letter text, we typically forget about it, assuming it was an honest slip-up. However, when this is something that happens over and again, it’s difficult to disregard. 

This isn’t the first time this tenant has gotten such a message from his landlord, and we imagine it won’t be the last. We don’t intend to make any cliché suppositions, yet we have a feeling this landlord isn’t all that well acquainted with cell phones and messaging. 

Blame the Pizza

This individual appears to have boundary issues. He messaged his landlord, who lives in the same building, requesting that he buzz in the pizza delivery person. When the landlord replied that he was going out, the discussion should’ve finished, but the tenant was resolved to have things his way.

Requesting that he pause his arrangements just so he could be there when the pizza shows up is incredibly demanding. That is the sort of favor we might ask from a dear companion or a relative, but even then it’d be a stretch.

Another Stingy Landlord

Apparently, there are penny-pinching landlords all over the world, not just in America. This landlord whined that he didn’t get every last cent of his rent. What amount was missing? Eleven cents.  

What’s more, the tenant was quick to respond, sending the eleven cents without hesitation. If it were us, we’d be too stunned to even think about saying anything. After we got over it, we’d most likely be looking for another apartment. 

Blown out of Proportion

Each property manager cares what his place looks like, inside and out. It’s their home, their investment, and their name on the line. For this situation, we need to agree with their stance. 

For what reason would you want to put something so personal on display in the window? Possibly this was a joke or the result of a lost bet. In any case, there’s no logic behind why the property manager should endure it.

Strict Balcony Rules

We’ve begun to think property managers care more about the appearance of the house from an external perspective than what it’s like to live in for the tenants. This property manager saw a strange item on the balcony and was intent on knowing its function. 

Regardless of whether the landlord is simply observing the guidelines, it’s somewhat bizarre that they’re investigating tenants’ balconies. Creepy surveillance issues aside, why is it such a problem for there to be a plant pot on a balcony? 

A Weird Text

We often dream about people we know, especially those we love or disdain. However, we’ve never dreamed about a landlord, and if we did, we certainly wouldn’t tell them about it. They’re practically strangers! 

On top of the fact that this is an odd thing to bring up with someone who manages the property you rent, it’s a known fact that boring someone else with the details of your dream is a social faux pas. We’re not surprised that these messages didn’t get a response! 

Happy April’s Fools!

April’s Fools is the global day of tricks, so we can understand why this young lady thought this message was only a trick. The timing of the eviction notice is unfortunate. Maybe they should’ve waited one more day before sending her this message. 

Proper planning is an important part of life. Get a date mixed up, and the results could be disastrous. While this wasn’t exactly a disaster, the result was hardly ideal. Who delivers an eviction notice via text message anyway?   

The Terrible Truth

We’re making a decent attempt to think not all landlords are greedy, but as we work our way through this list, it’s getting increasingly hard. This next example is the most over-the-top message we’ve seen yet. The property manager openly admitted he has a technique for misleading his occupants to ensure he never has to give back their deposit money.

This deviant landlord was so sure it was common practice that he was happy to admit it in a public Facebook group. He really has the dauntlessness to blame his tenants for not breaking anything and keeping the apartment fit as a fiddle. Now there’s no justification for him to keep the deposit money. Are we meant to feel sorry for him? 

Dancing with the Landlord

We’re not sure what to think about this one. Is it improper for a landlord to go out dancing with tenants? He appears to be well disposed and steady. Is there anything amiss with making friends with your landlord? There may be, but we’re not exactly sure. 

In any case, we can’t resist the urge to wonder how this evening of dancing came about. Did they plan to go out together? Or did they just happen to run into each other on the dance floor?  

Selling the House and the Tenant too

This is a shocking message. We think we understand what this property manager meant, but it’s a startling selection of words. “I’m considering selling the house and planned to sell the house with you in it.” Is he anticipating selling his tenant along with the house? 

All things considered, we figure this may make it harder for the owner to get a buyer. We realize that a house can be sold as an investment property with an existing tenant, but quite often these properties are less attractive to buyers.

Shower Talk

This place sounds like a nightmare. The shower has problems, and even when it’s working properly, it takes an in-person tutorial to figure out how to operate it. Not only that, but the tenant is getting by without a fridge. 

Moving into a new apartment is taxing enough as it is, but with a broken shower and a non-existent refrigerator, the place hardly seems habitable. 

A Strange Obsession

We’re beginning to see a pattern of property managers who assume that having a higher education makes them better than every other person. For reasons unknown, they think it gives them the option to look down on their occupants, despite the fact that these are the people writing their checks. 

What is it with property managers and college degrees? Would anyone be able to clarify this odd fixation? We are running out of words and are simply confused.

The Inconsiderate Landlord

This is the most frustrating part about living with a lease – when the term is finished, there’s no assurance the landlord will renew it. It’s their property, and they can choose who they want to live there. 

If a landlord doesn’t care for you, there’s very little you can do about it once the lease is up. Though they have the right to be selective with tenants, we’re stunned by the coldness of this landlord. It’s also pretty bold to post something like this in a public Facebook group. 

Trapped in the Bank?

This individual just discovered that his property manager is stuck at the bank, and he doesn’t appear to mind the slightest bit. We have to admit, we’re so confused by these messages that it’s hard to tell what’s really going on.  

It seems like we’re missing something here. Is anyone is finding help for Alex? And why is he trying to scam another security deposit out of his tenant? Does anyone have a better understanding of this exchange?

The House of Gucci

We don’t know the full story, however, we must agree with the landlord’s stance on this one. It appears as though, for reasons unknown, the occupant was anticipating that the house should resemble the house of Gucci, and reality didn’t live up to his lofty expectations. 

He was disillusioned with the living conditions of the apartment, yet as he referenced in the content, he should’ve done his research. In any case, we’re dazzled by the seemingly mature manner with which both of them took care of things. 

Pretty Candid

We’re missing some significant background here. Is it true that he is genuinely requesting to be informed when her sweetheart leaves her? Maybe we’re deciphering this the wrong way. 

Maybe the landlord sent somebody up to the house to fix a leak or the wi-fi, and he simply needs to know when the task is finished. That’s conceivable, right? 

Doubtfully Supportive

This lady chose to move to LA to pursue her dream in the entertainment industry. When she informed her landlord that she would be leaving the place, his answer was unconventionally detailed and dramatic. 

He started off well, but it went rapidly downhill from there, culminating in a declaration that poor Caroline was basically going to go live at the gates of hell. Best of luck on your big move to LA!

The Uninformed Tenant

This individual wanted to ensure their landlord was okay during a disaster. He even offered to go shopping for food for them and bring them anything they may require. As it turns out, his landlord didn’t require any assistance. 

The tenant was astounded to discover that his landlord had taken refuge at Ireland’s Dingle Peninsula. It’s great to hear they were taking care of themselves, but the way they got the message across was decidedly unusual.

Happy Easter!

Carmen seems like the kind of landlord who intrudes in her tenants’ lives. She’s also a great example of the fact that when a property manager is excessively pushy, it isn’t always awful. Now and then, they’re simply attempting to be decent and friendly. It appears as though that is what Carmen was attempting to do with this message.

She wanted to send a cheerful Easter message to all her tenants. As sweet as this seems, the “do something new” part appears to be a bit over the top – what is she hinting at?