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Hilariously Clever Text Comebacks to Ex-lovers

Texting has changed human communication forever, and ever. That includes courtship — and breakup conversations, too! Will the world ever go back to long letters for lovers? So far, that seems pretty unrealistic. Check out these cruel, modern burns when the exes came knocking via SMS!

If You Wanna Be My Lover

The Spice Girls were a British pop girl gang in the mid 90’s. Inspiring a whole generation of tweens and teens, Mel B, Mel C, Emma, Geri, and Victoria all took on aliases. Only true fans will remember all the nicknames!

Here, there seems to be some nostalgia, but not for any old relationship. When an ex texts, the response is silly stuff. He misses her! Does she feel the same? As the Spice Girls sang, Stop right now thank you very much, she needs somebody else, someone with a human touch. That’s not this guy, as she helpfully explains!

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Snips

Sure, it’s worth asking. You only live once, as they say. But has dating really come down to digital hieroglyphics, these days? One mute suitor thought so, as seen here. The response was pretty sharp, in more than one way!


Readers can see the emotional wreckage, right here on the page: A full emojii conversation, starting with an invitation, and ending with a castration. Yikes, that’s harsh! 

Trick or Treat

Back in the day, the video store was the first stop to find good entertainment for a date. Netflix and Chill didn’t exist yet, but people still tried to create the movie magic at home. When an ex texts, one girl suggests meeting at this romantic spot.


Of course, he was pretty confused. After all, news reported have revealed that there is only one store open in the world, at this point. Where? A novel location in small town Oregon, turns out. Since they clearly don’t live there, this guy couldn’t add it up. How can they meet if there is no place to meet? Ah, yes. They can’t. Buddy, stop texting!

All’s Fair in Love and War

Arguments between ex-lovers can get pretty nasty, at times. It can be hard to remember why each party admired the other, back when it all began. Here, two star-crossed haters exchange barbs. Bad taste and low standards, the SMS war begins! How will it end?


Well, it ended fairly fast. Maybe she did have low standards, at one time. Maybe she even had terrible taste in men. It happens to the best of gals! But adding it all up, things don’t look flattering for the ex. He really dug his own grave here, verbally! Score: 0 / 1.

Talking vs. Stalking

Shakespeare’s Romeo once explained: “My bounty is as boundless as the sea, My love as deep; the more I give to thee, The more I have, for both are infinite.” Unrequited love can be a painful experience. It’s a timeless challenge in literature and life!


But equally painful? Running away from a weirdo! This texter just doesn’t give up, and he does eventually get his response. It probably wasn’t the outcome he dreamed about, though. They dated for a few months, almost a decade ago? It’s time to be rational, and give up!

Free Like a Bird

Rapunzel’s burned lover must must have sent these texts, back in the day. With his magic phone, he told the long-haired lass to come right to the window, as she always did. But this time, instead of letting down her braid, it was a different suggestion.


Go to the window, and jump down? That seems like a dangerous suggestion. And it isn’t obvious how that will help rekindle true love, here. Could it be that the man of her dreams just isn’t interested in her castle games, anymore? Ninety other people got the message!

Friendly Feedback

Sometimes, exes can become best friends. It’s beautiful, when it can be achieved! But honestly, that’s not most of the time. There’s usually a lot to say when things go south, and some of it can be downright surprising. Maybe everything was terrible, and it’s time to admit it!


First, he explains she is a cliche. He hates all her stupid crystals, and he doesn’t seem to accept her meditation ideas. He implores her to grow up, but then explains she never will. As a response, she accuses him of lurking around. He is, truthfully!

Green, Shmeen

Hearing from Reed is always a treat. This time, the greeting comes right after lunch. What a pleasant surprise, Reed! It seems he just wants to confess that he has been missing his lover’s eyes, far away as they are now. Seems pretty romantic, right?

Something strange is going on here, though. The green eyed beauty seems to have been mistaken for another girl, altogether! That, or Reed was color blind, throughout the whole relationship. It is more common in men, after all. But did this message miss the mark? The internet reports, readers decide!

Pretending to Be an Error Message

While it’s likely to experience the “your message couldn’t be sent” error due to network issues, this one is new to us. Apparently, if you mess up badly enough with an ex, you can trigger an error warning if you try to contact them again! 

We can imagine the shocked reaction of the person who tried to reach out to their ex only to receive a well-curated error message like this. They should count themselves lucky as they weren’t burned in the meanest way possible. 

A Very Open Invitation

Hospitality is an art, and not everyone can say they have mastered it. One ex decided to offer a warm, cuddly spot to the lady that used to be in his life. All the details of the proposal are laid out, in SMS form. Was she receptive to his winky face?


Maybe not! As a reply, she explains that she just doesn’t have enough middle fingers to explain her feelings. At least in America, that’s not the friendliest finger. Sadly, this guy is not about to have a happy sequel!

Across the Universe

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You made me happy, when we were once together. That’s how that old song went, right? One guy probably thought so. But when his text was greeted with this astronomy metaphor, things took an unexpected turn.


Does he want to be the sun in her life? Yes, for sure! He just has to go more than 92 million miles away, and then he can be just that. A long trip, sure. But it seems hard to have such a long distance relationship, which might the point!

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Natural disasters often bring the community closer together. Even fighting couples in the storm can get over petty grudges, when life and death come into focus. Today, this is not that pair: Just a friendly check in during all the flooding? No thanks, buddy!


Joey feels it was pretty cold to ask who he was. After all, he was someone special at one point to this person. But today, things have changed. Along with the flood water, this connection seems to have washed away. Face the facts, Joey: The relationship is underwater!

Way, Way Too Late

With so many choices on dating apps today, it can be hard to stick with any decision for long. Both sides are affected! One girl thought she was done here. But months later, she knew she was wrong. Time to kiss and make up?


No, it’s not that time. Claiming to be an auto-response, this one is suspiciously detailed. The guy apparently tried to pray her back, for months. Then, a series of rebound dates commenced. Finally, he gave up. Is there any way the phone company happens to have such an accurate automatic reply? Hard to say for sure, but it seems close to 100% he is behind the snark. As he should be!

Back to the Future

Timeless wisdom would advise: “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”. Many live by the rule! But here, one ex might just not be ready to accept the idea. In fact, they haven’t gotten the memo about the breakup protocols. No more phone!


In the spirit of openness, they express dismay that the texting rate is not what it used to be. The response? A clarification about the increasing electronic distancing. Communication is key, after all — and exes aren’t supposed to be doing it, silly!

Totally Punk’d

It’s always touching to get a message that an old flame still has some good memories. Hey, things may not have worked out. But there had to be some good experiences, along the way. Why else would a relationship have blossomed in the first place?


Messages like these probably go out by the millions, every April. There’s a special day, right at the beginning: April Fool’s Day is an annual holiday of pranks and tricks. Today is that day, so ex, go away. Joker meets jokester, and the results are pretty satisfying!

Thanks, City Services

Sometimes, an ex isn’t ready to accept that the feelings are going, going, gone. Things are just not what they used to be, and they’re not coming back. Here, one jilted lover expresses warm feelings. But is an offer to visit welcome, at this stage?


No, it is not an exciting idea. After offering to die on the ex’s porch, it’s simply rebuffed. And in a special way! Remarking that tomorrow is trash day, the wild gesture is welcomed. A bit of humor can always neutralize drama, with the right snark!

Good Day, Goodbye

Hello, is it me you’re looking for? No? One dude found out the hard way, after a simple greeting. He merely asked how her day was. She explained the situation, which he accepted. But it probably wasn’t what he was hoping to hear!


The disappointment is easy to hide behind a screen, and there’s plenty here. According to the recipient, things were a-okay until around 3:15 pm. But then, things went south. What happened at that moment? Simply put, she heard from her ex. Nobody wants to deal with that after lunch — or ever!

Heartbreaker, Love Faker

Today, it’s time to lay on the guilt. With not one, but three broken heart emojis, it’s hard not to feel something for this fellow. But that’s for readers to struggle with. The real recipient has her own ideas about this hello from hell. What does she say?


She expresses sympathy, sure. She says it is unfortunate. But readers with an eye for nuance might notice a little insincerity in the reply. She doesn’t care at all! In fact, it seems like a way to get rid of him quickly and go straight to sweet dreams. Be gone, nightmare ex!

Ooh, Sick Burn

Couples nicknames are silly, sometimes. But romantic partners love a warm inside joke, especially one that captures their personality. Today, one texting ex has found just the title that he feels describes his old flame. Did he use this during the relationship, too?


If so, there might be a good reason that the romance ended. This is a lot less cute than honey bear or cutie-pie! Responding to his insult, she explains that she has been called worse by many other people. Being his girlfriend was a worse title. Ouch!

See You on Instagram!

Fond memories of the past are the main reason why exes try to hold on to their lost lovers. While the person who initiated the breakup usually moves on after calling it quits, the other person understandably whines and pines. 

We assume that’s the case with this guy who sounded excited to see his ex-girlfriend again. Unfortunately, the lady did not return his feelings. In clear and simple words, she directed her ex to go and see her on her Instagram account. Hmmm, digital reunion, anyone?

That Smile Though

More emoji poetry, coming right up. One fellow decided to start the exchange with a sly smile. A popular choice, these days! Then, he waved. Super friendly — or so it seemed. But then, sure enough, he got right to the point. Crude hands, oh why?


Tinder users will be quite familiar with the combination he chose. A finger pointing to a hole, again! But the response was more creative, visually speaking. First, teasing with a sensual Eggplant. Then, a golfer, swinging hard at his metaphorical eggplant! Electronic moussaka, coming right up.

Lonely Lover

Sometimes, distance makes the heart grow fonder. Sometimes, distance hardens it into a black, shrunken piece of coal. One ex found out the hard way, as seen in this failed attempt to rekindle the old flames. Long time, no talk? Let’s keep it that way!


There’s no mistaking the response, here. She’s just not that into him. Not anymore, not ever again. Why reconnect after so long, out of the blue? Maybe time has faded his memory, but there’s usually a reason people completely stop talking. This harsh reply might just jog his memory!

Don’t Stalk Me, Bro

Modern messaging services offer a lot of privacy options. Some people are still quite open with their online presence, with friends. But that might be a mistake, in this case study of ex texts. Taylor is online, so it must be a great time to reconnect!


Tay was just online trying to figure out the block feature on the app. More of them should have one, frankly. But it just so happened that an old love was watching her every move while she did it here: Each finger stroke, a sign of hope. This time, the assumption was wrong!

My Dog Is Better Than You

When an ex texts, they have to know they’re taking a risk. This guy thought his ex still loved him! Does she feel the same? Definitely not! In fact, her love for her doggo is second to none. Ouch! 

To be fair, no one can compete with a dog’s love. However, we’re pretty sure this guy did something bad for his ex-girlfriend to unlove him like this. Dogs offer unconditional love, and it’s nice to know that this pup has been a comfort to its owner during a rough breakup.

That Laughing Gas

Life is short. It’s important to share feelings, when the mood strikes. One gal decided to express her longing for Mr. Last Week, even taking the risk of interrupting dinner. I miss you, she explained. Was the recipient swept off his feet, as she hoped?


In short, no. It seems he went into a fit of textual laughter, instead. One line of chuckles quickly turned into three, and he exited the conversation. Bye, he explained. Whatever happened between must have been more painful than the writer knew. The truth hurts, sometimes!

Burning With Desire

Late at night, all kinds of feelings come out. Are they always the truth? Sometimes, admittedly, they are an illusion in the dark. Lonely, lazy phone owners victimize their address books with uncontrollable impulses to reach out. Here, there is an honest reply.


These two haven;t talked in three weeks, and it doesn’t sound like it was a mutual decision. Was someone ghosted here? Given the reply, which was savage, the answer is yes. Even with the cold weather, the recipient’s heart isn’t warming up. Arson seems more appealing!

The “Go Away!” Text

Missing your ex is part of the breakup aftermath. However, trying to insert yourself back into your ex’s life again is another thing. This person appears to be badly missing their ex. We imagine they’re hoping to redeem themselves after causing so much pain. 

Today, we learned that 18 laughing in tears emojis is a powerful way to say, “nope!” That’s a savage way of sending the message that you do not want to be bothered by your ex. The anger is intense. However, we cannot blame a hurt ex for typing out such a response.

Fire and Fun

Traveling is fun to do solo, for sure. But sometimes, the best spots will be missed without the proper suggestions from a local. One gal knew her ex lived in Nashville. Why not get custom advice from someone she trusted at one time, before things got ugly?


It is true that her ex knows her better than most. But in this case, that doesn’t mean he likes her better than most! In fact, it seems that he hates her: Totally closed to chit chat, he tell her to go straight to hell. Nashville is heaven, quite the opposite!

Sloppy Soulmate

It’s true that every person is like a snowflake: Unique, one of a kind, never to be made quite the same again. But in relationships, this attitude is usually not welcome. Some might say it’s a bit off-putting. Some might say it’s entitled!


The perfect comeback is hard to craft, even for sassiest out there. But here, an amazing achievement has taken place: With just three words, one partner really put that ex in their place. Short, but sweet? Without a doubt. Hopefully, no future lovers will be similar, at all!

Mutually Assured Destruction

Here, a lot of spite is flowing back and forth. Digitally, the hatred is transmitted. First, one partner explains that their ex is their least favorite person on earth. Then, the reply comes. Somehow, it’s even worse: A curse, a wish for an actual train wreck!


At least for now, these are just hopes and dreams. The choo choo victim was ready with a response of their own. Explode, evil ex! With one fiery inferno on the tracks next to a bomb detonation, things don’t look good. Neither have any chance of survival!

Sorry Not Sorry

Calling somebody Satan is rude, yet this ex-lover didn’t appear to understand that the moniker meant her ex would rather not talk. Her annoying messages infuriated her ex until he finally responded with “Not today Satan.” Oops.

Reality check: you cannot expect someone to be kind and compassionate after you did them wrong. Also, you cannot tell the offended party how to feel. Lastly, stop texting! Don’t text again. Just stop, move on, and let go. This is easier said than done, but do you really need to push it until they call you Satan?

Midnight Philosopher

Love is a tricky thing, even for experienced daters. It is tough to pinpoint the exact moment like ends and love begins. And with lust thrown into the mix, it can be pretty disorienting for everyone involved! Here, both parties are certainly on different wavelengths. 


Apologies are a part of life, for mature people. Here, one ex tries to do it via text. He wants his old love to know that he was wrong, and knows it now. He thinks he still loves her! But she doesn’t seem to accept his explanation, after that. No one would!

Remove, Block, Bye

Those pesky spam calls. And pesky emails! And all the junk mail, piling up at the door! There’s way too much harassment going on, everywhere. But unlike all of these senders, there is currently no option to formally unsubscribe to an ex. Maybe there should be, though!


When one late, late, late night text comes in, there is a simple reply. Is she up, at this hour? Yes. Does she want to reconnect? Not at all. Responding with an unsubscribe request, the idea is clear. Sure, he acts like it’s unwarranted. But he knows!

Demonic DM

It’s harsh, but time heals all wounds. Memories get replaced. And eventually, the details of a relationship do fade into the background of life. One girl decided to try and reconnect, for old time’s sake. Was she successful?


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but she is going to have to live with it. First, she wants to know if he is free tonight. This seems out of the blue, since he asks who she is! Sadly, it turns out they dated for two years. It must have sounded harsh, but he doesn’t seem to have her number anymore. He then asks if she is the devil. Not today, Satan!

Puppy Love

Romance is all about loving kindness. So are dogs, in their own way. For those who don’t do well with monogamy or commitment, they might be the better option. No hurt feelings, no cheating, no breakup tears. Just a walk in the park, and plenty of cuddles on demand.


The suggestion is not accepted. Mister ex still wants to try again with a real, human woman. Does she want to run the experiment, again? Apparently, the do-over seems less appealing to her than being set ablaze. A fiery reply, it was!

Spelling Bee Champ

Look, punctuation is not a moral issue. Most people will let it slide, unless they are total grammar Nazis. But today, the error in the ex text goes a bit deeper than a spelling slip up. For such a deep feeling, this one is surprising!


Jamie was the best thing that ever happened to this girl. Every creature loves to hear its name, with positive affirmations. But in her attempt to communicate this to him, she makes a big mistake. The relationship sounds like it was full of them, too. Better luck next time, lazy!

A Slip Up and Slip In

Cheaters never change, they say. It may not always be true, but there is a reputation out there. Maybe demonstrating real remorse would set one apart from the rest. But here, the offending party doesn’t seem to take responsibility. What was his explanation?


Here, it seems to have been some kind of mix up. Maybe it was a mistaken identity problem, or an accident, slipping on a banana peel and landing on another woman. He just wants her to know that he didn’t plan it. She doesn’t agree, sorry!

No Regrets At All

Every girl has the dream of marrying a Hollywood hunk, at some point in her life. Rarely does it happen. And rarely does it happen that the existing husband suddenly blossoms into a celebrity, if he wasn’t at the wedding. Today, one soon to be ex-husband believes he has an offer that can’t be refused.


But does he? Life in a California mansion doesn’t sound like the worst fate out there. To refuse it all, point blank, things had to be pretty bad! Time to spend more time with mom, she explains. It’s over, forever!

Food Fight

Pizza is probably a universal interest, even among those who have dated and hated. There will always be that mutual cheesy interest, and unforgettable saucy memories. But here, it seems that one person is not ready to put on the rose-colored glasses yet. This is one spicy response!


The girl of the story shares her own memory of eating things and pondering the past. What reminds her of her ex, in the fridge? In this case, she brings up carrots — and not the regular variety, either. Baby carrots, never a good sign!

Expired Subscription

Friends can become lovers but lovers can rarely become friends. When you try to reconnect with your ex via text and all you get is a one-word reply as blunt as “unsubscribe,” the message is crystal clear. 

If anyone ever sends you a text like this, understand that they don’t want to speak with you. Just like that. It sounds harsh, but we guess that’s how it works. Needless to say, they simply want to move on and get rid of anything that will remind them of you. 

Oreo Cereal Is Better

Sierra’s ex-lover must have done something unforgivable for her to burn them with such a savage yet subtle reply. It’s normal to miss someone badly after a breakup, especially if you’ve been together for a long time. 

The thing is, once trust has been broken, it’s hard to earn back. We appreciate that Sierra’s sense of humor can brighten a bad day. Of course, who doesn’t want a fresh box of Oreo cereal? Perhaps her ex should try a bowl to make them feel better. After all, it’s clear they’re getting nothing from Sierra! 

The Plot Thickens

Sometimes, enough is enough. There are relationships that end without proper closure. It’s terrible to be in the middle of that. But endless texts can get pretty creepy, without any push back! One girl decided to explain the deal, should the messages continue. Morbid, but effective!

The bait and switch was expert. At first, it seemed like she might be interested in starting things up again. The devil face emoji was pretty misleading, though: She threatened to murder his family, directly! Hopefully, this was the trick. No more texts — cease and desist!

Literally Burned

What better way to burn memories of the past than to light a literal fire? This is exactly what “Ex GF” did. When her ex-lover asked her about their stuff, she replied by sending a photo of their things on fire. Woah! 

The anger must be very intense for her to burn things owned by her ex. We’re sure she adhered to the break-up rule that says, “let go of the things that remind you of your ex.” She certainly wiped them out! However, we do not recommend that anyone follow her example. 

A Lover Like No Other

Breakups are never easy, especially when it’s not a mutual decision. Most of the time, the person being broken up with tries to find answers as to why they aren’t enough for their ex. 

When this person asserted their worth to their ex by implying that they are irreplaceable and one of a kind, their ex hit back with a strong but simple reply: “That’s the point.” Now we know why they broke up. We hope the message was understood by the broken-hearted ex!

Deadpan Expression

If all else fails, send an image of something absolutely unconnected. It is always enjoyable to befuddle people, and when the person in question is an ex-lover, that is a big win. 

Note that when an ex reaches out to you after they treated you terribly, they don’t merit a written reply. Can you think of any reason as to why they deserve to be responded to with courtesy? The image impeccably summarizes the “For what reason are you conversing with me at this moment?” face. What do you think?

Keep It Short and Simple

It’s normal to miss your ex, especially when you come to the realization that they are like no other. When you feel the urge to text the ex and tell them you miss them, please don’t set your expectations high.

Your message may not be well-received because the ex you’re trying to contact has moved on long ago. As a matter of fact, they don’t care enough to even type out three full words. Just take our advice and let go, okay?

The Lesson of Genesis

We’re sure you’re aware that the book of Genesis features the Christian understanding of the creation of Earth. In the story, God creates Adam first and then uses one of Adam’s ribs to create a companion for him – Eve. 

This conversation of ex-lovers goes to show that compassion is elusive once trust has been broken. On a serious note, are people really still arguing over whether girls or boys are “better”? We agree that a rough draft is essential before creating a final copy, but both sides of the argument seem pointless.

Roasting Your Ex on a Cold Night

How do you handle a selfish text from an ex-lover? First, inform them of the length of your non-communication. This is when they’ll probably tell you that they miss you and want to spend cold nights with you. If they do, that’s your cue to respond with an epic burn. 

That’s precisely what triggered this savage response from a furious ex. Setting them on fire? Wow! Now we want to know the full backstory behind this text exchange. Lies? Betrayal? The usual stuff, right?

Just Stop

An insistent lover will do anything to reconcile with their ex. There is a big chance that love is lovelier the second time around, but what if the other party is very much unwilling to settle things? Check the messages below to see what we mean.

The order of “stop” is repeatedly sent, but the ex is still typing. We don’t know how the rest of this conversation went, but one thing is for sure – they’re not back in each other’s arms as lovers. As friends? That’s something to think about.

A Year Too Late

The golden rule after a breakup? Try not to contact your ex-lover, and never venture to such an extreme as to message that person about your feelings. Fail to follow the rule, and you’ll probably be burned with a savage reply. 

Even a simple “hi” may earn you a reply filled with revelations you didn’t want to know. The person who sent the message above obviously never learned that lesson. Take a look at the embarrassing response, and whatever you do, don’t take cues from them. You’re welcome!

40 Times Cheaters Got Hit with Instant Karma

Generally speaking, cheating is not a good idea and it should never be taken lightly when you’re on the receiving end. A good balance of communication, trust, and honesty is the key to any successful relationship. Crossing those boundaries can cause irreparable damage and can lead to huge problems down the line. 

When it happens, it’s heartbreaking. But just remember: finding out that your partner is a cheater just means they just weren’t the one for you. But not everyone sees it this way. While some go straight to planning their revenge, others simply get drunk and let it all out. To be fair, cheaters these days are taking their game to a whole new level. Take a look at these 40 heartbreakers who got what they deserve.

You Forgot The Suitcase Jane

Imagine finding out that your wife was cheating on you with her boss. How would you react? Jane thought that elaborate preparation and planning would be enough to cover her tracks. 


Unfortunately for her, her husband is a close observer. In all her scheming, she forgot to hide her boss’s suitcase in the picture she sent. Kudos to her husband for having such a keen eye.

Mistaken Identity

We’ve all been there: hitting send, only to realize that the message was sent to the wrong person. It’s fine as long as you didn’t say or do anything wrong. Unfortunately for this cheater, sending the wrong message to her boyfriend got her caught.


The worst part is that she even confirmed her adulterous intentions in the final message by saying that it was meant for her dad. How awkward is that? 

Must Save Your Priorities

It’s funny how this girl’s boyfriend tried to make excuses before admitting that he’d been cheating. But what she said in the last message must have left him speechless. Imagine admitting that you’ve been seeing other people, only to find out that she’s still more concerned with her Xbox.

Daniella Vranesevic/pinterest

If you cheat, your personal worth does tend to plummet. To all you cheaters out there: don’t be surprised if you find yourself less valuable than your ex’s Xbox. Never play games with someone’s heart!

Wrong Man

How awkward is this? Receiving compliments for a good time (that you had no part in) while being out of town with your parents. Just what could have happened here?


Some people will do anything to start a conversation. Hopefully, these two aren’t in a relationship, or things might get awkward from here on out. No matter what, we hope those pants eventually found their rightful owner.

It Runs In The Family

There’s no such thing as a “cheating gene”. It’s something you choose to do. But this family sure has problems making the right choices. This dad deserves an award for being so considerate towards his son. Instead of telling him that cheating is wrong, he instead gets in on the conspiracy, even suggesting that he delete the evidence.


While it’s funny to see his son get the better of him, we can’t deny how bad this father and son relationship is. It’s said that children learn all their habits from their parents, and going off this back and forth, we think there might be something to that. 

I Wrote You A Song

There are many ways to get back at someone who’s cheating on you. One of those ways is writing a song about the wretched soul who wronged you. Here’s such an example of a bardic backlash.


I wonder how long it took for this person to weave such evocative lyrics into a nursery rhyme melody? It certainly captures the idyllic haze of youth and all its folly. Then again, being with the wrong person can often feel like you’re playing a game straight out of kindergarten.

Serves You Right

The hardest part of cheating is making sure you don’t get caught. You have to be careful in everything you do and say, especially when sending messages to other people. 


Looks like he wasn’t looking where he sent his messages. Worst of all, he appears to be proud of what he’s done. Did he really think that saying “I love you” will fix things? Nope. Now you can say bye-bye to your girlfriend and your Xbox.

Nothing Lasts Forever

Lies rarely stay hidden. The truth usually comes to light sooner or later. This woman was seeing another man named Jared while in a relationship with James. Fortunately for James, the truth came out when it did. 


Maybe she opened up her contacts and hit on the first “J” to come up. If you don’t like the person you’re with then just tell them the truth. You can’t always have your cake and eat it.

Freudian Slip

Message slip-ups are one of the best ways to catch a cheater. This man thought he could get away with cheating on his wife, but of course, he messed up. The worst part is that he was a family man.


He thought that disguising himself as an AT&T service provider could give him some cover, but he was foiled again. Looks like he’ll be having more than just communication issues from now on.

$10 To Keep Quiet

When you’ve started a family, lies and deception won’t just hurt your relationship with your wife, but it can also hurt your children, too. It’s devastating when children are swept up by their parents’ mistakes. 


We hope Amanda told her mom about her dad’s affair. This guy’s wife deserves a better man who will treat her right, and Amanda deserves a better role model, going off that blackmailing reflex.

Jordyn Not Jordan

Dude, guess what! You messed up. Here’s a prime example of why literacy is such an important life skill. Learning to read is as important as it is fun.


Imagine the shock on Jordyn’s face when she received this message. Jordyn, we hope you’re doing well. You deserve a man better than this, a man who will cherish you, and who will never hurt you the way this man did. 

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry

It’s funny how some people think that saying “sorry” can mend a broken heart and broken trust. Apologies are like band-aids. They stop the bleeding but the pain remains. Sometimes people try to turn the blame back on you, even if they were at fault.


We’re curious, though. What did that last message say? Were they saying sorry for three weeks, three days, three hours, three minutes, or three seconds? In any case, here’s a little advice if you’ve ever been cheated on: waste no time listening to apologies, just let the cheater go.

Caught Me Off Guard

Patience is underrated, especially when it comes to communication. Here’s an example of a woman who thought that her boyfriend was breaking up with her, but because of her snap judgment, the conversation got awkward pretty quickly. 


Worst game night ever. Imagine getting cheated on, by your brother of all people. We hope Tony and his brother have managed to work things out between them. 

What A Mess

Cheating is a relationship crime that will never go away, but if you can’t be honest with your partner, the least you can do is break things off with your bit on the side. Even those breakups can get messy, as you’ll see from this example.


Maybe just asking for a divorce would have been simpler. Looks like this guy is about to find himself living in a house with a lot of empty rooms at best or, or at worst no house at all. Good luck, buddy.

Worst Dad

We can’t imagine a worse dad. Imagine calling your wife ugly and children annoying. How cruel! Unfortunately for him, his daughter is an intelligent kid who knows what to do with this situation. 

Going off those demands, it’s likely her mother is about to take some shocking news. Imagine asking for an end to global warming. It’d be easier to imagine the end of the world. It looks like the end of family life for this guy. Is it getting hotter in here, or is it just me? 

She’s with Her “Other” Boyfriend

How does that old saying go? “A good friend will bail you out of jail, but a best friend will lie to your boyfriend for you while you cheat on him at a party”. Did I get that right?


It takes a lot of trust to let a partner go out partying without you. And when that trust is broken, your whole relationship will suffer. We respect this man for allowing his girlfriend to go out and have fun without him. Don’t let one bad example put you off.

Pregnancy Announcement

One of the greatest gifts a married couple can receive is that of a child. But what if that baby isn’t yours? It’s one thing to cheat on someone, but getting pregnant or getting someone else pregnant is another. How can you sleep at night knowing that you’re deceiving the person who truly loves you?


Now that’s what I call “keeping it in the family”. What a terrible situation, though. We hope Mark recovers from this betrayal, and that his therapy sessions don’t break the bank.

Blackmailing Your Children

Getting cheated on can happen to both women and men. Everyone is capable of it, that’s the sad truth. We all know it’s wrong, but if you’re going to make it happen, at least send that message to the right person. 


There’s so much that we could say about this woman. To keep it short and sweet, do not emulate her behavior, people. It’s bad enough to cheat on your husband, but it’s another to raise your kid to want to go behind his father’s bad for financial rewards.

What A Shame

The worst thing about a liar is their lack of conscience. Sometimes people lie without realizing it, but other times they lie knowing full well what they’re doing. You know what they say: once a liar, always a liar. Here’s a good example. 


Like this lady, who tells her partner she’s working overtime when she’s really out drinking with another man. She’s the worst kind of person, one who has no conscience and lies to get what she wants. Looks like it isn’t the first time, either.

Wrong Ex

In case you have an ex and you want to get back to them, make sure you know who you’re talking to, or else you’ll end up doing what this guy did. That being said, it looks like he’s been making more than a few mistakes this year.


At least he had the decency to break up with one girl before talking to another. I wonder if he’ll make the same mistake talking to his other ex. Maybe he just needs another one-point-five years to mature.

Oops! Wrong Person

Here’s a reminder that sending a message to the wrong person is okay, but what’s not okay is cheating on someone who loves you. But if you’re going to cheat, well… don’t. But if you have to, make sure you at least do it properly. 


Sloppy cheaters like this one are the worst. We admire the restraint on show when Jenny’s name appeared. “Who’s Jenny?” she asks, as if a man like that would ever tell her the truth.

Double Check The Other Message

Some people misinterpret messages because they ignored earlier comments in the chat. Others just don’t pay attention and blabber about whatever’s on their mind. Case in point, this girl, who thought that her boyfriend had been cheating on her.

As a result, she shared a secret that she must have regretted instantly. Some people cheat and project their guilt right back onto their loving partners. What’s up with cheating on your boyfriend with his brother, though? 

How Many Times Should I Say Sorry?

Some people think that saying sorry can make everything better. This isn’t always the case. Some people can forgive you, but they will never forget what you did. Other times, saying sorry just won’t ever be enough.


If you cheat on someone, you have to prepare yourself for the fact that your partner might never accept your apology. We understand how this woman reacted, and we’re proud of her. And to her ex, we think he can say sorry however many times he wants. 

Cliche Story

A boss having an affair with his secretary is an old story. Sadly, it’s still common in society today. The worst part of this tale is that the boss and his wife’s best friend are both in on it together. Unfortunately for this man, he has a smart son who loves his mom more than anything.

His wife is unlucky to have him as her husband, but she’s fortunate to have a good son. Here, the son shows greater manliness than his father, because he knows how to value the people in his life who trust him. 

Who Dates Their Best Friends Ex?

Genuine question: who dates their ex’s best friend? Who does that? Because honestly, we can’t understand it. We know we’re not alone in thinking that dating your best friend’s ex is something you should never do. 


This time, friendship wins out and a cheater is found out. So much for this guy. I hope that Amy quickly forgets this would-be cheater and has a great night with her BFF.

Cheating is A Choice

There is no such thing as accidental cheating. Cheating is and will always be a choice. If you cheat, you’re choosing to break the rules of a relationship. If a man claims that he cheated on you by accident, he’s just making things worse by not accepting his mistake.


It’s not like you forgot to be in a relationship. That’s impossible. This man thinks he can get away with it by saying it was just an accident. No, my friend, no one wants to believe that sorry story.

Family Secret

Cheating on someone with their sibling or best friend is the worst type of cheating. Why? Because it doesn’t just ruin your relationship, it tears apart friendships and families as well.


Unfortunately for this father, his son cleverly uncovered the wrongdoing and informed his mother about the infidelity. We have to wonder though, how could a man marry a woman and not know a little bit about his wife’s family history?

Broken Bones Vs. Xbox

Some choose to keep it to themselves when they fall victim to cheating. Others want to make their cheating partner’s life a living hell. The more proactive among us might decide to take revenge in more violent ways. Just like this woman who found out about her boyfriend’s cheating.


We can’t condone the use of violence or threatening language. But maybe taking some time away from his Medal of Honor games will give him time to think about his actions, which might do him some good—only if he survives the encounter with his angry ex, though.

My Two Girlfriends

Do people think that having multiple girlfriends makes them cool? Andy thinks so. He’s undoubtedly a player who never thinks twice about hurting other people’s feelings. These two deserve better than this cheater.


We hope that both girls follow through with dumping him. Nobody deserves to be treated this way. It’s heartwarming to see two sisters take action against the guilty cheater rather than turn against each other.

Wrong Babe

One way a cheater can slip up is by sending messages to the wrong person. Worse, they send it to their partner or children. We won’t encourage people to cheat, but if ever you do, please make sure you do it correctly. Don’t mess it up like this doofus.


This man sure is a sloppy cheater, and because of that, he’s sure in for some bad times. He deserves to be kicked out of the house and his wife’s life. A piece of advice: be honest with your partner. It will save both of you some time.

Zoe’s Biggest Problem

It’s not all fun when you cheat. It’s either twice the fun or twice the stress. And for Zoe, it’s the latter. When you start cheating, you become nervous and anxious in everything you do, which drives other people insane.


Just look at how stressed Zoe is right now. If we could give her some advice, we would tell her to pick one of those guys and stay faithful until the end of their relationship. That would probably help.

Girl Power

It’s so good to see women supporting each other, especially if there’s a cheater to be exposed. Hannah and Taylor seem to be such close friends that they share everything, including one insincere “boyfriend”.


Jacob didn’t see this one coming. Maybe he didn’t realize that both the girls she’s dating are best friends. And instead of fighting each other, they united against Jacob in revenge, and we love to see it. 

Look Behind You

There’s a simple way to avoid cheating on your partner. It’s called being faithful. If you don’t want to be with the person you’re with right now, tell them. We know it’s not easy, but at least it’s honest.


We think that instead of sneaking around her man, this girl should have probably just broken it off with her current boyfriend. On the other hand, it’s a little odd how men are always sneaking around their cheating women, only to text them while they’re right behind their back. I guess they’re both going behind each other’s backs, in a sense.

Oh Snap, Wrong One

Imagine you receive a break-up message only for your partner to clarify that the message wasn’t for you. How would you feel? You’d probably experience a roller coaster of emotion. First, you’d be happy that it wasn’t for you. Then you’d wonder who the message was supposed to be for. 


We don’t know whether we’d be mad or laughing. It took the girl a couple of minutes to realize something was wrong. We hope she’ll break up with that guy and find a new man anyway.

At Least She Was Honest

There’s nothing good about this cheater. It’s just that she came clean to her partner. Still, she lied to her boyfriend and messed around with someone else, someone who also happens to be in a relationship. 


How can these people sleep at night knowing that they’re betraying the love of their lives? Does anyone know? Still, at least she did the right thing in the end. At least she was honest.

I Slipped Up

There’s a new expression to communicate the fact that you cheated, and that’s to say that you “slipped up”. This girl dared to tell her ex-fiance that she wants her back, even pointing out that she’s been saying sorry for three years. And she calls him irrational.


This girl even has the nerve to blame the breakup on him. Maybe she should take some responsibility for her own actions. He doesn’t owe her anything. He deserves better.

The Worst of the Worst

Some partners aren’t just bad because they cheat. Some partners are toxic, taking pleasure in making their partners feel small, helpless, and sad. These are the worst kinds of people and they don’t deserve another second of attention from anyone.


This crazy rant speaks for itself. This doesn’t seem like a good bedrock for a happy, trusting relationship, does it? If you ever see something like this, get out of there. Run.

Again, Wrong Girlfriend

Does it ever bother you when you receive a message from your partner’s mom about your partner? Some people hate it. This girl absolutely blew up when she received a text from her boyfriend’s mom.

While she was on vacation, she found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her in the worst possible way: through her boyfriend’s mom. We just hope she still enjoyed her holiday in Spain. At least she’ll have something to do to take her mind off things.


Imagine receiving a text message from your partner’s best friend saying “sorry about the break up”. How would you react? That’s exactly what happened in this story, but there was one little problem.

Daniella Vranesevic/pinterest

They were still dating. If this was a prank, then it wasn’t a very nice one. If they really had broken up, we hope she recovers soon. It was pretty mean, but there’s also something kind of funny about it. 

You Forgot To Hide Something, Chelsea

Chelsea thought that she’d outsmarted her boyfriend. She must have been feeling very confident sending photos to her boyfriend in a hotel room and not checking them before hitting send. Unfortunately for her, her boyfriend is more observant than she is sloppy. Or maybe he just sensed that something was off. Either way, he made an interesting discovery about her before-bedtime snap.

Chelsea forgot to hide the pair of men’s boots under the table before taking her photo. She swore she was alone in the room. It’s also pretty obvious that someone was holding the camera. It never pays to cheat!