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Funny Grocery Store Moments That Took Everyone By Surprise

Grocery shopping is one of those things you can’t avoid (unless you’re rich enough to hire a personal grocery shopper). Of course, it’s not all bad. Some people even find comfort in grocery shopping. Most of us find it a hassle, but it does offer some interesting opportunities. Though crazy incidents are rare, if you happen to be in a supermarket when something astonishing goes down, you’ll be thankful that you decided to visit the supermarket at just the right time.  

This list contains the most heart-warming, hilarious, and horrendous things that ever happened in a supermarket or mall. One minute you’ll be laughing, the next minute, you’ll be sighing, “aww!” So, what are you waiting for? Grab a cart, and let’s run through this list!

Napping kitty

Memes all over the internet reveal cats napping in the most random of places. Can you believe that grocery stores are high on the list for cats who want to get some shut-eye?

As a customer was trying to get some chips for his late-night movie marathon, he came across this cat sleeping in one of the cardboard containers. True enough, cats consider empty boxes to be the comfiest places for an afternoon nap. We are thankful that the customer managed to snap a photo without disturbing the adorable cat.

Can I get a bigger turkey?

Sometimes, overhearing a conversation can make a dull day bright. It doesn’t mean that we love to eavesdrop – it’s just perfect when you overhear a funny conversation at just the right moment. A Twitter user shared a conversation that she overheard while in the frozen food section of the grocery store.

The woman wanted to ask the stock boy at the grocery store if there were any bigger turkeys in stock. However, she phrased the question differently, making it sound as if the frozen turkeys could get bigger. Instead of replying most helpfully, the stock boy chose to take the woman’s question literally. We wonder if the woman thought it was as funny as this Twitter user clearly did!

Lost in translation

The international food aisle in the supermarket has the most exciting products. These customers were strolling through the grocery when something caught their attention – the dad noticed that the sign read, “Frozen Hispanic.”

Funnily enough, the dad has Hispanic heritage and quickly made a joke out of the sign. This is such a dad thing to do. He posed for a photo that makes it look like he is freezing in front of the freezer. It’s a true dad joke, and we love it. 

#RelationshipGoals in the supermarket

The grocery shopping date is one of the most romantic and underrated ways for a couple to bond. Many people assume it can’t be fun, but the couple below proves just how wrong this assumption is. This elderly couple is living life to the full at the supermarket!

Doing grocery shopping with your significant other is one of the secrets to a long-lasting marriage. In the picture, we can see the woman playfully standing on the cart while her husband pushes it. This is the definition of #RelationshipGoals. They truly love and care for one another. Not gonna lie – it’s the cutest thing ever!

Wait, are those twins?

Seeing a pair of twins on the street is not a new thing. We often find them cute, especially if they are wearing matching outfits. However, what if you stumbled upon adult twins who still dress identically?

A customer found these elderly identical twins wearing the same outfit and couldn’t believe how cute they were. As you can see in the photo, even the socks and shoes are the same. To be honest, they deserve an award for being so dedicated to their life as twins. 

I’m doing it myself

As a responsible citizen, sometimes you take things into your own hands. For example, if you see some misplaced shampoo, you might get the urge to organize things and help the grocery store employees. However, this grandpa took it to the next level.

As shared by his grandson, this awesome grandfather put in an effort to save the wilting plants at the Walmart garden center. He saw that the employees at the shop were already overworked, running around attending to customer needs. It’s a good thing that he found a hose, turned it on, and started to water the plants. If the plants could speak, we’re sure they’d be thanking the grandad for a great job.

Perfect timing!

Witty shirts are not a new trend. Designers love playing with words when it comes to t-shirt design. The photo below perfectly captured a fun way to play with words. Was this accidental or not? Your guess is as good as ours!

If you look closely, a man is walking along in a shirt that declares “security.” Behind him and to the left, it looks like a fellow security guard is walking. However, if you look closely, his shirt reads, “insecurity.” Talk about perfect timing! 

Wanted: aliens for employment opportunities

Cosplay is a good marketing scheme to promote a certain product or service. Some establishments use this trick to draw a lot of visitors to their site. This employee took cosplaying to the next level by dressing up as an alien while cleaning the store.

As a customer, I will be shocked and excited to see an alien casually vacuuming a store. This drew the attention of many customers, and they started taking pictures of it for fun. True enough, employees of the store are also having fun dressing up.

A Swedish arthouse film

IKEA is famous for its product displays and the delicious food in its canteens. If you have been to IKEA, you have probably spent hours wandering through the aisles and wondering how these things would look in your home.

This guy took it to the next level by creating a scene from an arthouse film – a Swedish arthouse film, to be precise. The black and white filter does add a sense of brooding seriousness to the photo. How artistic! I wonder what the IKEA employees thought. 

Is everything okay?

Another adorable cat was spotted at a Bodega store in NYC. Our furry friend decided to take a nap in the most absurd position. Imagine you are happily shopping, and then you turn into another aisle, and you see this cutie doing prayer position by the laundry detergent.

Cats are one of the strangest animals out there, and this cat is no exception. Could it really be comfortable sleeping in that position? We think so since he has been there for a long time. Just be quiet and let him get his rest.

Nana Slicer

A Nana Slicer is a device that is supposed to slice a banana effortlessly. Nana is, of course, short for the word Banana. The only problem is, the manufacturer never considered how grandmas –- aka “Nanas” – might feel when they see this slicer.

This specific Nana is bothered by the name of the product, and her concern shows clearly on her face. Similarly, who says nanas when they’re talking about bananas? It’s safer to use the term most people use – aka “bananas” – rather than inventing words to market your products.

Best friend until the end

People often find comfort in the presence of a furry friend, whether it be a dog, a cat, or a bunny rabbit. This lady decided to bring her feline friend along on her trip to the grocery store.

If you look at the photo, the cat seems to be sitting calmly on her human’s shoulder, and it looks like she is choosing the best cut of meat for her meal. The lady behind the counter seems to be comfortable with the cat lady. Maybe they are regulars at the store. The bond between the feline and the woman is undeniable.

The guardian of the frozen goods

Do cats love shopping, or do they just want to roam around the grocery store? Cats can become territorial, and it looks like this feline’s natural instincts are kicking in hard. That is one territorial kitty!

The cat in the picture seems to be the guardian of the frozen food section as he looks directly at the customer taking the picture. It’s as if he is judging the customer on what he intends to buy. The cat’s stare is definitely frightening. 

A surprising grocery haul

Most kids get bored while in grocery stores. You hear a lot of drama and plenty of crying babies in the junk food and toy aisles, and you just know it’s because their parents denied their requests. This specific baby had a different response to his parents’ grocery shopping. 

We may not know why this kid is rocking such a surprised face, but it’s cute and funny at the same time. He could be surprised by the total cost of his parents’ grocery haul. However, we will never know for sure what’s troubling him.

Mommy’s boys

Mother’s Day is a special celebration of the heroism of mothers. Whether they’re taking care of a child while also pursuing their careers or being the boss of the house, they definitely need to receive some love and appreciation.

These policemen admitted that they were doing last-minute shopping for their moms and wives. A shopper captured this picture at 4:00 AM in Walmart. Hopefully, every one of them picked the perfect card for the perfect woman in their lives. 

Sweet tooth, maybe?

Another cat was spotted, this time in one of the sweetest sections of the grocery store – the chocolate aisle. This unexpected feline guest is said to be just visiting the grocery store.

The security crew found a loose cat hiding in the chocolate stand inside the grocery store. He’s just sitting there, guarding all the chocolate treats for himself. Of course, chocolates are not good for our feline friends. In fact, they are toxic for them. As long as this cat is behaving well and not snacking, he can be left to his own devices.

Welcome to Walmart

Living through the same old routine every day can get tiring. That’s why when something new arises, we leap at the opportunity to get involved. These unexpected moments are part of the beauty of life. Take, for example, this incredible Walmart worker.

This man works as a Walmart greeter, but he does the welcoming routine in the most unique way possible. Instead of saying “hello” or “welcome to Walmart,” this guy plays the violin or guitar to greet customers. We love this strategy, and for sure, the customers love it too!

Such a cutie!

Pets are creatures that serve as our companions in everything that we do. Thankfully, most stores allow pets if they are support animals. The interesting thing is, this isn’t limited to dogs – plenty of creatures can be emotional support animals.

This customer brought her pet hedgehog to the grocery store. Those adorable eyes reveal how much it appreciates grocery shopping. As long as pets are behaving just like this adorable hedgehog, we are totally fine with it.

How about a farm animal?

Some people are clearly very comfortable with bringing their pets to the grocery store. Indeed, some pet owners take it to the next level. This customer decided to bring her pet goat for some grocery shopping.

This woman was determined to bring her unconventional pet into Walmart, so she put it in a baby carrier while shopping. You can see that her companion has a bag with milk (probably for the goat). Some of the customers who stumbled upon this scene got such a surprise that they couldn’t help taking a picture of their cute interaction with the goat.

The coolest grandmother alive

Grocery shopping can be boring for the kids, especially if there is no toy section. So, parents and grandparents have to come up with the weirdest ideas to keep their children entertained. This customer went to IKEA with her son and her mom, but she didn’t expect the event to be this entertaining.

Her son wanted to be an astronaut, complete with a helmet made from a trash can. What’s even cooler is that his grandmother decided to play along with her grandson to make it more fun. For sure, they are seeing galaxies fly by as they whiz through the store.

What’s your name?

Those who work in customer service are the front liners of retail businesses. They serve as the connection between the customer and the business, and one of the effects of working as a front liner is that they absorb the customer’s frustrations and comments about the business. However, not all customers are grumpy – there are also friendly ones who love to crack a joke.

This customer had a good laugh when she snapped a photo of a cashier with the name tag that says, “Kashera.” Say it out loud, and it sounds like her job – a cashier. We would not be surprised if she hears that joke on a daily basis. Hopefully, she’s learned to just laugh it off.

Mall lunch dates

Having lunch with a friend is one of the most fulfilling things ever, even if you only have time for a quick bit of junk food at the mall. However, what if your best friend is Pikachu?

One customer found this scene at their local food court. It seems that the lady is sharing a chicken meal with Pikachu. In reality, we’re sure it’s probably a stuffed toy she and her friend or partner purchased. This mystery person left Pikachu to guard their seat while they went to attend to something. Still, this is picture perfect!

That’s a lot of Bananas!

This cashier is trying to understand why the customer is hoarding bananas. Perhaps he is thinking back to the early days of the pandemic when a lot of people hoarded strange things because they were worried about lockdowns. Toilet paper is one thing, but what in the world is this person going to do with 100 bananas?

The cashier was entirely in shock when he saw that the customer intended to buy this many bananas. Toilet paper hoarding is a selfish thing to do, but at least it won´t go bad. Banana hoarding is dangerous because they can easily go from perfectly ripe to mushy and moldy within a day! 

Mind over matter

Oftentimes, people are torn between the desires of the heart and the logic of the mind. Some say that you should stick with the power of mind because it is higher than your heart. Following what the mind says will surely result in a smooth and logical life.

Of course, there are just as many people who say you must follow your heart. It will lead you to excitement, adventures, and romance. This battle must have been raging in the heart and mind of this customer at Walmart. For sure, his mind said that he should go with the apple because it’s healthier. However, he lost the battle to his heart and a peanut butter cup.

It’s important to vaccinate

Grocery shopping is all about picking products you need, discovering new goods in the market, and interacting with people. But what would you do if someone shared a life-changing message with you in the frozen foods aisle? Would you welcome it with an open mind?

This man in the wheelchair had a conversation with a shopper who took the photo. He shared how important vaccines are and what could happen if people refuse them. He even added a sign to his wheelchair that says, “This is Polio. Vaccinate”. It’s nice to stumble upon people who are brave enough to educate you on important things.

Doppelganger from Game of Thrones

There are a billion people on earth, and many of them are celebrity look-alikes. Seeing one of these look-alikes can give you that starstruck feeling, even if you know it’s not the celebrity. This customer noticed that the cashier looked like Sam from Game of Thrones.

This cashier does indeed look just like Samwell Tarly, the eldest of Lord Randyll Tarly and Lady Melessa Florent from the famous TV show. We bet he experiences a lot of picture requests from GOT fans who visit the store. 

Mario Bros

Seeing something out of the ordinary in a store can brighten up your day. This is why many businesses go the extra mile, creating unique displays for their customers to enjoy. If it brings a few more people into the shop, then it’s well worth their while.

Shoppers were all smiles when they saw this state-of-art design from a local grocery store. The employees decided to use soda cans to create a Mario-themed display. We just hope this translated to a successful sale for the innovative customer service crew. 

Creative shoplifter

Shoplifting is a nightmare for grocery store employees the world over. Sadly, it is inevitable. People come up with all sorts of crazy strategies just to get products for free. This shoplifter took it to the next level by being creative with her antics.

Instead of just putting the goods in a bag or under a jacket, the shoplifter came up with the idea of slipping the goods into a covered stroller. They even went to the effort of making fake baby feet! While we know that shoplifting is illegal, this thief does get an A for creativity. We just hope they start applying their creativity to more wholesome activities. 

Too early for this kind of book

Researchers have said that children should be exposed to books before gadgets to improve their self-development, especially their language skills. However, the child in this picture doesn’t appreciate the book he’s reading – and we understand him.

Based on the title – All My Friends Are Dead – we’re not convinced this book is ideal for kids. This concept would make any child cry like crazy. The parents must have put this book in front of their child while he was having a tantrum. Perhaps they thought it would make him calm. Clearly, it did not have the desired effect. 

Tag-along buddy

Dogs are one of the most adorable pets ever to exist, and some dog owners love to bring their buddies grocery shopping. The only thing is, it can add up to a lot of extra work if they have to juggle a leash and a shopping cart. We are glad this owner came up with a clever idea to bring his dog shopping.

He simply stuck his dog in his backpack and got on with his day. To all the pet lovers out there who might worry – you don’t have to be concerned. The dog seems happy with its head sticking out so he can lick people and observe its surroundings. 

A miracle

People lose something almost every day – keys, ID, money, marbles. Oftentimes, it happens when we are busy doing something simple, like grocery shopping. Some of the smaller things in life can be easily lost, so we have to take extra care with them. However, big objects are harder to lose, especially when we need them to get around.

This customer found a pair of forearm crutches sticking out of a trash can. If you think about it, this is nothing like keys or coins that can be easily dropped and not missed until the vital moment. We just hope it really was a miracle that occurred outside of IKEA that day. If the owner is reading this, we have one word to say to you – congratulations!

A heeling moment

Whether we intend to or not, we all make fashion statements that mirror our personality and mood each day. Sometimes, when we are at the mall or just walking down the street, we encounter someone who has an unconventional style. This customer found a beautifully unique person, and they snapped a picture to commemorate the moment.

This classy man is wearing business attire from head to toe. However, if you look closely at his feet, he is accessorizing with high stiletto heels. The most interesting aspect, though, is the fact that this photo was taken in a lego store. Yep, you read that right – this man is wearing heels at a lego store. The shopper was thrilled to see this man being his best self. Way to go, sir!

Is it too late to say sorry?

Occasionally, we accidentally knock something off the shelves of the grocery store, especially if we are not paying attention to our surroundings. One thing that we can do is to report to the store manager and offer to pay for the broken product. The other option is to follow the lead of this apologetic shopper.

In the photo, the mystery shopper broke a packet of flour and left a mess on the floor. However, instead of reporting it to a grocery store employee, they just decided to write the word “sorry” in the mess. Well, at least they were apologetic for their actions.

Two different people

Sometimes, we judge people’s lifestyle by looking at the products they buy at the grocery store – the conveyor belt at the checkout is the perfect spot for judging people while standing in the queue. In this photo, two different people can be seen preparing for two entirely different weekends.

One dude is buying some tulips and pink cupcakes, and the other one is treating himself to a fried chicken platter and a big bottle of Jack Daniels. If it isn´t Valentine’s Day, it’s certainly date night, and whatever their plans may be, we wish them happiness at the end of the day. 

Is this daycare?

Parents know what it feels like to deal with an energetic child while grocery shopping. Most of them get bored easily, and there’s always the risk that they’ll throw a tantrum. Keeping them entertained is a challenge. Thankfully, Costco in South Korea thought of a way to help the parents in the easiest way possible.

The grocery store made a little children’s section complete with blankets and stuffed toys to keep them entertained while watching TV. As you can see, the Disney movie Rapunzel is playing, and all of them are watching quietly. We love this setup, Costco! However, we have to wonder whether this was actually set up by some frustrated parents. Either way, it seems to be working!

Safe with the mannequin

When you’re a kid, being separated from your parents at the mall is the most terrifying experience ever. Thankfully, staff and good-hearted people are always ready to help lost kids at the mall. This mother had a mini-heart attack when she lost her son, but thankfully, it ended happily.

The kid was found holding hands with a mannequin, probably feeling sad and longing for his mother. Before the mother could say hi to her son, she had to take a photo for remembrance. At that moment, she was just relieved that she found her son safe… with a mannequin.

Security or samurai?

Security guards are some of the most important people in the mall. Shoplifting is pretty common, especially in shopping centers, and these brave security guards are the ones who catch the bad guys. Of course, some security guards take their duties a little too seriously.

This guy might just be sitting there, but he sure is keeping an eye on every shopper that he sees. When you look closely at the photo, you can spot his weapon. Nope, not a gun, but a sword, and not just an ordinary sword – it looks like a samurai sword. Maybe he was just playing so that shoppers would be terrified of him. Nonetheless, it’s a good weapon choice.

Quacking in the supermarket

Dogs, cats, hedgehogs, and even goats can be brought to the supermarket as your pet. However, can you imagine seeing a duck at the grocery store? Not a frozen duck, but a pet duck. That would probably be one of the most adorable things ever.

We salute Walmart for not being strict in terms of pets. They welcome all kinds of pets inside their store, as long as it’s safe for others to be around the animal. This duck seems pretty relaxed, waiting for her mom to pick the product she needs. 

A feline security guard

This little friend seems like a security guard eyeing the incoming customers of this store. He sure seems grumpy, but he also makes a cute security guard. Would you dare to enter the store with that mean mug staring you down?

It seems that he is grumpy because there are still no customers in his store. Or maybe it’s just Monday, and he is tired. Despite his cranky demeanor, no self-respecting cat lover could resist petting this adorable feline security guard.

I do!

Aside from not being strict about pets, Walmart can also be an unconventional place for weddings. It’s hardly a romantic environment, nor a place that would inspire memories to cherish for the rest of your days. Still, this couple chose to get married at their local Walmart, and we are happy for them.

We don’t know the reason why they chose this place. Maybe they are both employees at Walmart, or perhaps they encountered love at first sight there. Whatever their motivation may be, they went all out for their big day. The wedding is complete with a celebrant, flower girls, and even a ring bearer. You can see that the shoppers were amazed at this Walmart wedding.