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30+ Summer Hacks for a Cooler and Happier Season

Although we are still feeling the effects of the pandemic, there are still ways to enjoy summertime. Some of these hacks might not be new to those who have been in the hack-hunting game for years, but they will surely be a big help to the rest. Whether it’s a simple trick for preparing a cocktail or a new and affordable way to barbecue, you’ll find the most helpful summertime tricks on this list.

How many of us have encountered issues when trying to set up a portable pool? How about those annoying mosquito bites? Well, luck is on your side as we are about to reveal some of the best tricks you can use this summer. Have a pen and pad handy as you will soon want to take down notes.

Beach Towel Pouch

Among the four seasons we experience on this planet, summertime is considered the best by many people. It marks a time when you can flaunt your physique and get even fitter by playing sports and enjoying other fun activities. 

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Still, the right planning is needed to avoid summertime hassles, especially at the beach. Instead of bringing another bag for your belongings, you can use your beach towel as a makeshift pouch. The trick here is to properly partition your pouch to individually protect the items you need to store.

Pool Noodles to the Rescue

Anyone who loves drinking soda, water, or beer while swimming will love this hack. The main use of a pool noodle is to help people swim. However, we can maximize its full potential with this handy DIY hack. 

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By simply surrounding a plastic container with cut pieces from a pool noodle, it can act as a flotation device to keep your drinks from sinking. Add some ice, and you have a DIY floating cooler. 

Getting Rid of the Sands on Your Feet

Playing and spending time on the beach is one of the best feelings in the world. The waves, the sun, and the sand are the precise combination we need to relax and enjoy life.

Image by Ken Banks/Flickr

Kendrick Lamar Hints at ‘Final TDE Album’Keep WatchingWhen the day is through, however, sand on your feet can be pretty annoying, especially if you don’t want to mess up your car. To get rid of sand easily, try baby powder. A good slap of this fine powder will absorb moisture from your feet, making it easier to brush off the sand.

Peel Mangoes like a Pro

Summertime isn’t all about sun, sand, and sea breezes. It is also the time of year for cool, thirst-quenching refreshments. One of the most common summer favorites is the smoothie. Ever wonder how restaurants or smoothie stalls peel mangoes so quickly?

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Look no further as we are here to share the secret technique. The first step is to cut the mango in half as shown in the picture. Next, gently peel the fruit using the mouth of a glass. There you have it.

No More Annoying Flies

As stated in our previous slide, fruit shakes are common during summertime. However, these sweet and natural treats also attract annoying insects, especially flies. Getting rid of them is easier said than done, but we have the ultimate weapon to solve that problem.

Image by Rajya Laxmi/Flickr

Apple cider vinegar is widely considered a miracle liquid due to its effectiveness against many ailments. Another use of this miracle liquid is as a repellent for insects. Just pour a small amount of apple cider vinegar into a container and mix it with dishwashing liquid. Problem solved.

Heal Mosquito Bites Using Deodorant

If you were bitten by a mosquito during your summer vacation and forgot to take an anti-itch cream with you, don’t panic. Did you know that deodorant contains aluminum chloride which helps absorb toxins?

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Instead of investing in some pricey anti-itch cream, you might want to switch to deodorant. Multiple people also reported that after applying a small amount of deodorant to the bitten area, a noticeable effect is experienced almost instantly.

Water Bottle Sprinkler

This may not be the first time you’ve heard about this trick as we have certainly heard of people doing it before. Yes, summertime is great, but it imposes issues and challenges in our gardens. 

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Watering the grass might not be easy for everyone, but this trick will make the work easier. If you have an empty water bottle, punch some holes in the bottom. Then, insert the hose in the mouth and secure it with tape to ensure it doesn’t budge. You’ve got an instant sprinkler for your lawn and garden beds.

Duct Tape Hammock

Another popular item in any hack list is the mighty roll of duct tape. Let’s face it, duct tape can solve almost anything and is considered a reliable problem solver by people all over the world. 

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After a tiring summer’s day full of sweaty activities, a good dose of relaxation is needed. Sleeping in a hammock is one of the loveliest ways to relax outside, but what if you forgot your hammock? Well, if you have extra duct tape, why not create a makeshift hammock? It might not be quite as comfortable, but it will do the job.

Who Needs a Fancy Grill if You Have a Pushcart?

Call it crazy, call it wild, you can even call it weird, but this hack saves a lot of money. When we think of a barbecue, many of us imagine an expensive grill complete with all the fancy accessories. 

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What if we were to tell you that using a pushcart will give you brilliant results at a fraction of the cost? Make sure to clean it up properly, and be sure that you obtain it by legal means. A stolen pushcart grill isn’t cool and could land you in trouble.

Duct Tape Hack 2.0

When we stated that duct tape is at the heart of many clever hacks, we were not exaggerating. Imagine going on a hike with your friends and suddenly you feel blisters on your feet. This can be maddening, especially if you don’t have a comfier pair of shoes to slip into.

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If you don’t have a first aid kit, you can tape the blisters down with duct tape. This will protect your skin, prevent the blisters from worsening, and surprisingly, it also makes the pain and discomfort disappear like magic.

Fresh Outfits Every Day

Here’s a slightly controversial hack that is not widely accepted for two main reasons. First, people fear damaging the fabric. Second, it is seen as unnecessary by many. However, if you are prone to overheating, you may wish to give it a go.

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This trick is common in tropical regions that are close to the equator. Just make sure to use a freezer-safe bag so your clothes do not get wet or stick to the inside of the freezer.

DIY Ice Packs Using A Shower Cap

If you want to keep your salads cool for a summertime picnic, this hack is for you. All you need is a shower cap large enough to fit each bowl. Given the size of most shower caps, this works best if you have individual serves of salad. 

Image by Rupert Kim/Flickr

If you want to make sure that your food stays fresh, try investing in a shower cap for every member of your household. Put some ice cubes in each shower cap, and you have an instant ice pack. Take advantage of its clinginess and stretchiness to wrap it around your salad bowls. 

Fed Up With Lousy Pool Covers?

Another common issue during the summer season is draining water from inflatable pools. It should be easy as you don’t need to do anything special to drain the pool. However, it does take some time and attention, which are often in short supply at the end of a hot summer’s day. 

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After swimming, the tendency is to just want to go inside and laze in the air conditioning. Instead of draining an inflatable pool, why not get a fitted bed sheet to protect the water from bugs and insects? Then you can save it for the next day’s activities. 

Baby Diapers to Protect Your Valuables

We must admit, this hack might serve its purpose but if you are not careful, you might lose your belongings. There was once an episode on a certain TV show about a husband who was tired and annoyed with sand all over his belongings.

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Out of nowhere, his wife threw baby diapers. Much to his dismay, he thought his wife was pranking him until she instructed him on how to use the diapers as a makeshift bag. Sure, no thief wants to touch what looks like a diary diaper, but what happens if an eco-warrior throws it in the nearest trash can while you’re swimming? 

The Perfect Condiment Station

How many of us use multiple containers for our condiments during movie nights? Aside from taking up too much space on the table, cleaning them is also cumbersome. Finally, there’s an ingenious way to solve all those problems.

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Who would have thought a muffin tray would make the perfect condiment station? What are you waiting for? Go and buy some muffin tins in the dollar store!

Brush Your Corn like You Brush Your Teeth

Yes, you read the title correctly and no, this is not a prank. When we first saw this trick, we also thought it was odd to use a toothbrush on corn. Usually, the toothbrush comes in later. When you finish eating corn, you use it to brush away all the remnants.

Image by liz west/Flickr

However, you can use your toothbrush to get rid of those pesky corn hairs once it is cooked or boiled. Indeed, if you love the juicy crunch of raw corn, you can brush away the hairs as soon as you peel the cob.

Keeping Your Feet Dry

This is the second time deodorant has made our list, and we are not surprised. During summer, having sweaty feet is almost expected. This is why we invest in creams and antiperspirant lotions.

Image by AndreyPopov/Depositphotos

This might sound ridiculous, but instead of buying those expensive products, why not use the deodorant you already have? It will serve its purpose much better than those creams.

Thank You, Zip Lock Bags!

Before going to the beach, what is one of the most common items that we usually purchase? If your guess is a waterproof phone bag, you are correct. In this day and age, cellphones are a necessity, so it is essential to keep them safe and dry.

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However, if you forgot your waterproof phone bags, you can use a zip lock one instead. They come in different shapes and sizes but serve the same basic purpose.

Kool-Aid Keeps Getting Cooler

If you haven’t tried drinking kool-aid, now is the best time to start. Despite other flavored drinks emerging throughout the years, kool-aid is still on the top of our list.

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Getting back to the trick – have you noticed that light blonde hair can turn green after swimming in chlorinated pools? If this occurs, you can easily fix it by mixing lemon-flavored kool-aid into your shampoo and then rinsing your hair thoroughly. 

Mobile Pool, Anyone?

Remember the popular MTV show Pimp My Ride? Each episode, they would reconstruct someone’s vehicle and turn it into a grand work of art. That can be said with the trick that we have. The only difference is, you will spend far less money than Pimp My Ride ever did!

Image via chritie_torres1/Instagram

This trick has a lot of variations and can be done to any type of truck (the bigger the tray, the better). After inflating your pool, place it in the back of your truck, making sure that the tailgate is locked and secured. Voila!

The Power of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is well known for its blood-sugar-lowering properties. Apart from the beneficial effects on insulin resistance, cinnamon can lower blood sugar by several other mechanisms. However, it can also be used to protect little ones from insects when they’re playing in the sandbox.

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Due to its overpowering smell, cinnamon is a great insect repellent. Just sprinkle a small amount of cinnamon around the sandbox and mix some in with the sand. You can also sprinkle it around any other insect-infested areas of your home or garden.

The One-Two Punch Insect Repellent

We are pretty sure that we are not alone with this one. How many of you have experienced having a campfire and suddenly annoying insects fly at you from all directions? That can be maddening and can easily destroy your wonderful vacation.

Image by Thomas Park/Unsplash

However, we are going to provide you with another trick that you might want to share with the entire family. Next time you go camping, buy some limes and cloves. Slice the limes into two and puncture them with the cloves. These should be as effective as insect coils. 

Easy Instant Cocktails

Based on a recent survey from a popular YouTube channel, summer parties are considered the best due to the freedom you have in warm weather.

Images by the impulsivebuy, Chen Zhao/Fickr

The most common thing to do at summer parties is to drink cocktails. If you forgot to stock up on the necessary ingredients, Capri Sun can save the day. Inject some alcohol using a syringe. Amazing, right?

Cooling Down Your Car

This trick is MacGyver-like in its brilliance. During hot summer weather, hot cars are a common issue. If you parked outside without shade, then be ready for a heatwave when you open the door.

Image by Markus Spiske/Unsplash

Usually, car owners open the doors and windows to release some of the heat before they step in. However, experts recommend opening only the passenger window and the door on the driver’s side. This creates a vacuum effect that sucks the hot air out. 

Not Today, Pit Stains!

While it is not your fault if pit stains appear on your shirt, it’s still worth trying to prevent them. Perhaps you’ve already heard about the vinegar and warm water solution, which does work for some people. However, this one is absolutely foolproof.

Image via Imgur

You can avoid stains altogether by using panty liners. They will absorb your sweat easily and will easily hold their positions thanks to the sticky backing. 

Keep Meat Moist

We haven’t heard of a person who hates to barbecue, so it is safe to say that this trick applies to us all. Honestly, this is not the first time that we have seen this hack. If you are fond of watching simple vlogs about outdoor cooking, then you will probably be familiar with it.

Image via Imgur

A common error that we often make while barbecuing is to wait for the ice to melt from the meat. Adding fresh ice is better. The ice cube will prevent the meat from overcooking and add extra moisture to it, ensuring it stays plump and juicy.

Diaper Ice Packs!

If the first trick using a diaper as a makeshift bag was cringe-worthy, this hack is scream-worthy. We’ve seen all sorts of things used as DIY ice packs, but this is just wild.

Image via Imgur

Here’s a pro tip: due to its absorbent nature, you can put water and alcohol in the diaper. This mixture will create a gel-like consistency once taken out of the freezer.

Another Cocktail Trick Using a Ziplock Bag

We’ve already discussed hacks for cocktails, hacks with ice, and hacks that use Ziplock bags. Now, these three topics unite with one brilliant summertime trick all cocktail lovers will adore. Fruit and ice are vital components to many a cocktail. However, instead of having to chop it when you’re hankering for a drink, why not freeze the fruit?

Image via Imgur

Place the frozen fruit into ice cube trays and pour in some water or your favorite mixer. Place the cubes in ziplock bags and they’re ready to either throw in drinks or add to a blender to create frozen margaritas. 

Who Doesn’t Love Ice Cream?

Aside from cold soda, milkshakes, smoothies, and slushies, another way to beat the summer heat is to eat the crown jewel of all desserts – ice cream. While some frozen treats are hard to make, there’s an easy way to create homemade ice cream.

Image by XPeria2Day/Flickr

Buy some sweet bananas and slice them into small pieces. Freeze them overnight, then use a high-speed blender to blend them. Add some chocolate chips to up the ante.

Lint as a Fire Starter

If you have just cleaned your dryer, please do not throw away that lint. We know this might sound crazy, but due to its frazzled fabric nature, lint is great as a fire starter.

Image via Imgur

There are a lot of ways to store lint. If you have empty cans or canisters, they can be used as a container. You can even use an empty tissue roll. Simply stuff it with lint as demonstrated in the picture above. 

Plants Need Hydration Too!

Sometimes we forget that plants need to be hydrated too, especially during the summer months. Usually, we ask our neighbors to do the watering for us while we are away, but they might forget this important task as well.

Image via Imgur

The trick here is to fill a beer bottle with water, cover it with a cork, and drill small holes on the cork. Upend the bottle in the soil as demonstrated in this picture, and it will slow-feed water to the plant.

The Best Cooler

During summer, the fridge is usually fully maximized. We even buy coolers just to make sure that our drinks stay fresh and cool. Doing this is fine, but did you know that you have one of the best coolers in the world already hanging out in your house? 

Image via Imgur

Fill your washing machine with ice, and it will keep your drinks cold for a surprisingly long time. Not only can it hold a huge amount of ice, but it is also fantastically insulated, making it the ideal cooler for long summer days.

The Water Bottle Trick

Those who love going to the gym may already be familiar with this trick. For those who are not aware of it, then here’s the secret.

Image via Imgur

If you want to have an ice-cold drink in your water bottle, you don’t need to waste time trying to force ice inside the mouth. Instead, fill the water bottle a third of the way, lay it down in your freezer, and then when you’re ready for a cold drink, all you need to do is pour the liquid in.

DIY Chip Bowl

Imagine this: you are enjoying your movie night, the drinks are ice-cold and the snacks are flavorful, but you don’t have a big enough bowl. This might not be a big problem, but the constant crumpling of plastic packets can get annoying.

Image by Mike Mozart/Flickr

Once you open a bag like the ones pictured above, start folding the bottom part of the bag slowly. Push in and roll the edges up, creating a round base for the packet to sit on. Continue until the snacks reach the top. 

Beer Bottle Pyramid

According to recent studies, drinking beer is still at the top of the list when it comes to relaxation. There’s something about it that we just can’t resist. It’s not surprising at all that it is the third most popular drink overall.

Dealing with a slippery beer bottle is a headache. So, next time you are going to stock your fridge, use a binder clip to make sure that they stay in place.

Finding the Source of the Leak

This trick is used by professionals to find leaks in tires, and you can use it to find that pesky leak in your inflatable pool toys. All you need is a water and soap solution. 

Image by James Dickinson/Flickr

Mix the soap and water and spray it on the area where you think the hole is situated. Then, carefully press your inflatable to check where the air is coming from. As soon as you see bubbles on the surface, that is your sign.

A New Twist on Hotdogs

You can’t have a summer party without hotdogs. It is almost a prerequisite that if you are going to have a backyard gathering, you must have this dish. If you are bored with the same old hotdogs, you can up the ante by giving them a new look.

Screenshot from “Spiral Dogs” via Delish/YouTube

Twisting a hotdog might look hard, but you can achieve it in three steps. Skewer the hotdog and then spin it as you cut along its surface diagonally. Once you’ve created the perfect spiral, remove the hotdog from the skewer. 

No Inflatable Pool? No Problem!

Instead of buying an inflatable pool, why not just create one? All you need are four long foldable tables, some rope, and a big tarp.

Screenshot via @rhysmohi/Tiktok

Box the tables together and secure them by tying a rope around them. Next, secure the tarp as demonstrated in the picture. Then, just fill it up with water.

Homemade AC Unit

Among all the tricks that we have revealed today, this is the one hack we haven’t yet tried. Having AC is considered a luxury, but what if you don’t have the means to buy one? 

Image by Alexi Kostibas/Flickr

Grab a 5-gallon bucket with a lid. Punch a hole big enough for the front end of the fan. Next, drill holes around the bucket, fill it with ice, and turn on the fan.