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40 Creepy Online “Stranger Danger” Situations To Avoid

The internet is a wild and crazy place. While there’s a lot to love, It is still almost impossible to put a meme or an innocent post about your day out there without it getting bombarded with tons of comments from online bullies and trolls.

All in all, the scariest place online could actually be your inbox. We collected the creepiest messages sent by strangers from the internet. Be wary about what you put out there on the internet.

Read on and find out about which red flags to watch out for, and feel free to laugh at all of these bizarre unsolicited messages!

Formal wear

For some reason, this stranger thought he was doing the honorable thing by expressing sensitivity about the clothes he planned to wear after an insulting invitation to a hookup. He probably thought he was being appealing. If you have your head on straight, you will not see this as funny at all.

Image via Imgur

Communicating with a casual acquaintance you hardly know with the intent to initiate intercourse is not something normal people regularly do. It would be fairly logical for anyone to turn this down. But insisting that they take your offer because you believe the problem is your skewed understanding of a dress code is another level of “duh.”

Bye For Good

Imagine spending a quiet day by yourself when you suddenly receive a random message from an anonymous sender demanding nude photos of you. What would you do? Take note that the message was not a request. It was an order.

Image via Imgur

Their person’s reply is golden. All it took to reject this creep was an unremarkable “Nah.” Some would feel that anger would be a more appropriate response, but it seems that even a little emotion would be too much effort to spend on this weirdo.

Oh Yes

The “Oo no” message sent by this stranger is enough to make anyone die from laughter. It is both innocent and hilarious at the same time. We believe the picture he received was not something he expected.

Image via Imgur

The best thing to do to avoid getting into these kinds of situations is to be very careful when dealing with people you don’t know online. As much as possible, don’t talk to them. Blocking is always an option.

Three’s A Crowd

This poor guy needs a few blocks of ice to heal the self-inflicted burn he got due to being an entitled creep. At least he can now use this experience as a lesson in not sending inappropriate messages to strangers on the internet.

Image via Imgur

Receiving unprompted messages from a stranger like this one asking to join in your marital fun deserves a rejection like no other. This stranger’s sense of entitlement knows no bounds.

A Frustrated Guy

It is hilarious this man took the time to respond to an anonymous message. He just saved a woman’s precious time by having his own time wasted by this stranger and his one-track mind.

Image via Imgur

We hope the stranger has learned his lesson and has taken it upon himself to stop sending creepy messages and maybe start using his time more wisely—like doing anything else other than this.

Crazy Offer

This message from an anonymous user is quite sad. Very few people realize that one in four women will go through pregnancy loss. It is an experience that is quite traumatic. It can also seriously affect a woman’s mental health.

Image via Imgur

We are unsure if this message is authentic or a prank. Either way, higher levels of sensitivity will be required to deal with this, especially if the recipient is someone who has gone through the grief of having lost an unborn child. This is such an upsetting message.

Haters Like To Be Liked

This is a hilarious example of what happens when haters express their hate, hoping that the person they hate cares that they are hated. Fortunately, the person being hated doesn’t really care—as it should be.

Image via Imgur

They also have no idea who the sender is, and it seems that they don’t want to know either. Sadly for the sender, it probably wasn’t the most devastating reply they were expecting to get back, but it is one they clearly deserve. 

Heywoo Guy

This user put a twist on their message that no one could have expected. Receiving random requests from strangers for a date online can be amusing in one moment, then weird in the next. This message is an example of an overly cute way of asking someone out. But what happens when he gets rejected?

Image via Imgur

The sudden change from “hey woo” baby talk to “Go die” is abrupt, and it doesn’t take a genius to know that he has the personality of an angry 6-year-old whose needs were never met, thus the verbal tantrum—a good example of stranger danger indeed. 

Inside Out

There are many kinds of creepy online strangers. This message from an anonymous user is not typical of any ice-breaker conversations. Asking someone what they’re wearing is such a bad way to make a first impression.

Image via Imgur

Fortunately, the person this stranger is talking to has a perfect sense of humor. To be fair, the answer is valid and so puts all the pressure back on the stranger to ask a more specific question next time—that is, if there is a next time.

e might be the best example of a self-own in the entire history of internet creeps. Imagine talking to someone you have a crush on and accusing them of being obsessed with a fashion model who actually turns out to be their partner.

Image via Imgur

This user wanted to insult the woman he has a crush on, but it just resulted in him insulting himself. This is life if you want to live like a loser like this guy.

You’ve Got A Stalker

Who doesn’t like the idea of meeting someone the old-fashioned way? The two of you are in a coffee shop, and you accidentally meet each other because they mixed up your order, or the two of you are waiting in line, and you step on the other’s toe. The possibilities are endless.

Image via Imgur

But no rom-com movie has ever had a storyline this weird. It reeks of desperation and stalker-ish vibes. Why anyone had the energy to memorize someone’s number instead of just saying “hi” to start a decent conversation is beyond anyone’s logic.

Uber Creep

Uber Eats should be aware of this creep, and they should also probably drop him, too. This is a gross invasion of customers’ privacy and inappropriate use of people’s data. Unfortunately, some people (men) are just like this.

Image via Imgur

Imagine ordering food and suddenly receiving inappropriate messages from the person who brought you your order. The Uber weirdo practically knows where you live and which toppings you prefer. 

a way of painting themselves in a corner and getting angry for finding themselves trapped there. For some reason, they believe they are entitled to give unsolicited compliments. But they get angry when you don’t express appreciation for something they gave away for free.

Image via Imgur

If saying “thank you” is payment for the creepy compliment, we would prefer not to have received it at all. Also, it is not a compliment if you expect something in return—it’s a transaction. 

Racial Preferences

There is nothing wrong with having certain dating preferences. But there is something wrong with men who have a thing for women of a specific ethnicity and race. Liking someone based on these characteristics is a way of tokenizing people and not appreciating who they are beyond skin-deep characteristics.

Image via Imgur

Take this guy’s obsession with everything Japanese: he loudly and proudly shares his preferences while hitting on a complete stranger. He could have at least researched her a little more because he seems to have confused Indonesian Chinese people with Japanese.

Wanted Sugar Baby

This is definitely one for the Creeper’s Hall of Fame. This random guy seems to be looking for a sugar baby online. Why on Earth do men send these kinds of things? Has it ever worked in the history of the internet (or communication, for that matter)?

Image via Imgur

Fortunately, he clarifies that he is only on the lookout for those aged 18 and above. Also, the message’s recipient was not at all grossed out, so no harm done, we guess—unless you count second-hand nausea.


This exchange of messages was initially disturbing, but thankfully, it took a wholesome turn. Otherwise, there would have been a major human trafficking situation to report. Yikes!

Image via Imgur

Imagine getting this message from a random user. You’d instantly think you’ve been looped into an illegal, immoral slave ring operation. Fortunately, the tides turned, and the message sender was actually talking about a bird. Phew!.


There is something romantic about holidays and going on a vacation on your own and suddenly meeting someone and ending up in a relationship. It’s the stuff romantic dreams are made of!

Image via Imgur

But when you realize the hotel concierge searched for your number and contacted you after an entire year since your last stay there, would you be creeped out or thrilled? We’re betting on the former. This is definitely the stuff of nightmares.


This picture elicits a lot of unanswered questions. Firstly, do the people having a conversation know each other? We’re guessing not. If they don’t know each other, how could they have each other’s number?

Image via Imgur

We would like to think this is a conversation between two friends pranking each other. Otherwise, this is a creepy random photo sent by a stranger to someone he has plans of stalking. Surely, this message is something no one would be comfortable receiving.

Creepy Delivery

Food delivery apps must take the responsibility to keep personal information confidential. Who knew such companies hired creeps this bad? This is going to make us think twice before ordering food.

Image via Imgur

Imagine the sheer amount of information available at anyone’s beck and call. They have our home address and phone contact details. Misusing this information should be against the law—and it probably is. People should be allowed to receive their food deliveries in peace.

Strange Snapchat

Who uses Snapchat nowadays? If you still are, maybe it is time to compare the year you think you’re in with the actual year on the current Gregorian calendar. Doing so will save you from receiving messages sent by this entitled Snapchat user.

Image via Imgur

Why this absolute stranger would instantly expect a human being he barely knows to follow his command is beyond anyone’s guess. Maybe that is his way of charming people to bend to his will. Clearly, it didn’t work.

Pale Skin

This charmer decided to skip the usual pleasantries and go for the jugular. Meeting a potential date is supposed to be an exciting time as both get to know each other better. But this stranger wanted to fast-track the process and had already laid out a whole life beyond their first date.

Image via Imgur

It’s not enough that this creeper went ahead and had kids inside his head without checking if his would-be date would agree to go out with him. He even had the kids’ skin color figured out. 


The focus this stranger has when it comes to getting what he wants is admirable. He didn’t care that the person he was talking to is already in a relationship. The only important thing is what he wants. Other people’s circumstances do not seem to matter.

Image via Imgur

This is a red flag on its own, as only his needs are worth paying attention to and not anybody else’s. What is odder is that the person he is talking to is replying to his messages. The best way to avoid creeps is to not engage with them all.

Too Much Is Too Much

This stranger spends a lot of time and words convincing the woman he is talking to how much he likes her hair. He could have easily said, “I like your hair,” but decided to create a big, macho story around it.

Image via Imgur

Though it is a very creative story, we suspect he prefers to hear himself talk than listen to what the other person has to say. Plus, the yakuza and gory hand-cutting scene is a bit of an overkill and is clearly unnecessary. Nobody likes being put on a pedestal like that—it’s boring.

Weird Conversation

This conversation shouldn’t have existed in the first place. These two people don’t sound like they are on the same page. Clearly, she thought she was having a regular conversation. But the other was having “abnormal thoughts,” shall we say.

Image via Imgur

The best part about this message exchange was after she said “Bye.” As expected, the creep wanted to continue the illogical chat. We feel it is best if he learns to talk to himself first before he goes out to talk with other humans. Some positive self-talk is actually good for one’s mental health.

Man As Anti-Depressant

Some men belong to specific categories. There’s a category for men who like to talk, and there’s another category for those who think they are God’s gift to women. There is another category that combines these two, and that is where this stranger belongs.

Image via Imgur

It takes a lot of imagination and willpower to convince yourself that someone is depressed because they aren’t dating you. Not feeling shame or embarrassment from having such thoughts is a whole new skill level a few people can master, fortunately.

Not A Match

There might be a valid reason this stranger did not match the person he was talking to. Yet that didn’t stop him from searching high and low for the person’s profile. We admire his diligence and never-give-up attitude, but we’re also quite scared of it. That’s a big “yikes” from us.

Image via Imgur

If Bumble gave points for successful stalking efforts, this guy would have gotten a lot of them. But fortunately, for good and self-evident reasons, it doesn’t. We hope Bumble kicks this creep off their app.

is initial efforts. He may also not know what he was talking about in the first place, so he simply abandoned his attempt and went on with his life.

Image via Imgur

Unfortunately for him, his friend request was accepted, and he now has to explain what he was harping about. To protect his ego, he decided to go dark and pretend he didn’t fall completely flat on his face.

Hide Your Address

It’s never a good idea to publish your information online. This message is a creepy reminder of what could happen if you do. Imagine your place of rest being exposed on the internet for anyone to see.

Image via Imgur

This is one situation where putting yourself out there is not a good idea. You don’t know who is looking at your posts and searching the internet for any personal details they can mine. They usually use that to their advantage, so it’s best to keep any personal details off the internet. 

Hell No

This guy seems to be pretending to understand what “respect” means. By including the word in such a rude question, he thought he could get away with asking anything he wanted. Fortunately, that’s not how it works. Simply attaching “respectfully” in any part of a sentence does not automatically mean you are being respectful.

Image via Imgur

Asking a rude question to a person you hardly know and pasting “respectfully” in it also does not make the sentence polite. If this message was a joke between two lovers or a couple who already know each other’s sense of humor, this might fly. But if not, this is just a no-no.

Hack Fail

This message is a perfect example of a horrible and creepy message that failed. The stranger texted a random number and pretended to hack the recipient’s phone. His purpose is to get the recipient to send a picture. Did his plan work?

Image via Imgur

Fortunately, it did not. But better be safe than sorry. If they can locate your address, they might steal your identity next or ask for money. We’re pretty sure that this kind of thing is a jailable offense. 

Creepy Optimist

Being an optimist is a good thing. But ignoring the facts in front of you is a form of self-delusion that is not at all healthy. Though the person this stranger was talking to made it clear that they were not at all interested in anything, the stranger plodded on enthusiastically.

Image via Imgur

Still, ignoring someone’s “no” is not the best way to carry on a conversation. But a sarcastic salute is in order for the stranger who went on to shoot his shot and missed by a wide margin. 

 had a request that is so odd we have difficulty believing this was actually real. Apparently, there is a connection between those who can touch their toes and people who possess Egyptian-style toes. What are Egyptian-style toes anyway?

Image via Imgur

We suspect this stranger is merely covering up for his toe fetish and is using Egyptian-style terms to obscure his preferences. Maybe it would be better to find someone who would explicitly indulge this instead of bumping up to strangers online.

Age Is Not Just A Number

Women do not like to talk about their age unless they want to. But in general, women would rather not discuss how old they are. But this stranger decided it was a great way to open a conversation.

Image via Imgur

Unfortunately, this was a mistake. The woman he was talking to was actually 24 years old. Mentioning that someone actually looks like a 30-year-old is a surefire way to get your butt kicked. Fortunately, they were only exchanging messages online, so the best she could do was ignore him.

azing woman effortlessly shut down this creep because he straight out asked if she was a cuddler. Who in their right mind would ask this very personal question to someone they hardly knew? Apparently, this creep. He deservedly got what he did not ask for.

Image via Imgur

Next time we hope that he has learned his lesson. He should not randomly ask intimate questions if he values his life and ego—good job to the woman who delivered that perfect deflection burn.

Rainbow Connection

This guy is hoping for some connection by mentioning pretty rainbows. However, we suspect he might have ingested something that made his eyes see rainbows that weren’t there or that caused him to talk using nonsensical words.

Image via Imgur

Either way, the woman he’s talking to clearly didn’t buy it—and we’re behind her 100%. Inviting someone you hardly know to your bachelor pad is just as bad as talking about rainbows. His message clearly did not deserve any reply.

Cup Curiosity

Another stranger decided to send a wildly inappropriate message to someone they hardly knew to ask them about something extremely personal. No one randomly asks a person face to face what their bra size is, but this stranger thought it was a good idea to do so online.

Image via Imgur

The woman answered extremely kindly and eloquently, but we feel she could have shown a little more roughness with this gentleman. 

One Track Mind

Some people are extremely skilled at converting even the most innocent pictures into something sinister, gross, or both. It seems to be their best skill. Unfortunately, it isn’t a skill anyone can put to good use.

Image via Imgur

For instance, this woman decided to take this simple photo of her new headphones, and this creeper converted it into something inappropriate. Women just can’t win. No matter what they do, it never seems to be enough to repel these lonely little boys.

He Lost Her At Macarena

This could have led to a first date. Alas, the guy had to ruin his chance for happiness thanks to his love for awful jokes. Initially, the woman found the joke sort of funny. However, she stopped laughing when she realized he wasn’t trying to make a joke.

Image via Imgur

The man pitched and missed because of his inherent lack of a funny bone and great big ego. His lust for Macarena ruined his logic and good sense. For any guys out there, try to remember: chasing women this way debases your value to a number lower than zero. 

No One’s Perfect

This man does not seem to understand the definition of “lesbian.” Does he even know what a lesbian is outside of specific websites for men? Does he think it’s a form of vegetarianism? Insisting they go on a date might be a hint he is not well-versed with LGBT terms.

Image via Imgur

Though he obviously is trying to be friendly, we earnestly suspect he needs some basic orientation about people’s sexual preferences, or maybe he can just Google it. Actually, scratch that—we know where that search will lead him. 

Honesty Is The Best Policy

This woman knows what she wants. However, her wants can be a bit too much. She also expressed her wants a bit too early in the dating process. It’s probably not a good idea to bring the subject up before the first date, at the very least.

Image via Imgur

She might want to reign in her dreams a bit and consider the wants of the person she wants to date. After all, it takes two people to be in a relationship. Then again, we’re sure that there are plenty of lonely men on the internet who would be happy to accommodate her.