Strange Discoveries People Made in Airbnbs and Hotels - too cool 2 be true

Strange Discoveries People Made in Airbnbs and Hotels

For the vast majority, the charm of venturing to the far corners of the planet and meeting new people is something they treasure and anticipate the entire year. Aside from delving into another city, a significant part of this experience is enjoying a lush hotel room or Airbnb property. Getting the accommodation right is one way to guarantee the vacation will be pleasant. Still, there are times when life succumbs to Murphy’s Law, which expresses that “if anything can go wrong, it will.”

In circumstances like this, people often respond in unexpected ways. While some will freak out and consider it to be a bad omen for the holiday, others love seeing the strange side of life, even if they suffer a little for it. We can gain from the lessons they learned and hopefully avoid succumbing to similar issues. With this in mind, let’s jump in and explore some of the strangest and most disturbing Airbnb and hotel design fails.

A Different Kind of Pool

Before making hotel reservations, you need to guarantee that they provide the amenities that are important to you. The pricier hotels regularly offer things like pools to make your visit as pleasant as can be. Many people are happy to pay extra to be able to enjoy a beautiful pool. 

Photo Credit: Reddit / Johnoplata

When this individual needed to book a room, he was advised that it came with a pool, but little did he know the sort of pool they were talking about. He excitedly prepared his swimsuit to go for a cool swim after an evening walk. However, this was what he discovered when he headed to the “pool.”

Ocean Views

This hotel offers a good example of the saying, “If a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is.” After this terrible experience, we’re certain this individual will ask for proof whenever they find a hotel offering ocean views for suspiciously cheap prices. 

Photo Credit: Reddit / Weully

So as not to succumb to these tricks, the best thing to do is to go through the hotel’s website and take a look at the gallery before you book. Maybe even look on Google Street View. That way, you can save yourself from booking a “room with a view” like the one pictured here. 

Crazy Carpet

There are a few things you need to think about when traveling to ensure your trip doesn’t turn into a bad dream before it even begins. You must be cautious about the food you eat, keep away from things you’re allergic to, and stay away from anything that might make you squeamish. 

Photo Credit: Reddit / Majoranese

Even if you don’t get motion sickness, stepping out of the elevator to see a hallway like this would be disorienting. Though the carpet might seem amazing to certain people, it’s horrible for anyone who just wants to get some rest in their hotel room. 

Is This a Fitness Center?

Some hotels offer plenty of wellness add-ons, while others don’t even provide a basic gym. We don’t know where this lodging stands. Did they change their wellness facility into a second-hand furniture store? Or is this some kind of functional fitness routine we haven’t seen before? 

Image source: Reddit / PineBadger

It may well be the ideal spot for couch potatoes. Alternatively, visitors can get a workout by moving the lounge chairs around. The more fiery and adaptable ones can upgrade their abilities in parkour. 

Not For Tall People

Dome lodgings should come with signs warning that they’re not suitable for tall people. We don’t know who this Airbnb was intended for as it seems like it would be a tight squeeze even for regular-sized people. 

Photo Credit: Reddit / Nevernomuffintops

We hope the architect had a good reason behind the construction of this tiny hotel room. Perhaps it’s one of the “unique stays” you can find on Airbnb and other booking sites. We imagine the novelty would wear off pretty quickly, especially if the bed is equally tiny!

DIY Barn Door

In an attempt to cut costs, some Airbnb proprietors fix issues they notice in their units themselves. Sometimes it works out well for them. Other times, they end up creating a monstrosity like the door pictured here.  

Photo Credit: Reddit / reckless7

This DIY arrangement is absurd but kind of interesting. Seeing this door makes you wonder what happened to the previous entryway. Nonetheless, the truly significant inquiry is, how will guests lock it?

Warm Notice, Anyone?

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to stay at a Chinese hotel, this “Warm Notice” should give you some understanding. First of all, we truly love the way they clearly express their guidelines, so guests realize how to behave properly. 

Photo Credit: Reddit / code0011

The notification begins by energetically welcoming the visitors to the hotel, but it wastes no time getting to business. They beg visitors to comply with the national traditions, and they give some rather spicy examples of things to avoid doing!

Do Not Disturb, Okay?

Other than solace, another significant thing guests pay special attention to when booking a hotel is privacy. Privacy equates to a pleasant stay. Therefore, people will put everything on the line to guarantee they are not upset.

Photo Credit: Reddit / stephanieplum77

This visitor needed to manage with what he had as he was unable to find a privacy door tag in his room. All things considered, the type of door tag utilized doesn’t make any difference. The important thing is that his message can’t be missed. 

Out of Reach

Here’s another fast tip you should observe when booking a hotel or Airbnb – always check if the bathroom is neat, comfortable, and logically designed. Furthermore, when we say comfortable, we mean that it was not made for Elastigirl. 

Photo Credit: Reddit / Chappssss

On a more genuine note, how did the designer of this bathroom imagine guests would be able to get to the toilet paper? We’re sure guests just end up stacking it on the floor close to the latrine. This isn’t the most awful entry on the list, but it’s a design fail nonetheless. 

Movie Theater

Isn’t it an amazing feeling when you discover the hotel you booked has a cinema? This lodging wasn’t lying when they said they had a movie theater. What they didn’t disclose is what type. Well, there are two different ways to appreciate your movie here. 

Photo Credit: Reddit / syrupdash

It is possible that you arrive ahead of schedule to get a fantastic seat, or then again, if you’re unfortunate to be at the back, you’ll need to get a pair of binoculars. To make your experience beneficial, remember to pack some popcorn and pizza. It may even be worth streaming the film on your smartphone. You’ll likely get a better view.

Inconvenient Elevator

There are a few reasons why we might take the lift, and the most common one is comfort. Not every person is in the mood for doing cardio by climbing a stairwell, especially at a hotel where you usually have luggage to carry. The last thing you’d anticipate when taking the lift is having to test your cognizance abilities. 

Photo Credit: Reddit / c0ffeeman

If you are the sort that disregards signs, you might be in for a shock with this lift. We’re sure this has created a great deal of turmoil for people going to the second floor, especially those who are exhausted, jet-lagged, and in need of sleep. 

One Size Fits All

It’s extraordinary going through the night in a fancy hotel and awakening to see your partner in a robe while you request breakfast. Both of you can appreciate the experience without worries while you make arrangements for the day. Apparently, this only works for people of average height.

Photo Credit: Reddit / The_Trip_Doctor

It’s funny to see an exceptionally tall individual in a standard robe. Hotels don’t regularly cater to visitors who are this much taller than the average height. To them, “one size always fits all.” However, to the tall folk of the world, this statement is rarely true. 

A Room with a View

Having a hotel room that doesn’t have a view isn’t the end of the world, especially if you have a good air-conditioning unit and all the cushy extras. However, adding a window that only opens up to a blank wall is cruel.  

Photo Credit: Reddit / JohnIsPogi

If you simply need to reflect on life with no type of interruption, this is the perfect room for you. Question: what’s the justification for placing the window fixtures? The room would do fine without it, and all it’s going to lead to is disappointment and confusion when the guest opens it and is greeted by a wall. 

Stairway from Hell

This is definitely not a Stairway to Heaven, and it’s certainly going to give some visitors a hard time. It seems like a trap or a mean joke. Is this really how guests are meant to descend to the common area? 

Photo Credit: Reddit / Zvek_Eagle

The flight of stairs has such tiny steps that it would be hard for a calm individual to descend, let alone a visitor who has had a couple of drinks. Perhaps it’s a method of keeping the visitors alert (and sober). 

Major Bathroom Fail

When a guest pays a high price for their lodgings, they usually hope to get a delightful experience for their cash. We don’t figure such visitors would be pleased with this restroom. Indeed, we don’t think anyone would find this acceptable, regardless of how much they paid for the room.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Mercureeeeeee

Guests would be frustrated to have to deal with this kind of madness while on vacation, and washroom breaks would be an outright bad dream. Imagine the inconvenience and possible injuries.

The World’s Tiniest Balcony

One thing we’ve learned from this list is that hotel proprietors will engage in subtle trickeries to attract guests. Very much like the hotel that offered a pool (table), this hotel owner excited guests when he declared they would have a balcony with an incredible view. 

Photo Credit: Reddit / Eidahl

Most visitors would have imagined enjoying breakfast on the balcony, however, that’s not about to happen. Obviously, this balcony has a stunning view, but it can scarcely fit a single foot. 

Butt Stain

There is barely anything as humiliating as sitting on a chair and afterward seeing a stain on it. While it might have been a mishap when it first happened, from the look of things, this mark isn’t new. Surely the hotel should have cleaned or replaced the chair by now. 

Photo Credit: Reddit / iFoundSnape

It’s possible that the accommodation provider just likes to get a laugh out of seeing how guests react to the chair. However, we have an awful feeling that this is simply a place with poor hygiene. They need to dispose of the chair as soon as possible. 

A Disaster Waiting to Happen

We imagine this restroom didn’t get checked by a professional since this is a disaster waiting to happen. It’s inevitable. Everyone knows water and electricity are not a good mix, so who let this restroom configuration fly? 

Photo Credit: Reddit / Vast-Comfortable

This shower and hairdryer combo will have visitors playing Russian roulette every time they want to get clean. Either you are lucky enough to survive this fiasco or you will be shocked to the bone. We hope they’ve since renovated the bathroom and gotten rid of this dangerous design flaw. 

I Can See You

Restroom time is an extremely private time, and many people treasure it. Some utilize it as an opportunity to read a book, newspaper, surf the web via their phones, or simply think about things. This lodging took the idea of privacy in reverse by installing a transparent door.

Photo Credit: Reddit / I_watch

Our recommendation? Only book a room like this if you’re traveling solo or if you’ve become so familiar with your partner that you don’t care about them seeing you in there.

It’s a Matter of Perspective

Perspective is everything when it comes to taking pictures of a property. The way you see certain things will influence your decision-making, and this Airbnb proprietor benefited as much as possible from playing with perspective. This post is an illustration of the saying, “looks can be deceiving.” 

Photo Credit: Reddit / robot_accomplice

The image above was shown in the listing for a holiday home in France. Below, we can see that it’s anything but a full-sized swimming pool. Well, at least the guests got an actual pool they can splash around in. It’s a step up from the first entry on the list! 


For the most part, it doesn’t hurt to inquire if you need something specific at your lodgings. The worst thing that can happen is that your request will be turned down. Even if that’s the case, at least you tried. 

Photo Credit: Reddit / MeddlingMike

This hotel guest and his companions asked for a mini-fridge in their room, and their request was granted. However, the Airbnb host took their request a little too literally. We’re pretty sure the lads wanted to be able to cool more than one banana. 


If you travel with family or a bunch of companions, you will undoubtedly make some great memories. The only drawback is that you’ll scarcely have any time to yourself.  There’s supposed to be one room you can enjoy in peace, taking a break from your companions and the endless chatter. That is the bathroom.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Misterpeaceguy

Lamentably, this isn’t the situation in this hotel. The designer believed it was savvy to place a window in the restroom. We wonder how long it was before that designer was fired.  

Happy Honey Moom!

Your honeymoon trip is a memorable moment since it’s the first step you take into married life. This is why people make a special effort to guarantee each moment of it is magical. 

Photo Credit: Reddit / joshuabrose

Of course, it’s not just you and your decisions affecting your honeymoon. This awful spelling might have destroyed all the creativity the hotel staff poured into this honeymoon suite. Here’s hoping the bride and groom aren’t perfectionists!

Nasty Pool

It’s best not to take the promises of hotel proprietors to heart. A little due diligence will save you a great deal of frustration later as it has been found that many accommodation providers like to play fast and loose with the truth. This hotel posting claimed that it had a pool. 

Photo Credit: Reddit / jasonsmithatlanta

Upon arrival, the concierge revealed that the pool was not open, so the visitors poked their heads into the pool area to find out why. You can imagine their shock when they saw the reason why the pool was shut. 

Expectation vs Reality

One thing we’ve come to realize is that many hotel owners aren’t as careful as they should be when it comes to the design of their bathrooms. This embarrassing blunder occurred in Russia, and it was captured by a guest who saw something odd about the bathroom that was supposed to be wheelchair-accessible. 

Photo Credit: Reddit / fildakoch

It is amazing that no one called attention to the fact that a stairwell before a “wheelchair-accessible” entryway totally invalidates the reason for the sign. Perhaps the owner doesn’t know what the sign means.

More Disturbing Carpet Designs

We have a feeling some hotel owners attempt to reduce expenses by doing things themselves or getting the least expensive items they can find. We’ve come to this conclusion because of photos like the one below. 

Photo Credit: Reddit / pookiemon

If they are not cautious, they will have a nasty lawsuit on their hands. This carpet is befuddling and can make you dizzy if you look at it for too long. It’s challenging to make out the steps in this photograph without taking a second look. Can you imagine trying to traverse these steps with heavy bags in tow? 


There are a few questions we’d love to have answered. The first is, why would you put a pool inside a pool? The main pool looks like it should be functional. Why go for a tiny, plastic version when you have the real deal right there?

Photo Credit: Reddit / Shents

Regardless of how we attempt to support this choice, we wind up with more questions than answers. The lodging seems as though it is in an exceptionally busy spot, based on the number of visitors present, so utilizing the main pool would have been more suitable.

Another Freaky Carpet

If you don’t take a second look, this hotel carpet may freak you out, particularly if you are the sort that gets squeamish at the sight of blood. Fans of crime and horror movies would find this intriguing, but to everyone else, it’s the last thing you want to see in your hotel.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Nick_Coffin

At first glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking this is a crime scene photo. However, there’s less to this story than meets the eye. Despite what you might have first thought, this isn’t a homicide scene. It’s simply a harmless – if bizarre – carpet design.

A Dysfunctional Bathroom

There are hotel fails that will have you thinking about whether the interior designer truly had the guests in mind when they were planning the rooms. This restroom is the best illustration of how not to design a useful washroom. 

Photo Credit: Reddit / I_watch

Aside from being painful and uncomfortable to use, this bathroom would cause you a ton of mental pressure. Even looking at the image stresses us out. Something as straightforward as washing your hands would be a task. 

Casper the Friendly Ghost?

Have you ever seen a real ghost? Your answer will likely be “no.” However, many people all over the world believe in ghosts, and plenty of people claim to have seen one. The guests who snapped the picture below certainly saw a ghost, but it was more confusing than scary.

Photo Credit: Reddit / andydith

This person returned to his hotel from exploring the town. What ended up being a trick would have given him a heart attack if it had been dark, yet we’ll give the prankster extra credit for innovativeness.

Expectation vs Reality

There is often a big difference between expectation and reality, and pretty much every online customer has encountered this firsthand. This is why it’s prudent to read reviews from different clients and to err on the side of caution. The guest who snapped these photos learned this lesson in the most difficult way possible during his vacation to Poland. 

Photo Credit: Reddit / 0SafeBit

After looking on the web for a place to stay, he found this and booked a cute little hotel that looked nice and fit his budget. You can probably imagine his shock when he saw the place in real life. 

Mini Swamp Floor

A little trouble can sometimes be sufficient to destroy an entire trip. Still, there are times you can deal with the circumstance, as in this photograph. This guy examined his hotel before booking, yet he still managed to miss something essential.

Photo Credit: Reddit / dmichaelmyers

He understood after his first shower that the doors couldn’t close. This wasn’t because something was blocking its direction but because of an inch-wide gap between the doors. Every shower resulted in a swampy bathroom. How frustrating!

Another Room with a “View”

Booking a room with an astounding view of the sea and city horizon is a fantasy, and this hotel guest couldn’t believe his good fortune. His getaway couldn’t have started on a better note, and he was beyond excited to get to his room.  

Photo Credit: Reddit / Nevoska

Little did he realize that the astonishing view that motivated him to book the room was simply a billboard placed deliberately behind his window. The only real view he had was of a fence and his ac unit. 

Brain Teasers

If you like riddles that stretch your brain, this lodging is perfect for you. Every little thing about it will either leave you dazzled or confused, and it’s not reliant upon how savvy you are. This is some awful signage. Analyze this sign and attempt to interpret its importance. 

Photo Credit: Reddit / belleri7

First of all, we know it’s the third floor, and there’s nothing else to it. Your next mission is to discover your room, and don’t attempt to depend on the arrows and numbers as they are not improving the situation. 

A Normal Bathroom

To this hotel proprietor, it’s entirely natural to have a restroom in the middle of the stairs. After all, if you have a crisis and desperately need a bathroom, you’ll be glad to not have to go all the way up to your room. 

Photo Credit: Reddit / sandepants

Up until now, we have seen some terrible Airbnb restroom plans, however, this one should take the crown home. We can’t imagine what the interior designer was thinking. Nor can we understand why nobody protested.

The Hotel that Won’t Let You Sleep

When booking a room at a hotel, it is important to consider security. If you intend to go through the night there, you need to ensure you and your valuables will be protected. That is the reason this sign makes us nervous. 

Photo Credit: Reddit / tastes_like_thumbs

Lamentably for these guests, their opportunity to partake in an evening of sound rest was crushed. What might they have to barricade the door against? It all sounds very creepy to us.

One-sided Shower

Sometimes you don’t know how valuable something is until you have to live without it. Awful water pressure is one of them. If you disdain weak water pressure, you’ll have a colossal issue with the horrendous situation pictured below. 

Photo Credit: Reddit / Epp-1-Steim

After a long flight, the main thing most of us want to do the second we get to our hotel room is to have a good shower. Few people could endure this shower with poor water pressure and a lopsided flow for even a day or two. Sometimes, you just have to complain.  

Leaking Light

This lodging is a wreck. From the look of things, there’s water coming out of one of the lights, and we don’t know whether they need to call a handyman or an electrician. One thing we can say without a doubt is that this guest needed to transfer to another hotel as soon as possible.

Photo credit: Reddit / TheGreatHatsby24

This isn’t what the hotel guest was thinking when he was told they had a brightly lit shower. In the future, he needs to be a little more careful about where he books. 

Creepy Painting

After booking a room, this guest was informed that the hotel had a gym. He figured he could enjoy some indulgences on his vacation without agonizing over his weight. He was thrilled to know that he could unwind while still maintaining his healthy lifestyle. 

Photo credit: Reddit / Westonhaus

En route to the gym, he almost lost his cool when he rounded a corner to see this artwork staring at him on the hotel’s flight of stairs. This is one creepy painting you don’t want to see, especially at night.