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40 Ridiculous But Strangely Impressive Solutions To Everyday Problems

Life is always presenting us with issues and obstacles, frequently leaving us in tricky situations we don’t know anything how to address. Fortunately, there are unique thinkers out there who have no problem coming up with innovative ways to overcome life’s trials and challenges. Best of all, they use everyday objects to achieve their goals, meaning you can replicate any one of the ingenious ideas you’re about to see.

We are impressed by their ability to think big and come up with solutions that are as hilarious as they are brilliant. Here are the most amusing examples to have surfaced online, each one demonstrating that no mission is ever impossible.

Improvised Colander

Having a creative mind can help you in all sorts of settings, particularly in the kitchen. It’s easy to lose heart if, in the middle of cooking something, you discover that you don’t have a vital kitchen apparatus, like a colander.

Though he had no time to go searching for one, this person assumed control over the situation. An electric screwdriver made the difference between a failed dinner and a successful one. 

No More Cold Pizza

This person didn’t realize that he’d need a microwave upon checking into a hotel. However, when you order more pizza than you can eat, it’s a crime to let it go to waste. Not keen on cold pizza, this guy came up with a clever workaround. 

After examining the limited tools he had at his disposal in the hotel room, this man came up with a brilliant solution. Sure enough, the hairdryer worked, and in a flash, he had piping hot pizza.

Bright Idea

Halloween isn’t just for youngsters, you know. This famous occasion is open for everyone, including moms and dads, regardless of whether it be to dress up or simply escort the kids while they go trick or treating. 

The thing is, Halloween candies are hard to equally distribute. In all honesty, those giving out the candy can be enticed to take some for themselves. That’s why this guy proved to his wife that he had the capacity to keep their candy safe. 

The Future Bicycle

While bikes are pretty tough, they can break if you don’t handle them well. Then, of course, there are thieves who are happy to take the wheels if given the chance. It seems like this young guy was careless and wound up losing one of his wheels. 

At that point, he was unable to change it with another wheel that would fit the bicycle, so he thought big and came up with a futuristic solution. A wheel is a wheel, right? Good job!

Combining Two Cultures

This has been an intensely discussed subject all through the culinary world for a long time now. While eating Chinese food with chopsticks is by all accounts the correct approach, numerous individuals in the Western world can’t get their heads around the technique and choose to go with blades and forks instead.

This makes one wonder: what is the precise way to eat Chinese food? This individual had a simple solution: combine the two cultures. Fair enough.

The Right Solution

When somebody is managing a genuine physical issue or ailment, a bit of tactful humor can go far in lifting their spirits. If you lose the capacity to use one of your arms, it can make the most mundane exercises difficult to do. 

This father, for example, couldn’t hold his coffee mug with his dominant hand. Funnily enough, his cup has “Mr. Right” imprinted on it. Clearly, his little girl knew precisely what to do to make him laugh.

The Clean Way of Eating Dorito

Utilizing your PC and eating simultaneously can regularly be a messy undertaking, particularly if you decide to eat something like Doritos. The last thing you need is a keyboard loaded with morsels of food and orange stains, but Doritos are infamous for their delicious but dusty flavoring. 

This individual wound up pulling out all the stops, tackling his predicament by plucking out each chip with a clothespin. We’re impressed.

Single or Double?

While this quick fix isn’t the safest one on the list, from the lights you can see on the device, it appears to have worked! Why do so many gadgets in our lives need two or more AA batteries? Does the gadget really need that much power?

At any rate, we had no clue that this was possible – placing one battery into a double battery socket and tucking it in diagonally. This trick may be the most shrewd thing we’ve seen yet. The question is, would it really work? 

Exceeding Expectations

We’ve all experienced feeling too lazy or overwhelmed to put together flat-packed furniture from stores like Ikea. The finished product looks great, but once you have the box on your living room floor and the instructions in your hands, the job can seem daunting. 

This person took a unique approach in addressing this common situation. All things considered, the idea is sound. The person simply needed a bedside table to put a lamp and alarm clock on. If the box works, why mess with it? 

Functionality Matters

How many of you have returned to your car only to discover that the side-view mirror has been removed? Perhaps another vehicle hit it off while driving past or possibly some rascal went along and took it for themselves. 

Though this is annoying, it pays to fix the situation as soon as possible since mirrors really are indispensable. This person clearly didn’t want another costly mirror stolen, so he took a unique approach to getting the functionality he needed. 

Safe and Secure

Delivery guys are constantly presented with challenges. One of many they handle on a daily basis is delivering large packages when the recipient isn’t at home. It’s not always possible to take it to the neighborhood mail center, so some will simply leave it on the mat. 

Not this person, however. To be fair, it doesn’t look hard for somebody to take the noticeably big box. But it is surely going to require much more exertion than just getting it from the floor.

The New Handy Charger

Nowadays, portable chargers are a normal thing and can be bought in basically any country. Evidently, however, this person couldn’t find one or essentially didn’t realize they exist. 

In this way, he chose to assume control over the issue and depended on solar-based energy. He figured out how to make an impressive, sunlight-based charger. It even acts as sun protection for him. The only problem is that it’s huge and doesn’t look that convenient to haul around. 

Off the Counter

Individuals are continually attempting to discover better approaches to keep their kitchen immaculate and their fruit fresh. While bananas last longer than other fruits, it’s true that they can get bruised easily when resting in a fruit bowl. 

Affix a hook to the lower part of the cabinet and hang a few bananas from it, and you’ve got a simple yet effective solution. Look how fresh and unbruised those bananas are!

A New Level of Lazy

Don’t you hate it when you’re nestled comfortably into the couch but you need to get up to get something? Getting your beverage from the table turns into a task, and you realize you need to reevaluate your lifestyle. 

This person reevaluated his lazy lifestyle in an unexpected way. Rather than changing his ways, he adjusted to his sluggish way of life, making a straw long enough to get the beverage to his mouth without having to move a muscle. 

Comfort Zone

A few individuals are happy to only leave their homes when it’s absolutely necessary. Take this father as an example. He just requires one thing to make himself calm and comfortable. Even when goes to a bar, he’ll take his remote control with him so he can pick what’s on TV. 

Dads are known to be remote control freaks, but this takes it to a whole new level. Is it fair to deprive others of their freedom so you can watch whatever you like? We just hope he has good taste in TV shows! 

Support System

Air conditioners are usually built into the wall of a house or condo when they are installed. Some people can’t bear the costs associated with this since the machines are expensive enough on their own. Self-installation is a legitimate possibility, but remember, results may vary! 

These people needed to assume control over the issue and figure out how to position their AC in a reasonable manner. Who would’ve thought crutches could have such a brilliant bonus feature?

Makeshift Hanger

Whether you’ve broken your old ones or just gone on a shopping spree, running out of clothes hangers is a common occurrence. Rather than rushing out to buy new ones, follow this person’s lead. 

A lot of household things can be utilized as improvised hangers. This person appeared to have an excess of keyboards. At that point, it hit them – just tie the USB cable around the bar and you have a beautifully repurposed keyboard-hanger.

Dog vs Girlfriend

Numerous couples will concur that their pets can interfere with their relationship. A man’s best friend is sometimes referred to as the greatest third wheel. It’s reasonable that a few owners may need a bit of privacy in the room. 

Imagine a scenario where one person is more attached to the puppy than their partner. This guy worried that his pet would get sad during the evening, so he chose to sleep on the floor with him.

Jail Cell

We live in a time where sitting the entire family around the supper table is getting more and more difficult. With countless interruptions from tech, like TV and mobile phones, it’s unavoidable that at least one relative will be stuck to their gadget while having a family dinner.

This grandmother planned big when it came to addressing this issue. She developed a jail cell for all the cell phones. This is what family values are all about.

Quick Escape

While there are a lot of schools still around that keep genders divided, this doesn’t prevent students from needing to have associations with one another. All things considered, we ought to be permitted to connect with our fellow human beings. 

This couple tracked down a perfect workaround for their situation. We just wonder how they manage during winter.

A Comfortable Seat

Bus stops aren’t known for having comfortable seats. If you are on your way home following a night out with pals, and it’s cold and raining, sitting on a freezing, wet seat isn’t the most delightful way to end your evening.

Fortunately, many people enjoy pizza after a big night out, so putting a pizza box on the wet seat really seems like a reasonable approach.

Green Cars Only

With the adverse effects of global warming, there is increasing focus on becoming environmentally friendly and doing what we can to nurture the environment. Vehicles are one of the greatest causes of CO2 emissions, so if we can be more responsible with what we drive, we can have a colossal effect on the world.

People should be rewarded for doing their part for the environment. The only problem is, less responsible folk sometimes get the message wrong. When a parking space is “reserved for green vehicles,” that doesn’t imply that only green-painted vehicles are permitted to park there!

An Alternative Solution

You can never stop Brazilian people from gathering and eating together if that’s what they want to do. When the mayor put a ban on walkway tables, people got inventive with the guidelines.

Since this “bar on wheels” isn’t on the walkway it isn’t violating the new law. Indeed, these guys are thinking big and loud.

Parenting Hacks

Being outside in the summer can be unpleasant if there are a lot of flies bugging you every step of the way. Having an outing on a hot, bright day offers a probability that insects are going to trouble you, especially if you have food lying around. 

This father figured out how to make his wife feel more comfortable by securing their baby with this open-air food tent. 

Cultural Reference

Are students inclined to cause more harm than the normal individual? It seems like tertiary years are a time of rebellion, and if that involves a bit of destruction, then so be it. 

These friends wound up busting a hole in one of their doors. However, one of them thought of a marvelous plan to transform the breakage into a cultural reference. If you’ve seen The Shining, you’ll certainly get this one.

Easy as 1,2,3

On frosty days, the postal carrier may think that it’s too hard to deliver your mail. If you find yourself facing a situation like this, take inspiration from this clever person who constructed a mailbox extension to make life easier for their local postal carrier. 

This is clearly an extremely inventive family with the skills needed to take charge when issues arise. Their mailbox extension is simple yet highly effective. Well done! 

The Right Way to Eat Pringles

If there’s anything more addictive to eat than a tube of Pringles then we’d love to be introduced to it. One thing is clear – there’s no right method to eat these scrumptious tidbits. 

It seems we need to correct that last sentence! There wasn’t a correct way to eat Pringles until this individual thought of this ingenious approach to getting all that “once you pop, you can’t stop” goodness into your belly. Just take a piece of paper, embed it into the tub, and shake the Pringles down. Problem solved!

Celebrating the Hole

You’d be shocked by the number of individuals tumbling down the steps and crashing through walls, doors, and windows. It can happen to anyone, including this person’s significant other.

While the reasonable thing to have done would have been to conceal the hole with something, this creative family thought of an alternative, creative solution. They chose to honor the hole and frame it, transforming it into something you’d find in an art gallery.

The Game Changer

This person clearly likes to take the indirect path to getting what he wants. He appears to have been experiencing difficulty broadcasting the game the normal way. His solution? Take a look for yourself.  

Because he lacks access to sports channels on his television, he figured out how to stream the game on his gadget and catch the recording on the camcorder which was attached to his TV. That is a clear demonstration of love for the game and his team.

For the Love of Coffee

There are many approaches to making coffee. However, at no point have we ever encountered this one. All you need is a rug, a shoe, an iron, a percolator, and a powerpoint. Perhaps this will become a new trend in cafes.  

The rug and shoe must, of course, be set up to keep the iron wedged in without falling over. Nothing can come between a coffee lover and their morning brew! 

Odorless Boots

There is no denying the fact that boots can get exceptionally stinky over time. Your only hope is to deodorize them constantly. Foot odor only gets worse as the days wear on, and your boots can become phenomenally stinky if you don’t take action to prevent it. 

Fortunately, all you need are some carefully positioned pipes and a hairdryer. This insane strategy evidently blows the foul smells out of the boots, drying them in the process, and making them fresh and clean once again. You could simply get some shoe deodorizer by the way.

Not Sleeping

Don’t you hate it when you pop away from your computer for a minute and come back to find it asleep and the process you left running paused? You have to log back in, restart everything, and waste a whole lot of time. 

We expect an adjustment of settings could easily take care of this issue. However, this person decided to go for a manual technique. You have to give them points for inventiveness! 

Extra Cool

Let’s be honest – nobody needs to drink a tepid bottle of Coca-Cola. This popular soda is best enjoyed cold, and the best method of accomplishing this is by whacking a few bottles in the refrigerator. This person has invented a new strategy.

We presume by utilizing some sort of mold he was able to craft this coke bottle replica out of ice. He then emptied warm coke into the iced bottle, and his number one beverage was instantly extra cool!

Meals on Wheels

All you need for a barbecue party is the proper device, some fire, and your preferred meats. While this person ticked all those boxes, we can’t resist the urge to feel like things might have been dealt with in an unexpected way. 

This is unquestionably a less expensive choice compared to putting resources into a real BBQ. Is this what happens to all the shopping carts that go missing from supermarket parking lots? 

Determining the Mass

We have doubts about the effectiveness of this strategy. More to the point: Why does it matter which cookie is heavier than the other? At any rate, these people were determined to sort out which one had the greater mass but didn’t have scales to do the test. 

We like the thinking that went into this solution, and we appreciate the irony in the caption. To be clear: you’d be far better off just tossing a coin to decide who gets to eat which cookie!

Beating the System

We put limits on our children to instill the value of discipline. Sometimes, we need to take charge and advise them that there are some things they are not permitted to do. Of course, kids will always find a way to get around the rules.

These parents told their child he couldn’t eat in the living room or play on his tablet in the kitchen. This little genius took inspiration from a Venn diagram, overlapping two activities while keeping them in their allowed regions. Amazing!

Band-Aid Solution

The main thing in the home that we can’t deal with being broken is the toilet. If your waste disposal system is dysfunctional, you have to come up with a solution quickly. Of course, most people simply call a plumber, but that wouldn’t be worthy of this list, would it? 

This person figured out how to fix their toilet troubles with a literal band-aid solution. We appreciate their optimism, but we hope they also called in a professional! 

Modern Solutions

If you have attended a garden party, you know how tough it can be walking across the grass in stilettos. You’re at constant risk of the shoe sinking into soft or soggy territory, totally embarrassing you and destroying your day. 

If you get an invitation to a garden party and want to wear stilettos, this young woman has got you covered. While standing by a reception table, she simply repurposed a chopping board to keep her heels safe. 

Resourceful Parents

All parents do their best to guarantee that their babies have no issues at all. In some cases, however, they just don’t have the resources on hand to manage the latest problem. 

Take this couple, for instance, who had no real option except to resort to a shocking fix for the vent over their baby’s crib. Who would’ve thought a torn paper bag and two clean sanitary pads could solve a serious problem?