These Animals Find Solace Sleeping in Awkward Positions - too cool 2 be true

These Animals Find Solace Sleeping in Awkward Positions

Sleeping is probably the most satisfying thing in the world, but not all of us have the luxury to enjoy a deep slumber. According to studies, since the pandemic started, more people are struggling to get a full night’s sleep, and naps have gone out the window. Though we may be struggling to get the rest we need, animals seem to be doing just fine. In fact, they are so good at sleeping that they can doze off anywhere, anytime. 

Cats are notorious for being able to sleep in all sorts of odd positions. They will take a nap whenever the mood strikes, with no regard for their surroundings. It’s almost as if they hit an energy limit for the day and then automatically shut down. To celebrate cats, dogs, and other sleepy creatures, we’ve gathered a collection of pictures that display some adorable yet uncomfortable sleeping positions. 

Guitar Dog

Those who have pets know how frustrating but endearing it is to find your furball sleeping in strange places. Instead of sleeping in their beds or designated areas, they often prefer to curl up in awkward spaces. Take this adorable dog, for example. 

Image Courtesy of imaddieonthings

This pup looks like it has been sleeping for a while, and the guitar case does suit his frame well. His elongated neck mimics the fretboard, and we can’t blame the dog for feeling right at home.

Dog-Tired Level: Toilet

Another entry on our list is this dog who fell asleep behind the toilet. You’ve probably heard the phrase “dog-tired.” If this picture doesn’t perfectly encompass what the phrase means, we don’t know what will.

Image Courtesy of ImQueative/reddit

This golden retriever must have had a long day. The placement of his head in between the wall, the cistern, and the pipe can’t be comfortable. However, the dog doesn’t seem to care at all. Hey, as long as he has a good sleep, who are we to judge his sleeping habits?

And the Oscar Goes to…

Taking a walk in the great outdoors is a daily routine that’s beneficial for both the pet and the owner. Bonding is at its peak, and owners get to learn more about their pet’s character.

Image Courtesy of imgur/kpetey15

The plan was simple: go out, stretch, then run. As you can see from this picture, the dog wasn’t having it at all. We bet that cute furball was so excited when a walk was first proposed. However, the pup wasn’t prepared for how much work it would take. Kudos to the dog for its brilliant dramatic performance.

Cat in My Sleeve

Amongst all the animals who display strange sleeping habits, cats are at the top of the list. These furballs are almost like the Pokemon character, Snorlax. As it begins to eat, it falls asleep, and then as it sleeps, it continues to eat!

Image Courtesy of aww/reddit

This man’s sleeves must be so comfortable that the cat didn’t hesitate to sleep there. We have to admit, it does look cozy and homey. We bet the soft, furry cat is keeping his arm extra warm in exchange for this unusual sleeping spot.

Downward Dog

Most newborn creatures require a lot more rest and relaxation than young adults. Sleep is the time in which their bodies develop, recover, and grow. So, if you have a new puppy in the house, it’s not unusual to find it passed out in all sorts of odd places.  

Image Courtesy of imgur

The young puppy didn’t mean to showcase any yoga poses. However, his second pose looks a lot like the downward dog pose! This small creature looks so cute sleeping with his head directly on the floor. He doesn’t have enough energy to move a muscle. Good night, little one.

Shifting Gears

This is not a knock against the golden retriever that we featured earlier, but at least this doggo found a much more comfortable place than the back of a toilet. According to the dog’s owner, the little one just finished eating his munchies as they were ready to go traveling.

Image Courtesy of imgur/kpetey15

With a full belly, this English Bulldog wanted nothing more than to pass out, and he didn’t pay any attention to where he rested his little head. The owner wasn’t surprised about it, but couldn’t resist taking this adorable snapshot.

Enjoying the View, Corgi?

Who remembers the “draw me like one of your French girls” meme? This phrase was taken from the megahit movie, Titanic. It came from the scene in which Rose saw Jack’s nude drawings and uttered those soon-to-be memefied words.

Image Courtesy of mcovington45/imgur

This corgi’s pose is so cute it eclipses even the stunning view in the background. Some people might be mesmerized by the city lights, but the little one isn’t interested at all.

Life Decisions

In this week’s episode of Important Life Decisions, here’s a cat who succeeded in climbing a grapevine but decided to leave it at that. We were not exaggerating when we said that cats have some of the most unusual sleeping patterns on the planet. 

Image Courtesy of imgur/kitschdelaney

This furball decided to climb up and check out the grapes, but then a sleepy spell hit, and it decided to finish the mission later. The cat is in a deep slumber. Hopefully, it remembers where it is when it wakes up.

Lessons in How to Be a Cat

Here’s another kitty-cat for the list (and surely not the last one). Isn’t it mind-boggling that they prefer living or sleeping on the edge versus the comfort of their cushion-filled homes? Let’s be honest, the way cats live their lives is highly questionable, but somehow, they manage to get away with it. 

Image Courtesy of aww/reddit

Now we understand why cats are said to have nine lives. They are contortionists and risk-takers, and nobody can stop them once they identify their perfect spot to sleep.

Sonic Cactus

Some people might consider this dangerous for the hedgehog, but the picture tells a different story. Although hedgehogs are wild animals, they are sometimes rescued from dangerous situations and raised by humans. Their spines are menacing when they grow into adulthood, but baby hedgehog spikes are more like the bristles of a brush.

Image Courtesy of imgur/alkynesofthings

Due to the spine structure of the cactus, the hedgehog probably felt right at home. This adorable creature is enjoying its rest, so allowing it to stay there is the best move.

Shoe Gazing

We’ve seen a little husky sleeping in the downward dog position, and we’ve seen a golden retriever wedged in behind the toilet. Now, allow us to present to you a doggo nose-diving into a shoe. 

Image Courtesy of imgur/alkynesofthings

Looking at the structure of the shoe, we can’t really tell how comfortable the insole is. However, we can all agree that it was cozy enough to lull this little puppy off to sleep.

One More Chapter

How many of us can relate to this? You know you’re tired, but the story is so good that you try to read one more chapter. The next thing you know, it’s morning, and you realize you passed out mid-sentence. Of course, this puppy wasn’t reading that book, but the scene is certainly familiar.

Image Courtesy of imgur

This puppy must have been dog-tired and didn’t really care if it used its owner’s book as a blanket. In exchange, its owner now has a pretty handy bookstand! 

Yoga Cat

If dogs can do yoga, then cats can do it much better. As mentioned, they have mastered the art of contorting their bodies. We are not sure how this furball ended up in a grocery store, but judging by this picture, it’s entering into reset mode. 

Image Courtesy of mcovington45/imgur

The cat was probably checking out the cat food aisle but decided to take a nap. Just look at that magnificent sleeping posture. You can tell it would make an excellent yoga instructor.

The Wrong Baby

Dogs are considered territorial. For a canine, It is a sign of power and pride to guard and defend its area. This golden retriever in this picture probably thinks that this portable baby basket is meant for him. Just look at how comfy he is and how perfectly he fills the space.

Image Courtesy of aww/reddit

Luckily, the baby wasn’t on board during that time, so the dog can have this comfy spot for now. We’re pretty sure it won’t take long for it to outgrow the baby’s car seat.

The Cat’s Grill

We have friends who have the audacity to say that they can sleep anywhere. If you do too, it might be worth showing them this picture. This cat will always win the “I can sleep anywhere” challenge. We doubt any human could top this!  

Image Courtesy of imgur/xDaniPhantomx

This furball has nerves of steel and doesn’t seem to be bothered by discomfort at all. Well, they do have nine lives, so using one won’t really be a big problem. Hopefully, the owner learns from this discovery and starts closing the grill when they finish cooking. Stay safe, furry friend!

Dogs and Their Fascination with Yoga

While cats are considered the masters of sleeping in yoga positions, dogs are not that far behind. Though they might not be as flexible as cats, they seem perfectly capable of recreating our favorite yoga poses.

Image Courtesy of funny/reddit

Funnily enough, the pose this dog has slipped into is actually called “puppy-dog pose.” We wonder if this cute furball saw its owner doing this posture and felt inspired.

Puss in Boots

Who could forget the iconic Puss in Boots? The character was so popular he went from being a sidekick to starring in his own movie. This kitten doesn’t seem to be bothered by the small space he is sleeping in. According to the owner, who is in the military, he was shocked when he saw the kitten curled up inside his boot.

Image Courtesy of imgur/kitschdelaney

By the looks of it, the soldier didn’t bother to wake up his little furry friend. We just hope the kitten was able to work its way out of that tight spot when it woke up. This is taking the concept of puss in boots far too literally! 

Time Out

We are not sure what the story behind this picture is, but if we had to guess, this cat seems to have been given a time out. In true cat style, instead of dealing with the punishment, the furball is using it as an excuse to take a nap.

Image Courtesy of Vapinlikeafool/reddit

The owner must have been confused when he saw his furry friend napping. What makes it more hilarious is the reaction of the cat in the picture. Who says you can’t have a good time during a time out?


When somebody says planking, we immediately think of the viral craze that swept through the internet ten years ago. If you need a refresher course on what planking is, it’s where a person suspends themselves, face-down, in a flat “plank” position. It’s usually done in the most inappropriate place possible. This dog must have seen one or two videos about it.

Image Courtesy of imgur/kitschdelaney

In the dog’s defense, it might be strengthening its core to improve its fetch game. Go ahead, doggo – do what you want as long as it pleases you.

The Sound of Silence

This is the closest we can get to the legendary comic book, Josie and The Pussycats. The owner of this fur ball was about to play one of his games and was shocked when he saw his kitten sleeping so comfortably. The shelf rack contains CDs, movies, and video games. 

Image Courtesy of imgur/xDaniPhantomx

We’re pretty sure the owner wasn’t able to play any of his games, and we respect his choice to let the adorable kitten sleep. There’s no way we could interrupt its slumber.

Is This High Enough?

Cats don’t seem to fear anything. From grills to drainpipes, and now walls, there’s no limit when it comes to their sleeping territory. This cat has found itself a spot that’s safe from the dog but dangerous if it loses balance. 

Image Courtesy of imgur

Imagine the owner seeing his cat sleeping on top of the wall. This might be a little scary. However, if you’ve been a cat owner for years, then such sights are pretty normal.

The Fur Basket

There are only two ways to describe this photo. First, the cat’s body looks like it is melting. Second, the cat might be posing for an artist to paint him. Whatever the case may be, this is one of the strangest sleeping poses we’ve ever seen. 

Image Courtesy of imgur/xDaniPhantomx

It is no secret that cats can twist and bend their bodies with ease. However, this cat takes it to a whole new level. Indeed, it almost looks like it’s half-cat, half-snake. 

Puss in Boots 2.0

We’ve seen the first furball sleeping inside a soldier’s boot, now here’s another version of Puss in Boots. The brand of the boot is also fitting as it is called BearPaw. The cat must have mistaken it as a custom-made nap spot, and we have to give it credit – those boots do look so snuggly.

Image Courtesy of aww/reddit

The cat’s expression is so serene, which adds to the awesomeness of this picture. Perhaps this could be a new business venture for any savvy cat lovers out there – cozy sleeping boots for cats! 

Head of the Table

This dog must have had a long day because he didn’t even have the energy to rest his head on the sofa. You can tell he doesn’t care as long as he can have his much-needed nap time.

Image Courtesy of harlequinnheart/reddit

Although he looks comfortable, we imagine he would have a far more restful night’s sleep if he shifted over a bit and nestled into that soft and comfy couch. 

On Top of the World

We wonder if there’s a creature living in that cage that the kitten is interested in. Perhaps a rat or a bunny rabbit is living in there, and the kitten wants to play with it. Whatever the case is, the cute kitty has certainly exhausted itself playing around that cage. 

Image Courtesy of ImQueative/reddit

There will probably be more fun and frolicking to come when it wakes up, but for now, this little one looks satisfied and doesn’t want to be disturbed.

The Perfect Catch

Every team needs a mascot, and this team’s mascot is a cute little French bulldog. The only problem is, he’s fallen asleep on the job. Who could ever disturb that adorable little pup? 

Image Courtesy of harlequinnheart/reddit

You can tell that the owner didn’t want to disturb the little guy as he asked someone to take a picture of it. It also looks like the pug is dreaming based on his facial expression. We’re pretty sure the owner was benched during the game.

Down Goes Corgi!

This is the second Corgi we’ve seen on this list, and they both passed out in the exact same manner. If seeing a corgi sleeping doesn’t give joy and happiness, then having pets is not for you. How could you not love this adorable little fuzz-ball? 

Image Courtesy of BakaKuroNeko/reddit

Corgis love this sleeping position. It’s like they are imitating their human housemates, and they’re excellent impersonators. The lady in the picture was thankful this happened during her break time, so she didn’t have to disturb the little pup. Keep on dreaming, corgi!

Furry Faucet

Okay fine, this cat is not sleeping, but we can guarantee that it was asleep prior to being photographed by the owner. Aside from being experts at twisting and bending their bodies, cats are also great at blending in with their surroundings. 

Image Courtesy of res1m/imgur

If this cat didn’t open her eyes, you’d be forgiven for not even noticing she was there. However, that gaze tells us she was not pleased about being disturbed. Cats look blissful when they’re asleep, but wake one up, and you can expect to get the evil eye. 

Cat in a Cup

At first glance, this looks like a clever example of latte art. However, in reality, this is a case of life imitating latte art. There’s no stopping animals when it comes to sleeping. You might redirect them or push them to another location, but one thing is certain, these creatures will find a way to sleep, regardless of the conditions.

Image Courtesy of jacquiep/reddit

This cat is so perfectly curled up it seems that the cup was made for him. This is one of the reasons why some cat owners prefer not to buy cat beds or build little cubbies for their pets. They know their cats will ignore these plush offerings and find their own odd places to curl up.

Free as a Bird

Look at this adorable little parrot enjoying a cozy nap with its human friend. This type of parrot is called a conure. They are known to be outgoing, and they love to be active. However, this conure seems to be enjoying the subtle art of doing nothing at all.

Image Courtesy of aww/reddit

Conures were not always considered suitable pets as they were misunderstood by society. Now, the numbers have steadily increased as more and more people have discovered that conures are actually good family pets.


Cats are funny creatures. They’re usually quite precious about their own personal space, but then they don’t think twice about invading everyone else’s. The owner looks tired and frustrated. However, she simply can’t push the kitten away. We don’t blame her. How could you say no to something so innocent and cute? 

Image Courtesy of aww/reddit

This adorable furball decided to sleep on her owner’s head. The idea of sleeping curled up with a kitten sounds great in theory, but in practice, it’s pretty hard to nod off with a cat clinging to your hair.  

Table for One, Please

As mentioned, we are not exaggerating when we stated that cats will sleep anywhere and everywhere. This photo is not unusual because of the fact that the cat is sleeping. It’s the angle that makes it interesting.  

Image Courtesy of harlequinnheart/reddit

This is an angle we rarely get to see. Thanks to the glass coffee table, we all get to know what the underbelly of a cat looks like when they’re all tuckered out and taking a nap. We wonder what it’s dreaming about.

The Door Keeper

To become a guard dog, a pup must have extensive training, and it needs to have the ability to be menacing when the time comes. That is the opposite of what we have in the picture. This tiny pup may be trying to guard that door, but menacing is the last word we’d use to describe him. 

Image Courtesy of sleepinganimals/pinterest

Of course, the little fella might have valiantly guarded the door for a long time which led to him napping. This is great training if his owner decides to enroll him as a guard dog.

Pamper Time

This puppy is way too comfortable sleeping inside her owner’s car. As soon as we saw the picture, we couldn’t help but giggle and smile. It’s almost like the puppy had a hard day at work and is now sitting in a beauty salon, waiting for some pampering.

Image Courtesy of aww/reddit

This position looks like it couldn’t be comfortable. However, dogs and cats have a far different idea of comfort than we do. There’s even been research into this subject, confirming that the odd positions we see our pets in are actually quite comfortable for them. 

Pure Relaxation

This cat has crafted its own makeshift hammock and it is clearly having the best sleep of its life. What a clever kitty finding such a creative use for the barbeque cover. 

Image Courtesy of Bigdaddydonavan/reddit

The cat is sleeping on the cover of quite a large and expensive grill. Instead of making any movements or trying to wake the cat up, they just let him enjoy his much-needed break. Kudos to the fur parents for being so understanding!

Corgi Strikes Again

The first two corgis on this list were passed out flat on their backs. This one decided to buck the trend and do it the other way around. The position might be different, but the general vibe is the same. 

Image Courtesy of sleepinganimals/pinterest

Why does it feel like corgis are given a ton of extra work throughout the day? The way they sleep is reminiscent of a person who’s had the toughest day of their life and has not an ounce of energy left. It truly is the most adorable sight. 

Hey Buddy, It’s Time to Clean

Just when this person was about to finish cleaning the house, their cat put an end to the vacuuming. The owner was expecting some visitors, but he couldn’t keep cleaning because the cat found this rather inconvenient spot to take a nap.

Image Courtesy of sleepinganimals/pinterest

The cat must have been irritated by the noise coming out of the vacuum, so to make it stop, he had to come up with a sneaky plan. This clever cat was able to do it without even having to be awake.

Doggo Error 404

Animals are extremely territorial, and once they identify a certain area as their own, they will do what it takes to retain or guard that area. This husky perfectly showcases this trait. As soon as anybody is about to sit on that couch, the dog will rush to take control of it.

Image Courtesy of sleepinganimals/pinterest

To add more theatrics to the scene, the dog will act like he is sleeping, even though everyone just saw him jump up there. This has been going on for the longest time, but the owner is having fun with it. 

A Little Motivation

Can you imagine how much more motivated to work you’d be if you had an adorable little puppy to keep you company at your desk? We know we’d be far more incentivized to get things done. 

Image Courtesy of sleepinganimals/pinterest

Of course, you’d need to keep the puppy entertained while it was awake, but that’s what that cute little chew toy is for, right? We vote that “bring a pet to work day” should become a weekly event in the office.