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Entitled Behavior: 45 People Who Thought the Rules Didn’t Apply to Them

People have become so preoccupied with workday cares that they are easily frustrated, even over minor delays. The irony is that when we are overburdened by unending cyclical chores, it is not unusual to inadvertently become an obstruction ourselves. This can happen when a person is dog-tired and distracted. In our efforts to get a tough day over with, we may appear insensitive to those we inconvenience along the way.

Of course, some people just don’t have an excuse. They act entitled all the time, and they don’t care in the slightest if they put other people out. As you explore the photos and stories in this article, you will find a mixture of both of these kinds of people. It’s up to you to decide if you think they’re acting entitled or simply trying to make it through a difficult day.   

Act Unaware

Some people want to have more space for themselves, and that’s perfectly understandable. There are days when we just want to be left alone so we can think, but this is just not warranted when riding on public transportation. 

Image Courtesy of PeopleBeingJerks/Reddit

This woman set her bag on the bus chair, ensuring none of her fellow commuters could take a seat. She then tinkered with her phone to avoid the sharp stares and appear busy. The old man standing next to her must have been making her feel guilty. 

Cardiac Delight

After a long day in the office, a quick stopover at the neighborhood grocery store sounds good, especially if you go home with a bunch of comfort food. 

Image Courtesy of PeopleBeingJerks/Reddit

Then, you find out that someone is taking home all the bacon. They even have the audacity to act pompously and brag about the fact that no one else will get to enjoy any meat. A quick glance at this couple’s cart signals a cardiac delight waiting to happen. 

Self-Entitled Teen

Many families out there are struggling to make ends meet, with parents breaking their backs to put food on the table and pay the bills that keep on coming. In such circumstances, posting something like this is just way too insensitive. 

Image Courtesy of Bride Blush

Remembering Nipsey Hussle (Sunday, August 15)Keep WatchingRemembering Nipsey Hussle (Sunday, August 15)00:00/00:54A little “thank you” for your mom’s present would have been nice, even if they’re not the exact type of AirPods you asked for. This post is really sad, even if it was only meant as a joke. We hope this mom got some appreciation for her generosity. 

Fighting for Your Grades

Teachers can only do so much for their students. They are like bridges, helping them get to where they want to be in their field of interest. However, as students, we must put the work in and take responsibility for the results we achieve and how they affect our goals. 

Image Courtesy of Bride Blush

In most cases, the last thing a student should do is cast the blame for their failures on the school or its teachers. Behaving in such a way, regardless of what marks you got in class, just shows you haven’t learned much about what matters most in life. 

Food for the Hungry

Buffets do not allow customers to take their food home, and servers often remind us to take only what we can consume. This is not news, and that’s why the mere sight of this mess of a table evokes criticism.  

Image Courtesy of frisouille/Reddit

This is such a waste of food, especially if one looks at it from the perspective of the many homeless and hungry in our society. What we see on the table here could have been vital nourishment for so many people. What excuse could there be for leaving it to be dumped in the bin? 

Stock Up

There must be a valid reason for anyone to purchase so much toilet paper in one go. At least, that’s what you may want to think to justify what you see in this picture. It’s not just one person who has hoarded so many rolls. The shelves behind this cart are almost empty.  

Image Courtesy of Nanami_Trash/Reddit

Just how much toilet paper can a household use in a week? It looks like this filled-up cart is good enough to last well into a zombie apocalypse. The worst part is that they took so much when they could see that the shelves were nearly empty. 

You Scratch It, You Buy It

It’s similar to the American expression that if you break it, you buy it. Except this involves the scratching of an overly expensive BMW automobile by a spoiled son in an attempt to trap his father into a purchase under the Pottery Barn rule. 

Image Courtesy of NextShark

Comparing a broken pot to a scratched BMW is quite a stretch. What was the son thinking? It must be tough being a parent, and we hope the dad didn’t cave and purchase the car. 

Littering on the Plane

This woman is mindlessly throwing crumbs on the floor as she reads. She’s acting like it’s her own room, apparently not caring at all about how other passengers might be affected by the mess. 

Image Courtesy of Reddit/bluecornersackofcrap

One can only imagine how her room looks if she behaves this way on an aircraft full of people. Perhaps her mom is sitting next to her and the young lady assumes she will clean up her mess. 

Service Beyond Closing Time

The call for last orders had been announced an hour ago, and the staff hastened with their clean-up, ready to get back home to their families. However, two customers remained at their table unhurried, reading and jotting things down in a journal. 

Image Courtesy of not_a_power_ranger/Reddit

The waiters have to be back at work the following day and feel they aren’t spending enough time with loved ones. They love their jobs and don’t want to be rude, but someone needs to tell these customers that the time to leave has passed. 

Personal Privacy Breached

It’s called airplane etiquette. Rules are made so travelers can enjoy some privacy, even in a crowd. They’re also in place so potential disagreements over armrest ownership, for example, can be avoided. However, some people are too dense to even care about other people’s comfort. 

Image Courtesy of ebaumsworld.com

No wonder so many squabbles are reported during flights. Indeed, some cabin crews are now taking self-defense lessons. Passengers need to make use of their own space and not sprawl out like this. If you need more legroom, you can book seats that will give it to you.  

Dead Fish to Go

Even serving fish and chips wrapped in newspapers is rarely practiced nowadays as we have more hygienic paper wraps at our disposal. However, this guy here has decided to commute with a whole dead fish in hand. 

Image Courtesy of Bored Panda

Mid-Flight Exercises

Long-haul flights are known to be tough on the body, especially when combined with a lack of proper sleep and the odd effects of crossing different time zones. There are exercises you can do to counteract the effects of sitting for so long, but the woman in the picture below took things a bit too far.   

Image Courtesy of Daily Mail

It surely stinks, and we hate to think what may be pooling beneath it on the floor, but he looks unabashed and even a tad proud. It does not seem to matter to him at all that the handrails or seats might be smeared with fishy residue. 

On-Board Umbrella

This woman decided to remain mysterious behind the shade of her pink umbrella, and she looks cute with her pink tights and matching pink shoes. No rain is expected later in the day (and never on board a train), but it’s not such a bad thing to seek some privacy with an umbrella. 

Image Courtesy of Bored Panda

If only she were sitting in the middle of a green meadow with a white cat under the shade of some trees. Instead, she is occupying three spots that could give some other passengers a break from standing.  

Vandalism Is Illegal

They could be related or just perfect strangers who have inadvertently come to share ideas after a short chat on the sidewalk. Perhaps this was an accidental encounter that could lead to a lasting friendship. 

Image Courtesy of szemettelepchannel/Facebook

Whatever both of them are up to, and despite how innocent they may appear, spray-painting public walls is still illegal. Even if the kid is merely scribbling his grandma’s initials, this is a punishable offense when done without permission. 

Breaking the Rules for a Photograph

Social media reveals how people have become hungry for attention in the form of likes, retweets, and shares. Attention online could lead to more exposure and subsequent followers. This clout chasing has gotten so out of hand that people are willing to post all sorts of things, breaking the rules while they’re at it. 

Image Courtesy of Barnorama

This lady deliberately ignored the sign in place for the protection of the coastline. Not only did she risk being caught breaking the rules, but she’s making an accomplice out of the child-photographer. On top of all of that, she’s shown a complete disregard for the environment. The likes just aren’t worth it!

Delusions of Grandeur

No, this request does not make any sense at all. Nor do the delusions of grandeur this student clearly has. How out of touch would you have to be to think a photographer would want to pay you in order to provide you with a service? 

Image Courtesy of Barnorama

Imagine how annoying it would be for a photographer who spent time and money mastering their craft to be asked to provide a valuable service at their own expense. 

Hoarding with Plans to Resell

Since the pandemic, it seems toilet paper has become a prized commodity, with people even fighting each other in the aisles over it. Some have taken this ridiculous situation even further by hoarding stockpiles of it with devious intentions in mind. 

Image Courtesy of Hopeful Swine/Reddit

Imagine how annoying it would be for a photographer who spent time and money mastering their craft to be asked to provide a valuable service at their own expense. 

Reporting a Social Occasion

Someone left off the invite list decided to call the cops about a social event, insisting on calling it a violation. Envious much? Of course, in pandemic times, it’s understandable for people to worry about their neighbors having large gatherings. 

Image Courtesy of Mishamooshi/Reddit

However, this event didn’t constitute a violation of the rules in that specific area. No wonder law enforcement told Karen there was nothing they could do to act on her complaint.

Two Men Left Out

These two guys must feel the competition to find a good romantic partner is getting tough enough as it is. What gets their goat is how two female best friends have decided to become more than that. Indeed, they are soon-to-be wives. 

Image Courtesy of Blazar101/Reddit

Relationships are not simply about a man being complimented by a woman, having no regard for psychological and emotional compatibility. It’s so much more than that, and love should always triumph over outdated ideas of marriage inequality. 

Know Your Place

This group of friends was excited about being together in a neighborhood they had not visited in a long time. There was much catching up to do and pictures to take, but then they were almost hit by a group of cyclists. 

Image Courtesy of EntitledBitch/Reddit

They only had themselves to blame for standing on the road and blocking a lane with their car. If not cyclists, it would have been something else. In short, they had it coming. 

The Secret Is in the Sauce

This lady demanded that the McDonald’s crew give her more dipping sauce, and she became incensed when they thought she was demanding too much. She was acting as if the sauce were a drug, much to the confusion of those waiting on her. 

Image Courtesy of Daily Mail

Things got out of hand, and she threatened to rob the McDonald’s store if they didn’t act upon her demands. Rob them of what, more sauce? What’s the secret ingredient that drives her mad?

Understanding Disability Access Symbols

The wheelchair symbol does not imply that anyone in a wheeled vehicle can park there. It is there to make sure those with limited mobility get priority access to shops, bathrooms, and in this particular scenario, a diner. 

Image Courtesy of ebaumsworld.com

The driver of this pickup is having none of that, and they’ve taken their entitled behavior to the next level by taking up not one but two disabled spots. We hope they were punished for this offense. 

Envious of Someone’s Art

This charcoal art reproduction of a carriage drawn by a white horse is reminiscent of the 1880s when this form of transportation was used. It is a beautiful work of art, but someone clearly thought they could do better. 

Image Courtesy of Reddit/Hazmainian_devil

We can see that it was carefully crafted, and the art itself is delightful and refined, except where it has been vandalized and the people defaced. Now, the main impact of this wall is to remind us all that some people just don’t think the rules of society apply to them. 

Connectivity Is Life

Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine living a life without the internet. This would be tantamount to being isolated from the world in general. There must be at least a mobile data connection so you can be linked to society. 

Image Courtesy of momcrotch/Tumblr

It would be terrible to be stuck in a place with a dead battery and no net service, but there are levels to our problems. A dead battery can be easily attended to. Getting stabbed would be a different story entirely.  

Target Practice

Believe it or not, most of the time boys don’t want to miss their mark when peeing. Perhaps the trick is not to reprimand them for the yellow dollops on the throne but to remind them to simply lift the seat up. 

Image Courtesy of thechive.com

Good luck with those reminders. The best trick is to keep the lid down all the time so boys would have no choice but to lift it up along with the seat before they can pee. There’s a hack for all the frustrated moms and partners of men who can’t aim! 


Postal workers have a lot to keep up with each day. There are thousands of letters, packages, and boxes of different sizes at the back of the truck waiting to be handed over to their owners, many of whom are impatient after looking forward to the delivery for days. 

Image Courtesy of onoticioso.com

Imagine eagerly running out to the porch to collect your long-awaited package, only to find that the postal worker carelessly left it at the front door like this. We hope that package was worth it. 

War Zone

Kids often have a hard time deciding what they want in massive toy stores as they get distracted by all the playhouses, dinosaurs, superheroes, cars, puzzles, aliens, and the list goes on. 

Image Courtesy of Daily Mail

All these things are too much to take in at once for growing minds. However, it’s not okay that this family decided to take everything down to test it out. They’ve left a disaster zone for those who have to do the cleaning up. 

The Softest Seat

Some people take a while to finish their grocery shopping. To avoid delays, it’s best to prepare a list at home of all the things you need or do it on a scheduled weekly basis. The longer the shopping trip takes, the more likely you are to become annoyed with your family for dragging their feet. 

Image Courtesy of Reddit/IAmAllOfTheSith

Tired of walking along the aisles and dealing with the indecision of the other members of your household? Though you may wish to take a seat, do not follow this shopper’s example. That bread will be unsellable now, and there’s no excuse for ruining food like that. 

Parking at the Podium

Finding a parking spot is always a challenge when living in big cities, and this becomes a major daily stressor for those who already have so much to deal with at home and at work. With sales quotas to meet and finances to keep in the black, we can understand the desperation of this driver, but they still went too far. 

Image Courtesy of onedio.com

Don’t make a podium out of somebody’s steps as if it were built for automobiles. This is dangerous, and whoever owns this house will have to use the back door because of the obstruction. 

Foot Rest

It is a common experience to brush against the odd person here and there when traveling. Whether you’re on a train, bus, or plane, the compactness of the vessel and the number of people onboard make it practically unavoidable. However, this is just ridiculous.  

Image Courtesy of onedio.com

Imagine reclining your seat and the hook of your arm touches the bare sole of someone else’s foot. It is understandable that our feet need a rest at some point, but please keep your toes away from other passengers and their personal space. 

Half the Price

We often find great buys at discount stores where they offer slightly damaged goods on sale. There are jeans that have tiny holes, unnoticeable at a glance, shirts with faint misprints, and fabric overruns. 

Image Courtesy of Imgur/cakejoke

This woman attempted to buy this cake at a discount too, but the problem with it wasn’t due to a manufacturing error. Hot tip: don’t try to claim that you had nothing to do with the cake being half-eaten if you have frosting smudged all over your face. 

Proper Use of Bicycle Rack

Bicycle stands are commonly found in commercial areas and parks, and they are useful for being able to secure many bikes at once, giving people peace of mind that their ride will be there when they return. 

Image Courtesy of ebaumsworld.com

More people use bicycles nowadays as they want to save money while doing their part for the environment. However, one must know how to properly use a bike rack. These two bike riders seem to think this rack is an exclusive spot for VIPs only. It is designed to accommodate multiple bikes, but no more can fit now thanks to these two. 

An Inconvenient Convenience Store

Thanks to convenience stores that are now mostly found on neighborhood corners, people don’t have to drive far just to pick up the odd grocery item like milk or coffee. In many, you can even do wire transfers and other useful transactions. 

Image Courtesy of Bored Panda

Sadly, some people fail to appreciate their service and purpose. Some feel so self-important that they treat store employees badly for no reason, harass other customers, and disregard simple rules. That’s a convenience store inconvenience, and it’s bad for business. 

Fruit Schemes

Some consumers may feel they’re becoming paranoid about the things they buy from grocery stores. However, this goes to show that those hunches aren’t all baseless. Some stores tamper with product packaging, and we have all fallen prey to the dastardly trick shown in the picture below. 

Image Courtesy of thechive.com

This apple’s rotten spot was covered up by a price sticker so it appears unmarked and fresh. There’s no harm in double-checking when purchasing something. It’s just sad when you realize the true decay is in the values of whoever did this. 

Clean as You Go

People at popular coffee shops like Starbucks wait on their orders with eager anticipation, expecting their names to be called out any minute. It would be nice if we could all dispose of our cups with as eagerness as we have for the beverages they contain. 

Image Courtesy of bridesblush.com

Sadly, Judy thinks putting her cup atop the bin is sufficient, and we hope others won’t follow her example. She got it so close to the right spot! However, by leaving it on top of the trash can, the risk of it blowing away and becoming litter is high. 

Just Passing Through

The sign was put up for an obvious purpose, right in front of the bed of flowers, so tourists are instantly notified and the flora is protected. However, one entitled woman just passed through in utter disregard of the rules to take pictures. 

Image Courtesy of iamatotalpieceofsh*t/Reddit

Her sense of self-entitlement infuriated the other visitors who all respected the beauty of the place. If everyone acted like this woman, the flowers would be ruined in a day. 

Misplaced Beef

One of the first things you appreciate about a well-designed grocery store is the organization. All products are separated into logical categories, and everything is easy to find. That’s until some shoppers come in and start changing their minds about what to buy. 

Image Courtesy of Grocery/Pinterest

It’s one thing to change your mind about a packet of cookies and leave it in the candy aisle. However, if you’ve changed your mind about a product that requires refrigeration, it’s even more important to do the right thing and take it back where it belongs.  

Panic Buying

It certainly helps to go grocery shopping well prepared. It’s good practice to have a list of things to buy or at least a clear idea of what you’ll need over the coming weeks. 

Image Courtesy of FreshChills/Reddit

Whatever the reason for panic buying, the result is often an insane amount of wastage, and none of it improves anyone’s situation. It’s a lose-lose scenario. Look at how much mess the store employees have to deal with. 

Bear Facts

The mere thought of having intruders entering your backyard can make you feel threatened. However, in this case, you would be able to enjoy watching them take a dip in the pool. Just be sure to watch from a distance! 

Image Courtesy of yomamascub/Reddit

Bears can be curious, and they love to explore new surroundings. They like play-fighting to burn off their excess energy, and who doesn’t like to wallow in the pool on a hot summer’s day?

First Time Away from Home

Some people are lucky enough to earn a college degree despite the many challenges it poses, from financial difficulties to identifying one’s interests. Some are even blessed with academic prowess and are able to obtain more specialized graduate degrees that undoubtedly unlock promising career opportunities. 

Image Courtesy of UberHumor

One thing we didn’t expect is this guy’s lack of practical intelligence. His entitled laundry demands are crazy. He genuinely expects the world to cater to his needs the way his maid did. It just doesn’t work that way, you know?

First World Problems

We are pretty sure that there are many pressing problems out there in various parts of the world that need an immediate and adequate response. World hunger is high on that list, along with ending large-scale conflicts and saving our environment. These things seriously need looking into.

Image Courtesy of UberHumor

This guy thinks his lost AirPods should be a higher priority. He thinks charity is all about ensuring he doesn’t get laughed at for using wired earphones. Only once this problem has been solved can he worry about the world at large. 

Gold Digger in the Making

Ideal relationships are mutually beneficial. Both people support each other in becoming better people who are kinder, more loving, and more successful in the areas that matter in life. Finding the right person could mean discovering many good qualities we had no idea we possessed and realizing that we can see ourselves in our partners too. 

Image Courtesy of disabledemotions/Reddit

Couples must be honest with each other and forthright when it matters. Unfortunately, this girl couldn’t handle her crush’s practicality. It shattered her princess-like illusion that she should just be given whatever she wants. 

Dormant Status

There are days when we may feel as disconnected as an uncharged smartphone. The boredom becomes too heavy to handle, like baggage on your shoulders, until you realize that you can always try doing something new. 

Image Courtesy of Twitter/@FiWoProblems

Remind yourself that many would fight for what you have, so start counting your blessings. Fill that emptiness inside with resilience and a renewed childlike curiosity about life. 

No Joy Here

Unless what you have in your hand is a new and exciting device, it’s best to keep your smartphone use to a minimum. After a while, the endless notifications detract from your quality of life. A useful tip is to go into your phone’s notification center and turn off notifications from anything that isn’t necessary.  

Image Courtesy of thechive.com

For many people, anxiety increases every time someone calls when they could just send a message you can read and reply to on your own terms. If you can help it, just switch your phone on silent mode for some quality time after work. 

Paranoia Unlimited

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the value of services and commodities has leaped around quite a bit. Some plane ticket prices have dropped significantly, while others have shot up dramatically. 

Image Courtesy of Twitter/@Dijahsb

Some tour packages have never been this cheap for those who are willing to take the risk. Where countries have opened their borders, you can now go on trips you’ve always wanted to take. However, there’s a catch. You and your fellow passengers are exposed to an extra level of risk.