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Simple and Ingenious Dollar Store Hacks Anyone Can Use to Save Money

If you are fond of saving money and trying to maximize each dollar you have, then there’s a perfect store for all your needs. Dollar stores are scattered throughout the world, and they provide a variety of cheap products, ranging from kitchenware and carpentry tools to educational supplies and apparel. Although many bargain-hunters love dollar stores there are still some people who hate them. 

There’s an ongoing stigma that dollar stores offer poor-quality products that won’t even last a month. There might be some truth to the statement, but what if we were to tell you that even celebrities and rich people enjoy shopping at the dollar store sometimes? Sit back and relax as we reveal some of the best dollar store hacks used by money-saving experts.

Unexpected Uses for Coffee Filters

Coffee filters are common in every dollar store. As the name implies, they are created to filter and brew our favorite beans. Apart from that, however, there are a lot of things we can do with coffee filters. 

image courtesy of New For You

You can use them as a snack bowl and as a separator for stacking plates. They can be used to catch popsicle drips by simply poking the popsicle stick through the coffee filter. As you see in the picture above, you can also use them to gently blot sweat and oil from your skin.

Create a Hanging Herb Garden

If you are a fan of growing your own food, there are multiple tricks and hacks that you can find on the internet. A popular one is to use tin cans and wire as a hanging garden. These are both items you can find super cheap at your local dollar store. 

image courtesy of Jalynn Baker/ HGTV

Simply punch two holes in each side of the can. Next, get a wire and insert it through both holes. If you are not familiar with looping wires, get an s-hook and attach it to the wire. Then you can hang it as demonstrated in the picture above. 

Muffin Trays as Beer Holders

Your beer-loving friends will surely love this idea as it is a clever trick, to say the least. Next time you visit a dollar store, pick up some muffin trays. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the standard one is preferred.

image courtesy of Natasha Atal/ Pinterest

Unlike a tray on which beer glasses may slip around, a muffin tray is the perfect shape for keeping each glass secure. They’re easy to use, easy to clean, and they only cost a dollar.

Organizing Your Drawers Using Pencil Holders

In every household, there’s that one messy drawer that contains everything. From small kitchen utensils and random nuts and bolts to plastic bags and used batteries, this drawer can be a handful.

image courtesy of Handy Man Crafty Woman

However, there’s no need to worry as we are here to share a clever trick to solve that problem without spending a lot of money. Try purchasing a pencil holder next time you’re in a dollar store, and use it as an organizer like the one illustrated in the picture above. Each one genuinely only costs a dollar.

Discovering Your Inner Artist

There’s a misconception right now that due to technology, people are no longer as creative as they were before. There are even studies showing that we depend so much on technology that our skills are not being sharpened.

image courtesy of My Little Secrets

This activity will surely be enjoyed by families that want to reconnect with their creative roots. Purchased some plain white mugs, plates, and other ceramics from your local dollar store. Add some Sharpies to your cart, and you have everything you need to get those creative juices flowing. 

Adhesive Hooks Solve Cable Dramas

Here’s yet another struggle that most people experience daily. Due to the rise of technology, we are forced to use cables to charge most of our gadgets. While charging is very easy, keeping those cables untangled can be a challenge.

image courtesy of Emily Fazio/ HGTV

To make your life easier, buy some adhesive hooks and glue them to a board or a wall, using the picture above as a guide. This is another great dollar store hack that can transform your home and sweep away some of your frustrations.

No More Boring Light Switches

If you aren’t a fan of bland interiors and beige decor, then this dollar store hack will brighten your day. Artistic people have an eye for detail and see colorful possibilities in even the blandest of rooms. This is how the trick we’re about to share came to life. 

image courtesy of Etsy

If you are bored with your switch lights, consider giving them new life with small picture frames. The beauty of this trick is that the frames are cheap, easy to paint, adjustable, and easy to affix to the wall.

Shower Caddies For Your Movie Night Munchies

If there’s one thing we love about watching movies, it is the company of food. What better way to enjoy your favorite movie than by munching on delicious snacks and refreshing soda? Imagine if you could do all this hands-free.

image courtesy of Hip2Save

That’s where cheap shower caddies come in handy. It might not be precisely like the containers you use in the cinema, but it serves its purpose well. All you need to do now is head to the dollar store and then organize your next movie night at home. 

Plastic Toys as Bookends

Bookworms, you will surely love this cute trick. Most of the more affordable bookends are bland. As soon as you see an amazing one that really takes your fancy, you can almost guarantee it’ll be painfully expensive. What if we were to tell you that you can create a beautiful alternative for a couple of dollars? 

image courtesy of Smartgirlstyle

All you need to do is buy some plastic toys at the dollar store. Pick up some off-cuts of wood from the hardware store, cut them to size, glue them together, and you’re almost there. Paint the toys and the frames in any color you like, and once they’re dry, glue them together as demonstrated in the picture above. That’s all it takes to create these classy bookends. 

Placemats in the Fridge

When we think of placemats, we automatically associate them with kitchen tables. This is what they were made for, but there are a lot of ways to take advantage of a placemat. Are you tired of pulling your fridge apart to clean up spills and messes?

image courtesy of itsanorganizedchaos

Well, with the help of placemats, you can kiss those worries goodbye. Also, there’s a variety of placemat designs you can choose from at your local dollar store. So, you’re sure to find a set that will make you smile every time you open the fridge.

Pipe Cleaners to the Rescue

We were also surprised when we saw this, which is why we are sharing it on our list. Who would have thought that those fuzzy pipe cleaners could be lifesavers?

image courtesy of Natalie Brown/ Buzzfeed

Instead of purchasing expensive hangers to make sure that your clothes do not slide, attach pipe cleaners on both sides of the hanger. This hack works best with tank tops, blouses, and lightweight clothes. Some even claim that it can hold a 3-kilogram varsity jacket in place.

Multipurpose Mason Jars

Mason jars are some of the most repurpose items in the world. Not only are they easy to obtain, but they are also easy to clean and not fragile as many people assume. 

image courtesy of HGTV

If you don’t have any mason jars but you want to try a brilliant storage hack like the one shown in the picture above, just go to the nearest dollar store and they will provide you with as many mason jars as you need. 

Shoe Organizers are Perfect for Lipstick Collections

Ladies, if you are not impressed with the other ideas we have shared so far, this will definitely get your attention. Nowadays, having a makeshift organizer for your makeup is a must. However, there are still many who use messy drawers to store their makeup.

image courtesy of Salto Quinze

There’s a dollar store solution for this problem, and it will save you a lot of time and money. Try buying a shoe organizer next time you’re at the dollar store, then use a hanger to hang it on a door or wall.

Multipurpose Shower Caddy

This is the second time a shower caddy has appeared on our list, and we are not even surprised about it. The good thing about using this multipurpose item is that you can revamp it to suit your changing needs. 

image courtesy of Firefly Books

You can use shower caddies as flower pot holders, and you can paint them to blend with their surroundings. You will need a nail or screw from which to hang the shower caddy.

Tennis Ball Massager

We were not exaggerating when we mentioned that almost everything can be found in a dollar store. For those who are experiencing backaches or muscular problems, you don’t have to purchase expensive massagers to take the pain away.

image courtesy of Cassidy Garcia

Next time you visit the dollar store, grab some tennis balls, then put these tennis balls inside an old sock. Tie a knot on both ends, and you have a simple yet effective DIY massager.

The Miracle of Rotating Spice Racks

Seriously, why was this hack never introduced to us earlier? For some strange reason, most of us don’t have the urge to explore, and it is backfiring on us. If somebody gives you a spice rack, instinctively, you will most likely use it for spices alone.

image courtesy of Flynnside Out Productions

However, these small structures can also be used as containers for staples, paper clips, triple AA batteries, thumbtacks, and more. Spice racks are yet another dollar store item resolving your daily problems.

Washi Tape Can Beautify Your Doors

Before we proceed with this hack, a lot of you might be wondering why it is called Washi tape. In Japan, Washi tape is simply masking tape. The name Washi tape was derived from the most popular makers of masking tape, which is the Washi brand.

image courtesy of YesMissy

If you are bored with your doors, whether it be the front door, bathroom door, or your bedroom door, you can use Washi tape to create some cool geometric patterns.

Flip It and Reverse It

If spice racks can be used for our school supplies, then it stands to reason that pencil holders can be used as spice racks! You can purchase these in a dollar store, and they are easy to use. The important thing before executing the project is proper planning.

image courtesy of Instructables

If you want to place them on the side of your refrigerator, then you will need to clean and dry the surface first. It may also be worth using removable adhesive tape to ensure you don’t damage the surface of the fridge. 

Tin Cans to the Rescue

Mason jars might be the kings of repurposed items, but tin cans are a close second. Unlike mason jars which need time and expertise to decorate, tin cans are straightforward.

image courtesy of Bob Vila

You can transform them by using beautiful gift wraps, which will add a chic aesthetic to basic tin cans. Make sure they are wrapped firmly and that there are no wrinkles or tears in the gift wrap. There are even videos and blogs dedicated to this craft!

A Makeshift Headboard for Your Bed

Sleeping is the ultimate form of relaxation. Our bodies are like machines, so resting for several hours a day is a must. However, if you have no headboard, you’re always at risk of banging your head when you get in and out of your bed. 

image courtesy of DigsDigs

If your bed doesn’t have a headboard, look no further. Just buy some horizontal bars from which you can hang some pillows as a cushion for your heads.

Repurposing Magazine Holders

Why are companies still producing magazine holders? We are in the age of technology, and reading materials such as newspapers and magazines are outdated thanks to the internet.

image courtesy of Pretty DIY Home

However, magazine holders aren’t just for magazine use. If you flip one in the other direction, it can be used as a stylish canned goods container. 

Why Spend Money on a Jewelry Stand?

We must admit, we have wasted a lot of money on things like this. How many of us have purchased jewelry stands that are much more expensive than our jewelry? 

image courtesy of Acutedesigns

For a jewelry stand, you only need three things, all of which can be purchased at a dollar store. First, find some dishes of different sizes. Second, look for matching candlesticks in different sizes. Lastly, you’ll need glue or adhesive tape. Once you’re home, use this image as your guide in creating the jewelry stand.

A Cheap Baby Station for Mommies

Here’s one for new parents. With a newborn in the house, it is essential for parents to have everything itemized, organized, and in place. Although there’s a thing called a baby kit, it costs a lot of money.

image courtesy of Two Twenty One

Instead of buying these kits, you can buy a plastic organizer box which costs one dollar only. They are easy to clean, reliable, and lightweight. It is spacious as well, which means you can put most of your baby’s needs in one container.

Giving Life to Wooden Spatulas

One year has passed and still, we are experiencing the effects of the pandemic. Of course, being locked down hasn’t been all bad. It has helped some people develop new hobbies and skills. Take this wonderfully creative project, for example. 

image courtesy of DIYS

You are not altering the usage of your wooden spatulas, but you’re adding some color to them. With the help of contact paper and paint, both of which can be purchased in a dollar store, you can now beautify your wooden spatulas.

Finally, a Tablecloth that Stays Put

If you haven’t experienced this problem yet, you’re lucky. Imagine that you have a cookout or a barbecue party. The food is great, the beers are flowing, and your playlist is perfect. However, the tablecloth doesn’t seem to want to cooperate. If you’re not careful, this can lead to spills and broken dishes.

image courtesy of Jessica/ Pinterest

Next time, instead of using a normal tablecloth, how about purchasing a gartered bed sheet? Not only is this makeshift tablecloth immovable but it is also easy to detach. Now enjoy the party!

A Handy Dish Rack Organizer

So many items can do more than the job they’re designed to do. This might not be new to some readers, but for those who aren’t familiar, you can use a dish rack as an organizer for your notebooks, bills, and other paperwork.

image courtesy of Erin Cooper Studio

Not only that, you can even go to the extent of painting the dish rack in a color that suits your decor and personality. We feel a shimmering gold or copper tone would be perfect. 

Organize Your Drawers like a Pro

While pencil holders are great for tidying up some drawers, if you have a larger variety of items to organize, small baskets are a stylish alternative.

image courtesy of The Summery Umbrella

Buying the baskets at the dollar store is the first step in organizing your drawers. Proper planning and itemizing are still needed for your drawers to look as neat as the ones in the picture above.

Beautifying Ceramic Mugs

Here’s another hack that is similar to a previous slide. Ceramics, especially plain white cups, are some of the most versatile items you can purchase in a dollar store. You can easily add designs by using paint or even nail polish.

image courtesy of The Sweetest Occasion

If done correctly, these dollar ceramic cups will look like expensive kitchenware. All you need to do is suspend nail polish in water and then dip the cups in. A lot of patience and practice is needed to master this trick. So, what are you waiting for?

A Dollar Basket as an Ironing Station

If doing laundry is a drag, ironing clothes is pure kryptonite. We still don’t understand why some people enjoy ironing and folding their clothes. It combines boredom with the risk of accidentally ruining your clothes. How is that enjoyable?  

image courtesy of Andy Vinson/ HGTV

If you are planning to create your own ironing station and you don’t have enough space, this trick is for you. Purchase a big basket from the dollar store and then determine which method of attaching it to the wall is most suitable for your space. 

The Beauty of Storage Hooks

Before we proceed, there’s an ongoing debate as to whether or not storage hooks are just another word for adhesive hooks. Sorry to burst your bubble, but a storage hook is far different from an adhesive hook. 

image courtesy of Listotic

While adhesive hooks are indeed useful, they are fairly limited when it comes to what they can hold. Unlike storage hooks, they are built to withstand heavy items, and that is why you always see them in garages and tool sheds.

The Legendary S-Hooks

By now, it is clear that items in the dollar store are far more valuable than most people realize. The next hack was first used centuries ago, and there’s a reason we are still using it today.

image courtesy of Ikea Family Live

S-hooks might look like ordinary hooks, but they serve more than one purpose. If you are having problems with jewelry, like necklaces tangling, all you need is an S-hook from your local dollar store.

Why Limit the Use of Cloth Clips?

When we are sold an item for a specific purpose, we often don’t even think to check if it can be applied to other stuff. Clothing pegs offer an excellent example of a versatile item that is often overlooked.

image courtesy of Sadie Seasongoods

Yes, they are predominantly for our clothes, but they can also be used to hold other materials. All you need is a little bit of creativity. Take the picture above as your inspiration, and give clothing pegs a new lease on life.

The Tale of the Curtain Ropes and the Clasp

There was once a show about home decor in which the host stated that curtains are basically clothing for your house. It didn’t make sense at first, but as time progresses, we completely understand.

image courtesy of Cassidy Garcia/ DIY Network

If you don’t have money for curtain ties, there’s no need to stress. Next time you visit a dollar store, purchase rope and a clasp. Attach the clasp to the rope, and you have a stylish tie for your curtains.

Dreamy Home Decor

Those who love going to coffee shops regularly see this type of decoration. It looks simple, but if done correctly, it adds life to any space. We’ve already discussed mason jars and tin cans, now, we can add bottles to the list.

mage courtesy of Handimaniai

The good thing about these bottles is that they come in all shapes and sizes, but they rarely cost more than a dollar. You can paint them too.

Getting Creative with Thumb Tacks

Remember when we were still in grade school and we used to press thumbtacks into cardboard and write our names for fun? Apparently, this trick is now being utilized by interior design experts.

image courtesy of girlinthegarage

All these years, we thought there was only one kind of thumbtack, but we were wrong. There are two things you need to keep in mind before executing your plan. First, practice. Second, be careful as thumbtacks can hurt if you make a mistake.

Twine Time

If you have a bunch of old cardboard boxes or containers, this might help you. Twine is commonly used in arts and crafts. It is a strong thread composed of two or more thinner strands twisted together.

image courtesy of Gwyl

You can glue this twine onto old cardboard boxes to make them more appealing. Also, it makes the boxes more sturdy.

How To Create Twine Lights

No, this doesn’t have any connection to the famous K-Pop group TWICE. So if you read TWICE lights instead of twine lights, we apologize. Going back to the hack, twine is great for creating art at home.

image courtesy of Iforher

If you want to expand your use of twine, you can easily recreate the beautiful lights above using twine, fairy lights, balloons, and glue. Find an instructional video online, and you’ll be ready to go. 

Extendable Beams for Pots and Pans

Amongst the most difficult things to store in our kitchen are pots and pans. First, they take up a big chunk of space. Second, it is hard to arrange them. However, the dollar store is about to come to the rescue.  

image courtesy of Martha Stewart

A quick solution to this problem is to buy and install an extendable beam. They vary in size and shape. However, if installed properly, your frustrations about storing pots and pans will fade into a distant memory. This also works with kitchen trays.

Maximize Your Shower Space

You might need help with this hack, but once it is done, it will be a thing of beauty. While installing an extra shower rod seems excessive, minimalists are actually open to this idea. 

image courtesy of MacGyverisms

This extra shower rod can be used to hang small baskets for your shower or bathtub needs. It can also be a helpful handrail to ensure you don’t slip in the bathtub.