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These Spoiled Teenagers Have Ludicrous Cases of ‘Rich Kid Syndrome’

If you’re living paycheck to paycheck and desperate for extra cash to get out of debt, fix your old vehicle, or splurge on a date night, you may fantasize about being rich. Wealthy people have so much cash to their name that it simply doesn’t mean anything to them any longer. 

While this attitude may seem extraordinary, there’s no doubt that many children of rich parents become shockingly entitled. Indeed, pop culture is loaded with examples of spoiled rich kids, from Veruca Salt in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to the spoiled kids who get not one but two cars as birthday gifts on MTV’s My Super Sweet 16.

The one silver lining is that their entitled behavior is entertaining for the rest of us, especially when things don’t go their way. Read on to meet 39 rich kids whose antics made it to the internet. 

One of Us

For many of us, the thought of flying on a private jet is something that’s saved for the world’s high-flying. You need oodles of money to even hire a private jet, and that’s one thing most people don’t have. 

We can’t even begin to figure out how to respond to this rich girl’s statement. She’s not wrong. In fact, we can prove her right as we are the very people she’s feeling sorry for – we’ve never been on a private jet. 

Popping Overseas for a Haircut

When we need a new hairstyle, we usually go to our favorite local salon. Some of us even attempt to cut it ourselves. Of course, the story is vastly different when you’re rich. Rather than finding a good local hairdresser, it’s entirely possible to look further afield. 

This rich kid went to all the trouble of flying out of the country for a haircut. They wanted to ensure that they were getting the perfect hairstyle, regardless of whether that required dishing out for a boarding pass each time they had a bad hair day. 

The Trust Fund Girl

Numerous individuals who are born into wealthy families attempt to keep up this degree of lavishness. They start their own companies, Instagram businesses, and fashion labels so they can carry on with the lives they are accustomed to as rich kids. Of course, not all of them are so clever when it comes to money management. 

It seems that this trust fund lady simply didn’t comprehend what it meant to run a company. Indeed, she didn’t even realize she needed to pay her staff. After not paying those poor workers for a half year as she went traveling, she was shocked to discover that they weren’t there when she returned. She must’ve thought their daddies would simply give them all the money they needed. 

A Mercedes Wasn’t Enough

Numerous children fantasized about getting a vehicle for their sixteenth birthday. It’s become part of the culture in the world of rich kids, and it seems they simply don’t have a clue that they are incredibly fortunate to be given such blessings.

A Mercedes simply wasn’t sufficient for Lexi. She wanted a Lexus, and she wasn’t going to stop complaining until she got one. Only one year after her folks dished out for her first vehicle, she was given another to stop her crying. At least that shows perseverance and determination, right? 

The Wrong Color

When a person grows up in such a lifestyle, it can be easy for them to take their status and access to endless funds for granted. Vehicles are expensive, and fancy sports cars can cost more than many people earn in a year. This makes no difference to the rich children of the world, however. 

When this adolescent was driving wildly on the day he got his first vehicle, he got in a wreck and destroyed the brand new car almost immediately. That didn’t make any difference to the kid’s attitude because his father got him another car the following day. Instead of thanking his dad, he complained about the color. 

Making Compromises

Life is about compromise, correct? We can’t have everything turn out well for us, and many people are accustomed to making negotiations to ensure everyone in a situation is fairly treated. Even rich kids and their parents make compromises. The difference lies in what they compromise on.  

We’d be thrilled to go to Hawaii, Mexico, or the Bahamas. However, we’d hardly consider it a difficult compromise to decide which amazing destination we get to spend time in. It seems this family truly thought they were struggling when they had to choose which one they would go to on their summer getaway. Life can be so hard, right? 

Chiropractor on Call

Those who are born with money often forget that many of the things they see as normal are actually luxuries. It’s not always easy to know what’s normal and what’s not, but everything becomes clear when they socialize with everyday people. 

When this 12-year-old child went to summer camp, he soon discovered that having an on-call chiropractor wasn’t a typical practice for kids his age. Indeed, we don’t even know any grown-ups with an on-call chiropractor.

Not Really Diverse

In America, heading off to college isn’t a possibility for all individuals. Many people don’t have the funds to pay for educational expenses, and they may even be denied monetary aid or loans. Others have to earn money to support their families. Of course, most rich kids are blissfully unaware of such struggles. 

If someone from a lower-income family does manage to attend a university, they’re most likely going to be surrounded by rich people. This can cause them to feel like they don’t really belong, particularly when hanging out with students whose idea of poverty is earning $500,000 a year.

A Rubbish Task

While it’s not reasonable to say that rich individuals are lazy, they do regularly utilize their cash to get others to do things for them. When this family didn’t want to deal with the heap of plastic bottles in their stockroom, they let someone else reuse them and pocket the profits. 

To many, acquiring $1,300 for a couple of hours of work is a little glimpse of heaven. For the rich family, it was a trash task they just couldn’t be bothered to do. In this situation, it seems it all worked out for the best. 

Bribing the Bouncers 

It can be difficult moving to another country and having to rapidly gain proficiency with their language, principles, and lifestyle. These can be so different from your own that the adjustment is hard to manage. Of course, if a person is from a rich family, they may just assume the new country will conform to them.

These rich kids came from a country where bribing bouncers and police officers was a normal thing to do. They soon understood that this wasn’t something they could freely do in America. In fact, it could get them in a lot of trouble. 

An Honest Question

When youngsters head to university, they often expect that life will proceed as it did before they moved away. Their parents are paying for school, so that implies they’ll get to enjoy all the same luxuries they get at home, right? Well, not exactly. 

When this student asked when the cleaner would arrive to tidy up his room, he was posing an honest inquiry, and he’s not alone in his confusion. Numerous rich children expect that they will be cooked for and have servants do their cleaning. However, any college student living on campus will tell you that isn’t even close to the reality of the situation. 

Unwilling to Pay

Children who have been raised in wealthy households often feel pretty entitled, and they typically believe everything can be fixed with cash. They do, after all, have lots of it on hand to toss at their issues if they need to. Of course, the rest of us know that money doesn’t fix everything. 

When this rich child used to make bets with his pal that he could beat him in a PC game, he always declined to surrender the cash. Instead, he claimed he was experiencing “technical issues” with his outrageously expensive computer. Something doesn’t add up.  

Nice Supplementary Income

When a person has grown up rich, they often lose sight of the value of money. Cash loses all importance, and they don’t invest heavily in the belongings they’re able to afford thanks to the family they were born into. This makes it easy for these kids to throw away things that have a huge amount of value. 

Thankfully, there are people in the world who are ready and waiting to save these items from landfill (and make a good amount of pocket money in the process). This garbage guy had the right idea when he started cleaning up the discarded electronics and selling them on eBay.

House on Fire

Anyone who’s ever lived in a college dormitory knows space is something of a luxury. Of course, students only have to live there for a relatively short amount of time, so it’s bearable. Some install a curtain for privacy, others get fairy lights or posters to liven the place up. Rich kids enjoy a completely different lifestyle. 

Most families don’t have a spare $2 million lying around to purchase an entire house for college accommodation. They particularly don’t have money to squander on rebuilding the mansion after the kids accidentally set it on fire. 

A Full Month of Work

Many of us can relate to the experience of desperately wanting a car and having a family member offer to help out in exchange for us doing some work for them. However, we all got cars worth maybe a few thousand dollars if we were lucky. This rich kid got a far better deal out of the exchange. 

This kid seriously thought people would be impressed if they knew he worked a month with his grandfather to earn that $85,000 vehicle. Clearly, he’s never heard of the word “nepotism.” If he has, he certainly hasn’t picked up on the negative connotations that usually come with it. 

Done with Nice Cars

Spoiled kids typically come from rich families, and they burn through a large portion of their lives getting everything handed to them without having to work for it. Eventually, parents often realize that this treatment makes it hard for kids to appreciate what they have. Then they need to take drastic action, like the dad in the story below. 

After his spoiled child had crashed three new and costly vehicles, he concluded that he wouldn’t be forking out for another extravagant vehicle. All things being equal, the kid would get a $250 banger to match his battered driving record. 

Survival Stories

How much money does an average person need to last the week? We have a feeling most people would not only be able to survive on $1,000 but would actually be mega comfortable. 

Indeed, many people dream about having such a large sum of money on a weekly basis. However, for spoiled rich kids, it’s the equivalent of living on meager rations. 

Blame it on the Tutor

One of the most dangerous ideas a wealthy person can develop is the belief that money can buy them anything. No one wants to be treated by a doctor whose parents bought his way into medical school, so there must be a limit to where money can get a person. 

This secondary school ended up embroiled in a cheating scandal when they discovered that parents were paying a tutor to fudge their kids’ grades. The scariest part is, all those kids with fake grades still got into top schools.  

Promotion Problems

Many people need to work diligently and prove themselves for years before they find the opportunity to be pushed up the ladder with a promotion. The world is a competitive place, and few people get promoted without having to hustle hard for it. 

Entitled rich children simply don’t appear to understand the concept of hard work. They feel that everything ought to be given to them the moment they decide they’re ready for it. 

Got Kicked Out

Many rich people weren’t always wealthy. They buckled down and worked hard to earn their way to the top. Others are born into good fortune, and while not all of them are entitled brats, the kid in the story below certainly sounds like one!  

Rather than finishing his assigned tasks in the fraternity house, he flew in a “servant” to accomplish this work for him. Eventually, he was kicked out. Just like that. We have to admit, he does deserve points for creativity. 

The Big Fish

If you had tons of cash to your name, what might you spend it on? Maybe you’d take off on a long vacation following years of hard work. Perhaps you would upgrade your vehicle to something that runs better. You may even purchase another house. 

It takes a specific sort of individual to purchase a bird-watching bridge for their child’s birthday. This is the indication of somebody who needs to flaunt their riches and let everyone know how extravagant they can afford to be.

For the Weekend

For most youngsters, there comes a time when their folks quit giving them an allowance. They advise their children to find a new line of work and to quit hassling them for cash. Apparently, this rich kid never got the memo. 

This college student was getting a generous allowance from his mother, but he blew through it all in just a day. His excuse for spending it all on Friday night and then asking for more is horrendous. We hope his mom held out and didn’t give him any more cash to waste. 

Paying Her Boyfriend’s Fees

Most people would definitely notice if the amount of money it takes to pay someone’s way through college disappeared from their account. Indeed, many parents save up for decades to send their kids to a good school.  

This young lady chose to pay for her beau’s school fees from her folks’ account, and they didn’t even notice. We can’t even imagine how much money they must have in their accounts for such large deductions to not even register. 

An Enviable Problem

Owning a property is everyone’s dream. All things considered, renting leaves you paying another person’s home loan, and when you eventually move out, you have little to show for all the money spent.

This individual went through a horrendous experience when he discovered that his father had purchased a house for him. This greatly hindered his ability to buy one for himself. That’s a dilemma we’d gladly take off his hands!  

Just for a Day

Rich kids feel like they have the world at their feet. They have such a lot of cash that can be utilized to purchase anything they like. The problem is, they never have to develop any kind of respect for their purchases because the expenditure doesn’t mean anything to them. 

On this occasion, an ordinary undergrad wound up getting incredibly fortunate when his rich kid neighbor got bored of his new guitar. Though it was worth a pretty penny, this kid was happy to sell it for just $20.

Tip from a 7-year-old

Few people get to experience what private schools are like as kids. However, they may get a chance when they grow up if they become a teacher, administration worker, janitor, or librarian. This person was surprised at what they discovered on their first day at work. 

This librarian expected that the children would be pretty normal. However, they soon understood that life was vastly different in this school when one of the little kids tried to tip them for fixing the printer. 

No License, No Problem

Numerous parents purchase vehicles for their kids on their seventeenth birthday to persuade them to breeze through their driving assessment and then drive themselves around. When they get this vehicle, they’re eager to get into the driver’s seat, and they do all that they can to get their permit.

That isn’t the situation for everybody, however. Two years after being given a Range Rover, this spoiled rich child still hasn’t passed her driving test, and the vehicle is simply collecting dust. 

Making Waves

Many individuals across the globe figure out how to set aside enough cash to have a pool in their garden. This is a little taste of heaven for them as it’s generally seen as an indication of social status. 

These pools are usually quite small. However, the pools of rich children can be truly amazing. We thought pools that created waves were only found in water parks. Having one at home would be divine.  

A 300% Tip

Rich children who experience luxurious childhoods never have much of an idea about how much things cost. After all, if you have an endless supply of money, concepts like “cheap” and “expensive” become meaningless. 

This is one of the nicest stories on the list. Though the kid had no concept of the value of money, he made the waitresses’ day by leaving such a big tip. His schoolmate also got a burger out of it. We appreciate you, innocent rich kid!

Courtesy of Dad

It’s a well-known fact that it’s a tough world out there, and many millennials fear they’ll never be able to own their own home under current conditions. Of course, rich millennials are exempt from such concerns. 

This rich child chose to gloat about her new apartment via social media, yet it seems the friends who knew her well were not dazzled. As it turns out, her father consistently gave her a ton of cash, so buying her own apartment wasn’t really much of an accomplishment. 

Your Parents Matter

It’s normal for people to share information about their folks at school. It’s an ice breaker, and it’s something that permits people to have a better comprehension of each other’s lives. Be that as it may, it seems the discussion has other motives behind it when you go to a private school.

If your folks don’t bring in a great deal of cash, these conversations can be downright embarrassing. If these rich children don’t have parents who have recently purchased a plane, things won’t work out positively for them. 

Ten Minutes is Unacceptable

Remember the last time you asked your private helicopter pilot to bring you down from the mountain after a day of skiing? We’re confident in assuming that you haven’t done that before in your life. Don’t feel bad though – few people in the world have ever enjoyed such privileges. 

The insane good fortune of his position in life didn’t prevent this entitled child from getting irritable when he had to wait for his personal pilot for a few minutes. It seems time is more valuable than money when you’re super-wealthy.

High Ballers

It’s understandable that rich people want to spoil their children. It’s a way of expressing love. However, there has to be a limit. Otherwise, the children will turn out to be brats who place no value on money or hard work. 

Parents have the right to raise their children as they see fit, so long as they treat them well and do them no harm. However, we must say that giving children thousands of dollars to spend on sunglasses is probably not a smart idea. 

Burning Man or Burning Cash?

Most people are at least a little familiar with the renowned Burning Man Festival. It’s an occasion where individuals spend as much as $50,000 for seven days of celebrating. While some call it a spiritual experience, others own that they’re just there to boast about their lifestyle on social media. 

This party is filled with all sorts of characters, and it has more than its fair share of spoiled and entitled rich kids. These people are cashed up with trust fund money and they’re not ashamed to spend big. 

Dumpster Diving for Designer Clothes

When people travel back and forth between two countries a lot, they usually learn to be frugal with what they pack and what they purchase in each place. Rich kids have found a far more convenient way of dealing with excess baggage. 

Though their thoughtlessness is atrocious, we’re happy to learn that some less fortunate kids were able to benefit from the wasteful attitudes of the wealthy international students. 

Purpose of Exams

This student recommended that the school pay every student $10 for each question they got correct on the final test. How much spare cash does this kid think the teachers have? 

We agree with the kid that this would definitely motivate the class to study more. However, it’s hardly a practical solution. We hope he was joking. If not, he’s just another out-of-touch rich kid. 

Why Brats Exist

When this child wound up smashing his vehicle into the school bus, rather than rebuffing him, his folks got him another Land Rover. 

How does the child respond? He lost the vehicle in an illegal street race. Instead of noticing the pattern here, his folks just got him a Mercedes. Now we know why he’s such a brat.

It’s only $1,000

Some rich kids manage to fly under the radar, fitting in with everyone else and never letting their wealth get to their heads. Others do their best but end up inadvertently revealing how careless they are with money. 

This young lady offered her pristine iPhone for a science experiment, knowing very well that it would get annihilated. She did so on the grounds that her daddy will get her a new one. If we’ve learned anything from this list it’s that she’s probably not wrong. 


While college is primarily for studying, it’s also about figuring out where you fit in and how to organize your life. Things like making the bed, doing the dishes, and cooking nutritious meals are challenges all first-year college students face.

Of course, when the college student in question is a rich kid, none of this self-development is necessary. They can simply pay their roommates to do all the hard work for them. At least everyone wins, right?