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Remembering Childhood: These Photos Made Us Feel As Old As Time

Okay, listen up—to qualify as elderly, you will need to be able to name at least one of the things listed below. If you’re reading this, it’s highly likely that your formative years were significantly influenced by these artifacts. Take a look back upon them—whether to laugh or cry—and prepare to be shocked when you realize how much things have changed since these were first released.

Some of these creatures are utterly extinct, while others, like iMac computers, have just evolved. The majority were created before the advent of substantial technological advancements, such as selfie sticks or fidget spinners.

Have fun looking around, and if you feel as old as the mountains, don’t be embarrassed! Embrace your seasoned wisdom.

The Time Has Come to Break Out the Old Games

Whoa, we’re looking at a blast from the past! There are probably a lot of kids who have yet to learn what this is. There are still situations where TV game switches are needed—for example, to get the authentic retro-console experience. This adapter allows you to play arcade classics like Atari games on television.

Even newer TVs are compatible with these adapters. Even though they are rare and hard to come by, some gamers still use these systems when they want to play games from their youth and relive some happy memories from that time in their lives.

Oh, Lovely Floral!

Every house had one of these rooms back in the day. We even thought it looked good then, too. Compared to how we currently arrange our living rooms, the imaginations of youngsters today would be blown up if they knew their grandparents adorned their living rooms in this manner.

We’ll keep to contemporary furnishings for the time being. While it looks somewhat cozy, it’s undoubtedly an eye-sore. The sofas themselves look camouflaged in the carpet. The curtains would absolutely have to go!

As Good As It Gets On M*A*S*H

This is guaranteed to make you feel old if nothing else has. The M*A*S*H theme song will be remembered so long as there are people around to remember good ol’ fashioned TV. If you were a kid and this song came on, you knew it was bedtime.

M*A*S*H was one of those shows that kids hated but parents loved. Though the show still has its devoted audience, M*A*S*H has fallen out of favor with many younger viewers who would rather watch something from the last decade or so.

Let’s Have Some Fun

Even though these are antiques and no child of today could possibly understand what they are, how much fun were they? Although they were annoying due to their high difficulty level, they were still something you couldn’t stop playing with.

We’re willing to wager that some younger kids could still have a lot of fun with these gadgets. We highly doubt that these are still available for purchase, but you should check your grandmother’s attic, just in case. Maybe you’ll get lucky!

Spark It Up

Lite Brite made it possible for anyone to express their creative side using something akin to pixels mixed with pins. This gadget made it seem like Christmas was always in the air, even when it wasn’t.

The fact that the colors were vivid and illuminated contributed to the overall stunning appearance of any art project created using this toy. It is the same as when we watch a light show or fireworks display as adults. We can’t explain why it is so magical—it simply is.

How Cool Were These, If At All?

Ahhh, trusty old automobile air conditioners. Another form of technology that has advanced significantly is this one. Many people recall giving them a solid two or three whacks when they stopped working just to get a stuffy car breeze going.

For the most part, it worked. Getting you to a comfortable temperature was another story. They could have done better on that front. If you have a classic car in your garage, you might consider installing one of these retro babies. Just don’t count on them to keep you comfortable in the heat.

Retro Patterns

In the ’60s and ’70s, this flooring style was all the rage. You would always find this kind of stuff in the kitchen. Some houses built before the 2000s might still have this flooring, but newer decorators rarely implement it into new designs.

You can rest assured there’s a solid rationale. It would be a shock to find this flooring before your morning coffee if you stumbled into any room half asleep. It’s hard to imagine that would be a pleasant way to start the day.

A Certain Aroma Is Present

Oh yes, everyone’s all-time favorite macaroni and noodle bake! The dish consists of just a few essential ingredients: pasta, cheese, ground meat, and seasoning. It is still an ordinary supper that the whole family likes to eat together in certain households.

Because it was simple to prepare and inexpensive, it was a staple on the menu even when the economy was tough. The updated recipe comes with a few new features—vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and so on. Have we just given you a suggestion for what you should eat for dinner?

Tennis Tetherballs

This is yet another time-tested favorite that entertained generations of readers. It’s great to see that these are still around! They still serve the same purpose, but at least these kids look better doing it than we did. Just pound the pole into the ground, and you’ll be all set!

There are even tennis tetherballs specifically made for your dog’s size and shape for outside pet play. It was all good fun, but many folks got hurt when they didn’t watch where they were swinging their bats.

Who Can Forget These?

Since these baskets are still in everyday use, many of you may be familiar with them. In the past, these were used to serve bread rolls or to adorn plates for a more elegant dinner. These days, you can find them hanging on walls as art—like the true antiques that they are.

They are often painted in various colors and sizes, then hung on walls to create a decorative effect. Although these are still used occasionally, serving platters and more elaborate bowls have replaced them as the preferred method of transporting party treats, such as candy and chips.

A Steaming Bowl of Stew

When we would visit Grandma for tea or Christmas lunch, she would always have this stew dish ready to serve. It was a tradition. Everyone would be compelled to get the leftovers because they smelled delicious. The packaging is all part of the experience!

This meal may be different, but Grandma’s high-quality cooking skills always shine through. Even though casseroles and hot pots are something that we don’t see very often these days, some people still keep this lost art alive, probably. 

Typical Morning Alarm Clock

Since these alarm clocks were so widely used and likely owned by your parents, you probably see them in your head when you think “alarm clock.” Since we’ve seen them so often, they’ve been ingrained in our memories.

Their reliability was a distinct plus. Digital assistants such as Siri and Alexa have made it so that we can program our alarms with a few simple words rather than fiddling with the device every morning, but all too often, they mess up—and then they start advertising stuff to us. Weird.

Remember These Square-Patterned Bowls?

These bowls were used multiple times and seemed to have an indefinite shelf life because they contained either salad or breadsticks shaped like french rolls. It’s possible that one of them belonged to your grandmother or another member of your family.

Since that time, they have undergone a physical transformation and have expanded their range of applications. Bowls like these are no longer used for storing savory foods like salad and bread but rather for sugary snacks like candy and potato chips.

What’s Next, Ice Cream in a Toilet Paper Roll?

There were no fancy dishes and cups, and no waffle cones dipped in white and dark chocolate back in the old days—depending on how far we traveled back in time. The ice cream came in a container that could have passed for a discarded toilet paper roll.

It was a cardboard tube minus the toilet paper. You had to eat the ice cream quickly before it melted and made the tube soggy. We’re glad we no longer have to eat ice cream this way; however, we can’t imagine how it would taste if enclosed in wet cardboard.

Remember How Terrified You Were

When it was time to go to the park, and the parents announced it, every kid in the neighborhood would sprint over to one of these and immediately begin playing. It would spin around and surprise you when you weren’t expecting it or neglected to grab on—wham! Off you went.

If you took off at a tremendous speed, you wouldn’t know where you would land. It’s a miracle that these didn’t cause more severe injuries. Unfortunately, you won’t find many of them in playgrounds today.

Pin Keepers

Did you realize that these are still in use despite their age? These are still widely used by both amateur and expert sewers to keep pins in place. When you grab one of these and feel fifty pins jab you at once, the pain will be fresh in your mind for a long time.

These are commonly known as pin cushions in the industry. They were and still are available in various forms and dimensions. They were initially published far back in the 1770s. You probably made one as a school project as a kid!

Exactly What Is This, If You Know?

Can anyone identify this artifact? These aren’t ancient by any stretch of the imagination, and they’re still used by those who like to do their film development and employ traditional photographic processes. Was that a good hint as to what it could be?

A piece of film on a roll! It was how photographers kept their film safe between shoots. It protected the film from damage and sunshine while being shipped to a lab. Feeling a bit lost? There were non-digital cameras available back then.

Punch In A Tin Can

This was a non-carbonated, crimson punch with notes of pineapple, apple, orange, papaya, apricot, and passionfruit. Feeling nostalgic for punch drinks yet? Or have you never seen one in a can that required a can opener to get to the drink within?

It’s not too late to pick up some fruit punch. Nowadays, you can open these kinds of things by just flicking up the small hook on the cover. However, a can opener is no longer required because it has a standard can opening.

Don’t Bring It Up Again

In the ’70s, this type of wall paneling was ubiquitous and could be seen in any family room. Even though the appearance wasn’t spectacular, it was practical because it was simple to clean and didn’t collect dust like painted walls.

It was known as “shiplap.” This paneling is still widely used today but is typically found in more contemporary colors like white and gray. Instead of doing this to every wall as they did back then, it is now used as an accent.

Do You Recall Nestle Quik?

Nestle Quik, which is still around today, was a hit in the 1940s and hasn’t lost any of its popularity. Today, we have Nesquik, the updated version. The original Quik only came in a chocolate flavor, but there are also strawberry and banana varieties today.

The tried-and-true method of opening them remains unchanged, however. Flick open the mouth with a spoon or fork under the lip. After all this time, there must be a better way to get into the container. Teleporters, maybe?

Where Were The DVDs?

Many have fond childhood memories of seeing Disney classics like “Aladdin” and “The Little Mermaid on VHS” The VHS format has become obsolete, and the last VHS manufacturer went out of business a few years ago. Only a few years ago, you say? That’s right.

Unlike other media, such as digital downloads or streaming, you only had to pay once, and it was yours forever. No worrying about whether the platform would go down—no worrying about lost files or inaccessible servers. Those were the days.

An Accumulation That Is Envy-Worthy

It wasn’t good enough to have a CD collection on a bookshelf back in the day. You also wanted a portable storage solution that looked like a briefcase. Where would you take them? To your friend’s house, of course.

People’s CDs were housed in a wide variety of stylish containers, allowing for easy and quick browsing. A few were decorated with paints and glitter, while others were purely functional with no decoration. However, every person had a CD portfolio in one form or another.

Once More, Fisher-Price

Is it just us, or does this toy appear familiar? Fisher-classic Price’s toy: a garage and lift. Toys have come a long way since we were kids, and it’s incredible to see the elevator you can summon with the push of a button and the self-driving mechanical automobiles.

Numerous children would examine this and ask what makes it go. However, it was always there for kids to play with when they were bored and had nothing else to do. I guess we just had really powerful imaginations back then.

Old Style of Attendance Book

That’s right—We’re bringing the old-fashioned attendance books to light. Every day, the poor teacher had to remember to get one of these to keep track of who was there in class and who wasn’t. Of course, iPads are used for everything now, and the curriculum itself is already installed on the device.

The educational community can breathe easier now that these have been phased out. Think of the hassle of keeping track of past attendance by manually tallying pages! The calculations are now performed automatically.

Oh Gods, These Chairs

Every time someone sat in one of these, they would exclaim, “Oh goodness, these chairs!” Such a chair would look at home in a sunny area adjacent to a swimming pool. Once you sat on one, you realized they were far from comfortable.

Lines of pressure from the straps would be visible on your body when you woke up after a nap, and you might have lost some skin from sticking to the metal in the hot sun. A few survive, but you won’t find them near the pool—they’re safely locked up in the basement or garage.

Prehistoric Tapes

These large booklets were top-notch for storing your VHS collection back in the day. In addition to keeping your tapes undamaged and in one place, this case also allowed you to pack all of your favorite recordings easily. Not only are they no longer helpful, but you also rarely come across them for sale.

They’ve been removed from shelves at a lot of businesses. They are no match for on-demand streaming services like Netflix. Perhaps you still have one of these stashed away from your youth. Treasure such a thing, for it is not seen much in the world much longer.

Look Familiar?

The practice of passing notes in class hasn’t changed; it’s just moved to mobile devices. Many people still resort to good old-fashioned paper notes if they can’t use their phones. The most exciting feature of these was the interactive folding of the letters.

The lucky recipient might take their time unfolding the letter to read your thoughtful note. Typically, the recipient’s name and specific directions, like “pull” and “private,” were printed on the front of the message. Those halcyon days were golden, indeed!

The Killer Doors

Yes, we call these killer doors since it is highly likely that you would knock someone unconscious if you opened one of these onto them. Incredibly, the hinges could support the weight of one of these doors, which was a significant amount of power.

There is no doubt that they have come a long way in terms of the weight of the actual door compared to the car doors available today. Even the thickness is absurd! These days, we have slender doors that hardly weigh any weight.

Hanging Phone

Many modern children may find it challenging to envision adults using a phone that is physically attached to the wall. As you talked on the phone and kept an eye on the kids, their cords would get stretched. Indeed, we’ve advanced beyond that point. These days, most people have a cell phone and a set of headphones.

You don’t have to drag cables across the room anymore; instead, you can stroll into the living room. You couldn’t see who was calling, and you couldn’t call back to find out who was trying to reach you while you were busy.

Carpet for Free!

This is the kind of carpet that was common in a lot of homes beginning in the 1970s and continuing ahead. If you had a carpet like this, you knew you were living in a groovy era. It’s hard to believe now, but back then, people thought it was cute.

The appearance of the color was unappealing, but the texture of the carpet was much less desirable. And such a hassle to clean, too! We should not move this carpet into the present since it belongs in the past. 

It’s Been a While

These have been around for quite some time. However, many people have never seen one in person. Needless to say, they are no longer used in educational institutions. These days, personal space is ensured by placing chairs at a greater distance from one another. Voting might be the only modern application of this “technology.”

You could still copy documents if you leaned back far enough, although doing so would often cause you to tumble over. Educators almost certainly recall struggles over who got which hue of cardboard.

The Standard Infant Equipment

There was clearly something wrong with you as a parent if your child did not have one of these things. Even though they were not battery-powered, did not talk or make sounds, or had moving parts, every infant had one, and they found these activity centers to be an infinite source of amusement.

These days, toys manufactured by Fisher-Price are more interactive and can even mimic your voice. The bright side is that we are confident that there are still some young children who would enjoy playing with one of these. Imagination is everything!

Just Looking At This Hurts Our Knees

The agony endured from sitting at one of these tables for the entirety of the school day never leaves. Because there is so little room for movement, your legs and hips will cramp up. When you finally manage to free yourself, you feel like a piece of string-cooked meat.

Whenever there was a threat of severe weather, instructors would always instruct their students to take cover under our desks. Unfortunately, these workstations did not provide any form of protection at all.

Traditional Projectors

Isn’t it hilarious to look back at these? They were used in all educational institutions, conferences, and workplace training programs. They were undoubtedly successful in delivering their intended purpose, but they are now obsolete.

Our technology is significantly more advanced than it was back then, rendering these obsolete. We only wish that the school system itself would get an overhaul at some point. Education could be useful if it weren’t just used as a daycare-come-employee training facility/prison.

Is There Anyone Here Who Understands the Game?

Minesweeper was classic—it was a game we all used to play, but only a few people knew how to play it! The vast majority of us would just hit random squares and watch as our little emoji guy in the middle exploded. That’s true in our case, anyway.

Does anybody know how to score points in this game or how to play it? After pushing the square, a series of numbers would appear. The game would end immediately if the player pushed on a bomb near the displayed numbers. Could those two things be related somehow?

The Detachable-Face Radio

This was such a good innovation. You would remove the cover from your CD player before going to a party so that no one could steal it. We now have permanently placed radios that require specialized equipment and much effort to remove.

The only problem with carrying the CD face around once you left your car was storage. It wasn’t exactly robust, and it wasn’t slim either. Amazingly, nobody came up with a pouch or “radio face carrier” or something to haul this junk around.

Classic Etch-A-Sketch

If you had one of these, you automatically qualified as a cool person. Everyone who didn’t have one was always pleading to see a friend who did so they could play with it. Although they were a pain at times and rarely went as planned, they were nevertheless a hot item.

This classic toy debuted in the 1960s with a gray display, white controls, and a bright red case. The one shown here is an updated model. Whichever model you had, you were sure to have tons of creative fun.

The Ultimate Item

Quite a few people, including grownups, found this item amusing. One would try to walk while standing on them while holding the rope. Tin cans like these were how they started, but their designers went on to use sturdier objects— two buckets.

You would have to grab the empty cans from Mom after she had used them to store leftover canned tomatoes or apples. Once you had your rope through, you were golden. Unfortunately, the tin can versions would often suffer dings and would eventually crumble. 

Laser Pointers

While these have been around for a while, they are still used today. Cats enjoy playing with moving lights and are clearly the target audience for these toys. The tiny laser on a keychain would come with various attachments that could alter the beam’s size, shape, and intensity.

Although these are still widely available, they are now universally prohibited due to the damage they cause to the eyes. It’s incredible that people back then managed to live through such a time.

The Invisible Ink

Whoa, how many of you remember these? They were a lot of fun, and everybody was mesmerized by the fact that the ink could only be seen when a particular light was shined on it. Everyone who owned one was definitely playing out the covert agent fantasy, at least in their mind.

Even today, children are enchanted by these objects and believe they have special capabilities. Invisible inks were used by the ancient Romans and Greeks more than two thousand years ago. Does anyone else feel that old after seeing all this stuff?