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37 Questionable Pics from Public Bathrooms around the World

Public restrooms provide a useful service, but sometimes you don’t find the most useful things inside. Sometimes you just have to plug your nose, close your eyes, do your business, wash your hands, and head on out. When nature calls, you don’t always have the luxury of planning things out. Get in, get out, and call it a day.

Other times, the stuff you find is so odd that you have to snap a photo. Lucky for us, enough people couldn’t believe their eyes, so they decided to snap a photo and share it with the rest of us. It’s a dirty job, but someone has got to do it. Here’s a collection of 37 uncomfortable pics people have snapped in public bathrooms around the world (and one that’s, quite literally, out of this world). Grab a spare roll of toilet paper and scroll away!

The fuel that keeps you runnin’ – to the toilet!

A half-dozen donuts might seem like a great idea when you’re staring at them from across the counter. Not so much when you’re staring at them on the bathroom floor – especially a public bathroom floor!

Jack Albrecht / Twitter

When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go. Sometimes you have to use that energy the donuts gave you to sprint to the bathroom and let them come out the other side. If that happens to you, close the box at least.  

Doggone it!

They say dogs are the best friends of humanity. These loyal pets are there for your highs and your lows – but not when you’re low-down on the toilet! It shows a great deal of loyalty at least, but it looks like this confused pooch doesn’t want to stick around to clean up the mess.

@dragonloli / Twitter

“Just because you clean up after me on our walks, doesn’t mean I’ll do it for you!” The dog looks a bit confused, but hopefully, he’s helping his owner through rough times in the restroom. 

This bathroom is sooo boring

Sitting down and doing your business on the toilet is sooo last year. Kids nowadays must be entertained at all times. Why put your feet on the boring bathroom floor when you can gently rock back and forth on a glowing hoverboard!

wielderofblueflames / Tumblr

Kylie Jenner Is Expecting Her Second Child with Travis ScottKeep WatchingKylie Jenner Is Expecting Her Second Child with Travis Scott00:00/01:30What’s next? A treadmill floor hooked up to a video game installed on the toilet door? Makes you pine for the good old days when bathrooms were just, you know, bathrooms.

My lunch socks

Now we all know socks and hotdogs are separate things. One keeps your feet warm, the other is meant to eat. But sometimes we have those days – you know the kind – when you’re a little tired, haven’t had your morning coffee, and forget the basics of life.

mjf389 / Reddit

After stopping by the public restroom, you figure you’ll put some hotdogs on your feet and get some socks to eat. Maybe it didn’t taste so good (considering the meal was left behind). Perhaps some salt and mustard next time. 

I get by with a little help from my (higher power) friends

It looks like someone needs a little help from a higher power to make it through this bathroom break! It seems like the pink sunglasses got in the way, so they ended up on the floor where they could see the germs a bit closer!

@leondenarnia / Twitter

Hopefully, they weren’t prescriptive lenses because you don’t want to go blindly into a situation like this. You’ll need all the strength you can muster up to make it through a rough time in a public toilet. Send your thoughts and prayers.  

 A lot to ketchup on

Now we all like a little bit of extra ketchup on our french fries, but extra bathroom grime? Not so much. It looks like someone needs to put down the red stuff and catch up on their knowledge of germs instead. Gross!

Jim McAndrew / Twitter

Although there’s a lot wrong with this picture, it’s also good to look at the bright side every once in a while. Yes, the hamburger is half-eaten and lying on the public bathroom floor, but who knows? Maybe the mix of floor-cleaning chemicals and dirty shoe prints adds a little extra flavor to an otherwise dull-looking hamburger. It’s worth a try (well, maybe not). 

The possum-bilities are endless

You know that squeaky noise you hear when trying to yank down an extra bit of toilet paper? Most likely it’s because the dispenser is old and rusty. But maybe, just maybe, it might be that there’s a possum inside!

Parks Victoria / Facebook

Although possums are known to hang around human environments, the inside of a toilet roll holder doesn’t seem too cozy (or tasty, for that matter). Hopefully, this possum found its way back to the woods for something a bit more nutritious to eat. But then again, maybe toilet paper has all the vitamins it needs. The possum-bilities are endless! 

The barefoot gambler

Do you know when walking around barefoot feels great? When you’re at home on a carpet or at the beach on sand. Do you know when walking around barefoot doesn’t feel great? When you’re on a tiled floor in a public restroom!

Madeline Elise Vance / Twitter

It’s a gutsy and risky gamble and the odds don’t look too great. Will it be athlete’s foot or some other smelly fungal infection? Please, leave the gambling to the casinos – where you walk around with shoes!  

Easy as turkey broth

Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to go anywhere without a carton or two of turkey broth. You can never be sure when Thanksgiving might creep up around the corner along with the need to marinate a turkey on demand!


Alongside that, always have a crumpled $10 bill, a USB port, and one of Tyler’s books at your disposal. Once you’ve gathered all those necessities, then you’re ready to hit the public bathroom, lay everything on the tiled floor, and go about your business. Easy as pie… or turkey broth. 

Where’s the peanut butter?

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches bring up fond memories of lazy Saturday afternoons, eating lunch at home. Wait, there’s no peanut butter? It’s inside a high school bathroom rather than inside a kitchen at home? What kind of Saturday lunch is this?

Goopy Gella / Twitter

What’s weirder – that someone is making dozens of sandwiches in a bathroom or that they’re only using jelly? Where’s the knife to spread it, and what about a whole-wheat option for those who want healthier toilet snacks? 

When you have to take a giant carp

When Billy told his friends that someone took a giant carp next to the toilet, his friends chuckled a bit at the clever pun. However, when Billy dragged them inside to show them what this “pun” really was, they nearly carped their pants!

TotallyInnocentDude / Reddit

So many questions come to mind, but the simple ones are best to start with. Namely, why is there a giant carp on the bathroom floor? Maybe a chef left a prized dish on the floor. Hopefully, we don’t end up seeing that food on the menu. 

Free food and boxers!

Free food and boxers might be a good way to draw a crowd to a new underwear store, but not if this is where it is! Of course, as they say, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, so someone might feel lucky walking in and finding this.


Plus, yogurt is a healthy snack and a great source of probiotics! However, if those probiotics are found on the bathroom floor, maybe it’s best to leave them on the, well, bathroom floor. The healthy bacteria won’t cancel out the unhealthy stuff you’d find down there.

Don’t share with your pee-ears

Although it’s tempting to listen to some tunes while you’re on the toilet, don’t forget to hold onto your headphones! If not, they might end up on the floor, which will give a whole new meaning to that old phrase that “nowadays, popular music is too dirty!”

@VictooriaRenee / Twitter

Although sharing is caring, in this case, you should resist the urge. No matter how good the music is, you don’t want to use these headphones to share it with your peers, or you might end up giving them “pee-ears.” 


It’s an age-old problem that many of us have struggled with over the years. What’s the best way to keep a pear fresh while doing your business in the public bathroom?


Some would say don’t bring a fresh pear into the public bathroom (or any bathroom for that matter). Others would say that, if you have to bring a fresh pear, it’s best to keep it wrapped in a plastic bag or container. Still others would say that fresh pears are the best fruit for public bathrooms – all you need to do is drop two layers of thin toilet paper on the ground and lay it on top. Pear-fect! 

Losing your appetite

Pro tip: when you have to sit down at the public bathroom and do your business, don’t do it while staring at a delicious spaghetti bolognese that you might want to eat later. It might make you lose your appetite!

@gabrielle_rane / Twitter

There’s something uncomfortable about the texture of the sauce. It looks all too similar to something else that might be going on in this enclosed space. Next time, ask the wait staff to hold onto it until you’re finished. By then, you might still have an appetite.

One for the hoarders

The pandemic caused a lot of people to get anxious and hoard toilet paper (I’m looking at you, Australia), but even in times like these, this bathroom is a bit excessive. Could someone even reach all of them?

@butwhoapprovedthis / Instagram

When are you ever going to use all of that? Either it’s a gimmick or someone has really bad digestion. Assuming you don’t refill any of them, how long would it take to use up all the rolls of toilet paper? 

Do I win a prize?

What happens when you turn all of them on at once? Do you win a prize? Will some game show host (I’m looking at you, Bob Barker) come out and offer you a vacation to some beautiful tropical island?

MrGrieves123 / Reddit

Well, it looks like there’s only one way to find out: by building an incredibly impractical bathroom with lots of unnecessary knobs and faucets! Then, turn it on. It might take a while, but think of how much plumbing know-how you’ll gain! 

 Who needs comfort?!

You know those wide toilet seats that are functional and comfortable to sit on? They’re way too outdated. Throw them out like last year’s smartphone or tweets from five minutes ago.

Veloxio / Reddit

It’s time to downsize and find yourself something new, narrow, and uncomfortable. You know, the kind of toilet that requires you to balance and build up calf strength as you try not to fall off while doing your business. Welcome to the future!

Drawers are overrated

Did you ever feel like you had too much space in your bathroom? Like the drawers beneath the sink holding all your toiletries and towels were just a bit too convenient? If so, this bathroom is a perfect fit for you!

pleasehatethesethings / Instagram

If, on the other hand, you were looking to, you know, open the drawers beneath your sink, then this bathroom isn’t going to fit your needs. It makes you wonder what happened. Was this intentional? Did the builders miss a meeting or ten? 

Innovative toilet roll

Innovative design is great, but it’s unclear what this design is innovating on. The whole idea of putting toilet paper to the side of the toilet, within arms reach, was a great one. As the old saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

pleasehatethesethings / Instagram

Clearly, the saying isn’t heard everywhere because someone tried to “fix” the old-fangled toilet by placing the toilet roll holder between your legs. It’s hard to believe that more than one person has this kind of toilet set-up, but who knows, maybe it’s all the rage in certain toilet-centric subgroups. 

All Together Now

Going to the toilet can get so lonely sometimes, so why not grab a few friends, family members, or housemates? That seems to be what the designer of this odd bathroom thought.

pleasehatethesethings / Instagram

No longer do you have to wait outside, anxiously shuffling your feet as you bang on the door and yell “hurry up!” Now you can all awkwardly go to the bathroom together with no privacy! Problem solved. 

Because why not?

Learning the guitar takes way too much time and effort with all those notes and scales and chords. What if there was a way you could learn by going to the urinal? Lucky for you, there is!

pseudon / Imgur

How was it built? No idea. Why was it built? Clearly, to belt out Jimi Hendrix solos while emptying your bladder at the local pub. Ideas come from odd places, so who knows, it might lead to the next big hit! 

When creativity strikes

Bathrooms can provide a quiet break from a busy day. It’s just you, your thoughts, and if you have this bathroom, a giant piano. If inspiration strikes while you’re on the can, there are 88 keys nearby, so you can strike up a melody.

pleasehatethesethings / Instagram

They say practice makes perfect, so you have to admire the kind of dedication it takes to squeeze in an antique piano next to the toilet seat. Hopefully, this pianist is doing solo work and not bringing over other musicians to have band practice. 

It’s all about location

As any realtor will tell you, the three most important things about a house are location, location, and location. A little natural light and a room with a view can do wonders to a house’s appeal.

pleasehatethesethings / Instagram

Most passersby would agree with the realtor. It’s all about location, location, location. Namely, the location of your bathroom shouldn’t be where I can see you using it. A view like that is bound to bring your property value down. Maybe double up on those curtains or replace the window with a brick wall. 

Avoid the cheap frills

Frills are a great way to add some character to a living room, dining room, or bedroom. But what about a bathroom? It does make it feel like you’re inside a still-life painting, but the style certainly isn’t for all tastes.

househunterla / Instagram

In particular, it’s not for those with a practical mindset. Bathrooms are not pristine places known for their cleanliness. There is too much potential to make messes, and frills are not the easiest things to clean. Although they might be cheap, avoid the frills. 

When life gives you a slanted roof

Make do with what you have got. As the old saying goes, “if you’ve got a bunch of lemons, make some lemonade.” Likewise, if you’ve got a slanted roof, make a slanted-roof shower. (maybe even pour a glass of that lemonade while cleaning yourself).

pleasehatethesethings / Instagram

When you jump into the slanted shower, just remember to keep your head down and try not to close your eyes too much – you might end up walking into the roof! 

Clearly a bad idea

Sometimes you just need some more privacy when going to your already private bathroom. This homeowner decided to solve that problem by building a toilet room within the bathroom.

pleasehatethesethings / Instagram

The only problem is the toilet room is made of glass. Completely transparent. Maybe a brick wall would work better next time. On the bright side, though, it does make you feel like you’re inside a giant 20th-century telephone booth. It’s time to pick up your phone and make some calls when, you know, nature calls. 

A toilet for two

It might take a little while before you realize what it is. Is it a bench? No. Is it a toilet? No. Is it a bench-sized toilet? Yes! Now for the second question, “why build a bench-sized toilet?”

pleasehatethesethings / Instagram

Well, for two people to use the toilet at the same time. That seems to be the idea anyway. Maybe it’s for couples? If so, perhaps we can suggest a therapist to help them get some things off their chest (or, in this case, their bellies). 

Don’t slip!

Do you ever feel like your bathroom is missing some character? Like it isn’t, well, terrifying enough? If that describes you, then you might as well give this sharp-edged sink and tub a try!

David Maxwell Real Estate / Facebook

It looks like one of those flowers that trick bugs into going inside only to swallow them whole once they are in. Yikes! Just don’t slip while trying to get into the tub or you might find yourself giving it an unintentional coat of paint. Proceed with caution!

Under the sea

Most of us, at one time or another, have used the ocean as a bathroom. So, the logic seems to go, why not bring the ocean into your bathroom?


That’s what the owners of Mumin Papa Cafe must have thought when they built this unique bathroom in Akashi, Japan. Do your business while surrounded by a giant glass aquarium as striped fish swim around aimlessly, wondering “how did we get here?” Unique, that’s for sure!

 Your favorite floor friends

Using the restaurant bathroom can get so lonely and boring, don’t you think? Luckily, Jaleo’s restaurant in Washington D.C. solved that problem. How did they do it?

Dan Schaumann / Curbed DC

They decided to cover the tiled floor with a picture of a bunch of strangers who look uncomfortably happy to watch you go to the bathroom. Problem solved! Now you can spend all the quality toilet time you want with your favorite floor friends. What more could a restaurant customer ask for? 

Mirror mirror on the bathroom wall

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the … person inside the one-way mirror bathroom? Hard to say, but it could be anyone who happened to visit this street in London, England.

Jennifer Carlile / MSNBC.com

Created by artist Monica Bonvicini, this unique toilet allows the person inside to see outside while no one else can see in. Imagine looking around the busy streets of London as you’re sitting on the loo. Definitely a unique experience and a one-of-a-kind public bathroom!

No space for mistakes

Floating around in space would be great, but what happens when you have to go to the bathroom? Does that also … float around? It might if it weren’t for the engineers at the International Space Station.

National Geographic / YouTube

Luckily, they didn’t want that stuff floating around either, so they built this toilet for space. Like everything in space, it’s a bit harder to use and requires some training and precision practice. If you get it wrong, you might end up with an uncomfortable escapee floating around. Yuck! 

The coldest urinal on earth

What’s so special about this urinal? It looks totally normal and even a bit boring, especially when compared to some of the others we’ve seen on this list. However, that’s because the picture only shows the inside.

via Pinterest

If you were to go outside, it would be full of ice and penguins. That’s right, this urinal is in Antarctica! The plumbing in normal places freezes all the time in winter. Now imagine a place where the winters can get as cold as minus 76 Fahrenheit. Yikes! Don’t forget to bring warm clothes.

Artsy urinals

Tourist destinations are well-known for their wacky attractions. That’s what makes them so popular – people want to go there and see. This tourist spot in China took a different approach. They wanted people to go there and … pee?

via Pinterest

That seems to be the reason behind creating these artsy urinals on Foreigners’ Street in Chongqing, China. Although not many foreign tourists visit, it still attracts thousands of people who stop by to giggle and wince at these strange places to pee.

Well that’s uncomfortable

Public urinals are already uncomfortable, but how can we make them more uncomfortable? That seems to be the challenge the designers of this public bathroom put to themselves. Unfortunately, they seem to have come up with the perfect answer.

via Pinterest

Photos! In particular, life-sized photos of women looking casual as they inspect and judge what you’ve got going on down there. The designers have succeeded in taking self-conscious discomfort to the next level. What do the toilet stalls look like?

The disa-pee-ring toilet

Now you see me, now you don’t. This innovative public toilet – called the UriLift – seems to have been made by a magician. Why? After you’re done with it, it disappears! Abracadabra!

UriLift International

UriLift’s designers wanted to create a public urinal that didn’t take up too much public space, so they decided to make it lower underground when it’s not in use. All that’s left is a flat circle on the ground!