30+ Witty Pregnancy Announcement Ideas - too cool 2 be true

30+ Witty Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Aside from traditional gender reveals, letting everyone know that your baby is on the way is such an exciting part of being a parent. Your joy and gratitude for the great news overflow so much that you want to share the happiness with your friends and relatives. Despite the expected struggles of parenthood, pregnancies are more often than not looked forward to and celebrated.

With this, it is best to come up with the most unforgettable announcement plans rather than just phoning your loved ones or posting a status. This is why we’ve gathered some of the coolest examples from all over the internet of people making it known that a baby is imminent. Warning: cute and heart-warming moments ahead!

Player 3 is about to join

Yup, this couple played with the concept of video games to announce their baby’s arrival. Below is their revelation of three Wii gaming consoles, the third and smallest of which is the “new player” coming in August 2014. 

Image courtesy of One Little Project

Wii consoles have different colors, and family members are advised to pick the one that suits them best. We appreciate the thought process and creativity behind this playful announcement. It’s something expectant couples fond of video games can take inspiration from.

Something’s cooking in there

This couple low-key announced not only their child’s arrival but also his gender. We can’t help but feel giddy as the parents used the phrase “bun in the oven” with added “nuts,” soon to be fully baked in December 2019. 

Image courtesy of etsy.com

During the 17th century, people often used this metaphor to indicate that a woman was pregnant. We appreciate how the couple incorporated this ancient bun pun in the modern era. It’s a fun announcement for their bundle of joy!

Little ‘Robin’ is coming

James and Alisha Doherty did not go any further with their pregnancy announcement concept. As event organizers, they offer superhero-themed decorations for people’s parties around Nashville. The internet went crazy and giggly over their DC comics-inspired maternity shoot.

Image courtesy of Screen Rant

We can’t blame them. We also loved the creativity and effort behind this announcement back in 2017. Batman surely has a lot of fans, so this shoot probably won them a lot of points in the humor category. We live for this kind of shoot! 

A “fourth” to reckon with

This family came up with a unique idea to tell the world about their expanding army. It’s the little girls’ poses and masks that make it for us. They are the cutest Darth Vader sisters ever. 

Image Courtesy of Lulus

“May the force be with you” is a common line from the popular Star Wars franchise, and this couple put “the fourth” instead. Twenty years from now, their fourth Jedi will definitely look back and smile upon seeing these birth announcement photos. 


We know this is just for fun, but aren’t their little girls cute with those indifferent and tearful expressions? This couple took their birth announcement to a more realistic place with this shoot, including a placard with “not again” written on it.

Image courtesy of The Bump

Of course, the girls will love and take care of their new little sibling. We are fascinated by how they managed to make these darlings cry during the filming. What did they tell them? Never mind – the results are awesome, so it’s probably better we don’t know!

Super Mario got a new brother

If you’re planning to announce baby #2 to your loved ones, might as well include your firstborn in the scene. This family went for a Super Mario Brothers shoot to spread the great news. 

Image courtesy of Powerful Mind

Experts recommend that parents include their children in this momentous event. This allows them to enjoy the changes and be excited knowing that they’ll be older siblings soon. This couple listened to the advice and took inspiration from one of their favorite games.

Back to the 90s

Here’s an image of a pregnancy announcement that you can hear. Simple and witty, this couple incorporated the hit 90s song “Ice, Ice Baby” to tell the world of their newest family member. We bet you sang while looking at them.

Image courtesy of Powerful Mind

To pull off this unique announcement, all they needed were two bags of ice and the wife’s baby bump. This was easy-peasy for us to understand, but we hope their older relatives could still relate.

A little careful

We can’t even see the woman’s baby bump, but this couple’s pose beside that sign tells us all we need to know. They were glad to announce that they are now settling down and ready to become parents to their firstborn.

Image courtesy of Ninja Journalist

The couple also took inspiration from their shared love for cars and racing. They were able to surmount all the bumps in their relationship and are now willing to take on the long road of parenthood together. Heartwarming, isn’t it?

Gotta surprise ‘em all

Here’s another cute and clever way to give hints about your expected birth. This soon-to-be mother had her belly painted with a Pokeball as her way of sharing the news with everyone. Seems like she is happy to have a little pocket monster growing inside her! 

Image courtesy of What to Expect

The couple probably had to explain this whole thing to their parents and older relatives. As for the youngsters, getting this hint is most definitely a no-brainer. Even toddlers would easily tell what’s going on with her belly.

Full of hot air

We are so down for seeing pregnancy series like the one below. This couple went the extra mile with their concept. We so loved seeing their baby’s progression up to birth, and their loved ones surely did too!

Image courtesy of earthporm

This whole baby thing is sending us so many good vibes. We are amazed by how they managed to synchronize everything from the start. For parents who are extra proud of their growing child, this style of pregnancy reveal is definitely worth considering.

Next occupant, please

It’s time for this little girl to find a new place. Her parents posted the sonogram to her crib, along with a hilarious eviction notice. She will soon be an older sister as their new family member will move in on March 10, 2014.

Image courtesy of Pregnant Chicken

Her parents might have been a little harsh, but note that all of this is just for fun. We can already imagine how mad she’ll get upon seeing the new tenant. Just kidding – she’ll surely love to give away her crib to the adorable new arrival.

Fur besties

Their upcoming baby will be lucky to have these two canines by her side. We were so delighted upon seeing this photo of Buckley and Charlotte with their new official positions. They seem happy and excited, just like their parents are!

Image courtesy of gosocial.co/

This is just too cute to handle. We admire the concept of getting the two canines to sign an agreement. We have a feeling these fur babies will definitely serve their mission. That is, to protect and love their incoming human siblings. 

Hope we can share

Let’s face it: only women are subject to pregnancies. However, this expectant dad humorously ‘shared’ the responsibility of carrying their twinsies. We admire how he expressed his support and sympathy for his wife as they announced the good news.

Image courtesy of Fear52/ imgur

From morning sickness to life-threatening delivery, carrying twins is no easy feat for soon-to-be mothers. But with this representation, rest assured that the father will be there for his wife through thick and thin. Kudos for such an amazing idea!

Divided attention?

These two fur babies will now have to share their toys and parents’ attention with a new family member. This time, it will be a human. They might look sad, but aren’t they adorable? We’re sure they’ll accept it later on!

Image courtesy of viral Luck

For fur parents, including your doggos in the arrival of a new family member is a bright idea. This way, your pets will still feel loved and valued. Of course, they will also be ready to be your child’s (or children’s) best friends!

A little spooky

This couple loves Halloween so much that they did not hesitate to pull off a spooky birth announcement. Looking at this photo – they carved a sonogram-like detail into a pumpkin, lit a candle, and posed for the camera.

Image courtesy of imgur.com/user/Fear52

This is definitely a game-changing concept for expectant parents. Who said Halloweens is just for ghosts? It can be for babies too. Their relatives might get a little spooked by the theme, but it’s the thought that counts!

Failure to withdraw

We burst into laughter upon seeing this announcement. The father probably had to relearn basic safe sex techniques for future reference. Whether they wanted baby #4 or not, their excitement is still evident!

Image courtesy of Pinterest/ thestir.cafemom.com

Their parents, relatives, and friends surely got a giggle out of this. We are happy for their growing family, and we wish them all the best! We’re sure the kids will thrive since their father is good at so many things.

Netflix is to blame

This cute little onesie says how this couple came up with their upcoming baby. Seems like they took “Netflix and chill” a little far one night. Intentional or not, we are sure they are excited about what lies ahead.

Image courtesy of nouveleviestudios / Instagram

We find it funny that they jokingly blamed Netflix for the baby’s production. Nonetheless, we are curious about the movie, TV show, or series they were supposedly planning to binge-watch. 

Experience what’s inside

We love how these soon-to-be parents cleverly made use of the Intel logo to tell everyone about their upcoming baby. Not only that, but they also dropped the name! We are excited to see what’s in store for them in the future!

Image courtesy of letribunal dunet

Sure, every parent wants their children to grow up smart and talented. This couple has claimed such a future for their baby. Luca will be in awe when he sees this image years from now. For sure, these parents will do their best to make his life a happy one.

Let’s eat up together

Pregnant mothers usually experience weight gain, and many take it as an opportunity to give in to their cravings. This expectant family provided donuts for everyone while announcing the great news. What a fun concept!

Image courtesy of The Bump

It may seem hilarious, but we appreciate the thought of engaging everyone in the mother’s pregnancy journey. It will make her (and the baby) happier and stronger knowing that she has the support of her loved ones. It can be as simple as joining her food trips.

Let me eat in peace

This couple came up with a clever idea to announce the new addition to their family. The wife posed while eating a lot of food, something that we commend. It’s a revolutionary way to stop people from giving body-shaming remarks to pregnant women.

Image courtesy of Fun Cage

Their photo gives a little window into what happens to a woman’s body during pregnancy. Since expectant mothers are eating for two, gaining a few pounds is totally understandable and normal. This is such a funny but insightful announcement. 

Adding up

Here’s another funny but meaningful photo of a couple’s birth announcement. The positive pregnancy test says it all. We cannot be any happier for their family, but it looks like it hasn’t yet sunk in for the father that his family is continuously growing.

Image courtesy of I Love My Kids Blog

This can be hard to process at first. All the worries and pressure are normal, but love for family can conquer all. With the right amount of preparation, everything will be easier.

At least we’re honest

This couple proudly admits that they were “naughty” one night. Just in time for the holidays, they decided to integrate their birth announcement into their Christmas greeting card. We live for this sense of humor and excitement!

Image courtesy of demilked.com

The Christmas season is all about gratitude for all the blessings of life, and the couple who made this picture clearly live by this concept. Good news is meant to be celebrated with loved ones. We are certain that this is one of the best Christmas gifts they’ve ever received. 

When two cells combine

These science lovers came up with a smart and simple way to announce their first baby. Their chemistry is so undeniable, their friends and loved ones will certainly agree. We cannot wait to see what their offspring will look like!

Image courtesy of My Moms a Nerd

After pursuing their desired careers in science, this couple decided to settle down and build a family of their own. We love how they utilized smaller glasses as a representation of their soon-to-be brainiac kid. Very minimal but meaningful.

Raised to the 4th power

As the adage goes, “be careful what you wish for.” This blessed couple is happy to announce that their prayers were finally answered after years of trying. It turns out they are having four babies in total!

Image courtesy of Pinterest/ Huffingtonpost.com

Jokingly, they thanked their loved ones for their prayers but suggested they may have gone overboard since they’re expecting not one but four babies. The quadruplets will certainly need support and care. Nonetheless, we are so happy that their wait was worth it.

Everyone’s included

We admire how this couple engaged their parents and grandparents in announcing their newest family member. Just a little placement here and there, and they managed to create a significant representation through safety pins. What a cute and unique way to share such great news.

Image courtesy of Pinterest/ Amory

Taking inspiration from Louise Erdrich’s quote “Her clothes were filled with safety pins and hidden tears,” the couple’s simple but heartwarming act is enough to make their loved ones even happier with the news. We applaud this wonderful concept.

A happy little accident

Here we see a happy couple taking inspiration from the late American painter Bob Ross. The famous artist is known for his line “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” This is relatable for many parents.

Image courtesy of Conservative Memes

Our team applauds the creative thought process put into this shoot. We are celebrating with them, and we admire their mindset. Indeed, the “happy little accidents” are what make life worth living.

Always running

This little girl right here is Shana, unknowingly announcing her family’s upcoming bundle of joy. Shana remains confused as to why she had to sit on the potty to announce baby number two, but we’re sure she’ll get the joke in a few years.

Image courtesy of Photography Katabara

Instead of just telling everyone, the pregnant mom put a speech bubble on this cute picture. Friends and loved ones had a good giggle at this life update. Can we also just talk about them utilizing the potty? It’s so clever!

Unconventional but wholesome

This same-sex couple proudly told the world of their growing family. Many fans were thrilled to learn about their pregnancy story, and so are we! We admire how they made sure to pinpoint who’s the pregnant one, and we are just living for their courage! 

Image courtesy of daily-choices.com

We wish them nothing but a beautiful, happy life together with their new bundle of joy. They clearly have a sense of humor, and that’s important when raising kids!

Sleepless nights are coming

This couple is predicting an end to their silent nights. We love how they told everyone about their newest family member just in time for the Christmas season. It seems they’re already preparing themselves for the baby’s loud cries.

Image courtesy of daily-choices.com

The cute little stocking and the sonogram copy are more than enough hints. Aside from Christmas, their entire family has a good reason to celebrate. This witty announcement is hilarious but heartfelt.

I’m having a sidekick

This cute little superhero is finally getting his own sidekick thanks to his loving parents. We commend how creative this shoot is, from the costumes down to the chalkboard. Baby #2, here we go!

Image courtesy of What to Expect

Also, this is a fun and smart way for parents to make things easier to accept for their children. For sure, any other child will be delighted that he or she will finally have someone to lean on as a sidekick. 

Inspired by the hit series

Despite people’s various opinions, we can’t get enough of this Breaking Bad photo shoot. The hit series was remarkable, and this couple went all out by using it as the theme for their baby announcement. We love how they came up with such a creative concept to announce their upcoming baby.

Image courtesy of bored panda/ Jennifer Berkel

Whoever designed the poster did an excellent job, combining all the essential elements. We also love their facial expressions! Telling everyone about your newest family members does not happen every day, so it doesn’t hurt to go the extra mile! 

Family under construction

We appreciate the maturity of the couple in this maternity shoot. Building a family is no joke, that’s common knowledge. However, there’s no arguing with the fact that they have a family currently under construction.  

Image courtesy of Conservative Memes

This photo is so sweet and sincere. They aim not only to announce their baby’s arrival but to remind every couple about the responsibility that family building entails. It all boils down to a strong foundation and willingness to work things out.

Follow the instructions

We are in awe at this couple’s announcement shoot for their baby’s arrival. It seems like they are referring to a baby manual in this photo. There is no perfect formula for building a family, of course, but we love this comedic concept!

Image courtesy of ORv/ Imgur

The humor-filled picture caught the public’s attention. Of course, experts are there to guide parents in building their families. However, these two seem rattled. We think they have nothing to worry about – if they can compose a baby announcement like this, surely they can fulfill their parental duties with love.

Turnover position

Children can be jealous when they feel like another child is taking away their parents’ attention. It’s sad but true. This photo shows how Amanda wasn’t as happy as her older brother Timmy upon hearing about the new baby.

Image courtesy of totallythebomb.com

The raw emotions in this picture make it so adorable. We are certain that Amanda will soon accept the fact that she is not the youngest child anymore. Timmy, on the other hand, will definitely be a great brother!

Studying babies

Here’s Lady, the main subject for this birth announcement photo. The couple set up books for her to read, mainly about how to deal with babies. We are completely obsessed, and we know other fur parents are too!

Image courtesy of rferrar1 / Reddit

We love how Lady posed and stayed in character. It looks like she is really trying her best to review the materials. Can you also see those hilarious book titles and covers? Their friends and loved ones were thrilled by the wonderful news, but they also got a good laugh out of it with Lady’s help.

X-ray results

More than anyone else, women know their own bodies. They feel when something is unusual, and many can tell remarkably quickly when a new life is growing inside them. This woman decided to surprise her husband with her pregnancy.

Image courtesy of daily-choices.com

The faux X-ray art is simple but cute. We hope their family and friends were as delighted as we were. This also serves as a reminder for all women to be mindful of their body changes and learn to embrace them.

Shocking revelation

What makes this photo special is that it was not scripted at all, and it shows the actual reaction of this family upon seeing the mother’s test results. We feel them, though. Pregnancies can be very surprising!

Image courtesy of Pregnant Chicken

This was the same photo they used to tell their friends and family about the latest news. Just like these three, we bet their eyes were also wide. Having a family of three kids takes a lot of work!

Coming soon

This is probably one of the most creative ways to tell everyone about your anticipated baby. This couple came up with a movie poster that was more like a teaser for their friends and loved ones to stay tuned.

Image courtesy of mamabee.com

It may look like a horror film poster, but on closer inspection, the details reveal the truth. With this sense of humor and inventiveness, we can already imagine how the parents will raise their new baby.

Soon-to-be older sister

Some kids are unhappy being the older sibling. They get used to having all the attention and love, so welcoming a new baby into the family may pose a challenge. This little girl right here is different.

Image courtesy of lauren cepernoud

Her smart parents thought of a more clever way to make her excited. They promoted her as a big sister to their newest baby. This will absolutely help positively program her mindset for her younger sibling’s arrival. Isn’t she cute?