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30+ Incredible Things to Do with Pool Noodles

Who would’ve thought pool noodles could be so versatile? Yep, pool noodles – the long foam floaty toys we used as kids to play in pools, rivers, and lakes. While they were fun in the pool, they become even more enchanting when you discover all the things you can do to repurpose this pool toy. Indeed, pool noodles aren’t only for your children, and they aren’t just for the pool either

These handy toys can be utilized for an assortment of DIY projects around the house. The material is adaptable, making pool noodles extraordinary for upcycling and repurposing. From securing your vehicle’s liftgate and door edges to defeating the Sith Lord with a DIY lightsaber, pool noodles are so flexible that we have been able to discover almost 40 amazing uses for them at home. 

Secure Pool Cues and Rods

Ideal for individuals who like an orderly environment, all you need is a couple of pool noodles to complete this project. Lay the pool noodle on a level surface and slice it along one side, creating a space for each item you wish to store. Finally, secure the pool noodle to the wall using a glue gun or screws. 

Image Courtesy of The Family Handyman

These handy soft storage racks are ideal for holding pool cues, fishing rods, and other items you want to protect from damage. They’re also handy for organizing your cleaning cupboard.

Lure Fish 

If you have ever gone fishing, you know that it is difficult to draw in fish. Though you can experiment with expensive lures and other strategies for attracting fish, one of the best ways to improve your chances of landing a big catch is to customize a pool noodle.

Image Courtesy of The Family Handyman

Cut a pool noodle into inch-size pieces and glaze them with birdseed or canned dog food. Fasten it to your hook and drop it into the water. You should soon have a feeding frenzy on your hands! 

Paint Brush Holder

This is a top choice among painters and craftsmen. While swapping paintbrushes, there’s always the danger of various bristles contacting one another and making a mess. If you have a pool noodle handy, however, there’s no danger of getting paint everywhere. 

Image Courtesy of Real Simple net

This is an excellent way to keep your paintbrushes handy while painting and then set them out to dry when you’re done. Best of all, you can cut a slit in the bottom of the pool noodle, allowing you to connect it onto any ledge or container.

Messy Cables No More

Don’t you despise having countless wires messed up around your work area? With a restricted workspace, it’s essential to keep untidy cables conveniently out of the way. To begin with, separate each cable and clear up any tangles. 

Image Courtesy of The Family Handyman

In an upward direction, cut a pool noodle along one side. Next, slip the bundled cables into it. This trick has the added benefit of insulating cables from excessive heat and protecting them from spills.

Boundary Markers

Getting in and out of the carport is troublesome during the winter season. In addition to the fact that you have to drive through icy conditions, you also have to regularly shovel your driveway. Of course, with a layer of snow covering the whole yard, it can be hard to tell where your driveway begins and ends. 

Image Courtesy of Cleverst

Pool noodles can be used as simple boundary markers. Drive in a post to mark the border of your property and wrap a brightly colored pool noodle around it. That ought to be an obvious sign of the yard’s border.

Floating Party Tray 

We are looking forward to having ourselves a summer pool party. With the grill going, some music playing, and a few pool noodles handy, everyone will have a good time. The pool noodles aren’t just for play. You can also use them to make a floating party tray.

Image Courtesy of The Family Handyman

Just cut a pool noodle into four pieces matching the sides of your plastic container. Secure it to the sides, then watch it glide over the surface of the water.

Scratch-free Bumper

Keeping a vehicle in good condition means protecting it from scratches and dents. One of the easiest and most affordable ways to do it is by putting pool noodles on your bumper. All things considered, that is the place where you’re destined to see those blemishes. 

Image Courtesy of popsugar.com/smart-living

You will need to put together three or four pool noodles of a similar length (and ideally a similar shading). Bind them with zip ties or string, and afterward connect them to the rear of your vehicle. We recommend that you utilize bright pool noodles so they can doubly work as a marker.

Keep Clothes Unblemished

To keep clothes intact, you need to store them well. After pressing or steaming, place them on hangers, ensuring that there are no wrinkles. Silk garments are tougher to keep set up on a hanger. Before you resort to utilizing clips, we recommend you take a stab at utilizing pool noodles. 

Image Courtesy of Taste of Home

You will need around six inches of a pool noodle to make a buffer between the smooth material and the hanger. Cut along one side of the cylindrical foam then tuck in along the length of the hanger. That should assist with keeping wrinkles off your garments while guaranteeing simple storage.

Keep Boots in Good Shape

Boots are a fashion staple for many people. However, they require a little bit of extra care. Condition them with oil every three months if you’re living in a mild environment or once per month if living in a dry environment. You will need to store them in a spot with a generally steady temperature. 

Image Courtesy of The Kingston Home

Prop them up and help them keep their shape by putting pool noodles in each one. You could also drop a sachet of silica in each boot to absorb any dampness. Follow these tips, and your boots will stay in good condition for many years to come. 

Modern Pet Shower

Did you know that you could construct your pet a modern shower? This is best for little canines or compliant felines. You should cut openings along the length of the pool noodle for the water to stream out. Cover one edge of the pool noodle with plastic and a rubber band to seal it off. 

Image Courtesy of The Kennel Club UK Org

Connect a water hose into the opposite end. Since the water can’t escape out the end of the pool noodle, it will go through the holes you cut in the sides, creating a carwash-style bath for your furry friend.

The Winning Card Holder

It appears as though there are unlimited things we can make out of pool noodles. One shared factor is by all accounts that they are appropriate for parties. For this next accomplishment, you can design a custom holder that will make it easy to arrange your cards next time you play bridge or poker. 

Image Courtesy of Brittanica

This is a great way to prevent the cards from getting wet if you choose to play after emerging from the pool. Even if you’re perfectly dry, it makes it far easier to get your cards in order and win the game!

Defense Against Hail

The best guard against hail is to leave your vehicle inside the carport. If you don’t have one, have a go at utilizing this pool noodle shield to protect your vehicle from hail. You will require many pool noodles and some string. After finishing this DIY project, stow it away in your trunk so you have this defensive safeguard prepared when required.

Image Courtesy of Clever Hiker

Utilize full-length pool noodles to cover the length of your vehicle. Affix them together to frame a raft and then lay it on the rooftop. We recommend that you use weights to hold the edges down. Otherwise, your shield may blow off in the storm. 

Tie Those Curtains Back

You don’t need to purchase fancy curtain ties as there’s an affordable means to draw those curtains back. All you have to do is cut a pool noodle around six inches long. Then cluster those curtains in your palm, turn the pool noodle around them and tie. 

Image Courtesy of The Family Handyman

This hack might not be the best option for some considering it doesn’t serve an aesthetic purpose, but should you find yourself in desperate need of drapery ties, it’s a good DIY option. While you could always just interlace the curtains into a knot, that might ruin delicate fabrics. A pool noodle might not be all that pretty, but it is certainly gentle on fabric. 

Indoor Gardening, Anyone?

FYI, hydroponics is a brilliant method for growing plants without soil. You can utilize sand, rock, sawdust, coconut fiber, water, or even pool noodles as your base material. It’s not quite as natural as using soil, but the pool noodle method is great for those who want to avoid dirt and mess. 

Image Courtesy of merra leem / Reddit

We must concede, getting a seed to sprout utilizing pool noodles can be interesting. Reddit user Merraleem recommends that you plant seeds in the soil, hang tight for them to develop, then move them into a plate with water until the roots grow out underneath. At that point, put them in these canisters, protected by a section of pool noodle. 

Secure Cutlery Organizers

After investing in a storage solution that separates your cutlery, the successive pushing and pulling of the drawer may make its contents descend into chaos. You could protect your drawer organizers with screws and nuts, or you can wedge them in place with a pool noodle. 

Image Courtesy of The Family Handyman

Ensure your drawer organizer remains in place with the help of a pool noodle. First, measure the length of the drawer. Then, slice the pool noodle to the ideal length to fill the space between the organizer and the end of the drawer. Put it behind the cutlery tray, and verify whether it does its job. Easy!

Flashlight Holder

It’s crucial to utilize a brilliant light source when working on poorly lit projects. While we favor having a partner to hold the light for us, that isn’t always possible. Thankfully, you can always utilize pool noodles to point light in the right region.

Image courtesy of Home Dzine Co

Just cut a pool noodle to the ideal length, wedge the electric lamp in, and you have a solid work light holder. You can even upgrade your flashlight holder with strings if you intend to allow it to dangle from an edge.

A Headboard for Children

Let’s be honest. Regardless of how frequently you advise your children to stop hopping on the bed, they will continue to do it whenever they think they can get away with it. To limit the danger that they might hit their heads on the headboard, make them a cushy headboard with three or four pool noodles. You will require a piece of ply that’s the same width as the bed.

Image Courtesy of Brittany Jane Jewkes / Pinterest

Slice the pool noodles to the right length and then paste or screw them onto the piece of plywood. You can cover them with cotton material for an additional layer of padding or leave them uncovered for a simple solution. At that point, you’re ready to connect the lightweight headboard to your child’s bed.

Gutter Protectors

We understand that gutter duty is terrifying. Not only do you have to climb up to clean them out, but you also run the risk of damaging your gutters by leaning your ladder against them. Thankfully, you can add a little cushioning at the edge where the ladder and the drain meet. Cut a full-length pool noodle in half, cut along one side (for each), and afterward, slip it on the legs of the ladder. 

Image Courtesy of Budget 101

There will be more padding and friction between the stepping stool and the gutter, so there’ll be less danger of falls. That pad will also protect your gutters from getting harmed. You can even connect a pool noodle on the highest bar where you intend to allow your knees to rest. 

Pull a Babe Ruth 

Regardless of whether you need to invest some energy with the children or train them to be the next Babe Ruth, you can customize a batting tee utilizing pool noodles.  A full-length pool tube is a bit too high, but you can change the height as indicated by your child’s age.

Image courtesy of jdaniel4smom.com

 Drive a short stake into the ground and slip the pool noodle over the top, creating a sturdy but soft surface from which the ball can be hit. Prop it up on the seashore or in the yard, and have the kids take a swing. Obviously, you will need to show them the components of an appropriate batting swing. Have fun!

DIY Dog Cone

How do you prevent your pet from licking or scratching an injury or a cut if you don’t have a dog cone handy? Design a canine cone out of a length of a pool noodle. The extraordinary thing about this DIY hack is that it’s economical, and it will be far more comfortable and less scary for your pup. 

Image Courtesy of Tangoes Kisehir

Cut a rope about the length of your canine’s neck, leaving enough extra length for the pool noodles and for tying it off. String cut-up sections of pool noodles onto the collar. Tie a knot in between each tube to ensure the contraption is stable. Slip it over your dog’s head, and adjust the tightness so that it gives your doggo room to breathe but not enough room to slip it off.

Support Your Wrists

As life was restricted by lockdowns, many people spent a whole lot of time working from home. With countless messages, excel sheets, and records to encode, you may find yourself grumbling about wrist pain sooner or later. Eventually, those 15-minute breaks will not cut it. 

Image Courtesy of Home Stratosphere

It helps if you type with your wrists raised and supported. So, why not utilize a pool noodle as a wrist support rest? All you need to do is cut one in half and then trim the section down to the appropriate size for your arms, your desk height, and your keyboard. 

Save on Electricity Bills

This clever hack can help you reduce your household bills. When turning on the AC unit, hold cold air back from leaving the room by setting pool noodles on the underside of entryways. Likewise, you prevent cold drafts from entering the house during winter. 

Image Courtesy of The Family Handyman

This simple trick can assist in keeping the temperature inside cozy and take the pressure off your HVAC system. Cut along the length of the pool noodle. You may have to straighten or trim the noodle a little to make it fit. 

Make a Pirate’s Ship

With a lot of creativity, somebody managed to design a raft out of a collection of pool noodles. The outcome was as stunning as you would suspect. They even fixed a pole and pirate flag up top. Now, this kid is ready to explore the wild expanse of the pool.

Image Courtesy of The Family Handyman

No need to spend a lot of cash on fancy flamingos or lounge inflatables. You can simply form a pirate’s boat from pool noodles and then dismantle it when you’re ready to create your next DIY project.

A Spikeball Set

You may have watched a round of Spikeball on Shark Tank and thought you wanted to get a set for your loved ones. Envision the fun you might have if you played a series of Spikeball tournaments in the pool. It doesn’t require a lot of exertion to modify the look. Create a raft on which your Spikeball set will glide.

Image courtesy of Instructables

To style the pool noodles, cut out the spaces for foot openings, and afterward, secure everything in place with rope. Don’t forget to add a weight bag (which accompanies the Spikeball set) to prevent the net from flipping in the water.

Comfy Headrests

It’s ideal to have a few pool noodles in the vehicle as no one can tell what amount of time the trip may require. With a little resourcefulness, you could utilize those pool noodles as headrests for your family or even your pets. 

Image Courtesy of The Family Handyman

You could put them between the driver’s seat and the front seat. Then again, you could cut across the side of a pool noodle and wear it over the safety belt to stop the edge from grazing against your skin and irritating it. 

Decorative Wreaths

How about making a wreath appropriate for all events? Style a pool noodle into a wreath by coiling it so the ends meet. You can cover it with any material and then pin or staple your decorative elements to it.

Image Courtesy of The Family Handyman

Pull a Martha Stewart and decorate it with flowers and figs. Blend and match until you get the ideal wreath design. You and your children can even have a DIY wreath-making contest. Doesn’t that seem like heaps of fun? 

Perfect as Foam Pipes

Did you know that industrial foam insulators and pool noodles have a common denominator? That is the reason some RV owners repurpose pool noodles as foam pipes. Lines that run outside can be protected from unforgiving temperatures and weather conditions with this affordable DIY trick. 

Image courtesy of Tops Decor

This should save your cables from breaking in frosty conditions. Cut one side of a full-length pool noodle and fold it over the cable you need to protect. Secure it with duct tape or double-sided tape. This is a cunning answer for your camp wiring needs. 

Ideal for Gadget Stands

Pool noodles are modest, waterproof pad options that make amazing gadget stands for smartphones and tablets. Simply cut an inch of pool noodle foam then mark the foundation of your phone on the pool noodle and cut accordingly. 

Image Courtesy of menchtech.com

Leave around a centimeter’s space for the base. Slip your device in, and enjoy watching your favorite show on Netflix! Make as many gadget stands as you need for each individual in your house. 

Protect Your Car’s Roof

No matter how durable your vehicle is, there are a few spots that are inclined to collect gouges and scratches. If you have roof racks, this is one spot that is bound to collect some dings eventually. To prevent weighty stuff from harming the top of your vehicle, line your roof racks with pool noodles. 

Image Courtesy of The Family Handyman

Depending on how wide the top of your vehicle is, you may need to utilize a couple of pool noodles to get the job done. Cut along one side and slip it over the luggage rack. Secure by twisting tape on the two ends. This trick will also protect the gear you attach to your roof and provide grip, making your loads more secure. 

DIY Makeup Brush Stand

You can style a pool noodle as a makeup brush stand. Attach it to the side of your cosmetics table, and you can free up space for heaps of makeup. 

Image Courtesy of Craft Diply

After each utilization, clean the brushes and tuck them in the pool noodle to air dry. This lessens the danger of bacterial transmission starting with one brush then moving to the next, or worse, from the brush to your face. 

Protect Your Trunk

Perhaps the most vulnerable spot to get bumps and nicks on your car is your trunk door. This is especially true if your carport has a low-hanging roof and you drive an SUV. 

Image Courtesy of The Family Handyman

Keep your vehicle’s back hatch from hitting the carport roof by setting a pool noodle along the edge of the cross brace and securing it with double-sided tape. Popping the trunk and unloading your groceries will never be stressful thanks to this hack.

Cover Those Trampoline Springs

You could go through the day bouncing your difficulties away, or you could lie woozily on the grass after landing on the springs and hurting yourself. Hide those trampoline springs and make trampoline sessions safer with pool noodles. Simply cut them to match the length of your trampoline springs. 

Image Courtesy of Alfarben

You should leave an inch or two of room since these springs contract and then stretch out with each bounce. Use alternating colors for a festive look. 

Create the Perfect Party Environment

Whether it’s an engagement party or birthday bash, pool noodles can be utilized as lighting decor. Cut them into pieces and use them to hold votive candles. Thanks to their material, pool noodles will keep these votive candles adrift. 

Image Courtesy of Impressive Interior Design

If a solid draft makes these candles topple, they will get immediately snuffed out in the water. Please remind your children not to play with fire, regardless of how lovely these votive candles look. 

Door Stoppers

It’s midnight, and everyone is fast asleep. You gently slip from your bed and cautiously tiptoe towards the door to go to the bathroom. Then, the door slams shut behind you. If you don’t want to wake up your sleeping housemates, pool noodles can come to your rescue. 

Image Courtesy of Paige Hays

Cut a piece off a pool noodle and then slice across one side of it and slip it over the edge of the door. Finally, you and your housemates can say goodbye to slammed doors and disturbed sleep. 

Extraordinary Funnel

Pool noodles make superb funnels thanks to their cylindrical design. When you need to fill a pail with water, you can use these makeshift funnels. You will never need to raise a container to the sink again. Just let the water slide down these pool tubes.

Image Courtesy of The Family Handyman

Dunk one end into the container while connecting the faucet to the other opening. Now turn the tap on, and the bucket will fill with water. Obviously, you will need to ensure that you are utilizing a clean pool noodle.

Hair Accessory Holder

To free your bathroom bench from hair accessories, try this DIY hack. Utilize a pool noodle as a headband and hair accessory holder. Start by cutting matching lengths from a pool noodle. 

Image Courtesy fo Baubles n Babbles WordPress

Cover them with material that features a color or design you love, and afterward, string the ribbon handles through the central holes of the pool noodles. You could hang this headband holder behind your door or by the medicine cabinet. 

Comfortable Armrests

Before spending numerous hours lying under the blistering sun, ensure that you have a few beverages, a towel, and some snacks. Improve your relaxation session by padding those armrests with pool noodles. Cut them to size, slice along one side of each, and then place them over those armrests. 

Image Courtesy of The Family Handyman

We recommend that you pick a color that complements your chair or your outfit (whichever is more important to you). Wrap your towel over the top, and relax with your favorite drink.

Car Door Stopper

A small garage may make it difficult for you to get out of the vehicle. You may battle to slide yourself out while holding the car door back from hitting the sides of the carport. Protect your car door from scratches and knocks by installing a car door stopper along the adjacent wall. 

Image courtesy of menchtech.com

Prepare four pool noodles – one for each car door. Open each door as wide as it can go, and mark the areas where each car door touches the garage wall. Align the pool noodles with these marks and secure them with glue. 

Pad an RV Awning

When taking your RV out for a trip, it’s ideal to tailor everything to your requirements. Setting up an RV awning allows you to sit back, unwind, and appreciate the shade as you enjoy nature’s beauty. We propose that you place padding around those metal bars as a protective measure.

Image Courtesy of Fabulessly

It’s never fun to hit your head on the awning bars, but sometimes, they can be hard to see. Once you’ve got your awning set up, cushion the metal bars by slipping pool noodles over them. Problem solved!