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40 Unedited Photos That Reveal Celebrity Secrets

When you read a history article accompanied by raw and unedited photographs, it gives extraordinary insight into the subjects you’re exploring. It shows you how everything really looked, allowing you to understand the iconic moments more personally. 

The photos you’re about to see come from some of the most famous people ever, chronicling milestones and revealing secrets from their past. Each image has an intriguing story behind it. However, we must warn you: The photographs and stories are not all appropriate for younger audiences, so viewer discretion is advised.

The Audacious Girls of Private School

In 1983, Private School uncovered the secret underbelly of private secondary schools in a way no one had ever done before. As one of the earliest sex comedies of the time, the film showed that young ladies could be just as suggestive as young men.

It features Phoebe Cates, Matthew Modine, and Betsy Russell, the latter of whom had probably the hardest role in the film. She had a topless pony ride scene which she considered a big ask at the time. 

Cher and Gregg Allman Getting Drunk

When music couple Cher and Gregg Allman got together, both of their fan bases were justifiably befuddled. It truly was a beauty and the beast situation. They met in 1975 when Cher went to one of his shows in Los Angeles.

Allman later said he was speechless at the time since he was so charmed by her beauty. David Geffin set them up on their first date and Allman almost ruined his chances by getting drunk.

Al Gore and Bill Clinton in Shorts

Clinton and Gore made their morning runs and breakfast at McDonald’s a sight to behold during their initial term in office. Wouldn’t it have been extraordinary if they were wearing something skin-tight while trying to be fit? 

Three years after this photograph created headlines, Clinton initiated an affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Subsequent to denying the claims, Clinton at long last conceded his improper physical relationship with Lewinsky. 

Hugh Hefner and Company

Nobody lived a more charmed life than Hugh Hefner during the ’60s and ’70s. He made one of the most loved men’s magazines of the time, creating a brand and a way of life that others sought to accomplish. 

Hefner spent the ’70s as a ruler on top of his empire, encircled by his assistants and his group of blonde and brunette bunnies in his stunning Los Angeles mansion. This is in addition to distributing a raunchy magazine.

Jamie Lee Curtis and Her Mom

It’s amazing how ageless both Jamie Lee Curtis and her mother Janet Leigh are. They were very close and even hung out at Studio 54 together. Leigh was a big actress, but her little girl didn’t at first think she would follow the career path of her popular parents.

Can you believe she intended to be a police officer? Curtis revealed to People that it was her mom’s ability to do so much philanthropic work that assisted her with finding her career path.

Princess Diana on a Holiday in Bermuda

In the months paving the way to Princess Diana’s passing in 1997, she was in a media buzz that couldn’t be shaken. Following her divorce from Prince Charles, she toured the world to bring light to philanthropic issues that were near to her heart. She also took time to unwind in the Caribbean and Mediterranean with Dodi Fayed, her new lover.

Diana put forth a valiant effort to escape the paparazzi whenever she could; however, in the end, they proved to be inescapable. 

Elizabeth Hurley the Punk

Elizabeth Hurley had one of the loveliest faces during the 20th century. Regardless of whether she was doing drama or comedy, she stole all the attention when she appeared on the screen. 

This photograph shows Hurley in a way we’ve never seen her before. While talking about her days spending time with punks in England, Hurley clarified that she was attracted to their culture. 

21-year-old Madonna

Before she was the Queen of Pop, Madonna was a young lady living in Michigan. When her mom died, it was difficult for then five-year-old Madonna, yet she dreamt big and focused. She took school seriously since she needed to make a big deal of herself if she was going to survive. 

She didn’t acquire her rebellious streak until her dad remarried. Inspired by her desire to get away, she worked hard and acquired a dance grant to go to the University of Michigan.

Chilling Photo of Charles Bronson and Jill Ireland

A steady couple in Hollywood, this dark photograph offers a glimpse into the difficulties they endured toward the end of their almost two-decade romance. Most of their time together was spent going from one set to another with their kids.

Bronson ensured that Ireland had a job in whatever movie he was appearing in as he saw it as essential to keep their family together. Sadly, Ireland died in 1990 due to breast cancer.

Vintage Photograph of Christie Brinkley

Needless to say, Christie Brinkley is a stunner in this shot, and it’s insane to think that she never intended to be a model. After graduating from secondary school, Brinkley moved to Paris to pursue art.

As it turns out, this was where she was destined to get discovered. While in the mailing station, an American photographer inquired as to whether she was a model and Brinkley admirably said that she should be. The rest is history.

Stunning Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot has one of the most beautiful faces ever. You can set her up against Marilyn, Ann-Margret, and Raquel Welch and she’d still be an obvious charmer. Discovered when she was just a teen, Bardot’s profession was based exclusively around her dazzling looks and her blonde hair.

Continually bothered by the paparazzi in Europe and in America, Bardot exited the filmmaking scene to pursue her personal dreams. At present, she’s still being sought by paparazzi wherever she goes.

Groovy Dawn Wells

Though she never took another job and, in fact, vanished after 1967, her part as Mary Ann on Gilligan’s Island made her a sensation. Dawn Wells was a favorite of every teenage boy and she inspired the common question: Are you a Ginger or a Mary Ann? 

Despite the fact that there was a competitive quality to these two roles, that wasn’t the situation between the ladies behind the characters: Dawn Wells and Tina Louise. 

Farrah Fawcett Striking a Pose on Her Bike

Farrah Fawcett was the ultimate face of the ‘70s. Her season on Charlie’s Angels inspired many a young lad to purchase posters of her in a red one-piece. Soon, she was in almost every room in suburbia, a brilliant goddess of the groovy period.

This iconic poster characterized the decade. Her hair and her tan became unquestionable requirements for all California girls. During the ’80s she proceeded onward to more serious work.

Young Sally Field 

In the early ‘70s, Sally Field was mostly known for her roles in Gidget and The Flying Nun. Both of those shows were hits, yet they didn’t turn her into a big star.

It was 1976’s Sybil and the following year’s Smokey and the Bandit that showcased her acting skills. Indeed, these two movies opened up the world to her. 

Lynda Carter as Miss World USA

Despite the fact that we know her as Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter initially wanted to be a singer. Carter’s star didn’t rise rapidly. However, she hit a turning point after walking away from a band that just wasn’t going anywhere. 

The pageant thing? According to Carter, “This Miss World contest fell in my lap. I’d never been in a beauty contest, but three weeks later, I was walking down the runway at the Hampton Coliseum.”

A Young Jane Seymour

Seymour is one of our most loved British actresses. She’s stunning and an inconceivably talented comedic entertainer. She clarified that she nearly quit acting in the mid-’70s on account of lewd behavior from men in the industry. 

Seymour clarified that at an audition with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, she was propositioned and advised, “You understand what you need to do.” Shortly after taking a break from acting, she won an Emmy and two Golden Globes.

Golden Girl Susan Anton

Remember Susan Anton? She was the stunner who broke out in science fiction and sports and proceeded to spring up in pretty much every TV show of the ’80s. Strangely, it wasn’t her acting prowess that initially made her a big star.

Subsequent to working the pageant circuit, Anton headlined campaigns for Muriel Cigars where she looked cool singing a jingle. After CBS wouldn’t air the advertisements for being too sexy, the furor that was made by the boycott made her a bigger star.

Pamela Hensley in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

However amazing the show might have been, it relied heavily on sex appeal that was pointed right at teen boys. Pamela Hensley shone in attire that highlighted every curve. At times, she didn’t wear anything at all, appearing nude but clouded by steam or a shower.

It was a genuinely scandalous show for the time. Perhaps this is why the series was dropped after only two seasons. 

Susan Dey (1972)

Susan Dey has progressed significantly from her initial years singing on The Partridge Family. While Dey seldom discusses her experience on the show, everybody on set realized that she really liked Cassidy. Cassidy’s stepmom attempted to discourage Dey from pursuing the romance, but she wasn’t convinced. 

Dey was heartbroken over and over as she watched Cassidy flirt with fans and invite young ladies into his trailer. We hear Dey and Cassidy never got together but she did eventually forgive him for his tactlessness. 

Angie Dickinson as Sergeant Suzanne “Pepper” Anderson

Wherever you look today there are ladies rocking cop outfits on TV and in film and nobody flutters an eyelash. However, that wasn’t always the case. When Angie Dickinson got her gun and shield in 1974’s Police Woman, she was the first woman to take on such a role. 

Dickinson had been kicking around Hollywood for quite a long time in supporting roles. However, with Police Woman, she finally ventured into the spotlight, and it didn’t take long for her to gain notoriety. This trendsetter was instrumental in changing the types of roles women could play.  

Barbi Benton (1970s)

Barbi Benton became popular during the ‘70s. Benton didn’t go straight into television. She took a roundabout route, starting as a glamour model working with Hugh Hefner and then using that as a platform to transition into the world of television. 

Barbi Benton appeared on Fantasy Island and The Love Boat on numerous occasions. She then scored a role in The Sonny and Cher Show which allowed her to reveal her musical talents and drop some country music albums. 

Blondie (1978)

Debbie Harry and her band Blondie flipped punk music on its head. Their disco and pop-inspired hymns showed crowds that you didn’t need to be chaotic to be intense. You could be hot and fun and still have a hard edge. 

Though Blondie was certainly far different compared to other NY bands of the ‘70s, Debbie Harry is quick to point out that all the bands at the time had a unique thing going. She also says it took Blondie years to discover their sound.

Jenny Agutter Looking Groovy

Jenny Agutter may not be a big name in America, yet across the pond, she’s something like sovereignty. She’s appeared on the small and big screens for quite a long time, springing up in everything from The Six Million Dollar Man to MCU’s The Avengers. 

Agutter didn’t always plan on becoming an actress. She discovered popularity out of nowhere as a kid, and from this, she understood that what’s hot today may not be hot tomorrow. 

Cheryl Ladd (1970s)

Can you imagine being asked to fill Farrah Fawcett’s shoes? In addition to the fact that Fawcett was one of the first three Charlie’s Angels, she was one of the biggest icons of the 1970s!

Ladd had the extreme undertaking of taking over for Fawcett’s character on season two of the cherished show by playing her younger sibling. As Ladd recalls, if they had asked her to simply take over Fawcett’s character, she would’ve declined the role. Playing the sister meant she wasn’t really filling Fawcett’s shoes, and fans were far more accepting of the transition.

Deidre Hall (1970s)

During the 1970s, actors who appeared in popular dramas were household names, and Deidre Hall was unquestionably a demigod. As Dr. Marlena Evans on Days of Our Lives, Hall survived the craziest storylines that were far beyond what fans could envision. She experienced passionate feelings, she broke up couples, and she was even controlled by the devil at one point!

According to Hall, she wasn’t certain about the idea. However, she had confidence in the show’s head writer, Jim Reilly.

Jayne Kennedy (1970s)

Jayne Kennedy didn’t simply bust through outdated stereotypes to become an NFL sportscaster, she crushed it with a mallet and never looked back. Yet, when the position to try out for the work was offered to her, she never imagined that she would really be talking football with the players. 

She clarified: “I knew it would have been a passion project for me: to be able to work with all of these sports figures who had been my heroes.” 

Jaclyn Smith (1970s)

One of the first three cast members of Charlie’s Angels, Smith had the daunting task and fantastic luck of being on the ground floor of quite possibly the most adored show ever. 

While the remainder of her co-stars traveled every which way throughout the span of five years, Smith stayed for the whole run of the series, something that she felt she needed to do in light of the way the series advanced female power.

Marilu Henner on the TV Show Taxi

Taxi is one of the best sitcoms to emerge from the twentieth century. In addition to the fact that it still holds up for modern audiences, it acquainted crowds with the most entertaining characters. 

In addition to being one of only a handful of ladies on the show, Henner turned out to be one of the most popular. Taxi contributed greatly to her successful career as an actor. 

Olivia Newton-John in Grease

Who could forget the last moments of Grease when Olivia Newton-John ventures into the secondary school amusement park, not as a Pink Lady but as a leather-bound goddess in her own right, with a cigarette and her hair puffed up to the max? 

While the outfit was life-altering to teens, it was a disaster for Olivia. The costume was so skin-tight that she had to be sewn into it. Worse, she was unable to utilize the washroom while recording the scene because doing so would have ruined her ensemble. Can you believe the things actors do for our entertainment? 

Stevie Nicks (1970s)

Stevie Nicks was the witchy frontwoman of Fleetwood-Mac, yet she had a sort of persona that you don’t simply get from being an actress or a singer. She brought something exciting to rock music in a period brimming with exaggerated arena shows and musicians running on pure testosterone.

The Mac was quite possibly the best band of the period, yet on account of the femininity of Nicks and Christine McVie, the group carried more subtlety to their music than other platinum bands of the time. 

A Youthful Jane Seymour

This pretty English actress who’s been performing since the 1970s never appears to slow down. Indeed, she barely appears to age! We don’t have the foggiest idea how she keeps on mustering the energy to continue working the manner in which she does. However, we do know that we appreciate every minute of it. 

In an interview with People, Jane Seymour was open about her intense but effective skincare routine. She also revealed that she has never had a facelift.

Goldie Hawn (1970s)

Crowds didn’t anticipate much from this doe-eyed beauty when they first saw her in Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In. However, she turned that absence of faith in her comedic chops into the fuel that would drive her to success. 

By the 1970s, Hawn was very much aware that crowds thought of her as little more than a pretty thing, so when she played onscreen, she made the most of it. Hawn’s a humorist in the traditional, vaudevillian sense. She can say a lot with the shifts in her facial expression.

The Charming Sophia Loren

Although the quote “I owe it to spaghetti” is frequently ascribed to Italy’s most prominent export, Sophia Loren, the reality of the situation is that she never really said that. Still, it does sound cool.

“Non è vero! It’s not true! It’s such a silly thing. I owe it to spaghetti, no, no. Completely made up,” Loren said in an interview. All things being equal, Loren’s assortment of work does all harken back to her country. However, it seems spaghetti just didn’t come into it. 

Manuela Boraomanero and Emanuela Beghelli’s Winter Wear

In 1976, as one style moved in while the other moved out, something was happening that was beyond even the understanding of fashion designers. A portion of the evidence can be found in the stockings both of these models are wearing. 

They’re utilitarian, yet they still have a funky splash of ’60s nostalgia in their DNA. These looks have come and gone over the decades, always cycling back but coming with a fresh new edge each time.

Princess Diana on holiday in Portofino

Princess Diana may have been traveling in the Mediterranean with Dodi Al Fayed, yet she looked very lonely. Regardless of where she went, she was trailed by paparazzi, all of whom had a crazed desire to catch her every waking moment. 

This image shows exactly how forlorn she truly was. Diana sits in the comfort of extravagance, yet she’s alone. It’s a pitiful truth that the most well-known individuals on Earth often find themselves in a prison of isolation.

Jean Marie Hon (1978)

Jean Marie Hon never got an opportunity to become wildly successful. She was featured in sci-fi shows like Ark II and Man From Atlantis during the ‘70s, but they failed to secure a strong enough fan base to catapult Hon to fame. 

Hon stayed until the mid-’80s where she sprung up in a few TV films. However, she didn’t find the opportunity to show the crowd her stuff. It’s intriguing that although she never “made it” she still strikes a chord for sci-fi fans today. 

Stevie Nicks (1976)

Despite the fact that Stevie Nicks changed the substance of rock n roll and scored probably the greatest hits of the ’70s, she fell prey to one of the most common musician afflictions of the decade: drug addiction.

Her initial step into illicit drug use occurred at a gathering before the Rumors tour commenced. Nicks started a 48-hour spree that left her with her contact lenses melded to her eyes, almost leaving her visually impaired. 

Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher

When you’re working intimately with somebody for quite a long time, regardless of whether you’re professing to be siblings in the production, obviously you will build up some chemistry.

After Fisher died, Star Wars co-star Mark Hamill talked about their fondness for each other and conceded that they made out at some point. More than anything, they were friends who hung out and walked their pups together, despite the fact that they had a romantic connection for a short time.

Freddie Mercury With His Cats

When Freddie Mercury sings “you’re my best friend” with that incomparable voice, the audience presumes that he’s discussing one of his musician pals or even an ex. However, the truth is far more adorable: he was talking about his cats. 

Mercury adored his felines so much that he’d call them from his hotel when he was on tour. “Mary [Austin] would hold Tom and Jerry in turn up to the receiver to listen to Freddie talking,” explained Mercury’s assistant.