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40 People Who Are Dominating In The Trolling Game

Because of the proliferation of social media, the definition of “troll” has changed. It would seem that everyone is capable of trolling other people on the internet—even those you would least suspect. However, to take trolling to the next level, you need to be a certain sort of person who has a specific set of talents.

Though the following folks may have put in a little bit more effort than necessary to prank their loved ones, it was time well spent. To fill you in on the fun, here are 40 people who are worthy of being called troll king or queen because they are killing it in the troll games. 

As Graceful As A Troll

There are a lot of married couples out there who are quite passionate about dancing together. Take, for instance, this pair, who, despite being at Disney World, did not feel the least bit self-conscious when performing the following dance move. It was so easy; all they needed to do was snap a picture of the guy and email it to his parents.

At first, kids were very baffled as to how their parents were able to recreate such a challenging dance technique. After then, when they examined the situation more closely, they saw that the two of them were just lying down in a relaxed but trollish manner. Genius.

Trolling Around

This mother was more than glad to troll her daughter from the privacy of their text exchange. Many of the individuals on this list are eager for the whole world to see how they can troll someone on social media; however, this parent wanted to keep it in the family.

As soon as she saw their child’s misspelling, she made the most of the situation by posting a picture on social media showing herself pretending to feel a tire. That’s the perfect response, mom. I bet her daughter got some troll whiplash.

Craving Burgers

Who among us doesn’t get a hankering for a hamburger once in a while? But what’s even better than heading on over to the closest In-N-Out location for some deliciously savory meat? When someone offers to go and fetch it for you, It’s true; they wrote it in philosophy books and everything.

This poster was quite overjoyed when someone offered to buy her anything while they were standing next to the quick-service restaurant. But it wasn’t long before the good Samaritan admitted that all he had done was share a picture that he found on Google Search.

Half A Puzzle Piece, Please

If a wife asks her husband to do anything, there is a good probability that he will do it, even if it is not done precisely the way they wanted it done. This is a statement that will be agreed upon by a great number of women all around the globe.

Some men put in their very best effort, but they are simply incapable of doing it right, and others can do an excellent job regardless of how little they put in. They have just chosen to disobey the rules to tease their wives. Here is a model that everyone should follow.

The Class Clown

Without a doubt, we would be stroking our long, wise philosophy beards if we were handed a test in college that consisted of simply a single question printed on paper. Even though there isn’t a lot of background information provided in this work, we can make the following assumptions about it: both Jerry and Robby could be characterized as either overachievers or underachievers.

If they are overachievers, it should serve as a stimulus for them to push themselves further and not become so self-satisfied. Alternately, if they are underachievers, they may serve to prod them in the right direction.

So Listen Carefully

Teachers are constantly looking for fresh and novel approaches to keep their students’ attention so that their pupils might retain as much information as they can while they are in their classes. This instructor reached out to his students in a very uncomplicated manner, in contrast to others who used interactive activities such as presentations and games.

He simply put on this shirt and let it do the talking. His kids never once looked at their phones while he spoke. The real question, for extra credits, is who was the one doing the trolling here? The instructor or the student who shared this picture with the accompanying description?

The Case Of The Missing iPod

When someone has misplaced something important to them, they can choose to publicize the fact and offer a monetary prize to whoever finds it. It’s been a common practice, probably, for hundreds of thousands of years.

What it is not, however, is for people to come along and start a bidding war, providing a little greater sum for a lost item that isn’t even theirs! If someone happened to find Caroline’s iPod, we would only hope that they had the good judgment to disregard the white sign and return it to its owner if they did find it.

Canadian Cake

Everyone who lives in the United States of America ought to party it up on the Fourth of July. Those who have made the journey to the land of the “free” and the “brave” from other nations are welcome to take part in the festivities as well.

On the other hand, there is no disputing the fact that Canadians who now reside in the United States could be the most reluctant to do so. This troll becomes relevant at this point in the story. Even though the icing contains red, white, and blue, the interior showed their actual colors, which were the colors of the Canadian flag, complete with a maple leaf.

Fun With Fungi

There are a lot of parents out there that tell their children a variety of outlandish tales to instill in them important life lessons at an early age. Take this particular family, for example, who had a little bit more fun with fungi.

This mother and father were able to persuade their children that if they did not take showers, they would mutate into mushrooms like their “other brother,” whom we presumed they had consumed after they had finished their change into fungi. 

Easy Costume Ideas

Every year when Halloween rolls around, we can’t wait to see what imaginative costumes our friends and family have come up with. At the very least, it should be the pinnacle of an individual’s exhibition of individuality. Unfortunately, however, that won’t be the case at this Halloween celebration.

The poster who uploaded this picture on Twitter was not even the person who started the trolling. After deciding to dress up in the same manner that he is dressed in his profile photo, all of his pals decided to tease him by copying the outfit he wore on his Twitter profile picture.

The Welcome Brigade

Some people have even been trolled while they were staring out the window of the airplane. When airplanes come to land in Milwaukee, passengers can look out the window and see this sign atop one of the city’s buildings:

This individual decided to compose “Welcome to Cleveland” on his roof. When passengers suddenly begin yelling in unison in fear that they’d caught the wrong flight, their pilot will have no choice but to try to convince them that they were, in fact, in Milwaukee.

A Royal Flush

It’s not always easy to persuade our children to help out around the house with chores. However, they tend to read a little bit too much into some demands at times. When this person’s mother asked them to “clean the bathroom like the Queen of England is coming,” they took their mother’s request a little bit farther than she intended them to.

Not only was the restroom very clean, but they also included some distinctively British elements, such as a flag of the Union Jack, some tea, a Tardis from Doctor Who, and a Harry Potter book! Spot on, jolly good, pip-pip.

The Longest Troll

This poster seems to have a little too much time on his hands. While rebuilding the floor of his outdated front porch, he came up with the idea to bury a fake skeleton along with a gravestone in the ground for someone to find in the distant future.

The truth is that there is a possibility that this “prank” might never be found, but we do respect the work that was put into it and the fact that it was shared online. We sure are glad that they took the time to make this prank—it certainly ticked our funny bones!. 

Who’s A Good Boy?

There are a lot of parents out there who can’t contain their excitement at the prospect of having grandkids after their children have settled down and had families of their own. It’s all part of the natural cycle of life, and finding out what the baby will look like as they grow up is a thrilling experience.

However, these parents must have been floored when their daughter and her husband surprised them with an unexpected gender reveal on social media. They were completely unaware that she was carrying their child! On the other hand, as soon as they opened this package, everything made perfect sense. It was a puppy.

Angry With A Y

When collecting clients’ names to write on their cups, baristas at cafes and other eating establishments can be very cheeky. Some people might get it entirely incorrect, as when the barista on How I Met Your Mother spelled Barney’s name as “Swarley.” That was a great moment.

However, it looks like this barista was aware of what they were doing. As soon as the customer informed them that it was “Brian with a Y,” it was clear that this was a chance for trolling that they could not pass up.

We. Will. Make. It. Fit.

It should not come as a surprise that a great number of trolls come to life over the holiday season to wreak mayhem of various kinds. After all, the Grinch is the ultimate troll.

This poster alerted their followers on social media that to make it appear like they had dug a hole through their ceiling to accommodate their Christmas tree in their living room, all they had to do was chop the Christmas tree in half. To tell you the truth, we have no idea which of these two options is worse: chopping it in half or making a hole in the roof!

Censoring Passcodes

It never ceases to amaze us how trolls can use the comments section of a website as a weapon against the original poster. This individual was successful in persuading another Facebook user that their password would display in star-form if they entered it in as a remark, when in fact, it would not.

Luke had no idea that the folks who seemed to have “played” the game were complicit in what was going on behind his back. Furthermore, they were playing him as well! From that point on, it became a race against the clock to see who could use the password “isecretlove50cent” to enter his account first…

Earning That Pocket Money

The older we get, the more difficult it can become to find appropriate birthday gifts for those we care about. Despite this, many successfully devise fresh and original approaches to surprise their loved ones on their big day.

On their child’s birthday, this mother was able to reward them as well as make fun of them in equal measure. She ended up stuffing one-dollar dollars into a variety of Tootsie Roll wrappers rather than giving her child a standard bundle of cash. Their child probably spent their whole birthday morning “unwrapping” their present.

Doggy Heaven

There aren’t all that many dads out there who are total gurus when it comes to picture editing software like Photoshop. However, every rule has certain instances when it can be broken. When we go off to college, we’d like to believe that our parents would leave our rooms exactly as they are, so that when we come back, we’ll be able to make use of all the conveniences of home just as if we had never been gone.

Keeping this in mind, this one father came up with the idea to prank his kid by creating the illusion that he had turned his room into a bedroom for the family dog. And although we feel bad for the kid, we surely feel happy for the little doggo. 

Freezing The Assets

When is it OK for a child to tell their mother that they just want “cold hard cash” for their birthday? It is not necessary to use flowery language while discussing money; just referring to it as “money” will do.

That undoubtedly threw this mother for a loop more than anything else, and we can certainly get why she chose to accept her son’s request in its literal sense. This joke is as chilly as a frozen lake, even though we are uncertain as to whether or not he will be able to utilize the cash after they have thawed out.

I Am Not That Heavy

If a couple has been married for as long as this couple has, there’s a good chance that they have trolled each other at least a few times in their life. This man seems to take pleasure in baffling his wife in various ways.

Take, for instance, this situation in which she is only checking her weight on the scales. We can’t believe it took her seven minutes to figure out that her husband had his hand—or should we say foot—on the scales. We find it hard to believe, but some people just fall for it.

The Mystery Isle

When we read “whodunit” novels penned by authors such as Agatha Christie, we are left wondering who was guilty of the murder that forms the basis of the story’s storyline. When you walk into this bookstore, you’ll be wondering how a certain employee has managed to keep their job for so long.

In a twist of irony, the identity of the person who switched over all of these different mystery novels to make them read backward, and therefore unknowable, is also unknown. Without investigation, it will be impossible to know which is which.

Shades Of Gray

The following kind of trolling might be considered more appropriate than others: Nevertheless, we can’t help but feel terrible for the victim in this situation. When the husband’s wife informed him that she “picked up 50 Shades of Grey,” it seemed that he became delighted and got his hopes up about the novel ending up by their bedside.

However, he was most likely shocked to find, upon returning home, that all she was doing was selecting a color for the wallpaper in the room. Redecoration can be exciting, but it probably wasn’t the same kind of excitement that he had in mind. 

Is This A One-Way Street?

Where are people most likely to get offended when they get trolled? In all likelihood, on the road. Accidents can take place even when drivers are giving their undivided attention to the task at hand. The last thing we need at this point is any further disruptions from other drivers.

It must be rather startling for some motorists to be confronted with the sight of this vehicle. If you look at it more closely, you can see that it’s just an image painted onto the rear of the van, but it’s only obvious once you get close enough.

That Is Too Small

It is common practice for fathers to purposefully misinterpret the meaning of their family members’ requests to troll them. When asking dad for anything, their children should anticipate that he will carry out the task exactly as directed to the letter—but not necessarily to the spirit.

When this man asked his child whether they wanted pancakes for breakfast, the response was that they did, but they emphasized that they only wanted “small pancakes.” According to all available information, we think that this father succeeded on every front.

The System Is Out Of Whack

It would seem that anyone who is both quick and stealthy enough would be able to sneak into an Apple shop and modify the background image on each MacBook to display the Windows logo. It’s a stroke of genius. I bet this took the Apple experts hours to figure out.

Naturally, the employees working at the business were very perplexed by what they were witnessing, and they quickly attempted to find a solution to the “issue.” We know how to fix them, however. It’s simple—just switch them off and on. That fixes everything!

Wet Is An Understatement

Sometimes the greatest trolls are the ones who can spell out the obvious with the tiniest of gestures. Consider this one particular individual as an illustration. The person who was working as the lifeguard at his public pool had the guts to place this “Caution – Wet Floor” sign on a float that was the ideal size.

There is a good chance that everyone who goes by will be perplexed for at least a few seconds. Given that it’s located inside of a pool, it should come as no surprise that the floor is damp. Water is moist, duh! However, this person got it. The lifeguard is obviously waiting for Jesus!

Mom Jokes Are Harsher Than Dad Jokes

Because of the power of social media, even parents can harass their children online. Incidents such as this one demonstrate that even a jaded old troll can be taught new tricks, even though there are undoubtedly a lot of parents in the world who have been playing jokes on their kids since humanity began.

We are unsure of the circumstances behind this Snapchat post; nonetheless, it seems that this mother enjoys making light of the fact that her son does not have a significant other. It does seem that mom jokes pack in more punches than dad jokes. 

Donut Get Me Started

Here’s a real conundrum—fruit or donuts? We believe that the majority of individuals would choose sweet and doughy balls and rolls as their treatment of choice. After all, donuts aren’t exactly something that springs up overnight from the ground.

The chooser was inevitably going to feel a tremendous amount of strain with their choice. Helping them along is this sentinel from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. However, they had no idea that the box included a tray full of chopped vegetables on the inside. At least they didn’t turn to mush!

A Ph.D. In Trolling

We find it completely baffling what teachers have to do to get their pupils’ attention. It should be reasonable to expect young adults, who are financially responsible for their own education, to make the most of the opportunities afforded to them.

This student was probably getting ready to respond to the following email, believing that they would be receiving complimentary tickets to an upcoming Taylor Swift performance. However, a harsh revelation was in store for them…

Parents Can Be Immature

When it comes to families, one should anticipate that little children would be the ones to make fun of their parents, rather than the other way around. Having learned that a murderer had evaded capture and was now on the loose, this set of parents knew just what to say to spook their kid.

When this poster asked their parents how they were doing over a text message, having found out about the escapee, their parents responded by sending this selfie. We can only imagine how fast they got a reply. Sometimes parents can be so immature. 

What A Gas

Most parents are willing to go to any lengths for their children and provide them with whatever they need to help them get by in life. Then there are parents like these, who like playing a cruel joke on their children by making them believe something that is not true.

There is a fair possibility that the father had tucked aside ten dollars in his wallet somewhere, but for whatever reason, he chose not to give any cash to his child. We can see why he did that since, after all, making fun of him is a lot more enjoyable.

Simple Instructions Will Do

Certain shop entrances are more difficult to navigate than others. In a perfect world, customers would have the option of pushing or pulling a door to enter the retail establishment of their choice. However, certain front doors do not provide either of these options.

What is the point of a business if people are not even allowed to enter it? Thankfully, some business proprietors will let their consumers enter the establishment via a different part of the building. This troll found a way to trick customers who struggled to get inside. 

Take A Hint

We’ve all experienced it in one form or another. When we get home after a long day of work, we find that for some unexplainable reason, our mail or letter box is crammed full of advertisements for pizza delivery and fast food. This woman just wanted them to stop.

But as the weeks progressed, she continued to get the same advertisement over and over again. She had finally had enough by the time the 18th advertisement appeared, and she decided to get her message across using the power of art.

Worst Pick-up Line Ever

It never ceases to amaze us how some people can completely miss the context of a message. Either that or people simply want to make a joke out of a sign displayed in a public place. When this poster spotted a sign at the drugstore that indicated “pick-up queue,” they were compelled to take some kind of action.

It should come as no surprise that the term “pick-up line” also refers to actual sentences that individuals employ to woo a potential date or partner. Therefore, this poster delivered a tried-and-true pick-up line, which must have amused some of the clients as well as the employees.

Now We All Have To Suffer

At this point, most people are familiar with the classic song Never Gonna Give You Up, performed by Rick Astley. This is the song that best encapsulates the decade of the 1980s, and it also happens to be one of the most catchy tunes that have ever been composed.

Since the advent of the internet, the song has evolved into something of a meme, with millions of different versions being uploaded to platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. This has led to the song becoming something of a cultural phenomenon. On the other hand, this comment is a classic example of trolling that can be seen on the internet.

Skipping The Alcoholic Drinks

There are a lot of young people who, once they enter college, believe they have the inalienable right to act any way they like. College represents a carefree time of partying for a great number of people, that is until the examinations come around.

However, this mother was not interested in her son attending fraternity parties and getting into various forms of alcohol and drug-related difficulties. Therefore, when she gave him this “cup,” she was subtly telling him not to take a single sip. Smart.

This Movie Is Way Better

These days, anyone can easily capture an infinite number of memories digitally and then store them on a cloud for all time. However, there was once a time when storage space came at much more of a premium. Let’s face it: Ghostbusters II is way more entertaining than a kid’s birthday party.

Thankfully, the video of this poster’s first birthday had not been taped over, as they discovered upon viewing. While it’s a funny trick, we wouldn’t blame anyone for recycling the tape for a classic comedy like this.

This Could Not Be The Original

When we get home late after a really wild night out on the town, the chances are good that we left our phones in the Uber or a club bathroom. Take this young lady as an example; she begged her mother to get her another after she lost hers. This is what she got.

We would have loved to see the look on her face—as she received the box and right after she opened it. It’s a good way of reminding your kids of the importance of treasuring what you have, and it also helps them to remember to take good care of their possessions.

That’s Not A Good Sign

It would seem that almost every word in the dictionary is also the name of a place, for example, Buffalo, Boulder, Chicken, and Embarrass. Therefore, when these parents traveled through a region known as Virgin, they reasoned that it would be entertaining to make the most of the circumstances by putting their daughter in the picture.

When the daughter, who was just 12 years old at the time, looked back at the picture years later, she had no clue what her mother and father thought so funny. Only after she became older did she realize what they had found so amusing.