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Amusing Office Pranks That Are Anything but Subtle

Our real-life office experiences are usually far different from those presented in TV series like The Office. There’s no Michael Scott to embarrass himself and no Jim Halpert orchestrating ludicrous office pranks. The reality is that office life means rows and rows of droll cubicles filled with people suffering under the gaze of unappealing light fixtures. Indeed, the setup can sometimes be unbearable. Ordinary workdays crawl by, and well-meaning coworkers get on your nerves. 

Thankfully, we have cute pranks and silly jokes to make office life bearable. The pranks below prove that humor is alive and well in some office spaces. Depending on the people you work with, office life doesn’t have to be so boring. Have fun reading, and if you’re ready to inject some fun into your office, don’t forget to take notes!

Parking Violation

This office worker accidentally left a small toy car in a meeting room. They ended up being penalized in the form of a mini parking ticket that was glued to the windshield. “Sir, you’ve been charged with not keeping your toys in order.” Some office antics come at a very expensive price.

Some people may not appreciate it when others leave things in their respective spaces. Thankfully, this person took a comedic approach to their reproach. The effort they went to in creating that tiny parking ticket is truly commendable. 

Somebody’s Watching

This office has an entertaining painting hanging in the men’s bathroom. It is a classical artwork, featuring two women staring and giggling at whoever stands there doing their thing. “Why do I feel like somebody’s watching me?” That’s because two fictional people are. 

This office is clearly a fun workplace. We’d want to work here! Obviously, they have a sense of humor and can take a joke. But seriously, the painting is creepy. The ladies look like they’re harshly judging us. It might take a bit of extra time to do what you need to do under that level of scrutiny!

Not for Debbie

Someone went out of their way to make sure Debbie knows that the food in the fridge is not for her. Does everything belong to anyone except Debbie? Looks like this is a case of an office food thief!

Food thieves take food without asking if it is owned by anyone, and it seems every office has at least one. How do you deal with a colleague who’s an infamous food thief? With post-it notes! We think Debbie got the message. 

Thinking Outside the Box

Decorating the Christmas tree at home is an enjoyable family activity, but in the workplace, it’s not such a fun task! Take a look at this photo that proves no one was willing to take responsibility for decorating the office Christmas tree. It remained inside its box until the very last minute. Christmas was getting near, and something had to be done.

Good thing there’s a smart colleague who knew how to get the ordeal over and done with quickly. Looks like the Christmas spirit came after all. This person needs to be promoted for thinking outside the box by decorating the outside of the box. 

Adding Important Details

This is a serious sign not to mess up with. It reads, “polar bear is in the area! Use extreme caution when headed outside! Go with a coworker.” Where is this office situated? Why is there a polar bear roaming around outside? 

An officemate thought it was important to add a small detail to the sign. Indeed, the addition of the word “slower” completely changes the tone of the note. If they come across the polar bear, they can get away as they have a slow coworker to take one for the team. Talk about keeping your colleagues fit at work!

Top Secret

To keep life bright and exciting, you have to have a great sense of humor. However, everyone has their own brand. There isn’t one right way to get laughs. After all, humor is subjective, right?

A person at this office thought they were being hilarious when they taped a “bottom secret” note on the cabinet below the one that says “top secret.” We’d be excited to share an office with the person who did this as we’re curious whether this cabinet really contains classified information.

The Tiny Violin

Time to play the violin. When people complain about insignificant issues, it’s a running joke to play a tiny violin for them. The tiny violin represents both the sincerity and insignificance of their issues. People like to nag about almost everything, especially at the office. 

This person has had enough of their officemates complaining. So, they’ve decided to purchase a tiny violin and play it for their co-workers every time they start fretting. Where does one buy such a small musical instrument? And why did anyone create one so tiny? 

Looking for Ed

Ed is an elusive fellow. Jim, who got tired of being asked where Ed is, made a straightforward flowchart to point to the whereabouts of Ed. This saves time for Jim as the chart is easy to understand, complete with visuals to help in the process of checking if Ed is there. 

Why does everyone need to look for Ed all the time? Is he the CEO of the company? Or is he another Debbie who dodges work and takes food from others in the fridge? Anyway, good job Jim!


Pranks in the office need a lot of talent and guts to pull off. Someone in this office posted a sign suggesting the new coffee machine in the break room was voice-activated. Apparently, chaos ensued. We’re assuming this office worker had plenty of chuckles at their coworkers’ expense.

It must have been fun to watch all the gullible people in the office yelling at the coffee machine. It took a bit of work to make the sign look authentic. We also have a feeling that some clever person out there will see this prank and decide to make a coffee machine that really is voice-activated.

Pun in a Can

A person in this office left a gentle note that people should (put a) date (on) the food cans. Obviously, they don’t want anything to go past the expiration date. However, the words on that note were rather ambiguous. Lo and behold, the puns began!

A colleague left a reply with “Tried on three occasions to date cans. They only think of me as a friend.” We adore people who offer clever comebacks and witty retorts. We wonder if the fastidious person who wrote the initial note replaced it with a clearer version that didn’t imply people should go on hot dates with cans of food.

Meet Wine Cat

Wine Cat, everyone’s beloved intoxicated feline! A creative co-worker transformed the office when a colleague made a mess of the carpet. They painted facial features to make it appear like a cat. Wine Cat is now a significant member of the company!

By the way, why were they drinking during office hours? Maybe there was a special celebration, or perhaps it was an office party with light drinks. Apparently, it got out of control, hence the wine cat. Cheers to that!

Imaginary Kathy

Is Kathy still at her office working hard past her shift? Or is it just a huge photo of Kathy? A person pulled a trick on her colleagues by taping a blown-up photo of the top part of her head to her desktop computer’s monitor. This makes it appear that she’s always there. 

People bought it. Imagine them walking into her office expecting her to be there only to find this hilarious prank. Perhaps some folks had serious conversations with the imaginary Kathy. Kathy’s a patient listener, isn’t she? She maintained her silence throughout many a bland conversation.

A Search Mission

It’s best to always leave a note when you’re not at your desk, especially if you’re depended upon for various things in the office. This person asked folks to check the reception area if she wasn’t there. This turned out to be quite a search mission. 

Office Separation Anxiety Disorder (OSAD) is, if we’re being honest, a disorder we just invented based on this pic, it. This person’s colleagues proceeded to leave notes that said: “You weren’t there either,” accompanied with a sad face, and “Where are you?” Hopefully, they will be reunited soon.

A Ransom Note

Office tricks can take a dramatic turn. A person’s pen went missing, and they were not prepared to let it go. Instead, they let the whole office know that they wanted it back. A co-worker sent a ransom note demanding that the owner put 50 dollars in a white envelope and “place it into the Telecom mail slot or the pen gets it.”

The person added that the pen is anxious and wants to go home. Interestingly, if instructions aren’t followed, they have no issue using up the pen and throwing it away. Poor pen!

Office Philosopher

In this office, a note was left emphasizing that the printer is only in its present spot temporarily. A coworker wrote another note on a post-it saying, “In the greater scheme of things, aren’t we all?” That’s quite a deep philosophical thought for an office printer’s position, right?

We can’t get enough of this printer philosophy. Our time in this world is temporary. We’re but a handful of dust just flowing freely on the breeze. Wow, that’s too weird to even think about.

Googly Eyes

This person’s colleague always sticks their shoes under the divide between cubicles. Furious at this subtle intrusion, they decided to get even. As seen in the image below, they glued googly eyes on the toe of their coworker’s shoe. Payback is a meal best served with googly eyes!

We wonder how long it took the googly eye recipient to realize what had been done to their shoe. This office worker clearly has a sense of humor and a drawer full of googly eyes to match.

It’s Payback Time

What goes around comes around. This person got the favor he deserved when he pranked everyone by smearing lotion all over the office door handles. His coworkers were swift to return the favor by placing the desk of the culprit outside the office the next morning. 

Joseph, you’re working outdoors today, okay? We wonder what his retribution would be. Maybe he’ll retaliate by covering their desks with whipped cream or Post-it notes. The possibilities are endless when it comes to harmless office antics.

Tall People Issues

Did you know that tall people go through their fair share of problems just like short people? In this case, a tall person complained about the scent dispenser in the bathroom. He posted a note that read: “This spray does not taste like it smells. Can we move the dispenser?” Signed, Tall Person.

Did you know that tall people go through their fair share of problems just like short people? In this case, a tall person complained about the scent dispenser in the bathroom. He posted a note that read: “This spray does not taste like it smells. Can we move the dispenser?” Signed, Tall Person.

A Piece of Cake

Jake is a programmer and is about to leave his job for a greener pasture (hopefully). His thoughtful and intelligent colleagues banded together to whip up a cake especially for him, complete with all the relevant codes. We are not coding experts, but we are sure it says Jake is leaving but is always welcome back if things don’t work out.

His co-workers were filled with emotions when they thought about this script. Truly this cake is one of a kind. We’re sure Jake is at least a little sad to be leaving such great colleagues behind.

A Rather Unusual Laptop

This person disclosed that, at their office, if someone’s laptop breaks or they’re poor at technology, they receive a handy Etch-a-Sketch as their new “laptop.” It’s a blunt reminder that even as times change, few individuals stay the same.

Imagine if you could accomplish work on an Etch-a-Sketch. This would be such a game-changer for some companies. In the future, Etch-a-Sketch could be used to conduct business, replacing computers and tablets. Etch that one in your mind!

A Vicious Greeting

A colleague was stabbed at a bar. When he returned to work, they greeted him with a cake that said “Sorry you got stabbed!” The cake had red icing with a knife sticking out from it. We hope the unlucky recipient has an incredible sense of humor, otherwise, he might not enjoy this cake at all.

Who gets to celebrate getting stabbed? This is certainly an event that people will be laughing about for years to come. At least they were thoughtful enough to say sorry that he was stabbed. A welcome recovery indeed.

Creativity on a Slow Day

How do you measure productivity at work? By making sure office supplies are always put to good use. This person clearly had a slow day at the office. The image below shows a small grumpy monster composed of office clips with a stapler remover as its head.

This worker deserves a promotion! Clearly, creativity can boost morale on a slow day at the office. Imagine selling this idea to the market. Surely the office will make money out of this. Clip Monsters!

Don’t Talk to Me

Someone takes her job seriously. Clearly, she is not everyone’s favorite teammate. Hopefully, she doesn’t work in the Human Resources department. Her canned responses to small talk are a clear indicator that today is a day to stay away from her. 

The responses are clear, and to you Linda, please note that personal lives are personal business, and there’s no need to stick your nose where it doesn’t belong. It sounds like this person is not in a good mood. I’d stay away from their desk if I was Linda.

A Big Leek

Oh, another office pun! A coworker told a mate that there was a leak under the water pipe. However, it wasn’t a leak in the sense of a burst pipe. Instead, when the person investigated, they found a leek. Yes, the veggie. It had been placed under the water heater in question.

This is the perfect pun for those who like dad jokes. This would be a major plot twist for someone expecting to deal with water damage and expensive bills.

Standing Desk

Resourcefulness and creativity are the keys to achieve anything. This office worker created a standing desk by embracing the future. He bade farewell to his chair and removed a tile to achieve his mission.

The thing is, he is literally standing in the crawl space between two floors. We’re not convinced this is the best way to create a standing desk. Maybe it would be easier if he just bought a standing desk. Hopefully, he replaces the tile when he steps away from his desk. Otherwise, this would be a major hazard. 

Don’t Touch My Mug

Don’t you get irritated when people use your things at work? This person clearly does. He left a note in the office kitchen urging coworkers to avoid touching his reindeer mug. Well, the office pranksters couldn’t get enough of the infamous mug, so they took a photo of themselves touching it with a caption saying, “We can’t help it. It’s so beautiful!”

Talk about reverse psychology. Almost every office has that unspoken mantra of going against the grain. It might be best to hide stuff from these pesky coworkers. Pranksters strike when least expected, making each office a fun place to work. 

Creepy Window.

Keeping your colleague confused at work is an effective strategy when you are trying to creep them out. A colleague photocopied his face and placed the photo on the window of a door, making it appear that he is sleeping with his face smashed against the glass. This is a sight to see!

It’s the best prank! We could imagine the horrified faces of his workmates. We’d hazard a guess that many office employees would be fooled. Hopefully, they have a laugh after they discover the truth. 

Power Rangers

It’s just another day in the office, watching the Power Rangers convene and stare at you. It must be Morphin’ Day. Imagine arriving at your office to see the Power Rangers having a meeting. Is it already Halloween? Or just another regular day at work?

This office must be a cool place to work. We guess they also dress up like the Avengers or the Justice League. Wait, is the Yellow Ranger asking for coffee? It looks like the Green Ranger wants to order a coffee too. 

An Unhappy Note

You can never please everyone. It is common to find sweets and treats in office desks or in pantries or reception areas. These are given out to keep employees productive, but one of these employees is not happy about it. The note below clearly shows how unhappy this employee is. 

Is this person on a diet? Maybe they don’t like the mix of the candies? Maybe they think the mixture of M&Ms, Skittles, and Reese’s Pieces is not the perfect mix. You just can’t please everyone.

April Fools’ Cake

Birthdays are commonly celebrated with a cake in the office on the big day. Workmates gather in the breakroom and celebrate with a cake, well wishes, and small talk. It should be happy, but if your birthday falls on April Fools’ Day, watch out!

The pranks are endless if your birthday falls on April 1st. Some would rather not celebrate at all, especially if you’re like this employee who received the thoughtful gesture of a cake with the caption “Find the Toenail.” 

Classic Office Antics

The Office has taught us that harmless office pranks make life more exciting and happy. It gives people a reason to wake up in the morning, put on a suit, and go to work. It adds color to an otherwise boring job, and it gets the employees closer together.

This is an ancient office antic. Indeed, Pam and Jim would be proud of this. We can only infer this was made by a Dwight type. We’re not sure how they got all those bright balls into the office without getting caught, but to be honest, it looks pretty fun.

A Greener Pasture

No need to look for a greener pasture if your officemate is a master prankster. This person grew grass on his colleague’s desk. We’re not sure how long it took to accomplish this project, but it must’ve been a few months. He must have patiently waited from the day he planted the first seed until this victorious day finally came!

How come nobody saw when the grass first started showing? How could nobody realize what he was doing? Still, it is a brilliant prank, executed with perfection.

Perfect for the Gullible

Sometimes an inanimate object gets the best of us. Take this rock as a perfect example. On one side it says, “Turn me over,” with a pair of butterflies. This looks quite pretty and inviting, but then the other side says, “You just took orders from a rock.” Feel foolish now?

This is easy as pie but an effective prank that is highly recommended for the gullible. Place it anywhere near your arch enemy’s table, and see if they will comply with the rock’s order. That’ll beat any boring day in the office!

No Large Jobs

There is a thin line separating genius and craziness. A reminder of this can be found in the image below that states, “Please don’t print large jobs.” Someone went against the grain (again) and printed out a huge image of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. It’s a masterpiece.

It is a punny day at the office once again! We’re curious about how much time and care this person put into printing all the separate pages and sticking them together to create the giant Jobs. We sure hope they are having a good laugh about this.

An Easy Costume

Everyone in this office decided to dress up like this father for Halloween. The image below features a group of guys sporting red hats, mustaches, gray zip-up jackets, and jeans. A classic dad look. We’re not sure what convinced them, but it’s clear that they adore his style.

This is an easy Halloween costume idea – just get a group of friends to dress up as a person you know. This is such a cute idea, especially if you have a friend or coworker who always wears the same thing. 

Jackie Chan’s Department

Introducing The Department of Anthropology at this company that has a great sense of humor. They renamed it “Department of Jackie Chanthropology” with an image of Jackie Chan. Then, there’s a poster of Booth and Brennan from the series Bones that says, “You must be this attractive to practice forensic anthropology.”

We don’t have a clue why they renamed it, but we’re eager to work there! It would be incredible if Jackie Chan was there to welcome you when you opened the door. Although, it’d be hard to find people as attractive as Booth and Brennan. Maybe no one actually works in forensic anthropology.

A Creepy Sight

Keeping photos of kids and infants make the office an inspiring place to work. The cute little ones uplift the mood for everyone, except when a coworker decides to put googly eyes on every photo of his colleague’s babies. What a creepy sight!

Imagine the horror of the parents after seeing this. Googly eyes are a key ingredient in every prankster playbook. Surely there is a plan in place to avenge those poor little babies. 

Out of this World

This guy was so determined to procrastinate that he used a ton of rubber bands to build models of Earth and the Moon. Earth used many rubber bands while the Moon took considerably less. Then, there’s Paul’s empty space which represents his productivity (or lack thereof). At least he was creative!

We’ve been there and done that, every time boredom overtook us. We create things that are completely useless when procrastinating at work. Hopefully, the rubber bands were still able to be used after. 

No Funny Fonts

There’s a note in this office that states “Please keep the door closed! Thank you!” Clearly, the creator feels strongly about this door issue. The other note rebutted it with an arguably more important request: “Please don’t use Comic Sans – we are a Fortune 500 company, not a lemonade stand.” 

It seems that the responder takes fonts seriously. Of course, many people find Comic Sans aesthetically offensive. It’s like being serious with a funny face. Times New Roman and Arial would have been acceptable.