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Hilarious Moments Caught on the NYC Subway

For anyone who has spotted weird and wild moments on the NYC subway, it’s not a fluke. As most locals know well, the city’s wild and wacky people congregate below ground. To visitors, it can seem like a parallel universe at times! With surprises left and right, the metro is never a bore. What’s more, the system never sleeps! Operating all day and night, this 24-hour service seems to be on a mission to provide the internet community with amusement.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Every girl dreams of finding her knight in shining armor. But for whatever reason, this NYC lady seems less than ecstatic when it has finally happened right before her eyes. Out-of-towners might not relate. But have New Yorkers actually become as cynical as they seem?

Examining her scowl, it really seems so. But there’s always a bright side: He probably doesn’t know it! This armor probably blocks the judgmental stares on the train, from his perspective. And as they say, what he doesn’t know can’t hurt him. Dragons beware, this fighter has conquered the NYC subway grind today!

Check out the very best of bizarre NYC subway moments, big and small!

Doggy Boo Boo

Many people feel that dogs are the baby of the family. Pampering and petting usually make everyone happy, dog and man alike. Gritty subway transportation poses a challenge, though. There are few ways to make things as comfy as a car, but one owner is trying hard. Does this bulldog really appreciate the VIP transportation today?

Reddit / afrowa

Not by the looks of it! It is a strange situation, but New Yorkers on board don’t seem disturbed. Reading the newspaper and slouching in zombie mode, passengers appear to act like this moment isn’t even happening. And yet, it is!

Train Tricks

Walking around the city with the right accessory is just NYC 101. As many have noticed, blue IKEA bags seem to last forever. And they have endless utility! Everyone has a few stowed away for a rainy day, right?

Reddit / LucasLarson

When NYC passed a law that dogs were banned on the subway unless they fit in a bag, one city gal decided to get creative. Here, four strategically cut holes allow her pet to contain itself while enjoying the freedom of movement. Clearly, this is a loophole — but the cops might still ticket her for this stunt, if they’re grouchy!

Hello, Mr. Avant Garde

It’s exciting when a man really takes the time to put effort into his look. A well-dressed fellow can communicate so much about his level of sophistication and status. But this outfit? A little too matchy-matchy, if he wants to know the truth!

Reddit / omafist

Likely to confuse even the most experimental NYC fashionistas, it appears he was going for a total camouflage effect. Logistically, it’s hard to imagine how the T-shirt factory even sourced the same fabric as the subway. But life is full of surprises, especially in the city! As they say, it’s a small world after all.

Get Off My Back

New York, New Y0rk. Never an easy place to be a pet lover, cramped apartments aside. The subway is part of life, and dodging regulations once again involves a bag. But this time, it’s a very fluffy husky tucked in a backpack!

Instagram / @carlfreis

This loyal sled dog seems to have adapted to his new life in the city, as much as anyone else. Fellow travelers don’t even seem to notice him, true to the New York state of mind. To those from out of town, beware: Things get a whole lot weirder on the subway. This is a downright mild event!

A Long, Strong Ride

One New York-based trickster clearly likes to read fake books on the train. And why not? So many boring titles out there, so few stares! It’s time for people to know a lot about him, right here and right now. It might be more than they ever bargained for on the commute today. Sharing is caring, after all!

Facebook / @RunningLateShow

On one of the craziest, busiest routes in the world, it’s common that people are trying to save time. Why not try some self-help, on the go? There is no reason not to try. But maybe learning a new skill like this is the best done through audiobook!

A Secret Talent

Superheroes rarely get the thanks they deserve, off-screen. With villains around every corner, Spiderman has a lot of responsibility — especially in the city that never sleeps! At the end of the day, he needs to relax as anyone else does. How does this masked man kick back and blow off steam in NYC?

Imgur / 2UkIp

Rumor has it: Perhaps he’s taken up a jazz gig in the subway! Spotted with a sax, plenty of passerby’s were happy to spare a dollar. New York was shocked: Who had the ‘spidy sense’ that he had such a creative side, underneath it all?

Hush, Puppy

Very nice, another husky! And this time, it looks like a more appropriate size. Not fully grown, and just the right tote weight. And so cooperative, too! It’s a bit surprising, considering the reputation of the breed. Huskies are known to be some of the most stubborn good boys around!

Twitter / @annalecta

Sure, this meets the letter of the law. But there’s no way that regulators had much more than a chihuahua in mind when they wrote the new city rules. Perhaps the authorities will crack down on all the fur and paws soon. But for now, the subways of NYC are still canine-accessible!

Calling All Barbers

Hard to miss, this one. And it is entirely unclear what is sprouting here, right on board the train! Could it be a tomato plant — or a small rhubarb bush? The reality is, plants don’t do well out of their basic habitat. Here, there is no dirt or sun! Is there any hope for survival, all things considered?

Reddit / drenvt

Even for New York, this is getting filed under the ‘bizarre’ category immediately. Who would disguise themselves in such an attention-seeking manner? How could this even be a functional mask, with no eye holes at all? None of this makes sense, world!

Rocking Dog

Meter maids know it well: It’s hard to be everywhere, all the time. The same problem applies to sneaky passengers on the train. Rules be darned, this doggie is definitely unregulated. But does anyone mind the pooch and his toy? Some may oppose him. But for others, cuteness overload might not be overstating it!

Reddit / tea_gargler

Sitting pretty on a little perch, this pet doesn’t seem to mind the morning rush. The question is, did he choose this seat? With so much chaos on the NYC line, it’s certainly possible this horse was left behind. Maybe it was claimed by a new owner — a furry one!

Bite Size Surprise

The city can be a dreadfully lonely place. How do NYC residents deal with the alienation? This businessman is not willing to face the world all alone, anymore. He has instead chosen to bring his trusty pet to work, dressed to impress behind him. If he’s not careful, though, there could be a smush!

Imgur / pepaa

And unlike theme parks, this ride does not have a minimum height requirement. Commuters may wonder from afar: Is it a guinea pig, a gerbil, or a hamster? During rush hour, it’s hard to get a good glance. Watch out for all those shuffling shoes, little one!

Escaping the Salad

It’s a debate as old as time: Is the tomato a fruit, or a vegetable? The truth is, it’s not what most people assume. With seeds on the inside, scientists say it isn’t a veggie at all. The lies have gone on for generations, now! How is anyone supposed to deal with this news?

Twitter / @markfidelman

Perhaps realizing who he really is, this slice has decided to expand his horizons. Exploring NYC is always a great start! With just enough room to stand, this subway newcomer can explore 36 lines, all day and all night. Thanks, New York City Transit Authority!

Don’t Be Crabby

They have a tendency to mark their territory and leave stinky surprises. They bark, they occasionally bite. But technically, dogs are allowed on the train. Maybe public pressure created the rule. But still: Why discriminate against other creatures, just because they scuttle as a way of life?

Twitter / @HelloCVH

That’s not the New York spirit, and these crabs are taking their chances mixing in with the general public here. When things get crowded in the morning rush, there’s a real danger here of foot traffic. That’s just the truth, isn’t it? Be well, crabby friends. Crawl free, and crawl bravely!

Beautiful Banana

Despite its widespread popularity in the last century, modern art can still be tricky to define for the average Joe. Or even a college professor or two, unhappy with breaking too much with tradition. Some critics even lambaste the movement as total nonsense! One thing’s for sure: There will always be a few tricksters to meet these two perspectives in the middle.

Twitter / @melfecher

Take this banana, for example. Is this simply the garbage of a lazy commuter without a conscientious streak? Or was it propped up, with great intention? Art vandals and littering can be hard to distinguish sometimes in NYC!

Extreme Train Makeover

What kind of art goes on in the London tube, for contrast? While it may have seemed like just another train carriage at first, British riders here quickly realized a vandal had been struck again. The balloon man, it seems!

Reddit / richman241

An expert clown might have more to say: Not the most complicated rubber work, but a pretty standard shape was achieved. Doggies are a crowd favorite! Still, a birthday party, this is not. It’s just the usual morning commute, with unusual decor. Did this silly gesture break the traditional stiff upper lip for passengers? For at least one bookwork, the answer is aye!

Punk Rock Love

Surprises in the NYC subway are just not so surprising anymore. But what about Germany? Checking in the Berlin equivalent, one photographer managed to capture a tender moment in the busy underground. Look at this edgy Good Samaritan in action!

Reddit / hdsjulian

This punk helped a lady carry her things up the subway stairs, and it looks like she could use the help. Heavy boxes are no fun to lug around the city, and a helping hand is gold at a time like this! Step by step, he puts his tattooed biceps to work for the good of the community. Wunderbar, Mr. Spikes.

Chair Cheating

Musical chairs was a fun game in primary school. But it’s no fun at all after a hard day’s work on the train! Everyone knows that there are only so many seats on the subway, and the kindest passengers rise for the elderly and pregnant ladies. Standing all the time seems to have worn out one man. What is his solution?

Imgur / Taxidriver8

The plan: Bring an extra seat! Instead of standing in the main space, why not just set down a sturdy chair and enjoy the ride? Commuting around NYC is no joke, and this man isn’t playing any games with his feet. Warm, cozy, and relaxed: Well done, sir!

Worth the Wait

Manhattanites may claim that Brooklyn is just too far away to bother. But usually, that whining is seen as elitism, and closeminded. There’s a lot outside the island! Today, though, they may have a point. After the next train, there’s a problem. Not a distance problem, but time is money: The borough is 1534 minutes away!

Reddit / trifighter

As local Jay Z once rapped: ”Brooklyn we go hard, we go hard.” But here, it looks like not hard enough! With more than 2.6 million residents, this hood really can’t afford such a backup. What’s going on, subway system?

Timing is Everything

From solar eclipses to the final performance of Jimmy Hendrix at Woodstock, perfect moments don’t happen every day. Some are once in a lifetime, even! Sure, there are plenty of good enough moments — even good moments — but life is pretty chaotic, on average.

Reddit / yumpop278

But wait! On the wild and wacky NYC subway, perfection is bound to happen, sooner or later. One smartphone user with a sharp eye noticed the action. It was the ultimate alignment happening in the window: A tiny, tiny top hat merging with this man’s head! Memorialized forever on the net, it was simply meant to be.

Sleeping Beauty

Being homeless is no fun, anywhere or anytime. And in NYC, the streets can be a mean place to stretch out and relax at night. Not to mention — cold as ice in the winter! Those without beds sometimes make it to the shelter. But what happens when that’s overcrowded, or noisy?

Reddit / plus00000

It’s possible this is another confusing modern art installation in a quirky city. Or perhaps, one hobo realized that bringing a bed straight into the tunnel would be a great place to sleep. Security cameras do make it a safer place than the alley, that’s for sure! Goodnight sir, and sleep tight.

A Freaky Flock

Penguins are usually associated with some pretty arctic places, but the truth is that they live in many different climates. For example, Australia and South Africa have their own feathery varieties. Researchers have also bumped into them on the Galapagos Islands, Peru, and even Madagascar! Who could have guessed they got around so much?

Reddit / Alex_Sylvian

No one knew a native flock hung around NYC, until now. It’s a pretty strange environment. Yet and still, here they are! Perhaps there is a penguin convention going on in the nation’s premier metropolis. Stranger things have happened on the subway, with fewer theories!

G.I. Joe Shmoe

Toy soldiers have been a part of the American play box for more than half a century, and the sales are still going strong! Usually, though, the green man in question is tiny and handheld. This life-size version is shocking!

Facebook / Mucha cosa rara

In this case, there’s a bit of a creep factor. A few key things stand out to disturbed riders. There’s the eye contact issue, first. No one can see his pupils! And it leads to another question: Can he see anything himself? Hopefully, he knows exactly where he is going. Perhaps it’s time for a costume party in NYC. Wouldn’t be the first time, that’s for sure!

Undercover Pecker

Teachers and parents alike seem to be on the same page about this issue. Becoming a regular reader is the secret to being a lifelong learner. But does that only apply to kids? Perhaps this NYC bird has more ambitions than people assume, at first glance! Where is he going, and what does he hope to achieve as a stowaway?

Instagram / @subwaycreatures

Hiding away in a box marked ‘books’ is a great way for a chicken to sneak into the great city library. Better than a container marked ‘wings’ — that’s for sure! Cities seem to be more diverse than ever, even interspecies. Good luck, cluck!

Sneaky Seductions

Getting a woman’s attention is no easy task, especially in a busy city. There have always been the pros, though. According to Playboy legend Hugh Hefner: ”Someone once asked, ‘What’s your best pickup line?’ I said, ‘My best pickup line is, ‘Hi, my name is Hugh Hefner.”’ Funny stuff, Hugh! But for most men, another strategy is needed.

Twitter / @loni

What does this book have to say about the matter, for subway riders? From the title, it is clear that taking an everywhere approach is best. There’s no special time or place — the moment is now, carpe diem!

Zombie Ride

Horror is a genre that has produced a lot of iconic imagery. Chucky is one character that has terrified generations now. To be sure, he’s not real — but it can feel that way in a dark room on Halloween sometimes!

Reddit / CopyX

These New York riders decided to go straight for the strange this evening. But as anyone in the city will testify, it’s pretty creepy even for the train! It appears the man next to them hasn’t noticed yet, at this moment captured in time. But there’s no doubt about it: He’s in for one spooky surprise when his audiobook stops!

Ooh, Ooh I’m Sorry

Forgiveness is a virtue in all world religions. Sure, they all have different prescriptions for the act. But it’s an activity human beings try out from time to time, including in rough, tough NYC. What’s the method to mend things today?

Instagram / @subwaycreatures

Caught on camera, this might be the idea of all ideas. Sorry is on the menu, and it’s all happening alongside one piping hot pizza pie. And why not? Everyone loves a cheesy slice, which could make his crimes more forgivable. Who can remember what happened yesterday in the middle of an authentic New York slice? Very clever, boy!

Little Train of Horrors

Plants are slowly taking over this subway car today, but no one seems to mind. In fact, at least one rider is getting a major chuckle out of the situation. And why not? They say that everyone should stop and smell the roses a bit more in life. Now is that magical moment, right on board!

Reddit / zeaky888

People might stare, but it’s probably jealousy. Not only does Mister green-thumbs have a tree of his very own, but bags of flowers as well. Sooner or later, he will exit with all the botanicals. And then? Back to the stinky subway, that’s right!

A Secret Dimension

J.K. Rowling made the world imagine again, in her make-believe world of witches and wizards. Commuters reading the book chuckled at the idea of platform 9 and 3/4, too. But Harry Potter was just a modern fairy tale. There’s no way anything like that exists in the real world. Is there?

Reddit / Liezah

Why, what could this be right here? It seems to be an entrance without any visible door. Could it be invisible? No doubt, plenty of New Yorkers have tested it out! So far, no luck exiting this realm through Queens, Flushing, or Manhattan. Sorry, boys and girls.

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful

Marilyn Monroe has nothing on this guy! She may have experienced a bit of wind in her skirt, but this situation is far more serious already. They say Chicago is the windy city. But truthfully, this phrase referred to windbag politicians, not the weather. Where does NYC stand in all of this?

Reddit / Noerdy

It has its windy points near the subway, for sure. There’s some serious shirt and short action going on here, and this man seems unfazed by it all. Stoic and standing tall, he takes in the gust without too much fuss. Miss Monroe made a big deal out of her vent event, but not this modern New Yorker, Not today!

Gravity Bites

Attention seekers are not rated highly after high school. Some people just have a need to show off and chase the spotlight everywhere they go. But this guy? He might just have a problem on his hands, unintentionally!

Imgur / BrianA1

Did he drink Willy Wonka’s fizzy drink earlier today? He seems to be floating all the way up to the roof, without any effort! At some point when he exits the train car, things could get a little more complicated! No one wants to see him float away like a helium balloon, but that seems to be his trajectory for now. Bon voyage, dude?

Red, White, And Crazy

Wearing an outfit defying trends from every era, one rider is making a fashion statement. Totally unashamed, it seems! There’s a chance it makes sense to a select few, in a city as big as NYC. But for most people, it is simply out of the norm. What could explain this costume, during the workweek?

Imgur / Willetp

There are many possibilities, it turns out. Could be off-Broadway, could be Times Square wear. The mystery continues! In the big city, there’s always some kind of creative hustle going on — and truly, that’s the way people like it. Never change, New York!

Witch Doctor What

Sometimes, there are just more questions than answers. To begin: Is this a man or a woman? But maybe first — is it a human or a monster? No clues here to help, just a crazy daily sighting on the NYC metro.

Reddit / thismostlysucks

But inquiring minds want to know, don’t they? Other valid theories include a shaman who escaped from an island and a martian from another planet. Or maybe, a fugitive with a killer costume no one has the courage to look under for now. Only one thing is certain: Barefoot on the city subway is always a major no-no. Yuck!

That Subway Splash

Oops is not good enough here, missy. Everyone understands that dancing on the subway car has the potential to be a magical New York moment, but most have the sense to try it without icy drinks on hand. Every once and awhile, someone tries to defy well-established odds. How did that all turn out, here?

Imgur / a/fJaK4

Not well, obviously. Gravity still works underground, as at least one man can confirm! Twinkle toes level: Fail. But at least her choice was iced coffee! The traditional hot cup could have been downright deadly, combined with bad dancing. Sit down, crazy lady!

Preparation is Key

Commuters know it’s hard to pack a good lunch, day in and day out. Life gets busy, and the kitchen can be tedious. Take out is a valid option, at times. Bon appetite, sir! What is on the menu today, à la subway?

Imgur / U0et

Well, it looks like a bit of Asian fusion, right here on the train. The ambiance might not be the level he deserves, but this guy seems to know he ain’t got time for that. Not today, anyway. After the workweek, Friday night is about luxurious dining. But that table comes in handy for rides!

Upgrade that Butt

While some people may bring their own chairs or eating tables, one girl decided to step that game up just a bit. Behold, a subway sofa! Never again shall she sit on cold, hard seats. That’s a thing of the past. Unlike thousands of others, she is truly relaxed.

Reddit / letsjustgotobrooklyn

And is she on to something big? If every commute was just like hanging out at home, there could be a social revolution. Couch potatoes might be willing to leave the house a bit more. But comfort just isn’t guaranteed for public transport, yet. This is the NYC subway, people!

Eye Hate You

Time for a timeless quote. As the great Eleanor Roosevelt once said: “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.” But what do great minds look at? It may sound harsh, but it’s time to stop looking at strangers. Especially in the subway, please! New Yorkers already know this, of course. Who is this public service announcement meant for, really?

Reddit / lucas_glanville

Why, it appears to be sound advice for tourists! Out-of-towners, beware: A smile and a wink at other passengers could have consequences. Frowns? Check. Other risks? Eye rolls, head shakes, and sighs. Just don’t, okay?

Snakes on a Train

Some have poisonous bites. Some strangle their prey, slowly. For many valid reasons, snakes are not the most popular pet these days. Or any days! Even since the days of Adam and Eve, this animal has had a nasty reputation. But it’s to make a comeback. And it’s happening on a train, maybe nearby!

Imgur / Snakes on a Train

Well, only in New York so far. It’s always great to test out a major market, and NYC is the biggest opinion pool there is. So far, a green and an albino python are slithering on their big debut there. Nobody seems excited, at all!

Beyond the Blue

Everyone has their color, the one that flatters them the most in clothing. Blue looks okay on most people, even if it’s not their ideal match. But in this quantity? It’s a bit much, and the riders do look a little intimidated. If they haven’t seen Avatar, now is the time.

Flickr / zokuga

Have no fear, passengers! It is merely a blue alien humanoid, looking to connect with nature. Yes, he is a bit off course, here in New York City. The real urbanites know that’s not the strength of NYC, but visits are still a blast. Try upstate for more green!

Under My Umbrella-Ella-Ella

Traveling shoulder to shoulder with others is tough on personal space. Perhaps it means a little more care should be taken to respect strangers. Opening an umbrella on the subway seems a bit wacky, given that challenge. What could be the motivation here, with this lady?

Instagram / @therealpunk

Is she a vampire, hiding from the sun? Does she have a sun allergy? Those do exist — unlike bloodsucking demons. Whatever the case may be, the subway is a crowded, elbow-room only kind of place! If it wasn’t necessary before, it may be time for a PSA on the metro. Ban this madness, mayor — New York demands it!