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Unbothered: These People Mastered The Art of Not Caring

Some people say that life is so much better when you stop sweating over stressful things and start looking at the bright side. What happens, though, when you fully commit to this ethos and stop caring at all? After viewing all the photos in this gallery, we think it’s gold advice.

Indifference is an art form, and anyone is capable of mastering it. Don’t believe us? Well, we have proof. What you’re about to see are images of people who mastered the art of not caring. You’re bound to learn a thing or two from them, so it’ll be well worth your time to keep scrolling.

Giddy Up!

One of the best things about getting old is losing the ability to care and being able to do whatever you want. When you’ve been alive for so long, it’s understandable that normal things bore you so much that you want to do something different. Driving a normal electric chair? Boring. A wooden rocking horse? Fun! Grandpa is the most epic definition of YOLO.


He’s living his best life as he fulfills his childhood dream thanks to his beautiful wife who is driving the electric chair for him. Manifesting a partner like her plus grandpa’s ability to not care about a thing in 3… 2… 1.

The Nativity Scene… Featuring Spiderman

How awesome would it be to start the “not caring about what other people think” project at such a young age? Just take a look at this kid who did not get the memo about his costume. Instead of playing the role that he was cast in (perhaps an angel or a shepherd), he chose to be a powerful superhero.


Yep, he took it upon himself to change history and be the first comic book hero to take part in the nativity story. We’re not sure how things would pan out with Spiderman around, but we’re pretty sure everyone will be safe. Maybe that’s what the kid wanted. Who knows, right?

Grandma Mermaid

If Ursula thinks that the Little Mermaid was her biggest enemy, she hasn’t met Grandma Mermaid in her swimwear yet. All kidding aside, she was clearly having a hard time with the waves. What we really want to know is what happened after the photo was taken.


Grandma’s family just had to have a picture-perfect moment, but the waves said no. Remember, the by-product of not caring at all is grace under pressure, and this photo is the perfect example of that. Sorry, grandma!

Hydration is Key to a Great Workout

Take it from Grandma who has obviously been doing it for years. Getting ripped at the gym – with a little help from her cocktail – probably does wonders for her health. We don’t know how exactly, but we’re sure it does.


We should learn a thing or two from her. After all, she has lived long enough to know the best way to live life right? One thing’s for sure – she definitely knows what’s up and does not care about anyone’s opinion at all. This grandma is an inspiration to us all!

Old School is The New Cool

If there’s one thing that seems to trouble old people most, it’s keeping up with fast-paced technological advancements. That’s probably why this grandpa said, ”I’m sticking to my music machine until it doesn’t work anymore.”


It could be that or this has some great sentimental value to it, but we prefer to think that pure stubbornness is at play here. As long as you’re happy grandpa, we support you all the way. You’re an inspiration for the younger generations to come!

Delayed Flights? No Problem!

It pays to always be prepared. Who would want to sleep on an airport bench and let everyone witness how you snore and drool all over yourself, right? Good thing these people brought their handy-dandy pop-up tent! Who cares what other people think? Sleep is more important!


Hats off to these guys for literally ignoring the fact that setting up a tent inside an airport will definitely have everyone looking at you. This is a prime example of when you just don’t care at all.

I’m on Break, Sorry!

Time is a precious resource that you can’t take back, but with this lady in charge, you’ll definitely have to adjust and make things work on her time. You’re just an NPC and she is the main character here.


While she has clearly hit peak “I don’t care” levels, we kinda feel bad for the battalion of people waiting for her to finish her solitaire round and actually do some work. We’re sure they’d love to get home and play some solitaire too!

Redefining ‘Travelling in Style’

Here’s something no travel influencer has ever done before: actually not caring about the ramifications of hitching a free ride in a truck with your comfiest sofa. Don’t forget to post a selfie with the caption “Didn’t Pay Fare, Don’t Care.”

Just look at that body language. He’s comfy, happy, content, and he doesn’t care about your opinion. Who wouldn’t aspire to be in this level of not caring at all? There are only three words we want to say to this man: “Carry on, King!”

Resourcefulness or Carelessness?

The options ahead of you are far grander if you don’t care about anyone’s opinion. This guy was sleepy and didn’t have anywhere to take a nap, so he did the next best thing. Incidentally, that next best thing was sleeping inside his cello bag.


Instead of having the worst nap with bright lights, cold temperatures, loud officemates, and a high probability that people will see him snoring and drooling, he found the perfect way to avoid that. Brilliant work, sir!

The Full Seafood Experience

Craving for seafood? No problem! There’s a flood in your favorite restaurant? Who cares? That’s what you call the full seafood experience! At least that’s what these people seem to be thinking. They don’t care as long as they get their cravings dealt with.


What they want, they’ll get. Not even rising flood water can stop them. The lesson here is don’t let anything ever hold you back from getting what you want. Respect! Now, where can we get our hands on some good steamed crabs?

She’s on the Edge of Glory

When Lady Gaga performed “Edge of Glory,” she was probably singing about this woman living her best life. Just look at her relaxing like she doesn’t have a worry in the world. The possibility of her falling from the balcony? Very high. Does she care? No.


It’s not hard to imagine this woman saying “Edge of Glory? Nah. Edge of My Balcony!” Seriously speaking, don’t do this at home. This is top-tier not caring at all, and it could result in some serious injuries (or worse). Remember, you can have a carefree attitude while still keeping yourself safe. She’s still a legend.


When this lady has to make stops to rest, she makes sure everyone does too. Gandalf’s famous words “You Shall Not Pass” could never come close to this photo because this one’s the real deal. Everyone seems to be along for the carefree ride, so it’s all good.


Honestly, her energy is something we all wish to have when we grow old. Being old and bold is one of the many traits we should all aim for so we can be boss grandpas and grandmas in the future!

Why Ride a Horse When Zebras Exist?

People who ride horses claim that the connection they establish with these creatures is unlike any other. Little do these people know that there’s a fabulous and eccentric alternative to horse riding.


Now, we’re not sure how safe it is to ride a zebra, but we do know that it will earn you far more attention from onlookers. This woman clearly doesn’t care what the normies think as long as she is happy and looking fabulous. Nice ride, girl. Ferraris could never!

Getting Some Air, Don’t Even Care

People say that you should find what makes you happy and hold onto it. This applies to your career, love life, and literally almost everything in your life. What you’re about to see is the perfect representation of that.


Based on the photo above, it was a pretty hot day, and he just had to get that ventilation all over his body. The photo is giving us avant garde realness from the pose to the facial expression. Who cares what other people think? Comfort comes first!

Shoes Are for the Weak

Why would you let a little shoe problem bring you down in the middle of an awesome party, right? The party won’t stop for such an unimportant thing, shoes are for the weak anyway. One word for the photo below: iconic.


Not wearing shoes won’t get you thrown in jail, so why stress over something so trivial? Everyone’s doing it the traditional way, so you may as well do something different. Doesn’t this remind you of your ‘Party Hard or Go Home’ moments?

Going Bananas for Bananas! 

They say that the secret of the universe is the law of attraction. Believe that you have whatever it is that you want and just grab it! This is what this kid did. He knocked on his neighbor’s door, asked for a banana, and his wish was the universe’s command.


He knew what he wanted and believed that he would get it just by knocking. This kid figured out the secret of the universe earlier than most adults. The art of not caring is strong with this one.

“This Might Never Happen Again”

Whatever happened before this photo was taken, we will probably never know. However, we are happy to know that grandma is safe and sound and that she even had the energy to smile for a photo with her beloved. If our hunch is right, she escaped a life-and-death situation. Hence, the celebratory “I survived” photo!


This is an adorable photo commemorating something that might never happen again (or might not have a great ending if it happens again). Who cares about what the spectators think? It’s a moment in time, and memories must be preserved! We’re just relieved that they are safe and sound.

Healthiest Meal of the Day

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that’s probably why this guy is doing his best not to miss it. He probably woke up late, with no time to prepare breakfast. The solution: cook pancakes in the classroom.

Why he thought he would get away with this, we will never know. We’re desperate to know why no one is stopping him because we’re pretty sure it’s every school’s protocol to only cook meals in the cafeteria and not in the classroom. Those pancakes look delicious, though, we must say!

What Dress Code?

Not everyone has a thing for wearing office attire. Some people just aren’t built for it. This pretty much describes the guy wearing an all-casual ensemble in the photo below:


Who knows? Maybe band t-shirts, crazy hair, and flip-flops will become a hit in the office scene soon. Just look at how chill he looks with that outfit on? You know what they say – smart people go for comfort over fashion. This guy is the shining example of that ethos.

Hard Work Is Okay, but Smart Work Is Supreme

Hard work is always encouraged, but if you could make things easier by doing smart work, by all means, do that! This old man must have been feeling sleepy, so he figured out a way of still fulfilling his job while tending to his personal needs.


Remember this trick if you ever want to sleep at work. A cardboard cutout of yourself is the best answer. All kidding aside, this is a top-tier example of not caring at all, and we are here for every inch of it. Way to go, gramps!

She Probably Doesn’t Drink 

The key here is to first find the odd painting out and then ask yourself, why would someone do that? Well, the first thing that pops out is “She probably doesn’t drink.”


Either that or she just wanted to be different and stand out from the crowd. Is she doing this for uniqueness or to show off her talent? Perhaps she just doesn’t care at all and she’ll draw whatever she feels like drawing. Yep, the last one sounds about right.

Life Could Never Stop Her

The first thing you need to do while looking at this photo is to play “Ridin” by Chamillionaire in your mind. Focus your eyes on grandma and imagine her driving at full speed with her game face on.


She doesn’t care if your car is faster, she’s gonna roll the way she wants and you have no choice but to drive behind her and be patient with her pace. She’s the queen of the road, and she doesn’t care about what you think.

The Truth Always Prevails

It’s almost always a good idea to stick to the truth. When you hide behind lies, you’ll eventually end up being exposed, so it’s best to be truthful all the time. Take this picture, for example:


No lies found here, just facts. We’re pretty sure many people found this hilarious and very relatable. Let’s admit it – it’s so much easier when you don’t care at all. So let’s be unapologetically honest all the time and see how the universe will conspire to give you good karma!

A Little Trip to the ER

We have to admit, the first time we saw this photo we thought it was a costume until we realized that the woman in this photo is a real nurse. That’s the only giveaway. If she wasn’t there, we would have never thought it was real because the guy impaled by an arrow appears to be far too relaxed.


What is pain? He probably doesn’t have that word in his vocabulary. It could be that or he’s used to getting in these kinds of accidents. The kid looks distressed, so maybe dad is just keeping his cool for the sake of his son. That’s such an honorable thing to do.

One Cola Bucket Please

Many people are big soda fans, but this man takes it to a whole new level. To be fair, there’s no sign saying “You can’t use KFC buckets for soda,” so he’s not breaking any rules. Can you imagine the taste of the soda mixing with the chicken oil and debris? We can’t.


The guy probably thought “soda and chicken oil might not be the best combination, but I just don’t care as long as I’m getting my cola bucket.” As you should, king. As you should!

Just Minding His Business

Everyone is entitled to their privacy, and as long as a person isn’t harming anyone, then they are allowed to do whatever they want. That’s probably what this grandpa was thinking as he opened his favorite site inside a crowded Mac store.

He just doesn’t care what everyone around him thinks about what he’s doing at all. We could learn a thing or two from this grandpa. He’s obviously living his best life and not even a crowd of people could ever stop him.

Grace Under Pressure

Why stress yourself out about something you can’t control? Especially when you know that things are gonna get better soon. What’s the point? This kid was probably on that same wavelength as he enjoyed his swing in the middle of a crisis.


Fires usually bring out a lot of commotion and noise, but this kid was unbothered, and honestly, this level of not caring at all is something to which we aspire. Can’t wait to see you grow up, baby boy!

Just Test Driving

One piece of advice we should all apply before buying any product is to look for reviews from people who have already tested it out. What happens when no one can do that for you? The answer is easy: try it yourself!

This man read his newspaper on top of a sofa he hasn’t paid for yet like it’s no one’s business. How he even got on top of that shelf is something we might never know. We are big fans though!

Sleep Is King

We all know school poses a great danger to your ability to sleep in. Sometimes, students get creative when it comes to getting good grades. Often, this involves sleeping in between breaks.


After all, the brain won’t retain anything without proper sleep, so he’s actually doing himself a favor. Let’s just hope he got away with it. Don’t do this at school, kids. Always try to get your recommended sleep as this will help you be better overall. Zero cares we’re given in this photo, though!

When The Ticketer Get Ticketed

If you’re a ticket magnet, you might see the photo below as sweet revenge. Who would ever think that a ticket officer’s car could receive a ticket of any sort? This photo is proof that they aren’t immune, so spread the word!


To the officer who did this, we salute you for doing your job and teaching fellow officers to practice what they preach. Does anyone know what violations were made in this photo? We just want to know how unbothered the officer who issued the ticket was.

Grocery Go Cart

The thought of riding grocery carts might bring up memories of when you were a kid. You missed out on a lot of fun if you’ve never ridden a grocery cart in your life. That’s probably why this adult woman decided to just not care at all and ride one.

Hey, if it brings you happiness, why would you let anyone stop you? Why should we only limit grocery cart rides to kids? We would sign a petition to allow adults to ride them without being judged!

A Unique Birthday Candle

Birthdays are one of the best things our society has decided to celebrate. Cakes, delicious food, friends, and family are just some of the elements that make a birthday great. Nothing should ever stop you from enjoying your day. No age candles? No problem! Just look at what they did at this party:

Whoever jammed a scented candle jar in the middle of that cake is a legend for ignoring so many things and just doing what needed to be done so the party could move on. Kudos to you!

Gramps and His Crew

Who wouldn’t want a grandpa who hangs with a pack of badass riders? By the looks of it, he’s the odd one out based on his outfit and his ride. Nevertheless, he still looks like he belongs to the pack, and that’s what makes it so cute!

Who said people who drive electric chairs could never keep up with motorbikes? Show them this photo and prove them wrong! Also, please protect our precious gramps at all cost, it would break our hearts if something bad happens to him.

It’s Always the Little Things

This grandpa probably doesn’t care about who you are, where you came from, or what you think about him. What he wants you to know is that he has successfully pooped today and so he will tell everyone by wearing a shirt that says so. Honestly, the most adorable thing you will ever see today.


Why do you think he wants to share this? We don’t know. Do you think he worries about grossing you out? Not even the slightest.

Positivity Will Save You

The photo you’re about to see is a reminder that everyone should stay positive, even when everything seems to be going downhill. There’s no use focusing on the negatives when you’re in a situation like this. It will only make things that much worse.

Stay positive until the end, even when you are failing. It’s better to fail with a smile on your face than without one. So please, be like this boat and stay positive. Said no one ever!

Grandmas of Anarchy

Some people disobey signs like ‘No Smoking,’ ‘No Entry,’ and ‘Stay Off the Grass.’ This grandma likes to be different. She disobeys ‘No Sleeping’ signs like a pro, and you can’t do anything about it.


It’s not about disobeying anymore, it’s about the fact that she will do whatever she wants regardless of what other people say. For that, she is a legend/ icon, and we stan her! Petition to create a fanbase for this unapologetic grandma. Who wants in?

The Cold Never Bothered Her Anyway

Driving a convertible car sounds like a great idea, especially during the spring, summer, or autumn season. Imagine wind and the sun on your skin as you drive through the roads. But during a cold winter day? This person doesn’t care! 


Who cares about freezing temperatures as long as you can use your convertible? Cares were really thrown out of the window with this one. We love this energy, but we really can’t relate because we don’t drive a convertible. *Sobs*

Failed Prank

Do not fear – this isn’t an accident scene. It’s just a photo of two men trying to prank their mom. To be fair, the setup is pretty convincing, but it didn’t quite work out the way they intended.


Do you want to know who took the photo and then left them there? The person who these two people were trying to prank: their mom. She wasn’t convinced! It’s hard when you have a really smart mom. Giving them an A+ for their efforts, better luck next time!

When You’re Trash

What do you think is happening here? Do you think he just didn’t have any clean clothes around him? Or is this just his subtle way of saying that he’s trash? Also, why did no one stop him from entering the classroom with that outfit?


There probably weren’t any dress codes in that school. As long as you’re rocking it, then who are we to judge? You wear the fashion, not the other way around! *Tries wearing trash bags just to know how it feels*

We Never Stop Learning

They say life is a never-ending quest for knowledge, and they’re probably right. Just look at this old man holding a book about what men want in bed. You’re never too late for anything in this world, so keep on reading that book!

The way he holds the book without concealing the cover means that he just doesn’t care that people can see what he’s reading. We love that for him! Filing this photo to people we want to stan.

Girl Things

Pleasure comes in all shapes and sizes. In this case, it also comes in different brands, builds, and battery demands! When a girl is looking at a catalog like the one you see in the photo below, it means that she knows what she wants and she grabs it whenever she can!


What if a woman brings it to a basketball game? It means that she just doesn’t care about what other people think and that she’s a cool person. We’d love to be friends with her!

Let Her Eat in Peace!

If you were hungry and just wanted to eat in peace but someone decided to propose inside a very crowded restaurant, you’d probably end up looking like the woman in this photo:


She wasn’t a big fan of the whole commotion. Let the woman eat her meal in peace. Sheesh! As this list goes on, our stan list grows. She’s another one for the books. She probably doesn’t have one but if she has, can anyone tell us her socials?

When No One Can Reach the Clock

Changing clocks twice a year can be a boring task. That’s probably why this photo exists, and honestly, the comedic value of that paper under a clock to indicate the time is just gold to us!

Why bother getting a ladder when you can just let everyone adjust and do the math themselves. We have calculators for that! Also, can we just blame the person who installed that clock? It’s too high, it’s just not worth it. Everyone has a smartphone anyway.

Behold, His Living Room

You can’t argue with this kid. He obviously doesn’t care what you think. He will do what he wants, even if that means playing a game in the middle of a store while lying on the floor.


Why would he do this? Well, why do you care? It’s his life, his gameplay, and not yours! That’s some top-tier unbothered energy. We are already big fans, another one on our stan list I see. What game do u think he’s playing? Wrong answers only.

Photo Bombing Gramps

Does he care about you and your friends getting the best prom photos that you will treasure for the rest of your life? Nope. Does he think he’s stopping you from getting them? Who knows? Does he only care about his phone? Most definitely.


At least, gramps has style. He probably was wearing a much cooler outfit than the girls behind him. Gramps didn’t only photobomb the girls, he beat them at their own game. His biggest flex is he just doesn’t care.

No Bed? Who Cares?

We all have those days when we just want to sleep all day. This happens to all of us, even when we’re at work. When there’s no bed, take your lead from this woman and try napping on your office table.

It’s cleaner than sleeping on the floor. You won’t be able to work properly if you don’t get enough sleep. So by sleeping, you’re actually helping your company by avoiding the mistakes and focus problems that result from being over-tired. 

Lunch Break Grilling

We all know the cafeteria menu is gross most of the time, so it’s pretty understandable if kids want to bring packed lunch. This particular student decided he would make his lunch on the spot with his waffle machine. Freshly cooked meals are always better tasting anyway. 


He probably broke dozens of school protocols, but it’s better than having bland cafeteria food. That grilled cheese looks quite appetizing. We bet his classmates were jealous. The cafeteria lady was found shookt in the school kitchen.

There’s Always Time for Beer

In Romania, many people drink whenever the mood strikes. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Drink. Flooded canals due to continuous heavy rain? Drink. In this country, there’s always time for a beer. This makes us want to book a one-way plane ticket and never come back.

Nothing will stop these lads from getting a drink with the boys. What can we say? They didn’t choose the beer-drinking life, the beer-drinking life chose them! Also, please do note that some of them aren’t wearing any flood boots. Literally zero cares we’re given in this photo.

Rage Against the System

We’re not entirely sure if this is a great idea, but it certainly does make life more interesting. Imagine the reaction of people if everyone parked parallel to the actual parking space? You all might get ticketed, but for sure the baffled facial expressions of people seeing them would be worth it.


There’s strength in numbers, but please don’t do this at home or anywhere in your country’s parking lots. But it’s always worth noting that there’s strength in numbers!

Walking His Pizza

Pets can be expensive, so why not own a pizza instead? We are on the same page about this photo: we don’t understand it. Why would someone drag their pizza around like this? Is he doing it on purpose or does he have no idea that there’s something tied to his wheelchair?


Why are we even bothering ourselves about his situation? He probably doesn’t care about our opinions. We don’t know what his story is, but the man is an icon, period!