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40 Hilarious Signs Spotted At NFL Games

The National Football League is currently the most popular sport in the United States, with around 67,600 fans attending each game. Officials of the NFL decided to have championships at the end of each season to pick an official winner, and this practice has remained in place ever since.

A vast portion of the country is obsessed with the NFL, and with so many devoted admirers tuning in, many people want to make sure their voices are heard. Perhaps this is why there have been so many amusing NFL stadium signs throughout the years. When you give football fans full creative license, things quickly become hilarious.

A Tough Break Up

As if splitting up with someone wasn’t difficult enough, consider splitting up with a whole football team. That’s 53 broken hearts – talk about an unpleasant split! When the San Diego Chargers left to become the Los Angeles Chargers, the entire stadium was in tears.

Associated Press

Unfortunately for this Chargers fan, their time together had come to an end. Many fans tried everything they could to convince the squad to stay, but it was all in vain as the team inevitably returned to Los Angeles.

Cleveland Browns Still Rebuilding

If Cleveland fans have learned anything over the years, it’s not to get too excited about any game. Despite several disappointments and questionable actions throughout the years, some supporters continue to barrack for their team.

Source: Three If by Strike

This appears to be one of the fans we described above. He can’t hide his sadness, though, as he watches with the expectation that the other team will win. His eyes are absorbing the terrible reality that he will most likely walk away disappointed. For the Cleveland Browns, not a lot has changed since 1965.

Awful Eagles

It’s fair to assume that Philadelphia Eagles fans are tired of their team’s performance. A disgruntled fan decided to vent his or her rage with a sign that everyone in town could see.

Source: Reddit

What do the Eagles and USPS have in common? On Sundays, they both fail to deliver. Of course, victory in the Super Bowl Sunday game is what most fans hope to see in their lifetime. At the very least, fans were overjoyed when their team eventually won the Super Bowl in 2018.

A Critical Error

Everyone knows that playoff tickets are significantly more difficult to obtain than regular season tickets. The aforementioned tickets typically sell out in minutes and command a high price. This fan appears to be disappointed because he purchased a ticket just to see his team miss a crucial field goal.

Source: Pinterest

In 2016, Vikings fans waited with bated breath to learn if their club would make the playoffs. The truth? Blair Walsh failed to make the game-winning field goal. That didn’t deter this Vikings fan from showing up and siding with the Packers.

Bowl Half Full

The Super Bowl is the ultimate aim for any NFL team, not to mention those shiny rings you get if you win. Sadly, no matter how hard the other teams strive, there can only be one winner.

Source: Obsev.com

One upbeat Green Bay Packers fan wanted to show her enthusiasm for her team, even if they weren’t going all the way that year. She swiftly changed her sign to something more suitable. Drowning in the agony of missing the Super Bowl will accomplish nothing. Why not just find a reason to celebrate?

Telling It Like It Is

You can’t sugarcoat some unpleasant realities, and one of those harsh realities is that the Washington Redskins seem to be one of the league’s worst teams; they never catch a break. Something always seems to happen precisely when they’re on a roll, and they end up losing.

Source: New York Post

Fortunately, the team turned things around in 2018, winning the Stanley Cup. Even when it appears that the Redskins are on course to triumph, owner Dan Snyder manages to derail things. Finally, one fan decided there was nothing else to do but tell the world, “We are horrible.” 

Looking On The Bright Side

The thing with football is that even if your club performs poorly this season, there is always the possibility that they will improve the following season. For several years, the New York Jets have been the butt of many NFL jokes. After all, no matter how badly your team is faring, they’re sure to be ahead of the Jets.

Source: Pinterest

Sure, their team hasn’t won much over the years, but it could be worse: they could root for the Jets. Because of the ongoing suffering, Jets supporters have acquired thick skins.

The Taste Of Defeat

These Cleveland Browns fans wanted to enjoy the sweet taste of success for once, but instead, they were left with nothing but bitterness. This pair looks to have been there for numerous losses within the Factory of Sorrow – and it doesn’t appear that this will cease anytime soon.

Source: Boston Herald

Fortunately, despite all of those losses, one fan has been able to recycle his sign multiple times. What could be worse than one depressed Browns fan? Two depressed Browns fans, of course! We’re delighted they’re still able to grin despite all their losses.

A Lion’s Pride

When your team is struggling, you’ll take whatever you can get. This Lions supporter has chosen to embrace his team’s flawed season rather than be embarrassed by it.

Source: Detroit News

We can’t decide which is funnier: this NFL sign or the fan on the left’s expression. If you’re going to play 16 games and win none, you had better be the first to accomplish this significant feat. The Lions created history in 2008 when they became the only team to go winless in a season. This fan made certain that everyone knew about their achievement.

Cheaters Never Prosper

It must have been discouraging for Tom Brady and his Patriots colleagues to walk into the hallway with this sign hovering over them. Brady was found to be guilty of tampering with footballs and releasing air from them in order to obtain a competitive advantage. No fan will ever forget Brady’s actions, and for good reason.

Source: The New York Times

An investigation resulted in Tom missing four games and the Patriots having to pay a $1 million fine. When they found out they’d gotten tunnel seats, these Indianapolis supporters couldn’t help themselves. What do you think of their signage?

Cleveland Couture

The Cleveland Browns are accustomed to receiving first-round draft picks, and they put all their eggs in the Couch basket in 1999. Couch was supposed to be the quarterback who would turn their fortunes around, but he didn’t, and there is a long series of QBs who have failed since.

Source: Twitter

It didn’t last long, and the team’s quarterback roster has grown since then. Rather than purchasing a new jersey for every player, one Browns fan discovered a humorous way to make a point.

Small Wins

Love hurts, and breakups can be horrific. This Packers fan knew exactly how to strike her ex-partner in the heart. This fan appears to be channeling her rage in an odd way, but we’re here for it.

Source: Pinterest

She went to the game and boldly displayed her placard, directing her anger at the man who cheated on her and reminding him that she was at the game without him. The only thing that could have made it worse for that cheating Packers fan sitting on the couch at home would have been seeing his team lose.

Is This Divine Intervention?

This sign and this guy’s clothes explain it all – God says run, so run! Football fans are always smarter than coaches. This guy’s father thinks he knows a thing or two regarding football, and given how he’s dressed, he might be right.

Source: NFL

If the man upstairs tells you to run the ball, the coach better sit up and pay attention! It would be silly to disregard this divine instruction, so we’ll assume the Steelers did run the ball. There would have been hell to pay if they didn’t!

A Literal Sign

Many people carry signs to football games to show their support for the coaching staff and players. Others bring placards to mock the refs, but does anyone spare a thought for the TV network that broadcasts to millions around the world?

Source: Flickr

This sign was all it took for this fan to land a place on TV. For some, it was only a cardboard sign, but for the individual holding it, it was a few seconds of glory. Where have we put our markers and cardboard?

Goodell, The Clown

If fans are dissatisfied with their team, they will express it from the stands. That was pretty evident in 2016 when these signs began to appear at NFL stadiums. After Tom Brady was caught cheating, there were many angry fans in the NFL. They were furious with the way Roger Goodell handled Brady’s penalty.

Source: CBS Boston

If fans are dissatisfied with their team or the sport in general, they will express it from the stands. After Tom Brady was caught cheating, these signs and t-shirts filled the stands. Fans were determined to let Goodell know what they thought of his decision on the matter. 

Do Two Packers Fans Make A Vikings Fan?

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, but this Vikings fan must have been intercepted. His parents are both Packers fans, but he has chosen to support the Vikings.

Source: Twitter

At the very least, when he tries to make fun of his parents’ team, he can refer to the Vikings’ trophy cabinet and lack of Super Bowl wins. They haven’t won any, so maybe his parents really know what’s best, and he’s simply rebelling against them. If we do say so ourselves, his sardonic humor is hilarious!

Shots Fired

The Super Bowl isn’t the only championship on the line in the NFL, but it’s the one that many fans care about. Perhaps this is why many Kansas City Chiefs fans are frustrated that their club hasn’t even competed for the championship in the last 50 years.

Source: Sports Retriever

This woman wanted to let her fellow Broncos supporters know how she felt about their rivals. Calling the Chiefs “The Biggest Losers” not only resonated with fans, but it was also likely enough to throw a few players off their game.

What It’s Like To Be Deflated

Buffalo Bills fans aren’t known for their smiles, but when it comes to the Deflategate scandal and Tom Brady, the stands were all fun and games. Will Tom Brady ever get over Deflategate? Most likely not, as we doubt many fans are willing to let it go.

Source: Pinterest

This woman did more than just create a sign – she invented her own meme. Because of all the air within them, the balls were apparently too heavy for Tom. That is, at least, what this fan wants us to believe (and laugh at).

Ghosts Of The Past

The commissioner, Roger Goodell, is frequently booed by Philadelphia supporters. They were given a chance to continue this tradition in 2017. When the Eagles hosted that year’s draft, fans wanted to ensure that everyone watching from home knew how they felt about Goodell.

Source: Daily Hampshire Gazette

Despite the fact that networks decided to suppress the boos from the stadium spectators, this sign was unmistakable. Roger Goodell was the only person on their radar. A three-foot-wide sign with a single clear statement is difficult to miss, especially when it sits above the crowd on a massive wooden post.

The Opposite Of Fine

On the field, Chad Johnson was a legend. His antics, combined with his hilarious celebrations, earned the star many followers throughout the years. Unfortunately, it also drew a lot of attention from the NFL’s top brass, who were not pleased with Chad’s behavior. Maybe that’s how he got charged thousands of dollars over his career?

Source: Cincinnati.com

Chad was punished for everything from using social media during a game to uniform infractions and pretty much everything in between during his time on the field.

The Power Of Hindsight

The Jaguars have been patiently striving to develop something exceptional in Jacksonville, but decisions like this have hampered their growth. Rather than staying with a star on the field in Russell Wilson, the team chose a punter who had yet to make his mark on the sport.

Source: Flickr

Since losing Wilson, the quarterback has appeared in two Super Bowls, whereas the Jaguars have not. Jaguars supporters may adore Blake Bortles without reservation, but with Wilson at the helm, they could have been experiencing real success.

A Game To Remember

When your team produces one of the most unexpected Super Bowl comebacks in history, your fans get some bragging rights. One example is when the Atlanta Falcons were so close to winning the Super Bowl yet fell so short. After blowing their lead, Atlanta fans must be fearful of meeting the Patriots.

Source: Twitter

Unfortunately, it all came crumbling down when Tom Brady did what he does best: pulled a win back from the brink of defeat. The Falcons were left without a championship, but the Patriots got lifetime bragging rights – a fair trade.

Soccer Blues

Soccer is gaining popularity in America, but this football lover has mixed feelings about the sport. He is outraged that two football icons who played for his beloved Chargers must retire in a soccer stadium.

Sean M. Haffey

The Chargers relocated from San Diego to Los Angeles, from a city that adored them to one that despised them. Rivers and Gates had to leave in a hostile environment rather than a celebratory one. Dean Spanos is the owner responsible for the upheaval and resulting outrage.

The Sun Never Comes Out

Seattle has beautiful grass and dense forests, but none of this would be feasible without a little rain. By a little, we truly mean a lot of never-ending wetness. Many Seattle residents have grown accustomed to severe weather being on their side at all times.

Source: Obsev.com

Thankfully, that isn’t enough to turn off many Seahawks supporters from attending every game. While this woman has learned to appreciate the elements, she wants to caution others that living in Seattle is not without its challenges.

How Does Cardboard Taste?

Being a professional athlete necessitates complete attention to your sport. Players must train throughout the week and give their bodies everything they require to succeed at the peak of their game. Kelvin Benjamin returned from a season-long absence appearing a tad bigger than before.

Source: Twitter

He was still eating mountains of food, but due to his injury, he had quit working out like his teammates. Fans weren’t afraid to call him out on the extra pounds he gained while away from the field.

He’ll Always Be A Target

When Tom Brady arrived in the locker room, his championship jersey was nowhere to be seen, and the commissioner came under pressure. The New England Patriots had just won the Super Bowl, and the majority of the players were partying.

Source: NBC Sports

However, as they were having fun, someone thought it would be a great idea to grab Tom’s jersey for themselves. Many fans immediately pointed the finger at Roger. One fan was so eager to make a point that they created a sign to share their thoughts with the rest of the world.

The Divine Dolphins

Whether you like the Miami Dolphins or not, it’s difficult to deny that Cameron Wake was a force on the field. Although the tight end has since been traded to the Tennessee Titans, he created a name for himself in Miami.

Source: Sports Retriever

He gave the squad optimism for more than ten years and won many supporters along the way. One fan was so taken with Cameron’s abilities on the field that he chose to dress up as Jesus and proclaim to the world that Cameron is his dad. 

Which One’s Worse?

Anyone courageous enough to brave the elements to attend a Green Bay Packers game must be a true fan. Getting hypothermia was apparently a risk worth taking for this guy. He wanted to demonstrate that things could always be worse. His brother was rooting for the Raiders while he was rooting for the Packers.

Source: Pinterest

The more we think about this, the more we suspect his brother is correct. After all, if he wanted to stand in the middle of his home stadium without a shirt on, he could do so under the Californian sun.

Pick Me!

In Las Vegas, the Raiders have always been a popular team. They appeared to be kicking off 2020 in style, but some spectators were more concerned with quarterback Derek Carr’s eyes than with the game.

Source: Metaweb

This adolescent Raiders fan is one of many who wanted to see the team reclaim its former glory. He had four years of experience as a quarterback. That’s probably more than some of the players on the field. At times, it can feel like that.

Making Headlines

Many football players have been in and out of the news over the years. It’s not surprising that so many people are curious about what they are up to in their personal life. That becomes a problem when their personal problems spill onto the field and begin to impair their performances.

Source: Flickr

Dez Bryant, a wide receiver, has been honest about his rocky history throughout the years and frequently gives it his all on the field. One Lions fan thought it was time for Dez to treat himself to a Snickers bar.

Switching Tebow

Several sports celebrities have risen through the ranks over the years. Some go on to become coaches or commentators, while others switch sports. Tim Tebow was in this situation.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

As a member of the Denver Broncos, the quarterback was once one of the most popular players in the NFL. Tim was promptly traded to the Jets, where he hardly made it onto the field despite being a player to watch. That was before he was traded to the Eagles and Patriots, for whom he also never appeared on the field!

Devastating Loss

Some players make the field their home, dominating every aspect of the game. That was the case for Peyton Manning, who played in no fewer than 18 seasons. Of those, 14 were spent with the Indianapolis Colts.

Source: Metaweb

He was there for over a decade before departing in 2012 to play for the Denver Broncos. Many Colts supporters were upset when they realized Peyton was leaving the franchise and were willing to go to any lengths to bring him back. They could wish all they wanted, but nothing would bring Peyton back to the squad.

Nothing To Say

Going to a football game usually entails the same few activities. We get to enjoy expensive meals, the excitement of the crowd, and hopefully, witness our team run to victory. What else is on the agenda? Having a memorable sign.

Source: Twitter/bradynoon

This woman took some cardboard and a large marker to make her own, but what was she meant to do when she couldn’t think of anything to say? That was the end of it – literally. This woman’s sign helped her stand out from the crowd at the game.

Sweet Sunday Deals

If not to support the host team, then why should fans go to NFL games? Take a look at this Baltimore Ravens fan. He is embarrassed by the prospect of a player strike, which would prevent him from snagging some Sunday deals.


As brilliant as this sign is, buying four beers for $35 at an NFL game sounds a little unlikely. It would only be doable if you threw a crumpled-up wad of bills at the cashier and ran before they figured out what happened.

The Carolina Kittys

The Carolina Panthers are an established NFL franchise. They were chosen unanimously as the NFL’s 29th franchise and the league’s first expansion team since 1976. They should have many bright years ahead of them, thanks to superstar quarterback Cam Newton.


They aren’t soft in the least, yet this admirer disagrees. Do you believe they’ll still be a good team with Cam Newton at the helm? This one is becoming quite personal for these Eagles supporters. To call a panther a kitten is a low blow, in our opinion.

Raider Hate Is Real

The Raiders’ on-field fortunes have shifted dramatically over the years. Raider fans may face the most slander of any NFL franchise. Indeed, the hatred is so strong for them that these Denver Broncos supporters took the time to write a well-thought-out joke on their sign.

PinterestWe all know the Raiders haven’t won anything in a long time, so calling them the biggest losers is very amusing. The only problem is that we’ve seen a sign just like this before. So, here’s a tip: If you’re going to create a sign for a football game, make sure it’s original!

Jesus Wore # 3

We understand that Russell Wilson is quite good. In fact, he’s done more and played better than most players his age. Would a savior, on the other hand, throw a game-winning interception in the Super Bowl? We don’t think so.


This fan poster is blasphemy at its finest, but it is also amusing. Wilson is a one-of-a-kind talent. However, you cannot compare him to the Christian Lord and Savior. Something about this placard makes us assume that this fan truly believes what he is saying.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

It was a major issue when Aaron Rodgers was forced to leave the Green Bay Packers lineup. As their quarterback, Rodgers made that much of a difference. His presence is so sorely missed that these girls put their health in danger by standing out there in only their bikinis to hold up these signs.


The ingenuity is clear. Real football fans understand the sorrow of losing their starting QB, so these gals undoubtedly didn’t mind braving the elements to get their message out.

You Can’t Say No, Jimmy!

Since Tom Brady’s suspension forced him to miss games, the New England Patriots have had to rely on backup Jimmy Garoppolo. Since then, NFL fans have had a new heartthrob to drool over. Even the manliest of men can admit Jimmy G is a hunk.


Maybe all of this affection got to him, and that’s why he was moved by the Patriots. Seeing this fan sign while attempting to execute a pass may be a little distracting, especially if the wife is watching.

A Low Blow

If you’re unfamiliar with Jameis Winston, here’s some background information. Winston, a former Heisman Trophy winner, made headlines after being caught swiping crab legs and crawfish from a Publix store. He claimed he wasn’t stealing them but had simply forgotten to pay for them.


People believed whatever they wanted to believe, but this lady evidently isn’t having it. Winston has a history of sexual misconduct with women. She wants him to be permanently shut down as a result of his acts. But she made it amusing.