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Funny Real Life Mother-in-Law Stories Anyone Can Relate To

No one’s relationship with their spouse’s family will be sunshine and rainbows all the time. However, some people get it tougher than others. We’d love to say that the Hollywood stereotype of the mother-in-law (MIL) from hell is a complete fabrication, but that sadly isn’t the case. Of course, some MILs are lovely, but there are enough awful ones that the stereotype has at least some merit. If this list is anything to go by, anyone who got one of the wonderful MILs should certainly count themselves lucky! 

Unfortunately, not everyone is a rare breed. Nothing is more terrible than discovering that the mother of the love of your life has it out for you. Read on to see if you can identify with any of these crazy MIL stories. 

Walk the Talk

It’s important to show your children good habits at a young age as this will help them in their grown-up lives. From tidying up after themselves to making dentist arrangements, you need your children to have healthy routines with the goal that their life partners don’t have to parent them. 

It’s reasonable to get baffled when your MIL offers you some guidance that she clearly didn’t use herself. This spouse is communicating her dissatisfaction about precisely that. 

For the Sake of Talking

When many people talk, there’s a purpose to the discussion. They’re wanting to educate, inform, or maybe even just gossip or complain. This MIL apparently didn’t get the memo that conversations should have a purpose. 

MILs are well known for doing this, and no one can ever be entirely certain why. She will raise something out of nowhere, and when asked what the purpose was, simply say, “oh, no reason.” 

No Insults, Please

Getting a new hairstyle can be nerve-wracking, but it’s also an extraordinary feeling. You can feel your hair is better and lighter, and you feel like a new person. Hairstylists can work wonders with your hair, and something about having it trimmed and styled makes you feel beautiful. 

This woman posted about her new hairdo on Twitter, including her mother-in-law’s remark that she should never allow her hair to get like that again. Is she suggesting that Harriet put an end to the pandemic to ensure hairdressers never have to close again?

Nice Cat Sand

Mothers-in-law are generally polite and kind. Now and again, however, even the nice ones can cause problems. Of course, they don’t do it on purpose, but their mistakes can be catastrophic. 

This MIL believed she tracked down an appropriate swap for the cat litter. She claimed to have discovered some sand in the shed she could utilize. In reality, she had been utilizing dry concrete for the litter box. We hope the cat was okay! 

The Wedding Gown

Weddings are a joyous occasion to spruce up for. With tasty food, breathtaking designs, and plenty of dancing, weddings create many fond memories for the bride and groom and their families too. At most weddings, the bride customarily wears an elegant white gown. 

Wearing a wedding dress to someone else’s wedding is a massive step beyond being rude and discourteous. We’re not certain what the MIL was attempting to demonstrate here, however, it couldn’t have been anything positive. Perhaps she was attempting to begin a new family custom. 

For Private Discussions Only

Nowadays, social media is the spot to examine any subject of a decision. From contradicting legislators to getting down on an individual’s bad behavior, you can have any discussion and express your assessment openly.

It’s all fun and games until the subject is you or something close to home and humiliating for you. It can get pretty off-kilter when your mother is Facebook friends with your MIL. A few individuals neglect to understand that some subjects are intended for more private discussions to avoid making everybody feel awkward. 

Still Waiting

There comes a point in life when parents’ duties are finished, and they’re prepared for grandchildren. Who can fault them? They will make the most of their time with their adorable little grandbabies, and afterward, send them home with their folks.

A few in-laws get somewhat fretful, trusting that their children will have babies so they can be grandparents. One mother-in-law posted on social media that she was still waiting for her grandkid. Truly, what’s the hurry? Grandkids will come when your children are prepared for them.

Body Positivity

How you feel about yourself is a higher priority than how another person figures you should look. Remember that individuals’ assessments of you are just impressions of themselves. You can decide to accept what they say or keep on loving yourself the way you are. 

Mothers-in-law can be somewhat rude if they were expecting a specific body type for their child’s spouse. Much of the time, they will adopt a passive-aggressive strategy to imply that the poor person ought to lose weight. Kudos to this daughter-in-law for standing her ground.  

Speaking a Different Language

Marrying into a family that has a bias against you is rarely simple. Your mate needs their family to like you, however, they won’t alter their perspective, regardless of what you do. Even if you’ve done nothing wrong, a few families are simply stuck in their ways and unwilling to let go of their biases. 

Being married to somebody whose family communicates in an alternate language can make things significantly difficult when the family refuses to warm up to you. Thankfully, this woman’s partner chose to rescue her from the toxic environment.  

Out of Hand

Weddings are meant to be a fun celebration. However, as we’ve found in Hollywood movies on numerous occasions, there are many things that can turn out badly. When your mother-in-law appears inebriated before the wedding even starts, it’s a circumstance no bride wants to have to face. 

Many people can identify with having that one relative or friend who consistently turns crazy during any occasion. It may very well be an uncle or a sister. For this poor bride, it was the MIL

A Weird Question

Change is unavoidable in everyday life. Regardless of what you go through, it will shape you into the individual you become. Then there are the changes everybody goes through, which are simply related to human anatomy and the aging process. As young people, we all go through adolescence in one way or another.

A few of us arrive at that stage at a more youthful age, and some later on. However, everybody goes through it. This mother-in-law genuinely inquired as to whether her daughter-in-law has gone through her metamorphosis yet. Strange. Perhaps she’d been reading Kafka? 

Offensive Opinions

Some parents have unreasonable assumptions and won’t ever like who you married unless they can pick that individual for you. Regardless of how your folks feel about your spouse, they should respect your decision and remain quiet about their hostile feelings. 

Even if they need to communicate how they feel towards your better half, there’s a place and time for everything. One MIL went too far by revealing her dissatisfaction with her son’s wife while the wife in question was giving birth. 

On Fleek

Board games are an incredible method for bonding with loved ones. They can get individuals to open up and get everybody giggling or cooperating to dominate the match. When you’re playing with your in-laws, you generally need to impress them. 

Though you may be out to impress, they probably won’t think twice about trying to dazzle you. This MIL shot an insult at her daughter-in-law about her eyebrows. Regardless of whether it was an honest mistake or a passive-aggressive endeavor to be rude, in-laws can reveal how they really feel during conditions such as these. 

Imaginary Grandchild

Choosing to have kids requires significant investment and cautious planning. Many discussions revolving around pregnancy involve the need to feel prepared financially and physically. Both partners want to know that the other is content with life and has done the things they wanted to do before bringing kids into the picture. 

Your folks can appear to be somewhat egotistical and discourteous when they are desperate for you to have kids. Regardless of whether it’s genuine wishful thinking or inconsiderate remarks, they should respect your desires. This MIL is a good example of what not to do. 

Fake News

Couples can have a ton to manage when meeting and communicating with their partner’s family. What was your initial feeling about your partner’s family? What’s their opinion about you? We’ll most likely never get genuine responses to these inquiries. For this situation, the mother of the poster’s girlfriend spread bits of gossip that she was pregnant. 

It’s not clear why she or any other individual would spread potentially harmful gossip about such a life-changing occasion. Eventually, it became clear that the gossip wasn’t accurate. Poor guy.

Sarcastic Comments

Losing weight doesn’t happen in a jiffy. If you’ve ever gone on a weight loss journey, you recognize it’s both a mental and physical struggle. In any case, it’s essential to recall why you commenced and to surround yourself with supportive individuals who inspire you to keep going. 

However, there’ll always be individuals who aren’t supportive or who will take sarcastic shots at your valiant efforts. This future MIL is the perfect example. She took a shot at her son’s partner who had made a commendable effort in getting to a healthy weight. 

A Drama Storm

Drama is the end result of people blowing small things out of proportion to create a hassle on purpose. Some human beings just love drama. While many people try their best to keep away from dramatic situations, a few of them exert effort to create drama in every circumstance possible.

It’s crystal clear why the couple didn’t want to invite this MIL to their wedding. Unfortunately, all this is going to reveal is that irrespective of how much you may try and keep away from a drama-infused situation, once in a while it’s inescapable.

Impossible Expectations

We all have a set of expectations, from our children and spouse to our day and just about anything in life. This is normal, so long as you can let go of your expectations for your family and allow them to be themselves. 

While it’s okay to wish for the success and happiness of your children and their partners, that doesn’t mean that you know what’s best for them. This mother-in-law took her expectations to an extreme just because her son chose to work in the tech industry rather than becoming a lawyer.

Real Backstabber

You assume you recognize a person till the day they turn a switch on you. You can understand a person for years and assume you’ve got a great understanding of who they may be until something takes place that reveals their true character. One day, they slip up and you see them for who they really are. Such discoveries can be Earth-shattering, especially when the person in question is a mother or MIL.  

This MIL seemed sweet as pie, then some years down the road, she transformed into an awful individual to be around. She one-ups all the time and pretends to be somebody she’s not.

Humiliating Stories

Everybody has humiliating stories that they would prefer not to remember during public gatherings. If we learn something humiliating about someone else, we as a rule have the graciousness to hush up about such stories. Some things are better left untold.

For reasons unknown, moms love to share the most humiliating experiences their kids have gone through. Likewise, when your MIL sees you and your loved one in a private moment, she will undoubtedly tell somebody. Nobody else needed to know about this! 

A Weird Situation

When an ex is involved in a new relationship, things can get somewhat tense. It doesn’t improve matters when your family or in-laws are as yet in touch with your partner’s ex. When this lady’s mother-in-law moved her sweetheart’s ex into their home, while he was living there, it certainly made for some tense moments.

Numerous people probably won’t endure such conditions and would cut ties with the family. Though things eventually turned out for the best, she may consistently have hesitations about her MIL.

Inconsiderate Eviction

Getting ousted due to not taking care of your bills or being a combative leaseholder is reasonable, but never easy. In any case, when you just lost your beloved spouse, getting evicted is the last thing you need to deal with. Just three months after this lady lost her significant other, she was removed out of her apartment by none other than her in-laws.

They concluded they would not like to be landlords any longer, which would be understandable if the couple had broken up. However, as it turns out, the poor young woman’s husband had just died. Her in-laws were sick of hearing her cry about their son’s death, so they wanted her out. That’s ice cold. 

Make Me a Grandchild

Your age, your friends, your folks, and your in-laws can all amplify the strain to have children once you get married. If you were already trying to get pregnant, that added pressure results in unwanted stress. 

When your MIL begins being unreasonably pushy, you need to define the boundaries so she understands that her behavior is not acceptable. Fail to do this, and she will continue to force the issue. Make sure you have a dynamic support system with positive individuals during this time and distance yourself from those adding pressure. 

Favorite Meal

Some traumas can impact your life until the end of time. Regardless of how negligible the occurrence may appear, you would prefer not to find yourself in any situation resembling the awful accident. The vast majority of people understand this, while others insist on challenging you for no good reason. 

While the vast majority would respect a guest’s eating decisions, especially if that guest is part of the family, this MIL made pork every time she had her daughter-in-law over for supper. As it turns out, the family never ate pork unless the poor daughter-in-law was around. 

Wedding Fight

Most weddings are peaceful celebrations. Now and again, individuals drink excessively and act stupidly. Typically, it’s entertaining and innocuous if a small drunken incident occurs. Things don’t ordinarily get as vicious as they did in the story below. 

This mother-in-law hated the bride so much that she actually assaulted her in the parking area soon after the wedding. It doesn’t seem like the honeymoon was a happy one as the lady’s wounds were evident for weeks after the incident. 

Calling the Wrong Name

For certain individuals, recalling names is a battle. It’s not a huge problem, yet a few individuals are simply bad with names. It’s justifiable to botch someone else’s name, yet how would you not have a clue about the name of your child’s better half?

For a very long time, this lady was referred to by some unacceptable name by her mother-in-law. Possibly they didn’t hang out long enough for her to recollect her name, or maybe the act was deliberate. In any case, she finally got the name correct in the fourth year they were together. 

Body Shaming

Regardless of whether it’s working out or simply doing basic stretches each day, exercising your body additionally takes care of your mental health. Everybody must discover what works for them since we all appreciate various things. Regardless of whether it’s running or pilates or kickboxing, the bottom line is that we all need to exercise.

Just because you’re enjoying a workout yourself doesn’t imply that every other person ought to get into it as well. This mother-in-law pushes the issue of working out to the extreme of publicly body-shaming her daughter and daughter-in-law in an exercise post.

The Stage Mom

Moms and their sons have an exceptional bond. Some moms dread the day their child gets hitched because they fear this extraordinary bond will be cut off. Most mothers simply want their children to be content and to be with somebody who draws out the best in them.

This MIL detested her son’s future wife so much that she got in touch with him the day before the wedding to caution him. She left the wedding in tears and sent a horrible email to the bride the following day. 

Irrelevant Comparisons

During weddings, families meet up to celebrate the happy couple. While it’s a cheerful occasion, it comes with mixed emotions. Moms will generally have the hardest time with the change as they let go of their children.

A few mothers-in-law wait until the day of the wedding to communicate their actual sentiments about their child’s future spouse. That’s the most terrible timing, right? One MIL offered an unnecessary remark to her daughter-in-law, contrasting her with her daughter.

Unexciting Family Vacation

Taking some time off ought to be a pleasant encounter, especially if you’re traveling with family members on a cruise ship. Even if your family can be a bit unpleasant, you’re on a huge boat where you can disappear if need be.

One couple joined their in-laws on a cruise ship getaway. Rather than getting off on the right foot, this MIL chose to spread the word that she didn’t want to welcome her daughter-in-law on the trip. Why make things awkward when you could make some great memories together? 

The Ungrateful MIL

Custom-made presents are the best gifts for special occasions. They can be made to match the personality of the recipient and will always be more thoughtful than a scented candle or hand cream. You additionally feel special when somebody gives you a handcrafted gift since they put the time and exertion into making it especially for you.

This mother-in-law demanded a gift when she didn’t get hers at the early Christmas gift exchange. It’s not much of a present when you demand the gift. What happened to the Christmas spirit? 

Not an Animal Lover

Animals are not difficult to adore as they offer unconditional love. If you’re a genuine animal lover, you typically don’t care about them being on the couch, in your bed, or licking your face.

As strange as it may sound, not every person is fond of animals. Take this MIL, for example. She thinks that all animals are filthy and mindless and ought to be kept outside. One could say exactly the same thing regarding certain people that accept such things about animals. 

Mean Presents

Spending time with family for Christmas ought to be a pleasant encounter. Everybody is coming for supper, presents, decorating the tree, and getting to know each other. Nonetheless, not all relatives give gifts that are thoughtful and sweet. 

One MIL adopted a passive-aggressive strategy to suggest to her daughter-in-law that she needed to get more fit. Diet pills are not the best way to urge anybody to get thinner. On the off chance that you genuinely need to help somebody lead a better way of life, that is not the best approach. 

Unhappy with the Engagement

The vast majority will be happy for you when you get hitched. Loved ones will assist you with getting ready and planning everything from where to hold the ceremony to your table decorations. Sadly, mothers-in-law are often the ones who throw a spanner in the works. 

In this example, the MIL constantly commented to her daughter-in-law about the couple’s marriage. She appeared to be resolved to tell her she was unsettled about their engagement and didn’t think the relationship would last. 

Different Religious Backgrounds

With regards to the holidays, everybody from various backgrounds celebrates in their own way. When you have two families that meet up with different religions, it’s ideal to acknowledge your disparities and enjoy the similarities instead of pushing for conformity. 

During the special times of year for one daughter-in-law, her mother-in-law insisted that she had to take up their holiday customs and decorate with Santa Claus and reindeers. The MIL was aware that her daughter-in-law didn’t celebrate this occasion, but she had no respect for their cultural differences.

Gossip Queen

Some people have no filter. They just say whatever comes into their head, regardless of the effect it might have on others. This MIL is a prime example. 

This MIL clearly likes stirring up drama. In one breath, she managed to insult both of her daughters-in-law and her own son. We can’t imagine she lives a happy life when she treats the people close to her with such disregard. 

Please Tone it Down

It takes work to keep the affection alive in a marriage. Some people manage this with ease as they enjoy putting work into their partnership. Others can easily be overwhelmed with work and stress while their relationship slips directly out of their hands. Twenty-two years is quite a long time to be married, so for this woman’s husband to leave a Post-it note to break up with her is truly shocking.

As the wife attempted to get in touch with him, she reached her MIL. As it turns out, this was a mistake. The woman behaved shockingly and finished by stating that nothing else mattered aside from her child. 

He Did No Wrong

Continually conversing with your folks about your marriage can be helpful in some cases. If you have a parent who has unbiased influence and can comprehend the two sides, they may be able to offer solid advice. However, many people will (understandably) take the side of their child and will not be able to offer any useful advice to the couple. 

This lady’s husband talked about their marriage struggles with his mom. However, the MIL was more harmful than helpful. She simply agreed with her child’s position and affirmed to him that he has done nothing wrong, despite the fact that she never even heard the full story. 

Better Late Than Never

A few individuals simply don’t have the foggiest idea of how to give a pat on the back. For reasons unknown, they can’t force themselves to offer genuine compliments. This could stem from disdain, envy, or both. 

This appears to have been the situation with this MIL who wouldn’t concede the dish her daughter-in-law made was delightful. This is something that happened between the poster’s mom and her MIL. Evidently, it took quite a while until the MIL was at long last ready to admit it was a flavorful meal.