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Morticians and Autopsy Doctors Reveal Unusual and Bizarre Cases They’ve Worked On

Have you ever met somebody whose big dream is to become a mortician or an autopsy doctor? Needless to say, neither of these roles is anything like a normal day job. Reality check: working on a lifeless body can take a toll on you physically, mentally, and emotionally. On a psychological note, morticians must be mentally tough to be able to perform their job. Not only are they dealing with dead bodies, but they also come face to face with some of the strangest scenarios a person could encounter at work. 

We rounded up 39 creepy stories from morticians and autopsy doctors. From finding a tube of lipstick in a dead woman’s brain to seeing a corpse sitting up, anything grisly can happen in the morgue. We highly suggest having a partner or a friend with you while reading the list. Otherwise, you’ll have to brave your fear alone.

The Decaying Bone

There’s a reason why we send older adults to nursing homes. The sole purpose of this facility is to provide the highest level of care to its patients. This includes bathing, dressing, and assistance with feeding. However, there are some rare cases wherein patients from nursing homes are not properly taken care of.

When the autopsy doctor checked the corpse of the old man from the nursing home, he was in total shock. The man’s whole backside had rotted away, and the probable cause was neglect from the nursing home staff. Turns out, the old man was also paraplegic, which only made his last days more difficult.

The Gargoyle Incident

It might sound absurd, but being killed by an object falling from a building is not that unusual. According to studies, there’s a 9.4% chance of you getting killed by a falling object, and this usually happens on or around construction sites. This woman was struck by a gargoyle that made a direct hit so gruesome the mortician wasn’t ready for it.

The mortician stated that the body was dealt substantial damage, and it was almost impossible for him to reconstruct it. Thankfully, he was composed and was able to finish the job after several days.

Man of Steel?

Hearing this story for the first time will either make you cringe or question the person involved. Everyone is well aware of the safety measures needed when doing carpentry work or dealing with tools. Now, we are not saying that the man is crazy, but he clearly had an odd fixation.

Tragedy struck when the man accidentally crushed his delicates in a vice. We are not sure how or why it happened, but the damage was already done. The man died of a pulmonary embolism as a result of his pulverized private parts, and he earned the dubious title of being one of the weirdest and most puzzling cases dealt with by the mortician.

Doctors Know Best

There’s a reason doctors are called professionals and experts. However, even an average person could tell you that fire and oxygen don’t mix well. Oxygen can cause flammable materials to ignite more easily and to burn far more rapidly. 

Oxygen displayed its power in the case described above. According to the mortician, they received the corpse of a lady who looked like she died in a war. The burns and lacerations were so awful that they were confused as to what really happened with the lady. 

Too Much Sugar

Well, that escalated quickly. How often have we heard the phrase, “I’m dying for food”? How many times have we defied orders from doctors about eating too many sweets? What if we told you that one of the most bizarre experiences of this mortician came when they received the corpse of a lady who ate herself to death.

According to the deceased woman’s mother, the young woman had just had gastric bypass surgery five months before the tragedy. In total, the woman ate five containers of Duncan Hines frosting, which ultimately led to her death.

Cooked to Death

As a mortician or autopsy doctor, being mentally tough is integral. Throughout their education, they are fully briefed on the possibilities that may lie ahead. However, this story is downright grisly and nerve-racking, even for an autopsy doctor. The landlord of the apartment complex found out that the lady living in one of its units had died in the bathtub.

What made it worse was the fact that the body had been submerged for more than a week in piping hot water. In essence, the woman was getting cooked, and when they tried to lift her out, the meat started falling right off the bone. 

Take it Easy

For some reason, this reminds us of one of the comedy sketches narrated by Dave Chappelle. He was talking about dying in the middle of “special alone time.” Turns out, this happens alarmingly often in real life. The guy in this story was enjoying his special time so much that his blood supply got cut off.

The guy eventually died due to infection and gangrene. Another unusual case from a mortician, and although we’d never laugh at the person who died, the way he died probably made the mortician giggle a little bit.

Poor Kid

Seasoned professionals that they are, morticians cease to be surprised when tragic cases are brought to them. However, there will always be one memorable event that sticks out. Unfortunately for this mortician, that memory still haunts him to this day.

According to the mortician’s son, his dad has done numerous autopsies, but he wasn’t ready when a little girl was brought to the funeral parlor. The little girl climbed under the Christmas tree when her house caught on fire. Sadly, the Christmas tree was probably the worst place she could’ve gone.

Wear Your Helmets

This is one of the most ignored road rules among bike riders. How many times have we heard of accidents that could have been avoided if the people involved had been wearing helmets? The thrill of riding safely doesn’t seem to fit the daredevil lifestyle some drivers idealize.

Unfortunately, one accident was so gruesome that even the authorities were shell-shocked by what happened. They spent time looking for the driver’s head, thinking it was detached. However, when the mortician checked the corpse, they found the head had been pushed into the body by the force of the accident.

Real-Life Riddle

Okay, this next incident is weird and at the same time eerie. Finding a dead body is already shocking. Figuring out how he died is another thing. This mortician recalled a time when they rushed to the scene where a dead body had been found. Upon checking the corpse, the mortician was bewildered as to the cause of death.

It happened in an abandoned farmhouse, so it’s impossible for him to have gotten electrocuted without any signs of electricity in the area. The mortician also added that theories about a lightning strike weren’t plausible because there was no conductive material on the scene, and the barm was undamaged.

Pillow Killer?

This is certainly another case that even a seasoned veteran was not ready for. The corpse belongs to a known addict. However, his death wasn’t caused by narcotics. He had injected too large of a dose, but it wasn’t this that killed him. It was something far more innocent. 

The man fell face forward into his pillow which suffocated him. Yes, a soft pillow that is made for comfort and support killed the man. Talk about dealing with strange deaths!

Tree of Death

According to recent statistics, there are numerous causes of car accidents. Distracted driving, speeding, and drunk driving are the three major accident causes. Car accidents can be fatal, and it is considered a miracle if somebody walks away without getting injured.

The EMTs were quick to respond when the incident happened. The driver was seen dealing with minor injuries and looked to be okay. However, as soon as they lifted him, he stopped breathing. Apparently, a sapling tree did enough damage that his internal organs got destroyed. What a way to go. 


How do you prepare for something that should be impossible? Even a grizzled mortician was dumbfounded when he received the police report described below. Suicide is no joke, and if you know somebody who has symptoms of being suicidal, don’t hesitate in calling for help.

This case was so peculiar that the mortician read the police report twice. How did the guy survive two fatal shots to the back of his head then hang himself? How did he even manage to shoot himself in the back of the head? Sounds like a cover-up to us!  

Officer, What Happened?

Field trips are common at schools all over the world. Though they are usually fun, this father and son had a field trip they will never forget. A dad shared his story regarding a school tour with his 15-year-old kid to the local county Sheriff’s Deputy Forensics Department.

The kids noticed that one of the cars has a badly damaged front end, and the back windshield was missing. The technician then casually stated that the owner of the car committed suicide. The process, however, was unusual since it wasn’t a car crash that led to his demise but the rope he tied around his neck.

In the Name of Love

Love is a strange thing. It can make you do ridiculous things, but some people take it a little too far. We’ve heard a lot of romantic stories wherein couples have died together due to their undying devotion. However, these tales aren’t always so sweet.

Two dead bodies were found – an old woman and her lover. However, the story is nothing like The Notebook. The old man had been dead for at least three months, while the lady had only been dead for two weeks. Apparently, she kept the body to keep receiving money.


This story shared by a mortician is straight out of the movies. If a body is sent out to a funeral parlor, it is presumed dead already. This is the very reason why it goes under autopsy to check thoroughly and examine what had happened to the corpse.

Before examining the cadaver, this doctor reached for his tools, but as soon as he turned, he saw the corpse sit up out of the corner of his eye. We are pretty sure that the mortician asked for a vacation after that encounter.

Shaking Hands with Death

Donating a body part after death is a noble thing to do. According to studies, there’s been a surge of people signing up as being willing to donate their bodies for research purposes after they die. 

A mortician shared a story of what it’s like to prep a body for taking a skin donation. While he was in the process of shaving the deceased man’s arm, the corpse’s fingers curled around his own. The mortician was shaken but continued doing his job. 

Buckle Up

According to the son of the owner of a crematorium in Texas, they once cremated a man fully naked and not in a container. After the process of cremation was finished, to their surprise, his ashes came with a massive belt buckle.

The question is, how did the massive belt buckle find its way into the crematorium? The story was so surreal that it garnered media attention. Although some don’t believe their story, the owner of the crematorium doesn’t care.

Neon Green Corpse

For a mortician, seeing a dead body is normal. They examine cadavers almost every day, and nothing surprises them. Well, until this incident happened. Upon examining the body, this mortician noticed that the skin color had changed drastically. 

The body that he was examining belonged to an older middle-aged man, but his dark skin had slowly turned neon green. According to the pathologist, the color change happened due to the condition that the body was in, the effects of all the meds he was on, and the environment of the apartment.

One Body, Two States

The next story is similar to some of the cases we watch on television. If you know somebody who has tendencies of being suicidal, try to reach out to them or phone suicide prevention. A mortician once handled one body that looked like it had gone through two different deaths.

Apparently, the man committed suicide by jumping off a bridge. Half part of his body was submerged, causing it to bloat, while the other was mummified by the scorching sun.

Too Much Love Will Kill You

Get set for another cringe-worthy story. This autopsy doctor was about to end his shift when he was brought another cadaver. The profile of the cadaver was described as a 40-year-old man who was morbidly obese. However, his cause of death mystified the medical professionals.

When the doctor started the autopsy, he found questionable things on the body. In addition, when they opened up his chest, the man’s heart was the same size as a human head. How bizarre. 

Are You Kidding Me?

Shout out to the morticians who can still enjoy eating their meals after seeing living things in a human corpse. Upon opening a body for further investigation, the embalmer was able to identify a dead mouse inside the woman’s intestine.

How did the mouse get there? The mouse wasn’t alive, but still, what happened to the woman before her death? The mortician was curious as well but didn’t have the chance to raise his question. This is extremely morbid, whichever way you look at it.

Missing Pen Found!

We are not here to judge people about their fixations and obsessions. There’s even a TV show wherein they highlight strange addictions from certain individuals. For a mortician, discovering evidence of these odd fetishes can be confusing.

Upon dissecting the bladder of the cadaver, they found a pen lid inside the bladder. Instead of being solely focused on the cause of death, the doctors were intrigued by how the pen lid ended up in the man’s body. We can hardly blame them for their curiosity!

Family Business

If being a mortician is not considered a desirable day job, then having it as a family business is probably worse. This guy had to hang out in a mortuary when his mom was a mortician. According to him, there was one corpse that moved like a waterbed when poked.

He also added that the private parts of the body were the size of grapefruit. Imagine being 15 years of age and seeing this. We hope he wasn’t scarred for life. 

Bone Collector

Imagine receiving a dead body and being informed that some alterations had been made to it. This is what happened to one of the morticians on this list. Upon further investigation, he found something very odd behind the ear of the body he was working on.

Apparently, they put some pieces of her ribs, split them in half, and wired them together to cover the open area. This was not a scary ordeal, but it was definitely a surprising moment for the mortician.

You Can’t Make That Up

Here’s a sad example of a car crash that could have been avoided. The rules are simple while driving: buckle up and always keep your eyes on the road. Unfortunately, forgetting these rules led to the untimely death of this woman.

When doing the post-mortem examination, they x-rayed her body, and to their disbelief, they found a tube of lipstick in her brain. Yes, the lady driver was putting on makeup while driving. Let that be a lesson to all of us – keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road when driving! 

The Veteran And The Rookie

Mastering your craft can be done in several ways. You can pick the brains of every expert and professional you meet, or you can gain your mastery through personal experience. This EMT was in the right place at the right time to learn a valuable lesson through an unexpected incident.

They were having a normal conversation when one of the corpses started sitting up. The young EMT went pale, but for the grizzled mortician, it was just another day at the office. This explains that creepy story we read earlier in this list! Apparently, corpses can sit up by themselves sometimes. 

Are They Really Dead?

While we’re on the topic of corpses moving of their own volition, here’s an interesting twist on the phenomenon. There have been countless times when morticians have stated that a dead body “sitting up” is normal. However, for a mortician who’s only just started the job, these life-like behaviors are as creepy as they are for us.

The student thought that his coworkers were trying to scare him. Unfortunately, it was not the case. The breathing sounds he was hearing really did come from the dead body. Corpses still have a kind of capacity to breathe as they release gas after death.

Of All Places, Why?

This next story takes weirdness to another level. The dead body of a drowned guy was brought for autopsy. The body was locked away in a cold cabinet, but as the staff member walked away, they heard someone inside tapping to get out.

As soon as they locked up the body in the cabinet, the tapping noise commenced. The startled lab technician opened the cabinet, and to his surprise, a crab crept out. The cadaver had been submerged in the water for so long that the crab decided to use his body as a home. When the temperature rapidly dropped, though, the little crab decided it wanted out. 

Implants Aren’t Forever

According to research from The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there has been an increase of 446% in cosmetic procedures since 1997. Currently, having plastic surgery is no longer considered taboo, but a normal way of enhancing areas or parts of the body we’re not happy with.

The problem is, these plastic surgeries don’t tend to last a lifetime. In this case, the breast implants weren’t able to hold the volume of embalming fluid, causing one to explode. At least they didn’t rupture earlier in the woman’s life. 

Kodak Moment

A mortician’s job doesn’t only restrict them to making a dead body presentable. They are also responsible for making sure that the dead bodies are dressed for the funeral. This is a lot easier said than done. 

Apart from that, they are also in charge of making sure that the grieving family’s request is being handled. This family wanted to have one last Kodiak moment with their beloved grandad, so the undertaker had to crouch behind the coffin to make sure the body wouldn’t tumble out. 

Creepy Accessory

Receiving dead bodies is part of the job, but dealing delicately with the family of the deceased is another story. There was once a mortician who received the remains of a man who committed suicide with a circular saw. You won’t believe what they did with the saw. 

Not only did they send the body to be made presentable by the mortician, but they also gave the circular saw back to the family. Why on Earth would that poor family want to have to deal with the object that brought so much tragedy into their lives? Besides that, wouldn’t it be the most important piece of evidence?  

Head Switch?

As multiple morticians have stated, families of deceased people often have odd demands or specific needs when it comes to how their loved ones are presented. Dressing the corpse takes time, and changing their clothes on short notice is a big problem. However, this mortician took things a bit too far. 

The mortician in this story must either have a cold heart or a wicked sense of humor. If you’re feeling horrified right now, you can relax because we’re 99% sure this story is simply a joke. That’s what we’re hoping anyway! 

A Strange Request

Though the last story was likely a joke, we’ve been assured that this one really happened. Instead of going to a normal beauty parlor, this Frank character decided to get a mortician to do his makeup. A mortician’s job is to deal with dead bodies. However, we imagine it might have been a nice change of pace.

Actually, given Frank’s demeanor, it sounds like the mortician might have been happy to finally get back to his deceased clientele. We do admire the patience of the mortician in answering all of the guy’s questions. This was a strange request, to say the least.

Mother’s Last Job

This might be the saddest story on our list. Imagine embalming for so long, seeing all the possible gruesome deaths, but despite all of that, you are still not prepared for this tragic moment. Embalming one of your family members is probably the most difficult job for a mortician.

The emotional distress and mental breakdown would be too much to bear. We can only imagine the pain this mother experienced performing this task for her son. Once again, the takeaway message for us is to always pay attention to the road when driving. 

A Bug’s Life

Redefining the word gross, this mortician had a special day. Although they are trained to deal with the most gruesome sights and unpleasant smells, there are still a few things that even an experienced autopsy doctor cannot stomach. Take this grisly case as an example:

How do you deal with a three-week-old dead body filled with all manner of insects, including maggots, flies, and roaches? This young doctor still remembers that awful smell.

Scorching Weather

If we are going to do a meta-analysis of our list, one of the common problems of the mortician is how to get the body to look like it’s in one piece. In this case, it was another challenging day for the brave lab technician.

The body they were trying to retrieve was situated in the attic. To make matters worse, the body had been there for a long time, and the room was exceptionally hot. Enough said. 

The Worst Place to Store Firearms

Across the globe, suicide is a major concern, and some countries are making an extra effort to resolve this problem. Unfortunately, for this lady, help came a little too late. What made her death even sadder is that it happened during a major holiday.

The mortician had just started the cremation process when he heard loud pops. To his surprise, the woman had a small gun hidden on her. The thing is, they had thoroughly stripped her, redressed her, and checked every spot bar one in the process. 

Defrosting a Corpse

Hearing stories from retired morticians is certainly bizarre. They are raw, unfiltered, and sometimes scary. Imagine embalming a body the traditional way. Sounds grizzly, right? 

When they retrieved the frozen body of a girl, it was in an upright seated position. The embalmer had to sit her in a rocking chair in front of the fire to defrost her so that he could start doing his job. This is tragic, but for a mortician, business is business.