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Makeup Disasters: 40 Funny Makeup Fails Found on Social Media

Social media is littered with examples of terrible makeup applications. This direct assault on our conceptions of beauty may not necessarily be done maliciously, but it is unsettling to witness in its entirety. There is always an element of entertainment value there, regardless of whether it is a direct challenge to our assumptions or merely an embarrassing makeup mistake.

Some makeup disasters bring us laughter, while others make us recoil in horror. However, humans never grow unless we examine our mistakes. Since it’s always better to learn from the mistakes of others rather than making blunders yourself, we’ve gathered 40 of the most embarrassing makeup fails on the internet. Read on to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes they did!

Uneven Complexion

In this picture, we seem to be gazing at something more akin to rubber than to human skin. The effect looks like one of those Halloween masks that you have to pull down over your nose and mouth. It has an unnatural sheen and is utterly different from the skin of her neck.

Although the eye paint is intriguing, it’s tough to look past the part of the face that’s intended to be skin. We bet this look would have been perfect if her base was a better match for her skin tone. 

Alien Bloom

This combination of splattered hot pink and black accents is meant to give off an otherworldly impression on purpose. The artist has stated that they were “inspired by the strangeness and beauty of the shift from winter to spring” when creating this look.


“Alien Bloom” is the name of this piece of artwork. Such a fitting name, right? One could assume that sprouting lashes from your brows would be unsightly in an unattractive manner; however, it is unsightly in an intriguing one.

The Bratz Dolls

She is a doll that was brought to life – plastic that has been painted a shade of orange that is several shades darker than her natural skin color. She keeps up with the latest fashion trends by applying white eyeliner inside the lower lid. This woman put together a style that will be remembered because she made the most of her attributes in all the wrong ways.

One user on Reddit commented that she reminds them of a villain from a video game, while another said she looked like one of those dolls appearing in scary movies. We think she looks more like a Bratz doll. 

A Catastrophic Makeup Mistake

We certainly hope she wasn’t forced to pay for that botched cosmetics job. She is in the car, likely headed back to her house, and she is holding a picture in her hand that depicts the look she was aiming for. Clearly, her makeup artist failed to deliver.

Now, if she were on her way to a Halloween party, we would be down with her look. Here’s hoping she wasn’t on her way to a glam photoshoot or stylish event!

Using Bad Makeup to Make a Statement

Will Ferrell and Steve Carell made themselves living examples of the most common mistakes people make with their makeup. Both the comedic actors were in attendance at the 78th Annual Academy Awards to deliver the award for Best Makeup.

Alamy Stock Photo

Ferrell went for a style that was too bronzed while Carell’s eyelids and brows were overdrawn. Those are exactly the mistakes people make with their makeup when they go to events. In addition to that, Carell’s foundation stops short of reaching the hairline.

Dotted Eyebrows

The first thing that catches our attention about this look is the eyebrows. They are rather strange. There is such a thing as having too much glitter, especially if it is the incorrect hue. The black stick-on dots in the inner corner of her eyes give the impression that they have detached themselves from her eyebrows.


And what’s the deal with the little black spots around her lips? Is there a dot-to-dot puzzle involved here? Someone put it up on Reddit with the caption “Y??? Just…Y????” It was an accurate summary of the situation.

Making Extra Space

It is clear by looking at the picture that the woman’s brows are located directly in the middle of her forehead. The space is then flooded with a sea of emerald and turquoise colors. This is a terrible look to have on your face.


Because of the way those artificial brows are drawn up, she appears to be in a state of constant surprise. It seems as though she just can’t believe what she’s done to her face. It’s possible that she’s shocked at how poorly makeup can turn out.

McDonald’s Inspired Eyebrows?

Look, this is not a terrible makeup job if you focus on the base and highlighter. The arches, on the other hand, are the most disturbing aspect of this photo. You can’t help but think about McDonald’s when you look at her. Is this some kind of covert marketing?


It is possible that the purveyor of Big Macs would want her to be an influencer on social media. However, on further reflection, it seems she is striving for a cartoonish, continuously shocked expression.

A Villainous Look

Painting your neck red is one strategy you can use to conceal the foundation line that runs from your jaw to your neck. This girl took it a step further by creating a devilish appearance. We’re not sure what those rings on her head are supposed to be, though.


It’s not just a makeup mistake; it’s a purposeful disaster brought on by the devil himself. Maybe this girl is going to a Halloween party or just trying a Halloween-themed makeup look.

What’s Worse Than Yellow Eye Shadow?

Her eyebrows are sculpted well, and her eyeshadow is very lovely. Her cheeks look fantastic. However, the shade of canary yellow she’s wearing on her lips is unnerving. Because this is an odd lip tint for humans, it has taken us by surprise.


Additionally, it gives the impression that her lips are protruding out from the rest of her face, much like a duck’s beak. To put it bluntly, it’s intentionally terrible. However, the fact that the cosmetic look has received more than 2,000 likes on Instagram indicates that some people consider it cool.

The Bad Girl Look

There is a wide variety of makeup looks out there, and some of them are pretty artistic. Unfortunately, it’s almost as though the fad for lousy makeup has come back around full circle. The color scheme for this look is all black, with even more black added to keep things in check.


She didn’t do much other than cover everything with black, but to be fair, she does look pretty amazing. We just wonder how practical that thick black lipstick is when she wants to eat something. 

Monster Makeup

This face is decorated with blues and blacks that were dug up from the ocean. A terrifying depiction of Charybdis, a sea monster from Greek mythology, served as the inspiration for this design. That most likely clarifies why her lips look like a whirlpool and why she has a swirl on the top of her nose.


The mythical sea monster is often shown as spinning whirlpools around its prey before consuming them in its gaping maw. Overall, the woman’s makeup look is quite unique.

Smokey Eyes with a Twist

This is what transpires when one takes the smokey aesthetic one step further than it should be taken. The smoky look is one of our favorites – so much so that some of us even paint our own faces using that technique occasionally – but whatever happened here was a complete and utter disaster.


It appears more like a bonfire was nearby and left some thick black smoke in the air and on her face. From her expression, it looks like she was going for a classic and mysterious vibe, but that’s not at all what she achieved.

Fluffy and Shiny

The highlighter is a little too much in this picture. Her cheek, the end of her nose, and the space in between her eyebrows all have a plastic-like sheen to them. However, she’s also gone a little overboard with the brows and lashes.

The color of the lipstick is also challenging to stare at for more than a second or two at a time. We’re also a little worried about that filler mustache she’s developed. It might be time to switch to a new aesthetician! 

The Sister of Frankenstein’s Monster

This is somewhat startling to take in. Green is not a color that humans find appealing when applied to the face. And that is the reason why aliens have green skin. It defies all humanity. Of course, it’s highly likely that this look was designed for an art piece or costume party.

Instagram/@ramonovsky mua

As “Day Five” is the name of this work of art, one can only assume that it is meant to depict the fifth day of a dead body’s decomposition, much like how the Frankenstein monster has a color that looks like a cadaver.

Eyeball Illusionist

This one indeed fooled us, which is precisely the effect that this makeup artist was striving for when they created it. In the description of the photo on Instagram, it is referred to as an “eye illusion.” It certainly succeeds in captivating and holding your attention.


The appearance was accomplished by painting what looked like half of an iris on her eyelids. In addition, her eyelashes are light in color, she does not wear mascara, and her brows are blonde, all of which contribute to the overall effect.

Metallic Thorns

Is she concealing her face with an armed face mask, or is she hiding something more menacing? A mother is the only one who could possibly adore this look. Her irises are gray, and above them, her metal eyebrows shimmer and shine.


Those pointy studs cry menacingly, “Stay away from me, do not come close!” Maybe she is an introvert and doesn’t want people going near her. Now that we think about it, this would be a great way to ensure people give you the space you need!

Making a Statement

Yellow should rarely be used as eyeshadow, especially if you don’t have access to a professional makeup artist. The hue looks stunning when it is patterned across the feathers of many different species of birds, but when applied to human skin, it is a cosmetic fail.

We see what she’s doing; she’s trying to coordinate the yellow in the earrings with the eye makeup design she chose. But nah, it really isn’t working.

An Abstract Painting

This makeup application is so terrible that there is not a single thing that could possibly save it. The neon appears to have been splattered on without consideration, and the eyebrows have been tinted with some kind of pastel powder.


It looks like someone made a huge mistake with their makeup. It appears as though the art supply aisle collapsed on top of her. One thing we do love is the fact that she let her natural skin texture shine through rather than Face Turning herself to the extreme. 

Blue Butterfly

The most positive thing we can say about this is that her hair and makeup go together so flawlessly that it gives the impression that they are made of the same stuff. However, when examined more closely, the eye makeup does not appear to be particularly attractive.


The paint that is going downward and diagonally is unimaginative, and the colored lids have been sketched in a clumsy manner. What look is this woman really going for, though? Is that supposed to be a blue butterfly?

Spider Lashes

This lady’s makeup is relatively conventional; she has long lashes, sculpted eyebrows, and red lips. However, individuals are turned off by the excessive application of every element of the look. It is exaggerated to such an extreme that it causes one to wince.

The lips are exaggerated to the point where they appear to be about to burst, and the lashes are drawn out to the point where they cover her brows. It isn’t lovely, but some people believe it to be a worthy cosmetic fad.

How to Use Eyeshadow Like a Pro

The first and most important rule of eyeshadow is to never stick to just one color. Unfortunately, this young lady does not appear to be one for adhering to conventions. Thus she may be attempting to make a bold statement by sporting red eyes and matching lips.

That vivid color surrounding her eyes gives the impression that she has been punched in the face. And let’s not even get started on those brows. At least her piercings look cute!

An Intense Display of Color

Although you might be reminded of geisha makeup at first glance, this look is truly one of a kind due to the vivid colors used. Her shoulders are a deep pink color, and the combination of green eye makeup and yellow blush contributes to the otherworldly vibes that emanate from her face.


She does not have eyebrows, but her eyelashes have grown to cover the space where they should be. This is not a look you should wear if you’re going to a glam photoshoot.

Deer in the Headlights

The color looks like cotton candy, but at the same time, it makes her appear to be shivering so much that her lips have become blue. When you find out that she captioned the photo, “My best ‘deer in the headlights,'” her heavy eyelashes and frozen expression make perfect sense.


The phrase “deer in the headlights” refers to a state in which you’re so terrified or surprised that you are unable to move or think for yourself. Don’t you think those eyelashes remind you of the eyes of an alert young doe?

It Doesn’t Seem That Bad at First Glance

When someone looks at this girl for a longer period, they will realize that the complexion of her face is far more orange than the skin tone of her upper chest. This is another common makeup mistake – failing to properly match your foundation to your skin tone.


It completely spoils what may have been a decent look. While her brows and lashes are a bit intense, it still would have been a passable look if she wore her actual shade. Take note: no matter how tan you wish you were, it’s essential to be honest about your skin tone when selecting makeup.

Tim Burton Inspired Makeup Look

This woman has entirely replaced her eyebrows with tattoos of hearts and barbed wire. We hope it’s a temporary look! It appears as though she is in a lot of discomfort from the wire because those tears look awfully bloody. Thankfully, they’re just painted on.

Instagram /@de4d gh0ul

This is not a look you should try out in your own home. Even if those barbed wire brows aren’t permanent tattoos, she still had to shave her brows off, and that’s not a look many people can pull off. 

The Browless Look

What on Earth is going on here? Why is the browless look in all of a sudden? We must repeat our earlier warning: Don’t rush out and shave your brows! And don’t waste your time covering them up like this lady has.


Apart from the invisi-brows, this look does not appear to have been carefully crafted. Take note of the faint crease that can be seen underneath her eyes and the heavy shadow above. This is far from an ideal look.

Another Bratz Doll

The first thing that jumps out at you about this is that the lipstick doesn’t get to the corner of the mouth where the smile would crease, and the rest of the lips are just painted over with foundation. The orange covering her forehead is a lot darker than it should be.

It’s a lot of work between the lashes and the brows. According to one user on Reddit, the person in the picture works in close proximity to them, and the makeup looks far worse in person.

Metallic Eyeshadow

This look is bright, childlike, and fun. It would have been stunning if she paired it with a more complementary lip color. However, we still wouldn’t really classify this as a makeup fail.


She could have curled her lashes, and her nose is a wee bit shiny, but for the most part, this is a cute look – perfect for days when you feel like being a bit silly. We give her the first passing grade on this list!

Two Pairs of Eyebrows

The person wearing this look has gone to extremes with their makeup, and it is somewhat unsettling. It’s already absurd that she has two sets of eyebrows. This occurrence can be accounted for in two different ways.


Either the makeup artist didn’t bring her glasses to work that day, or the model felt particularly adventurous and wanted to bring a fresh look to life. Unfortunately, it is not attractive and completely contradicts any ideas of beauty typically seen at stores that sell cosmetics.

Is He a Sim?

This person has applied a sufficient amount of cosmetics to conceal their human identity. Their hair is dyed an unnatural color, and to make matters worse, you can see foundation smeared into the hairline around their head.


That does not put an end to the problems with this makeup look. Shiny highlights run the length of the person’s nose, accentuating the length and slimness. All in all, it helps them achieve the air of supernatural mystery they are clearly seeking.

Cute White Hearts

It appears as though this young lady was fiddling around with a bottle of white-out because she was extremely bored. It seems to be hazardous and temporary at best. We have high hopes that it can be removed using the standard methods.


Believe it or not, white cosmetics really exist. The use of white eyeliner was even dubbed the “greatest celebrity cosmetic trend of 2019” by Refinery29. Have we reached the point when it is no longer trendy? All we can do is dream.

Trump Does His Own Makeup

There is little doubt that his orangey appearance became an internet meme instantly. On Saturday Night Live, Alec Baldwin had a lot of fun making jokes about it. It was “fake news,” according to Donald Trump’s statements. In addition to this, he claimed that the picture, which was taken by photojournalist William Moon, was an attempt by his rivals to smear him.

Alamy Stock Photo

Does he apply his own makeup? An assistant who worked for Trump during the campaign once remarked that the former president’s grooming routine is “his own secret to keep.”

Carnival Makeup

Her skin is so smooth and glassy that she looks like she’s wearing a plastic mask. We must commend her on her beautiful complexion. However, the eye makeup is a bit much, and the fake eyelashes have a texture that is similar to feathers.


The eyebrows appear to be fake, and there is a little bit of orange across her forehead and cheeks. Other than those very picky complaints, her look is fascinating, and we all learn and grow by experimenting and pushing boundaries. So, we’ll give her a pass on this one!

Fluffy Eyes

Her eyes are entirely obscured by a cloud of fluff. Surely that stops her from being able to see clearly. It completely blocks her line. We can’t imagine it would be very comfortable, and why are some of the lashes white?


This cosmetic choice would not go over well with PETA or vegans. It was crafted with the actual fur of an animal. From our perspective, this crosses the line. Animals shouldn’t have to suffer for our beauty choices. 

Which Look Is She Trying to Achieve?

What we see here is a dark mauve shadow that has been applied thickly. In the center of her eyelid, there is a gold patch that looks like she’s had coins placed on her eyes. The only time this look would be acceptable is if you were in a Greek play and your character had been murdered.

Aside from that, she suffers from the same issue many of us have fallen prey to – that dreaded foundation line that occurs when you don’t select the right foundation shade and fail to properly blend it down your neck. 

Blazing Eyelids

This eyeshadow is so bright it’s hard to look at. It appears as though it has been altered through the use of photo editing software because the skin on her forehead and her eyebrows look unnatural. However, the fire she has in her eyes is breathtaking.


It is way too much. The woman’s lips are also quite bizarre looking. Her eyebrows are perfectly groomed, however, and we can see that she loves experimenting wildly with makeup, so all we can do is slow clap in awe. 

Green Is Not Everyone’s Color

Are you enjoying this look she is sporting? She has thick synthetic eyelashes on the top but none at all on the bottom of her eyes. However, it is pretty evident that this is not the most distressing aspect of the makeup catastrophe.


The neon mint color makes her eyes tired and uncomfortable due to its unnatural appearance. She has the appearance of an extraterrestrial raccoon that is wearing the disguise of a cow that was abducted by a UFO. We will give her this – it is a unique look!

Next-Level Contouring

This course on contours has taken a turn for the more advanced. Her appearance is reminiscent of that of a patterned animal, such as a leopard or a giraffe. The way she applies contour gives the impression that she is taking face painting to an entirely new level.

To put your minds at ease, we’ll let you know that the makeup artist who produced this look did so intentionally for the purpose of participating in a social media challenge.

A Star Trek-Inspired Look

This look is nowhere near as awful as some of the other photographs we’ve seen. In fact, we’re not even sure it falls under the category of “makeup fail.” It appears to have been designed to suit a Star Trek theme. While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the colors certainly do suit her complexion.

The steep switchbacks she’s created with eyeliner are similar to the tail ends of The Enterprise. In addition to this, the overall look is reminiscent of the character makeup that is utilized in Star Trek to differentiate an alien species from humans.