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John Travolta Shares His Truth With The World

John Travolta somehow stands out, even among the other big names in Hollywood. He is quite possibly one of the most talented entertainers in the industry. However, with great fame comes many secrets. From his association with the Scientology religion to his controversial love life, we’re about to take you through some of the biggest controversies of Travolta’s life. 

Travolta’s private life has been the subject of much debate in the media, yet he’s so adept at keeping his cards to his chest, that no one has ever found hard evidence to support the rumors. Recently, however, John Travolta decided to come out and put all misinformation to rest by offering the truth that lies behind the whispers. What he had to say was astonishing. Read on to learn more about this amazing performer’s past and the secrets he’s finally chosen to share. 

One Great Love

John and Kelly first met while filming The Experts in 1987. Love looked like it would bloom, but there was just one problem – Kelly was already married. The pair parted ways without acting on their feelings. It wasn’t until they re-met in Vancouver in 1990 that their relationship truly took off. Kelly filed for a divorce from her first husband, and as soon as things were settled, she and John got engaged. They wanted to get hitched in New York, but when all the planning got out of hand, they decided to throw caution to the wind and elope to Paris where they exchanged their wedding vows.

Kelly filed for a divorce from her first husband, and as soon as things were settled, she and John got engaged. They wanted to get hitched in New York, but when all the planning got out of hand, they decided to throw caution to the wind and elope to Paris where they exchanged their wedding vows.

Breakout Role

Travolta’s breakout role came when he played Tod in the TV film, The Boy in the Plastic Bubble. His character was born with a weak immune system that forced him to live a restricted life. Desperate to encounter new things, Tod found a way to move around by having a massive bubble made out of plastic. 

As he begins to investigate his environment, he develops feelings for the young lady who lives in the house nearby. We don’t want to spoil the ending if you haven’t seen it, but the big question is this: does Tod ever find a way to get out of his bubble?

Diana Hyland and John Travolta 

With an 18-year age gap, Diana Hyland and John Travolta’s love story surprised many. However, it wasn’t the age gap itself that caused the shock. The pair had played mother and son in The Boy in the Plastic Bubble, making it an awkward relationship for fans to understand.

Their love story was short-lived as Hyland suffered from breast cancer and unfortunately passed away at 41 years of age. She died in Travolta’s arms, making the tragedy bittersweet. The Boy in the Plastic Bubble was widely praised, and thus, Hyland was granted an Emmy Award, which Travolta accepted in her honor.

Kelly Preston and George Clooney

Preston also had a sweet love story prior to meeting Travolta. When they met in Vancouver, Kelly was at the time hitched to Kevin Gage. The couple had delighted in a grand wedding in Hawaii, but their marriage only lasted two years.

In the late 1908s, before her marriage, Kelly Preston had been connected to George Clooney. Reports of a romantic relationship were affirmed when Clooney gifted Kelly a pet pig which they named Max. Preston had the option to keep the pet following her separation from Clooney.

Two Weddings

Though Travolta and Preston were delighted to finally be getting married, things weren’t easy. The wedding arrangements got a little too crazy, so they got on a plane, left the celebrity world behind, and had a simple ceremony in Paris officiated by a Scientology minister. This all went down back in 1991.

Alamy StockWhen the joyous couple returned, their happiness was put on pause when they discovered the marriage was not lawful in the US. They fixed this up immediately with yet another marriage ceremony, this time on Florida’s Daytona Beach. With this, they were officially hitched. 

A Shocking Death

Back in 2009, the Travoltas were devastated when Kelly and John’s son, Jett tragically died. They had been enjoying a holiday in the Old Bahama Bay Hotel in the Bahamas when the tragedy happened.

Then sixteen-year-old Jett hit his head on the bathtub and endured a seizure. He passed away soon after, leaving the family, including Jett’s sister, Ella, crushed. On behalf of the Travoltas, their family lawyer delivered a family statement to People Magazine which read: “To bury your son is the worst thing you can ever do.”

Like Mother, Like Son

The talent for acting runs in the Travoltas’ blood. John’s mom, Helen, also enjoyed a career in acting, and this inspired John in his own pursuits. As a kid, he had watched his mom acting and dancing in films and on stage.

John was considered the triple threat thanks to his acting, singing, and dancing skills – abilities he found when he went to a drama school in New York. The mother and child duo appeared together in both Grease and Saturday Night Fever, showcasing their talents to the world.

A Passion for Flying

John Travolta loves to fly so much that he became a licensed pilot, permitting him to fly private planes. This enthusiasm drove him to purchase his own armada of five aircraft. He uses his Boeing 707 to fly his loved ones around the country and to distant parts of the globe. 

Travolta constructed a permanent spot for his family in a residential airpark, part of the Jumbolair Aviation Estates. The house was designed with a runway that goes directly to the family’s front entryway, so he can hop in a plane and fly to any place he wants, whenever the desire strikes.

Massive Net Worth

John Travolta’s celebrated career enabled him to develop an astonishing net worth that is currently sitting at a whopping $170 million. The Grease and Hairspray star is one of the most generously compensated entertainers in Hollywood. 

With hits like Saturday Night Fever, the royalties simply continue coming in. It’s no wonder he’s so relaxed about spending up big on luxury homes and aircraft. Indeed, this isn’t surprising for a big, wealthy star like Travolta.

Amazing Talent

Back in 1977, Travolta shocked crowds with his acting and dancing talents in the popular film, Saturday Night Fever. Although he is a naturally talented dancer, he needed to undergo serious training at a dance school in order to be able to perfect the moves demanded of him in the movie. 

Alamy StockIn an interview with Vanity Fair, Travolta said that he preferred the dance moves of soul and funk to any other styles, so he had attempted to impart elements from the film Soul Train into Saturday Night Fever.

John’s Best Friend

Through the years, John Travolta and Oprah Winfrey have established a strong friendship. She has said he is her favorite movie star and Travolta regularly chooses Oprah whenever he’s up for an interview.In 2010, Oprah broadly declared in episode 1 of the final season of her popular talk show that the entire crowd was being welcomed on an 8-day, all-costs paid vacation to Australia. As though this wasn’t enough, John Travolta agreed to fly the plane

In 2010, Oprah broadly declared in episode 1 of the final season of her popular talk show that the entire crowd was being welcomed on an 8-day, all-costs paid vacation to Australia. As though this wasn’t enough, John Travolta agreed to fly the plane

A Special Weekend

In 1996, John and Kelly chose to talk about the intimate weekend they spent at the home of their friends, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, where they believe they conceived their adored child, Jett. 

Though there will always be beauty in this happy moment, it also bears a tinge of tragedy since Jett sadly died so young. It has not been easy for the Travolta family, and they have transparently spoken about wanting to talk to a Scientology marriage mentor to help them with some of their challenging moments.

Kelly Preston and Charlie Sheen

Did you know that Kelly dated Charlie Sheen very briefly in 1990? Sheen proposed with a stunning 2.5-carat diamond ring, but their romantic relationship ended after a mishap with a handgun, the details of which Kelly revealed in her autobiography.

Kelly was cleaning up and moved Charlie’s pants when the gun accidentally went off and shot her in the arm. They had an amicable separation after this incident and chose to sell the engagement ring and share the cash.

An Introvert

Travolta was a loner during his high school years and did not enjoy the same fame as he does now. He wasn’t good at winning the hearts of girls either. Travolta was far too invested in sharpening his acting skills at the time.

In an interview with The Phoenix, he shared, “Not too many of my friends identified with what I was doing. I participated in football and basketball and did what they were doing, but not many kids understood my going to acting studios at night.” 

Difficult Times

Only four days after filming for Saturday Night Fever wrapped, Travolta began working on Grease. This was the greatest film of 1978, so it makes sense that he was prepared to start filming right away. This was a particularly troublesome time for Travolta as his girlfriend, Diana Hyland, had only just died.

According to Randal Kleiser, the director of Grease, Travolta was having trouble lip-syncing for some of the musical numbers. Of course, as a professional actor, Travolta finally got the lip-sync right.

A Big Mistake

Back in 1984, Travolta was offered the lead role in the film Splash. Other famous actors of the time including Michael Keaton, Bill Murray, and Dudley Moore additionally turned down the job, with Tom Hanks eventually embracing the role.

Travolta was dissuaded by his manager who figured it wasn’t a good role for him at that point. It turned out it was one of the biggest film industry hits of the year. This was definitely one of Travolta’s regrets in life, but who doesn’t have at least a few of those?

Ambassador for Qantas Airways

In 2001, not long after the September 11 terrorist attacks, Travolta became the “Ambassador-at-large” for Qantas Airways, trying to urge individuals to keep utilizing planes in the wake of that tragic day. 

While it seemed bizarre that Travolta would connect with Qantas, which is an Australian airline, the actor was fascinated by their safety record. It was through Qantas that Travolta bought his Boeing 707 airplane, the most noteworthy in his armada (in case you missed it, Travolta is a licensed private pilot).

Extravagant Homes

The Travoltas are proud owners of four mansions in California, Maine, Hawaii, and Florida (the latter of which is their main and biggest residence). The Florida residence also functions as an airport, with two runways that lead directly to the family’s front door. How cool is that? 

Travolta’s Florida mansion is located in a residential airpark. In an interview, he explained: “We designed the house for the jets and to have at our access the world at a moment’s notice.”

Travolta’s Dream Co-Pilots

Travolta is fortunate to share his passion for airplanes and flying with his great pal, Marlon Brando. The two even co-piloted on various trips. Travolta says he would’ve loved to have flown with legends like Howard Hughes and Charles Lindbergh. 

Sadly, these big dreams will remain fantasies for Travolta as both Hughes and Lindbergh died many years ago. Hughes was a virtuoso of his time who was tormented by emotional issues and OCD. Lindbergh was the first individual to fly solo and non-stop over the Atlantic Ocean.

John Travolta and Kirstie Alley

Alley and Travolta met when they starred opposite each other in Look Who’s Talking and again in Look Who’s Talking Now. It took a long time for Alley to move past her feelings for Travolta. 

Alley was shocked by the development of these feelings because she was already married to Parker Stevenson when she and Travolta met. Despite all this, she once told Barbara Walters that he was “the love of my life.” Kirstie ended up sticking with Stevenson, and now she and Travolta are good friends.

Not Close

You may be surprised to learn that Tom Cruise and John Travolta are not good friends. Despite having common friends, and being dedicated believers in Scientology, the two Hollywood actors are not at all close. Don’t be deceived by the photo below that shows the A-list actors smiling for the camera.

In Leah Remini’s book Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology, she wrote that Tom doesn’t like John. Travolta was not invited to the 2006 wedding of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

The Pain of Tragedy

The Travoltas were enjoying a happy (and luxurious) life until they were devastated by the shocking death of Jett Travolta who passed away at just 16 years of age after suffering a seizure. 

A few days after the tragedy, the family released a statement that said: “Jett was the most wonderful son that two parents could ever ask for and lit up the lives of everyone he encountered.” We can only imagine the pain Jett’s sister and parents endure every day of their lives.

The Secret to a Blissful Marriage

In celebration of 25 years of marriage, John and Kelly opened up to Closer Weekly about the secrets of their strong and happy relationship. Apparently, the most important secret is that they care profoundly for each other and put work into cherishing their bond. 

The couple told the magazine that they have developed a shared intuition when it comes to safeguarding each other. Like most married couples, they suggest trying new things together so you keep on developing as a couple. “Keep doing things, just the two of you,” said Kelley.

John’s Special Moment With Princess Diana

One of John’s most notable moments happened in 1985 when he hit the dance floor with Princess Diana at a gala dinner at the White House hosted by then-President Ronald Reagan. 

Alamy StockAs indicated by reports from the occasion, Nancy Raegan said that Diana wished to dance with John Travolta, so he asked her. He still describes it as being one of the most iconic moments of his life. John recalled that he and Diana “were off for 15 minutes of dancing.“

Success Is Not Guaranteed

For most people, their first few jobs aren’t anything all that memorable. The same can be said for John Travolta. His first big-screen appearance came in the film, Urban Cowboy, following which came a string of films that failed to impress the cinematic world. 

This prompted a decline in film offers and an acting hiatus for Travolta. Soon enough, though, he was able to recalibrate his judgment skills, allowing him to select projects destined to become gigantic hits. Travolta re-discovered his magic.

John The Singer

The majority of John Travolta’s career has been centered around acting and dancing, however, he is a triple threat, which means he has singing prowess. After his appearance in Grease, he could have fully embraced the music industry like his co-star, Olivia Newton-John. However, he chose to stay in the world of acting. 

Interestingly, then 22-year-old Travolta released a love song titled “Let her in.” It won the hearts of the American public and made it into the top 10 on the Billboard charts.

His “John-aissance”

The tables started to turn for Travolta when he appeared in Look Who’s Talking. The 1989 film amassed an incredible $297 million at the box office. The movie’s producers realized they had a winner on their hands as this was Travolta’s greatest box office triumph since Grease. 

Alamy StockSome called this his “John-aissance,” which was well and truly going when he was offered a role in Quinten Tarantino’s 1994 film, Pulp Fiction. Travolta earned an Academy Award nomination for best actor for his impressive portrayal of Vincent Vega. 

A Top Actor

Pulp fiction launched Travolta into a special field of A-list actors. During the nineties, he was given top roles that included playing opposite Nicolas Cage as an FBI agent in the hit action film Faceoff. 

Alamy StockHe also starred in Get Shorty and A Civil Action. One of the most challenging roles of John Travolta’s career came with the film Primary Colors. The character was demanding, and Travolta had to transform himself in every respect to make the character realistic.

Making His Character Believable

For Travolta’s role in Primary Colors (1998), for which he would depict former President Bill Clinton during his first presidential campaign, the director felt it would be more realistic if Travolta put on some weight.

He was asked to bulk up by thirty pounds, which was a massive change from his slim physique in Grease. To gain weight, he had the chance to gorge on burgers and junk food, which he confessed to taking far too much pleasure in. “It’s been fun gaining it,” he said.

The Oscars Mishap

In 2014, Travolta humiliated himself at the Academy Awards ceremony when he introduced Idina Menzel as “Adele Dazeem.” He got loads of criticism for his error, however, he took it on the chin and sent the singer a sincere apology note with a huge bunch of roses. 

Menzel acknowledged Travolta’s apology but got her own back the next year when their jobs were switched. She introduced him as “Glom Gazingo.” Everyone had a decent snicker, including Travolta, but he went and made it awkward again by touching her face on stage. 

The Sex Scandal

It’s not unusual for Hollywood superstars like John Travolta to be involved in nasty rumors. In 2014, Douglas Gotterba, a former pilot for Travolta, asserted that he had been having an intimate relationship with Travolta for quite some time. 

The Travolta family said the reports were bogus and “ridiculous.” When the allegation was made, Gotterba said that he was not in breach of any non-disclosure agreements and said the affair took place while he worked for Travolta’s airplane company.

More Scandals

John Travolta has been captured on various occasions getting very close to specific individuals, sparking questions on fidelity and his sexuality. For his part, Travolta claims he kisses male and female pals with equal levels of intimacy. We presume this is what’s happening in the photograph below where Travolta can be seen getting remarkably intimate with Kirk Douglas. 

Travolta was also photographed with an unidentified friend when they were about to take off in one of Travolta’s private planes. This telling photo may have been the greatest embarrassment to plague him throughout his career.

A Staunch Scientology Adherent

Travolta converted to Scientology back in 1975. He has been a prominent believer for more than four decades and says he appreciates its positive impact on his life. In an interview on Good Morning America, Travolta said Scientology gave him immense strength when he lost his son Jett. 

“I’ve saved lives with it and saved my own life several times. Through my loss of my son, it helped me every step of the way for two years solid, and here I am,” he said.

The Lawsuit Years

May of 2012 was a terrible time for Travolta as he was flooded with claims of unwanted advances by a mysterious massage therapist. This person filed a case against Travolta, and the disclosure came only days after another series of allegations.

The men from the first case sued Travolta for battery and assault, asserting that the actor engaged in violent behavior in a Beverly Hills hotel. Travolta stayed quiet on the matters, and in the end, the charges were dropped as his legal team demonstrated that the accusations were false.

Another Allegation

Travolta had to face yet another accusation in 2009. While on a Royal Caribbean cruise, Travolta allegedly called one of the workers on the ship “beautiful” and told him he would “take care of” him. 

While Travolta couldn’t refute the fact that he was on the Royal Caribbean cruise in question, he was able to dismiss the claims made by Mr. Zanzi, the cruise ship worker. When asked about the accusations, Travolta called them “ludicrous and inane.” The case was eventually dropped before a preliminary trial occurred.

Not Into Academics

Travolta was not a fan of school as he was too focused on developing his acting abilities. This sentiment was reflected in the characters he played in films like Grease and shows like Welcome Back Kotter. 

When he realized that the performing arts were his calling, Travolta lost all interest in academics. As to his relationship with his teachers, Travolta would simply attempt to beguile them and “tried to communicate with them on a more adult level.”

A Big Heart

John Travolta knows how to use his fame and fortune for a good cause. In 2010, Haiti was hit with a terrible earthquake. The Haitian public and their government simply didn’t have the resources to help all those affected by the catastrophe. 

When Travolta heard the news, he stacked his Boeing 707 with food, supplies, and a medical team and flew his plane to Haiti to distribute the goods. This is one of the many advantages of having your own plane – when disaster strikes, you can head out and help.

A Poor Decision

Travolta was savoring his successful career until the early 2000s when he fell back into his old habit of making poor movie choices. Most notable among his flops was Battlefield Earth, which he starred in and co-produced.

Alamy StockThe film was criticized strongly while performing poorly at the box office. In Hollywood, they say you’re only as good as your last film, so Travolta may have feared his career was finished. He shouldn’t have been so stressed, however, as his standing was solid enough that he still had some astonishing moments ahead.

A Magazine Cover

Travolta has demonstrated on many occasions that he is the triple threat, and this has led to a lifetime of popularity and wealth. As a result, loads of brands are always clamoring to work with him. In 1978, he became the first man to grace the cover of the mainstream magazine McCalls.

At the time, this was a progressive move as it was usually only models and actresses who graced the front page of magazines. This bold move led to more freedom with magazine covers, and the aftereffects can still be seen to this day.

Hoping for the Best

Nobody knows what’s next for John Travolta (except the man himself). Since we live in a time of online streaming, where fans often prefer series over films, he will go for more roles like the one he took in The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story. It’s also possible that he may decide to settle down and focus on his family.

What we cannot deny is that whatever Travolta focuses on, he puts it all on the line, going at max speed until he arrives at the pinnacle of his game. All we have to do is watch.