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39 Entertaining #mydoctorisweird Responses From Jimmy Fallon’s Audience

We’re back with another rundown of tweets from Jimmy Fallon’s infamous #Hashtag segment. Sometimes, the talk show host and comedian posts a tweet addressed to his followers, requesting that they share stories they have that relate to the week’s hashtag. Fallon then reads the funniest and most shocking ones on The Tonight Show. These hashtag challenges get so many responses that most of them go viral on Twitter. 

Today’s list features 30+ strange doctor encounters shared by Jimmy Fallon’s Twitter devotees. While going to the physician’s clinic is essential for good health, it may turn into a strange and unforgettable moment too!

Drop your pants

Depending on what you’re there for, regular checkups may involve some kind of stripping down. Regardless of whether it’s your top or your jeans you need to remove, it’s a standard procedure, and most doctors make you feel at ease about it. 

Photo on nydailynews.com; Tweet anon

In any case, it’s justifiable if some individuals might be awkward with it. This Twitter user was anticipating the need to take their jeans off. The doctor was surprised at how quickly they complied, but the way the doctor expressed that surprise was a little risque.

Meet Doctor Elf

Alright, this isn’t accurate. This Twitter user’s physician is not a mythical being. Elf happens to be his middle name. We might want to scrutinize the inquiry: is it the physician himself that is strange, or is it the physician’s parents? 

Photo by @TamerLarry69 on Twitter; Tweet anon.

Needless to say, this doctor didn’t have a say in what his middle name would be. He simply has to carry on with the remainder of his life dealing with the consequences of having a name like Elf. We think it’s cool, and we’re sure Lord of the Rings fans do too. 

Making things more awkward

Sometimes, the patient isn’t the only person coming into a doctor’s clinic with feelings of apprehension. The doctor may be dealing with some nerves as well. It isn’t so much that they’re not positive about taking care of their responsibilities, it’s just that certain procedures are more awkward than others. 

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash; Tweet anon.

A Pap smear is an invasive test. It could be that the doctor was attempting to help his patient feel less embarrassed. However, he ended up making things much more awkward.

The doctor that never made eye contact

Any patient would want their primary care physician to be composed, confident, kind, and consoling as they discuss the diagnosis and treatment options. Regardless of whether it’s uplifting news or awful news, you need to be able to leave the clinic with an understanding of what lies ahead and confidence that the doctor will support you.

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash; Tweet anon.

It’s hard to be persuaded of anything your primary care physician is saying if they never make eye contact. Is it uplifting news or awful news? Is it accurate to say that you will be alright? Assuming this is the case, why does the doctor look anxious about it?

The Name’s Bond, Doctor James Bond

This patient clearly didn’t understand the challenge. The hashtag should be about your physician being weird. Being treated by an orthopedic surgeon named James Bond isn’t odd – it’s awesome! Truth be told, it makes for a decent story. That is why it makes our list. 

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cornell.and.craig; Tweet anon.

There are countless James Bonds out there living under the shadow of 007. In any case, this surgeon doesn’t just share the name. He’s likewise a hero who saves lives and helps people on a daily basis. 

The mantra doctor

Don’t you love it when your doctor is able to help you get better without the use of medicines that have harsh side effects? Be that as it may, when your physician recommends a mantra before bed to treat a condition that’s giving you uncomfortable symptoms, it’s not such an exciting moment. 

Photo by Shashi Chaturvedula on Unsplash; Tweet anon.

This seems more like dismissing a patient’s concerns rather than helping them heal without the need for medicine. If the patient had gone to an alternative medicine practitioner, we would totally understand this recommendation. However, from a medical doctor, we would expect something a little more mainstream. 

Paging Doctor iPhone

Patients put full confidence and trust in their physicians. They sort of have to – after all, their lives are in their doctor’s hands. However, when a physician begins logging all a patient’s symptoms in an iPhone app, it’s enough to make them doubt the doctor’s methods. 

Photo by William Hook on Unsplash; Tweet anon

If the patient wanted an iPhone app diagnosis, they would have remained at home and done it themselves rather than spending their time and money on going to the clinic. We’d love to know the doctor’s explanation for this. 

Proud dad moments

Casual discussion is typical in a doctor’s clinic. This is particularly common when you’re in for routine check-ups and you’ve known your physician for some time. Be that as it may, some patients simply need to get in and get out sans all the small talk. However, some physicians enjoy having conversations with their patients. Though it’s probably to lighten the mood, it can often just make things awkward. 

Photo by Anita Jankovic on Unsplash; Tweet anon.

Doctors see many patients each day, and to ease the pressure of dealing with so many illnesses and afflictions, it helps to infuse some light and cheerful topics into the mix. This doctor is not weird – he’s one proud daddy.

The time-conscious doctor

It’s not unusual for patients to be late for their physical checkups. Everyone has those occasions when traffic is more congested than expected, or the children won’t get a move on when you need to get out of the house. Indeed, physicians themselves are notorious for being behind schedule with their appointments. 

Photo by Pierre Bamin on Unsplash; Tweet anon.

This doctor is an exception. Maybe this physician has too much going on and this individual’s lateness is wrecking his whole timetable. Be that as it may, we concede, it’s somewhat strange for a physician to call the patient asking where they are. 

Not the right timing

As we’ve said previously, certain procedures at the doctor’s office can be intrusive. It’s truly not the ideal opportunity for casual discussion when somebody is jabbing instruments inside your body. It’s certainly not an opportunity to be making quips. 

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash; Tweet anon.

After a colon test where the doctor continued making quips, this Twitter user most likely wanted to run and hide. We hope the jokes weren’t anything to do with colons. 

Prescribed by Lil Wayne

We don’t know why this Twitter user hashtagged this story with #mydoctorisweird. Once more, it’s something where the physician may have a strange name yet may not be bizarre. He didn’t request to be called Wayne Little!

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@liltunechi_classics; Tweet anon.

Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful name, and we think having a prescription by Dr. Little Wayne is cool! It’s a very nice story to tell over dinner with your loved ones. “Yup, Lil Wayne is my doctor. Here, check my prescription.”

The baby whisperer

When you’ve been a pediatrician for a long time, you know everything about kids and their conduct. You realize what matters to them and what can satisfy them. You can likewise tell when they’re faking their tears. This pediatrician isn’t strange – they just understand children all too well. 

Photo by Colin Maynard on Unsplash; Tweet anon.

The child quit crying upon the “quit faking” order. How wild is that? We don’t think this is strange conduct. We believe it’s a superpower. How might we learn how to do that? 

The confused doctor

We’re getting anxious simply reading this woman’s tweet. We recommend she should change her doctor right now. It doesn’t appear as though this one is entirely able to handle the task of diagnosis. Indeed, they can’t even tell their patient’s gender! 

Photo by OSPAN ALI on Unsplash; Tweet anon.

You don’t need to be a specialist to realize that testicular cancer is only possible for patients who have the equipment. Maybe the doctor was drunk? A quack doctor perhaps? Someone should report this.

Asking the obvious

Sometimes physicians ask numerous questions about your symptoms to get a more clear feeling of what you might have. “How long has this been going on?” “Is it a dry or a wet cough?” These are the sorts of questions most people expect. 

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash; Tweet anon.

The fact that a patient’s throat is bleeding because they’ve been coughing so bad is a pretty clear indication that the condition is painful. However, this doctor still needed to pose an inquiry. We’re sure he had a reason for the question. Still, it was clearly irritating to the patient.  

Sneeze – and that’s an order!

It’s not unusual for specialists to request that their patients do certain things during their physical check-ups. Patients might be asked to stand on a scale, for instance. Something many specialists request from patients is to cough while they check their lungs. 

Photo on nbcnews.com; Tweet anon.

Everybody can cough on order. However, sneezing is an uncontrolled body movement! When you’re an actor and your scene asks you to sneeze, you can do it. However, this doctor didn’t want a fake sneeze but the real deal! 

Yes, Dr. Pain exists

Anesthetics make patients relaxed and comfortable and take their pain away while they’re going through a medical procedure. Anesthesiologists are the physicians who administer anesthetics, and they have an incredible impact in facilitating a patient’s nerves before they go under. 

Photo by usnews.com; Tweet anon.

They are talkative and cordial. However, it would be hard to loosen up if the doctor handling your anesthesia was called Dr. Pain. “It won’t hurt at all. Trust me, you’re not going to feel a thing,” says Dr. Pain. Ironic, isn’t it?

The doctor who makes random conclusions

There ought to be a rule that doctors cannot make jokes while doing invasive procedures. This sort of story has come up a few times, and we’re not even halfway through these tweets! Not every person loves this sort of “solace.” We don’t understand how this gyno had the nerve to presume her patient was an extrovert. 

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash; Tweet anon.

Was it something she found while burrowing around down there? This brings up countless issues that we don’t think we want to have answered.

Another ironic doctor

Some individuals would prefer to use natural medicines and go to an acupuncturist or a homeopathic specialist. They feel that herbal treatments are better for the body than modern medication, which uses artificial ingredients. However, this kind of conviction isn’t typically held by doctors, particularly not when the specialist is an MD who is totally against modern medication. 

Photo by Pretty Drugthings on Unsplash; Tweet anon.

A doctor of medicine who rejects medicine is practically inconceivable. When you ask for medical help, he recommends various types of tea rather than medication. Something is definitely wrong here!

Not related

This one makes us giggle. Maybe this doctor was simply having a busy day. Perhaps he mixed up his patients and thought that this Twitter user was the one who required a pee test. Perhaps we should quit defending this doctor’s behavior and simply shake our heads. This patient was so befuddled.

Photo on advisorsinsuranceagency.com; Tweet anon.

Can anyone explain the connection between urine and a sinus infection? Bodily fluids are involved with both, but they come from two different parts of the body! We’re wondering whether this Twitter user ended up providing the urine sample and if so, was it useful? 

A close-talking doctor

Nowadays, social distancing is strongly recommended. You can say this is a given when you’re at medical institutions like hospitals since viruses and germs are more prevalent. Be that as it may, what happens when your doctor can’t stay away? Individuals who talk too close invade your personal space, and it’s terrible. 

Photo on phillyvoice.com; Tweet anon.

Nobody likes it. What is so troublesome about standing only three steps away? Additionally, it seems this doctor isn’t anxious about getting whatever his patient has. The worst part is, he’s probably like this with every patient, making him even more likely to pick up illnesses and pass them around. Time for a new doctor!

Dr. Bubbles

Everybody has their bad habits, and in some cases, they choose to stop them. It’s never easy trying to quit a vice like smoking. You can attempt techniques like nicotine patches or gum when you feel inclined to smoke, but for many people, they don’t quite hit the spot. 

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash; Tweet anon.

Unfortunately for this patient, their doctor’s desire to smoke came while doing their physical exam. It tends to be somewhat aggravating to sit in a patient’s robe in your doctor’s clinic while he pops gum and prods your body. 

The doctor who loves cartoon poop

Many doctors wear uniforms to work. Regardless of whether they’re white coats or scrubs, it is typical for medical professionals to wear a standard outfit. Of course, they are often permitted to customize it if they want to. This Twitter user revealed that their doctor is fond of wearing scrubs with poop emojis all over them.

Photo by Bruno Rodrigues on Unsplash; Tweet anon

He could have donned scrubs with a needle emoji which is more appropriate for his profession. Oh well, maybe he likes to keep his patients guessing. He certainly caught this Twitter user’s attention.

A strange reunion

Sometimes, as a teacher, you get the chance to see former students enjoying a successful life thanks to the lessons you imparted to them. Other times, you meet them at the doctor’s office in the most awkward way possible. 

Photo by Ani Kolleshi on Unsplash; Tweet anon.

We’re uncertain about whether this Twitter user was really the nurse’s teacher. In any case, wouldn’t it have been incredible if they were? It’s a mini-reunion! It would have been exceptional if it didn’t occur at a clinic.

This ain’t about feelings

Is this patient sure that they tottered into the right doctor’s clinic? Or is the latter not keen on assisting the patient with their ankle? Possibly, this doctor is the one who needs to see someone to discuss her feelings. 

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash; Tweet anon.

Don’t you hate it when you need practical help and someone wants to talk about your feelings instead? A patient’s personal life should rarely take precedent over a painful ankle.

The vampire doctor

We’re certain this stunt is meant to be an innocent joke. However, if you’re somebody who is unnerved by needles and the sight of blood, you wouldn’t see the value in how this doctor deals with his patients. 

Photo on rateamd.com; Tweet anon.

Wearing plastic vampire teeth isn’t unnerving. However, it’s downright unusual and certainly not something patients need when they’re getting their blood drawn. Also, what’s with the hissing? This weird doctor experience takes the cake.

Are you joking, doctor?

Doctors are expected to be attentive, examining everything to properly diagnose their patients. Be that as it may, they’re human, and at times they have their days when they’re not operating at their best. It’s important to be somewhat lenient with them.

Photo on dailymail.co.uk; Tweet anon.

This ob likely got his patient files mixed up. Managing so many pregnancies and uterine issues can be taxing. Possibly, he simply didn’t read the patient’s record ahead of time? We’re making an effort not to rationalize too much, but this isn’t as strange as some other entries on the list.

Creepy doctor

What a creeper! If we were this patient, we’d switch doctors right away. Ladies are prone to awkward circumstances any place they go, even in a medical setting like a doctor’s clinic. We hope this guy stopped discussing his former spouse.

Photo on scientificfeed.com; Tweet anon.

We’re happy that this tweet says “old doctor,” which means the patient decided to change doctors. You should always request to see another doctor if your current one is making you awkward. We’re sure the guy meant well, but it is creepy nonetheless. 

Having a lightsaber moment

The work of doctors can be extraordinarily burdensome. Sometimes, they simply need to enjoy a little silliness and let their inner child out. This may manifest in the form of having a lightsaber fight while treating a patient’s wart.

Photo by Brandon Romanchuk on Unsplash; Tweet anon.

We would be somewhat concerned if our doctor were acting along these lines. Be that as it may, this doctor was simply attempting to carry on with his life and discover a spark of joy in his work.

Meet the apathetic surgeon

These are not the words you want to emerge from your surgeon’s mouth when you come out of a major medical procedure. “You’re not dead! Brilliant!” It’s unsettling how casual this doctor was about his patient’s life or death situation. Perhaps his humor is simply off.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash; Tweet anon.

It’s plausible that he was kidding, but the fact that your patient could have died in that operation isn’t something they should hear. At least show some sensitivity.

Not funny, doc

Having a dental appointment can be startling for certain individuals. Lying back with your mouth open for an extended period while somebody jabs your mouth with sharp instruments is not exactly a lovely experience.

Photo by Quang Tri NGUYEN on Unsplash; Tweet anon.

It’s extra concerning when you discover that you need to have an expensive procedure done and it’s barely covered by insurance. It’s understandable why this patient didn’t find his dentist’s joke funny.

Take lots of baths

Some physicians depend on specific medicines or treatments for their patients’ wellness. This person’s physician thought having a shower could fix anything. If by some stroke of good luck everything could be healed with a shower, we wouldn’t need to seek their expertise. 

Photo by Curology on Unsplash; Tweet anon.

This is somewhat strange guidance coming from a doctor. You would think he would recommend a full treatment protocol that involves a whole lot more than just going home and getting wet. 

The doctor that lacks tact

“Eew” and “gross” are two things you never want to hear your physician say when he’s inspecting your insect bite. Of course, insect bites are gross, but if anyone should be mature and comforting about the situation, it’s your doctor. 

Photo by michael podger on Unsplash; Tweet anon.

Here, we have a doctor who may come up short on the empathy scale. However, it’s also possible that after a long day at work, this doctor simply let his honest thoughts slip out. Can you really blame him? 

An audacious intern

It’s awful enough that this person wound up at the hospital with an infected appendix on Christmas day. However, as it turned out, they had to manage a cheeky intern as well. While the patient was irritated that they needed to pass up great food, the intern was presumably irritated that they needed to work on a special holiday. 

Photo on hallmarkmoviesandmysteries.com; Tweet anon.

In any case, there’s no justification for such backtalk and for taking it out on the patient. We hope this intern will soon realize that such sass won’t fly.

The doctor with a side hustle

Nowadays, it’s not enough to do just one job. You need a side hustle to assist with your basic needs. Our speculation is that is what this doctor is doing. They’re simply attempting to offer a service on the side to bring in more money. However, their timing was inappropriate. 

Photo by Mel Poole on Unsplash; Tweet anon.

They ought to have waited until the assessment was finished. The discussion after this may have been uncomfortable. Who wouldn’t feel awkward? Perhaps the doctor needs to consider a more subtle way to sell their side hustle.

Doctor jokes are worse than dad jokes

What would you do if your surgeon made a joke about your colon during a medical procedure? You’re apprehensive about being laid on a table and cut open, but your physician is snickering about it. With the joke, they probably believe they’re easing the tension. 

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash; Tweet anon.

While it might help for some, most patients simply want to get the surgery over with. Staying there and letting out a phony giggle could be more excruciating than the medical procedure itself. 

Mr. Bean’s missing twin is a doctor!

Everybody wants to go to a doctor that is reliable and responsible. While we make an honest effort not to pass judgment superficially, it sometimes occurs without effort. For instance, if a physician looked like Mr. Bean, we would question his capabilities. 

Photo on blitz.bg; Tweet anon.

We’re certain that this doctor is impeccably qualified and talented. However, it’s slightly troublesome when he not only looks like Mr. Bean but also behaves like him. It’s difficult to take anybody like that seriously, not to mention trust them with your wellbeing.

Another insensitive doctor

Nobody wants to be reminded upfront that they’re aging. Few of us actively look forward to getting older. This is because the duties of being a certified adult are not exactly thrilling. It’s certainly not a diagnosis you want to hear from your physician. 

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash; Tweet anon.

We understand that health issues start to come out with age, but this physician didn’t have to emphasize it like that! Age is a sensitive subject to many, and they easily get offended when they’re being addressed as old people.

Facebook matters a lot

It’s always a nice feeling when your doctor gives their attention and time to you during the appointment. When they give you their focus, you are certain that whatever it is that’s wrong with you, at least you have a reliable doctor who cares about your health and wellness. 

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash; Tweet anon.

Not this doctor. Imagine you’re in the middle of a physical exam and they suddenly stop to check their phone for a Facebook notification. This is rude and unprofessional.

Boarding the magic train

If you’ve ever been sedated for a medical procedure, you’ll know that it puts you into a deep slumber quickly. It is a bit of a creepy experience, but a trustworthy doctor can reassure you that you’ll be fine. 

Photo by National Cancer Institute; Tweet anon.

They might even say that they’ll see you soon as you wake up. However, this doctor decided to be weird about it. For him, going under means “riding the magic train.” To where? He may be trying to ease the anxiety, but with this patient, he failed.