40 Ridiculous Things Found Inside Cars - too cool 2 be true

40 Ridiculous Things Found Inside Cars

Have you ever looked at someone else’s car and been confused by what you saw? Maybe it was a driver transporting an unwieldy load that was about to flip the car over, or maybe it was an odd bit of DIY repair that looked like it was about to fall off. Whatever the case, it probably made you wonder how the car and driver were able to keep going. 

Yet, somehow they did – they managed to fix the problem and head on down the road. Another set of problems that people face is that of finding animals (rabbits, snakes, mice) in their cars. When that happens, they have to carefully choose what to do. The 40 ridiculous things found inside cars below might have you wondering what you would do in the same situation.

A Clever Way to Hide Your Stuff

Stopping car thieves can be tricky, but this clever driver came up with a brilliant idea. They created a layer of garbage from plastic and paper bags, and then they placed that garbage over their belongings. Genius!

Once car thieves come along, they’ll take a peek inside and see it’s filled with nothing but garbage – and who wants to steal that? They’ll pass it over for something a bit more promising. It’s a surefire way to avoid having your precious equipment stolen. 

An Insulated Disaster

Insulation under the hood of the car helps keep the engine quiet when running. When it’s intact, that is. However, the unfortunate car below seems to have had some stubborn rodent living inside and eating the insulation as food. 

Image via Imgur

On closer view, the damage seems manageable. The engine itself still seems to be running fine; it’s just the hood insulation that has been ripped to shreds. If it was a little rodent, we hope it scurried away, and the damage wasn’t too expensive to fix. 

 Snake Tires

The only thing that can save the world is good old-fashioned kindness, and this tire tugging proves it. The hero within us all wants to help out, but we should know our limits—we were never meant for something like this! 

Image via Imgur

Something like a giant snake wrapped around the wheel of a car. Luckily, this fearless driver was able to remove the pesky snake as if carefully peeling off the tag to a mattress. We hope the snake learned its lesson.

 Sheep Hitchhiking

This driver’s car is such a mess. Do they not realize that these plump and fuzzy lambs are crowding their car’s backseat? How on earth do they fit in there? Most likely with the help of a human. If not, that would be just plain creepy. 

Image via Imgur

Are these poor animals running away from something, or are they taking a joy ride to the next farm? Either way, it looks a bit too squished for our liking. Hopefully, the journey isn’t too far. 

A Hood Full of Pine Cones

Is this the squirrel apocalypse? If you take a sneak peek at the picture below, you might come to think that. These little creatures have stashed away enough pine cones to last a nuclear winter. Maybe they’re giving us a hint. 

Image via Imgur

Although we admire the planning, we don’t think it’s the best idea to stash them all inside the car. Come to think of it, how did they stash the acorns there in the first place? Was the hood open during the night?

 A Burned Wire? Octopus? Or Pasta?

This photo is so intriguing! The owner of this car went into the auto shop for monthly maintenance. While there, the mechanics noticed something wrapped up in the wires.

Image via Imgur

The owner is not sure what it is, and the mechanic was confused as well. It could be anywhere from a clump of burned wire in an octopus shape to a bunch of toasted pasta. Based on its look, this thing waited patiently for someone to come along and release it. 

Newborn Baby Mice in Cabin Filter

What would you do if you found baby mice in the cabin air filter of your car? Although incredibly tiny and cute, they can also carry diseases and cause damage to your vehicle. It might sound harsh, but your best bet might be to get them out somehow. 

Image via Imgur

We’re wondering why these little creatures love to live in the car hood. Perhaps it’s because the engine keeps them warm during the cold weather, or maybe it’s because they can hide and be comfortable.

Bird Stuck In the Car Grill

Early in the morning, while this car was running on the road, its owner heard a loud sound of crunching metal. A poor bird hit the front wheel, specifically in the grill, and got stuck. Seriously? We didn’t know that birds had poor eyesight.

This trapped bird may be a bit sad and terrifying to see. People may think it’s injured or dead, but don’t worry, this bird will be able to fly again one day with a little help from humans. 

 Poor Little Fella

When a croaking noise kept coming out of the car brakes, the driver knew that something was wrong. Unfortunately, when the car was examined, they found a poor lifeless frog. This gives us shivers. 

Image via Imgur

How’d the frog get there in the first place? It’s hard to say, but what we can say is that this poor little fella needs to have a proper funeral. It looks like the squished and charred frog has suffered enough; it’s time to lay it to rest. 

Car Covered by Slimy Creatures

A truck carrying a load of creatures known as slime eels overturned and spilled its cargo onto the highway. The car below was severely damaged by the eel spill, and the unlucky passengers were rightly terrified. 

Image via Imgur

The car was covered inside and outside with the live hagfish slime. This is not exactly pleasant to see, but at least the passengers survived the accident. Hopefully, the owner of this cargo will cover the financial cost of fixing this car. 

 A Wrench that Was Stuck Inside a Tire

Now, let’s talk about a scary situation where someone leaves their wrench inside a tire. Jeez! We bet a surprised look crossed the driver’s face when seeing an object sticking out from under one wheel on their car.  

Image via Imgur

Who’s fault is this? We’re wondering the same thing. How on earth do you get that kind of wrench out of the metal? It’s best to get the help of a trusty mechanic – even if the trusty mechanic was the one who caused it in the first place. 

 Long Branch Pierced the Hood of the Car

It’s a cold night, and you step out of your house, only to see this. The front edge is completely bashed in from what looks like an enraged branch popping through the hood. It even comes up over the windshield.

Image via Imgur

Okay, what on earth happened here last night? By the looks of it, this wasn’t made by a storm. Nor could it be the product of a gust of strong wind. More likely, it was done by someone mad with this car’s owner. What do you think?

Alligator Sleeping Soundly in the Back

When most people hear about a car break-in, they think of people. However, that’s not always the case – sometimes animals find a way to slither into a car. For the car owner below, this animal was an alligator. Yikes! 

Image via Imgur

That’s the last thing we’d like to see sleeping in the backseat. This reminds us a bit about the sheep from a few posts back, but this one is far more dangerous. We just hope this alligator didn’t eat the driver.

 A Scene from a Sci-Fi Movie?

This strange, spikey being looks like a creature you might see in a sci-fi movie. It’s kind of cute but with definite menacing vibes. As it turns out, those menacing vibes are real. This is not something you’d want to find in your transmission pan.  

Image via Imgur

What you’re seeing here is the result of metal fragments clinging to the magnet in the transmission pan. While it’s perfectly normal to find some fine metal powder in the transmission pan, having anything that looks like the picture above is not okay!  

Piles of Cash

Well, it looks like some lucky person is raking in the dough! The sight of so many banknotes in the back seat is daunting. How can anyone drive with this much cash and not get robbed?

Image via Imgur

Whether this pile of cash is from a legitimate business about to transfer money to a bank or from an illegal business trying to hide the money, they’re taking on a lot of risk driving around like that. It’s better to cover it up a bit. 

Strange Decoration Hidden Under a Car

People are always finding new and interesting things to use as car decorations. For example, the hanging ornament below, which looks like what you think it looks like. It was found by a mechanic when his client went to the auto shop. 

Image via Imgur

The mechanic who shared the photo didn’t look too surprised – meaning these kinds of unusual decorations are quite popular to see. This one takes the cake for being both entertaining and highly creative in its design and placement. 

 Battery Corrosion

Nowadays, people are always on the go. With so many deadlines looming overhead, it’s no wonder that some car owners don’t have time to check their car batteries. When you overcharge your car batteries, it can lead to the kind of corrosion seen in the next photo. 

Image via Imgur

This bluish and foamy-like substance contains sulfuric acid, which can cause skin burns and eye damage upon contact. To avoid spending time in a hospital bed, it’s best to have regular car maintenance.

 Hide and Seek

In the winter months, most of our furry friends are looking for a place to warm themselves. Like rodents and squirrels, this rabbit loves to hide in cars. This cuddly, sweet little creature was found inside the engine’s compartment.

Image via Imgur

Fortunately, the owner checked the engine before leaving for work, so nothing bad happened to this rabbit. However, it’s still going to take a while to get this precious ball of fluffy fur out from the engine. We hope everything worked out. 

Mechanic on Duty

Who would have thought that mechanics could have such a great sense of humor? At first look, this photo seems like a crouched man, but it’s not. Someone is pulling a prank by putting working boots in this engine pipe. 

Image via Imgur

No one knows exactly why the mechanic did this, but we’re guessing that it has to do with boredom. Just like kids finding faces in clouds, mechanics can find people in inanimate objects. Thanks for the laugh – this looks so convincing!

Big Chunks of Ice in a Car Tire

We wonder what happened to make this possible. According to what one expert said, it is impossible for water temperature and pressure inside a tire to be high enough to form such a block of ice. Was it something else?

Image via Imgur

Did some kind of spirit fill up this car tire with snow during the winter? Or maybe the tire had a little hole that allowed water to come in and freeze, leaving big chunks of ice. If it’s true, that’s cool – literally. 

Bee Hives on a Beesy Road

Is it just a coincidence that there’s an entire hive chilling in the back of this truck? Or is the farmer using this massive hive as a sort of security device? We’re sure no one would try to steal whatever is in the back of that truck! 

Image via Imgur

Perhaps this driver is thinking like the driver with the garbage cover above – it’s a way to hide precious things. What do you think? Although it’s a dangerous tactic, it’s sure to work. No one wants to risk all those bee stings. 

Unique Pterodactyl Design

If you are a car owner who loves custom interiors, then you’ll appreciate this next post. Instead of keeping the somewhat boring design on the passenger-side door and dashboard, this person decided to spruce it up with a pterodactyl skeleton.

Image via Imgur

A fake one, of course, but the quality of the design is so good that it looks real. This isn’t a usual place to put some stickers or designs, but this owner wants to be unique. We call it a success. 

For the Love of Lamps

This one is a little harder to spot, but once you see it, you’ll be amazed. How on Earth did that massive moth get stuck in there? Of course, we know what it was looking for – those lights were too bright to resist. 

Image via Imgur

The question is, how did it find its way inside, and more to the point, how are they going to get it out? We hope the owner of this car took the time to save this beautiful creature’s life. 

 What a Tiny Baby Turtle!

The small baby turtle here was found inside a car and is just about the size of an adult’s thumb. This surprising discovery came when the owner did a general cleaning and noticed that there was an unusual visitor.

Image via Imgu

rIt was cleverly hiding from potential threats by blending into its surroundings. We don’t know how this tiny turtle managed to get stuck in the car, but we do know that those who found it brought it back to the sea. 

Car Sewing Skills

We’re not sure what happened below – maybe the driver just needed a quick fix to keep the bumper together. If you look at how much work went into repairing the threads, there’s also a stylish element to it that points to something beyond a quick fix. 

Image via Imgur

Maybe they didn’t have the budget to buy a new bumper, so they chose to make do with what they had. It certainly makes it a lot more unique than a traditional bumper.

Water Bottles For Headlights

It took a few moments of confusion before we understood what was happening here. And oh my, once you see it, you’ll realize just how creative some folks can be. We’ve seen water bottles used to make bricks, but never something like this. 

Image via Imgur

The owners of this car used four bottles of water to repair their headlight covers. Why? We don’t know for sure, but these people definitely have more imagination than most when it comes to fixing unusual problems.

Band-Aid Body

It’s frustrating when your car gets hit, and it leaves a huge dent that can’t be fixed simply. The driver below has a unique solution for this – band-aids! If they can heal scratches on a human body, why not scratches on the body of a car? 

Image via Imgur

We still don’t have word on how well it worked, but we wish this driver the best of luck. Weird solutions like this just might work – most likely not, but they might. We can dream, right? 

Bottle Opener, Car Door Handle, or Both?

Here’s a creative and cost-efficient method to customize your car a bit. As you can see, this driver decided to install a bottle opener on their car door. This allows them to open the door and then open a bottle of soda.  

Image via Imgur

What a clever DIY, right? Instead of reverting to an old-fashioned handle, they went for something more unique. However, there’s the added danger of cutting your fingers by handling the door too quickly. Remember to use caution. 

 Roof for Car Doors, Anyone?

Many people try to have a DIY solution, especially if they don’t have money or time to bring their car to an auto shop. Just take a look at the car below. After being sideswiped by something big, the driver decided to repair it at home. 

Image via Imgur

The result was to use a piece of tin roofing as a car door. We have to applaud this driver for managing to fit the material so perfectly to the car’s side body. Although not pretty, it’s functional. 

Camouflage Car

Upon first glance, you might not see what’s so special about this car. If you look real close, though, you’ll see that the grey color didn’t come from paint – it came from duct tape! That takes a lot of dedication and careful handiwork. 

Image via Imgur

It’s hard to imagine how long it took for this driver to cover the entire vehicle from hood to trunk. The driver’s patience is remarkable and seems to have paid off because it looks just like a new coat of paint.

Snake on the Plane, Car Version

No one knows what living things might be lurking inside your car. This giant anaconda wanted to take a nap, so it found its way beneath the hood of a car and got cozy. Luckily, the driver spotted it before heading down the road. 

Image via Imgur

Although we like to think our cars belong to us, other animals don’t seem to care. That’s why it’s best to inspect your car every once in a while to make sure no one else is calling it home. 

Leaving the Snow on Top

A precious sight indeed! This car is decorated with a big chunk of snow. Did the driver decide that it wasn’t worth shoveling off, or did the snow harden into ice that was too heavy to move? Or maybe the driver did it for laughs. 

Image via Imgur

Whatever the reasoning behind it, one thing’s for sure – it can’t be safe. How’re you supposed to see behind you? Also, what happens to the other cars when this big chunk of snow and ice falls off? Yikes!

Overheated Wheel

You might be wondering what this light means? So are we. It looks like liquid hot magma, which makes us wonder if this car just emerged from a volcano. Jokes aside, the light doesn’t seem to be a check engine light, so what could it mean? 

Image via Imgur

Whatever it means, one thing’s for sure – you don’t want to drive far on those wheels. They look like they’re about to explode or melt at any moment. Get them to the mechanic pronto! 

Zip Ties Underneath

Zip ties are incredibly useful inventions. Stores often use them for clothing and other products because the plastic material is notoriously hard to undo – most would-be thieves just give up. Would these ties work on heavier material as well? 

Image via Imgur

The driver above clearly thought so and used them to stabilize the axle and wheel. Although it might look secure, we wouldn’t drive on it for anything other than a short and slow ride. Preferably, a ride to a real mechanic. 

DIY Wooden Car Transmission

The shifter in this car is a little confusing. It has us wondering if it’s a hammer or a small cane. The top part of it seems like a great place to clasp and turn, but how can you use such an object as your vehicle’s transmission? 

Image via Imgur

Yes, it’s better than no shifter at all, but that’s not saying much. Although we might give praise to the ingenious design, we also recommend putting in a real shifter at some point. 

Upgrading an Old Air Conditioner

In a time when many people are turning to sleek new technology, a lot of older and clunkier stuff gets abandoned – by most people, at least, but not everyone. Some people (like the driver below) have a love for older machines and choose to resurrect them.

Image via Imgur

This driver turned the old air conditioner into something funky and clever by using pipes and a grip handle to build a controller for the air-con. DIY customization at its best! This idea is both cool (literally) and functional. 

Garbage Truck Not Garbage Car

What would you do if there wasn’t a dumpster in which to throw your garbage? Would you collect all the trash and bring it to the dumpsite yourself using only a run-of-the-mill sedan? Some would, and some wouldn’t. 

Image via Imgur

The driver above clearly would. We wonder if all the trash made it there before falling off or if the car itself suffered some nasty damage from all that weight. We recommend waiting around for the dump truck to come again. 

Wooden Stool As Car Chairs

If we have a spare trolly wheel, we also have a spare stool chair. This car’s extraordinary interior design has finally arrived. Sturdy, wooden stools have taken their place as if they were waiting for this moment all along!

Image via Imgur

Our car is so much more than just a vehicle. It’s an extension of your personality. And we’ve guessed this owner is a working person. He made this wooden seat to feel that he’s at home just once when riding his car.

Spare Trolly Cart Wheel

It’s pretty amazing how people can come up with such strange and creative ideas. This pickup truck owner must’ve wanted to stand out from other vehicles on the road. We think it worked – just check out this, um, “wheel.” 

Image via Imgur

Although it’s clearly not the right kind of wheel, it seems to be doing the same job. People must have turned their heads in droves when they saw this unique spare tire replacement. Trolleys can carry heavy loads, but will it work for the truck? 

Bubbling Tires

Although it might seem odd, bubbling is a common problem for car tires. These bubbles can be caused by anything from speeding over a railroad to hitting a pothole to driving with a flat tire. 

Image via Imgur

There are various ways you can prevent your tires from bubbling. One is to drive carefully. Another is to make sure the tires are inspected often and any changes in structure or pressure are fixed right away. Bubbles might be fun for kids, but not for cars.