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40 Impossible Moments That Happened In Real Life

We’ve all experienced at least one unfathomable moment. Some are humorous, while others are so heartfelt they move us to tears. Then there are those lucky moments that make us feel like we are the most fortunate individuals on the planet. In any case, they’re permanently engraved on our memory as moments we will treasure for the rest of our lives. 

In our internet-driven society, these people chose to share their rare, lucky moments on social media for the world to see. Were they just in it to show off their fantastic karma? Or did they want to change the world by showing people how amazing life can be? Read on and decide for yourself. You may wind up feeling motivated to improve your circumstances. At the very least, you will have a smile on your face by the end of the list.

The Best Flight Ever

The caption sums up the situation perfectly. This young lady snapped a photo of herself in an empty cabin – not a passenger in the plane apart from her. She’ll have all the legroom and serenity she could dream of. After thinking back on some of the flights we’ve had, we have to admit, we’re envious! 

We bet the airline stewards were equally glad to have far fewer responsibilities on this flight. Some of them may even catch a nap since there’s not much else to do! They have the whole plane to themselves. We’re wondering whether this young lady shifted around to try out different seats during the flight. 

Enjoying the Fruits of Your Labor

When you’re a hard worker, the reward for your effort usually lies in a job well done. However, for this person, the extra effort paid off in more ways than one. That’s an impressive collection of prizes! 

The Slingbox 500 has a price tag of nearly 400 dollars. This device makes streaming easier and delivers stunning picture quality. We hope all managers are like this – properly remunerating their most diligent workers and giving them the treatment they deserve for their persistent effort.

Incredibly Lucky

“These two car owners should buy a lottery ticket today,” a witness notes in the image below. This person is correct – these guys should play the lottery. Luck is clearly on their side! Roll the dice and target the gold, right? Possibly they’ll win the lottery and be able to buy a bunch of beachside houses in Malibu.

You can see that a light post fell between two vehicles. There’s broken glass all over the place. Yet, the two vehicles are solid. Not a scratch or mark or flaw. The owners sure are lucky! 

Shielded by the Door

The person in this picture asked whether today was their lucky day. The answer is a big YES! Check out the photo below for proof. This person escaped an enormous, sticky, wet mess, and we’re thankful they didn’t have to battle with it. 

The fridge gods were clearly on this individual’s side. They have been greatly blessed. It would seem that the side door figured out how to catch hold of the handle of the pitcher. Unbelievable!

An Unstable Situation

Someone snapped a photograph of this hanging-by-a-thread moment. “The driver of this car almost fell off the cliff alongside his vehicle,” read the caption. You can see a solitary vehicle wavering on the edge of a ginormous abyss. 

We’d send up a little prayer of thanks if something like this happened to us. To say this individual is massively fortunate would be an understatement. This is obviously a terrifying circumstance, and we’re sure they will not underestimate a single thing from here on out.

The Good Samaritan

“Found your wallet! Hope it makes it back to you! (I’ve lost mine before, it sucks!)” is scribbled on a note left with a person’s wallet. This good Samaritan deserves an award. Reality check: honest individuals are rare to find nowadays.

We need more pleasant individuals like this person on the planet. Kindness and honesty are hard to come by, yet this stranger demonstrates that benevolence still exists. The individual who dropped their wallet will feel lucky when they discover it. 

Lucky in Love

The man described in the caption chose to shoot his shot and found extraordinary success. He approached a young lady at a gathering and disclosed to her that she was the most beautiful woman there. Fortunately, she seemed to agree with his second declaration – that he was the most attractive guy. He took her home, and after several years, they got hitched. 

Who doesn’t like a happy ending? This guy’s karma is clearly working out for him. We can’t imagine such a pompous line working for many people! What would you think if someone walked up to you with such a bold declaration?

First Steps

“This is my first step after seven months, 20 days, and 23 hours,” this guy revealed. In the picture below, you can see him walking with the assistance of his physical therapist. Almost eight months without walking is a seriously long time, so he should feel very thankful right now. 

We are deeply inspired by this enormously gutsy soul for making those first strides in the midst of the irrefutable difficulty of recuperating from what must have been a horrendous ordeal. It takes a huge load of dauntlessness and strength to move past something as life-changing as losing a limb.

The Cherry on Top

“Here’s the cherry on top of the best trip,” this person wrote. They scored the evasive cherry pie Starbucks drink. As proof, they snapped a pic of their hand holding their beverage close to the banner promoting the fabled drink. It has all the earmarks of being a cherry pie Frappuccino, precisely as the one publicized. Tempting.

Truly, cherry isn’t our top choice, and we don’t know how that would taste with caffeine. Also, what are you meant to do with the pie crust at the top? Anyway, this individual presumably feels pretty fortunate. Small wins and big smiles, right?

First Plane Ride

This nice guy gave up a coveted window seat to ensure his pew pal Jarvis’ first plane ride was a noteworthy one. Jarvis had never experienced air travel. So, this individual made a small sacrifice to ensure Jarvis had a seat by the window so he could enjoy the view. What a thoughtful soul. 

From that wide grin, we’re pretty sure Jarvis feels fortunate and grateful. We hope he didn’t experience any turbulence during the flight. Not to mention screaming kids. Of course, when you’re shaking with excitement, it’s easy to overlook small annoyances like these. 

A Bunch of Friends

These parents were filled with anxiety that their little girl would struggle to make friends in school due to her wheelchair. However, it turned out their daughter is a magnet for new friends! In the photograph below, you can see a swarm of children surrounding her. What a heartwarming sight!

It’s difficult when your children start school, particularly when they have special needs. How will they socialize with different children? Will they encounter bullies and jerks? Fortunately, she befriended a large number of kids, all of whom think she’s the coolest kid in class.

The Winning Face

That little shocked face! Evidently, this little miss wasn’t expecting to leave with a bucketful of tickets from the arcade. Her expression is exactly the same one we’d pull if we were in her shoes, so we can completely identify with her. We can’t help thinking about what she dreams of purchasing with all those tickets! 

Winning that many tickets is every kid’s dream. You could finally get that gigantic stuffed teddy bear that provoked you for always failing to score enough tickets. Now, this child can buy that giant teddy and more!

Good Job, Murray!

Bill Murray is a real jewel. He’s a person with a big heart, and this story is confirmation of that. Evidently, he was lining up at a bluegrass show in Charleston, South Carolina. He decided to buy the rest of the tickets so he could give them out to every other person in line. How cool is that?

What a thoughtful soul. This picture demonstrates that even celebrities of Murray’s level can be truly kind individuals. We can only imagine the excitement and joy brought by his ticket treat to every other person in line.

A Kind Stranger

This individual is going to feel so lucky when they see this poster. Some random people shared details of an iPhone they found. They even included photos of different angles of the phone. Moreover, they included their telephone number so this individual can connect. What good Samaritans. 

We love the fact that they finished the message by advising the phone owner that their mom attempted to call them. This is mankind at its best, people. Hopefully, the phone’s owner gets to read the note, recover the phone, and of course, meet the kind strangers who found it.

A Selfless Gift

This individual displayed their girl’s requirement for a kidney on the rear of their truck. Fortunately, a caring man named Willie stepped in to make all the difference. “Daughter got a kidney. Thank you, Willie! For your selfless gift of life.” It’s a dazzling message to an individual who made an incredible decision.

It’s so hard to see a friend or family member endure suffering, particularly if you can’t do much to help them. People like Willie exist, and without them, we’d be lost. By publicizing Willie’s act of kindness, this person has found a means to express their gratitude.

Just in Time

How unfortunate would it be if you found this label after you used the thermometer rather than before? We trust this individual washes and disinfects the thermometer after each use. Still, it’s not something we’d want to use to take a person’s temperature!

We’d say their good karma kicked in without a moment to spare. No matter how much you love your doggo, sharing a thermometer with them wouldn’t be ideal. Maybe this family should start storing their thermometers in separate cabinets. That way, they can avoid any future slip-ups. 


This car got stuck on the tracks while a train was bearing down on it. Fortunately, someone came by to ensure the train stopped before a tragedy happened.

Indeed, a lifesaver! We’re sure the driver of the vehicle is feeling all the luck and heaving a big sigh of relief. This horrible scenario could have ended a life. However, this brave stranger came along to save them. We need more of these heroes!

A Fateful Night

This individual revealed their experience with a homeless man who asked for food. They took him to White Castle and talked for hours. At that point, the man revealed that he was intending to take his life. 

No one can tell what another person is going through. That is the reason it’s in every case great to be caring. Be kind to somebody when they need it. In this situation, the homeless guy was considering committing suicide. Just one act of kindness was enough to alter his perspective. Always remember, we have the ability to change lives.

Reunited and it Feels so Good

This father presumably feels like the most fortunate individual on the planet right now. “My ex-wife hid my daughter from me for almost 2 years. Yesterday, after 696 days of being apart, I got to take the best picture of my life.” You can see the pure love and joy emanating from his face. He’s finally reunited with his little girl.

It’s rarely okay to hide kids from a parent. In some circumstances, there’s authentic justification for doing so. For example, if said parent is harmful and unpredictable. However, in this case, we’re happy about this sweet reunion.

It’s Paid!

This lady was shocked to find that her parking meter was paid for by a thoughtful stranger. The surprising note details the thought process the stranger went through before helping the owner of the car out.

No one can tell when you’ll experience an individual who practices kindness that is out of the ordinary. In this individual’s case, the stranger stayed mysterious. We’re sure this woman felt relieved and lucky after experiencing such an act of consideration.

Almost There

You can see an enormous track has been left in the wake of a similarly huge rock. One solitary house remains in the midst of the destruction, totally sound. How fortunate! 

The stars were unquestionably on this family’s side that day. Imagine what it would’ve felt like to have been inside that farmhouse. This family is, without a doubt, feeling extremely grateful today.

Good Luck in Action

Here’s another record of amazing luck in real life. A tree tumbled down in the parking area of an apartment building. You can see said tree unstably inclining toward one vehicle in the photograph beneath. Indeed, it’s perilously close to contacting the vehicle. Amazingly, zero contact was made. 

Not so much as a scratch or a gouge is left in the wake of this strange occurrence. The vehicle looks completely flawless. Maybe the tree chose to stay away from all-out annihilation and save the proprietor of this vehicle from an expensive repair. What a smart tree! 

Thank You, Ice Cream Gods

We’d be frightened as well! In light of the photograph underneath, this individual is very fortunate. Their frozen treat figured out how to fall on the cone rather than the tabletop.  

Big thanks to the ice cream gods! The swift reflexes that saved this person from disappointment must’ve been pretty amazing to watch. We can imagine the fear that would’ve risen as the ice cream began to fall. Good thing their superhero reflexes were on-point!

Merciful Storm Drain

We’re grateful for this person’s incredible good fortune. As you can see in the image underneath, this wedding band is perched precariously on top of a storm drain. With one slight breeze, it could overturn into the drain and be forever lost to the underworld. 

The merciful storm drain had different plans that day. This man was saved from an awkward conversation with his wife later on. We’re wagering that he felt like the luckiest man in the world after that. We love it when drains show mercy. 

Fraud Detected

This person has their instincts to thank more than luck. You can see that said individual is grasping a part of the ATM. Somebody clearly tampered with it so that they could skim people’s card details. 

The last thing you need is to insert your card into a tampered-with ATM. Fraudsters are everywhere, so take note of this picture and be vigilant when using ATMs in the future.

The Perfect Avocado

Have you ever seen a more amazing avocado? We sure haven’t! Look at the picture beneath, and you’ll see two parts of a generally staggering, seedless avocado. Look at that beautiful gradient of yellow to green, with not a brown bit in sight.

Still, we wonder whether or not we would eat an avocado like this one. Is it natural for avocados to come without a seed? We also bet it’ll go bad as quickly as the regular ones. 

Loads of Pepperoni

They weren’t joking when they said “loads.” This individual was presented with the gift of endless pepperoni. The pizza is even called “Loads of Pepperoni.” No untruths here. In some cases, particularly with frozen food, there’s a touch of bogus advertising included. Praise to this pizza company for not depending on that. 

We’d have a field day with this pepperoni wonderland. Yum! We love a business that promotes precisely the thing they’re selling and delivers what they offer – no false hopes.

Award-Winning Dad

“My dad at our city’s award ceremony where he won ‘Best French Fries’ in town! You go, Dad!” A proud moment for both the father and his child, hence the photo of the award-winning daddy! They couldn’t contain their excitement and pride! 

There could be no greater feeling than being recognized for your diligent effort. His French fries likely bring all the local children to the yard. Everybody’s having a French fry party. Let’s hope we’re invited next time! 

A Football Player with Empathy

NFL running back Aaron Jones was found aiding an old woman at the airport. The woman in the wheelchair was able to make her flight thanks to Aaron’s act of kindness. “That just warms your heart,” the individual who snapped this photo says. It sure does!

We love it when famous individuals end up being benevolent, compassionate people. Sadly, that is often not the case. What’s wonderful about this picture is that there’s not a huge number of paparazzi surrounding him. 

Surviving Struggles

“My wife has epilepsy, but our new baby girl made it through the struggles,” this person admitted regarding the birth of their newborn child. We’re wagering that “luck” may not portray what this individual is really feeling. That being said, we’re not completely certain if the spouse battled with seizures in the midst of labor and their child endured that part of it. 

We’re no medical specialists, however, we figure it could be the former. Enduring serious health battles is an incredible accomplishment for a baby. This child is truly brave, very much like her momma. 

Reading Adventures

This eight-year-old girl views reading under the covers late at night as a demonstration of defiance. “It hasn’t yet occurred to her that her flashlights never seem to run out of batteries,” her daddy says. Kudos to this father for giving his youngster the space to learn and develop through reading. 

We can gain such a great amount from books. Also, we love that he’s unremittingly guaranteeing that his little girl has battery-prepared electric lamps primed and ready for her late-night, under-the-covers reading sessions

Long Curly Fry

Check out the size of that fry! This individual was appreciating a sandwich with a side of curly fries when they discovered the world’s longest fry in the pack. This is truly a blessing sent down from curly fry heaven. 

Who doesn’t adore a tasty curly fry? It resembles that additional cherry on top of the parfait. It’s every fry lover’s dream – both kids and kids at heart. We understand why this person had to share this groundbreaking event with the world. Wouldn’t you?

Happy Pregnancy

In the picture below, you can see the cheerful couple gladly showing off an ultrasound photograph they’ve been cherishing ever since they got it. Victory! It sounds like they had a difficult but rewarding conception journey!

Whether it’s you or your partner who experiences infertility issues, attempting to get pregnant with those obstacles blocking your way can be difficult in more ways than one. You may feel like there’s something “wrong” with you. However, it’s just the genetic lottery at play. All you can do is keep trying and maintain your love and patience. 

What Matters Most

People always remember how you affect them. This person recounted a story on Twitter about how he ran into an old classmate one day. They played football together. The classmate introduced his old friend to his new girlfriend with the loveliest words. 

It is a great reminder that the way we treat people matters more than we realize. Incidentally, it was also a great excuse for John to remind everyone that he was popular in high school and he’s a great guy. How convenient! 

Lucky Lady

“I got very lucky today! I had to take a picture or no one would’ve believed me.” The individual in the picture below recorded a moment wherein their luck proved to be useful. As you can see, a sharp kitchen knife fell and landed inches away from their exposed feet. 

That could’ve brought about genuine harm, potentially necessitating an excursion to the trauma center. Perhaps the blade had a moment of consciousness as it fell, constraining itself to divert its flight and avoid the woman’s foot. 

It’s a Biggie!

This amusingly huge potato chip is almost as big as its bag. Unbelievable! As you can see in the picture below, this individual secured a one-of-a-kind potato chip from their Lay’s pack. What do you even do with a chip this size? 

According to the photograph, it seems to be around the same size as the bag of chips. That is a monstrous snack! How amazing would it be if it turned out that this was the same person who scored the ginormous curly fry?


This individual is celebrating the fact that their father has finally been liberated from hospital confinement. As you can see, their dad stands victorious with a look of happiness and freedom on his face. It’s so troublesome being isolated from your family, particularly when sickness/injury/illness is included. 

Any time a friend or family member is sick, it can lead to mental and emotional trauma for the people who love them. This dad survived his health battles and emerged triumphantly. 

Lottery Winner

Needless to say, this young man looks like he’s elated from winning the lottery. While there’s very little info provided to set the scene, it looks like our little mister is at a play center.

This boy is energized and absolutely happy. So yes, we agree with the caption that his parents wrote: “My son winning the 2-year-old lottery.” Perhaps he’s spending time with Chuck E. Cheese or playing it up with Clifford the Big Red Dog. Who can say for sure? We definitely need this kind of joy in our lives.

How to Save a Life

In the image below, you can see an emotional mom listening to her son’s heart thumping in another child’s chest. His last act on Earth was to save this girl’s life. The moment is doubtlessly causing a sense of ambivalence for this lady. 

We’re sure she’s excited that her son gave a crucial organ to save this young lady’s life. However, she’s likely still reeling from the tragedy that took him from her, and we’re sure she misses her child greatly. The smile on her face demonstrates that we can leave a positive mark on this world, even after we’re gone. 

Feeding the Homeless

It seems goodness may well be contagious. Even big companies are getting in on the infectious act of giving. This Subway franchise has broadcast the fact that free dinners are offered to the homeless each Friday from 3 to 5 pm. 

It may be a simple act of kindness, but it’s effective. Feeding homeless people is meaningful, and the owners of this Subway business are doing their part very well. We envision homeless people enjoying healthy, delicious meals here. Sandwiches and veggies, anyone? We hope other restaurants get on board.