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40 Awful Guests Recorded by Hotel Staff

Although there’s no place like home, some establishments like hotels, inns, guest houses, lodges, and motels provide comfort that we are longing for after a tiring day. Sometimes, however, they provide so much comfort that people forget that they are just renting the place. Perhaps you have seen a list of some of the worst hotels in the world already. What about hotel guests, though? 

What we are going to showcase today is a list of the world’s worst and nastiest hotel guests according to housekeepers. There’s a fine line between being dirty and straight out trashing an entire room. Did we mention that some celebrities and famous personalities made it in our rundown? 

David Lee Roth: Living like a Rockstar Indeed

We’re starting our list with a bang thanks to the enigmatic, wild, and sometimes questionable frontman of Van Halen – David Lee Roth. For those who aren’t familiar, Van Halen was considered the best rock n’ roll band during their heyday.

Image Courtesy of Ultimate Classic Rock

This image was taken after one of their gigs in Atlanta, Georgia back in 1982. The old stereotype of the rockstar trashing their hotel clearly has some merit– they party harder than the rest of us.

Take Note, It Wasn’t Blood

According to studies, you can easily distinguish the personality of certain people by the way they dress, walk, talk and eat. This is probably why the phrase “You are what you eat” was created.

Image Courtesy of World Travelling

Apparently, this man whose name is Dylan Wilson was quick to admit the incident that happened. He got straight to the point, claiming that the stains on the bedsheets were not from blood but from a pork chop (which he dropped accidentally). The note says it all.

Headboard Buttons Bandit

The beauty about going to a hotel is you get to experience what rich people enjoy for at least a day or two. You can enjoy everything without worrying about cleaning up the mess or even cooking your food. However, if you have kids, that’s another story.

Image Courtesy of Green Lemon Me

Having kids, you have to have your eyes on them 24/7 because the moment you turn your head for a second, they might be doing something unexplainable like popping out the buttons of the headboard.

A Note and a Tip

Working in a hotel is not as easy as it looks. Let’s be honest, if dealing with one demanding person is hard, then dealing with hundreds of different people going in and out of the hotel must be incredibly cumbersome.

Image Courtesy of World Travelling

Sometimes, it is rewarding as well, especially to those who appreciate your work. This might not be quite as nasty as some of the other entries on this list, but if the hotelier allowed smoking in their hotel, things could get ugly. We’d still take that two-dollar tip.

Were They Calling for Manicurists?

What on Earth was going on here? Was the guest in an emergency situation for them to not throw their nail clippings into the trash can? Were they trying to hide their nails for the maid to find? Was it some kind of prank? 

Image Courtesy of QQ News

These are just some of the questions we had in mind when we saw the picture. Talk about unsanitary guests who are seriously disgusting. We have a new level of respect for hotel maids who have to deal with this kind of thing.

You Don’t Get to Take the Furniture Home!

For some questionable reason, people tend to forget that the hotel they are staying in is not theirs. Yes, you may enjoy all amenities included in your hotel room, but that doesn’t mean you can take them home. The most stolen item in a hotel room is a towel.

Image courtesy of Eternal Lifestyle

These guests took it way too far as they managed to carry a portable refrigerator right to their car. Thankfully, they were caught by one of the hotel staff. How awkward would that have been? 

Diaper Disaster

Whoever had the idea of creating changing stations for babies, we salute you. This invention helps parents keep their babies clean and happy while they’re out and about. It can easily hold baby items while you are cleaning up bubs and is an all-around lifesaver.

Image Courtesy of Fark

How hard is it to take a used diaper from the changing station to the trash? It should be common practice once we finish using something that we clean it up and return it to its original condition. 

Broken Sink? Not My Problem!

While a lot of us are aiming for higher positions in our careers, we should be ready to encounter issues that are not covered in our job descriptions. Being a hotel manager is not easy, and as we move forward with our list, we are beginning to understand their frustrations.

Image Courtesy of The Suns

Apparently, guests stated that they just placed the towel on the sink, and the whole thing shattered. Really? How heavy is the cotton towel again? Good luck to the manager of this hotel.

Stolen Goods

Here’s another case of a guest who just can’t control her hands. Instead of being secretive about her wrongdoing, she broadcast it on her social media account. She must have loved the wine glass a lot to be willing to risk it all.

Image courtesy of Chaostrophic

The only problem is, she revealed her identity, which made it easier for the Airbnb hosts to take action against her. Enjoy your last glass of wine, ma’am!

An Unusual Bath

Okay, this one is a little bit weird. We must admit, there are things that we are addicted to collecting, but this is out of hand. Technically, it isn’t nasty, but it is still messy, especially if those cards are soaked with water already.

Image Courtesy of Vom Krieg Blogspot

A little trivia about Magic: The Gathering cards. Did you know that a limited Alpha version of these cards actually sells for an average of $6000? This tub could actually be a treasure trove. 

No One Else Needs to Park, Right?

Needless to say, this is just one reason why hotels are asking or inquiring if we have a car before booking with them. This is to make sure that we have a reserved parking space which will be easier for us as guests. Then there’s this guy who just did it his way.

Image Courtesy of RV Camping World

Not only did these people bring a caravan, but they also covered four parking spaces that could have been used by other guests. Talk about being inconsiderate.

The Guest from Hell 

The majority of us have experienced having a messy roommate, so seeing this image is not shocking at all. Unfortunately, this image was posted by a church member who kindly allowed a fellow parishioner to stay in her home. 

Image Courtesy of Trip Advisor

The woman stated that she hadn’t had any problems with the guest before she stayed in her home. They even prayed together and sang hymns throughout the stay. Things got ugly when the homeowner noticed that her guest was this untidy. We hope the guest cleans up her act!

A Thorough Mess

This photo was provided by hotel personnel who wanted to share how creative and slick guests are in covering their messes. Thankfully, these guests were still caught. It might seem like a nice gesture from the guests to clean their room as they even put it all in trash bags.

Image courtesy of The Sun

However, the hotel cleaners found the way they’d arranged their mattress weird. When they removed the covers, springs were missing from the bed. Needless to say, those guests did not get their deposit back. 

Attention: Missing Nails Found!

Here’s a little trivia about fake nails: Did you know that they were created by a dentist by the name of Fred Slack in 1954? Currently, fake nails are one of the most sought-after trends in the world when it comes to aesthetics. 

Image Courtesy of My Net

However, some people seem to forget that as good as they look, they are just temporary and can be easily removed. The guest in the hotel went skinny dipping but forgot to throw her old nails in the trash, causing trauma to those who found them.

Hygiene Redefined

Before going on a vacation, it is essential to plan everything so you don’t have any problems. That includes the itinerary and activities that you will do, and of course, the number of clothes needed while enjoying a staycation.

Metro CO Uk

Clearly, this is not a hack that any person should try. The fact that this lady used a coffee maker to wash her underwear is beyond belief. What made it worse is she posted about it and included the caption “hygienic.” It’s certainly not hygienic for the next guest who has to use that kettle!

Hotel Cleaners’ Daily Struggle

You don’t have to be a hotel cleaner to understand this nightmare as things like this can also happen in our homes. The only difference is, we experience this kind of issue on rare occasions. For hotel cleaners, it is a daily struggle.

Image courtesy of Trip Advisor

The guests must have planned to eat their own food while staying in the hotel. Unfortunately, they forgot to clean up after themselves. The hotel cleaners were surely horrified when they opened the fridge.

Utter Destruction

Joining a fraternity or sorority isn’t a bad thing. It is where you develop kinship, pride, and respect. A lot of respectable and powerful people are still connected with their respective fraternities.

Image Courtesy of Daily Mail UK

However, there seem to be members who keep on pushing the envelope. This incident happened in the United Kingdom. They thought that they could get away with it, but the manager was so infuriated that he called the press as well as the police.

Another Diaper Incident

We are almost halfway through our list, and at this point, we still don’t understand why some people don’t know how to throw their trash away properly. They spend so much time covering their mess when it would have been a lot easier if they just disposed of it. 

Image Courtesy of A Disc Org

The diaper at the back of the refrigerator was no accident. As we can see in the picture, other trash is visible. Tough luck for the cleaners.

At Least He’s Honest

On the lighter side of our list, some guests like to show their funny side, and we can’t help but laugh about this one. This man posted about an incident that happened to him but then realized that it was his own fault.

Image courtesy of One Mile At A Time

According to him, when he was growing up and right through his college years, he was tidy and clean to the point of obsession. When he started working, however, the stress caused him to lose control and become a mess. 

Eat, Swim, Trash the Pool, Repeat

Though this isn’t the nastiest thing lurking on our list, this one still raised our eyebrows. Are the signs around the swimming pool not enough to make the rules clear? Were they so hungry they couldn’t wait until they got to their room to devour those crispy chicken wings?

Image Courtesy of Gent Side

Regardless of their reasoning, this is unacceptable behavior. Oh and please, don’t tell us that chicken can swim. This is not cool, especially if any food got into the water. 

Pizza Incident Gone Wrong

First and foremost, this is not about throwing shade at any pizza parlors. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love pizza? To this day, it is still the most popular comfort food in the United States. 

Image Courtesy of My Net

What’s blasphemous in this picture is, aside from not finishing the whole pizza, they left two slices of it on the carpet behind the door. To make matters worse, they left the pizza box and didn’t even bother trying to clean up their mess.

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

In this week’s edition of, When Manners Don’t Matter, we can clearly see an old guy using the internet in a hotel lobby. Why do we consider it nasty? If you dare, zoom in and take a closer look at the screen. 

Image courtesy of Blog Distinckt

Apparently, the guy asked the front desk attendant of the hotel if he could use the computer to check out something. Turns out, he was checking an adult site, and he had no shame about doing it where everybody could see him.

No Consideration

Hotel room or not, this is no way to keep your room. If you don’t have a laundry basket or bag, you could at least use a specific chair for all your dirty clothes.

Image courtesy of Ashley Furniture

Based on the image, this room was rented by young women who must have enjoyed their stay way too much. Hopefully, they clean this amongst themselves. Otherwise, they’ll be leaving a pretty bad impression. 

Childhood Memory Activated: The Pillow Fortress

We’re not gonna lie, this should not be considered a mess as this picture automatically brings back childhood memories. It doesn’t matter if you have a big or small house, you surely made a blanket fort at least once. 

Image Courtesy of Awesome Inventions

If you had siblings, you probably even fought over who would get the biggest area.  Yeah, it might take the cleaners a few extra minutes to tidy it up, but we can almost guarantee they tested out the pillow fortress before taking it down.

One Too Many Beers

As soon as we saw the picture, we couldn’t help but laugh. We’re not giggling at the man but with him – we’ve all experienced something similar before. Clearly, this man had one too many and couldn’t figure out the door to his room.

Image Courtesy of edgy_jesus / Reddit

How can you blame him? The carpeted hallways are so soft, and the aircon is perfectly balanced. He was so comfortable he even removed his shirt and shoes.

No More Kodak Moments

The idea of going on a vacation is to relax, reset, see some beautiful landscapes, enjoy the amenities, and of course, take photographs of your stay. This picture was shared by a hotel staff member who’d been asked by the guests to help them find their camera.

Image courtesy of Target

When the staff member went into the guests’ room, the camera was sitting in plain sight on the table. Perhaps the owner wasn’t able to locate it due to the mess that is all over the table.

Bed of Roses?

Before we talk about how dirty this room is, let us further investigate what’s on the bed. A food tray with a cup of coffee, a bucket with no ice, today’s newspaper, messy blankets, and a long-stemmed rose.

Image courtesy of Up Socl

We clearly don’t know the story behind this mess, but we can conclude that what happened here was not planned. If the bed is dirty, the floor is worse. We have a rotten banana peel, spoon, tissue paper, empty water bottle, and we hate to think what might be lurking beneath the suitcase. 

Nightmare Guests

This room was completely trashed. We can’t even picture how it might have looked before this. First, the ceiling was ripped off, then both sofas were completely destroyed. Finally, the vandalists took to the walls and floors. It now looks like a squat house. 

Image Courtesy of Ashley Furniture

Intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, these are the types of people who should never be allowed to stay as guests in a home or hotel. The damage done is astronomical.

More Tissue and Lotion Please

The nightmare continues for our helpless hotel staff as they encounter another guest from hell. The backstory of this picture was, the guy was making an excuse about having body pain which triggered him to ask for extra tissues and lotion.

Image Courtesy of thesun.ie

You can probably guess where we are heading with this one due to the two items that were requested. When room service staff stepped in, they found a pile of sticky tissues, and worst of all, it had gotten all over the bedsheets. 

Ransacking a Room, Sorority Style

If you are still shocked by what fraternities or sororities can do, especially when they are not being monitored, then this one’s for you. As a college student, it should be clear already that being tidy and orderly is a habit. However, not all students get the memo. 

Image Courtesy of Trip Advisor / Thrillist Nation

These ladies must have studied overnight, accounting for the proliferation of fast food and coffee packaging on the bed. However, this is still not an acceptable reason to leave such a mess. Jay-z was right: you can pay for school but you can’t buy class.

Lifestyles of the Mega-Rich

This is the aftermath of the pillow fight of the century that nobody expected. Before the Kardashian family ruled the reality TV world, Paris Hilton dominated the airwaves. By the way, did you know that Kim Kardashian used to work for Paris Hilton as an assistant?

Image Courtesy of worldation.com

Back to the mess at hand – this was created by Paris’ ex-boyfriend Stavros Niarchos. According to the hotel representative, he and his guy friends were pillow fighting. It was undeniably rude to leave such a mess, but it is kind of cute that a bunch of grown men had a pillow fight. 

Another Fraternity Giving Their School a Bad Name

Here’s another case of members of a fraternity who don’t have any decency or manners. They’ve all but destroyed the hotel’s breakfast area. This gained media attention and was reported all over the country. 

Image courtesy of ABC News

The University Of Michigan is a prestigious school that has produced famous and powerful individuals such as Larry Page (co-founder of tech giant Google) and Tom Brady who is arguably the greatest football player ever. Sadly, these frat boys tarnished their school’s reputation.

Johnny Depp and Kate Moss

Before becoming a bonafide superstar in show business, Johnny Depp did some questionable things in his life. In 1994, an incident caused by Depp and his then-girlfriend Kate Moss made global news.

Image courtesy of East Bay Times

It happened at the Mark Hotel in New York City where they created a scene so disturbing the hotel staff had no choice but to call the authorities. When they reached the room, this is the mess they were greeted with. Why, Johnny?

Balcony of Trash

There’s a reason why there’s a trash can on the balcony. Were the guests in this room too lazy to stand up and put away their trash properly? From the state of the place, it seems they were probably too drunk to care.

Image Courtesy of Way Fair

The only thing we are certain of is this: whoever stayed in this hotel needs a lesson or two in good manners. You don’t need to have a degree to follow basic etiquette. Unfortunately, the damage is already done. 

Supersize Me

Every now and then, convenience stores run promotions, allowing their customers to supersize drinks at no extra cost. That is widely accepted as it is part of their marketing plan.

Image Courtesy of Drddb / Reddit

However, doing this in a hotel is a big no-no. The kid could easily use the cups provided instead of filling up a bucket of soda. The worst part is, he has several other vessels with him. How much soda does one kid need? 

Crime Scene Investigation: The Case of the Missing Bed Frame

Who has watched episodes of Crime Scene Investigation? This image looks like one of their episodes where a drug addict was relaxing, watching TV, and eating his meal until the “spirits” got him.

Image courtesy of et-tuBrute / Reddit

It is no secret that drug addicts sometimes do unusual things. They could have stolen other items in the hotel, but can you spot what is missing in this picture? Oddly enough, it’s the bed frame. Authorities were shocked as there were no traces or marks of the bed frame being pulled out.

Remember Amanda Bynes?

All jokes aside, this is another case of a child star who was destined for greatness but crumbled due to alcohol, drugs, and peer pressure. Amanda Bynes was the face of the television channel Nickelodeon before Miranda Cosgrove came along.

Image Courtesy of Washington Post

This is how Amanda’s sink was found by the hotel cleaner who attended to her room. It sums up the struggle that she was experiencing in life, but the good news is, she is now sober according to recent reports.

University Students, Again!

We can honestly say that university students are the kryptonite of hotel cleaners. Yes, rock stars, celebrities, and rich people might badly damage your hotel room, but they’re nothing compared to these college students. 

Image Courtesy of Thrillist Nation

Look at those piles of styrofoam coffee cups that contain stale coffee. Some leftover food and a cupcake are visible in the picture too. The mess is so bad we can almost smell it through our computer screens. We feel for the poor cleaners who had to deal with this. 

Don’t Worry Honey, I Found It

Most people have torn apart a hotel room at least once, hunting for a lost passport or cell phone. However, this is ridiculous. Once you’ve found the item, you should put everything back where it belongs. 

Image Courtesy of Way Fair

Apparently, a valuable belonging was misplaced somewhere around the pullout bed. The guests took matters into their own hands. Luckily they found it, but it might have cost them their deposit due to the trail of destruction they left behind.

Stephen Curry Shatters the Glass

Stephen Curry is arguably the greatest basketball shooter of all time. His resume speaks for itself. As the first unanimous MVP in the NBA, multiple champions, and All-Star, there’s nothing that he can’t do. Well, sort of.

Image courtesy of Golf Digest

Curry’s fascination with golf is admirable. So, when he bought a new pair of golf clubs, he tried swinging them in his hotel room. His swing was a little too impressive, unfortunately, and he ended up shattering a glass table. Whoops!