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Hilarious Pictures of Things People Caught Their Neighbors Doing

Living in a neighborhood has its advantages and drawbacks. When you live right next to people, you inevitably end up seeing more than you bargained for from time to time. From keeping their yard fit as a fiddle to going all out with holiday decorations, neighbors keep our lives interesting, often becoming our friends, foes, or both. We can’t always pick our neighbors – sometimes people win the lottery with a street full of thoughtful neighbors while others are stuck with those who exhibit intriguing (but irritating) behavior. 

This list celebrates the weirdest and wackiest neighbors of all, each of whom had their outlandish behavior caught on camera. Their unbelievable tricks certainly got us laughing, so it’s only fair that we share the hilarity with the internet.

Shovel Your Steps

It’s a good idea to get out and shovel the steps and walkways on a day blanketed with snow. There are neighbors who will take the opportunity to shovel every one of the walkways on both sides of the road. Then there are those who won’t shovel even an inch of a neighbor’s property. 

The neighbor in this photograph took stinginess to the limit by only shoveling their side of the front steps. This neighbor is clearly attempting to make a statement, and it’s not a friendly one!

Inconsiderate Parking

Parking dramas are common in most neighborhoods. Regardless of whether somebody blocks access to a neighbor’s carport or parks too far out on the road, inconsiderate actions do not go down well. 

This blue truck here is plainly out of the way from this carport. However, the ladder in the back presents a dangerous obstacle for anyone wanting to enter or exit the driveway. All things considered, this parking prank is certainly impolite.

Prying Neighbors

Some neighbors just can’t resist the urge to include themselves in every other person’s business. They’re usually also fanatics for adhering to the rules and ensuring every other person does too. While some of these people do mean well with their constant badgering and calls to the police, their perseverance is rarely well-received by the neighbors. 

One father got tired of the neighbor continually contacting the authorities when he was working on his property. He came up with a shrewd plan to let his neighbor know he was observing the rules.

The Nationalistic Neighbor

While many people love to decorate their homes for special occasions, some neighbors take it to the extreme. The fourth of July is one holiday that screams national pride in America, and everybody loves to show their loyalty and love for the country.

Some are certainly more devoted than others, and a few are searching for any opportunity to celebrate. This individual’s neighbor demonstrates how far some Americans will go to show how dedicated they are to their beloved country. 

Child Support

Cats breed like crazy, and it’s not uncommon for neighborhood romances to flourish. Owners of female cats get the short end of the stick if a pregnancy occurs as they are the ones who need to care for the pregnant mom, help her deliver the litter, and then find homes for all the kittens.

This homeowner’s kitty wound up pregnant to a neighbor’s tomcat. The neighbors were keen to help and did so in the most adorable way – they left a bundle of cat food (aka “child support”) for the mom and her new litter. How sweet!

Free Dandelions

Some neighbors can be especially critical about the appeal of their property. Indeed, it can get to the point that they feel the need to push their ideas onto all their neighbors. These types of people don’t normally hold back when it comes to “educating” you about the shortcomings in your property maintenance. One homeowner got a note from just such a neighbor who lived a couple of houses down. 

The passive-aggressive note insisted that the dandelions filling their front yard are a huge problem. The extra “please” doesn’t make it sound more polite. The homeowner’s response was to create an equally passive-aggressive “FREE DANDELIONS” sign. Perfect. 

Taking Your Parrots on a Walk

Most indoor dogs need to get out in the fresh air to enjoy some activity (and do their business). It’s not unusual to see individuals walking their canines around their neighborhood. However, it is surprising to see somebody walking other creatures down the road. 

We’ve never before seen parrots being taken for a walk in their cages. This elderly couple was spotted strolling with their parrots around the neighborhood. Of course, parrots like to get in the fresh air. However, being carried around in a backpack and on a walker has to be a new experience for them too!

The “Rubbish” Neighbor

In numerous neighborhoods, it’s imperative to keep the roads tidy and free from litter. While some neighbors work toward this goal in harmony, there are others who refuse to acknowledge the importance of it. Some individuals simply don’t have any desire to play their part in supporting the common good. 

There are people in the neighborhood who will do things just to be unpleasant or defiant. One neighbor exhibited this by piling bags of rubbish outside their door. Apparently, he thinks it’s someone else’s job to take them from there. 

And the Winner Is…

It’s enjoyable to cruise the streets during the holidays and take a gander at all of the homes decorated to celebrate. Some homeowners will keep it straightforward with a couple of strings of lights, while others go all out with their decorations. 

When presented with a neighbor who goes all out with the Christmas decorations, it’s often a good idea to simply support their efforts. That’s what the people in this picture did. The winning neighbor’s home is stacked with vivid lights, while the other is keeping it minimal. They declared defeat with that single well-placed arrow.

Can You Blame the Storm?

When moving into someplace new, it can be fun but exhausting getting everything unloaded and set up. When moving from an apartment to a house with a big backyard, many people go all out, treating themselves to outdoor gym equipment and maybe even a full-sized trampoline. 

This is what led up to the image above. A new neighbor moved in and bought a massive trampoline for their yard. When a storm hit, it blasted the trampoline through their neighbor’s yard and into the side of their home. 

The Intruding Cactus

Having walls up around the property is a common way to boost security and keep out intruders. When people think about intruders, they generally imagine thieves and possibly animals. Few people fear invasion by plants.  

This homeowner went outside to their yard after hearing a disturbing clamor. They were stunned to see a monstrous cactus had gotten through their wall, vandalizing their property. What a thorny circumstance to be in. 

A Decent Notice

Bathroom windows often have a frosted effect that ensures light gets through and you can see out, but no one can see in while you’re doing personal business. Of course, the window must be installed the right way around for it to work properly. Otherwise, it offers entirely the wrong viewing experience. 

A couple who moved into a quiet community got a disturbing, unforeseen letter from their neighbors. The neighbors informed them that their bathroom window wasn’t working the way they thought it did. Kudos to the neighbors for being kind enough to say something!  

Banana Boy

Most children love it when there are other kids their age in the neighborhood. It’s often good for parents too if the kids are able to enjoy sleepovers and playdates at each other’s houses. Indeed, in some neighborhoods, the kids only stop by their one houses to pick up a snack! One small child named Carter visited his neighbor for a startling reason. 

When this person opened the door, they found Carter, their neighbor’s kid, on the front step. He requested a banana, and though they were taken aback, they complied. How could you say no? 

How to Dispose of a Christmas Tree

Living in an apartment building comes with its benefits and disadvantages. One of the biggest drawbacks is the fact that getting bulky, awkward items in and out can be a pain. Just ask these people who could not be bothered dealing with their Christmas tree when the holidays were done.  

Not all occupants will appropriately dispose of their holiday decor. However, these people give new meaning to the word “lazy.” We’re not certain if they figured the tree would simply vanish once tossed from the window or if another person would have to deal with it. 

How to Handle a Loud Situation

With regards to handling neighbors, it’s imperative to shout out if something is irritating you. When you don’t, the issue has little hope of being resolved. Indeed, it might actually deteriorate. It may very well be an awkward discussion, yet these are things that should be said. 

Some individuals struggle with being forthright. Instead, they opt for more passive-aggressive methods. One occupant posted a note for their neighbors upstairs, showing that they make a ton of foot commotion. The message sure is clear, but it might just end up antagonizing the noisy stompers upstairs! 

A Wheelbarrow Full of Coins

When taking a pet to the vet, the costs can be remarkable. If your pet has a physical issue or infection, treatment and medical procedures are rarely modest. So, if your pet’s illness or injury was another person’s fault, they should at least help with covering the bill. 

Somebody’s neighbor had a Great Dane that assaulted their golden retriever. When they asked the neighbor to take care of the vet bill, they consented to pay for it. The only catch was, they delivered the funds in pennies, with a wheelbarrow to make delivery easy. 

A Mutual Decision

Property lines are ordinarily recognized with a fence or wall to show where one starts and the other ends. One individual went over and trimmed their old neighbor’s grass to take care of them. The following day, the older couples’ neighbor trimmed their grass, as well.

With no recognized boundary to where the property line starts and finishes, the neighbors chose to not take care of a segment of lawn, just to make a statement. Makes sense!

Just Neighbors, not Friends

When you move into a new neighborhood, it is impossible to expect that everybody will want to be friends. Indeed, you’re lucky if people are good enough to be polite. Neighbors often have no desire to make friends, preferring instead to mind their own business.

In townhouses, where you reside directly next to somebody, you’ll be amazed by how individuals make a special effort to recognize that they are not your friends. This person’s neighbor chose to paint their home and redo their front entrance, taking care to leave the other half exactly as it was, despite how odd it looks.

In Disguise

Truck owners can sympathize with how troublesome it can be to park these vehicles without causing an issue for neighbors. Particularly in streets where parking may be restricted, or roads are tight, huge trucks can be problematic. 

One neighbor was griping about how they didn’t like another person’s truck. For everyone’s peace of mind, the owner of the big truck painted it in camouflage colors and left it somewhere they were certain she’d never see it. Smart move!

An Extraordinary Package

Sharing the common areas of an apartment building with your neighbors can lead to some interesting discoveries, especially if they order a lot of packages. It can be hard to overlook the peculiar things our neighbors are engaged with, and in some cases, getting a glimpse into their private lives is unavoidable. 

When one occupant was returning home one day, they looked over to see their neighbor had a package hanging tight for them. It was in the shape of a body. Strange, right?

A Creative Revenge

Some neighbors seem determined to never get along. They even venture to such extremes as calling the police on each other. It’s smarter to avoid these circumstances and allow minor disturbances to work out as they will. 

This neighbor lost their patience when the cops were called on them. They chose to get inventive in their retribution. They stacked the yard with many pink flamingos and a sign that implied conflict was welcome. We wonder what happened next. 

Lawn Video Footage

When someone’s property is being vandalized, surveillance cameras are an incredible method for capturing film of the individual doing the harm. If there’s one form of vandalism people can’t endure, it’s neighbors who don’t clean up after their dogs.

These grandparents responsible for this sign have video footage of all those individuals who let their dogs do their business on their pristine lawn. All in all, their threat seems pretty reasonable.

Don’t Let the Cats Out

Cats can be brilliant breakout artists when they need to get outside. It’s easy to understand this craving to get out since they are cooped up inside all day. These felines are clearly extra clever since it takes three notes to get across how imperative it is to be careful around them. It seems they learn from each encounter and apply the new knowledge to perfecting their escape plans.

Most cat owners are very much aware of the escape artist tendencies of their pets. This clarifies why the property owner left so many notes on their entryway for the neighbors. 

Watermelon Problems

It’s not strange for people to require some time alone to work through their feelings. Otherwise, stress and anxiety may cause them to lose rest and be unable to focus on their work. An occupant of an apartment building snapped this image of their neighbor deep in thought. 

The person appears to be having a serious meeting with a congregation of watermelons. We’re not certain what this guy was able to address with this kind of therapy, but we hope he worked through whatever was getting him down. 

Reusing Items

With landfills loaded full of things that won’t ever break down and even more waste winding up in the ocean, reusing things has become mainstream. It’s better than tossing things away. This homeowner likes to recycle things in outrageous and imaginative ways. 

When their microwave went downhill and needed to be replaced, they chose to put it out front. We thought it was a mailbox at first, but it’s connected to an outlet, suggesting they’ve put it there for the neighbors to microwave their food.

Don’t Rob Me

When purchasing new and costly items for your home, it’s best to avoid disposing of the packaging where anybody can see them. This can be all it takes for passing thieves to decide to come back and break into a house.

Whether this individual is kidding or not about their Christmas hack, they make a reasonable point about being careful when purchasing expensive items. We’re just hoping the neighbors didn’t get robbed! 

Decoration Based on Gender

The term “bachelor pad” got its name for a reason. It’s suggestive of a single man who lives alone in a small space that’s designed precisely how he likes it. For some men, this means it’ll be a stylish space. Others prefer to keep things simple. The one thing you can guarantee is that a bachelor pad and a bachelorette pad will look nothing alike.  

In the image above, it’s clear that the downstairs neighbor cares far more about balcony aesthetics than the fellows upstairs. Anna has enlivened her little balcony with pink blossoms and a personalized deck chair, while the men have a couple of plastic seats and a BBQ. 

Unforgettable Birthday Greeting

Some people are truly exceptional, and what better way to make them feel special than to accomplish something amazing on their birthday? Some families go all-out on a gathering, while others go for a more peculiar expression of love. 

We’re sure this woman was thrilled with the maxim “Looks who’s 40!” Now all the neighbors know her age and what she looked like as a baby. We bet there were some furious words exchanged in that household! 

What’s Up?

Dogs are social animals, so they like to be associated with everything going on. Inquisitive animals that they are, it’s no surprise that they stick their noses in where they don’t necessarily belong. Canines love attention and need a great deal of it. They don’t like to be left all alone for too long, as this one clearly demonstrates. 

The neighbor’s dog is either attempting to get away or simply relaxing. Without a doubt, the canine needed some attention and was searching for the best way to get it. 

A Quiet Neighborhood

When it comes to selling property, real estate agents need to highlight all the advantages of an area, no matter how unusual they may be. Homes close to airports, train tracks, and noisy factories can be hard to sell. However, sometimes even the calmest areas present difficulties. 

Though most people are looking for quiet neighbors, this is taking things a step too far. One realtor used the cemetery across the road as a selling point, suggesting the neighbors are the quietest ones you’ll find. They’re not wrong!

Divorce Yard Sale

Most divorces center around the property and the cash. Who will take what? How do the assets get divided? What happens to the debt? This husband had the bright idea to sell off as much stuff as he could before his ex returned home from work. 

Somehow, we feel like this would end in an argument no matter what. Surely she’d notice that everything was gone when she got home. We just hope it’s a bad dad joke designed to get more customers to visit the yard sale! 

Free Donuts

Some communities like to keep things light by joking around with each other. Such small communities can be great places to visit, especially if there’s a camera handy. They are known for their friendliness, generosity, and shared sense of humor. 

Even tricking the police is something they can pull off as long as it’s all in good fun. This community had a laugh by setting up a box trap marked “FREE DONUTS.” There really is a case of fresh donuts there. We wonder if the officers were able to resist.

Just Chilling

Some creatures are not intended to withstand chilly conditions, but some are brought into the world with features to thrive in the cold. This pup clearly falls into the latter category. 

This dog is enjoying the last of the snow before it all melts away. It’s gazing wistfully off into the distance, contemplating how long it might be until it gets to roll around in the snow again. 

One-way Mirrors

Some neighbors will go to great lengths to preserve their privacy. To keep intrusive neighbors from peering through their windows and snooping on them, the owners of the house in the picture below came up with a clever solution. 

The owner of this house set up one-way mirrors in the windows. When a nosy neighbor glances in, all they’ll see is their own meddlesome reflection gazing back at them. They’ll also have no idea whether someone on the other side of the glass is observing them. Creepy! 

A Deceitful Plate of Cookies

During special times of the year, some neighbors love to give homemade treats to the people on their street or in their building. It’s a method of giving grace and spreading the holiday cheer. From pumpkin bread to chocolate fudge, people love to flaunt their baking skills and share their flavorful treats. 

One family got a plate of treats on Christmas from their neighbor. After they enjoyed every last cookie on the plate, they cleaned it up and then discovered a disturbing message underneath. The plate itself was potentially poisonous! Thankfully, no one got poisoned, but this was a scary moment nonetheless. 

Scaring the Neighbors

Speaking of giving the neighbors a fright, some people use this as a tactic to keep people off their property. They install security, put up signs saying “STAY OUT” or “NO TRESPASSING,” and then as a final measure, place creepy things in their windows to scare potential intruders away.  

This individual’s neighbor left a spooky doll’s face in the window to frighten anybody passing by and fend people off. We definitely wouldn’t approach this house, so the tactic is clearly effective!

Holy Cow!

Birthdays are a great excuse for throwing parties, going to amusement parks, and generally having a good time with friends and loved ones. This family took a creative approach in decorating their front lawn for Jonathan’s 18th birthday. 

We have a feeling Jonathan’s dad was the one who came up with this idea. Who else but a dad would go to so much effort over a pun? The cows really are an adorable touch. 

Wi-Fi Username Rivalries

When setting up the wi-fi in a new home, it’s common to get a giggle out of the names of the nearby networks. Some people concoct some truly hilarious statements to distinguish their network. They may even use it as a forum to air grievances with the neighbors.  

Wi-fi wars are the latest craze among fans of passive-aggressive confrontations. In the photograph above, these neighbors are throwing shade on each other with their wi-fi names. The jab about grammar is so on-point we had to laugh. 

Superheroes vs Villains

Everybody has their most loved hero, and some people have their favorite villains. So, what happens when fans of a hero meet fans of that hero’s antagonist? Thankfully, it seems they’re able to be civil about it.

These neighbors chose to take their fight to the ground, but not in a violent way. They each expressed their feelings by purchasing a welcome mat in honor of their favorite comic book character. We just hope they’re friendly when they pass each other in the hallway.