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30+ Hilarious and Embarrassing Holiday Photos

Hilarious holiday photographs were once confined to the albums, walls, and mantle pieces of our homes. However, with social media, we can now get a sneak peek into the way other people spend their downtime. Vacations are a chance to unwind and have fun with your loved ones or simply have some quiet time away from everything. All things considered, who doesn’t need a break from a distressing work schedule? Also, what’s a trip without a couple of adorable and fun pictures? 

Of course, not all photoshoots go according to plan. Everyone has those moments when they attempt to snap a picture, and something turns out badly. Whether it’s the wrong spot, wrong angle, or wrong lighting, some pictures can end up being majorly cringe-worthy. Thankfully, most people are able to see the funny side. So much so, in fact, that they’ve willingly shared their worst vacation snaps on this list. 

False Impression

A wedding proposal is almost every girl’s dream, and when that special moment happens, everything is supposed to feel magical. This was not the case for this couple whose romantic weekend getaway in Paris led to a major misunderstanding. As seen in the photo below, the guy dropped to his knees to tie his shoes, but this appeared to be a marriage proposal from his partner’s perspective. 

We can only imagine the woman’s disappointment, especially since they’re in the city of love. Anyway, we commend the photographer for this perfectly timed snap.

Seal Snack

Here’s another perfectly timed image. This one was captured while this couple was fishing. The guy had just caught a magnificent yellowtail tuna and was preparing to pose for the camera.

As his wife tried to capture what was supposed to be an incredible moment, a hangry seal did not think twice about grabbing the chance to score a free meal.  Whoa! Sad to say but the man’s big catch of the day was lost to the seal. Better luck next time!

Feathered and Furry Friends

One of the joys of visiting far-off places is that we get to enjoy new experiences and meet new friends. Look at this lady who appears to have encountered more wildlife than she expected. 

The look on her face, and the tight grip she has on that llama, suggest that she fears large birds. She appears to be as surprised as the poor little llama. We hope she did not get traumatized in any way by her new clingy pal. 

Frozen and Happy

This incredible photo is the result of extremely cold air and the woman was happy with her new hairstyle – white and frozen! When relaxing in a hot spring, the young lady in the photo swept her wet hair back into the -20-degree air. You can see the result in the picture below. 

Of course, a selfie is mandatory since moments like this rarely happen. We hope this lovely hair sculpture didn’t cause her a lot of pain when it melted in a warmer environment.

Two-Headed Monster

Here’s an image that went horribly wrong. At first look, the photo appears to have three people in it including a pair of twins. If you pay attention to the image, you’ll eventually realize that the “twins” share a neck! 

The guy and the woman beside him appear to be happy with their day trip, but the other woman does not look pleased. If you take a look at the shape of the image, you can see that it’s a panorama. One of the funnier aspects of this type of image is that if you move while it’s being taken, you can create odd effects like this. 

That’s One Way to Show Affection

Needless to say, this guy had a bad day and was compelled to let this monkey do what it wanted to him, which is not something that happens all the time. Some countries ensure monkeys can roam freely without human intervention. This is done in compliance with their culture and traditions. 

Even if this guy wanted to get close to this creature, he didn’t need to get this intimate. It’s a hilarious photo that will make people laugh for many years. We’re just glad it didn’t happen to any of us!

Scary Photobomber

Imagine snapping a picture with your better half and seeing a creepy stranger suddenly appearing over your shoulder. That is what has befallen this couple who snapped a selfie near the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany.

It’s hard to discern whether this individual is a street performer or part of their crew. Either way, they don’t seem too concerned. The couple in all likelihood got the shot they needed after their new buddy left.

Playing Hide-and-Seek

Disney World is advertised as the ideal family get-away and a definitive dream for youngsters around the world. After all, it’s “the happiest place on Earth.” However, even stalwart Disney fans may find the various Disney characters wandering the parks alarming. 

This young lady was resolute that she would not meet Tigger. She was so scared, in fact, that she hunched underneath the table. Poor kid. We hope the remainder of the get-away went smoothly for her.

What a View!

This adorable family was ready to document their travel memories. There was just one problem. It seems nobody advised the man next to them that a photo was going to be taken. Of course, it could be that they did ask him to move but he refused. 

The family had a totally unique response when they saw that the scene they wanted for their photograph was being blocked. Should they have been the ones to adjust and move to a different spot? Pay attention to how close the two guys are. Just saying.

Starving Mickey

Mickey, have you gone crazy? We’re not happy with what’s happening behind the scenes, but the cherished Disney mascot seems to be tired of eating cheese. It’s probably because of the camera’s angle, but it looks for all the world like Mickey is chomping on that poor kid’s head.

This girl paused dramatically for her holiday photo. At least, this picture will remind the little girl that not all photo ops are perfectly timed and that Mickey needs to have a variety of food!

Unintentional but Unforgettable

Aside from one tiny detail, this family photograph captured on a cruise trip was great. Three-quarters of the family were well-behaved, but one little person decided she wasn’t into the whole family photo thing. 

Though the rest of her family are oblivious, the photographer definitely saw the little girl sticking her middle finger up. Obviously, the kiddo was not in a great mood for some cheesy family portrait. This may have been a totally accidental motion, but it is one that will not be forgotten.

She Needed Some Alone Time

This holiday photograph has a significant vibe to it in light of the fact that the lady is sitting alone in the sea. Possibly, she simply required a little alone time? Maybe she just nodded off and didn’t notice when the tide came in. 

It’s hard to tell from this angle whether she’s awake or not. It seems that she’s in no immediate danger, but we do hope someone checked on her.

Not a Fan

Water rides aren’t for everybody, but this lady figured out how to appreciate them. She was prepared to cry but she had her convenient plastic bag to keep her hair dry. It’s questionable how comfortable the plastic bag was for her during the ride, but it kept her hair dry. 

We’re thinking that she was probably forced by her family to ride with them. One look at her, and you can tell she was not thrilled. At least, she experienced the ride of her life. 

Holding on with a Pinch

Here’s an image that causes you to feel something. This dad encountered an agonizing last-minute surprise when this photograph was taken. When his child was searching for something to clutch, he grabbed the nearest thing he could discover. 

This poor dad is probably going to have to recuperate rapidly from this pinch since the kid shows no signs of slowing down. Though that’s genuine pain on his face, we think he’ll look back on this moment and laugh. 

Dolphin Says Hello!

Oh, hello there! An extra chummy dolphin has become the star of this get-away photograph in what must be one of the cutest photobombs ever. While it may seem like the dolphin was added in with Photoshop, this was not the situation. This photo was taken at the perfect second. 

The dolphin did a flip just as the photograph was being taken. What a nice way to greet everyone, especially the person who took this photo.

An Epic Holiday

Most kids get restless as they travel to their holiday destination, however, the mother in this vehicle seems to be equally worn out from voyaging. The kids in the back seem to be very close to losing it.

With the caption “vacation from hell,” the picture has been affectionately saved. We’re wondering which famous spot they visited and the leisure activities that made them look so tired.

Dynamite Trip

This picture is suggestive of Napoleon Dynamite! Given that the photograph was taken in the mid-1980s, the style is obvious. All things considered, three of the four relatives give off an impression of being uncertain about whether they ought to be happy and content. 

South Dakota has nothing on the excitement of Disney World, but it is a delightful spot to visit. All things considered, the best get-aways are more about the people you go with than the places you go.

Rafting Gone Wrong

While some families like to unwind and make the most of their get-away instead of participating in arduous activities, others need to take advantage of every opportunity for adventure. Take this woman, for example, who took her family on a river rafting trip. 

While rafting, this family probably hit a huge wave, sending the mom over the edge. Boating can be risky for unpracticed individuals, but thankfully, the mother was safe. Let’s not forget to commend the person behind this iconic photo. Good job!

Blown Away

It’s wonderful for parents when their kids are happy to snap a photo together. This was the case for the parents of these kids, but then the young lady on the left was overwhelmed by a solid breeze or a need to sneeze. 

Getting everybody to look fantastic in a group photograph is a difficult assignment all by itself. We hope they had time to get a few more shots! Nevertheless, this image of siblings is cute and probably produced quite a few laughs.

Holidays in Poland

Let’s start by saying that a great deal is going on in this photograph. This family consented to do a customary looking chilly climate photoshoot while holidaying in Poland. 

The family looks charming in their Polish-style ponchos with their sled dogs (who have all the earmarks of being uncertain about their roles in the photograph). It’s their bristly, bear-costumed companion who makes this image bizarre. Nevertheless, everyone is smiling, so we guess it’s okay.

In a Bad Mood

Have you ever felt forced to do something you would rather not do while on holiday? With the exception of one, this family was anticipating visiting each noteworthy site in Washington, DC. Maybe she’s uninterested in politics, or perhaps she’s simply tired of taking family holiday pics. 

Maybe she was just in a bad mood? Whatever is behind her grumpy demeanor, we trust that this cranky girl made the most of her holiday and time with her family. After all, when parents ask for a photo, it’s only because they love you and want to remember the special moment!  


Here’s another hilarious moment captured perfectly. This man was most likely anticipating a great day on the golf course. Either the person behind the scenes couldn’t hold on for one second longer, or the bathroom was a long walk away. 

Since he is so happy with his shot, the older guy is totally unmindful of the awkward situation going on behind him. In any case, he’ll recall it for the remainder of his life thanks to this picture. 

Not Happy

Get-aways with family are meant to be fun, exciting, and unforgettable. This family, however, seems to be in need of a break from their get-away. They were apparently at “the happiest place on earth” (Disney World), yet in this photo, they don’t display any of the earmarks of having a great time. 

Amusement parks can be exhausting, and excursions can be stressful in light of the fact that they require organizing. We hope this family got the relaxation, thrills, and magnificent memories they wanted. 

Bizarre Beach Outfit

Do you ever get that uncomfortable feeling when you show up at the beach and take off your shirt and jeans to uncover your bathing suit? You can feel a little exposed at first, but there’s no need to worry. Just take your cue from this man who isn’t bothered in the least. 

Is this fashion or do his pants just not fit properly anymore? Either way, we don’t imagine he’d be able to get much swimming done in that outfit. 


Pool toys and inner tubes make swimming more fun and chill. However, some of them can be tricky to dismount. There are a couple of approaches to freeing yourself from your water toy, particularly if it’s shaped like a flamingo. 

The method chosen by this woman looks awkward and dangerous, but we trust she still managed to enjoy her beach trip.

At Your Own Risk

This isn’t a scene from the film Jaws; it is a genuine picture! You’d think an image like this would keep people out of the water, but even the danger of a shark attack wasn’t enough to keep these people away from the waves. 

We could fight the temptation to get our feet wet if that was the only place to swim in the area. Is the danger of a shark attack not terrifying to some people? Hopefully, nobody was harmed that day!

A Risky Photo Op

We can’t understand why the photographer was so calm while snapping this shot. It seems the dad in this picture completely forgot he had a child strapped to his back. That kid is hanging over the edge!

We trust nothing terrible occurred, but we can only imagine how horrified they must’ve been when they saw how close they came to a tragedy. We hope this guy’s wife didn’t kill him after seeing this photo. Ah, parenthood!

Taking a Potty Break

The parents of these kids ought to be recognized not just for bringing the porta-potty camping, but also for choosing such a delightful view for their youngster to appreciate while he’s doing his business. 

Nothing beats a sister’s confidence in her sibling, staying by him when things aren’t yet going his way. This is an image that will stay with you for quite a while! Well done, kiddos!

Meet the Star Trek Family

We hope these people look back fondly on this photo. Those retro space suits look like they’d be so much fun to wear, and they likely spent a lot of time getting dressed up for this photograph. 

This is a case of Star Trek meets Revenge of the Nerds, and we’re here for it. We hope they got to keep the costumes. Any suggestions for the dress-up theme for their next trip?

Friendly Photo

This is a real photo of three different creatures who happen to enjoy each other’s company. The young man is nonchalantly lying on the sand with his monkey buddy on top of him, and an enormous, stunning parrot squatting on his knee.

This is one of those pictures that clearly has a story behind it. You have a genuine opponent now, Dr. Doolittle, and he’s significantly younger (and cuter) than you! 

A Terrible Day at the Beach

We’re not sure whether this guy was willingly buried in the sand like this, but we’re pretty sure he wasn’t happy about that mess the seagull left on his face.

While his kids are most likely chuckling wildly at this interesting scene, this man seems disappointed. His one blessing in this moment is the fact that he’s wearing such cool sunglasses! At least, this guy will have something to chuckle about at the end of his beach trip.

One of the Boys

This grandma seems to be having a far better time than the rest of the tourists on this list. She was enjoying a nice vacation with her family when she saw the exquisite Chippendales and concluded she just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see a show and get on-stage with the boys.

One question though: If you happened to see these guys, would you ask for a photo op? We say go ahead and show that big smile! Take it from this grandma – it’s an opportunity you shouldn’t pass up.

Are You Serious, Daddy?

We can hear the kids saying “Seriously, dad? Did we give up Disney World for this?” Can’t the parents of these children think of a more suitable tourist spot than a construction site for the family vacation? 

The kids look sad and disappointed. Who wouldn’t be? When taking your kids for a trip, make sure it’s age-appropriate and enjoyable. We’re trusting it was a “take your children to work day” event that was only allowed because mom was out of town.

The New Tanning Trend

Is there a new tanning tip in the current edition of Vogue that we somehow missed? Is it conceivable that this young lady is applying tomatoes to her skin to help in its recuperation from sunburn? 

Whatever it is, she gives off an impression of being disappointed with it. When she takes those slices of tomato off, she’ll notice she has six enormous white circles on her legs, which will make her even more furious. 

Fatherhood Fail

“What the heck are you doing, Daddy?” What was this person up to? His endeavor to show this kid his first camel seems, by all accounts, to be failing wretchedly. The camel isn’t interested in saying hello. It just wants to eat the child’s hand! 

This dad does need to be commended for his effort to make the trip fun and memorable. We can only imagine the mom’s reaction upon seeing this photo, especially if she wasn’t part of the trip to the zoo.

Bear Scare

This is one scary scene! Of course, it’s possible that the bears just want to say hello, but we wouldn’t want to be this close to a big, protective momma bear and her cub! 

Maybe the mother bear lost her bearings in the forest and headed over to the roadside to ask a passing vehicle for directions. We wonder if the parents of this kid realized how much danger he’s in dangling out the back of the car like that! 

When in Canada

In Canada, a couple of pickaxes and a creepy polar bear are all you need for a decent family photograph. We don’t know whether it’s the polar bear’s unnerving grin or the dad’s creepy smile, but this picture is a bit unsettling. 

The more we pay attention to the details of this family souvenir photo, the more interesting it becomes. What about you – what’s your most memorable family vacation photo?

A Holiday in Europe

Nothing compares to a family vacation in France, particularly for that much-desired photograph before the popular Eiffel Tower. Despite his folks’ earnest attempts to smile and strike a pose, apparently, this kid didn’t get the memo. 

This youngster appears to be hunkered down with his head in the plastic sack. Is he throwing up? Poor kid. It seems a stomach bug hit him in the middle of their getaway. We hope he recovered and enjoyed the rest of their trip.

Someone’s not Ready for the Camera

This is a delightful setting for a couple’s vacation photograph. While striking a pose, this man appears to have everything in order. However, he has no idea what’s happening behind him. 

The poor woman will be baffled when she sees herself in this image. Apparently, she was not ready for the photo op. Let’s blame the photographer for this very candid shot.