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40 Images Showing Individuals Who Learned Things the Hard Way

There are many challenges in life that we must all conquer as we move forward. Some of these challenges are extraordinarily difficult, while others are as simple as discovering that the rules of cartoons do not apply in life! Some lessons can be picked up without ever going through a painful event; after all, a little bit of common sense can go a long way and save you a lot of suffering.

People who refuse to benefit from the wisdom and experience of others are certain to make some pretty stupid, and occasionally even dangerous, mistakes. Here are a few life lessons people had to discover the hard way.

Bulk Buying Baskets

Putting products back in the wrong spot, leaving carts full of items in aisles, and other such mistakes are all too common in supermarkets. But this is unquestionably among the funnier facepalm incidents to ever occur in a grocery store.

This guy chose to take all of the baskets so that they would stay in the wheeled caddy rather than just selecting one and moving on with his business. We don’t comprehend it. Why not simply carry a basket like the rest of the population?

Extraordinary Parking Skills

There are no excuses for poor parking; it must be done correctly. If not, you may cause inconvenience, experience legal issues, or put others in danger of having an accident. Of course, there are some rare occasions when the usual parking rules don’t apply.

We will concede that some police officers appear to be too enthusiastic about issuing tickets. Even though this parking job doesn’t look good, how could anyone possibly believe that this is a real car? We’re not confident in that officer’s crime-solving abilities! 

Basic Rule: Practice Social Distancing

Various barriers are erected in places where people frequently interact as nations and local governments take careful moves toward reopening the aspects of society that have been closed off by the coronavirus pandemic. To stop the spread of the virus, institutions have put up plexiglass barriers and plastic drapes.

This woman doesn’t seem to understand the purpose of such barriers. She somehow managed to slide her entire body underneath the plastic cover to get a better look rather than conversing with the store employees about what she needed to buy.

Face Mask Fail

During the pandemic, using home beauty treatments became a viable option. Some people found the change uncomfortable, but on the plus side, it made the DIY face mask—one of the best skin-care choices available—more widely known. And there’s nothing more natural than nourishing your skin with ingredients readily available from your pantry.

It turns out that just because something is natural doesn’t necessarily mean it’s suitable for your face. Sadly, this girl made a turmeric face mask without prior research, and as a result, she now resembles Bart Simpson.

How to Stop Them?

Road signs and markers guide us and remind us to follow laws and regulations. But what if these indicators were typographically incorrect? The fact that they’re writing “sotp” on the road instead of “stop” makes this mistake much funnier.

It’s also a little depressing that two people could be so clueless. The best course of action in this situation would probably be to submit a photo to the municipal council meeting to demonstrate the hard work that their tax dollars are doing.

An Experiment Gone Wrong

Science experiments are entertaining and instructive, and you can perform a variety of them at home, thanks to the many available books on physics and chemistry. However, watching the experiments take place can teach us a lot more. More often than not, watching a video of an experiment in action is considerably more instructive than simply reading about it.

But for one intrepid do-it-yourself scientist, internet stardom meant joining forces with these well-known social media scientists. He accomplished his goals, but the result was not what he expected. He also undoubtedly lost his microwave in the process.

We’ve Got Nothing To Say

Whether this picture was manufactured or resulted from a bizarre practical joke, the image is horrifying. This looks like more than just a dumb error; it’s also extraordinarily unpleasant and revolting. The woman misinterpreted the bidet as a drinking fountain.

Many nations have bidets, and even those who have never used one are likely to have seen one in a movie. Even if this girl accidentally missed the memo, she’ll never forget it now, thanks to the numerous comments she undoubtedly received after posting this.

Contradicting Markers

In most establishments, floor markings indicate walkways, aisles, or other spaces using visual cues like lines painted directly on the floor. Effective floor marking can boost safety, simplify logistics, and boost organizational effectiveness using specialized paint, floor tape, or lighting systems.

The self-serve area of the bakery sector appears to have two different directions at this restaurant. Though it should be evident that you can’t reach the handle from that marking, this person is nevertheless upset about the contradictory instructions. 

Work Smarter, Not Harder

If your car has rusted and unclean wheels, it will still look like junk, no matter how glossy and clean the body is. It’s simpler and less expensive than most people imagine to paint a car’s wheels.

You’d think this guy would want to stand out by doing something more than the simple task of removing the rims. We do commend him for taking care of his car while painting the rims, but he really didn’t need to go as far as he did. The comment below the image says it all. 


Despite our best efforts to prevent them, traffic accidents nevertheless occur. For this reason, we must all have comprehensive car insurance. It doesn’t prevent accidents, but it can make the aftermath more bearable. Be sensible when your insurance provider asks you for pictures when making an insurance claim.

In this instance, the woman didn’t exactly catch the message. She sent pictures when asked to, but they weren’t the appropriate ones. Instead of sending the photos of car damage, she sent selfies. If she had a cute agent, we might be willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. However, this was nothing more than a silly mistake. 

The Taste of a Terrible Mistake

These days, soap bars come in a variety of sizes and styles. Most of them are exquisitely made, and some are food-inspired. These are typically used as gifts for friends and family. They appear to be genuine chocolates or candy bars, causing some people to try a bite.

Uncomfortably, it came out that the friend in question believed she had been gifted a dark chocolate cookie. Excitedly, she took a mouthful, only to learn that it wasn’t meant to be consumed.

Clash of Criminals

While having your automobile stolen can be horrifying, there are actions you must take right away to make sure that you don’t suffer any consequences. You risk losing your car and being charged with crimes committed with it if you don’t complete these actions within a reasonable amount of time.

Karma appears to be real because these two criminals collided with one another after each stealing a car. Strangely, they both seem incredibly pleased with themselves. We don’t see even a hint of remorse in either of those faces!

Student Versus Teacher

Teachers are among the most influential leaders in our society. They provide students a sense of direction, prepare them to be productive members of the community, and motivate them to achieve in life—even if they make some humorous errors along the way.

The student who wrote “syntax error” as her response on the board startled the arithmetic teacher. In her defense, she was merely writing down the result from her calculator. However, how did she fail to recognize her error? His expression conveys how frustrated he is.

Handle With Care

Take note of how this girl is sitting on the package of fragile mirrors with comfort. Although it wasn’t specified explicitly, no one is permitted to sit on this box because the objects inside are delicate.

Either she didn’t read the words on the side of the box, or she’s willing to take a chance. She might have just needed to sit down to recover after a long, exhausting day of searching for new furnishings. Alternatively, it’s possible that she enjoys living on the edge and taking chances that others would rather avoid.

Is Anybody Brave Enough To Tell Her?

Face masks have been an essential part of the protocols used to halt the spread of COVID-19. For further virus prevention, face shields are a step up many people like to take. Unfortunately, some people have reacted irrationally to the coronavirus, and things have gotten out of hand.

This lady chose to use a snorkeling mask rather than a face cover. She believes she can avoid contracting the virus by breathing through a snorkel. But snorkels don’t function that way. Let’s hope she gets a message soon to remove the item.

Don’t Mess With My Girl

When you consider how much social media influences both our lives and our relationships, it can seem a little weird. When sharing things about his girl on social media, a real gentleman will be polite and truthful. He will utilize various posts, comments, and images to demonstrate how fortunate he is to be with her.

This man thought of a way to flaunt his new girl on social media. The issue is that this picture is clearly staged, and the photographer forgot that a mirror might expose his ruse.

Waffles Made With Love

For young children, the kitchen makes a great scientific lab. Children gain observational, analytical, and predictional skills by helping to prepare meals. In addition, they learn to enjoy the cooking process through imaginative play. Kids love preparing meals at the play-dough table, in the home, and in the sandpit.

To his mother’s surprise, this young child tried to bake some waffles. The boy, regrettably, was unaware of what occurs when plastic plates are placed in the oven. Still, it’s the thought that counts, right? 

That Is So Specific

Smoke detectors don’t appear to receive the same attention as home safety systems. Considering how crucial they are for personal and domestic safety, this can be a costly oversight. The likelihood of dying in a house fire can be decreased by using smoke alarms.

This person mounted a smoke detector on the ceiling of their house. After that, they filled out the label to confirm the date on which the device was installed. Unfortunately, instead of writing the date, they wrote the specific place where the device was installed. 

Good Luck With That

If you have ever needed to carry your ATV from one location to another to ride it, get it serviced, or for other reasons, you need a hassle-free method of moving it. One tip: Always tie the ATV down before transporting it.

People have employed some really creative techniques to secure objects in their vehicles. Those straps, though, seem a bit out of place. Though he would be correct in saying that the ATV would not move once it was on the road, his truck is also probably not moving.

Start Packing Your Things

When the husband said he would be in charge of the cooking, the wife felt a mixture of happiness and worry. Most men can cook well, but problems often arise when it comes to cleaning up after themselves. We anticipate a massive argument with this guy!

Thanks to this individual, their gas stoves and plastic cutting boards are now in a terrible state. Other than saying “sorry, honey,” this guy needs a plan to make amends for what he’s done. We would offer to pay for some upscale takeout later in the evening. A gift card to her favorite store wouldn’t go astray either!

Rescue Mission

An exceptional amount of resources are committed to search and rescue missions, and this is how it ought to be. We need to do everything we can to find missing people and ease the unimaginable suffering caused to them and their families. Rapid action is frequently essential in locating a lost individual who is still alive.

But what if the missing person has already joined the search team, and no one seems to recognize her? Perhaps the team was truly lost. Otherwise, it seems that something is not quite right in this situation. Maybe the previous night was too rowdy, or she was enacting a poorly thought-out practical joke?

That’s How They Work

A bow and arrow tattoo can represent force and strength or a feeling of direction, such as moving forward without turning around. Arrows are a common element in current tattoo trends. The arrow symbolizes various ideas, including love, movement, direction, masculine dominance, and conflict.

There are several sensible pairings in the world. However, this one might not be among them. We’re left wondering why they would employ that metaphor, even without the confusion around who is the arrow and who is the bow. 

This Is A Joke, Right?

If you browse the Internet long enough, you will undoubtedly encounter someone astronomically wrong but unwilling or unable to see their glaring error. Browse long enough, and you can easily find comments like these on a daily basis. While they are everywhere on the internet, they are most common on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

This sad, foolish person wrote on Facebook that other people were super duper stupid for believing the events of the film Titanic actually happened. On this, we concur with the commenter. We honestly hope they’re joking!

Poor Cooking Etiquette

With a bit of practice, everyone—young or old—can benefit from having a proper set of fundamental cooking abilities. You may prepare meals more effectively, be safer in the kitchen, save time, and just have fun if you can master this skill set. Eventually, stupidity stops being amusing and starts posing a real risk to one’s health.

This person’s roommate needs to leave as quickly as possible. They put a saucepan on the stove and let it heat up to the degree that it began to melt and fuse with the burner before anyone noticed.

Solar-Powered Charger

People have been looking for a perpetual motion machine for decades. Although science has virtually ruled such a machine out of the question, the thought of anything that can perpetually power itself has long fascinated laypeople and inventors alik

These guys believed they had discovered one, but we are confident that this is not how it operates. They used the flashlight on their phone to charge the solar charger after plugging in their phone to draw charge from it. With this configuration, their phone will undoubtedly consume power faster than it will get it.

Proud Spelling Bee Champion

In a spelling bee, competitors must correctly pronounce and spell words with varying degrees of difficulty. To participate, contestants must memorize and accurately repeat the spellings of words from dictionaries.

While most people might not find this bothersome, there are some people for whom it is best to leave spelling to the professionals, such as the person who mistakenly believed that Atlanta was a palindrome. However, considering that at least the first two letters are correct when spelled backward, you have to give them a C- for effort.

Where Are They?

We recognize that some Americans lack knowledge about other countries and cultures. People can’t be held responsible for not understanding enough about a culture they have never personally visited. But since we’ve all seen maps, we have a decent sense of how the world is organized.

Even if it is fair to confuse two countries, like Gambia and Cameroon or Latvia and Lithuania, calling an entire continent one nation is ludicrous. It’s still unclear whether this was a joke or the product of a person who lacked geographic knowledge.

Instant Repair

Laptops may become overheated and sustain long-term damage when numerous apps run simultaneously. With so many people now working from home, it’s more crucial than ever to ensure our gadgets are operating well and shielded from harm.

The solution to the widespread issue of computers overheating is to update or upgrade the current equipment. Sadly, this person used an unqualified “repair guy” who ended up doing more harm than good. No update or upgrade could fix that. No, it’s time for a new computer!

Muslin Supporter

Stylists and quilters both love muslin textiles! They use them for draping, needlework, fittings, and other applications. This material works well for quilting, curtains, clothing, aprons, bedding, and other creative projects. It exudes a feeling of extravagant wealth. Muslin material can satisfy all your demands, whether you plan to use it to make wall coverings or patterns.

Someone mistook this Twitter user’s comment for something more sinister. However, we think the original commenter may have been trolling. Sure, wrinkled muslin is annoying, but who talks about it like that? Only a troll!

Call For Help

Modern vehicles often come equipped with fancy touchpads, key fobs, and remote-unlock sensors that ensure you won’t lock yourself out. But what about the countless unfortunate people who still have to lock and unlock their cars manually?

After forgetting his keys inside the vehicle, this man dialed for assistance from the experts. However, what he failed to anticipate was that the “expert” assistance was of no help at all because he did the same thing. At least he was waiting with other like-minded individuals while the second person arrived.

Disastrous Pizza Party

Everyone can agree that pizza is the pinnacle of comfort food. It is warm and cheesy, and when it comes to handmade pizza, we typically have the luxury of choosing our own toppings. Simple and comforting though this traditional Italian dish may be, some people still manage to screw it up.

The terrible part is that the pizza is obviously gorgeous and would have likely been wonderful, with a deliciously thin and crispy crust. Sadly, this person had to discover the hard way that pizza should be cooked on a tray.

Comforting Granny

Being ill in the hospital entails interacting with many physicians, receiving frequent nurse visits, and using syringes of various sizes. Hospitals are not fun places to hang out, so it’s common for people to send all sorts of support to patients, including prayers and get-well cards. Such gifts are genuinely beneficial.

These little grandchildren, however, believed that by giving their grandmother a large sum of cash, they might make her day. Despite their good intentions, it is unlikely that she needs cash at this time, and her expression says it all.

The Latest Shoe Fashion

Keeping up with all the constantly evolving fashion trends out there is difficult. One fast way to update your appearance is to include the newest shoe styles in your collection. The runways are always jam-packed with innovative and original ideas, from striking platform heels to sporty sandals.

However, we have a hunch that this particular one won’t last. The woman who secretly took this photo made a direct comment that sums our thoughts up perfectly. Most people wouldn’t want hooves, but this girl is rocking them anyway. 

A Terrible Mess

You must practice cooking to become proficient at it. We may all recall a time when we were just learning the fundamentals of cooking. That period was full of humorous and nerve-wracking instances where we completely failed in the kitchen.

To use a pressure cooker safely, one must carefully read the instruction booklet. We don’t even want to consider how much time and money it will take to clean up this awful mess. Spending less time and money overall is the entire objective of a pressure cooker. At least the person responsible learned a valuable lesson! 

Hard-Boiled Eggs

The last thing many people think about in the morning rush is eating a nutritious meal. However, you can have hard-boiled eggs for breakfast as a simple and healthful choice. The essential nutrients in a hard-boiled egg will help you start your day well and will also aid in losing excess weight.

Attempting to boil the perfect egg, this person was puzzled as to why it was taking so long. Finally, when they checked on their eggs, they recognized their error: they had placed the saucepan on the wrong burner.

It’s A Search Engine

The world’s population is gradually opening up to those who don’t conform to the hegemonic expectations. LGBTQ+ people are being respected equally, and our collective understanding is growing. Some people, though, continue to be largely uninformed.

And we really do mean that because some folks just don’t get it. Despite not knowing what the word “transgender” means, this person discovered a transgender person on Tinder. They assumed it must be a different search engine after being instructed to Google it.

Excited Aunt Or Uncle

A lot of excitement comes with expecting a new addition to the family. This person’s sister is expecting a child, but she might want to think twice about letting the kid’s aunt babysit. As the pregnancy is still in its early stages, the gender is unknown, but that doesn’t change the fact that this girl will be the child’s aunt.

She wrote on Twitter that she couldn’t wait to find out if she would be an aunt or an uncle. She likely believed that if the child were a male, she would be considered an uncle, and if it were female, she would be considered an aunt. Thankfully, Xavier was there to tell her, “that’s not how it works.”

A Perfect Hiding Spot

If you misplace your keys, having a spare on hand is practical. But is the location of your extra key too handy? Is it convenient enough for a thief to locate it with ease? The last thing you want is for a burglar to discover the spare and have access to your house.

We understand the concept of concealing a key under a mat, but is this mat really a suitable choice? It doesn’t take a genius to see that this type of mat is not ideal for concealing anything, let alone a key to your house. 

A Philosopher

We’ve all said things that didn’t turn out as we intended. We’ve also experienced times when our minds appear to have simply shut down and stopped functioning properly. The lesson here? Sometimes, it’s wise to think twice before sharing something on social media.

This person posted something without having given it much thought. After all, the purpose of a 0 birthday candle ought to be crystal clear. Perhaps they were joking around. They had to be kidding, right? We’re given up on hope, ugh.

Tent Pitching Like A Pro

Your camping trip will be more fun if you know how to set up a tent correctly; if you do, the rest of your time in the countryside will go smoothly. Unfortunately, this father argued that he knew how to pitch their tent precisely and refused to follow the instructions.

Tent poles and pegs are our two recommendations for you, sir. A tent cannot withstand the wind if the poles are not positioned carefully and solidly in the ground. This was surely not how this dad envisioned the relaxing camping trip beginning. Well, when you don’t do your research, that is what occurs.