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40 Hilarious Posts From Generation Z Throwing Shade At Millennials

We all know there’s a not-so-secret feud between these two generations. We can’t deny it. Most certainly, somewhere out there, a Gen Zer is trying to “diss” a Millennial and vice versa. Happily for us, Generation Z has decided to show some love to their elders by being relentlessly hilarious. It’s just their love language, after all.

We’ve gathered 40 tweets from Gen Zers guaranteed to make you laugh (even if you are a Millennial). These tweets are filled with Generation Z’s true feelings toward the generations before them. And who knows, maybe we’ll even see a clap back or two?

So, let’s begin. Here are 40 hilarious posts from Gen Zers.

Everybody Knows VHS

Let’s get straight into it. Gen Zers, you may know what a VHS is and how it works and looks, but you will never understand the struggles millennials had to face trying to get those things to work. You had to deal with broken tapes, static noise, and of course, your dad yelling at you for messing up his favorite movies.

Long before Gen Zers were born, Millennials already had it tough when watching movies. Nowadays, there is Netflix and other movie platforms, but back then, everyone had to rewind the tape after watching a movie so that parents or siblings would not get mad. So as a Gen Zer, you may know something—but not everything.

So I Did A Thing

What’s wrong with rereading Harry Potter? Not only is it one of the best movie series of all time, but it’s also a classic! You don’t know how long we Millennials waited for a letter from an owl inviting us to study at Hogwarts. We know Millennials are sometimes lame but don’t ever touch Harry Potter.

Just because we’re all grown-up doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the magic of Harry Potter. So, Gen Zers, you can insult Millennials all you want but leave Harry Potter alone. Instead, we suggest you mind your own business, read your books, or work for your future, and let Millennials do their thing. Okay?

Lost in Translation

Sometimes things just don’t come off right, which can be annoying. Admit it—when someone doesn’t understand us, we tend to get a little irritated. Just like when Millennials say they are ’90s kids, it simply means they are kids of the ’90s. They were born in the ‘90s, and they’re proud of that.

So, if you hear someone say, “I am a 90’s kid”, know that that’s what they are trying to say and that that person is proud of that. So, if you can’t get with this one, then fine, do and say what you want, but don’t go over-correcting every Millennial you meet. To each their own!

A Little Overdramatic

Sometimes Millennials act a bit over the top when something bad happens, and we are still trying to figure out why. Millennials casually overact even about the simplest things in life; we can’t defend them on this one. Sometimes they become so into their specific “problem” that they complain about it and overdo it. 

So, we agree with what this Gen Zer said in the tweet. But it’ll always be a journey and an adventure when you start overcoming your personal problems—but not every hiccup has to be an “epic saga of self-discovery!” Everyone goes through this at some point, and we believe Gen Zers can at least relate.

Don’t Judge Them

Who’s ready for a selfie? Millennials! Taking a selfie a hundred times a day is something most Millennials love to do. So what’s wrong with that? Gen Zers need to understand that Millennials especially love taking “portrait” style photos of themselves. It’s just a selfie, right?

Regardless of what Millennials are doing, they will surely take a photo. Don’t judge! Back in the day, Millennials had to wait for days to see their snaps. But now, everything is instantaneous, and they have to keep up to date with everything in their life with an endless stream of photos! 

Doing it Their Way

Most Millennials tend to cope with their problems alone. If they struggle or have been dealing with something, you will only know if they say it. They don’t want other people meddling in their lives and giving them advice. They want to do it on their own terms. But, hey, maybe that’s something to aspire to!

You may wonder how they do that. Well, self-help is something they’ve been practicing for a long time. And one way to do that is by reading books about self-improvement, which is very telling. Millennials have more experience with this, and Gen Zers could learn a thing or two from them on this one.

There’s A Lot To Be Discovered

Disney lacks the charm it once possessed when Millennials were growing up, which is why Gen Z can’t understand the obsession. Disney no longer presents itself as a family-friendly brand that could “show you the world” or teach you that “just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean you can’t believe it.” Now it’s a massive behemoth aiming to rule the media. 

Millennials loved Disney because it was a family-friendly company. Walt’s family-friendly image was a big part of their childhood, and now Millennials struggle to connect with the cookie-cutter production line it has become. Gen Z doesn’t want to be associated with that kind of thing at all.

“Even The Most Ridiculous Request.”

We don’t see why it’s an issue for Gen Zers that Millennials keep making Spongebob references when they talk to someone. Is it that annoying? Sometimes Spongebob quotes are way more sensible than what most Gen Zers say. 

Millennials enjoy the series and want to bring the character Spongebob back into living memory, that’s all. We’re not saying that Spongebob is better than Harry Potter. We’re saying that Millennials like it more than Gen Z does. And what’s wrong with that?

Too Many GIFs

If you can’t express how you feel, use a GIF. Millennials love using GIFs; they create many of them using various media sources, such as movies or comics. It’s one way they uniquely express themselves. And we don’t see this specific Millennial behavior going away any time soon.

Millennials want you to understand their perspective and how they feel about certain things, so that’s what they use to explain it. Their love for this trend comes from wanting to express themselves precisely. But Gen Z? They don’t get that kind of perspective.

They Love the Memories

What’s the best way to remember something in your life? By taking photos or videos. Right? Some Millennials love to take videos of themselves achieving something, even something small because they are proud of it and want to reminisce about the memories later.

It’s not so bad if they do that, right Gen Zers? They’re not hurting anyone—except for that one Gen Zer who’s really got it out for Millenials and just can’t let it go. We can’t deny Millennials take it too far, but it makes them happy. Why deny them?

They Love Emojis Too

Not only do Millennials love GIFs, but they also love using emojis when sending a message. We don’t know why it’s a big deal for Gen Zers, but it’s clear from this screenshot that it is. But it’s not just Millennials who do this—Gen Z, too, uses emojis! Talk about throwing rocks in a glass house.

Millennials’ often upbeat and joyful demeanor doesn’t appear to sit well with Gen Zers, who have a more detached, sarcastic sense of humor (not all of them, of course). Therefore, it seems logical that Gen Z would be fed up with Millennials using emojis. Too bad we don’t see this one going away, either.

Living Their Dreams

Yes, most Millennials love to daydream about being part of a movie. They will act as if they are part of High School Musical one minute and the next minute act like the heartbroken star of a ‘90s drama. Unfortunately, Gen Zers don’t seem to get it. 

The funny thing is that some Millennials are pretty good at believing things will be better in the future. They’re too optimistic about life. Some Gen Zers are the opposite: they act as if they’ve never been offered even the tiniest glimmer of optimism that things would get better as they grow older.

Never Heard of That

This one is definitely a lie. Not knowing what Tiktok is doesn’t make you mature in some way, but it shows how detached you are from this world. Let’s admit it, Millennials! You know what Tiktok is. You may not use it, but you’ve undoubtedly heard of it. You’re not living under a rock like Patrick.

It’s funny that most Millennials think it’s mature not to know anything about this app, which makes Gen Zers cringe and tweet things like this. Well, we can’t deny it. We just hope Millennials will stop denying their knowledge of Tiktok. It wouldn’t hurt to admit it.

Complaining About Their Age

Most Millennials have hit their 30s by now, and we can hear them starting to complain about their age too. Eliza was a bit too frustrated to hear a Millennial say they were old. She couldn’t stop herself from tweeting about it that day. Stating the obvious isn’t cute.

It’s funny how Gen Zers complain about Millennials complaining about their age. That’s a lot of complaining in just one sentence, and it creates quite the cycle. It’s not like they’re all unhappy, right? Well, either way, getting older is just a part of life.

Quarantine Ready

This Gen Zer can’t understand why Millennials have just one thought on their minds when saving up in preparation for quarantine. We don’t know if this is true for all Millennials, but there’s enough of a pattern for Gen Z to take to Twitter and call them out. 

Gen Zers, you might be right on this one. We can’t really condone this, even if it is to prepare for quarantine. Millennials should probably take this tweet as a hint to stock up on some actual essentials should it come to that again

Reposting Content

Millennials are always getting caught reposting Tiktok videos on their Instagram. Funny right? Since so many of them deny that they know what this app even is. Hmm, interesting! Millennials love to spend their time on the internet, so they’re aware of all the memes and trends. 

Well, maybe not all of them, but they definitely think reposts are worth sharing on Instagram. But why? This is the same as elders posting random videos on Facebook. Perhaps they are just getting older. Millennials—maybe you should check yourselves when it comes to this trend.

The Obsession of Pasta and Pizza

The author of this tweet apparently had plenty of time to think about why Millennials enjoy the pizza and pasta combination. It doesn’t seem like it’s worth her time to us, but as long as she’s having fun with it, who are we to judge?

Is it because they’re too lazy to make their own lunch? Not that this is bad, but they should work on that first. Or is it the idea of spending less time in the kitchen? Fewer trips to the kitchen? Who knows? Maybe you have your own interpretation of why Millennials love these two foods.

Their Love for Avocados

This Gen Zer forgot that Millennials nowadays earn their own money to buy the things they want. Josh thought this Millennial, who was purchasing more than ten avocados, would break the bank and wouldn’t be able to pay rent. Well, Josh, think again.

Millennials and avocados have gone hand-in-hand for a long time now. Some of them love to drink a freshly made avocado shake or eat a salad with avocado. So, don’t judge them. They are getting old and need every vitamin they can get their hands on.

Don’t Touch Our Brunch

One thing is for sure—Millennials love their brunch, and no one, not even Brooks, can question that. We have to say—there might have even been Millennials who followed his advice and returned to a time when owning a home was much easier than now. 

But then again, brunch is more important to them than thinking about creating a time machine. They’re just too busy at brunch to get the time to travel back in time. Millennials failed to do it, but we hope Brooks and the rest of the Gen Zers can do it for us all!

What a Save!

It’s not a secret that plenty of millennials are still paying off their student loans. Some Gen Zers love to throw shade at them about this. But, after seeing what this woman experienced, Millennials may have found a strange loophole out of her obligations, and honestly, we’re worried.

After an accident, the bus company gave this woman money to pay off her student loans, which is an excellent outcome, right? No way! Health is wealth, after all. We know that Millennials are much more mature and would never purposefully do this.

What A Sad Christmas

Millennials are known to be quite timid when it comes to sending messages or trying to communicate in general. They are just built differently. Gen Zers are the opposite; some are very open to anyone they encounter. They talk and socialize, which is very rare for Millennials. That’s one of the traits that we are so fond of with Gen Zers—they’re not too complicated and will talk to anyone.

Millennials, on the other hand, are like a puzzle. You have to find a way to fit the pieces perfectly before seeing their beauty. Some millennials are indeed really sluggish when it comes to texting or communicating, which is strange because texting was designed for people (like Millennials) who can’t be bothered to pick up the phone and call.

Walking As If You Own It

Some Millennials act as if they own the place, going through life with a certain sense of entitlement. But do they really have a reason to act entitled? This tweet makes fun of Millennials for having an arrogant attitude that, let’s face it, nobody loves. 

This tweeter had the guts to say what we all might be thinking about the Millennial attitude by poking fun at their financial status. This subtle, hilarious dig at Millennials calls out the irony that they can’t afford to buy a house but keep up a sense of entitlement. 

Always Working, Never Buying

Yes, we hear you, Gen Z. Why are you so obsessed with poking Millennials where you know it hurts? We know Millennials are working their butts off to pay their rent, which is perfectly understandable. But at least they aren’t spending it. We know Gen Z loves to spend!

It’s quite a hilarious tweet, but at the same time, it’s a wake-up call for Millennials. It’s true that Millennials were born and grew up when earning a living was a challenge, and now they are working on earning something that can help them. Let’s be patient and give them time to save up and achieve something on their own. 


We know that Millennials and Gen Zers have a love-hate relationship with how they treat each other. We’ve seen countless memes on the internet expressing how they often have a love-hate relationship with each other, but this is spot-on.

Millennials frequently find themselves in a difficult position where they must deal with the typical Gen Z attitude. So, it makes sense why they wouldn’t want to socialize with Gen Zers. But we all know that things will get better, and there will come a time (perhaps soon) when these two generations will live in peace.

Small Things Matters

If Millennials want to do things and post about them, let them be, Gen Zers. Understand that they are fascinated with how technology works nowadays. Because back in the day, life wasn’t as easy as you think. They’re just proud of their accomplishments, however small you might think they are.

We already told you that Millennials do their best to work hard on their terms, not how others tell them to do it. After leaving their homes, Millennials took a lot of pride in independently completing some very simple tasks. So let them post a photo of them sweeping the floor once in a while.

Now, Who’s Gonna Tell Them?

Gen Zers, give those Millennials a break! Don’t attack them when they complain about their back pains because your time will come soon enough. Millennials are in pain because they are working too hard. Back pain is just one of the side effects of working hard.

Just as Millennials didn’t comprehend what their difficulties sounded like to the older generations, Gen Z doesn’t understand what their problems sound like to Millennials. Even worse, there is no apparent solution to this issue, so it will only become worse. 

‘90s Disney Movie OST

You won’t know what you’ve been missing until you hear a Disney song. Compared to music today, Disney movie “original soundtracks” are much better. They’re classic and nostalgic. That’s a fact. When combined with the nostalgic scenes that Millennials love, it can’t be beaten.

Hearing a Disney song doesn’t have the same emotional impact on Gen Zers as it does on Millennials. Gen Zers are simply less affected by it. But this one is worth keeping for Millennials. They probably wish that music like this would come back, but hey, the memories it brought back make them happy nonetheless.

Being a ‘90s kid

The era in which Millennials were born and grew up is one of the best eras. It was before the internet and streaming. Everything was bright, and the future seemed epic. So, it’s not surprising that Millennials continue talking about being ‘90s kids—loud and proud.

Gen Zers don’t understand what was so amazing about that era; they think it’s just plain old. But there was beauty in those times that is worth mentioning too. It may be something that only Millennials would appreciate, and they won’t let that go. 

Millennial Grammar

There is a talent among millennials for substituting nouns for verbs, which is quite annoying. We are confident that no one likes this one, so we’re taking Gen Zer’s side for now. Substituting nouns for verbs is not just irritating but simply wrong. It reminds us of those English Grammar lessons.

What is this? Why did he put a verb there? It’s not funny when we say it, but Millennials feel like they need to use those gibberish sentences. There’s a reason why some people would be offended. We won’t lie—it would be weird if we saw a Gen Zer do this.

Can Millennials Dance?

Strangely, millennials almost only dance to songs released in the early 2000s. Why is that? Maybe because songs of that time have slow tempos, unlike today’s fast-tempo music. Sometimes the dance steps are quite complicated for them. So, it’s not surprising to see them dancing like this.

We aren’t sure if this is really true, but Gen Zers undoubtedly believe it to be so. We get it, Gen Zers—you think they’re having a great time with their friends dancing to these songs even though they look like they can’t feel the beat at all. But let’s be honest here—we still appreciate this one. 

What Now?

We need to understand what Gen Zers are thinking right now. One tweet told Millennials that denying they know Tiktok won’t make them mature, and this one told Millennials that downloading the app doesn’t make them an adult. It’s so confusing. Gen Zers—pick a narrative, will you?

Whether millennials download the Tiktok app or not is up to them, and it doesn’t add or take away something from their maturity. But it’s funny seeing these types of tweets from Gen Zers as if they all figured their lives out. Gen Z, there are more things in life than just Tiktok, and it does not define you as a person.

“Just Did a Thing.” What?

Some Millennials love to say they just “did a thing” when in reality, they are referring to absolutely pointless things that no one cares about. We don’t know how this popular phrase caught on, but this is another example of how Millennial wordage can be so irritating to Gen Zers.

“Just did a thing” is now a normal millennial expression. But, for goodness sake, Gen Zers have no idea what to think anymore. They can’t even understand what Millennials are referring to! It’s just one big mess. We’d love to see this phrase disappear. 

The Language That Only Millennials Understand

We already know Millennials love gifs way too much that they can even communicate with each other with gifs alone. That’s why it’s not surprising that Gen Zers need clarification about this language. Okay, we’re going to say this one straight out: we like gifs too, but not to the extent that we can create a whole conversation from them.

It’s just that millennials are so good at it that they don’t even need to use words sometimes. Instead, they can send a gif of a person poking their eyes or making other weird faces, which would mean the same thing. We understand why Gen Zers are a bit annoyed by this.

Typical Millennial Thing

What is it with Millennials DMing each other memes from private sites while sipping a beautiful cool La Croix? Yes, we are also curious. It’s also another thing we need help understanding. They love La Croix so much that it became part of their get-togethers with friends. 

Millennials often refer to themselves as the “usual Millennials” and claim that part of what they do is browse memes from private sites and direct-message each other like crazy. We’re too confused to ask how and why this became the norm. 

You Got Exposed!

Yes, TikTok is excellent, but have you ever visited a school fair? Millennials love reminiscing about everything that happened to them, but Gen Zers think they should direct their attention elsewhere. Millennials enjoyed their youth, which is why they like to reflect on the past. 

This tweet targets two very specific and very beloved parts of Millennial nostalgia. Any Millennial would love to discuss either of these topics in-depth, anytime. But Gen Z wants to know if that’s what they should really be spending their time thinking about when we’re all well aware of the troubles many Millennials face. 

Turning 30

Why is it that Millennials focus so much on hitting the age of 30? They say millennials are afraid of getting old. Is it true? Well, probably. Millennials often joke about their age and how “old” they’re turning. Maybe they joke to avoid thinking about the reality of aging.

Millennials usually have a “what doesn’t kill me will make me stronger” attitude. They said that getting older is just a part of life, so why would they fear getting old then? We are curious. We don’t want to make them feel bad about aging, but we want to know: What are your thoughts on hitting another year in your life?

Not Too Techie

Millennials were born and grew up when technology hadn’t yet advanced to today’s standards, so it’s normal to see them struggling with technology. They could probably have done better, especially when using social media platforms. They use Facebook like Twitter and vice-versa. No hate, though. It’s just too cute to see them like that.

However, some Gen Zers are particularly upset by these things. It’s as if, for them, this type of mistake is unacceptable. But why? We hope these two generations will learn to accept each other’s flaws and differences when it comes to technology and everything in between.

Why is that?

According to a study, millennials like to name their kids in the most bizarre way possible. It can explain why Gen Zers are so angry about this type of thing. We are not surprised at all, given that millennials are known to be creative and want to be viewed as unique.

But why is Gen Z so concerned by this? Millennials are being made fun of for naming their kids weirdly, but we’re confident that in one or two decades, Gen Zers will likewise experience this in their lifetime. Just wait, Gen Z—you’ll see. 

Buzzfeed Questions

Have you ever answered a Buzzfeed questionnaire? Let’s face it: talking about taking Buzzfeed quizzes to determine what sort of house you will have in a wizarding school is a classic Millennial cliché. At first, it’s a fun way to waste your time, but as time goes by, it becomes annoying.

Answering Buzzfeed questions isn’t always boring and annoying. You need something to spice things up. But maybe Millennials should add a little variety to how they spend their downtime on the internet. We’re sure Gen Z would have plenty of advice on this!

Judging The Situation

Maisie took to Twitter to share her feelings on Millennials’ love of using the word “problematic” without even knowing the actual problem. “Problematic” has certainly become a Millennial buzzword, but we have to ask—is Maise right?

Millennials view anything in a certain light without looking into the matter further and learning the precise issue. It may be time for Millennials to reflect on this—or it could just be another Gen Zer whining about word use. Language has always changed—get with the times!