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We’re Glad To Know No One Lost Their Sense Of Humor Over These Lost Or Found Posters

Everyone loses something important at some point. During this uncertain period, we do everything to recall the time we saw it last. People believe that if they post ads in the streets, someone will find the lost item and return it. But occasionally, a stranger will find our lost item and come across our “lost or found” poster. If they have a good heart, they’ll get in touch.

The only problem with this item retrieval method is that you have to post your phone number or email address, and you’ll usually have to issue a monetary reward. While lost and found posters are usually tragic articles, some people can’t help but make light of things by turning a lost and found situation into comedy. It’s good to know these people haven’t lost their sense of humor!

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

The man might not have not that many friends to chill with, but who are we to say that he didn’t make a great connection with this pigeon within those five beautiful minutes? Time may not be a good measure of friendship, but when the feeling of connection still lingers in your heart, you know you’ve got something special.


We think that this is what happened in this particular scenario. This man is willing to look past the fact that his friend is just one in a million birds; the only thing that matters is that the two bonded over…who knows what. This bird must have left quite the impression on him.

He Is Mine Now

A dog is a man’s best friend, but who ever heard of stealing a best friend, especially the furry type? The one who found this doggo established quite the kinship with somebody else’s dog as he is willing to put up signs to tell the real owner to abandon any hope of getting him back.


Goodbyes are never easy, and we never know what we have until we lose them. As long as they separated on good terms, then it will not be awkward for the previous owner. But if the previous owner truly loves his old friend, there will be trouble if the two meet. 

Eric Is Missing

We’re not sure how much this owner loves his dog as he doesn’t know how much he wants to pay as a reward for his pug, Eric. The reward seems to have gone down from $20 to $10. We wonder if the price will still go down (or up) as more time passes by.


Tom must be uncertain about many things as the sign has too many things going on in one post. He even took time to inform the readers that he was also selling his drum for $20. Maybe he’ll use this money (or at least some of it) to pay for Eric’s safe return.

Sad Chicken Makes Bad Eggs

Chicken is a staple food in the US and all over the world. We can make many kinds of dishes out of their meat and eggs. Chicken is both tasty, nutritious, and affordable. No wonder many people have started breeding them in their backyard.


People may dislike free-range chickens, feeling that they are overpriced. However, you can’t put a price on the happiness of chickens. Unlike this lost chicken, they are a lot happier, although, to be honest, we wouldn’t know how to gauge how happy a chicken is.

Trolling Done Right

People nowadays aren’t just satisfied with trolling friends or strangers on social media. They also like to flex their trolling powers in the real world. We are certain that a couple of people walked past this flyer and scratched their heads. We certainly got a chuckle out of it.


This flyer is funny on its own, but it seems like the one who posted it is not the only one with a good sense of humor. Many people took the time to rip off a tag saying, “yes, they have seen this flyer,” which is just gold! This is top-tier posting if we’ve ever seen it.

Is It Me?

People who are of a certain age would appreciate this more than the youngsters. Lionel Richie’s hit “Hello” has become a meme in recent years. Whoever made this flyer deserves a gold star! We certainly would like to know who the brilliant comedian is.


Richie seems somewhat bewildered in this flyer, which certainly fits the theme of the joke. Although we do not know why this flyer even exists, we certainly appreciate this. If you remember the music video, you’ll know that it was almost as random as this sign.

Turtles And Ninjas

If you grew up in the 80s and 90s and saw this flyer, you’ll have a good idea of what the owner means when he warns evil-doers to beware. It’s still entirely possible that this poor soul really has lost their precious turtle and a pair of nunchucks.


If this turtle really is missing, the good news is that it couldn’t have gotten very far. The tricky part will be picking it up without breaking your hands. Until this faithful turtle is returned to its rightful owner, villains like Shredder should watch their backs.

Wondering Brain

When someone loses something, it causes distress and sadness. But if you’re someone who overthinks, losing your brain might not be such a bad thing. Being free of worry, anxiety, and all of life’s ethical quandaries sounds like an absolute dream to some people.


Whoever put up this sign is a genius—or braindead, we guess. It’s a nice reminder not to let bad thoughts take over your life if you have them. Spend a day without your brain, and if life doesn’t force you back into using it to complete tasks at work or dealing with modern life in general, you might end up with a better mentality.

That’s Not A Cat

We are still wondering if the person is serious or joking. We are not sure if they know the difference between a cat and a possum. Just because the two have fur and walk on all four does not make them the same species, right?


The possum in this picture looks mean, just like how they described it in the poster, “Not very friendly.” We like to think that the person who made this flyer had good intentions, but mistaking a possum for a cat is a potentially deadly mistake to make. 

A Happy Ending

Walking by “lost pet” posters always makes our hearts sink, but this one might be a little different. People like to brag about their pets to strangers. It sometimes feels as though they can’t talk about them enough. This poster manages to spread love in a way you might not expect.


So now we know a lot more about Gilligan and how he is borderline obese from the Kraft slices. Was it really necessary to post this? Well, it certainly flipped our expectations, and it’s better than seeing a lost pup for real, so we appreciate it.

A Fly Flyer

Whoever put up this poster must really have a soft spot in their heart for Harry, their hairy fly. Never in a million years did we think we’d see a wanted poster for a pet fly, much alone one that offered a large reward!


We know what you’re thinking: either that this is some kind of joke or that you could show up at this guy’s house and present a random fly. Well, yes, this is likely to be a joke, and also, he’d probably know that this street fly with you isn’t Harry. That kind of thing just won’t fly.

Where is Trip?

Trip has fallen on hard times recently, and we hope his owner can locate him. Even if he doesn’t answer his owner’s calls, it doesn’t change the amount of love that he has for him. His owner has offered a prize of $500, which is quite a lot of money.


Perhaps Trip decided to live up to the name his owner gave him and took one. It sounds like this cat is more of a loner than even most cats, but we hope that he’s safe. Half a thousand is a lot of cash. His owner must miss him a lot, even though he called him a *****.

Are Unicorns Real?

This advice may seem like it’s targeted at a certain kind of person, but it’s actually advice that everyone should follow. If you see one of these mythical horned horses, you should probably think about what you might have ingested over the past 24 hours.


It is quite unlikely that you will ever stumble across a unicorn playing in the fields unless you’ve been seriously tweaking your consciousness. Maybe that’s why nobody sees mythical beasts anymore—by law, we’re all now supposed to be trapped in a cage called sobriety.

Their Boyfriend Looks Like Ryan Gosling

Someone is desperately trying to find a partner, and in a craze of longing, she felt it would be a good idea to put up a poster like this to attract a potential suitor. We are left wondering whether anybody answered her plea. Maybe Ryan himself caught wind of it.


The sign also includes a contact phone number and an email address. Unfortunately, Mr. Gosling is currently married—but perhaps this is what the poster meant by “lost.” Perhaps this poster should look for a Gosling impersonator. There’s at least one award-winning impersonator in Germany.

The Coolest Baby Sitter

This is probably not the best approach to take if you ever want to offer your services as a babysitter to a family in the future. It is inconceivable to us that any parent would willingly give over their “screaming” kid to Jareth G. King, let alone pay him for his services.


It’s possible that he’s been providing babysitting services since 1986 and that his office is located in a castle. However, if this poster is any indicator, we have our doubts that anyone capable of reasonable thought would consider him an adequate babysitter.

Dead And Alive Cat

Erwin Schrodinger, an Austrian-Irish scientist, came up with this mind-bending concept in 1935 during his conversation with Albert Einstein. It is a thought experiment used to describe quantum superpositioning, which is something way above our paygrades.


It’s hilarious that the well-known experiment hypothesizes that the missing cat in question would be both alive and dead. The poster has even set up an email address to receive confused or theoretical replies from strangers. 

Thank You For Caring

Signs like this serve as a constant reminder that, in the end, most people have good intentions. Even though it’s not too amusing, this sign nevertheless manages to put a smile on our faces. We just hope the person it was addressed to finds it well.

If more people acted like this instead of leaving passive-aggressive signs as they sometimes do out of anger, our world would be a better place. If someone has done you a kindness recently, maybe write them a nice thank you note and leave it for all to see.

Flyer Inception

This poster is a little out of the ordinary. Someone who taped this to the wall presumably thought it would be funny to gather hundreds of these posters that said “Lost Dog” after discovering them hanging around the park. We really hope this one was a joke.


It would be quite unfortunate if this notice were genuine, given the fact that the dog’s owners most likely want their cherished pet back, and leaving flyers is sometimes the only thing they can do to find them. It’s cruel, but we also have to admit that it’s hilarious!

Two Hours Missing

All of us can identify with the sentiments expressed in this poster, given the number of times we’ve had to wait. The individual who created this poster has high hopes of recovering those lost two hours, but we’re afraid to report that it’s quite improbable that this will really happen.

The fact that the phone number mentioned is 1-800-4-Zyrtec may be significant. Zyrtec, which is Claritin’s biggest rival, must be pleased to learn that they have acquired yet another satisfied client. This is practically an ad for Zyrtec. 

Three Day Limit

According to this person, their pet mosquito, “Aaron,” has gone missing, and they have just three days to find him since he has a very limited life span. As a side note, Aaron tests positive for both the West Nile virus and malaria. Both of these diseases are contagious and spread through mosquito bites.

loud girl

Yikes! ” Well, it sounds like Aaron was a fine mosquito who relished every opportunity to take to the air. ” Poor Aaron… we hope he comes home soon… before he dies. Quite a few amusing phone calls must have been received as a result of posting this ad.

A Horse With A Pet Cat

This poster has an overwhelming amount of information; where should we even begin? This guy can be seen carrying a tabby cat while wearing a horse mask and a bright red rain jacket on a rusty old boat out in the open sea.


Only the question “have you seen this cat?” is printed on the sign; no additional information or contact details were included. The vivid imagery drew our attention, but there’s no way to follow it up. The idea that a horse owns a pet cat is quite bizarre. 

Missing Mr. Wisples

You might have gone cloud gazing from time to time, but you probably won’t have seen anything like this before. It seems someone has misplaced their cloud. It was last spotted over their residence and “may or may not reply to Mr. Wisples.”


As much as it pains us to say it, someone needs to tell them to adjust their expectations because clouds constantly form, dissipate, and reform. Accept that change is an inevitable part of life and cloud life, and you’ll have a much better time.

He Has Taken Better Selfies

“Have you seen this dog?” Well, now that we have, we think it’s probably something we’ll never forget. It’s one heck of a selfie. We love that this person helpfully attacked the response “I have now” for everyone to take as a reminder—not that they’d need a reminder.


He’s looking into the camera almost as if in shock. If we had been able to take such a hilarious picture of our pet, we would undoubtedly want to show it out to the world in a creative way like this. We bet this dog is a ton of fun to be around.

Breaking And Settling

Congratulations to the person who prepared this sign promoting a discovered cat that turned out to be not lost but instead simply looking for a new family to call home. We wish the kitten the best of luck with his new family.


We’d love to take him in if he doesn’t have a home since he’s just too darn sweet and cuddly to give away! This one, in particular, deserves a follow-up tale; for example, did the cat locate his home, or did he continue to live with his new family?

Sir Lancelot, Missing

Lancelot, an 18-month-old crab, has been gone for quite some time, and it seems his owner is eager to have his pinchy pet back. Fortunately, he gave everyone fair warning that Lancelot could inflict “arm burns.”


The non-cash incentive is a fascinating aspect of this poster, even though the subject of the poster has unique characteristics and a lively gait. Is there any way to tell what it is? If it’s the friendship of a crab and a crab enthusiast, we’d be down.

A Big Feline Friend

It would be inaccurate to refer to Mr. Tiddles as a domesticated cat since he is, in reality, a lion. Because he is 8.5 feet long and weighs 800 pounds, it would be challenging to get him to reduce his weight—more so to train him without the relevant circus lore.

Flickr/Photo By Warren

His “lost pet,” which he describes as having orange hair and a large, fluffy head, is a lion and one that takes great delight in toying with its meal. We have decided against going out to seek this wild cat since we would prefer to keep living for a little longer.

Priceless Memories

Someone stole a floppy disk drive, and it appears likely that the drive had some kind of emotional significance for the original owner. It’s true, though—who would take a floppy disk?

“It was last seen sitting on a desk in my garage,” he said.

daily army

Well, it’s good that they included a picture since most people in this day and age are unlikely to know what a floppy disk drive even is. In case you were wondering, it lets you upload or download things onto something that looks like the save button on apps like word processors. 

That’s Not A Dog

He goes by the name Vince, and the color of his eyes is crimson. The billboard also mentions that Vince can do some tricks, stating that he “rolls over and opens gates to other realms.” Neat! We are starting to think this is not a dog.


If you are unaware of this peculiar creature, its name is “Vinz,” which is a reference to Vinz Clortho, a key master and servant to the Sumerian shape-shifting “Gozer” from Ghostbusters. This would be funny if the picture didn’t scare us so much. 

You Can Keep Him

This ‘Lost’ sign recounts a story quite different from the others we have seen so far, which should raise some red flags. After reading the notice, it is immediately evident that this ginger cat is not exactly welcome back home. “Give me a call if you come across him and decide you want to keep him. Will pay $$$!”


It’s funny to think of the girlfriend looking on while her boyfriend puts up nasty signs all around the neighborhood and thinking how lucky she is to have met someone who cares as much as he does. It seems like he’s really gunning for the single life

There Is No Way That Is A Dog

Even though he is “missed dearly” at home, it immediately becomes evident that Killer may not be so friendly. Not only are the photographs highly revealing, but the description provided in the poster clears up any questions we as readers may have had. And his name is killer!


It is possible that his family history might be to blame. Despite the possible danger Killer presents to anyone trying to trap him, Drew only offers a $100 prize to anyone who can bring him in. He must really be loved, despite the fact that he growls at everybody.

Polly Wants A BBQ?

This poster offering a reward for the return of a missing parrot seems to be a run-of-the-mill “missing” poster, which is, strangely, placed above another poster advertising a parrot barbecue. We are willing to bet we know where they source their meat from.


We really, really hope that it’s a prank and that the only reason it was posted was to get a few laughs out of people! Nobody actually wants to eat parrots, do they? The poor owner might be so concerned that they’d gatecrash the BBQ party just to be sure. That would be awkward. 

Finders Keepers

The “lost and found” posters are sure to be a source of amusement for any listener who appreciates Prince’s music. The words “She wore a raspberry beret, the sort you get at a second-hand shop” may be found in one of his famous hits, titled “Raspberry Beret.”


It is not quite apparent if the top poster is linked to the song, but the lower poster made it evident that Prince discovered it, and it is now his—finders keepers. If we remember the quote correctly, it is “finders keepers, losers, weepers,” so we only hope there were no tears shed on this. 

Please Come By After 5

Perhaps the next time you misplace a set of house keys, you shouldn’t put your address on a poster for everyone to see (or anywhere, for that matter), and you also shouldn’t tell everyone when you’re out. It’s a surefire way to get robbed.


If this poster is authentic, then the person who created it had a severe case of absentmindedness when they placed their home address and the hours during which they are not at home on it. Maybe it’s just time you changed your locks and moved on.

A Dog That Quacks

This canine makes duck noises, waddles about, and enjoys swimming in ponds. So we are not sure how they identified this as a dog. We’re not sure how this animal is able to convey enjoyment over hearing Metallica songs. Maybe it likes to dance to metal, who knows.


Is it possible for someone to inform the person who put up this poster that the image shown here is a duck, not a dog? If so, please do so. Maybe they can attach an informative poster below this one. We only presume that there must be a spelling error or auto-correct that happened when this was made. 

The Elephant In The Room

It would seem that there is a misplaced elephant somewhere in the London area, which would definitely raise a few eyebrows. If you were to see a giant creature strolling around the streets of a metropolitan city, wouldn’t your attention be quickly drawn to it?

Flickr/Photo By James vreeland

Their enormous size hardly allows them to blend into their surrounding environment; if you were to lose an elephant, you would know soon away, and you could identify where they are going by the tracks and mayhem they leave behind.

The One True Ring

It appears that Frodo Baggins has misplaced his treasured ring of power. Certain rings are more important than others, and if you lose one of them, you may as well put up a sign in the hopes that it will be discovered by a kind person who will wish to return it to you.


When worn, this item confers invisibility and has the potential to bring about evil. It is engraved in gold with an Elven language phrase. That is one unique ring they have there: The one ring that rules them all!

The Missing Wormhole

Physicists have only lately proposed an answer in the form of “wormholes,” also referred to as gravitational tunnels. This team of researchers demonstrated that by creating two entangled black holes and then separating them, they were able to create a wormhole.


Or at least that’s what the poster seems to imply. A wormhole is simply a “shortcut” across the universe that connects two different black holes that are located in different parts of the cosmos. This billboard is an effort to warn everyone about a ‘lost wormhole’ because if you manage to capture one, you might disrupt the space-time continuum, which is something that no one wants to happen!

Completing The Puzzle

Life is a riddle to be solved. When you solve a puzzle, your brain tends to reward you with a feeling of satisfaction. However, when a piece is missing, you feel incomplete, and nothing seems right until you find that final piece.

This person had been seeking the missing piece to his puzzle for a very long time, and after exhausting all of his other options, he finally decided to put up a poster in a last-ditch effort to discover it. We wish them the best of luck!

That’s Chewie!

It would seem that Han Solo has lost his beloved traveling companion and co-pilot, Chewie, better known to us as Chewbacca. The friendly Wookiee fighter was once part of the core group of rebels battling for the freedom of the galaxy.


Chewie has a huge heart and is completely devoted to his companions, even though he sometimes loses his cool and rips people’s arms off. Our favorite part about the description is that he was last seen with a flea collar and laser crossbow.

Hoping I Would Not Find Conrad

Tarantulas are not like any other type of common household pet. They are scary to look at, but if you take the necessary precautions, they won’t pose any threat at all. Just don’t scream when you see one, as their bites are poisonous. Tarantulas are often gentle, but they will attack if they feel threatened. Tarantula bites can be fatal.


Contrary to widespread belief, Tarantulas may make excellent pets for anyone prepared to care for them properly. We are keeping our fingers crossed that Conrad will return home unscathed and not find himself squashed beneath the heel of someone’s shoe.