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Hilarious Photos Taken At The Gym

Gyms take a lot of forms these days. From CrossFit to Boot Camps, that classic membership has plenty of competition! But why do people even show up to these temples of steel? It seems that goal vary widely: Most want to build muscle or lose fat, and create hashtags to dazzle on Instagram. But some have much stranger habits, indeed

Girl’s Night Out, High Heels On

Work, school, gym, social. The modern schedule can sometimes take up more than 24 hours in a day. But that’s impossible, you say! Never fear, this gal here has figured out a way to maximize her multitasking.

One stiletto at a time, she is making the most of her time to burn before the big date. Where is the venue? It almost doesn’t matter. The portions these days are double trouble everywhere! Anticipating the calories, it’s time for a head start: Burn, baby burn — pump up those muscles.

No pain, no gain: See the wildest techniques catching on at gyms these days!

It’s Not Steroids

According to former bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger: “There are no shortcuts—everything is reps, reps, reps.” In his heyday, he looked a lot like this! What is this gal’s routine, and where does she train?

Upon closer inspection, something seems out of the norm. Does this woman actually have her hands behind her back? Yes, it appears so. A real muscleman behind her gives the impression of a very thick girl, indeed! Admittedly, she does look like she goes to the gym a lot — but she’s really not quite there yet, is she?

Forever in Blue Jean, Babe

Odds are, this lady has very little spare time during the day. Working people can sympathize, to some extent! But most still bother to make at least one trip to the locker room. What’s her deal? Jeans cannot be comfortable.

Maybe it’s a matter of time. Maybe it’s a matter of dirty laundry. If she just lacks the will to change for the gym, she has to accept the consequences. This is a recipe to be a sweaty mess at her next destination. Dating and socializing, she shall not!

Sweating Solo

This time, it’s just doggo. It looks like he wants get rid of a little bit of that extra bulldog flab he’s got going on, but this is probably not the way to go. If anything, he looks stuck. What a smushface!

The options to escape are pretty limited, as it stands. With one paw on the ground, maybe he can get a little bit of range of motion. But will that be enough to break free? Probably not, but it will be enough to work up a real sweat. Of course, dogs don’t sweat. They just pant!

Higher and Higher

Another woman, another stiletto weightlifting photo. Is this feat even possible, as a matter of physics? Those shoes must break under the pressure, according to science.

Perhaps this is a zero gravity environment, somehow in the garage. There are all kinds of new weight clubs these days! But more than likely, this is yet another pose in fancy shoes. Maybe there are strings holding it up, or maybe the weights are props. There’s no way this dumbbell is the real deal!

A Special Guest

Short, grey, and on all fours? Meet the best coach in the animal kingdom: Donkey! This lovable half horse has decided to teach his own technique at the gym. Donkey kicks done right do the body good!

But upon closer examination, this donkey is mostly hairless. And the gym shorts are out of character, too. Could it be that this is simply a woman wearing a plastic animal head? So far, the evidence points to yes. The things people do for attention at the gym these days is shocking! As they say,”there is no such thing as bad publicity”.

Doggy Style

Everyone knows dogs are man’s best friend. But it turns out they are woman’s best friend too, especially at the gym! What is this little buddy doing here to help the workout today?

At first glance, not much at all. In fact, it looks like he has just found a cozy new sitting spot! But the truth is, he provides emotional support. And that’s no small thing! Dedication to a routine can be mentally wearing: Many struggle with commitment, before seeing the results. Emotional support gym pets might be the perfect solution!

Twinkle Toes

Cinderella has become so fit and fab! It looks like she’s all stretched out, ready to go hard at the gym. Few had any idea she even into exercise. Why bother, with only one shoe for half the story?

Maybe trends are trends, and no one is immune. Even royals have Instagram, these days. And if Cindy has been online lately, she knows working out is the new staying in. It’s time to get sneakers, though. Modern hobbies require modern shoes. Glass slippers are against the rules of most gyms, and for good reason!

Pest Control

These days, consumers are willing to invest a lot more in fitness fashion. This tank top, in particular, will pay plenty of dividends! There is nothing worse than being disturbed during a workout, but some guys really have no shame.

There’s a time and a place, gentlemen. The gym is the best hotspot for fit and trim people in the area, but that will only be the case if the gals can crunch those biceps in peace. “Leave me alone,” she says. Without raising her voice, the message is clear!

Butt Why

Working hard, or hardly working? It’s not really clear why this girl has found her way into the gym. Posing is not the same as pumping. Is this visit just for new, fresh Instagram scenery?

To be clear, it’s hard to get a physique like this without doing hard time at the gym. Some people try skip it and just have a good surgeon on call. But Brazilian butt lift procedures are dangerous! These days, doctors are discouraging it altogether. Hopefully, Miss New Booty has a hardcore squat routine to make it — not fake it.

Sweat Dreams Are Made Of These

Many people make their gym trip early — and very, very early sometimes. It’s a real rush to kickstart one’s metabolism for the day, and then conquer that pile of work. Perhaps type A readers know a lot about this trick!

As they say: “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a person healthy, wealthy, and wise”. This lady decided to try it out! In an move to have it all, she decided to rise, workout, lay down, rest, fall asleep, and then work out again. A new trend for working gals, this may be!

No Pain, No Vein

Not many people have ever had the chance to see what live human brain looks like. It’s not really possible, most of the time. But admit it, the body is a fascinating thing!

Today, this man is setting records. Not only is he curling like nobody else at the gym, but he has the most veins in the room! So clear are the outlines on the outside of his head, it looks like the inside of his skull. Perhaps he should consider auditioning for the role of “Thing” for the next Fantastic Four film! But seriously, why all the veins?

Save Our Soles

This brave woman is not about to let a lack of suitable footwear get in the way of her gains. That, or she is someone who just doesn’t know how to dress for the occasion. What’s likelier?

There’s a lot of pressure these days to stay fit, but sometimes it’s better left undone. Lifting weights in stilettos might get a few high fives, but it the downsides cannot be ignored. This technique, if it can be called that at all, ruins balance — and ankles. Not recommended, to say the least!

Tread Lightly

Oscar Wilde once said, “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” Apparently, they didn’t have gyms in those days! The man would have had a few more cheeky remarks, without a doubt.

While the second part is likely true, many would question the first half after seeing this photo. Clearly, one can be overdressed. Or at least inappropriately dressed, like this treadmill fiend! Hopefully, she has it set to a low, low speed. Ankle injuries are supper common, and they can put an athlete out for good. Think about the consequences, Miss model!

Doggy Dharma

It’s not a common problem, but sometimes the dog is just better at yoga. This stretchy duo likes to work out together, man and pup. But clearly, the animal is already at expert level for downward dog!

Maybe they are mismatched here. But at any other sport today, master probably has the advantage. Swimming or running — maybe it’s even. But should they try a game on the basketball court, it’s going to be a tough situation on all fours. Unsurprisingly, throwing three pointers is not this doggo’s forte!

Promises, Promises

With busy lives, it can be hard to keep a relationship afloat. But the couple that plays together, stays together, as they say. One woman decided to make the effort and join her lover at the gym. How is it going, so far?

Well, it’s not clear she is taking this matter seriously. While she technically kept the agreement, she isn’t using the facility properly. First, there’s the magazine: definitely a distraction from that perfect form. And then, there’s the matter of the cupcake. Super counterproductive, miss ma’am! Jenny Craig approved, it is not.

Sleepless In Seattle

Everyone knows that a tough workout can be exhausting. That’s the point, of course! But here, it’s not clear if this man has even started the program. How’s dreamland, sir?

Frankly, it seems like he just snuck in the facility to safely get some Z’s in public. And that wasn’t a bad bet. A park bench or a bus stop has way too many crazy visitors, in most cities. The other members will need this machine in their routine soon, though. It’s bound to be a short nap — perhaps just one rep long!

Slumber Party

Another sleepy head found at the gym? This seems like a pattern, but no one knows what is motivating the trend. Perhaps it’s time to just ask! Whenever he awakens from hibernation, theories will be tested.

It’s not like the gym bench is that comfortable. Without a pillow or blanket, how soothing can this nap really be? And it’s got to be covered in germs! Not every has the same concerns though. After all, the mattress industry has all sort of options: Soft, medium, firm, extra firm — maybe now, bench. It’s a free country, so why not?

Bunny Boo Hoo

Love Island viewers saw some reality show workouts this season they are not likely to forget. All the girls dressed up as old school Playboy bunnies and went through a series of physical challenges in costume. Here, we see rowing and carrot munching. Because, why not.

But some fans slammed the show for this segment, calling it sexist! Said one angry viewer: “Girls in Playboy bunny suits, boys in ugly grey shorts – wow the misogyny is really jumping out this season.” Another twitter-fumed: “@LoveIsland bunny girl outfits! Seriously! If they’re on a treadmill, couldn’t you have gone for workout gear at least. Sexist!!” Yikes, Love Island.

Focus On Me

Every selfie has the potential to show us in a good light. Perhaps a better image than reality, if we’re lucky. But this woman seems to have missed a very distracting detail in the shot. We bet you haven’t!

If you love yourself too much, you might miss out on other details that could literally save you from yourself. Life lesson, you’re welcome.

Lucky Ducky

Look, it’s been hard enough to accept the trend of dogs clogging up the gym. But ducks? Go home, lady!

There is the possibility that the duck actually belong to no one, which is even more disturbing. Without a pond or any breadcrumbs in this carb-free zone, it’s not clear what business this duck has near the weight machines. Fly home, crazy bird!

Don’t Ever Try This At Home

Now this is a bad idea waiting to happen. We can see it from a mile away! Huge weights, high heels. No, don’t do it lady!

This is just an injury waiting to happen, and we can see the beginning of it already. Slowly, her ankle start to bend to the left. That doesn’t look natural, everyone! With all styles of sneakers at the mall on any given day, there’s just no excuse for this preventable broken bone.  Yikes!

Baby Steps

This one is a little surprising, we must say! Never before have we seen a baby taking on such big challenges. So early in life, really. But he does look determined. Should we support this at all?

No way! This is child abuse, if its not a funny photo staged for a laughs. Let this baby coo in peace, we say! There will be plenty of time for gains in later years, but right now the gains are natural. It’s simply time to grow a regular human body!

Never Skip Leg Day

This guy jacked up his upper half, and we congratulate his for all the hard work. But it looks like he forgot all about working on the bottom half!

This is why people say you should never skip leg day! From the looks of it, our man here has skipped quite a few for a very long time.

Like Father Like Daughter

Now this is more like it! Father is the one building those muscles today, not poor baby. It seems there is a little emotional boost he gets from wearing that bag o’ baby. 

Or, perhaps there was no other choice. Where is mom? Maybe she is exercising somewhere nearby too. Busy working working parents finding the time to get a good workout in can be as challenging as the workout itself! Plan b(aby) is one solution, we see.

McLiftin’ It

Many have wondered how Ronald McDonald manages to stay lean despite his diet. It’s just assumed he is eating off his own menu, and the chain is not exactly healthy. It never has been!

It’s possible clown genetics are just better in that regard. Or maybe, some deception has taken place. Does Ron really eat off the breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu? Undoubtedly, he has those perks at McDonald’s. After seeing the famous mascot putting in the minutes at this gym, though, it’s less clear than ever. Ronald McDonald, secret health freak?

Ring Around the Ruh Roh

Gymnastics isn’t for everybody. It’s an Olympic sport, after all! Lifelong training is not uncommon, but some people think it looks easy breezy. Judging by this young lady’s expression, she realized this too little, too late.

Yikes, time to come down! It’s a tricky balancing act, from here. Not only does she have to hold on for dear life, but she must wait until the flying rings stop swinging before landing safely on the floor. Luckily, a friend captured the magic at the exact moment reality set in. Thanks a lot, bud!

Desperate For Likes

At first glance, one could be forgiven for concluding this woman was an acrobat. Sure looks like she’s doing a professional move! Given the amount of upper body strength that would require, it wouldn’t be out of the question.

But upon closer inspection, it turns out she had more than a helping hand here. Look at the mirror, folks. It’s not an optical illusion — she is just cheating! As they say, “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

Lady Lifting

Moving the same weights day in, day out can get mentally tiring sometimes. A change in routine can always help to get back on track! What’s going on here, specifically?

It appears a human girl is currently the stand-in for a dumbbell. Has she agreed to this? For now, she doesn’t seem to be protesting. Maybe it’s a busy day at the club, and all the weights are taken. It happens! And anyway, this seems a bit harder in terms of grip and proper form. To reach the next level, this is not a bad idea!

Tuck Me In

These days, gyms are used just as much for posting photos on social media as they are used for actually working out. Is this a good thing, though?

If it inspires others to achieve great things, yes. If it spreads lies, no way! Case in point: the woman in the green top helps her friend display fit abs. How? By squeezing and pulling her skin, a total fraud! Losing those last tricky five pounds is a goal many are working on, all the time. But this isn’t the solution, girls!

Double Dumb-Dumb

Segways were invented to help people commute around urban areas. They may look silly, but they do help cut down walking or running for long distances. Have they taken over the bike market? Not really, but options never hurt!

To achieve the opposite, treadmills allow people to go great distances inside without ever going very far. These two concepts are a mirror of each other, so why combine the two here? Pretty self-defeating, and perhaps as bad as eating fast-food while working out. What is the point? Someone please explain!

Furry Fitness

Someone let the cat out of the bag here. The gym bag, that is! With all the new designs on the market, this woman is still a little surprised today. Cat eyes that follow her wherever she goes? Now that’s a distracting illusion!

On the other paw, think of the confidence this man must have to show up in public like this. Maybe he actually deserves a smile? If this woman cannot accept his feline passions, that’s her problem! Hopefully, no catfights break out today. A boxing club, this is not.

Walk This Way

A treadmill has a few functions, which can be summed up by two words: Walking and running. So what strategy is this girl trying to employ here? We are at a complete loss.

Reverse training could be an interesting concept, but it doesn’t look entirely safe. Let’s at least hope she isn’t trying this newfangled technique on a high speed today!

Couch Potato?

Some people do not work on their physiques in a serious way. They may start to resemble a potato after awhile, but this situation seems quite literal at the gym!

When you’re actually Mr. Potato Head, the challenge of finding your ideal shape becomes even more confusing. Without his signature round shape, will the fans stick around for a french fry?

Pink Is The New Black

Though you might think that black makes you appear thinner, this woman here clearly disagrees. But maybe it’s not really the pink that makes her thinner than us. Not the pink suit or the pink equipment!

It seems this young lady has simply put in the hard work necessary to show off her toned physique in such a suit. Maybe we admit we need the crutch of black clothing, but not everyone does!

Dumbell On Dumbells

This is simply an accident waiting to happen. And the worst part about it is that his friend appears to let the young man risk serious injury. You should not lift weights by standing on weights, people!

Who needs enemies, when you have friends like this? We hope it all worked out, and no hard lessons were learned.

“I’m Still Using It”

Don’t you just hate it when you have to wait for your dog to finish doing its workout before you can continue your set? We do too. 

This pup is committed to being top-dog and won’t let any other canine steal his title. Hurry up before there’s a dogfight over the bench press, Mr. pooch!

Slow Workout, Fast Food

What’ the point of working out if you can’t indulge in food once in awhile, right? Fair enough, but few people indulge in sugary treats while working out!

Maybe these folks can say they are burning off the calories they are consuming, but that still leaves them at square one! Not recommended in the slightest.

Weighing Him Down

This little boy adds extra weight, but we cannot advise you to risk the safety of your bundle of joy this way!

It’s a cheeky photo though, that’s for sure. We are all wondering if he did it for the likes! People go to crazy lengths these days for social media attention, but this might be crossing the line.

Twin Gym

Do you know Lucy and Jenny West? Let’s begin with the fact that they’re twin sisters, okay?

Yes, they’re both bodybuilders. And they have now gained almost half a million followers on social media! They have many funny videos and posts, and we can’t help but admire these two for keeping each other on track at the gym. Everyone needs a great workout buddy, and these two are as compatible as it gets!

Shut Yoga Mouth

This body-positive picture shows a yoga fan that looks pretty different than the stereotype. 

On Instagram, Manduka Yoga says: “I don’t give a fuck if my belly and back rolls are starring in the photo as a result. Because, regardless of lighting and clothing choices, those body parts are still present. And if I can’t accept them when my body is upside down practicing yoga, how the hell will I accept them in other parts of my life?”

Yoga may not be somehitng we all do on a regular basis, but maybe we can! Who knows, maybe Miss Manduka will start a movement.

In a good gym, you’ll find a machine for every part of your body. Ideally, you will never find yourself in awkward situations like this in front of the crowd! Why work on a body part with the wrong machine? Wasting time, for sure!

Spot On

Being your friend’s spot is full of responsibility. If the weights get too hard to lift, there is supposed to be someone by your side ready to help. This guy seems a bit distracted, though!

Serious injuries are a real risk here, and it might be time these two had a heart to heart about their gym partnership. Yikes!

Bicep Curlers

Everyone can benefit from exercise, and many hope to achieve their ideal body aesthetics beyond health concerns. This woman looks pretty goal-oriented!

This grandma is multi-tasking her way to the top, and many of us may wonder why we haven’t thought of doing this sooner! Yes, time is limited. But efficiency can always be improved, right?

“I Give Up”

The treadmill was an important invention in the exercise world. It finally allowed people to run long distances without ever leaving a warm and safe indoor place.

This patron thought it was a good idea to sit on a chair on top of the machine. Lady, you’re doing it all wrong! There’s way more to get out of this raised platform if you simply turn it on!

“I Can Do… D’Oh!”

This fella wanted to impress his buddies at the gym claiming he could lift more than them. 

He almost had it until the last part of the lift. Finally, he realized he was in deeper than he could handle! Man’s struggle against the barbell is an everyday sight at the gym, but it’s important to stay safe!

Booty Training

Some might go to a surgeon to get these body parts, but not this woman. It seems she did it all by herself with squats, squats, squats!

Well, to be fair — a lot of people claim that they got here naturally these days. Surgeries have become more discreet, and it can be hard to tell the real apart from the fake at a distance. Pending an investigation, any secrets she has are safe with her!

All ‘Bout That Cape, ‘Bout That Cape, No Trouble

If you want to be the Caped Crusader but lack the motivation to trek up the Tibetan mountains to train with the League of Assassins, your local gym will do.

Wearing your superhero outfit is completely optional. In fact, it is not recommended. Imagine how sweaty this situation is going to get! Ventilation level: zero.

Heel One’s Legs

Something tells us this lady wanted us to focus on something other than her weightlifting technique. But what, you ask?

Why her high heels, of course! What were you thinking? Something tells us she wore them just to take this photo. There is no way she could carry those weights without those stilettos snapping. She did it for the likes!


A gym with escalator seems like a carpark with a bicycle lane. Who thought this design made any sense?

We understand if maybe one lift was made available for disabled people, but two escalators at the entrance to the gym seems unusual. Taking the stairs is a great way to get in shape! Perhaps the building used to be another business?

Makeshift Trainer

Many gyms today offer personal trainer services to help patrons maximize their time spent at the gym. Achieving desired results has no simple formula!

When there’s a shortage of trainers, you can always rely on your buddy to be your hype man. And unlike conventional trainers, your buddy doesn’t necessarily have to practice what he preaches. Just positivity can go a long way!

Fitness Leotard, You’re Doing It Wrong

What’s crazy about this photo is that not only did this lady fail to notice her wardrobe malfunction, no one had the decency to point it out to her.

She’s so focused on her workout, she’s literally sweating her pants off. Honestly, our hat goes off to her! This is harder work than most of us did today!

Never Miss The News

This guy got a call from one of his friends saying his house was on the news while he was getting changed. But why?

Fire, everybody! Instead of getting dressed, he left the changing room to stand on the treadmill watch it all go up in smoke. Absolutely horrifying! At least he is far away from the blaze. safe and warm.

Breakdance Training?

Now this is a really novel way to work out. Admit it, you’ve never seen this before. And you may never see it again!

Maybe all leg training machines were occupied? If this theory is true, our guy just found an ingenious way of not missing leg day. If not, we have no way to explain this upside down madness!

Too Big To Handle

Endurance is one of the better qualities of the human spirit. This gym goer really seems to be pushing things to his limit. Look at his read face!

He looks like he is exploding from within, and maybe he should have a spotter! Injuries at the gym are no laughing matter, as any trainer will tell you. This isn’t looking good, friend.

Run Flat

We all have that friend who will try too hard to get in shape quicker than most of us. Steady wins the race, but not everyone understands that timeless advice.

As much as it’s amusing to watch people fail on the treadmill, it can be quite dangerous. This photo caught a man in mid fall, and we may laugh from afar — but it’s no joke for him! 

Weird Flex But Okay

While we admire this gentleman’s commitment, we have to fault him on his method. What is he doing with his head?

There is a right way and a wrong way to use gym equipment. And this person clearly needs some assistance with machine safety. There is no sane reason to put such strain on your neck, sir!

We Can Fix That For You, Sir

This makeshift gym doe not seem to have ceilings high enough for this elevated machine. Maybe the elliptical is just not meant to be!

To accommodate patrons of all sizes, someone has removed a tile from the ceiling. The employee of the year? Or an owner in denial? Time for a total gym redesign, honestly.

Balancing It All

Now, this is one smart man. When he got a job demanding more hours than he had in the day, he realized he needed a new strategy to maximize his workouts.

Working and working out is either super efficient, or half as efficient on both tasks. What do you think? Being productive and healthy is such a challenge in our modern world!

Serious About Leg Day

After someone jokingly teased this gentleman about his calf muscles, he decided it was the last time he would ever be mocked about his noodle legs.

So, he piled on as many weighs as he could muster while using the leg press. Even the passing bystander looks stunned by his level of commitment!


Gyms are places where you’re bound to see all kinds of people. With variety, however, comes weirdness as every person has their own method for concentrating. 

This person is knitting while he uses the treadmill! Judging by the length of the piece, we’d say he’s been on for a while. Clearly, it works. Much respect, sir.

Nothing Will Stop Him

This fella wanted to train for a cycling competition but found that his bicycle was out of order and needed repairs that day.

So instead of taking a rest day, this fine gentleman re-recreated the feeling of riding a bicycle by using the gym’s cycling machine. Here he rides in his competition getup, sunglasses, helmet, and more. Now that’s extreme!

Daily Routine

When you’re trying to get through your to-do list in record time, you combine items on the list. Perhaps working out and going through your mail?

Obviously, you put all the bills in a pile on a public floor. What could go wrong? We think it’s just a matter of time before the trainers tell him he cannot create such slip hazards willy nilly.

So Uncultured

We understand that everyone has their first time at the gym, so there should be a little leeway for people who are clueless about machine function.

But there’s also basic decorum for etiquette which shouldn’t require any explanation. Take this case, with a barbarian putting his dirty shoes on the handle of the weights. Yuck, buddy!

iPad For The Win

Many people have a playlist they like to listen to while they exercise at the gym. Reasons include helping them concentrate, guiding the time they spend on exercises, and feeling the tempo to adjust their workout’s speed. But when your media player is out of order, what do you do?

Obviously, you shove your tablet down your pants, plug in your earphones, and continue!

The Truth Is Within You

This guy has quite a selection of entertaining shows today. The gym can be tedious, but not when there’s quality TV to distract you!

Perhaps the only reason this dude goes to the gym is to catch up on the latest soap operas. He can’t really tell his family that he loves Days of Our Lives can he?

Lean On Me

When a group of girls challenged this group of guys who mocked their yoga exercises, the boys took them up on it. 

They wanted to prove to the girls that their heavy lifting gave them the strength to balance on top of each other horizontally. Let’s just say bench presses and squats beat out aerial yoga on this occasion.

New Years Resolution

While we admire anyone trying to make a permanent lifestyle change, this picture doesn’t look promising. Not the  best way to start out the new year, ladies!

How many people are out there who go to the gym actually work out the entire time? Put your hands up! And down. And up again. And down.

It’s Totally Worth It!

This personal trainer wanted to drive home the point regarding the importance of counting calories. It’s pretty creative, we must admit!

Here, he allows his client to enjoy his favorite food while exercising to show him how much work he would be required to put in for every calorie he consumes. Food for thought, perhaps?

Grannies Do It Better

Well, well. What do we have here? Just a grandma at the gym sipping casually from her salted rim martini glass. Does this seem like an energizing pre-workout drink?

When the doctor said she should get more exercise, this canny granny decided to work out one arm. Lift and sip, people. Rest and repeat!

Never Stop

Hope is what makes humans tick, so they say. And for all the chronic couch potatoes out there, this woman is a real inspiration!

Some people say age is just a number, and we think she might agree! Despite her age, she made it to the gym today. Be honest have you been there yet? 

Tread At Your Own Risk

We certainly have to give this guy points for using the treadmill creatively. However, he clearly has little sense for hygiene, eating these snacks from a surface that has seen thousands of dirty shoes!

Admittedly, this would be a fun game to play for those who aren’t germophobic. But snack at your own risk, people!

Meditation Training

The gym is usually a place where people sweat and grunt. Today, this man has other plans.

He seems to be doing some type of mental training or Tibetian meditation. Could this be a real monk that has shown up to the gym? Everyone needs to exercise, even the clergy among us. Setting a good example, it seems!

Today Is Mental Day

When you really get into the workout lifestyle, you know that every gym visit has a different muscle group focus. Sometimes that can really wear out the body part of the day!

Allegedly, this lady exercised her legs yesterday. Now, the implication is that she needs robotic assistance up the stairs! We’ve all felt like that sometimes after a particularly hard workout, honestly.

Leg Day – You’re Doing It Wrong

What’s wrong with this guy? Is he trying to invent a new use for a perfectly good machine? 

Well, we stop people’s experiments. Hopefully a trainer will walk by soon to show him the user manual. It looks silly, but it also seems like it could cause a neck injury! We don’t think this guy shows up to the gym to lose physical mobility, so hopefully this was the first and last time with this technique.

Motivation Level: Grandmaster

This guy’s personal coach put his phone in the weight rack! How dare he, we say. How can anyone entertain themselves on the stationary bike without checking Facebook?

Maybe it’s actually the dumbbell phase, and a genius way of making sure he’s doing every last rep without distraction! Something to think about for next time, right?

Extra Motivation

Well this was sure to get a rise out of this guy. Anyone who lifts weights will tell you having a spotter helps motivate you to push yourself to the limit. And a pretty girl doesn’t hurt!

This couple has figured out a unique way to motivate one another, without a care in the world for wandering eyes. Very brave, you two.

Tough Workout

“Honey, it’s my time at the gym. Don’t call me.” Truthfully, we all need some time to ourselves. But is this gym patron really working out?

Everybody wants that alone time to read the newspaper, as well. The world is a complicated place, and we all need to keep up! Maybe things are too noisy at home to enjoy reading stories over breakfast?

6-pack Of Buns

When you try working out, you might expect instant results at the beginning of your journey. But as it turns out, a full-on six pack is no easy thing to achieve.

Thus man found a creative short cut. A six bun pack is not exactly the same, and it’s probably not fooling anyone. But it does make us laugh, so we give him credit for that! Thanks, bun dude.

Outdoors Workout

The media might make us think we need to look like Brad Pitt in those Fight Club peak fitness years, but most people don’t know how to get to that level on their own. These guys figured out a trick!

Are you fooled by these fake suits? Unlikely to work, but it might be a funny prank to hide under their shirts with their wives tonight!

Human Hamster

We’re surprised no one thought about this sooner. If it works for hamsters, why not us?

Little critters do run on these wheels all the time, and this low-tech option is probably cheaper than a personal trainer. Where can we purchase this? We have checked the pet store, but everything seems a bit too cramped!