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Man Vs. Pet Resulted in These Hilarious Signs

Everyone knows the phrase: A dog is man’s best friend. It’s true, without a doubt. But even friends fight, sometimes! While man was out, these naughty pups nod other pets got busy with all sorts of rule-breaking.

In order to expose the dirty deeds the people decided some “shaming” is needed, granting us a look on all the hilarious things their owners need to deal with. 

Doggy Terminator

This adorable doggy takes the safety of his owners very seriously. And that’s exactly why he ripped this $700 Roomba to pieces. God forbid a robot mutant invades, on his watch!

With that adorable, grizzly expression, it’s hard to stay mad for long! When evil machines take over, doggo already has some tactical experience and a willingness to fight. But a clean home? That’s still unsolved, and getting worse by the paw print. Ruh roh!

Next: Read on for more pet mischief, bold confessions included!

Good Guardian

Warm, loving, and always on alert, dogs are the oldest alarm systems known to man. Just one small scratch at the door are enough to make those ears perk up — even in the middle of the night. Burglars and bums, beware: Nothing gets past Fido!

Who’s that at the door, and why? All good questions. But did this friendly pooch ask anything at all? Looks like he let a few surprise guests break in and bust out, TV in hand! There’s nothing quite like a teeth-baring growl to scare away a crook. But someone here missed that memo, big time!

Hangry Homicide

There are just so, so many questions about this situation. People tend to think of turtles as slow-moving, peaceful creatures. And they are harmless, most of the time. But hungry plus angry equals hangry, for this little guy — and all bets were off for lunch!

This particular shaming sign seems to imply things went too far, one day. Was this cutie really caught eating other turtles? In the animal kingdom, cannibalism is never the answer! Except, of course, when it is. Reptile observers know the truth about this breed: When these pets get hungry, a murderous streak is unleashed!

On the Prowl

It looks like this team has it all worked out. Kitty searches for socks, finding every last stray. And doggo get right down to business, chewing away. The duo has everything they need to assure a steady diet of fun. What’s the issue, human?

It seems this duo is just decimating the supply. Eventually, people socks will be needed for their original purpose! Partners in crime are now wearing signs, but doggy doesn’t seem ashamed in the least. And Mr. cat does not seem phased, either. Laundry mystery solved, but it’s probably not going to stop!

Sharing is Caring

Cats are loved or hated for their independence. It’s a personality test, in a way! Without a doubt, they are unpredictable creatures. One moment, they roll over and strike a pose, looking for cuddles. And the next, all claws are out for a mouse!

They really do have a soft side. But when it’s time to bond, people may not always appreciate their loving gestures. If a feline actually snags a delicious rodent, why not give a gift to friends? According to this sign, the human in question was awoken by a mouse. A mouse right in the mouth!

When One Door Closes

Be honest: Doggy dinner is usually not very exciting. Kibble, kibble, canned? At the end of the day, that is the most that happens in the average house out there. Maybe that’s why pets never seem quite satisfied, and search for excitement! Incredibly, even diapers provide an alternative.

It seems that someone here couldn’t hold back, one fine day. The carnage was shocking, and nothing less than a sign was needed to explain. When the pampers peeked out, the chomping began. Then, it was time to unleash on the door. Escape from the evidence, tried and failed!

Wet and Wild

Mini, little, itty-bitty — all these names have got to be wearing after awhile. But this good boy is full of love, with enough slobber a dog well beyond his size. Kisses for man, kisses for couch. And lots of licks along the way, too!

At first glance, it’s almost hard to imagine this little tongue could produce so much damage. But despite his crimes, this pet still seems to have an attitude. Next time is likely to be just as sticky, if things don’t change around here fast. Is he even sorry about the stains? Seems not!

Achoo Surprise

Don’t be deceived: Tiny dogs are often a whole lot of personality in a small package. Plenty love to show off, and need a lot of attention! With all that running around, though, things can get pretty sneezy. What is the etiquette for that, in canine world?

One owner found out the hard way! Lap dogs thrive on human companionship, but that doesn’t mean they have manners. The sign says it all: This cutie makes it a mission to sneeze right into any yawn in sight! Late nights are off limits, from now on.

Showered with Love

Weird and wonderful things are in store after any dog adoption. It can take awhile to get to know that new furry friend, but one thing’s for sure: There won’t be a dull moment in the house! Naturally, quite a bit of training is necessary to establish the ground rules.

Take this smiling trickster. Doggy enjoys intruding in on showers. And not just for peeps, either! It’s a chance to lick their bums, when they least expect it. But is this fun, for everyone? Terrified and defenseless, it’s always a relief to turn around and realize it’s just the pet!

Poo is The New Black

Parrots are one of the most fascinating creatures in the animal kingdom. Besides human beings, they also have the gift of gab! There’s nothing quite like connecting over the spoken word, and some have been known to pick up thousands. Impressed?

But today, the parakeet. Not quite as smart as its cousin, it can speak a few words here and there. But this naughty bird in particular will not be remembered for his vocabulary achievements at all, according to the report here. He will go down in history as the pet who pooped on every white tee in the world!

Couldn’t Bear the Thought

Dogs are all love and joy, say proud owners. And they mean it, until the chewing and gnawing begins! No one will deny that canine tendency to shred and hide the damage. But surely, antiques are an exception?

Even the irreplaceable is fair game, and this one-of-a-kind panda was simply irresistible for doggo. Beheading it was an easy decision! In response, a little tough love with the perfect sign and set up. But will this pet learn his lesson now that the world knows his secret?

Two Left Feet

Elvis once explained: “You can do anything, but lay off of my Blue suede shoes.” Perhaps that whole song was directed at his dog! The affinity some breeds have for chewing boots and sneakers cannot be overstated. Even heels don’t escape those teeth!

But today, it’s all about shoe, boot, and heel. Only one side, why oh why? It’s hard to know what goes through a dog’s minds sometimes. Science may never truly find the answers. But this pup knows what he likes! It’s all left, all day long!

That Gaze Though

This little guy knows how to make his case. Puppy eyes are no surprise, in dog world. But this stare seems to go straight into the soul! Whatever he wants, he should probably get. What’s the request, today? And a better question: What’s this farting?

Whatever the case may be, the longing looks have really gotten to guests at the house. Who knows what they’ve given up, so far? The emotional blackmail of it all is just too much to handle. Especially along with the stench: Kibble gas, please pass!

All Wired Up

Many might wonder why anyone would choose a rodent for a companion. With so many other choices on the market, what’s the appeal? Dogs, cats, and ferrets all have a lot of personality. Rats may be hard to justify to friends, family, and the girlfriend. And this sign proves why!

It seems that this nibbler doesn’t want his owners to have any form of entertainment. Other than playing with him, of course. He’s chewed through every single electronic device and survived to tell the tale. The exterminator hasn’t been called yet, but a laptop snack could tip the balance!

Bad Boys, Bad Boys

It’s impossible to look at this cute, shmushy face and conclude: Bully. But, the facts are the facts. Looking a bit ashamed, Hitch here is right back at home after a day at doggy daycare. What possible offense could have led to the suspension?

Maybe he was being a little aggressive to the other dogs. Maybe he was romancing the wrong poodle, and a fight broke out. But it takes two to tango! Whatever the case may be, Hitch looks sad and lonesome today. He misses his friends. Even if they don’t miss him!

Baby One More Crime

Puppies are similar to babies in many ways. After all, they are dog babies! Both need patience, affection, and keep caretakers up at night. It’s hard to find a strategy to keep them calm, at all hours. Who would have guessed that pacifiers lying around the house worked on both?

Sounds easy enough. But according to the sign, this pup stole the pacifier! There has to be another mouth longing for the device nearby, but it’s pretty germy now. Angry babies can’t do much to stop thieves, but mom can fix this if she wants. Buy in bulk, problem solved!

It’s a Boy

Never judge a book by its cover, they say. Never judge a turtle by its shell, they updated! After an unexpected gender reveal, this little creature made mom shriek out loud. Maybe it was just unclear what turtle parts really looked like, all along!

This little guy wanted to set the record straight. Once and for all, he’s a he. As his owner points out, there was a real misunderstanding about that for some time. But was it her fault, really? Nobody ever does seem to know how turtles fertilize those eggs. Now, the truth is out!

No Pain, No Gain

This picture is heart-breaking. Or is it heart-warming? Perhaps it’s really both, at the same time. Pet lovers always rejoice when “fighting like cats and dogs” transitions into a friendship at home. But sometimes a size difference gets in the way, despite the best intentions!

Huge dogs often have no idea how huge they really are. The internet is full of funny videos showing this mismatch. But today, there’s a broken cat! Charmingly, they still sit like two peas in a pod. Best friends forever, even through the pain!

They Call it Puppy Love

Another odd couple, indeed. Many claim that felines and canines can never create a hybrid. But is science or tradition stopping this little hound dog from pursuing his goals? These star-crossed lovers of the animal world are well on their way to creating a real life cat-dog. Just like the old cartoon!

The perp doesn’t even seem ashamed of all that humping. He wears his sign with pride, even as the internet looks on. But what about the victim, here? That sideways expression looks a little less entertained. No means no, doggo!

Isn’t it Ironic, Don’t You Think

A random coincidence? Or a well through-through plot? This adorable hound sniffed out his owner’s library collection, and his book of dog goofs was just the treat! Yet, that very behavior was the subject of the book itself. Mind blowing, much?

It’s almost a paradox, of sorts. Owner tries to find the perfect coffee table piece on pet shaming. Pet finds it. Pet destroys it, page by page. Now, the circle is complete! Perhaps this photo will end up in a pet shaming gallery all on its own — someday, some way, somehow.


Another classic case of “if you haven’t watched it, you won’t get it.”

In this case, this pet shaming sign is all about the best show out there – Spongebob Normally, the answer to the question on the sign is simply – Spongebob Squarepants, of course!

However, the photo seems to imply that the dog took Spongebob out of his pineapple home and had him for dessert!

What a tragic ending to one of my favorite shows growing up!

Winnie The Who?

Why is it that poor Eeyore always seems to get the wrong raw end of the deal!

This dog clearly got fed-up with Eeyore’s sad expression and decided to rip one of his eyes out! The worst part is that he doesn’t look one bit sorry!

At least Eeyore has one eyeball left to keep his canine enemy in sight…you know what they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer!

Poser Puppies

One of the phenomena that have taken the world by storm in our day and age is the photobomb.

Thanks s to the obsession with selfies and photos in general, who can blame someone from feeling left out when they don’t make the snap- hence photobomb!

Apparently, this phenomenon extends to the animal kingdom. Take this adorable group of dogs. It looks like the one on the top left felt a little left out!

Toilet #2

This dog also tried to get to the toilet and get a drink.

At first, it didn’t mind drinking through this kiddy-seat, but it came back when it wanted to leave.

Are You Gonna Eat That?

Another beyond adorable pug on the loose- we all know that if food is in the vicinity, a dog will not lose hope of getting their paws on it until it disappears.

But it seems this guy has some manners and won’t just grab the food, rather he spreads his germs all over it with a sneeze and hopes for the best.

To be honest, we prefer having the option of listening to the dogs’ cries and then deciding whether they deserve food or not!

Has The Force

Hey may have the force, but he’s misusing it.

This dog should really be on the dark side. It seems his doings fit them much better.

Offering Charm Instead

Now, this is one hilarious start. Although it’s a commandment to love thy neighbor as you love thyself, apparently this doesn’t apply to a canine species.

This dog for sure didn’t know what he was getting himself into when he snuck into the Buddhist neighbors’ homes and ate their food offerings to their god!

We can only imagine them coming home to find that their food offerings had disappeared… a miracle I tell you, a total miracle!

Criminal Cat

Pets really can up the quality of life, but no one denies that they are costly!

There is purchasing one in the first place, getting all the shits and equipment needed, and of course regular vet visits. 

Some pets, including this naughty kitten, can be exorbitant!

This little guy decided that a $100-dollar bill just looked too tasty to ignore and chewed it up. 

Talk about a cat crook!

You Had One Job

It takes talent for a dog to learn how to open a door…but this little guy used his skills for the wrong reason!

It seems his friendly nature got the best of him and instead of protecting his home from intruders he opened the door for them!

The next thing you know, the dog’s new ‘friend’ was off with half his owners belonging! Poor pup needs to be taught how to protect his territory.


You can’t really resist marshmallows when you’re a dog.

I’m sure the little girl couldn’t resist marshmallows if she saw it on her little sister’s art project. Who could blame her?

Warm Welcome Home

It’s not always easy for pets to get along, especially when they are different species! But come on, surely it’s clear that a dog and a hedgehog are not going to be the best of partners!

This poor pup got quills stuck all over him when he decided a hedgehog would make a delicious meal.

We bet a new power hierarchy has been formed and the little hedgehog will become the ruler of the roost from now on.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas? This Is How

Where to begin on this hilariously bamboozled photo! First the adorable dog and hilarious sign. It seems this dog has serious issues with Christmas (what the pumpkin is doing in the back we honestly can’t tell).

Channeling his inner Grinch, this pup decided to take matters into his own hands and devour all the Christmas chocolates!

Just look at the mess before him. a bunch of chocolate wrappers and destroyed decorations with nothing good insight!

Cereal Killer

The owner of this pup is as punny as it gets, and this is probably the cleverest dog shaming sign on the list. This pup is clearly a cereal fan and took it into his own hands to get some for himself

This owner might want to consider putting a padlock on the door of the pantry next time!

Morning Aroma

There is nothing quite like a hot cup of coffee to wake up to…that and stepping into your dog’s poop of course! Although looking at this adorable pup’s expression it’s hard to imagine that he means any harm!

He is probably just trying to wake his owner up more efficiently!

We just hope for the sake of his poor mom that this doesn’t become a daily habit…although judging by the sign it doesn’t look like this was a onetime occurrence.

Holy Cow – A Holy Dog

This dog has some clear religious issues. Or maybe he just takes the term “food for thought” way too literally. The bible is filled with delicious ideas and this dog just couldn’t resist!

When this pup took a glance at the holy scripture he couldn’t resist and gobbled up not one, but two bibles in a week!

Judging from the picture he is suffering from severe tummy ache thanks to the inedible objects lodged in his poor tummy!

A Free Spirit

One questions that must be posed- if dogs are covered in fur, can they be considered naked? According to this owner, yes!

Gracie has written this adorable sign next to her naughty pup that has decided his red collar is no longer comfortable.

What can we say, maybe some chewing toys would have solved the problem, or perhaps a more comfortable collar!

Outrageous Obsession

Addictions come in many forms and are often detrimental to the life of an addict. But this is one addiction we have never heard from and belongs solely to the canine family!

It seems this pup has one weird obsession with the taste of cats! At least he is admitting he has a problem though.

Whether or not he overcomes his addiction is yet to be seen, but we sure hope that AA helped on one way or another.

Stinky Situation

Mellie is one naughty pup!

As this hilarious sign explains in detail, this pup could not bear the thought of his beloved owners abandoning him and took matters into his own hands when he tried to tag along and hide in the suite case.

When that didn’t work he left his mark by pooping in it!

One thing is for sure, the owner of this stinky pup probably did not forget about him for a second. 

Job done!

Recycling Isn’t For Everyone

This dynamic duo looks like they are just itching for their next adventure!

Bailey and Hamilton do everything together, including sleep, eating, running around chasing other dogs, you can rest assured that these two will be attached at the hip.

So, when their owner found a mess of coffee beans spread all over the floor after being dug out of the trash, there were only two little guys who could have been responsible…

Too Fashion Forward For You

Who says dogs can’t be fashionistas too! Take it from this dog who turned the most mundane object into a total fashion piece.

He made the armrest look like a stylish poncho!

We can only imagine that his owner must be into the Poncho fashion to have this kind of influence on their pup. Despite the mischief, we have to admit he looks adorable!

Drunken Doggie

Poor little Ellie looks like he is clearly suffering from an awful hangover! And that’s exactly what is happening.

As the sign explains, he had a little too much fun when downing 12 bottles of chocolate and is paying the price!

That price including getting drunk and projectile vomiting all over the floor…we hope this owner doesn’t get too angry, after all, a hangover is enough punishment, isn’t it!

Sweet Lullabies

Dogs can be strange creatures. Often, they are spoilt rotten and live in big homes with play areas, treats and walks multiple times a day.

This is one of those dogs, Tank, and judging by the pic we can only assume his owner is one committed musician.

Tank must have gotten bored close to death by his owner’s guitar practice and has taken to sleeping on the guitar case!

We are sure that this sleeping arrangement is nowhere near as comfortable as his actual bed.

The Force Is Strong With This One

This dog is clearly on the dark side and looks totally content with his act of cold-blooded murder!

We think he should be renamed- “Darth Dublin”. This dark lord of the dogs was clearly impervious to Yoda’s Jedi mind tricks!

One thing is for sure, the force was not with Yoda on this fateful day of his death. There is a new dark lord in town.

She Had It Coming

Killing Dora the Explorer is no small matter. She has been a symbol of youth and exploration for children across the world for so long, and this adorable pup destroyed her!

However, judging from his guilty expression he is fully aware of the damage that he has caused and knows he has destroyed something beautiful. In his defense, that doll should not have been left in a dog’s reach!

Urine Trouble!

A mistake that can be made by any dog!

After all, a Christmas tree looks like any other tree in nature and seems like a perfect place to mark one’s territory which is exactly what that pup did. 

Little did he know he was peeing on the Christmas presents!

But just look at that adorable face! It is clear he has no idea what the fuss was all about. We hope none of the presents got too destroyed!

Italian Chick

This is one hilarious situation that probably makes the dining experience a hell of a lot more exciting, just think about this chick circling the dining room and running away with guest’s pasta!

Is there any funnier image to imagine?

While at first you may be disappointed that your food has disappeared, there’s a point where you have to sit back and laugh.

Despite its comedic qualities, somebody might want to call up the chicken Godfather to whack this traitor!

All You Can Eat

A pet doing something mischievous that warrants a pet shaming note are one thing but trying to eat up that note (and the evidence of the action) is a whole new level of audacity!

Judging by these parakeets very proud demeanor he has no shame at all.

It’s clear that it has already been taking numerous chomps out of the note. Let’s not forget the reason this note existed in the first place – he destroyed his mommy’s keyboard!

Party Of Five

One of the cutest pet shaming signs on this list!

Everyone knows how those one-night stands can become nights with serious consequences, just ask this cat whose night of fooling around led to a full box of litters!

Although the identity of the dad may be a mystery, judging by the cuteness level of these kittens we are sure she has no regrets.

Expensive Taste

Everyone knows that technology has become what makes the world go around in today’s day and age, and clearly the love for technology has extended to the animal kingdom!

Just ask this mischievous pup who was not content with eating regular books and had to go on to chow his owners’ iPad and phones!

Seems like this guy has some expensive taste.

Although it is safe to assume that he didn’t actually fully devour the device, he probably caused them a lot of damage, enough to warrant a spot on this pet shaming list!

I Feel Pretty

This adorable shaggy pup has one inquisitive nature!

When his mom’s purse was left unattended he took it upon himself to go through its contents…and eat everything he found including red lipstick and three $1-dollar bill!

We’re sure it wasn’t the meal this cute little thing was looking for. Also, the owner probably could have made good use of that cash, like buying real treats for her pup.

House Rules

Some dogs have some strange habits that their owners can only marvel at, like this adorable bulldog’s habit of biting through one door, and one door only and only until four pm!

Who knows how he established this hilarious pattern.

But after all, how can we as humans judge? Some of us bite our nails, some bite pens, he bites doors!

Food Baby

This poor poor pup looks like he is in agony! And we have all been there… you know that feeling when you have one too many helpings of dessert and land up with a food belly that makes a pregnant woman look small?

Well, this little pup got hungry and finished off both his and his brother’s food, the result is not being able to move!

Racist Rascall

Can dogs be racist?? Apparently, according to this dog shaming sign, they can!

This dog only barks at Mexicans, how on earth he knows to spot a Mexican is beyond us but looking at that evil dog face we can’t help but believe it!

We also wonder how the owner noticed his dog’s racist tendencies….perhaps dog walks began t get a little uncomfortable…

Distinct Taste

Have you ever heard of a pop band encourage a bowel movement? No? Well, now you have!

How on earth could a pop band make a rabbit defecate? The part of this pet shame note that does make sense is the idea that the rabbit would do such a thing on its owner’s lap!

Maybe we are onto something here. Who knows what Black Sabbath could make a bat do, or Britney Spears could make a dog do? The options are endless!

Colorful Personality

One of my personal favorite on the lost both because that pug’s face is edible, and the sign makes him even cuter!

The ability for any living being to poop rainbows is hard to believe but we can’t rule it out, can we?

Regardless of the cute level of the situation, eating crayons cannot be good for a dog and the owner should probably keep them far away!

Paw Problems

Dogs do not have a reputation for being the cleanest of animals. They tend to knock things over, chew things up, and leave behind traces of their mischief wherever they go.

Take this up for example:

In an effort to carry is food to his desired location, he leaves his house in a mess. Moral of the story- don’t take your appendicle thumbs for granted!

I Break It – You Buy It

Dogs are creatures of habit, and if anyone disturbs this they risk suffering the consequences.

Take this dog for example- he decides to cause havoc by ruining the blinds just because his mom decided to change up her routine!

We like to give him the benefit of the doubt and think it’s because he didn’t know how to open them properly.

Cloudy Judgement

What a rouse! We don’t believe these signs for a second. Surely this tiny and adorable little pup couldn’t have been the only one taring this pillow apart.

I firmly believe the cat played a role and threatened his friend into defending his innocence (can you tell I’m a dog person?)

In all due respect, the cat has a face that screams out, “I am a naturally malevolent character. I am the real villain. Muahahaha.”

Curious Case Of The Butter

This sign is one of the funniest. It seems the pup got a little too excited when the groceries were delivered and went straight for the butter sticks! But he thought it through and tried to cover the evidence.

His mom was far from fooled by his behavior and found the scene of the butter crimes in no time!

Pillow Fight!

We all know we can get a bit ahead of ourselves when it comes to pillow fights, and that extends to canines too.

This pup left such a mess that it looks more like a pillow war than a pillow fight! And he was caught red-handed.

Instead of scolding the little guy, his mom decided to have some fun and name and shame him, documenting the events in the way that the dog said they happened.

Bedroom Bandit

Another dynamic dup who take their crime to new levels thanks to the encouragement of the other.

This owner was sick of his dogs pooping and the other eating it up (one of those gross habits dogs have) and decided to call them out on it!

We can only hope this public shaming will put their pooping habits to rest!

The Insomnia Problem

Dogs crave attention, and it seems this one goes to great lengths to assure that even at times of sleep his owners know he is there!

Instead of climbing up to cuddle, he took things into his own paws:

But his cries for attention came at a cost and this little innocent-looking guy kept his owners up all nights with his sounds!

One Big Mess

One of the first steps when getting a dog is getting them pity trained so they don’t make a mess everywhere they go! But you can’t avoid accidents once a while.

Seems like this poor pup had an upset stomach and had to relieve himself all over the back of the car!

Never to leave his fellow pup alone in the trouble the other dog took it upon himself to join in on the fun and sit in the poop!

The Innocent Eyes

It is impossible to get angry at a pup that looks like this! I mean just look at those cute eyes and those adorable ears!

Besides, we’re sure he didn’t mean any harm and though the iPhone chord was a toy.

But he could know that with his looks he can never get into trouble and take advantage of the fact by chewing everything in his way!

Daft Pooch

This is one of the cutest- it appears this pup uses the fluffy toy as his means of entertainment, whether that means dragging him around the house or humping him to no end, he certainly is lucky to have such a compliant companion.

The assailant doesn’t seem to care though but has to sit there and take the pet shaming from their owner.“

Why do I have to wear this sign? I enjoyed myself,” he’s probably thinking.

Game Of Thrones?

What a sight to behold! It seems this dog decided he wanted to be the king and was crowned with his very own throne!

We can only wonder how exactly he landed up breaking the toilet seat and how his owner came up with  this hilarious form of punishment:

Also, the inside of the lid is the perfect place to put a pet shaming sign. One thing’s for sure, the owner can’t expect their dog to fix it!

Can I Bite It?

It seems fair punishment- you chew the head, you wear the head!

There is so much going on in this image, firstly, if you are a casual fan of hip-hop, you know for sure that this dog-owner is a diehard lover of the classic group A Tribe Called Quest since one of the members (who recently past away) is called Phife Dawg:

Then we can focus on how absolutely adorable this little pooch looks with that fur on his head! This could become a new pet craze!

Holy Meal

Another adorable pup with a devout religious affiliation. Although it’s hard to believe he had any intention of eating up the Christian symbol, he has some serious atoning to do!

As a result, it seems his repentance includes dog shaming to the rest of the world and admitting his sins.

Thanks For Nothing

Dogs are not the best at thinking ahead and are known for shooting themselves in the foot from time to time. Poor  Trey here did just that when he wanted to help his owner with Thanksgiving dinner preparations.

You’d think that a small dog-like Trey would be able to maneuver himself in tight situations, but he got himself into a bit of a pickle when he tripped his “mommy” over! 

Not much to say thanks for this year!

Bad Role Model

Many kids are lucky enough to grow up with a dog in the household. They can make fantastic role models and teach children many lessons. but sometimes they can also be pretty bad influences!

As a result, the parents have split up the kids and everyone gets the chance to have a timeout.

The Walking Dog

You’ve got to be a Walking Dead fan to get this one! Long story short, Rick Grimes is the main character and he is trying to survive a zombie apocalypse, as well as a legion of terrible human beings.

Obviously, the dog owner of Jasmine is a big fan and even bought a toy of the iconic TV character. It appears that Jasmine either hasn’t watched the show or just hates Rick Grimes.

Doggy Diet

When it comes to a dog’s diet, this simply means – eating anything that I don’t trust and isn’t human.

Even though the dog’s owner is adamant that he needs to improve his pup’s diet, she ultimately can’t make him adhere to the sort of diet that humans are capable of subscribing to.

This little pup decided to protest and took its owner’s shoe and had it for lunch.

Pretty Pampered Pup

In the life of a pet only very few things matters… namely their owner’s cuddles, food, and toys!

It seems like this cute pup thought that his mom’s new lipstick was yet another toy to add to his collection:

It sounds a little like a child who tried on their mommy’s lipstick, although the dog probably mistook it or a popsicle!

Doggy Design

If you can’t see it at first, look again:

Her sweater has a new design a-la-dog. She must like it so much… and you can see how sorry the dog is. Yeah, right.

Caught In The Act

I wanted to say “They”, but as you can see, only one pup is actually doing the chewing.

The other seems semi-conscious. I guess he’s not the brain in this operation.

Can’t Stop

It doesn’t matter what they do, this family can’t stop their dog from attacking and killing TP rolls.

It must be the fluff and softness. it’s actually their fault. Companies should make TP’s hard and coarse.


This four-legged dude got the better of a vaseline tube…

I would not want to be the guy who discovered what the result looks like. It sounds bad enough.

I Eat, Therefore I Fridge

I see that guilty look on your face… you can’t hide it!

This dog, like so many others, knows how to open a fridge. That is scary and cool at the same time. Next step – teach it to get a beer.

Smell The A/C

If there’s one thing I fear, it’s this. The little cute pup wanted to keep the house clean for its owners so it searched for a place to do what he needs to do.

Note to self: “Place the A/C vent up high.”

Shopping Spree

A shopping spree is needed, but only because this dog ate the underwear.

How can we make sure it would never happen again? Not use any?

The Green Lantern

This dog can’t get away with it. No matter how hard he tries. But he shouldn’t feel ashamed.

It’s not his fault companies put flavors and yummy smells in their markers.

Family Dog

Yes, it’s funny (if the thong was not an expensive one).

I Just hope and pray for that family is that it didn’t happen when their local priest was visiting.

No Manners

If it were my kids, they’d be punished for having no patience and manners!

Look at those doggy eyes… how can you not forgive them. I mean, the package was for them.

Hide And Meat

This guy must not have a backyard, so when he wants to hide his precious, he goes to the only place where he can dig – the couch.

From now on he will be watched while eating.

Two Wrongs…

If both dogs act funny, someone should start thinking about why is that. Just saying.

Seriously, they both damage each other, so why should we care? Good luck to both sides.

Doll Killer

In the English language, if I remember correctly my days at school, a baby is also referred to as ‘IT’.

So we truly hope the ‘ripped its head off’ means – the dolls’ head 🙂

Cats & Dogs

It might not be raining where you live, but when this dude eats the cat litter, it could be raining cats and dogs.

A solution should be found, so doggy won’t be eating the cat litter.


You could blame the guy for getting stuck in the blinds.

I mean, he DID chase the cats, and he IS a dog, but look at him… awwww… he’s just a puppy, and he was probably playing with the cats, not trying to hurt them.

Little One

It’s always the little ones who do the most harm!

Large dogs create large problems, but it’s the small ones that create the most annoying problems. Now they can’t read while doing fitness.