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40 Hilarious Comments That Prove The Internet Is Still The Funniest Place To Be

The internet has been a great help for people of all ages: kids, adults, or even the older generations. We get the latest news with just a few clicks, recipe inspiration when we don’t know what food to cook for dinner, and we can even find true love with the help of dating websites and apps.

But the real beauty of the internet is still the number of funny things to be found there. After all, laughter is often the best medicine. To prove it really is still a fun place, we put together this list of 40 internet comments that prove it.

Free Hugs, Anyone?

Sometimes a hug is all that we need when life gives you heartbreak, panic, or stress. You get a feeling of affirmation when someone hugs you when you feel down. It’s nice to think that a simple hug could solve all problems. It would be nice, right?

Well, yeah, it does make us feel a bit relieved. But, we all know that we can’t use hugs to solve everything, like returning what we’re guessing was stolen money. It may be oddly specific, but it does make sense. If giving a hug was all it took to solve every problem, I’d be willing to open my arms 24/7. 

 What a Genius!

What’s the weather like today? If animals could talk, which would be the rudest? Is time travel really possible? You can ask all sorts of questions, from the most basic to the weirdest imaginable, and you just know someone on the internet will respond with a slew of answers.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Rejects Dolly Parton’s Withdrawal From Nominations ListKeep WatchingCaroline’s questions may be tricky for some, but not for Margaret. In all honesty, we wouldn’t be thinking of salad. We’d be thinking of fries. But, thanks to her, we were enlightened. She didn’t just gain a point there but also a fan. Now, Margaret, what other kinds of wisdom can you share?

The Online Critic

Anyone can pretend to be an expert on the internet and cast judgment on another. That’s one of the many disadvantages of the internet. However, though sometimes this can be frustrating to deal with, there are times when it is meant in a lighthearted manner and can be pretty amusing.

This user must be an avid fan of the American show America’s Next Top Model. She commented on Avril Lavigne’s 2019 album, Head Above Water, and the way she delivered her comment was hilarious. Imagine hearing Tyra Banks saying, “two beautiful ladies stand before me …” Go, Avril, give her the neck!

An Introverts Guide to Making Friends

Introverts have a reputation of being bad at socializing. They don’t want to be the center of attention and would rather listen than speak up or draw attention to themselves. Many people believe that making friends is difficult for them, and because they’re so quiet, people think they’re shy or antisocial.

For all the introverts out there, hear us out! The comment on this photo might help you gain more friends if you want them. This user asked a question on Reddit about something that has been bugging them for a long time: how do you make friends? Someone cleverly responded by saying that introverts just need an extrovert to adopt them to make friends. 

You are Not Alone

If you use social media like Twitter and Facebook, you should be ready to receive sass for making comments about your relationship. There are upsides to using social media, one of which is instant communication. However, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows. There are times when some people will just pop in and burst your bubble.

This Twitter user posted something sweet, presumably about her significant other. It was all good until another user commented, saying, “Unless you are home alone,” where it suddenly became creepy. Imagine being alone and seeing this. We bet you’ll be scared out of your sheets. 

Can Love Keep Us Alive?

Being in love can be a great feeling. It affects your emotions, your brain chemistry, even the way your body works. Have you heard about the expression “Butterflies in your stomach?” This person’s heart beats faster whenever they see the man they adore.

We all know what she means by that, right? It’s a no-brainer. But sometimes people can’t read between the lines—or can they? The person who commented chose fact over fiction and advised her to see a doctor about her beating heart. It’s amusing, but it’s also clear that they misinterpreted her sentiment. 

Spelling is Truly Important

Spelling can indeed change the meaning of a message. If you spell something wrong, especially in social media, other people won’t hesitate to point it out to you. Sometimes, they just point it out casually, but other people will highlight your error in a wittier way. For example, This person had such a frustrating day that he felt compelled to express himself about it online.

He was so angry that he failed to double-check what he posted. When he misspelled “patience” as “patient,” the entire meaning of the text was changed. A commenter was kind enough not to point out the error but instead respond in the funniest way we can imagine.

Unforgettable Moments

If you’re an elite poster on the internet like us, you’ll know that memes are not images that are meant to represent our own lives, but they are images that resemble a situation or state that we can relate to. You can trust us on this. We’re internet experts.

Maybe Helen was so fed up with her own failed relationship she took this meme literally. Seriously, it’s a good question. How do we spend time with a man like him? I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend time with someone who makes you happy? 

Welcome to the Dark Side

We love seeing photos of our furry friends spending quality time with their precious fur-parents. When we see these images, we immediately say, “Ahh! So cute!” But not, animals have just as many different types of personalities as people have. Sometimes, because the cuteness of their babies blinds them, fur parents fail to see their sinister sides.

The dog may have been lurking around his parents because he wanted to be fed. But because of the flash, his eyes took on a scary color, like something you would see in the movies—maybe a horror movie about possession, as this commenter points out.

Don’t Mess with Kenny

We know fashion trends don’t last for long. It’s just like technology—it feels like it keeps updating every other week. Sometimes it’s not easy to keep up, but staying current is essential in the modern world. You don’t have to follow every trend, especially if you find something that works for you now, just makes you feel comfortable.

Online news like Buzzfeed creates articles about almost everything, including fashion trends. They probably didn’t expect to encounter a loyal cargo shorts lover who decidedly will not back down without a fight. Kenny is ready for everything. His comment made us laugh. Thanks, Kenny! We hope you’re enjoying every bit of your life wearing your cargo shorts. 

The Special Ingredient

Being an adult is exhausting. As we grow older, our energy keeps on declining, even waking up to work after an 8-hour sleep is tiring. How was that possible? At times like this, you’ll just ask yourself how you managed to survive school. Maybe the secret to vigor is education and personal growth, something that is often overlooked in adult life.

When this user compared his life as a student to his life now, he’s amazed at what he could achieve without becoming exhausted. Someone has developed a unique conspiracy theory to explain this discrepancy in energy levels. What exactly did they put in those school breakfasts?

Time To Train

The internet is a place where you can find inspiration and, at the same time, discouragement. It’s all about your perspective. It’s also offputting when you’re asked to constantly compare yourself to other people, which can depress you into the ground if you’re not careful.

Although comparing your own achievements to others can be disheartening, it’s also funny when someone steps in to make the funnies. The meme was supposed to inspire other people to work hard. We get it! But some people might take it the wrong way. People all measure their own success differently, and it’s good to respect that fact. 

Tough Love, Son

As people grow older, they begin to make decisions without consulting anyone. This can be a lifestyle choice, a gender transition, or a fashion decision. Here’s an example of a fashion choice being met with a fashion veto from mom and dad. From the looks of it, he was too stunned by his Mom’s comment to even make a reply.

When this guy changed his profile picture on social media to display his new facial hair, a symbol which, to some, represents the attainment of adulthood, he didn’t expect any serious consequences. But then his mom made a comment which tore down his aspirations of independence and maturity. The question is, will he choose to keep his beard or sleep inside their house?

Need For Speed

People are bound to get some fascinating answers when they ask vague questions to an open forum, such as the internet. It’s great to see how many different kinds of people respond with different kinds of answers to the same question. As much as we tend to look for a specific answer, watching the many different comments stacking up can be just as entertaining.

While we know what Mary meant, Andrew answered with the literal mathematical calculation needed to compute speed. Well, he’s not wrong. How do you think Mary reacted to Andrew’s answer? Was she inspired to have a mathematical equation tattooed on her back? 

Shameful Shawl

It’s okay to show the world the things you’ve worked hard for, and there’s nothing wrong with a little pride. But before you do, make sure you take a close look at what you’re sharing before you show it off to everybody, just in case it isn’t misinterpreted.

There’s nothing wrong with this user being so proud of her shawl, right? She finished everything by 2 a.m., possibly half-asleep, so she probably wasn’t aware of what it looked like draped across the table like that, as, in fact, it resembles a large pair of underwear. 

The Very Definition

Whether they’re a family member or a friend, even if we are close with that person, there’s this thing called boundaries. Boundaries are something that everyone should respect, but that’s not always the case. This user wasn’t happy about being someone’s personal driver. We would feel the same way, too.

While doing people favors can be a very nice thing, some “so-called friends” may take advantage of you. If you treat a friend like a taxi driver, then at least pay for the gas! And let’s not forget about this commentator’s witty comment that made us all laugh!

The Puppy Eyes

Animal memes? We could go scrolling nonstop! There’s something wholesome about photos and videos of animals that make us smile endlessly. Even if we’re on the verge of doing something terrible—like a tranquilizer injected directly into our necks, animal memes can lull us into a state of passivity and numbness.

Look at this adorable dolly-eyed loris. While eating a rice ball, it appears completely innocent. The loris’s charm undoubtedly swayed one individual who commented that he would kill if this animal gave him the puppy eyes. We were also enthralled, but we’re not sure we would go that far.

Thanks For Your Valuable Input, Gail

Social media is a great way to find exciting and weird news from different places all over the world, but it is also a place of fun. This CNN article highlighted a story about a newborn baby’s name. As we all know, people from all parts of the world put a lot of care into naming their children. They want to give their kids names that have profound meanings.

The CNN news article reported on the meaning of the child’s name. However, Gail thought the name of her grandchildren was just as newsworthy. Maybe she mistook the story as something from one of her friends. We’re hoping this woman was simply missing the big picture and wasn’t trying to be a troll.

Is There an Exception to the Rule?

There are a lot of signs and rules you have to follow in the modern world, even in the restroom. You have probably seen one similar to this in restaurants, cinemas, or public establishments asking you to be considerate to the pipes by not flushing strange objects.

However, the wording of this particular sign gave some people a little difficulty. The commenter may have misinterpreted this sign. When it comes to signage, it’s essential to be clear about what you should or shouldn’t do. It needs to be as specific as possible because people might take the signs too seriously.

What are you HOLDEN?

People love to ask questions on social media. They ask hypothetical questions, and sometimes the answer to these questions brings trouble upon the questioner. This is what this poster experienced when he put his question to his social media circle.

It was all fun and games until someone named Holden actually replied. You can see why he would feel personally attacked by this tweet with a name like that. It’s pretty awkward, but we hope both of them laughed at the end. 

 Brutally Honest Reviews

Giving ratings and reviews to a product you use is quite tricky. You want to be honest without hurting somebody’s feelings, especially if you’re not completely happy about it. It’s easy to just give a one-star review without being specific, but this user did so without holding back—just look at what he wrote.

For some context, the commenter had just finished reading a book, and he was far from being satisfied. The reader, who claims to be paralyzed from the neck up, claims to have miraculously gained the ability to walk just to throw the book they’d just finished out of the window. The book may have been bad, but maybe it represents a breakthrough in medicine?

Are They Listening?

In all honesty, we don’t like dolls. It creeps us out whenever we look directly into their eyes. Maybe it’s the result of watching Chucky from too young an age. But now this? Is this even real? Can they hear us? We’re clenching our teddy bears and hoping not. Wait, can they hear us too?

Like Faith, we, too, were stunned at the news from this headline. How exactly do you find out which dolls can hear and which ones can’t? Thankfully, we’re grownups and not completely terrified by the notion. Otherwise, we’d be freaking out right now. 

A Quick Realization

By now, you might have realized that nothing is safe from criticism on the internet, not even classic Disney movies, like Aladdin. For example, this person has spotted something quite nonsensical about the movie that piqued her curiosity, which she proceeded to share in the comments section.

In the movie, Jasmine asks Aladdin if it’s safe to ride a flying carpet. The question is on point, but as it’s coming from Jasmine, who lives with a tiger, which we think is scarier, it’s an odd thing to ask when you think about it. But what do you think, though?

Adulting 101

When you reach a certain age, you’ll experience many changes. The usual stuff you do when you’re a teen isn’t exciting anymore. Waking up in the morning tends to get harder and less rewarding as each day passes. It’s because we now have responsibilities in life, and because we’re subject to all the demands of adulthood. But, thankfully, we are not alone.

This meme is pretty relatable in so many ways. This commenter hit the jackpot for sure! Rather than party invites, ads and bill updates pound our inboxes these days. It’s sometimes preferable to just take it as it comes and accept the changes, as it would take more effort to do something about it than not, right?

Article Spoiler

You can’t trust everything you read, especially not if it comes from the internet. Some articles will publish “clickbait,” something which lures you in with a flashy title but offers nothing of value within. This guy made a sarcastic comment on how ridiculous some of these bogus articles are.

In response to this commercial offering hair growing tips, this guy shared a funny selfie of himself, bald head and all. But that didn’t stop him. He also left a message along with his photo saying, “Nope, they don’t help.” The majority of the time, clickbait headlines promising life-changing products or pieces of advice are simply too good to be true.

When You Answer Your Own Question

We love silly questions, ones that frustrate us and make us laugh in equal measure just because they’re so ridiculous. It’s just as much fun coming up with them with friends, questions like “how long is a piece of string?” The photo below screams serious business, but when you look at the text, you’ll see that the question is entirely meaningless.

It’s silly to ask a question and then give an answer simultaneously. Taking the joke a step further, someone reacted by asking how much they could be paid to make a million dollars. It’s subtle gags like this that make you think… either that or they turn your brain to jelly.

There’s No U In “Correct”

People often try to create social media messages that appear meaningful or unique, often with inspiring results—but sometimes such an attempt can backfire. This user tried to invent a cute saying to share positivity and self-love—but they failed.

Unfortunately, the user misspelled “happiness” with “y” instead of ” I. Happiness does have an I, and someone was kind enough to point it out to them. But we understand what they were trying to say: happiness cannot ultimately derive from selfish living. 

Keyboard Critics

On the internet, everyone can be a critic. It’s simple; all you need is a keyboard, an internet connection, a basic understanding of the subject, and voila! There’s nothing stopping them from throwing digital mud. Most internet critics will make you swell up with frustration with how basic their takes are, but sometimes they can make you giggle at their antics rather than make you angry.

This person posted a comparison of Picasso’s self-portrait throughout his life, stating that he “did not age well.” You can interpret art in so many ways, and that we think is the beauty of it. But although people can take it all too seriously, we liked this person’s humorous remark.

The Internet is a Strange Place

Even though the internet has most of the world’s facts contained within, these facts may also be twisted, and misinformation can spread like wildfire. You should read everything with a critical eye before you believe it. But instead of being disturbing or disheartening, this one made us laugh.

A user uploaded a mini crossbow on the internet, presumably to show off. It’s a strange world, after all. But instead of taking it at face value, one user made a creative comment where they speculated that the YouTuber was actually just a giant holding a regular-sized crossbow. 

Hidden Powers

Do parents have to have superpowers to handle their kids? They tend to do so many things at once with such efficiency. They solve problems, mend clothes, and hurt feelings, often defying impossible expectations. This amusing photo comparison posted by one of the many super-parents out there has us quite impressed.

If someone can clean up that fast, then surely a mess can be created just as fast, just as this commenter points out. Can you relate to either of these boasts? We all know it’s much easier to create a mess than to clean, right? 

Calen, A.K.A Mr. Literal

We all know what Emily was trying to say in her post. Wouldn’t it be nice to have three days off a week? Two days off a week is a luxury for most people in the world, and thanks to an “always online” gig economy, even people who used to have two days off now have one or none at all.

Emily wrote a familiar shorthand for the word “weekend,” as you can see. Calen didn’t understand and chose to take the statement literally, claiming that the word could be made longer if it weren’t abbreviated. If only free time could be extended by saying the word longer. 

Moses Long Lost ClassmateLiving expenses have drastically grown over time. Even taking into account inflation, the cost of college degrees has risen over three hundred percent since the 70s. Since then, wages have stagnated while the cost of living—bills, food, rent—has skyrocketed. Everything is more expensive these days. But don’t tell Jeri any of that!


She posted that college students would be able to afford college tuition without taking out any loans if they just worked because she was able to do it in her day. One user speculated that “her day” might have been ancient Egyptian times. If that’s the case, we think that college was probably a lot more expensive since education didn’t really exist as we know it today!

Ethan Has a Point

After reading Ethan’s post, we’re now left with many questions: why would they do that to us? For laxatives, really? And, when can we expect to see these commercials? He got the point, though: many commercials use songs from a time when our grandparents were still young, probably because by then, they go into the public domain.

Imagine hearing Super Bass in a medicine commercial in the future. That would be killer! We’re not sure what the future will bring, but we’re excited. Will Ethan’s theory happen? It might be something utterly out of the blue that you’d never consider, but it’s pretty interesting.

When You Stare Into The Void…

Have you ever been watching a horror movie when all of a sudden your screen turns black? The horror of seeing the reflection of yourself is real. We often jump, thinking it to be part of the movie when in actuality, the film just cuts to black as a transition from one scene to another.

We understand the sentiment behind this post. Another poster jumped in to say that they felt the same way. We all do, guys; we all do. We all look different from what we expect when we’re sitting alone in the dark. These things can give us a jump scare worse than anything Hollywood throws at us. 

Choose to be a Witness

Remember, the internet is full of spelling police. There will be times when we misspell something. It’s normal for human beings to commit such mistakes. While proofreading something before posting it is always a good idea, we don’t always remember to do so.

This person gave excellent advice on speaking up when confronted with unethical behavior. While this is encouraging, someone promptly corrected their spelling; you are (you’re) instead of your (as in mine or yours). At least the second poster acted as a witness instead of an accomplice… kind of. 

 Better To Say Nothing If You Have Nothing Good To Say

Sometimes it’s better to stay quiet if you have nothing good to say. It’s pretty common to see posts like this on the internet. Whether it’s supposed to be a cryptic message intended for an ex or just general meanness, we think it makes the world a worse place to live in.

It’s not great to see things like this on the internet, which is why we adore this Facebook user who turned the tables on someone’s mean post. We enjoy an excellent clap back, and while we don’t know how she responded, we hope she thinks twice before publishing something hurtful next time.

A Ridiculous Question

You can learn so much on the internet you’d go blind trying to absorb it all. It can be overwhelming, especially if you’re taking your first steps. Take, for example, this recipe for Lord of the Rings’ famous Lembas Bread. One bite can keep a traveler fed for a whole day, according to the books.

This YouTuber posted a step-by-step tutorial on how to make this dish. However, one viewer had a nut allergy and asked if there were any replacements for the nuts. Someone replied with “just remove the nuts.” While that is a valid response, we completely understand the entire user’s point of view. They presumably wanted the recipe to taste as authentic as possible.

Two Comedians

At some point, we all brag on the internet. It’s human nature to want to showcase our achievements, and we’ve all been conditioned to desire likes and comments by the platforms that benefit. One way to win this one-person popularity contest is by showing off our travels destinations.

This user shared a stunning photo of Shanghai’s skyline, but their caption was a little strangely written. Of course it’s night if it’s nighttime. Someone was quick to call out the ridiculous sentence with a similarly nonsensical sentence. We couldn’t think of a more amusing way to do it than the way this guy handled it.

Happy Pancakes!

Sometimes reality doesn’t match our expectations. But sometimes one person’s failure is another’s success. Trial and error can lead to learning important lessons by accident. Sometimes, we just need to give ourselves a little time to figure things out.

Unlike what the ads should, the proper pancake, the end result for this poster was quite different. However, the holes in the pancake make a smiley face that we can’t help but crack up about. And someone got a new profile picture to boot. This is definitely a happy mistake. 

The Greatest Struggle

Breakups are never easy. It’s painful to end a relationship that you’ve invested so much of your time and energy into. This girl used social media to express such sentiments. While her post was sad and genuine, one of her friends gave an unexpected response.

Her friend responded that putting toothpaste back into a tube is far more difficult than falling out of love. He probably wanted to lighten her mood and make her smile, even for a split second. Everyone deserves a friend like this one.