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Rib-Tickling Airport Photos That Deserve Some Recognition

Airports evoke a potent cocktail of emotions. They can be upsetting, exciting, or sad, or they can give you the special kind of happiness that comes with seeing a friend or loved one return from a far-away place. They stand as a reminder of how our lives are constantly evolving. But what you might have forgotten is that some people can make being in an airport absolutely hilarious.

We have all encountered unfortunate situations while traveling, but we think these stories will definitely get a rise out of you. So just remember them the next time you run into an interesting situation at the airport—take a deep breath and smile—maybe share the laughter with those around you.

Protect Your Melon

What are these?! We don’t know what got to these mortals’ minds when they chose to wear those fruits cut in the airport. Is this some kind of a trend that most of us don’t know exists? Maybe they’re proud Saskatchewan Roughriders fans who wore Watermelon hats as part of their tradition. Who knows?


And the way they seem unfazed by the people around them while enjoying their screen time with their gadgets is very telling. Wisdom maintains that it’s not the clothes you wear but how you wear them. We think this is a good example of that.

It’s Not a Horror Film

Everyone can relate to this. Waiting for luggage is tiring. You have to spend ages—hours if you’re unlucky—standing around just so you can grab your stuff after a long flight. It’s dreadfully draining, especially since you’ll probably be cranky after a bad night’s sleep, even with the neck pillow.


This man, however, came prepared. “Standing? What’s that? I have a rocking chair to soothe myself while I wait.” Our only question is this: does this airport provide a rocking chair to their guests? Or did he bring his own? If he did, HOW? 

The Technology Invasion

Who said enjoying smartphones is for the younger generation? Forget that! Look at them enjoying their free time with their smartphones, probably looking at some photos of their grandchildren. How sweet is this? Now we can genuinely say that there is no such thing as a phone generational.


To everyone who has grandparents out there—be kind to them when they ask something about the latest technologies. They tend to forget things easily, so have so ready your endless patience. Helping them won’t hurt you, alright?

In Case of Emergency

Wait a second. Let’s absorb what this sign is trying to say. Okay. Our verdict? This sign deserves a round of applause. It tells you to stay away from this area if you have any emergency—or you feel like you will have one—because they’re sure you can predict what will happen.


We just hope people will pay attention to the sign and won’t create or get into an emergency anywhere nearby. To be fair, they were warned off the bat. We hope everyone has a safe flight without the inconvenience of having a catastrophic health failure or having to deal with a fire outbreak, especially if they’re in this area.

Pure Coincidence

This is so wholesome—two men who wanted to surprise their families by getting dressed like this. These guys didn’t know each other and just met at the airport before their flight. They’re just complete strangers who share a similar sense of humor.


This goes to show that no matter where you travel, there’s always the chance you’ll meet folks that share your sense of humor. You never know, you might become instant best friends! This is, without a doubt, what makes us adore airports. We hope they brought joy to their families showing up like that, as much as they brought joy to us.

Need A Ride?

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. It’s fascinating how creative people can be—like this person in the picture. He looks unbothered by what he’s doing right now, but really—is this allowed? If yes, we want to try it, too. It seems fun and fresh.


If you look closely, you might be able to see that he is riding his luggage as a scooter. Can you spot the tires? We can’t help but think that his luggage is a relative of the Autobots—because, you know—it can transform. One day you’re using it to store some things. The next day you’ll be riding it around the airport racetrack, AKA the luggage belt. That’s so cool!

Cosplay Your Way Through The Crowd

Who’s hungry for some turkey? It seems like one of the thanksgiving turkeys escaped just before granma had time to lay out the spread. If we were in the same airplane as this man, we’d be laughing and smiling the whole flight.


Perhaps he wanted to dress this way to make sure his child remained calm during the flight, assuming he had one. Although we’ll never know what pushed him to do this, we hope he’ll have a great time with all the stares he’ll get from his outfit. Wow, suddenly we’re craving turkey and mashed potatoes.

Tetris In The Airport

Delta Airlines is infamous for its delayed flights, lost baggage mishaps, and other things that most people wouldn’t want to happen to them during their flights. They can’t deny it—there’s proof of it right here! Check out this baggage holder getting stuck in the grill of an engine.


Honestly, we would freak out if we were one of the passengers of this plane. We know that accidents can happen, but jeez—at least make sure nothing gets sucked up into one of your plane’s fans. We hope that all the passengers on this flight arrived at their destination safely, somehow.

The Long-Legged Curse

One thing that most people with long legs hope and pray for when entering an aircraft is not good food or entertainment but extra legroom. In extreme circumstances, the long-legged amongst us have to pay more to just fit in their seats. We feel sorry for anyone who experiences this kind of thing.

Instead of creating a comfortable and enjoyable environment, some airlines prioritize cramming more passengers in on each flight. It’s pretty annoying, knowing that they could have done better. Sad but true. At the end of the day, it is still business.

Way Too Short

We get it. It’s fashion, a trend, whatever you want to call it. It’s part of expressing yourself, which is fine. But, sometimes—especially in public places, like an airport, for example, we should know when too much is too much. We couldn’t count how many daring outfits we’ve seen there. Some of them are great outfits, some… not so much.


These two appear to have forgotten to change after attending a fancy dress party. We don’t want to pass judgment, so we’ll just say that people have different ways of expressing themselves than we do. It’s nice that they feel as though they can be themselves!

Sushi Suitcase

We don’t know where to begin—there are so many unusual things in this picture. First is the sushi suitcase. If you don’t want to get your luggage mixed up with others, consider using a suitcase like this. In a world full of leather or plastic cases, stand out! Be the SUSHI SUITCASE!


Second, the penguins. These skeletal birds in the middle immediately caught our attention. We can clearly say which part of the world this airport is located in by looking at it—it’s clearly the airport in Antarctica. Where else would you find something like this?

VIP Accommodation

Traveling isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. A lot of it is just learning to get used to the new normal of sleeping in an abstract space while your connecting flight ticks in ever closer, and you’ll likely suffer from excessive exhaustion doing so. It’s easily the hardest part of the jet-set lifestyle.

Alamy Stock Photo

In times like this, finding the right spot to sleep is a must. This man right here seems to have found the perfect place. Forget hygiene. Sleeping on the airport floor beside a plant is really refreshing with all that freshly made oxygen—probably. So next time you’ll get caught up with delayed flights or long lines, try searching for an area where you can take your nap and recharge. 

The Cutest Airplane

Who’s that Pokemon? ANA airlines have taken airplane style to a new level. This is the cutest airplane we’ve ever seen. We hope they won’t stop painting planes like this one. How about a One Piece paint job, or even a Dragon Ball Z design? Coming soon? Please?


Apparently, this was part of an advertisement for the release of Pokemon Go. Wow! The lengths they went to just to market their game. There’s no doubt they gained the attention they were asking for. Great Job, advertisers. We hope to see more of this soon. 

Anti-Theft Luggage

You wouldn’t dare to steal a suitcase with the owner’s face on it—it would judge you for your actions forever (or at least until you empty the contents and get rid of the shell). Although it’s kind of embarrassing, it’s actually a great idea to ensure that your luggage never gets mixed up with anyone else’s again.


We think the embarrassment is worth it. Maybe? It’s funny and pretty helpful, especially if you have valuables with you. Thieves will think twice about lifting it—they’ll be too busy cringing with laughter. At least we can say that this guy has some of the most unique luggage ever. Personalized to the max. 

The Aisle Seat

Who doesn’t love a good aisle seat? Honestly, we don’t really mind, but if we did have to choose, we’d stick to the window seat. We just like chilling on the plane and checking out the view. However, there are some people who need—take note: NEED—to sit on the aisle.


The aisle seat was made for someone like this guy, who needs extra space to feel comfortable. We can’t imagine that it’s a comfortable situation for anyone. At least there’s no overhead baggage compartment—if there were, this flight would have been impossible for him to endure.

Straight Ahead

You see, there’s a reason why aircraft marshallers are essential to the running of an airport. If you don’t already know, they are responsible for guiding planes at the airport. They direct the airplane by giving signals to the pilot where to go. Basically, they stop things like this from happening.


However, this one must have missed the signal and gone straight to the building. We hope no one was harmed during this incident. It was probably the ice. Honestly, it’s not the sight we would want to see right before we hop on or off an airplane. Yikes.

Bold Gesture

Alcohol is generally prohibited on board an aircraft. It’s a rule for a good reason. We haven’t heard of a single airport that allows their passengers to bring cases of beer inside as hand luggage. If they exist, that’s scary. This traveler decided that it was wise to check in his beer can so he could have it transported in the hold.


Bold of this traveler to do that. It’s not every day that you encounter such a thing, so we are wondering how the airport staff reacted. This person must love this brand so much that he decided to spend money so that he could crack it open on the other side. Curious.


Doing handstands on another person’s hand? Yes, we’re definitely looking at a cheerleader or a dancer. These guys are pretty strong. What’s more impressive is that the guy sitting is reading a book while balancing his friend on the other hand like he’s some kind of a ball.


They must have gotten so bored waiting for their flight that they decided to practice their routine. Look intently, and you’ll see a man wearing eyeglasses questioning his own sanity. He certainly didn’t expect to see this at the airport that day. Indeed, life is full of surprises.

The Art of Sleeping

Have you ever encountered a person who can easily sleep in whatever position they’re in? We all know that sleeping is essential, so do it if you have a chance. This lady probably had a sleepless night before her flight—or she turned up and found out her flight was booked for the next day.

Facebook.com/Mes bons moments avec vous

There’s no problem with sleeping at the airport. Everyone does it. But this lady’s posture is just disturbing. Her stomach must be as flat as a pancake! Or maybe she just has a stomach ache? Either way, her way of sleeping is quite peculiar. Remember, you can always just sleep like the man sleeping with shades at the back—you know—like the rest of us.

Airport Fashion Walk

Celebrities deal with the paparazzi all the time. Guess that was Lady Gaga’s inspiration for her song Paparazzi. No place is safe for celebrities—even their homes—but especially not the airport. Some paparazzi have the knack for taking photos of their idols, even in airports!


Lady Gaga’s airport fashion game is something to behold. She rocks every outfit she wears. When she walks out into arrivals, it seems like she’s walking in a fashion show. While everyone else goes for something comfy, Lady Gaga says, “no way, darling.” 

Sushi Inspired Luggage Cover

Have you ever seen something like this before? Don’t be confused—it’s not food in a fancy restaurant. That, my friend, is luggage. Yes, these suitcases are wrapped with a sushi-like cover. This baggage claim counter is located at an airport in Japan.


Usually, the only way to distinguish your luggage from others is to use stickers. These sushi designs might make it easier to differentiate your stuff from someone else’s—unless the craze catches on because of how cool they are and everyone starts carrying fish-and-rice-based luggage around. 

Kids and Travel

It’s nice to spend time with loved ones, travel the world, and experience new things together. Going traveling can feel even more worthwhile if you’re with good company, and if you’re lucky, that will be your family.

Youtube.com/???????? ????????????

However, kids aren’t usually the type to care, especially the young ones. They tend to just go with the flow. Plus, they get tired quickly. Look at this little girl who’s getting wheeled around by her father. That’s an additional load to carry.

Grand Welcome

Admit it—if you’re a fan of Star Wars, you’d be ecstatic to see a group of people welcome you like this. We don’t know if this is some marketing stunt or just a group of dorky friends welcoming their long-lost geek brother or sister, but we love it either way.


It’s funny how the people in the background don’t look like they care much. Does it happen all the time in this airport? Either way, seeing these guys is great fun. We hope to spot them at our nearest airport and—”may the force be with you.” 

No Time To Stretch? No Problem

Waiting for your flight or sitting on a chair feels a bit unproductive, right? Instead of waiting silently, as most people do, these girls took their waiting game to the next level. How? Aerobics! It’s pretty easy and will surely make your body move.

Alamy Stock Photo

Pump up your blood, get physical, and be productive by doing some aerobics at the airport. Not the usual way to pass the time, but it’s better than not doing anything. If you want to do the same thing, just make sure you’re not bothering other people.

Great Advertisement

We enjoy finding unique advertising in unexpected places like this baggage claim area. There appear to be people swimming on the belts! People who might be feeling hot-headed due to the long wait time might feel a little more relaxed as a result of this advertisement.


As we look at it, we feel like we could just take a break from everything and head straight to the beach. That’s how impactful this ad is. What do you think? Do you feel the same? If you do, c’mon, let’s grab a towel and head to the beach together!

No One is Safe

Drug detector dogs are fascinating. They are trained to detect illegal substances in the airport. They are pretty helpful because they can quickly check luggage without even opening anything—that’s how powerful their noses are.


If you think we are bluffing, look at the picture. Now, tell us, how aren’t these dogs trained for sniffing? They don’t trust anyone—not even each other—which is a great characteristic to have as a detective. But in all seriousness—they’re just too cute.

Rollin, Rollin, Rollin

We’re sure that this man is late for his flight. Riding a motorcycle is faster than riding a car, right? However, because of the tiny space, this person had to make some adjustments to their pack. They’re treating his luggage like some kind of trailer!


We only hope the case arrived in one piece at the airport and that they arrived on time, or else it would be a great shame. But, hey! At the very least, they got to try something new and exciting. It’s quick thinking and ingenuity if it works, foolishness if it doesn’t.

Santa? Are you Okay?

Let’s pause for a moment and give Santa some well-deserved gratitude. Maybe Santa wanted to try out a new way of delivering gifts for the lovely kids of the world, so he decided to ride an airplane instead of using Rudolph and friends. Those reindeers deserve a day off.


What happened here? And what’s in Santa’s luggage?. If, by chance, he was caught doing something, then does that mean there’s no visit this year? Is there a job opening at the North Pole? If this is true, Santa won’t be receiving any gifts this year—he’s been naughty.

Oh No, You Didn’t

It’s normal to see people holding a sign with names on it in the airport. Some people have the privilege of hiring a car service that will pick them up. Others have family members come to it. But this takes custom signage to a whole new level.


To the person they’re going to pick up—we understand how you feel. We love the side note that says, “Hugs, Not Drugs.” This might be an inside joke with friends, but still, it must have been embarrassing to see that. We would have walked on by without even blinking.

Choose your Fighter

Some people find sleeping with the lights on disturbing—as this family does. But luckily, they came prepared and brought covers so that sleeping and resting wouldn’t be a problem while waiting for their flight.


The shawls are pretty vibrant, which we adore. The next time we travel, we will absolutely check this out. Guys, thank you for your ideas. We only hope they didn’t sleep too much and were able to catch their flight because they appear to be comfortable.

Team Effort

Layovers or waiting for your flight is such a boring activity. Well, not when you’re with your crazy friends. This group knows how to have fun. As you can see in the photo, they used the moving walkway to create positions. In the picture, you can see that they seem to recreate a person riding a horse.

Youtube/Cao Nguyen Hoang Long

These three people—No, look closely at the ground, and you’ll see the fourth person wearing a blue shirt. Isn’t that crazy? Before the horse, it was a snake. It was funny. We wonder if anyone else wanted to join them with their stunts.

Another Great Advertising

With so many people coming and going to the airport, this is a great place to advertise a product or service. You’ll be able to reach a wide audience 24/7. We think it’s probably worth spending the money to parade your products and services at the airport.


Take a look at this advertisement by Mini Cooper. They didn’t just put an ad in the airport; they took it to the next level. They cleverly utilized the space, and everybody who sees it will be astounded. How inventive these marketers are.

The Rise of Planking

People display strange behavior when they are bored. Because he was bored, this person went to the airport conveyor belt and decided to do the plank challenge. It has been famous for some time, so maybe he wanted to join the trend in a unique way.

Pinterest.com/The Dead Photos

There are a lot of questions lingering in our heads. Like how long did he do that? Isn’t he aware that it’s unhygienic to do that there? We just hope he didn’t bother anyone and that he took a refreshing bath after he arrived at his destination.

Casino Baggage Claim

Forget the boring white, silver, and black baggage claims and welcome these roulette-type airport baggage claims. It’s pretty tiring to wait for your suitcase, right? So putting some gimmick in the area is much appreciated.


If you didn’t know, this is an advertisement. We told you, the airport is the best place for advertisements. It will surely make people smile after a long and tiring waiting game. We just hope there’s no brawl in the airport.

Time Limit For Kissing

This Aalborg airport in Denmark indeed has the humor we crave. It’s insane how many people drop off their loved ones at the airport, and this is how they say goodbye. Of course, kissing and hugging are inevitable—you’re about to leave someone you care about behind.


Some people take so much time, so the Aalborg Airport decided to designate an area where people can kiss and bid goodbye. It is called the Kiss and Goodbye Zone. But, here’s a catch, there is a time limit. You only have three minutes to do it, so you’d better make it count.

The Color Pink

Some people really obsess over their favorite color. Take this person, for example. Clearly, he loves the color pink. We don’t need to point that out, right? It’s OBVIOUS! Is he going to a fashion show? Is he late? Or is he just fabulous 24 hours, seven days a week?


What exactly does he have on his feet? Pink boots, perhaps? Those are some fantastic boots either way. One thing is certain: this guy looks excellent in his pink suit. We believe his motto is “why try to fit in when you can stand out?” 

Welcome to Alaska

How would you react if you saw a white polar bear in the window of your airplane? We would freak out—not because we’d be scared—because they’re so cute! We’d love to see them up close—but not too up close.

Alamy Stock Photo

People who live in Alaska are not surprised by polar bears appearing all over the place. Airport runways are not exempt. The Airport staff must be thankful that they don’t cause damage to the building and equipment. They are probably busy playing in the snow or trying to survive the devastating effects of climate change.

Learn To Improvise 

If you didn’t catch enough sleep and have a flight in a few hours, don’t worry, we’ve got some good advice for you! If you have the same level of balance as this man has, you will easily be able to get a good few hours of sleep while waiting for your flight.


There’s the normal way to sleep, and there’s the extreme way to sleep. Given the way those seats are molded, it’s probably quite difficult to do it horizontally. Airports really are strange places. You’ll definitely find something that will make you smile there if you look for it. 

Feel Right At Home

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again—there are many ways to sleep at an airport. This is a good demonstration of the level of comfort you can achieve if you just work hard on your sleep game—providing there are decent couches nearby.


We love how comfortable this woman is while sleeping. She even removed her sandals and let her feet do whatever they wanted. We hope she had a very good sleep and woke up feeling refreshed and recharged, and ready for her flight.

Can’t Fight The Sleep Any Longer

This woman chose a place where no one could disturb her from her much-needed beauty nap. At first glance, we thought she needed medical attention because she looked a bit too peaceful. But then again, she might also be too tired even to care.


Did you know that homeless people also try to stay and live in the airport? The security staff has so much trouble differentiating passengers from homeless people, especially when they sleep like this woman. We hope she is safe since the area she’s sleeping in looks like a ghost town.