Perfectly Timed Sports Photos - too cool 2 be true

Perfectly Timed Sports Photos

The wildest moments in sports could never be planned! Today, fast fingers have captured some of the very best in-between snaps for the web. Whether it’s laugh out loud or downright shocking, every pic is sure to amuse. Let’s begin!

Hanky Yankee

Competition is the national pastime, especially in New York. To strike fear into the hearts of opponents, the best idea is usually to just show off. Skills are high in the big leagues, though! What in the maple wood bat is going on here?

Few players have magic at their fingertips at this level, even on the Yankees. It appears this guy can make his gear levitate! Did he strike a deal with the devil? The floating bat is just frightening, fans and foes agree. But again, there’s always the possibility of clever camera work!

Next: See the wackiest events in the world of sports, right down to the second!

Don’t Lose Your Head

Flexibility is key for any gymnast worth their salt. No doubt, it’s a big part of any competition. Whether it’s the forward roll, backward roll, cartwheel, or flippity flip, a stretchy body always does the trick. But what about a disappearing head?

This athlete seems to have bent so far back she looks decapitated! Not only that, but her foot is aligned where her head should be. The end result? A confusing photo breaking the creepy meter, folks! Luckily, it was just a glitchy moment. She’s alright, with head intact!

Censored Again

Secretly, every aspiring athlete wants get their face on TV. Yes, they say it’s all about the love of the game. But the truth is, just a little vanity never hurt anyone. In fact, it might even motivate better action on the court for fans!

This photo was local, for Oklahomans. Buddy Hield, a player on the basketball team, was just trying to make it into the paper that night. And yet, his publicity was stolen by the ball itself! When his face was totally obscured, the camera went off. Say cheese?

Just a Runny Pose

Blades of glory, this is not! Every ice dancer knows the show must go on. Even with a cold, when the spotlight starts. But today, it really might have been better to call the understudy in. It’s a high speed projectile, straight out of her nostril!

Gross as it may be to the sane and normal, this is high stakes stuff. A real professional would never let a little thing like a runny nose to ruin the whole performance. So what if the high speed spins whip this into a frenzy? There’s a contest going on, friends!

Basic Instinct

Sometimes fans are better off watching the game instead of their phone. Other times, the action just isn’t worth it! Today is a day at the stadium unlike most others, though. The little man in front is in the worst seat possible for the coming physics!

Thankfully, super-dad was right by his side to save the day. With an arm like lightening, his super quick reflexes got in between bat and boy. And rightfully so! Smartphones can be distracting, but they shouldn’t be a death sentence. Crushing candy isn’t a crime, yet!

A Face Lift

The British Gymnastics team hasn’t gotten a lot of press, to be honest. Fans of the sport may have seen them from time to time, but the biggest names in the game are not from the UK. Maybe it’s time for an alternative strategy to get noticed!

One ginger jumper seems to have discovered just the trick. With international cameras zoomed in close, he’s demonstrating a very unique warm up. The stretching technique goes well beyond the legs, back, and arms most gymnasts address before the big event. This lad is stretching his bloody face!

Oh Bolt

According to top runner Usain Bolt: “Anybody who steps into the lane beside you is the biggest competition, because they made it to the finals.” Here, the Olympic champ is chatting casually with his opponent, all while running the race. He makes it look so easy!

Clearly, he’s a fun guy to run with. But it’s impossible to beat him, so far: Widely considered to be the best sprinter in history, Usain has plenty of medals to back up the claim. He is currently the world record holder in the 100 meter, 200 meter and 4 × 100 meter relay. And he’s not done yet!

Defense Mechanism

Every soccer game has its high octane moments. It’s the most popular sport on earth, for a reason! ESPN captures the best of them for instant replay, but it was extra special for viewers today. For this kind of fist-to-nose contact, rugby or hockey is normally required!

At least the guy in the red shirt seems amused by the event. Will his laughter comfort the victim of the blow? Unlikely. At this point, the pain is probably unstoppable for the guy in blue. Maybe later, he can gently remind the goalie that this isn’t a boxing ring!

Surfin’ USA

Fans are guaranteed some excitement if motorcycle racing is on the schedule. It’s not like NASCAR. It’s not a matter of watching quick traffic do the loop de loop. In this league, the rubber meets the road in much riskier ways! What’s this trick, right here?

This daring dude seems to have missed the seat, somehow. Instead of safely riding on top, he’s taking a different approach. The roaring above. The rough, asphalt below. Could Surfin’ USA on a bike really be wise? The cameras were right there to capture it all — before the big fall!

Flip Flop

Running a race requires both adrenaline and concentration. Here, there’s a whole lot of that going on! On either side, two runners seem oblivious to what is going on right next to them. The guy in the middle is trying out some unconventional moves! Is this even allowed, according to the rules?

Probably not, but it wasn’t intentional. He tripped! Some might allege he started doing flips mid-run, or decided to conquer the race on his hands. But there’s no way that could be the truth. Humans have not evolved in that direction, yet!

Oh Dear God

This photo seems to tell a story of a player pretty terrified of the ball. No great skill to put on a resume, these days! He may need to work on this issue, off the court. There is no scenario where this helps out the team!

Even the opposition here seems disturbed by the emotional outburst, as seen in the background. His high contrast jersey doesn’t help him hide where he is from, either. Beer, cheese, and balling is just a way of life in Milwaukee. Get it together, they say!

Culture Club

Sports has the potential to unite people from all over the world. Cultures always seem to be arguing about food, borders, or bombs. Us against them? Why, that’s just the formula. The exception: When it comes to the game on TV, there’s a lot to argue about together!

Today, things got a little awkward. Could there be a clach of civilizations brewing right here on the sand? Unlikely The player in blue probably just think it’s a TMI day, and she’s heading for the exit. Many would, frankly. Get a room, ladies!

So Mouth Watering 

The world of athletics is usually filled with grunting and grit, but that’s just one side of things. What about elegance? For the calmer fan, it’s time to admire a picture of synchronized swimmers. They say some can hold their breath for three minutes or more!

But wait. A close look reveals a little too much! As they both exit, there seems to be a rule violation. One of the girls seems to have her finger in the other girl’s mouth. How rude! Unless they are just that comfortable around each other, this cannot be planned!

Cue the Curve Ball

Players at all skill levels have the same question for this guy. What’s going on with your hand, buddy? While everyone knows about a good curve ball, few have ever witnessed curve arm! That is another matter entirely. And as seen here, it looks pretty gruesome.

Pitchers often want to throw the ball to end things before they begin. If the projectile is fast enough, the batter might fail three times! Still, that arm is going to wear out fast if this is the norm. Stay out of the hospital, bud!

No Sweat, Bro

Was this game played in the rain, or what? Fans certainly hope so. Even his opponent is praying this is the case. If it turns out this splash is all sweat, it’s going to be pretty nauseating! Science has never before demonstrated that the human head can actually produce this much perspiration!

All wet and determined to succeed, this fellow knows the ball must be stopped. He pulls out his signature move, and commits. It’s a strategy he’s betting on, and no one wants to get close enough to steal it away. Not today, at least!

That Perfect Stache

Another perfectly timed sports photo, indeed! Today, two wrestlers are sparring for the win. They struggle, and they fight. But all the while, one very funny tattoo is distracting fans from the action: Over and over, a special mark covers the other athlete’s nose!

But what’s really going on here? Some might suspect that this co-ink-y-dink was staged for laughs. Anything is possible, of course. Some argue that the entire sport is staged, after all! Whatever the truth may be, the snapshot is worth at least 1,000 words!

The Ball is in Her Hands

To be more than a backbencher on a pro soccer team, players need to be able to do a lot besides kicking well. Being fit is important. but so are those special, secret moves! Opponents should never know exactly what trick is up next.

A close look at this picture shows her in action: Jump, tumble, roll, flip, she goes! It’s an original idea, especially in a game that’s been done a thousand ways. One thing never changes though: No hands are allowed! Hopefully, she is the goal keeper. If not, she sure should be!

True Love Punts

Sure, sports can get competitive. That’s the whole point, many fans would argue! But between players, aggression is often just a feature of the field. Can opponents actually hug out their differences, in theory? Today, that very question is being put to the test!

According to Lionel Messi: “You have to fight to reach your dream. You have to sacrifice and work hard for it.” But once a player is already there, why not show a little affection? These chummy guys are setting a whole new standard for sportsmanship!

Against All Odds

Soccer, football, sportsball — everyone has their own name for this timeless game. But just about everywhere, people agree that one thing is key: Defense, defense, defense! Today, these players have decided to form a defensive wall, and no one is getting through!

Not without a fight, that is. If anyone thinks a goal is happening today, it won’t be with the consent of these four fellows in white. Shoulder to shoulder, it’s a good tactic for most battles. The yellow jersey guy is brave, though. Four against one is no easy task!

Neo is Shocked

Fun to try, fun to watch from the stands: Water sports are always a refreshing show. All that splashing around even provide some interesting reflection shots for the cameras, on a clear day. Today is that day, for sure. But this wake boarder is so much more!

Checking his own reflection as he zooms by the crowd, has never been easier. And he’s happy to do it! Caught on film, even The Matrix had nothing that competed with this move. Free your mind? Morpheus should have just stayed in the system, and found a boat!

Over the Moon

At the 2012 Olympic Games, held in London, one person managed to capture the moment that the lunar cycle aligned with the sixth Olympic ring. And it was glorious! Few noticed, with all the high impact action going on at the events. But that’s what a good photographer is for!

It must have taken a lot of time and patience to wait for the perfect shot, but it’s worth it for the likes. The result here is iconic and breathtaking. He must have been over the moon when he saw this!

Might Be Beer Pong

Table tennis, ping-pong, whiff-whaff — There are actually quite a few names for that sport involving tiny balls. Back and forth across the net, there is enough action that occurs to merit a world championship on ESPN. Unsurprisingly, colleges across America have innovated further with a little alcohol.

Here, Zoltan Fejer-Konnerth of Germany battles an opponent during the 2010 Table Tennis World Team Cup in Dubai. That photo, though! It looks like his open mouth might be a perfect hole-in-one. It’s a miracle that ball didn’t disappear, but Deutschland placed at number three in the world, in the end!

Miss Mudslide

They say slow and steady wins the race. But is that really true, in high level track and field? No, staying focused is key! And running a speedy event, of course. Today, this ambitious gal decided to try her hand at the sport. Or rather, her foot!

Maximizing her physical strength, she lept forward. But wait! It rained yesterday. Fresh mud is no match for the best cleats, and her face shows the moment she knows it. She’s pretty laid back about the whole thing now. But just wait until she sees the stains!

Calling Mary Poppins

New Y0rkers have to ask: What is this whimsical pose all about? Maybe the Knicks player here is looking for a career change. It’s hard to call this a basketball jump. Truthfully, it seems like a ballet move — or something off Broadway!

Some might say he just wants some branding: Graceful Number 8. And would that be so bad? NBA fans can be harsh. But they love a novelty, and Dennis Rodman has been retired for too long. Things have gotten dull, around there! Mister, maybe you’re just on to something.

Expressionism in Sport

Oh, how novel! This athlete is trying out a diving move, and her form is fantastic. Maybe the Olympics board could add facial expressions to the scoring system, from now on. It’s hard to distinguish between those at the top. They’re all talented! Some other criteria is needed for judges.

Jumping or falling into water usually happens from a platform or a springboard. In the most exciting shows, acrobatics are involved! But that’s old news, these days. It’s time for face sports, a brand new category. The internet demands more!

Double The Trouble

These divers are aiming for perfect synchronization. Seems fair enough, in a sport like this. But what most competitors don’t do at all, they have taken to the next level. It seems the coordination applies to a lot more than their form. Look closely!

Two divers jump, falling fast at the speed of gravity. At this perfect moment, photographers captured their facial expressions and flying hair in sync. The expressions are a bit weird: Fans are not sure if they were scared or excited during the act. But the double take is pretty impressive, regardless!

You’re Going Down

This referee is certainly taking his job seriously today. By the look of things, he is a pretty hardcore guy. With so many big personalities on the field, it’s hard to keep to them all in line. Sometimes, players get a little too frisky! The ref is there to make things right, each and every time.

Today, things have clearly gotten out of hand. One player is being dragged by the collar, and the other is about to suffer the same Sometimes, that’d what you get! Red cards, yellow cards, permanent league bans — at the end of the day, he has the final say.

Invisible Toilet Travel

What can really be said about this moment? Gymnastics has a very technical scoring system, and only the perfectionists out there succeed at an expert level. This gentleman seems to be exerting maximum effort, and it’s all over his face!Unofficially, though, it does look like he’s on the Jon.

A few questions: Is this the artistic, rhythmic, or aerobic round? As a stand alone photo, viewers will probably demand more context. Luckily, the signature Olympic rings are visible on the mat. Thank goodness! Now, back to the back flips. 

Rodman Rises

Basketball is definitely a sport all about action. Obviously then, it’s time for more Dennis Rodman. The player once explained: ”They say Elvis is dead. I say, no, you’re looking at him. Elvis isn’t dead; he just changed color.” Always an impressive force on the court, this photo is no exception!

Displaying his superhero baller skills, Dennis is going above and beyond the call of duty. He only had to dribble, but he decided to fly, fly like an eagle. And the cameras captured it all, just like he captured the ball. Judges: 10/10.

Little Red Wrestling Hood

Professional wrestling has been popular for decades on pay per view. Fans love the theatrical performances and the big personalities. But that’s all scripted! The real sport is quite different. It’s much more up close and personal — even intimate — it turns out. This fellow found out, the hard way!

It does seem like he is enjoying his time, though. But for those squeamish about getting stuck in strange places, the mat may not be the right place to hang out. Try tennis, soccer, or golf, perhaps? Ping pong, maybe? Anything else must be better than this, say most!

Cinderella Woman

Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo, someone’s lost a shoe! Everyone remembers the story of Cinderella. But memory says that it took place in a European castle, somewhere. Today, this Ethiopian runner seems to be recreating it, right before the cameras! Perhaps that tale is just timeless and true. 

Fans will agree that it’s a real hurdle to land off-balance. And over a real hurdle, no less! Star quality comes in many forms, in the world of athletics. Despite losing her footing, she’s going right on over! Later, fans can find that magical, missing shoe.

Lost in Translation

And now, it’s to zoom in to one very special jersey. Pronunciation is everything, especially when it comes to names like this one. Maybe the other team should be wary. There’s a good chance this Japanese athlete is not going to “Takeshita” from anyone! Game, set, match.

Sure, the NBA has its fair share of nicknames. Matthew Dellavedova is called Outback Jesus. Andrew Wiggins? Maple Jordan. And of course, Draymond Green – the Dancing Bear. But this time, it seems that this is a real last name! There’s a first for everything, especially in the world of sports.

A Very Royal Referee

This basketball game between Dallas and San Antonio was not the usual meetup. Clearly, it must have been by royal appointment! How do you do, your highness? It seems unusual for the referee to be wearing a crown. Inquiring minds want to know, and it’s time for a few answers!

But today, there’s won’t be any. Just a few observations! Regal and ready, it’s a huddle of two peasants and king. He does seem like he is thinking about higher things, at the moment. The NBA is a major distraction from managing the kingdom!

Horse Back Falling

It seems like the jockey has managed to overtake his own horse.

We doubt that he will be getting straight back on however, as that horse shows no intention of slowing down.


It is pretty clear how pleased this wrestler is at winning this wrestling match. The other woman seems to be out for the count on the floor. Maybe she could have waited before starting her victory celebrations.

That said, it does make for a pretty funny photograph.


The timing of this is perfect and part of the charm is that it is pretty hard to see what is actually going on.

The color combination of the yellow shirt and the ball, the position of the ball in the middle of the player’s chest, all combine to make this a great shot.

The Magical Helmet

Ice Hockey can get really physical and is known to be a fairly dangerous sport. So much so that these players look like they are attacking each other.

The guy in blue looks as if he has lost his head, which maybe taking things a bit too far.

Just Catch The Ball Already

We’re not sure which of these women are going to catch the ball and we don’t think they are either. Perhaps women’s basketball is generally just more considerate and polite, or perhaps no one is quite sure what direction the ball is headed.

This shot captures the ball just hanging in the air between them all.

Catch A Grenade

When there is some kind of projectile hurtling towards a crowd at speed it is sure to divide into two camps: The first are those that just cower and hope it misses them, and then there are the ones that throw themselves into the line of fire.

The woman in the center looks delighted to be the one that gets the prize!

Toothy Tricks

Yet again, a photographer who was in the right place at the right time. But sadly, it doesn’t seem the athlete here is in the right place at the moment. A flying hockey puck is nothing anyone should want flying at their pearly whites!

Often when players lose teeth, it’s for one of two reasons. First: They decided not to wear a mouth guard, and got hit smack dab in the kisser. Second: The mouth guard was worn wrong. But still, injuries can happen even with protection. This guy decided to ignore all advice. It’s a wild experiment, and it’s ending right now!

The Invisible Man

We can see this player has been hit but the question is how hard? It looks like his head came off along with his helmet. We reckon he took a long time to get over this one.

The photographer must have been pleased with this image though, all that patience paid off with a perfectly timed moment immortalized on film.

We Got Your Back

It’s great when teammates support each other but these guys have taken it to a whole new level.

They even have their team mate’s back when he has to answer a call of nature right in the middle of the race.

The Greek Relay

The synchronization of these two hurdlers is pretty impressive, not only are their bodies aligned but their face paint and their expressions are also pretty similar.

It is almost too good to be true if you didn’t know this was an action shot you’d be thinking Photoshop.

Putting On A Show

If this guy is in goal then we think he is cheating – surely you can only have two arms for the sake of fairness? He looks like he is playing a game where he is pretending someone else’s hands are his hands.

We are not sure he should be fooling around in a soccer game.

Is That Mine?

Another great example of the sort of flexibility that gymnasts excel at. Sometimes it is incredible that a human body can stretch so far.

This gymnast looks a little shocked to see her own foot in such a strange place, ‘does that foot actually belong to me’?! We can imagine that in gymnastics sometimes body parts can turn up in some unusual places.

The Push-Up Catch

We get that you are super fit but doing a one hand push-up while catching a ball, well, that’s just showing off!

Save it for the warm ups before the game starts.

I Got This!

Ain’t nothing going to get past this goalie! Dedication and determination is not just for the big time sports. This woman has managed to stretch herself to cover the entire goal!

Handball is a sport that only attracts a small following but if people could see the lengths their players will go to in a game we think it would be a whole lot more popular.

Ride Like A Judoist

After all the team collaboration and fair play is over someone always wins and at that stage it really is no holds barred.

This guy has won a judo match and is really way too pleased with himself as he rides on the back of his opponent. Talk about rubbing salt into the wound. At least he looks like he is having an absolutely epic time.


Ice skating is one of the most graceful of all sports and this skater is certainly a great example of her craft. Everything is lined up here in a perfectly symmetrical manner – right down to her skirt and her ponytail.

If you like everything just so, with everything lined up and in the right place, this would be the sport for you.

Clown Face

Synchronized swimming is a strange, technical and extremely competitive sport. Hopefully this dress gabbing move is part of the routine, not a fight between two pushy swimmers.

It would be a bit catty to try and scupper the other ones moves.

Free Willy

Another fantastic testament to timing and positioning, this photographer has made this synchronized swimmer look the size of a small whale or some kind of miss-shapen mermaid. In reality there are two swimmers in exactly the right spot.

Imagine how long this woman would be if she stood up! That would be a sight worth seeing.

Lickety Lick

We are not sure what is going on here but neither guy looks like they are having a good time. The guy with the ball looks both shocked and horrified and we are not sure what the guy licking his armpit was even thinking.

Either way, the entire photo is pretty vile, I mean we are all for novel and unique ways of distracting your opponent, but this is beyond the pale.

Gimme Some Lovin’

This is a heartwarming image of two players who are having a moment of male bonding during a football game. It is actually quite sweet and if there was no context it would be kind of a romantic image.

You can get all the feels until you look closer at the guy in the background and the name that he is sporting on the back of his shirt. It is kind of appropriate though.

The Horror Games

Something is obviously happening out of shot here and given that soccer is not usually associated with horror we’d be intrigued to know what it is.

Both these players look completely petrified – is it a giant soccer ball? A naked pitch invasion? A swarm of bees? Answers on a postcard.

Tired of Games

Pole jumping is a pretty scary sport, for beginners. Flying through the air can be an exhilarating feeling, but that’s only if there is some confidence about the landing. Today, this experienced sportswoman isn’t too concerned. She might even be a bit bored, with that yawn!

Though she isn’t yet over the bar, she’s just not into it today. That long flexible pole is an art form, for those who wield and practice it. Perhaps this just isn’t her thing. Leggy ladies have plenty of other options in track and field. Maybe the 100-meter dash will be more exciting!

Water Halo

Action shots taken in water can create some stunning photographic effects.

In this case the way the water has fallen makes it look as if the guy is wearing a halo of water. Is he a saint, or an angel maybe?

Bad, Bad Boy

Oh yeah, this is a good one! All the way in India, they use very different paddles. They play cricket, friends!

No it’s not baseball. Close, but no cigar! British baseball is way raunchier, as seen here.


Although some places in the world see things like rodeos and bullfighting as a sport, many places consider it to be animal abuse.

If that is the case then some large cheers will have gone up for this bull who decided he had had enough of the rodeo rider. Hopefully the rider lands on the sand, not on the horns of the bull.

I’ll Just Sit Here

This coach certainly goes the extra mile to make sure this athlete gets the full benefit of her stretch. Or maybe he is just tired and decided to grab the opportunity for a nice sit down.

It seems a big harsh but perhaps in some places this is just normal coaching technique.

It Takes Two

Are these actually wrestlers because judging by this picture they look like they are dancing the tango? They certainly seem super calm for a wrestling match and also appear to be enjoying the intimacy of the moment. Neither of them are even breaking a sweat!

It almost feels like the spectators were intruding in quite a personal and precious moment for these guys, it just seems rude to interrupt.

I’m Gonna Go For It

You can see the intensity of the concentration of this gymnast as she aims for the vault. She certainly looks determined to land on her hands rather than her face.

With this level of determination and professionalism we are sure that this move was perfectly executed and landed. What a great image, caught at such a crucial moment.

The Beer Opener

When it comes to photography it is all about timing and positioning of the shot. We certainly can’t take our eyes off of this one! This move is almost certainly not a legal one and we have called it the ‘beer opener’.

Once you have studied the picture for a few moments you will see where we are coming from!

Group Hug

Imagine being on the bottom of this lot and because of the position of the guys foot we wouldn’t really want to be the last guy just coming in to land either.

After surviving the tussles, tackles and hardships of the football game, why on earth would these players all want to be squashed up in this huge pile? We just have no rational explanations for this picture.


Sometimes you know that you are being photographed and for some people they cannot resist playing for the camera.

This player manages to look cool, calm and collected as he gazes into the lens whilst pulling off some epic football moves. It looks like the whole thing has been set up for a photo shoot.

One Last Selfie

Nowadays we are constantly warned about the risks of taking selfies in strange places but here is one motorcyclist who obviously didn’t get the memo.

Mind you, we bet that is some crazy image captured at the height of this insane flip.

Front Wedgie

We get the need to celebrate a good move but it always pays to remember that you are being broadcast to TV viewers worldwide. On the plus side the fact that he did forget himself means that we get to laugh at this image of his front wedgie forever.

We are guessing that he was trying to use his shirt to wipe off some sweat but grabbed his shorts in what could have been quite a nasty accident.

Super Motorcycle Man

As they say, pride comes before then fall. This guy has totally lost control of his bike, which is downright dangerous. Most motorists have at least a few hair raising stories. But this is a level of chaos only seen on the professional track!

Luckily for viewers today, the crash isn’t included. Just the magical moment, where the rider gets to be a superhero! Flying through the air at high speed was probably a rush, before he was stopped by gravity. Here’s hoping he had a soft landing on the grass!